Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 19??-1918, September 17, 1916, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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    WTtnxr mcitemukii it, 101a
Another 1
New Song Hit-
"Ik vou s iirrii
One of those beautiful KonK
that ltmt. Nut a rag song, but
a really high-grade long, 'and
but 1 r.c per ropy.
'Dim mmik Ml no advertise
irt H'Mt MJIIg '
Try one and ten
X .
Music and Photo House
Buntoa Howell, Prop.
Some Forthcoming
Paramount Attractions
Cleo lUdgoly and Wallace
Held, in The Lot Mk.M
l4la Meredith and Owen
Moor. "Help Wanted."
Marguerita Clark, to "Molly
Mario Intra, In "The Heart
of Nora Flynn."
Ihistin Farnuni, In "David
Pauline Frederick, In 'The
Moment i.efore.M'
Valentine Grant, In "The In
nKTnt We."
Kfiwuo llaynkawa and Trart
Aokl, In "Allen 8nla." .
.Mary Pkkford, In "Hnlda
From HoIImmI."
lack llnrrymore, In "The Red
Viola IHwa, In "The Honae
tf Iant Court.
Gerald Ine Farrar, In "Mario
Sept. 18, Monday Courier Bargain
ftept. 18-20-21, Tuesday, Wednesday
Thursday Josephine county fair
and celebration.
Sept. 21, Thursday The Africanders
at opera bouse.
8ept. 26-30, Monday-Saturday Ore
gon slate fair.
Coining Attractions at
Tltox. II. I lire's great It.tNM),. photo wpH'taele In 11
. vvvU. ,"rjiimili'( liy the BH
eliil "ClvllliKlon" OiYlioMra.
W illlMin S. Hart, In "The
Primal Line." , "
Wlllinm l uiiium, in "Flulit.
Illtf ltlH,(l."
hurllo (Implln, In "Slum.
U Wolf HopWr, in "Mr.
Thedn Bnra, In "Hunt Lynne."
Xorinn Talnmdn in "(Jolng
Anltit StewHil and F.rl Wll
limns, !n TtieCliriMliin."
William Collier, Jr., In "The
lliikle. Call.
IKiiiiiIiin FnlrlMinks, In "Reg
fclo Mlxe In." N-
Florence Heed, In "Tlie Wo.
nmn's Imw." ,.i
Bijou Theatre
IK you rememlier "The rtsolple,
t j
Another In the ureal
A "I tt. Hlnce piiMluctlon, whose setting ia In the natural grniidenr of the Cunadlan north uhh)n.
There will be the umiiiI Keystone carnival, "THE IX)VK OOMKT'
I . . 7:iiiCume Kuril
j PER52NrlL
8. D, Farmer loft Saturday fori 'Mrs, L, L Campbell wont to Ash
flallce. land yesterday Afternoon to spend aev-
R, M. Wilson returned Saturday ty at that. place. '
from a trip to Portland. J Ten, twelve, fifteen and twenty-
Our Kail Bilks are all In and 7011 'gallo stone Jars at CramerDroa.,851
will And the largest and mom aUrae-l Mri, 11. C. Oflloa returned Friday
live lino ever shown. Kinney & evening from Dorrla, where she (pent
Mra. H. )I. Easier returned yester
day from a several days' trip to Ann-land.
Ml reduction on all bicycles at'i0ft jMf. night for8eattle, where
Cramer Broa. sol
Dana Ament will leave today for
0. A.'c. to take up hia atudlea at that
Institution. '
day from hi. Pickett creek mine andiDlttt frora d"' trt to Med
will spend Sunday here.
Bargains In wash waists. Mrs.
Itehkopf. 888tf
Miss Bertha Coates. of Murphy,
left yesterday for Cailce and will
teach at that place this winter. '
El Real Underwear for Ladlea and
Children. Kinney 4 Trua. 851
Mrs. A. Ooettsche returned lsst
night from a visit t Klamath Falls,
'at which place she spent several daya.
