Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 19??-1918, September 15, 1916, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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daily noons RITO8 COURIER
; Triad on 6tonwll" Jaokssn, It Aot1
th Wrong Way. .
"Major Thomas J. Jackson, Inter the
TMfiioiiM 'Stonewall' Jackaon, waa our
Inatructor In' niaihi'innth's aud drilled
tb student In nit Utcrjr tactic," aald
General Aruilxfead, an antebellum
graduate of the Virginia Military Insll.
tute. 'Old Jiiclc,' (in the student
called lil in, with hi worn uniform,
faded cap, usually pcivhed al a rldlcu
lou angle upon hU tilit lit'uil, runty old
cavalry saber and uiiriiceful Knit, was
, In appearance for from our beau Men I
of n woitHtT. Neverthole It wa pm
, slble even then to Kiie at tlit real,
greatueae of th mau,
j "Tlit gun we used in our artillery
drill ware pulled by hand, A tho
drill would proceed our liiNirartor
would become triinfnraied Into the
rery semblance of Mar iitumclf an,
with form ercvt, wavlmt vord and
flSMhtnir eye. lie would irhe tlu coin...
mnnd 'Fire! In voice, thut ran over
the campus like the blnt of a bugle.
"One day In a spirit of mlsehlef tha
tudciita who wore drawing the gun
pretended to low control of It a It
moved rapidly down fl iteutlo liicllm
-.directly townrd Major Jai-kii, Hut
the commander, Inatead of aciittllmout
of the way, a the boy had gleefully
anticipated, stow! sternly erect and
Immovable right In the I nick of the
"I tell you ther wim some Ihelv
hustling aud Jut In the nick of time
too, to keep (Ud Jmk fn'tti being inn
over. That wan our only nttempi t
play a practical Joke Ht Mn.lor Jm U
aou'a exprnc."-Youth' ('uuipuiilon.
In England Thy Flourish Mainly at
Waddings and Funerals. ,
Family dinner are rare In KniJlanu.
They flourish only 'at weddhma and at
funeral", evlnlly at funeral, for
mankind colla ted enjoya woe. nut
other occaaloiia birthday and Christ-inaa-are
slimmed. Christ m wperal.
ly, lu aplto of IHckeua aud Mr. Cbea
terton. la not w hat It wan, for Ita quon
dam victim, having fewer children
and being le bound to their aunt'
apron atrliiK. so away to tb aeaalda
or atay at home and hide.
That la a general change, aud many
modem factor, aucb aa travel, loter
coure with trnntier. emigration, bava
ahowu the family that there are other
place than home, uutll aotne of them
bava begun to think that "eat or
west home' worat."
There la a frigidity amoim tha rela
tlona lu the home, a illnlncllnutlon to
call oue'a mothor-lu-law "mother." In
deed, retntlouA-lu-lnw aro no longer rel
ative; tht two fatulllca do not Im me
diately after lit wedding, rail on An
other Kitty or Tom. The acquired
family la merely a aubfamtly, and of
ten the grouping rraemblca that of the
Montague and tha Capulcta, If Romeo
and Juliet had married Mr. Herbert
aald churinlngly In "Garden Data."
"Our lu-taw are our at ruined rela
tion." W. I, Georgo lu Harper's
Magaxlne. '
Hew Cantipadaa Walk.
An eminent authority hu lnvetlgat
ed the iHN'ullnr wavy motion of centi
pede and mllleKHle to determine the
manner In which these anluuila mau
age to uhc their aiiicruhuuduut iediil
extremities ao gratefully and liiirmo
uloiiHly. it Ima been found that tbo
lK move In group or waves, each
wave Including a definite number of
leg. The number of waves lucluded
In the length of the body Is constant
for encb sinile. In millepede the
Wuvea of each aide are aynchronou.
lu centipede they are symmetrically
alternate, giving rlxe. to beautifully ac
cordaut inovenicnU. Tim difference
may be exlalued by auggeRtlng that
the millepede move like a pacing
borne, the centipede like a trotter.
. Branding Criminal.
Tho branding of criminal waa auol
lahed in 177H. Until then thl punlxh
nicut waa Inflicted lu ojkmi court geu
erally In tho prcHcnce of the Judge,
tho mceaary Implemcnl the Iron
brand, the chuttng dlxh and Urn Iron
grlppcr for kecpliik' the hand ateady
being alwaya lu rciidlncft. The tiauul
briiud waa an "R" applied to the left
shoulder. Child Mealing, etc., however.
were nt one time punhdipd by brnndlug
the offender with "It" on the' shoulder
ipf (fop rogue). "M" on the rlffht hand (for
nuiiiMliiycr) and "T on the left hnnd
(for thlefi.-I'all Mull Gazette
Perforated Stamp.
Tho uinii who Invented perforated
sheet of atnmtM ninde a big fortune
out of tlm Idcu, It I aald to have first
occurred to a hunting man who wanted
to Ntnmp a letter, but could not Iny hi
bnud on knlfo or aclNNor. Me suddenly
bethought hlniHolf of hi spur., llun
nlng tho rovel along, ho perforated tho
edgea of the atamp, tore it off and thu
started a rovolutloti. Loudon Tntler.
