Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 19??-1918, September 25, 1916, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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    MONDAY, BMTIi.UMOn 25, 1010.
Mi ty j :Mim?$w f
lliulu b miiivi uuu J'rM AMtutirftiuii.
At military precaution Carrauta U liuvlug bl soldiers dig trenches after the fashion of tbose In Europe wher
ever the United Htatea troope far the border. Tin latter long ago built aeries of protecting treucbes to prepare
fur any sudtleu turn In Ilia Meilraa all nation. , ,
Thtn Ha Haa the Costly Job of Moving
It Back Again.
lo you know wlint Impious to the
leoiinchtst who attempt to prove to
tlii world that there I imlhliitf In lis
l t aiiperatltlooa) hid you ever lu-nr
tliw story of tin Itiltlsli naval lleiHon
nut Mho di'iiniitniic, the fai-t Hint
there was nothing supernatural about
the bippin tumie? out there at the
Hp of Uiul's End. Iiimj to where the
jilralcn nf IViitMin -e iihiiI t hold fmth.
tint huge miiM of rock rested on tin'
top of tlm cliff, ho delicately (Kilned
that a child could make It rot'U Mil
way and that. A gtittt of w ind would
art It to vibrating, and yet for hun
dred of year It bad been Mleved
that no earthly for-i could dWhske It
from ItH hinIiIou. Thru uluui; rauio
the lieutenant, who Uunlioil at till such
allly superstition, lie wmild rov to
the tliudtd mhiii of t'oriiwnll that
tln Iiggan atom toiild be duiiiul
Into the am by tlio phynlonl roiviN
f a Uvf aturtly Mllor.
Luckily for lib onIiIou In tho navy
of hla inaj'ty, flwiruo IV.. tint lieu
truant aiui-rrdiM only In Imilliiw' tbr
rlinrimtl roU a lltllo way duvn tin
illff. wlnro It lodk'fd In a t-liolvlim
i tfvlce. for mih n howl wrnt up, not
only from the jrtild"t and tavern pro
pie M ho made a living off or the tur
Ma who i'u me to we the iitilviTlnj!
bowlder, but from the ainliiiiii-io and
atlcntlaU who brllitved lli.K ll:u rH'!(
bad been delicately polled ilierc hv
the dnild prlela or that It lllntiiitr I
a little umleratood fon e of nature. Hint
the admiralty aeut word to the t n
ploua youug olltcer that he would el
tber rentore the lv'mi Mone to lt
flare r forfeit lik derrb k nnd a
roonth'a nalary wart reipdml to aet
the alone In It daee.-tit. I.oiiIh tMnl.o
IH-iikn rat.
Thty Are Now Mainly Uttd For Sntr
and Sickling Work.
Lord Nel-oj, vvna killed by u uimket
ball ('.led from Hie epiMieo of hit
I'tein'li nu:ii.(in!ft Itis'iuine of this
tlulitlnu to" eatce Into exUleni and,
I' inu ilcMlnied o keep ui with
oilier jittitN of nnvtil eoiiNtrueiloii, eon.
tliiue to bp ii tuiiHilotial feature of the
wntMV mules
A leiiiiny iiu'". when ttulitliig men
tiiiuliiek. Iii:ii'i!iu pnt'tleH, Ktiti i rewa
crmvded Hie np'er dci of :i w:irhip,
a hlimi 'diooter posted aloft pM.ed off
u:iim, a mini. I'.ut n lilu bntilealilp In
m tliMi todny nIiown not n i.iiuk to the
tn ait In Hie nUilInc top.
In the dnya when It mill remained
postlble for honttoada of mined men
to nuiirin tt I the utiles nnd bo:ii a
TKlitlns mIiI)) plutiKlUK hIioIh weru drop
ped from the tlulitluu top. Hut with
trout nl eel' walla overlmnnliiB the
waveM mid never an iieeommodnttou
ladder nwiiiij: out for their weleoule It
la ImpoMKllilit for uninvited giioM to
aet foot on the modern deck.
