Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 19??-1918, September 26, 1916, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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    tikhiuy, mutlmnlu ao, 1010.
L '"w H : . --T r J
riiuto by American IT Associativa , '
About LMi.oikj members nf Roman t'alhoiic societies In lit country met lu New York city. Cardinal Farley (left),
tillilMiim I'lilnti nml O't'onnell trlghtl opened the iwreinmilea at n blir tnectlna: In Madison Square Garden.
Mnflld' Reord, Quick Jump From
Ntw Orleans to Chicago.
Knvluiii person have been known to
pouliMMb tbe actor who think tlmt
lil life I not nil cuke ami ale. Mntiy
years ago t Uouulit Hie lliult had
liecn readied when K. I iavtiiHrt
acted nt a mntliu'tf In Philadelphia and
duplicated tliu pcrforuinn In New
York tlm aiiH utt,i. Lndr mm the
ciikHtloimt Juni' I.Bvrt'iiie Unrrvtl
ty !' ttil train fh'in New Yurk to
Ptiu 1'rninUio In lent Hum four Uuyi
lid the Jnni'l'li ItrcMJk-JiuuiiiKi hfk lenn
fmiu MlUnukee to I'lillmli'lptila to
twtcii HuiuriUj' mlilnliilit it ml Mumlity
tu time for ri'itulii.r. H'rfuruiniu' lu
tlif Itittt r city.
"iin-p iiiriinm .iibiihiiimii riirriiiiM
couipUMttHl luiriy trli Ix'twi-i ii New
Orli uii mid K lilciijju, Mi n Hnturdny
vi'iiliiu he rtfmutil "Julia I'mimf
lu thu Crrct'iit City tun I u the urxt
KiiivitMlIng Mmultiy !V(Miiiiii he rcfMt'
itl the rxpiTliuct, In 'hl nco. NHi
while he tin J trnvele.1 a tlu'iMitnd mile
ml tnnKirtc(l all the 'mleroim tin
i1liiieut of litu well ri'iucmlM red iro
dintloii of the SlmkeNenre clniiU'.
Thl U how It oi dune:
A ie'la train In ten rnr wm under
teatu In New Orlraui t the rlo of
tbe eiitmjKUiftit Ai noon erne of
tbe play we worked off It wm ecu
reyed on tr.uoki to the waltlns epe
clol. When ttio cur.tuln fell on the last
ft the ilnyeni wtui apiicnNsI lu It,
without cbniiKliiK llii'lr lottuiiice. were
' .
Ortson ha but one Normal School. Thla school
Is located at Monmouth. F.xccltent a la the work
of this school It Is utterly unsMe to supply but a
mm 1 1 part of the need for trained achera for the
Of mora than 000 achool teacher In th public ichool
of Orgon. but IS par cant hv bran tramad for thair
prnfatnon of tiachlno In Normal Schoola.
It 1 a well eaiaMlshed (act that our one Normal
School cannot supply the need of the entire state.
That Is why we auk for your work ind ute for the
prolxncd Kaatern Oregnn State Normal School Nat
I'enilUtiiu, (iroBon.
tiaht count. In th Willamette Valley have employed
durino lh Pat five yeara, 80J teachera who have nfio'ii
ated from trie Monmouth Normal a aa.nnt 3 Moninoutn
Normal clrol graduate for th eight ldinQ count, ea
of Eastern Oregon,
Di.r.i.o the I) five yeara the attendance of atudent
from nin Willamette Valle counlict va Vf tudent .
a again VI (tudente from nine tl vh leading countle
of Cailerft Oregun. ....
Owing to the crowded condition of our one Normal
at Monmouth und also the distance and expense or
attending, student from Kaatern Oregon are com
pelled lo go to neighboring states to secure their
trainliiR as teachers.
Th nmial maintenance cott of the propoied State
, Normal achool In iattern Orenon amounts te but one
' Kftth of a noil or 4 cente on a thoumnd dollara of taxable
firoperty. lan't It worth thu to hur your riiildren traintd
d beconi uicful and productive cititentf
Among thoso who strongly endorse the establish
'inent of the proposed Eastern Oregon Normal School
ure Governor Wlthyeombo, J, II. Ackcrman, Presi
dent of the-Monmouth State Normal; W. J. Kerr. .