. An Engllnh farmer had a number of
gncsta to dinner and waa about to help
tueni to aome rntinii wucn no aiscov
red that tho dial) waa cold. Calling
tbo. aorvnnt, ho. exclaimed, "Hero,
Mary, take thl rabbit out aud 'out It
and bring It buck a little 'otter!"
C. 0. D.
Tommy Mamma hnd a lot of things
sent home C. 0. D, today. What does
0. 0. D. mean? Tommy'a Pop 0. O.
D., my ton, means "Call on Dad."-
rhlladelphln Record.
f7'i.l 'J' l iff 4 J .
Thl charming tea gown la put up In
Scab colored chiffon and metal em
broidered chiffon cloth. Thl forma an
tractive Jacket, wblcb U fur edged.
an added vichucN to the fabric. Tbe
accordion plaited front con tram well
with tb draped tralu of the back.
V :'
Experts any the French dreaiimaker
are favoring the long silhouette Inatead
of tho hourglas. Thl cornet was dc
signed to support uch decree. It I
made of fine fillet, a medium low bust
and long skirt without much boning. It
la especially adapted to slender figure
A Cit Thick.
Pariaiiuu drink scarcely any water
other thau ihluerul water Tbe Solne
water Ihin ii liockliiK repututlon.
John Raphael. ' Purl correnpondcnt
for several London paper, aald some
year ago that one afternoon a pretty
actress met her doctor at a drea re
hearsal lu a boulevard theater. ,
"Look here," she said; "I am quite
sure that all thl mineral water 1
drink, lncc you have forbidden wine,
la drcudfully bad for me. I want your
permlsatou to drink tittered Seine wa
ter now," i
"Very well," replied tho doctor, "If
you Insist But, mind, you must chew
It well." 1 I
The Disappearing Lady,
The terms "madam" and "air" are
now employed much less than former
ly, according to a book called "The
A B C of Correct Speech," though, It
anya, children "should be taught to use
theae terms In apenklug to ladles nnd
gentlemen of tho old school." "Lady"
ha also passed out of uo In circles In
which It was formerly current, except,
curiously, the author observe, when a
boHtess talk to "her cutoror or her
muldK." To them ahe describe her
gueats ns "ladles," white to her friends
they are "women" or "glrla."-QuUook,
Envelopes printed at the Courier
Waablngton, 8'pt. 15. How a
H-ln h aolld md aholl tor atralght
through a homo near the government
testing ground at Indian Head, Md.,
passing through tho room adjoining
that In which were a woman and her
three daughters, waa reported to
Washington today.
It was the first 18-inch aboil ever
fired In the United States. Sailing
from the mouth 6f the flrat 16-Inch
gun erer set up In thl country to be
teated, the shell tore a thick aoctlon
of tough armor plate, thenoe through
a huge hank of aand and, tilting up
ward as a result of this resistance,
derrlbcd a mile-long arc through the
Mrs. Mary Swann had Just flnlahed
her preparations of the evening meal
for her huaba'nd, one of the men
handling tha guns. One of her chil
dren had followed her Into the dining
room, Joining her 18-year-old daugh
ter. There was a terrific roar and
craah. The house shook. When ahe
recovered from her fright Mrs. 8wann
went Into tho kitchen. There were
great, gaping boles in opposite walls.
Ontnide the house lay the huge masi
of steel, still hot.
Thla was about three weeks ago.
Indian Head la only 54 miles from
Washington, but la almost aa Isolated
aa a desert town. That Is the ex
planatlon of the time, elapsing be
tween the Incident and Its being given
Seerat of the Military 8uccm of "the
Madman of th North."
From drill man gets accoatoraed to
doing under any circumstance what
baa been hammered Into hi brain time
after tlmo till It become second nature
to him.
Charles XII. of Sweden, "tbe mad
man of tbe north," ripped most of
Europe up the back again and again
because his soldier were drilled to
perfection before be let them take the
field at a tlmo when there waa great
neglect of drill In other armies. He
valued 1.000 well drilled fightera above
10,000 not ao well drilled, and. madman
or genlu. hi Judgment waa vindicated
repeatedly In terrible battle.
One night Charlea XII. was aurprled
In PolamMiy an attacking army of
8.000 wben'hl aennt force of 000 waa
steeping like the dead from the ex
haustion of a hard march. Before his
outposts and sentinel could lie driven
In hi amall band waa aroused, mount
ed, formed In battle line-nil In pitchy
blacknesa and awung Into a fierce
charge upon the enemy. By daylight
the Itusslnns and Poles who bad
thought to eat him up, were virtually
annihilated.-Westminster Gazette.
Hew Cloud Are Colored.