I Mrs. W. L. McDonald went to Ash
iland yesterday for a short visit with
Attorney Jesse Johnston left Frl
!day night for Rosoburg to spend sev
'eral days. He will return today.
Rubbers for large mouth Msson
I Jars at Cramer Bros. , 851
Miss Edith Russell left Saturday
'morning for San Jose to attend the
! normal school at that place.
I' W. R. Brower. owner of the Cen
tral Point Herald, spent a day In the
jdty. returning to Central Point 8at
! urday morning. ,
! For rent five-room cottage at cor-
ncr c ana tweona streets, inquire
Townsond. 821 A street.
Mrs. George Wlleoxon and baby left
week, at that place. ,
Men's rnderwear'. Neckwear,
Cloves and Hosiery. Kinney A
TruaK. . 851
Economy and Self-Sealln Mason
Jars at Cramer Bros. . : 851
Mrs. L. R. Flett returned to her
home at Portland yesterday after
visiting relatives and friends In this
city for several weeks.
Mazda lamps at Rogue River Hard
ware. 880
Corsets, prices up to 82.60, on sale
now at 11.00. Mrs. Rehkopf. 888tf
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Palmeteer ar
rived here Saturday morning from
Lodi. CaC and will visit with Mrs.
Palmeieer's father, Ike Davis.
Shoes that are Shoes, at the right
prices. Kinney t Trust. 851
11.50 Ogburn's fruit gathering ves
sels only 50 cents each while the
present stock lasts, at Rogue' River
Hardware. 852
Raymond Lathrop left Friday night
for Walla Walla to enter Whitman
college. Raymond won the scholar-
ship given by that Institution to
1916 class.
New trout flies, leadcrless hooks
ftr steclhends, at Cramer Bros. 851
Flahlng tackle at Rogue River
Hardware, 852
H. C. Seymour, who has charge of
the agricultural club work In the
schools of the state, returned to Cor
vallls Friday after spending' a few
days at the Jackson county fair at
Med ford.
The new Fall Dress Goods are se
lected from the" largest' eastern mar
kets und bouRht .early before prices
advanced. Kinney & Trunx. 861
f?(one Jars at Rogue stiver Hard
ware. , 852
Leslie Hartley left lust night for
Portland, where he. will finish his
law courao In the stato university jaw
department at that place,
' Mr. and Mrs. Charles Walllne, of
Tillamook, Oao., are visiting the A.
Letcher family, who are old friends.
They aro planning to locate at this
place. v
"Between Men," "UeU'a Hlngeii,,vT!1'Aryan,' featuring the mreen'a
" moat commnnding star '
vyvlo of liart MHMetUure will Ik
(-t)MIN(J William Faniuni, In "Fighting Blood"
the aummer.
Large cedar mop, with one quart
oil, for 11.50, at Cramer Bros. 861
Charlie Patterson and Barney Scott
they will visit tor aome time. i
Large stork of heating stoves at'
Cramer Broa. i 851 j
Mrs. M. R. Brltton returned last
''Fruit Jara at Rogue River
ware. 852
Fred Dodge returned to Oold Mil
Hnturdsy i afternoon after spending scrlptlon. The rules are: Pay to Sep
several days in the city, jtember 1 at regular monthly rate,
. Klv iwmtnrs t lioitm. River Ilard-Ich or check only accepted. No sub-
wre. '
Mrs. Adum Winter left yesterday
for Ashland to send a few, days visit
ing at that place, i
a "i.neernu n'aipr auan oeauiy
and comfort to your room and la a
great fuel saver. You can see them
at Rogue River Hardware.. 851
Mrs, Samuel J. Mooney, of demons,
Iowa, arrived here last night and will
visit Tor some time with her daughter.
