Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 19??-1918, September 25, 1916, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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    MONDAV, HF.HilMUF.K ". !
Daily Rogue River Courier
A. E. VOORHIES, Pan. and Prop.
Entered at the Granta Pw, Orn
con, Postofflca as gecond-claas mall
Ob Tear . , 15.00
Ox Monti. t.00
Tare Jlontha. 150
One Month .10
Payable la Advanca ,
Tonight and Tuesday i eneral-
ly fair; light frost cast portion
tonight; westerly winds. 4
All three of the treat daily newt
papers of Portland have given many
columns of space to exploiting Jose
phine county aad Grants Pass since
',- the visit of the delegation from the
Rose City last week. The spirit of
development that is found every
where here impressed the men from
the north, aad they now know that
that which they had heard is true
Grants Pass is leading the northwest
la industry and progress.
The Sunday editions of both the
-Journal aad the Oregonlan contained
New Pack Dried Apricots
Water White Comb Honey
Quality First
Lyric Theaer, Baltimore, Sept i$.
A new spirit for American business
a spirit not of exclusion, hut of ex
celling a cotnpetitloa aot of selfish
ness, hut ia brains was urged by
President Wilson today la a strong
address before the National Grain
Dealers' association.
The president reached the hall at
3:45 aad was given an ovation last-
las two minutes. Before the crowd lrttte of tkf mnn)p0,is ,,,
lea," and another yell broke out
The president opened his address
by s axing that there was a certain
extensive articles dealing with the drawback about his appearance, be-1
cause it came during a campaign.
district, each illustrated by many
Tiews of the country. That in the
Journal contained also views of the
street decorations aad of the beet
fields. The Courier has already pub
lished comment made editorially by
both the Journal and the Telegram.
The Oregonlan. in its Sunday Issue,
said the following in the course of
He believed, he said, that nothing so llwd with SI Killed and 5.005 in-
hampered the serious consideration
of public questions as a political cam
paign. "I believe in a party action, but I
have a supreme contempt for parti
san action. Whenever party feeling
Invades our actions it Is to be con
demned. "There are certain questions," he
Farm tYoj
It is important that the seeding ot
grasses for pasture be made In the!
fall. On bini:-ovr lands this is,
' usually Jnt to the best advantage!
i Just as soon as the ashes are cold.;
On land where a good seed ed cam
iuot be prepared, it is better to wait:
until the soli Is somewhat moistened,'
jthen sow the grata seed so that It
ay be beaten In by the succeeding
j ratal
; I wish to emphasis the Importance
jot having your seeds of all kinds
tested. Two samples of grass seed
sent la recently contained more than
1 10 per cent of weed seed. These
were taken from aamples that a seeds
maa had sent to a farmer who had
asked tor a pasture grass mixture.
This service is absolutely tree. A
oae-ounce sample of the seed ts suffi
cient for the teet, but it should be
carefully taken in order to represent
the entire lot that ts being sampled.
There Is an increased demand for
both common and purple vetch for
seed this year. A carload of purple
vetch has been seat to the south
eastern state this fall and California
Is calling for both the common and
purple rrtch for seed. The limited
trials that have been made In this
country would Indicate that both of
these may be grown profitably for
seed here,
Treatment for Smut
Formaldehyde is no doubt the best
and cheapet remedy for smut. Forty
cents will purchase enough to make
J it to 40 gallons.
Directions for Use. Spread the
Sprain' In a thin layer on a amootn.
ir)in floor, snrlnkle the era In with
jurea ounng iae penoa jtftnM,drtya, lU it thoroughly
yer tand evenlv wet throughout. Be sure
Los Angeles reported 57 killed, and tt if wft enough to pack In the hand.
Shovel the grain over to be sure that
si) the seed Is evenly moistened, snd
Hooka for the grades and
ilia High rklMK.1 now on
lVn, IYih'IU. Tablets and
other School Supplies.
Drug and
Stationery Store
were available today figures up to
September 1 show that a total of
1.040 persons have been killed and
more than 8,000 Injured. Only par
tial lista of injured were received and
it is possible that the complete toll
would show almost double this num
ber. In Zeppelin raids on England to
date about 36$ hare been killed and
S70 wonaded In two years.