Tlio captain af the (lulitlnt! top la
unually In control of (Inj. Kcimipiiore
and liellouriiidi xluimllni;, leaving tbo
wlreleMn to in, IuvIhIIiIo operator In
terned aoninwliere In the tdilp'a vluils
Ho la the xentry iigulnst miuiiII lumilal.
tlve craft nnd nmy enforce hi order,
by the I'll tile of n lluht ipilck llrer
He ban Hm ouHonk, report nnd iiucn
tlmw piiNslng. nlilp ami him virtue as
a detecllVR nciilnut aples, 11 Ih func
tions, however, arc limited. lie la not
high enomrli plin-cil to see Hie nuImiiii
rino en pltm nlon n nW of feet be
lieu Hi the Hiirfme or to note Km wake
of broken wnter.
The llttlitltiK top Ih lit I it ur rruheiM
cpillu u immkhIvo ttfTntr nnd no loiiwr
the tiny bre:inhvorU belilnd which tho
jilcked rlllemeu of the nnclenm knelt.
A Ottpllcnte set of fa i lire tlndeiM Ih ihu
nlly kept there nml uted to check ulT
the worlt of the cxpei u In lm tiro con
trol tower. There tiro lluht tpilclt (livri
and machine mica. piFNllily hImd ii h!ph
nnulit (!iin or two for ime iigaluat all
crni't. reiii'Noii'a.
Original Homa of Wolohmen,
tlithiml twim proluilily Hie criminal
Lome of out Kymrlo iiiiceHtoi'ti, iih well
Hi nit n Inter period) of aotne ho enlle l
Paxon InvndciK, It wita peopled In
cliisslenl tltiiea by the Cltnlii'l. Ideiitb
lied by eitamliiirlMlN with Hie t'ytui'y,
or modern WeMitKon. The tJormun
inii(:niililniininly declined to ntinex .lilt
lllinl with Helilenwli 'llnl'itelti It Wifi
t!i(ii cocKlderi n worlliliKs wn'e of
moora. Mini dune nml inamlieii. )ut
the lutluiitiioiia Panen have traiiHforiii.
tl what one (Cuelbdi traveler ktyled "a
formikeii wlldenie" Into the mont
proaperoua pnatoral countrlca of vent
ern Ktiropc-WcKtmlmdor tJaxetto.
Baa'a Ooubla Stomach.
The bee lot two dlHtlnet aloinailm.
In the firt It utore away tho honey It
o ImliiNlrloiiRly gathera up from the
flower until amu time oh It I reudy
to yield It up. while tho other Motuarb
la uhi. (Imply mid aoiely for dlgimtion
pnrpoaea. TIiiih (lie fid and the honey
are never iiiUimI. When Hie lxe re
turn to tbo hive ami I ready to do
HMlt tho honey It ma gathered It con
tract the munch of Hie atomacli. by
which act Hie honey la ejected through
the mouth. Aa to bee food, it la varl
otia In kind. con.tIr:j hugely of the
lionry tt ao patiently nmkea for other
No "Poor Land."
"Hint land of your waa mlulitv oor
when you bought It." a .friend of oura
reumikeil to the wide awake owner of
a beautiful farm we pacd the other
day. whrreuiHin the owner delivered
lilinielf of a faithful aaylng and wor
thy of nil accetatloii- or mighty near
ly ao. "You're mUtaken." he anld.
"There'a not any HKr land w hen you
manage It right. ' It I a trim rule that
"there I uiofe lu the man thnn there la
lu the land rrogreatdvc Farmer.
8uperttitione of Royalty.
Caear, Napoleon niawarek and oth.
era were' not above the auperatltlon
ef "lucky" and "unlucky" daye. Tbura
day waa lb "unlucky" day of Heury
VIII.. of bla aon Edward and of hit
daugtiteri. Mary and Elizabeth. It la
it range that they aliould have died.'
upon thlg day.
Aa Regarda Vanity.
"All la vanity. At leant ao anya th
"I dou I know about that." chimed
lu the I'lUukvlIle ante, "but there U
eno'.icli uf It to keep the drug more
(!!ii(.' n pod liiislncKa lu l oniplcxlou
Couldn't Tool Him.
lecturer (In xinall towni-ftf coiiiNe
ou all know what Hie lnl.1e of u cor
puscle I ilke. Chiiii'man of Mating
dnieiruptliigi-Moxt .-f tm do. bin
Utter explain It for the bcucili of
tlicr.) that luia never been limlile uue
- Puck. '
Cot Familiar With Ti om.