Prealilent of the Oregon Agricultural College; P. L.
fampbell, President of the Stnte University; Hobert
(', French, former President of the WeHtcii Normal,
and nractlcallv all of the lending educators of the
Slate. J. A. Churchill. Superintendent of Public In
struction. volciK the eentluicSits of those who are
most familiar with the need of more aduyuute Normal ,
facilities when he saya: ' -
'Oroon' greatest need tor It rural ohool I th who hn hnd full preparation to do her work.
Such preparation can beat come through Normal school
'I'Ttrual that the voter of the tnt will ailt lh raising
tn tanu,rd of our .ohool by tbllhlng a Stat Nor
mal achool at Pi1tllBtoi. Th location I central, th In
ter! of th prop; of Pntlleton in education mint cl
lent, and the laroe number of pupile lo th public achool I
will nlv ample opportunity to tuclnt to get th amount
ot teaching practice required In a standard normal achool."
All the above educator limlnt that a Standard
Normal School niutft be located in a town of 5000
or more population and having enough grude pupils
'for teaching practice.
By voting VES for No. 308 you will help tn give To th
ehool chinUrt if Orepon the sen; advantage njoyd
by th r.hnol chllilrsn cf our nslghborinu statvq..
V Vot YtS for No, 30S.
Eastern, Oregon Mate Normal School Committee,
By J. H. Gwlnn, Secy.,
(Paid advertisement)
drlvrii in tin- iuihvii,v Kimli'ii. nuil (!
tmlu wim out f Klutir or New Orlcnim
before iiil.lnlulil HUlit of wuy wnx
tlvfii for Jlio eutlie illxtnixo, and iv
lny of fit!. u;;tne wvh rovili-d
from iIIvInIuii to (livl .lon. Tlm i.ew
renii'd tiotU'tli the uulf und I .nk i'
Sllclilfini wee nin li- The rliuiilni: time
tor the tlioiiHiiud uilli-4 wim twenty
three lioiim,-Kiiiioiie rity Journal.
The Flr Comady.
The llrt nwontod emned)' wua tdiiyed
at Allien II ('. .'.TS, when KU"rlon and
Iouii, the eiirlloKt trinelinit actom.
IM-rforninl n eor oily of Xii-iitlon'n torn
hmIou oil li uioviible Nliik'i' mounted
upon four wIhh-Ik. The new form of
pluy wna so Micti'ftkftil (hut the netorn
weie rewardiil ly the jji-nn-ful mhi
hue wltu o mimU of wine mill n basket
of tl"t. Siikiii Ioii iM-loued tu Mcutti lH.
a Mtiito of nm li'iit ;rcii c, wlwrne Intmli
It ri nt were celebrated for their eonre
humor ii ml who in their v I Unite Unritiii
the evenliiK were wont to bold wtint
they cnlled a eonnm. it'iilly a revel, tu
whiih luipromiitu mtluu, toupitd with
liufTuoitery, played onxMornlitc pnrt
From thin word we have our toundy '
"For, the llrt year of bin umrrleit life
Itoundor' tiinie tu dinner tu e'Viilna
"What doe he do nowV
"Now he cornea to lireakfuxt tu
them."-Boston Transcript.
Mining blanks at the Courier office.
Pendleton, Ore.
i".T rV n 7iii' i f-y
Ban FrancUco. Sept. 26. Not all
of the new caa to be aecured by tbe
Western Pacific with the $2,600,000
appropriated for that purpose will be
purchased from eastern firms. Fol
lowing his return from tbe east, l'ro
eldit C. M Levy announced that 100
cars will be built in the compan"
fippmat Sacramento. As a resul: of
orders placed In the east, the Went-
iern Padfio will have 2,260 new box
and stock cars w hen the contracts are
finished late In th spring. Delivery
of new cars already has been started
by the Pullman company,' which la
finishing 15 to 30 cars dally for the
Feminine Diplomacy.
"I spoke a few word r with Mm
fmbwalte thla morning." Mrs. Gadder
"And what did you say?" Mr. Gad
der a"kiHl.
"Oh. I raved about ber gown and
told ber how well she was looking."
"If I am not Invited to the old
frump'a next (eccptlon It won't be my
rnult.n-Vlrtulnghnin Age-Uerald.
8carrinfl the turf.
"I made a bole In Ore strokes this
morning." announced the new golfer
"That's nothing." said the other golf
er, who waa evert newer "I Invariably
make a hole with every stroke. I can
never bit the ground In the same place
twice."-Ronton Transcript
Behind In the Nws.
Teacher -What do you know about
Washington crossing tbe Delaware?