Mrs. J. I). Stlnebaggh. ' ,
Have you seen thole "Cheerful"
heaters at the rtoKue River Hard-
ware? ' 851
N'w unlit humthoo nolo. lino. n,l
ip.rior. mt, Rpo -SKI
The Misses M.rg.rette Wlble. ??J rXn ". '"
lEilene Dunbar and Wlnnlfred Flfleld.' 1 ,? " . Ll
, m morning for Salem to en -
leave this morning for Salem, to en
ter Willamette university.
Jaimlac, In all colors., at Cramer
Bros. . 851
Mr. and .Mrs. S.-1-. Kidder and chil
dren returned to their home at Rose-
. , , , ,
Mr. and .Mrs. 8L. Kidder and chll- A mothorg wlghing information rL dI VT'
dren returned to their home at Rose-Vogarding the Parent-Teacher bootn ""Y'J !nZ?,lJnriZ
burg er visiting here a week with ,t the Mr Bhoud communicate with
Hr. and Mrs. Ed Bywater. While here Mn. Corfl Coiltant: cnairroan of the U IS'vrZn lt
they were taken to Crater lake and j0(,la, Bervlce com-mittee. Ladies will BToii J ?a,e
other place, ot Interest. ; . .bft ,n charM of tne booth, both morn- ft
18th InR and afternoon; and mothers are Herrick of
Dlmt nm AM.Und Trips ' f,nVlted t0 leave babiea and small J' Z lrlV-
' Prof. MacMurr.y has given up hlchildren at the booth, where they wiir1
weekly trips to Ashland, and will g1ve'be well fared for without cost, while;
all his attention to his teaching andjmotherg are viewing the exhibits.
choir work In this city. i&b . t
18th to Harvewt Prune we . a a
itetiui .nee,.nK (
m. I'lnmiiti, nrnnrictnr or ine
Rexall store here, attended the meet-'
ing of the Rexall men at Boston. He
reports a most successful session.
about 5.000 Rexall dealers from all
over the country being present.
Ml lloMm lNivee
Mis Tall!ha Hobbs lll leave to-
night for Portland, io accept a posl -
tlon -with one of the Ford agencies
'there. Miss Hobbs Is well known
( here, hsvlng been employed In the :
locnl Ford auency for several years
. m. . tno t
Opens her mill nery store, 708 E
. . w j. o . - ,q
Bireei, .Mummy, oiirniurr 10
..,1 ,1 ll ..4 mllltn- .
klllt Mil ui o..u
1 8tn
Arrested at Waldo
Dnvld was arrested at Waldo
yesterday afternoon for threatening
the life of Mr. Wert j-. of, that ptace. ,7 Z-igth-l-:
He was tried at Waldo before the1 .,.,.'
. . Free Boxing Exhibition
Just ce court and waa bound over on , , . . . ; . Unv
1 . . . .. Everv nlnht of the fair a free oov-
a 4 AAA mabaa aa A QkAflf? QmltK I
. at la t(m .
and Prosecuting Attorn Miller went
Oil I. HI M'r lli-ailllK.
18th ,
Nominate Lady Dnncer
vTi kets on sale' at all the drug and
confectionery stores for the JdS ephlne
county fair dance, on the pavilion In
Railroad park every night during fair.
Ono dollar buys 15 tickets and gives
you a chance to nominate the lady of
your choice. 851
Where e rcrybody goes
That everybody knows
kIiowh toultflit It l
Wales' In Warm '
The hot weather of the last week
has' warmed the water In the rlrer
until It Is again drawing the swim
mers. The river Is still low and
swimmers report that the "water Is
fine.; ' . '
"' 1 Wh ' .
Warning (
Courier Bargain day comes but
onre a year, and It lasts only one day,
the 18th. The morning of the 19tb
will be too late for the subscrltplon.