Protestor Fugue - Wlwt do you
nietin. Mr. .lone, by Hpenklng of I !!
Wamcr. I mile licet hoven. I'bn'rlle
'1-uinod and Fred I tendon Joiicm
Vi'e I, you told nip to net fninlMiii' with
(Tent cnmpoer - Muni nl Anief
Juot Cbnno.
Mia. Ilacuii-lioe your Ininlmnd ear
ry any life limuraiiceY Mrs. Ilubert
Well. I never hnppeneil to run ngnluxt
any when I've been kIh tliroiigh hi
pocket at iil'ht.-Yonker Ptntennan
. A woman mn.v be n fool-n alrepy
fool, nn agitated fool, n too awfiill.t
noxhniH fooi-Hiid hIi. may even be
simply ftuplil, Hut ahe I never dense
HIio'h never uiiidc of wood throiigli iiinl
through, a N.ime men are. There la In
woinan, n'waya fonio where, it spring
Whatever men don't know about wo
men land It tuny be a lot or It may lie
very little), men and even father do
know that much. And Hint I why ho
many men are nlrald of ttieni.-Conrnd
What Nothing U.
If any mini think that he van con
celve well enough how there aliould bp
nothing, will engage that what he
nientiM by nothing I n much houic
tlilug ivt anything that he ever thought
of In Ma llle, nml I believe Hint if In
line w what, nothing 'wu would be
luttilllwly evident to blm i lint It couM
not be Absolute nothing Is the .tu
fif untt of ni the MiiitrniMctioiia tn tlu
world. '-.foimiluin Pdwnrdh,
from Csnoral to Particular.
"Hns MUm Ojdilil lost any of het
i;:!lt,:osity for imiiiy"
"Ncne at all She litis merely trims
I'envi It from the hcx ,to tho Jnill-
klunl." A ... , , ,
"What do you uieiiuY"
- "!-ln Is (H r I i be luiiriied." lllcli
inoiid Times plNi'iiteh,
Origin of the f ranch Trioolor.
The origin of the I'reiich tricolor la
usually explained a It la by C'arlyle:
"Woiik'u. too. are newlug cockndoe
not now of green. hleh Iwlng d'Artolx
color the Hotel ile Vllle Lun had to In
terfere In It, but of red and blue, our
old Porta color. Thec. once baaed on
a ground of coiiKtltutlonal white, ore
the famed tricolor which (If prophecy
err uott will go round the world." An.
other explanation, bowever. la that the
tricolor combine the blue hood of 8t.
Martin, which waa borne on the stand,
ard of the ancient king, the orlfjauime
(originally the banner of the ah, bey of
St. Den la) and the white tin,; of the
Bourbon. Other make It the ableld
of the Orleans family.
Grim Consolation.
During the peulionila campaign a
general officer of the French army waa
aevrrely wounded In Hie leg. the aur
geona deciding on examination that
amputation wa iicccttmn-y.
The officer, welng hi valet shedding
tears, aaked: "Why do you weep, Ger.
main? It la a fortuuntr tulug for thee.
You will have only one boot to clean in
Severely plain a It Is annul., this
good looking fall suit has for labile
a. smoke may brondcloth. The full
skirt I s!i"liily long;-!' than Miic.nici'
UiiidelH. it ml the buck of the coat Is
sU'iippcd to mulch the bell mil's. A
black velvet collar U lu harmony with
the velvet sailor trimmed with white
ribbon tupune time
. It would M'oiu Hint coats to suits will
be longer and Unit the volumlnou cape
collar will hold Its own. There will be
ijiinntltioH uf niiiteiitil lu the inukcup
uf both skill nnd. coiiu Smocking und
buckles Hint dowdy resemble the fas
tener on lent her tram, develo'd In
steel, will be tin tiitc'.'csilng llulsh to
belts of various widtlis. but must csm
dally the narrow type AH kinds of
skins will be employed, and when work
ed Hum' will resemble the more cxvlu
slve und expensive types All aorta ol
Combinations will be seen, fnllle, velvet
and muusHcllnc, trimmed, of course,
with fur Pule fabrics will also be
considered very good, especially for the
beginning of the season
Job printing of every description
at the Courier office.
ff : Vi' 1
y . - , i I
If ; v-. ; i
Enjoying Came of Golf With the
Wife of Your Friend.
fine-Would you mind teeing op my
ball? Thank you. Perhaps a little
higher John says I ought to bave my
tee lower, but somehow I never dare
try. Khali I go? (She drives and goes
about twenty fcct.l How dreadful!