Roy N ot b I tig. ma'am! Tbe boy sklp
lied us on our paiier this morning! -Rostou
Hew Our Enormous Annual Lo
Might Be Reduced.
Tb average annual loss by tire iu
America is over ba!f ua much as toe
cost of building toe Panama canai.
This U an nctual loss. Insurance, of
course, restores :;thlnjt destroyed, but
merely pnest's live lint for tbe benefit of
the Individual Ii crn The loss to tbe
community U total.
But little thought ha been given to
the communal use('t of the economic
system of lire lusiiniiiie. writes l)r
Mnymird M. Metiiilf In thu Si iciitlllc
Monthly. It has 1 ecu viewed lilelly
from the Htnndiolni of the lnllvlluitt
tustiiiiiice loiuiuuili's repay to Individ
llals tlieir lid Ui! i louses, nud It Is situ
pier (or the linlivlilmil m miin Mi-urlty
ttg.tliiKt loss hy the by lililnv uu Insur
nuce compnuy to curry his risks iliuu It
la for lihn lo prevent ! k- ,' lire by
building llreproof buildings.
Siiiiese w-e shoitiil iiiproprliite n
quarter of a billion ilnitut-s, the amount
of a single year a tire loss, to the or
gtinlxatlou anil support of u bureau of
Ore prevention, culling to the work of
this bureau the three best chemUts. the
three strongest physicists and the three
keenest engineers In the world. How
long would It bo before they hnd found
very inexpensive methods of protecting
all buildings nitnlnst fire, however In
flammable their construction? The
problem Is childishly simple beside
those which men of science are attack
Ing dally and with anccess.
How nbsurd It Is that we have flies
today 1 They should long ago have be
come a thing of the past
Horses th Coitacka Use.
The Cossnek's borne la small, with a
short, thick bend nnd peck and a slop
ing back, but what he lucks In size be
makes up iu sense. To weather ana
cllmuto bo is ullko Indifferent nnd does
not miss u wann stnolo, because that
la n luxury he never hud. He will
thrive where any other horse would
starve nnd relishes fnod that a goat
would scorn. Ills rider will tether blm
on ic snow covered plain, and he will
get his own food by m-ruplng aside the
snow to get ni the reindeer moss.
And so docile Is ho tlmt he will form
n brenstwork for bis muster to lire
over or cover Incredible dlntiurex on
the shortest of commons. -London
f 5 . eaoh, 6 of BO Ma.
ctOfTT ptAeoov&ra inc MAfjm
"h i i nt ii m lm "i i ."ii m m't'mum i in liiig
Portland, "Sept. 26. Today's mar
ket quotations were: '
Wheat niuestem, 1.33! , ' "
Oats No. 1 white feed, 27.25.
Barley Feed, 35.
HoKa Vest live, 8.90.
Prime steers, 7; fancy cows, 5.40;
bent calves, 7.60. '
Spring lambs, 8.50.
Butter City creamery, 34; coun
try, 28. ' ,
Ekks Selected local-extras, 37'4
Hens, 15 M; broilers, 16017;
geese, 11011. '
San Francisco, Sept. 25. Local
officials of the Remington Typewriter
company today began an Investigation
Into a shortage ot about $20,000 in
the firm's accounts. John M. Lund,
manager, baa referred the entire mat
ter to the Remington company's gen
eral offices In New York. The cashier
of the local branch two weeks ago
resigned his position when a short
age of 1200 was discovered. Since
then the investigation has been con
ducted secretly.
Is Grammar Ential f
Sometime It Is urged tlmt formal
grammar tcSchcs children to write and
seak correctly, but aji all Americans
have studied foruuil ununinnr. luclud
Ing newspaper reioners and saleswo
men, there would appear to be no guar
antee that formal grammar study leads
to comet habit of speech. On the
other hand. I once knew a school
where for fourteen years not a minute
was spent on formal grammar, and.
like the worm that does not miss a
slice or two, no one ever knew tbe dif
ference. Atlantic Monthly.
Look ahad and try to arm
againat all dangers. Hope noth
ing from luck and the probabil
ity Is that you will be so pre
pared, forewarned and forearm
ed that all shallow obsrvrs
will eall you lucky. Bulwr
' Lytton, ' (
Counly Caves"
For tbe accommodation of vis
itors to tills most wondrous
and beautiful piece of nature's
1 underground work, CAVE
CAMP has been established on
Williams Creek, 27 miles from,
Gruits Pass at the Junction of
tho oiKTi road and government
trail, ten miles from the Cave.