Look at Bulherlin Ileet
Alex.Nlbley, P. S. Bramwell and
F. C. Bramwell left yesterday for
;8"lhrlln to Inapect the beets at that
place. Mr. Nlbley will leave for Port
land from that place and will return
here in a few days. The othe'rs will
return home today. The trip was
made ty antp. . v
Tomorrow the Day
Mondnv the IKth. la tent known as
Hard-:Conr!"r Dargaln day, the day on
, which Courier subscribers "save
'money, when $4 pays a year's sub-
;acrlptlon received at thla rate after
i Monday,; mail suwiciiptlons accepted
!lf poBtmarkedhe 18th. 851
Aim ili Go Far
Douglas Wood, representative here
for Dennis, KiirJball & Pope, 'of New
York, reports large shipments of
Rocue River apples to Europe. For
several weka he has ahlpped from
three to four cars a week and this jped bfire lagt D,ght fof a few m,n.
(week ho expels to send out six. These ;utes whe en foute tQ Medford Due
are all to he sent to England. whereto th fMt lhat tf wag not 8cheaule(1
, the Rogue apples bring fancy prices. jto 8lop here Mr Hanly made no ap.
18th ipearance and only. a small crowd was
iicKervea rwn rio
I ""tirrca i iur iun ...
.... . W n kn.ln.
"ts at the Grants Pass opva house
'Mvamr - - r rc-r..-
wiw prior n i. m. MonwT.
An experlment g being tried
i Dav n W nnlior In the hnrventlnif of i
hg- frop at RMeburg. For;
, Dsfrt he na8 had maA t
dfflcuU ln keep,Dg , men at work.
Thl( year he gmired the servceg of
!evm, JaJMine8e ,aborer8 through K.
'Mlsoguchl, contractor for Japanese
)labor. The other prune growers at
!RoeDurg are ,ooWng wIth interest at
!..A Mnprimpnt. ,,, ,t Drove8 a
8nccg9 aH wm pr00abiy adopt this
" l8tl
nanls In Cnm
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Shafer and son.i
Elliot Allard, Mr. and Mrs. L. T
K eater, of Jlakersfleld, Cal., and Miss
. !. 1 . m
- . . ,.,, M-
...,,1 Mo f TJ TlnrnirH pamnlnur nil
J the Rogue. They are old Alaska
... ,..,.!
friends of the Bernards. The party
leaves this morning for their home
njC exhibition will bo given In
contestants are both amateurs, al
though aeveral appearances have been
made 4n local show nouses, i ne oojs
will be "Coony". Brlicgs and WUHf
Richardson. Immediately prereflmS .
thi contest a roller skating match , TOR SALE-,riano. Remington No.
will be held and every boy and girl' typewriter, two pens thorough
under fourteen who can get a pair of j bre1 Wn,tJ Wyandotte chickans.
.v.. u -r.ntert Two two-dollar Al stock. Call at 206 West D
prises and two one-dollar prlies will I
be given. . v . j
Pleasant Auto Trip 4
' Friday night ended a very pleasant
and thoroughly enjoyed automobile
trip In the Rowell car for Mrs. Stan
ton Rowell and Mrs. J. R. dunning;
with Perry Cunning at the wheel.
The trip was begun Tuesday morning,
with Dan C. Amsden, of Fresno, Cal.,
a member of the party as far as Red
Bluff, Cal., he continuing his Journey
south by rail. Stops were made at
Yreka, Dunsmulr, ShaBta Springs.
Redding and other points. At Cotton
wood the Rowell car had the distinc
tion of being the only machine to
travel over a strip of sand, where a
detour was necessary, without helng
stnlled, Mr. Amsden spent a few
days In Grants Pass looking over busi
ness propositions with a view to
I making Investments for his company.
FAMOl'8 PMYERS FILM COMPAXT preeenU the best beloved
1 jiwioniUMy of our world 1 .
Mary Pickford
"The Eternal Orintl
A dram of humanity .
First performance 7:30; adroisalon 5 and IS '
' MASK". :- y-'-;f
The "Prohibition Special," with J.
Frank Hanly and Ira Landrlth, nom
inees for the presidency and rlce-
LrMl(Wv nf th rnJtprt Rf,.M tmi
nrpRont at thp Hpnn . Rtnna n feH-
f.pd A,, - ta v. made.