He (cheerfulIyi-Tbnt'a nothing! One
never cxpecta to play for the first three
boles. Hie drives and goes about
twenty two feet)' You seel
8he -Never uilud. What club would
you use here?
HeThe grass Is pretty long I think
under the conditions I should use ao
8he (calmly taking out bcr brasslej
Yes, suppose I should, but one can
lnay go ao much farther wltb a
brasle. (Kho lop the ball, w bleb goes
about ten feet ) How dreadful!
He-New mind. (Savagely driving
bis bull with bis Iron out of the grass
nearly a hundred yards.)
She Wonderful! John say a yon play
such a consistent game. ,
Oe-The last time I played with
John It cor me f 10.
Bhe-Wliat? Yon don't play for
money, do yon? John says
Do Oh. never! I broke four clubs.
(At the end of the eighteenth bole ber
core la KiS. He baa a bad 110.)
Rhe ft waa awfully good of yoo to
put up with me.
De-Good! The pleasure la mine.
After all, It Isn't your aoore that
counts. It s the exercise.
fine-Thank you ao much. (Later to
John i lie told me I played some aim
ply wonderful shots and aald I waa de
veloping a great game. There!
Ue Of course you are. dear. (Later
to him.) Kay. old man, bow do yoo
like lying to another man'e wtfe-ln-atead
of your own?-Llfe.
How the Significance of Words May
Change With the Yeare.
Uow the same word may bave a dif
ferent significance for the same man
at different stages or bia life la given
in the following from the New York
Post, aa adapted aud expanded from
the French lu the Parle Figaro:
Llfo.-At twenty Dnya that are com.
lug. At fifty: Days tbat are going.
The Heart-At twenty: An organ
whose frequent palpitations are due
to strong emotion. At fifty: An or
gan whose frequent palpitations are
due to Indigestion.
The Truth.-At twenty: Something
to be flaunted In the face of the whole
world. At fifty: Something It la not
alwaya politic to telL
Poetry .-At twenty: Something you
read with eagerness and enthusiasm
At fifty: Something to quote.
Tlme.-At twenty: You Imagine you
never have enough of it Therefore are
always In a hurry. At fifty: You know
you never Lave enough of it. There
fore never hurry.
A Muffler.-At tweuty: A protection
for onee dresa shirt At fifty: A pro
tection for what Is under oue'a dress
shirt. -
The tlalr. -At twenty: You shake It
back off your forehead. At flfty: Comb
It carefully down acrosa your forehead.
Key. At twenty: A contrivance used
to open things witn:' At fifty, A con.
trlvance used to shut Hi lug with.
Wouldn't Nasd It
Ethel wus going to a p'.rty at a
nelgblior'a house w here sue had, al
ready caught tuntalUlng glimpspo of
unlimited quantities of cake, fruit and
Ices. At the last mother Inconsiderate
ly held her back for final Instructbuia
"Now, remember, darling, to say
"Yes. pleuse.' and 'No. thank you.'"
"Oh. yes, mother," Ethel sold. "1
shall alwaya y 'Yes. please.' but I
don't think I shall hare to say 'No.
thank you." "-New York Time.
A uxxler.
"If you want to Improve your mind."
aald the sage, "associate only with
persona who know more than, you do."
"But If they follow the same rule.'
aald one of those whovere Icuruliu'
wisdom at bis feet, "what are we t,
do?"-Chlcago Tribune
"See the .
County Caves"
For tho accommodation of via-
(tors to this most wondrous
ami beautiful piece of nature's
iiiiilcTfrroiind work, CAVE
CAMP lias been established on
llliiuns Creek, 27 mllea from
Urutit Pass nt the Junction of
tbo auto road and govcinmeut
trail, ten miles from the Caves.
The rnmp is equipped with
II ooml tents, clean beds and
heddliiK, niattressea and
aprlngs, Itntea 92.25 per dnyt
speclnl rates by the week.