The camp Is equipped with
' floored fonts, clean beds and
bedding, mattresses and
springs. Rates 82.25 per day;
special rates by the week.
Saddle horses furnished on
short notice. Telephone ser
vice. Pishing, Recreation, Cool
For transportation inquire
Grants Pass Garage
The California and Oregon
Coast Railroad Company
(The Oregon Caves Route)
Effective Monday, May 1, 1916.
Train 1 It. Grants Pass 7:00 a.m.
Arrives Waters Creek 8:00 a.m.
Train 4 lv. Waters Creek....6:00 p.m.
Arrives Grants Pass 6:00 p.m.
Dally except Sunday.
All trains leave Grants Pass from
the corner of G and Eighth streets,
opposite the Southern Pacific depot.
For all Information regarding
frelg' t and passenger service call at
tho office of the company, Public Ser
vice building, or phone 131 for
Train will stop cn flag st any
point between Gran's Pass stH
Wr Crrck Passes?" .r'"
every da In the week.
ANGEL CAKES Pbone orders to No.
10-J. 787t(
want the most pork per lb. of feed,
get a Winona Berkshire for your
next herd boar. Spring pigs aver
aged 100 lbs. each at four months.
F. R. Steel, Winona Ranch, Rural
Route No. 1. 830tf
191 6 Cat. state fair and W. A. B. C.
eighteen prizes, with four firsts
and two championships. Winona
Ranch, route 1, Grants Past, Ore.
F. R. Steel. 863
14-ROOM house, partly furnished, lot
75x100, on Sixth street, for sale
real cheap, or will trade. For par
ticulars Inquire B. A, Williams, 128
O street - 878
FOR SALE Lots 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and
12, In block 86, original townslte
of Grants Pass. Inquire Mollle
Beldlng, corner Sixth and E
streets. 861
SON'S and daughters of Laurel Cham
pion won more than twice as rnny
prizes at Sacramento as the get of
any other boar. Winona Ranch,
route 1, Grants Pass, Ore. F. R.
Steel. ' 863
FOR SALE at a 'sacrifice, modern
seven-room bungalow on north
aide. Have reason for selling.
Need f 1,200 or $1,500 as first pay
ment. Address No. 1709, ' care
Courier. 856tf
FOR SALE Nearly new bungalow,
five rooms, all modern conveni
ences; quarter down, balance to
suit. Address No. 1715, care
Courier. 861
SONS and daughters of Laurel Cham
pion won three first prizes, two
championships and both grand
championships at the 1916 Nevada
state fair. Winona Ranch, route 1,
Grants Pass, Ore. F. R. Steel. 863
I age adjacent to Grants Pass a
83.500 modern five-room cottage
with a quarter of an acre of
ground. Five minutes to street
cars and trains, in beaatlful resi
dential district Price $3,500
Bank mortgage, 81,000, six per
oentt A- H. Schmidt, Room 48, 812
Broadway. Oakland. Calif. 860
WANTED Timber fallen and cord
wood cutters, at once. M. C.
Ament. 860
WANTED 4 or 5 h. p. steam engine,
no boiler. Address, giving price,
No. 1725, care Courier. '863
FOR RENT Small farm, one mile
nor,th of town; some fruit and some
water. Inquire R. H. Gilflllan,
phone 291-L. 861
FOR RENT First-class new seven
room bungalow, strictly modern.
See Isaac Best. 362
LOST Friday, blue enameled bar
pin.' Finder please leave with No.
1726, care Courier. Liberal re
ward. 859
DRESSMAKING and sewing of any
kind. Will care for children at
vniir hnma ovpnlnpa Tfq T.tcxlo
j Wright, 713 North Eighth. 864
CRYSTAL SPRINGS water .put up in
-gallon glass jars and delivered
at your door, fresh, pure, sanitary.
Telephone 293-R and water wagon
will call.
TAXI STAND at the Mocha Cafe. Any
! where in town 10c. Phone 181-R.
Residence phone 242-L. tt
MRS. H. E. BURTON'S new fall and
winter millinery goods have just
arrived". Present stock of hats
closed out at $1 each. 407 Jorth
Sixth street. ' 851tf
. K. ckwlvjh, Assayer, cbemut,
! '.etallurgUt. Roms 201-203 Pad
'dock hilldlug. Grants Pass.
t; "What was all the argument be
l tween you und the Judge yesterday?"