Police report! show , 1SS persons
killed aad 4.4 $4 injured ia the streets
of New York ap to September 1. The
New Tork state automobile associa
tions' estimates show tit killed, how
ever, for New Tork city, and for the
Chicago records show 05 killed,
while Philadelphia reports SS.
In Detroit J were killed and J.T1J
injured up to September 1, as com-
an extended editorial article under J said, "that should not be Influenced
the caption,
"The Uplift in Jose-
by the fact that two parties are eon
testing for power. I want to speak to i
vou about the business situation of
"la another part of The Oregonlan the world Jn g0 far as America Is
today will be found an article from
the pen of Addison Bennett dealing
with conditions at Grant Pass and
tributary sections of Josephine
county. Mr. Bennett was one or a
party of nearly forty that went to
"We are facing a new business
era," he said. "American business
has burst its jacket It can no long
er be taken care of in local markets.
It now develops that the American
business man has not studied the
Columbus. Ohio. 40
In many cities heavy penalties are
being inflicted tor driving a car while
Intoxicated, and other remedial mea
sure are being considered.
Following are the records of some
of the American cities other than
those already referred to: San Fran
cisco. 33 killed; St Louis. 37; Cleve
land. 30; State of Iowa, 30, and 400
Injured; Des Moines. 15 killed; Den
ver, J 6 killed. 524 injured. Milwau
kee. 21 killed; Washington, D. C,
II; Portland and Seattle. 8 each; St.
Paul and Minneapolis. 7; Dallas. 5
killed, 37 Injured; Topeka. 5 killed:
Kansas City, S killed.
Grants Pass last Tuesday to attend problem of the foreign market. We
the county fair there and to go out' n merchant marine. The na
,, . , . Itlonal banks had not been put In a
ever the new railroad operated s,, t0 handle forelg.n change.
Judge Twohy and his associates, and j Amerlc4 WM not onT not accustom
which they have obligated themselves ,'ed but disinclined to touch the
to extend tor a distance of 25 miles 'nerves of foreign business. Not until
v. t mnnjh fmm the recent legislation of congress
the federal reserve act conld Amer
ican banks assist American projects
the time they took the road over. The
extension will carry the road across !,n al, parts of ne worl(1
the Illinois valley and will touch or j "America Is to step into a new
come within a very short distance of , field. My dream is that she will take
the mines and timber which are no" P'ace in that new fleW with
. ..spirit such as the world has never
attracting so much attention WB Not the spirit of those
which are of such nature that theimho would exciude otbers. but those
operators are hauling both lumber, , who would excel others.
ores and other mine nroducts from I "I want to see America
. th!rr.t. mile, fn rearh th ' ainst the WOrld
railroad, which then hauls them fif
Coffee B? Coffee
Our J.P. and Red Star Brands. There are none belter
202 South 0th St."
Phone "HI
-Today's mar-
not in selfishness.
but In brains."
i "lne lasting
competitors of the
New Tork, Sept. 25. Labor lead
ers today worked out details of their
i plans for the walkout of union work
(era which they confidently expected
!to occur next Wednesday.
The public meanwhile looks hope
fully to the sessions of the state board
'of conciliation and arbitration, start
Jlng tomorrow, at which an attempt
will be made to adjust the differences
Ibetween the traction rompany and
striking carmen.
! One hundred and fifteen trades
cover the seed with blankets, canvas
or the like In order to keep In the
fnmes of formaldehyde. The seed
should stand for 4" to 15 hours and
then be shoveled out to dry.
Bins, sacks and the drill should
slso be disinfected with the formalde
hyde before being used.
Seed Com Again
-So many of our exhibits at the
county fair last week showed a lack
of uniformity In selection of any par
ticular type of corn. There were some
excellent exhibits, but In many of
them there would be two or three
types. Entirely too much variation
Washington. Sept. 25. A world's
record for exports was set by this
country during August, the depart
ment of commerce announced today.
The export totaled IJ10.000.000.
Thla la t35.000.000 higher than the
a . tit a a
previous record enaomnea in
and t9S.000.000 higher than Ihe June
total. . .