Huddle horses furnished on
short notice. Telephone ser
vbe. Fishing, Recreation, Cool
For transportation Inquire
Grants Pass Gnrnge
Classified Advertising
ANOFL CAKES Phone orden to No. L. O. CLEM2NT, II. D. Practice
10-J. 7S7tf Holt to diseases of th W.
WINONA B ERKSH I RE3- -If yoo UOie Md throat Glaaaea fitted,
want the most pork per lb. of feed, 0fflce honn l'6' r
get a Winona Berkshire for your pointment Office phone, 83; real
next berd boar. Spring plgi aver- dence phone 59-J.
aged 100 Iba. each at four months. 8 LOUGHRIDOE, M. D.. Phyatda
F. R. Steel. Winona Ranch, Rural an4 urgecn CUy 0f CO(1Btry etU,
Route No. 1. , 30tf tended dar or night Residence
14-ROOM house, partly furnished, lot phone 1 6; office phone 1 IX
75x100, on SLtb street, for sale Sixth and H. Tuffa Bldg.
real cheap, or will trade. For par- p" z rrr rr r
tlculara Inquire B. A. Williams, J 23 'l?
mtraM 7 nrgeon. Phonea: Office) 131; rati
. !!! denca 324. Calla fcniwered at all
FOR SALS Lots 1, 8, 9, 10, 11 and hours. Country calla attended to.
12, In block 86, original 'townaite Lundburg Bldg.
of Cranta Pass.. Inquire Mollle . - -J : - .
Beldlng. corner SUth and E DR- ED- BIWATT-flpadallat o
atreets. . 861 Heei of eye ear, bom aa4
. : throat; glasses fitted. Office honrar
FOR 8 A LB at a sacrifice, modern 9 to 13 . m., 3 to 5 p. m. Pbobm:
aeven-room bungalow on north Reaidenca 284-J; office 3J7J.
side.- Have reason for selling. 8chmIIt mig Grtnt Pm. q.
Need $1,200 or $1,500 as first pay- . 7
raent. Address No. 1709, care A. A. WITHA1T. If. D., Phyaldaa ud
Courier. 85tf Surgeon. Office: Hall Bldg, eon-
five rooms, all jnodern convent- B . ' .
, , A I l m, to I D. E
ences; quarter down, balance to -
- suit .'Address No. 1715, care DR. H. WARREN NICE. Osteopath!
Courier. SSI Physician. Chronic and nerroua
rT r ... dta4Uej gpec Roomi 1 aad I.
w . . Lnndburg Bldg., oppoalta pott
WANTED TO EX CHANCE for acre- 0,. phoM U9. Realdeaco:
age adjacent to Grants Pass a Colonial hotel; phone 117-J.
$3,600 modern five-room cottage ...
with a quarter of an acre of DENTISTS
ground. Five minutes to street E. C. MACY. D. M. D.- Flrat-claaa
cars and trains, in beaatlful resi- dentlatry. 101 H South Sixth
dentlal district. Price $3,500. ftrwt. Grants Paaa Ore. . -
Bank mortgage, $1,000, six per
cent. A. H. Schmidt, Room 48. 812 BERT R. ELLIOTT, D. m. D. Mod
Broadway, Oakland, Calif. ' 860 ern dental work. Maud, B. Brad-
SALESMEN WANTED To sell oTr f"d' dentf! "URom
splendid line of fruit and orna- "d 0o,d
mental trees. Good terme. Good Pm"' 0re' one 366-J. .
territory,. Good, prospects. Cash ATTORNEYS
advanced on orders. Albany Nur- ,
series, First National Bank Bldgv D- NORTON, Attorney-at-Uw
Albany. Oregon. 864 PrUc 'n Sute and Federal
Courts. First National Bank Bldg.
WANTED Timber fallers and cord- ' - '
wood cutters, at once. M. C. COLVIG ft WILLIAMS Attorneya
Ament. 860 t Ut, GranU Pasa Banklnc Co.