"Oh. we were discussing the uh-tita
of our respective curs."
"That's a foolish thing to do You
can nevor'eonvliK n man that jour
cur N better tlmn his." '
"t I. now tlmt. but I got blm so mini
tlmt he eotumllied himself to the state
ment that iiiy enr euii't make over ten
miles an lioirr The next, time I'm
brought up before- him for speeding I'll
remind bin of t!mt."-St. Louis Post
L. O. CLEMZNT, U. D. Practice
limited to dlreases of the eye, ear,
nose and throat. Classes fitted.
Office hours 9-12, 2-5, cr on ap
pointment. Office phone, 62; resi
dence phone 3 5 9-J.
8. LOUGHRIDGE. M. D., Physldaa
and surgeon. City or country calls
attended day or night. Residence
phone 869; office phone 111.
Sixth and H. Tuffs Bldf.
3. P. Truax, M. D Physician and
surgeon. Phones: Office 821; resi
dence 324. Calls answered at all
bonrs. Country calls attended to.
Lnndburg Bldg.
DR, ED. BYWATR Specialist oa
diseases of eye ear, bom and
throat; glasses fitted. Office hours:
9 to 12 a. m., 2 to 6 p. m. Phomes:
Residence 234-J; office 257-J,
Schmidt Bldg, Grants Pass, Ore.
A. A. WITUAK, M. D., Physidaa and
Surgeon. Office: Hall Bldg., com
er Sixth and I streets. Phones:
Office 116; residence 282-J. Honrs
9 a. m. to 4 p. m.
DR. H. WARREN NICE, Osteopathia
Physician. Chronic and nerroue specialty. Rooms 1 sad I,
Lundburg Bldg.. opposite' post
office; pbone 149-R. Residence:
Colonial hotel; phone 167-J.
E. C. MACY, D. M. D. Flrst-clas
dentistry. 109 South Sixth
street. Grant Pass Ore.
ern dental work. Maud B. Brad
ford, dental assistant Rooms
and 5, Golden Rule Bldg. Grants
Pass. Ore. Phone 26 5rJ.
H. D. . NORTON. Attorney-at-Law
Practice in all State, and Federal
Courts. 'First National Bank Bldg.
at Law, Grants Pass Banking Co.
Bldg, Grants Pass, Ore.
E. S. VAN DYKE, Attorney. Practice
in all courts. First National Bank
EDWARD H. RICHARD, i Attorneys
at-Law. Office Masonic Temple,
Grants Pass, Ore."
W. T. MILLER, Attorney-at-Law.
' ivuuij auiuraay ; ior josepoinaj
County. Office: SchaUhorn Bldg.
O. S. B LAN CHARD, Attorney-at-Law.
Grants Pass Banking Co. Bldg.
Phone 270. Grants Pass, Ore.
V. A. CLEMENTS Attorney-at-Law,
Practice in state and federal
courts. Rooms 2 and 8, over
Golden Rule store.
Belgian school of violin playing.
E. R. Lawrence 215 I street
J. S. MACMURRAY tPiW nf Tnin.
culture and singing. Lessons given
at home ot pupil If requested. Ad
dress 716 Lee street 851tf
kinds of drayage and tranafer
work carefully and promptly done.
Phone 132-R. Stand at freight
depot A. Shade, Propr.
F. G. ISHAM, drayage and transfer.
Safes, pianos and furniture moved,
packed, shipped and stored. Phone
Clark ft Holman, No. 50. Resi
dence phoni 124-R.
THB WORLD MOVES; so do we.
Bunch Bros. Transfer Co. Phone
GRANTS PASS Lodge No. 84 A. F.
A. M. Stated Communica
tions 1st and 3d Tuesdays.
Visiting brethren cordially
invited. A. K. Cass, W. M.
Ed. C Harris, secretary.
' F" meets Teiy Wed"
4 1 nesday evening In I. O. O.
ww F. hall, corner 6th and H.
Sts. Visiting Odd Fellows cordially
invited to be present. Einll Gebers.
N. G.; Clyde Martin, Secretary.
PAPERIIANGINO, graining, paint'
ing. .For the best work at lowest
prices phone 295-.'. C! G. Plant,
South Park Btreet, ,
DR. R. J. BESTUL. Veterinarian.
Office In Wlnetrout Implement
, Bldg. Phone 113-J. Residence
Thone 305-R. -