Imports decreased $47,000,000 un
til June, when a high record was set
The total during August was $199.
917.391. August was the first month
la which the United States has sent
exports abroad totaling more than toU
half a billion. Exporta for the year
ending with August totaled 14.750,
OOO.onO, with Imports of $2,300,000.-
The net Inward gold movement for
August was $29,000,000. The total
for the year was $410,000,000, a
J; bhiestetn.
Portland., Sept. 25
k t quotations were:
Wheat- - Club. 1.
OatsNo. 1 white feed, 27.60.
BarleyFeed, 35.
Hots flest live, 10.
Prime ter. 7; fancy rows. 5.40;
urst van,
Spring lambs, 8.60,
Mutter -City creamery. 34; coun
try. 27.
Rgga8cleced Iot a! extras. 3S.
Hens. 15; broilers. I17; geese.
Omaha. Neb.. Sept. 25. Demolish
ing Its brakes when It collided with
a wagon on a hill, a Benson street
UOl M AM t
and crashing into a telephone pole
Six persons were Injured, two prob
n SIC. snape ana Rrnrrai nn " ... . . , .'altl hav nfrr,l
.... . ariv Ma mnrntne ran awav for, sines navs sunerea
to win a prise. I tear tnat some or " 7 . ... .
1 . .. ....... .iS! blocks, finallv lumping the track
us mar mane me same miir in-- . ... .
the selection of our seed corn. It
I- t .. . - AaaAvittal 1 n alA.t in fnl.
low a distinct type In the selection of f"
seed corn as ft Is in the breeding of
live stock. Fix your Ideal In your
mind, and then select just as near
to that as possible, even though you
ijet only a half doten ears, and use (,
After striking the pole the
turned over twice and was completely
Home, Sept. II. -Reinforced by
Russian (Ivtacliments. the Rouman
ian have batttd the attempted Teu
tonic Invasion on their northwestern
frontier and have taken the offensive
at Vulcan pa. Russian troops are
now lighting In southern Transyl
vania for the first time since Rou
msnla declared war. Some Ruaslan
detachments are even reported as far
west as Orsovs. In Dobrudja th
battle Is growing less violent, but the
Roumanians retsln the initiative. The
a reveme In tha
fighting earn of the Vardar In Mace
donia, but on both wings are press
ing forward A fierce battle Is go
ing on south of Kenall, where the
rnr Serbians are attacking utrong systems
of HuliMirUn defentives barring the
way to ,lonatlr.
teen miles to us connection wun tn i wor,d are those of DT.aIn.not 0f i
Southern Pacific at Grants Pays. For forre." he added, "and I believe the
the last three months shout five car- time will come when our business!
W rfur have been th handled, men win prevail, noi oy me uacmns
or meir government,
their own skill and knowl-
unlons, with about ISO. 000 members,
have already voted to stop work Wed-
them In a plot by themselves next
year and' again select your fixed type
from this plot. Adopt the seed plot
ystem now.
County Agricultural Asent.
Washington. Sept. 25. Oen'ern!
San Fram-laco, Sepl. 25. Thomas
Mooney. charged with murder for
f that. Ofti-6,,1 mcnt tnr hv t h A hack.
ing of
that lumber can be. successfully mar- !?(jee
keted with such a handicap, but thej The povernnient of the United
sugar pine of that section is in great 'States has ceased, said President Wil-
demsnd at a good price. son- " b the foe of siness and
. . . . . was now its friend.
The great upward movement in :
Jf-ephin county is a splendid illua-i
trstion of what a community can do'
unaided under in'e'l'.gent co-opera-'
tion, coupled, of coirst. with ahle
leadership. '
"Sach co-operation will win in any'
comminity which r.ofei latent In-;
duetrie. Just as it has vton and is
Ernest Bohm. secretary of the Cen
tral Federated union, announced.
Labor leaders today estimated 350,
000 would walkout, explaining It Is
L',, tnJ.v lri.l tha mar Hoimrt
ment ho has ordered rnnrtmarllal of rompllel.y In the preparedness
Corporal Rogers, troop B. and seven ''r'lw ",,n" u -hauled
' members of a patrol or Texas caair) '
MYSTEHIOI R FIUFS who crossed the Ro C.rande Inl0 JdR' Wt-nne lUy. However. It wa.