WANTBI-ood kitchen help at Bldg' QnBU ? ;
I Logan mine.. Address Mrs. L. C. E. 8. VAN DYKE, Attorney. Praotls
I Armstrong. Waldo. Ore. 857 In all courts. First National Bask
I TO REXT " Bldg- ' . ' ; .';1 ' -
FOR RENT Small farm, one mile EDWARD H.- RICHARD, Attormay-
north of town; some fruit and aome at-Law. Office) Masonic Temple,
water. Inquire R. H. Glfflllan, GranU Paas, Or. . ,
Phone 291-L. 61 W. T. MILLER, Attorney-at-Law.
FOR RENT First-class new seven; County attorney for Josephine,
room bungalow, strictly modern. County. Office: Schallhorn Bldg.
' See Isaac Beet. 862 0 s BLA NCTT a tt aes.t,-
NICELY FURNISHED apartment, GranU Pass Banking Co. Bldg.
five rooms and bath, for rent. Phone 370. GranU Paas, Ore.
Apply, at " North Fourth street v. A. CLEMENTS-Attorney-at-Uw.
or phone 49-Y. 858
DRESSMAKING courts. Rooms 2 and 1 3, , o?er
1 - Golden Rule store.
DRESSMAKING and sewing of any
kind. Will care for children at MUSICAL INSTRUCTION
your home evenings. Mrs. Lizsie ;. ... .. ...
Wright. 713 North Eighth. 864 VI0"N INSTRUCTION - Pranco-
. . . . . Belgian achool of Tlolla playing.
MISCELLANEOUS E. R. Lawrence 215 I street.
j CRYSTAL SPRINGS water .put up In J. S. MACMURRAT, "teacher of voico
I 5-gallon glass jars and delivered culture and singing. Lessons given.
I at your door, fresh, pure, sanitary. at home of pupil If requested. Ad
Telephone 293-R and water wagon dress 716 Lee street. 851tf
j will call. '
J where In town 10c. Phone 181-R. COMMERCIAL TRANSFER CO. AU
j . Residence phone 24. 1-L. ' tf kinds of drayage and transfer
I 2 work carefully and promptly done.
MRS. H. E. BURTON'S new fall and Phone
winter millinery goods have Just depot. A. Shade, Propr. .
- arrived. Present stock of hats . , '
closed out at $1 each. 407 North F. G. I SHAM, drayage and transfer.
Sixth street. 851tf Safes, pianos and furniture moved.
iE. it. CKOiCH, Assayer, cbemiai,
raetallurgltt. Roms 201-203 Pad
dock Building. Grants Pass,
,The California and Oregon
; Coast Railroad Company
i (The- Oregon Caves Route)
Effective Monday, May 1. 1916.
Train 1 lv. Grants Pass 7:00 a.m.
Arrives Waters Creek. 8:00 a.m.
Train 4 lv. Waters Creek....5:00 p.m.
Arrives Grants Pass 6:00p.m.
Dally exoept Sunday.
All trains leave Grants Pass from
the corner of Q and Eighth streets,
opposite the Southern Pacific depot.
For all Information regarding
frelg' t and passenger service call at
the office of the company, Public Ser
vice building, or phone 131 for
Train will atop on flag at any
point between Grants Pass and
Wa Crerk. Pasccss?: ervir
every da). In the week.
Aim Hioh.
No matter what you'ro doing, aim
for tho lilghrst point first. You may
luml iu u Jump, anil lr you full t tint's
time enough to biwei; your aim. Peo
ple itlve you creiii dily f"r your best
effort. .
Clark t Bolman, No. 50. 'Resi
dence phonj 124-R.
THH WORLD MOVES; ao do we.
Bunch Bros. Transfer Co. Phona
GRANTS PASS Lodge No. 84 A. F.
A. M. Stated Communica
tions 1st and 3d Tuesdays
Visiting brethren cordially
invited. A. K. Cass, W. II,
Ed. G. Harris, secreUry.
O. F., meeU every Wed
nesday evening In I. O. 0.
'vS F. hall, corner 6th and H.
Sts. Visiting 'Odd Fellows cordially
Invited to be present. Emll Gebers.
N. G.; Clyde Martin, Secretary.
PAPERHANG1NO, graining,-! paint
ing. For the best work at lowest
prices phone 295-J. C. G. riant.
South PBrk street.
DU. R. J. BESTUL, Veterinarian.
Office In Wlnetrout Implement
Bldg, Phone 113-j. ReBldenca
' Phone 806-R.