Medfnr(I , hMrthtl n.nhihinn n-
dldate for 15 mlnu'tes, while Ashland
'J1 ho,d tne Tt until todaT 1
w.docBeB the spcclal win re8ume
lts B0Utn. ,;
of four
In the
.in s rini v . ,.
-Bargain Day-
Englewood Dairy
The best milk, cream and Ice cream.
Phone 222. , tf
worda, two issues, 25c; six issues,
50c: one month, 81.50, when paid ln
advance. When not paid ln advance,
5c per line per issue.)
bage, North side at 825. Elegant
8 room modern bungalow o re
sponsible party. LA. Launer. SSi
'. stirance, plae glass, accident and
1 liability Insurance. Mrs. Joseph
Mogg Mgri 204V.N. 6th St. S-tf
-Gas range.
v 851
splendid line of fruit and orna
mental trees. Good terms. Good
territory. Good tfrosperta. Cash
advanced on orders. Albany Nur
series, First1 National Bank Bldg.,
Albany, Oregon. , 864
Temple. Office phone. 174-J; resi
dence, S41-R. Miss Harris. tf
WANTED-Lumber pliers" atthe
Frank P. Dee Lumber company's
yard. 851
fOR SALE Office furniture,
w. Nice. Lundburg Bldg.
Dr. H.
FOR SALE-Petlte prunes, one cent
per pound at the orchard. Nice,
Juicy, Irrigated ones. R. W.
Rogers. 1064 North Ninth St 852
J. a"MACMURRAY,rtacher"of voice
. culture and singing. Lessons given
at home of pupil If requested. Ad
dress 716 Lee street. 851tf
HIGH SCHOOL BOY wantraceto
work for board. Write or phone
H. Vl.. Wardrlp, Frultdale. 882
ALMOST New hand washing machine.
Cost 15; for sale at 87.50. Wm.
Breltmayer, F..F. D. 4. 852
MRS. H. E. BURTON'S new'fah and
winterg millinery goods have Just
arrived. Prosent stock of hats
closed out at 81 eVch. 4 07 North
Sixth street. . , jioilf
WANTED Secondhand .electric fan.
Addrrsi So'. 1C83, enre Couilov. U
- ----- ii
Reese Bros.
Band and Orchestra
MuKk-al Comedy, Minstrel and
Jubilee Singers
A Musical and 'Xove'ty Per
v formance that will delight
and instrnct yon
If Laughing Hurfai Yeu, Stay
v 'Away , ,,-
Thurs. Sept. 21
. Noonday Band Parade '
; l'rioee 25e, 35c, SOc,
Seats on sale at Homing's
- Five tons of high grade ore from
the NeJll Success mine on Fiddler's
gulch, In the Illinois river, district,
have iust been shipped to Seattle for
treatment. The shipment Is sent that
experiments may be. made to deter
mine the best method of handling the
ore of the character taken from the
Succeas. . The ore shipped will run
from 850 to 2620 Der ton in free
gold, apd, the owners say that there
are "tralnloads" of the ore that can
be shJped or milled when the best
methods of handling have been found.
The ore was sacked and sealed as
much of it was of too great a value '
to risk losing. .
' Bargain Day i
Improvements for Tel. Tel.
Manager Wetterborg of the Pacific
Telephone & Telegraph company has
received notice that the company will
soon commence work on remodeling
their toll test panel, which is for the ,
purpose of testing and locating
trouble on the long distance lines.
The estimated cost is nearly $1,000
and will be completed In 60 days.
1 ; Bargain Day
On Thursday,' September 14, an
eight-pound son was born to Mr. and
Mrs. James S. Bailey on the Apple
gate. 'Mr. Bailey is in charge of the
United States 'bureau of fisheries sta
tion on the Applegate. 1
A girl weighing 8H pounds waa
born September 15 to Mr. and Mrs.
Ira L. Clark, of Williams creek. '
Xy Soli and Gnanmte
. The Bic Red Front