IV CHICAGO IttlMMNCilMexleo on Thursday without antho-j P"" ;;n the rial will b.
rl.v. Mexican soldier, fired on tho!'''''' ''' 'r fl",r wwk,
.uuunry ui HHK IOT U pOHt p HlOltll'Ill.
and Dlstrlcl Attorney Klckert wild
' jthat h will enter no objection.
ItorMAXIAXR rAPTl'KK i Meanwhile Warren K. Hillings, con-
O.HH4 IMllSONKIts vlcted of murder Saturday on the
" . same charge, is preparing a atate-
Chlcago. Sept. 25, -Six attempts patrol, killing a horse.
nesday in support of the carmen. ito burn the six-story building of the!
Linen Thread companv failed, but
they caused an Investigation to be
started by the assistant fire marshal.
In answering an alarm yesterday
not their Intention to bring out alllfiremen discovered six fires had been
union workers. The unions moreistarted on different floors, none of
directly connected with the city's
transportation are to answer the call.
! Milk wagon drivers struck today.
and Organizer Cashell of their union
which caused damage.
San Francisco. Sept. 25. The ef
fectiveness of the seroplane In more
d-clars that fi.000 will Tilt Wedns- tthan one k!ld of campaign was shown
day If their demands are not granted. 'today when Miss Hazel Hnnklns. lee
Th company charges that strikers turer for the National Woman's party,
or sympathizers went through the flew over Redwood City, showering
streets intimidatln? drivers early to-'party literature upon the towns-
day, 'people.
Bucharest, Sept. 24 (Delayed). mont to be road to Judgo lunne to
Roumanian troops have captured !mrrow, hen Billings Is scheduled
6,884 prisoners on the north and to o sontenrod to life Imprisonment,
northwest fronts In Transylvania. 1 attorney, Maxwell MtNntt. will
said an official statement from the ask a stay of sentence and a new trial,
war office, today. Some progress has I McNutt will allege Dint the Jury
been made on the north and north- disregarded Important evidence In
western fronts along the Danube and j reaching the verdict. He will also
Dobrudja. . .attempt to Impeach Mrs. Alice Kld-
Iwll and her daughter, Miss Kstello
smith, on grounds that Ihey were In
terfered with,
Job printing
at the Conrler
of every
description ,
New York, Sept. 25. More people
have been killed aiH invirf d hv auto-
w.nnin,- ia Josephine county, "here moW,., , ,h, f..m of AnserIc,n
row tl.ere is no ulk uto-it hsrd 'cities during this year tan in all the
t!mes. a-Oit wars o:- panits, heca:ie Zeppelin raids on Knaland. Chicago
the people are too iusy to turn their aDl "ew 0T lead In the n jmber of
deaths with more than 2 " 0 earh be
tween Jan iarv 1 and Seritemher 1 I
riht st hand. About the only draw-; Thfi numb;r of fata,itifl. ,n ,ar 1
Ifl.V is lark of laborlnt nn to till !Citrs proportionately l.fsh. how. i
the fields and go ahead with construe-1 ever, varying with the population of1
tion work on the railroad extension. towns
attention from t!,e pressing duties
n-v-. a .. . m.i ....i... r.
It Is mighty pleasant for The On-, "'rrr "'"' '"i"""
; reports oi a score oi cities, are r;aeu i
upon police records, whlih show al
that seems I constantly growing death lift as a re-
gonijn tj cull the attention of Its
readers to a community
to have pointed the way for others suit of automabile accidents, despite
successfully to follow, perhaps many
ct us are aWBltlng nncels to come
and t'. (or tis t'u!i,-i v.Uiih e are
pt rfectly able to do for ourelvcs,"
Improved trafHe laws that have been (
enacted. In New York ami other.
states even more drastic legislation i '
being urged.
I In the cities from which reports
Don't forget
after every meal
'.tr'TfA.-s.NiTVJej- tirj. fji 'U' ,, ).,(. '(ifl .