The color of a cloud doteiida on the
manner In which the sunlight falls
upon It and tie position of the ob
server. It will be noticed (tint hlsh
cloud are alwaya white or light In
color, and thl I lieeauo the light by
which they are aeeu U reflected from
the under surraco by the numberless
drop of moisture which ro to form
tbe cloud. Heavy rain cloud, on the
other hnnd. are found much nearer the
earth, and o the llplu fall on them
more directly from above, giving a sil
ver lining to the cloud, though the un
der surface appear Mack, owing to
tho complete tetlcctlon and absorption
of the light bv tho upper luyers. Seen
from above by an observer In a bal
loon the blackest ralu clouds appear of
tbe moat darting brilliant white
Dul In Crconland.
In Greenland when one man has
been Insulted by another the adversa
ries each compose a satire in verse.
Thl each man recite to hi household
until the servants nnd the women
know It by heart. Then a place of
meeting I appointed. The two men,
the Insultcr and Insulted, the offender
and tho offended, aland face to face,
and each recite hi poem. Ilia friend
and aorvnnt form a chorus. Each man
trie hard to raise tho laugh against
his ndversiiry. Each man speaks In
turn, whipping the enemy with epi
gram ami quip, and after two hour of
this wordy battle the meeting gives
the victory to him of the two adverse
rles who hu amused the whole as
aemlily most,
An Odd Team. '
Oyer one of the trail of the Suhnru
desert the queerest of teams I employ
ed In drawing a two wheeled cart
which curries light freight. The team
consist of a tvimel nnd a amall mule,
and, while the load muy lie unevenly
distributed between them, the mutes
never disagree. I'.ach Uruwa Ills por
tion of the load, tho camel loping along
Willi great strides, while the mule
trot lieMldo him,
His Conundrum.
"Pop, tell mo some conundrum."
"Conundrum? Why, I don't know
any conundrums, my soul"
"Oh,' yes, you dot I heard mother
toll Aunt Mary the other day that you
keep her guessing 'moat of the time."
Portland, Sept. 15. Today's mar
ket quotations ware;
Wheat Club, 1.28; bluestem,
Oats No. 1 white feed, 28.25.'
Darley Feed, 82,
Hogs Best live, 8.75.
Prime' steers, 7.15;. fancy cows,
6.75; best calves, 7.50.
Spring lambs, 8.25.
Butter City creamery, 84; coun
try, 27.
Eggs Selected local extras, 88.
Hens, 15; broilers, 18017; geese,
Copper, 28H.
And H Didn't Qa About It In th Reg
ulsr Offioil Way, Either.
lu hU younger day Sir Bryan Ma
lum wu quite a clmrut-tcr in tbe army
and ninny are the tule that arc told of
hi daredevil rceklcMsue and bl no
les ready resnuirefuliic In an emer
gency. Once, for Instance, a lot of borne
had to be unloudml at Ixmallla. There
were no bout and there was shortage
of allngs, to say nothing of grommets,
breast girths nnd all the other queer
paraphernalia thar dlaemhnrklng offi
cer delight In.
But Million, who I. of course, a son
of Frln'a Isle, bad seen horses dlsem
barkcJ on the wild Irish coast many
and ninny a time In and ready
fashion, and he knew whut they rould
do when they had to So. while the
other were dlHcuMln? way and means
below deck, be almply threw these
horse overboard.
The animals promptly swam ashore,
and while the horror stricken disem
barking officer was looking on aghast,
too surprised even for word. Mnhon
orjerwi me trumpet for "stable" to
be sounded, and every hore promptly
lined np on tbe bench. London Tele
Powerful Bulla.
, During a debate utou the second
reading of the Irish laud bill In 1890
Lord Londonderry concluded a period
with: "This is the keystone of tbe bill
Are you golny to kill Itr
'Sir Frederick M liner, shaking on
tbe budget, said, "A cow may be drain
ed dry, and If chancellors of tbe ex
chequer persist In meeting every de-
Oclcocy that occur by taxing the
brewing and distilling industry they
will Inevitably kill the cow that lay
tbe golden milk!"
Lord Curaon-"Tho Interest of the
employers and employed are thv same
nine times out of ten-1 will even gay
ninety nine times wtu of ten!"
The California and Oregon
Coast Railroad Company
(The Oregoa Cwvee Roate)
Effective Monday, May 1. 1818.
Train 1 lr. Grants Pasa... 7:00 a.m.
Arrives Waters Creek..8:00 a.m.
Train 4 It. Waters Creek....5:00 p.m.
Arrive Grants Paee......6:00 p.m.
' Daily except Sunday.
All trains leave Grants Pass from
the corner of 0 and Eighth streets,
opposite the Southern Pacific depot.
For all Information regarding
frelgvt and passenger serviqe call at
the office of the company, Public Ser
vice building, or , phone 181 for
Train will stop on flag at any
point between Grants Pass aad
Wste- Creek. Passes;:? erviee
every da) In tha week. ,
County Caves"
For tho aoootnmodatloa of vis
itor to thi moat wondrous
and beautiful piece of nature's
underground work, CAVE
CAM P has been established on
llllums Creek, 27 mile from
Grants Paas at the junction of
tbo auto road and government
trail, ten miles from the Caves.
Tho camp Is equipped with
floored tents, clean beds and
bedding, mattresses and
spring. Rates $2.25 per day;
special rates by the week.
' Saddle horses furnished on
short notice. Telephone ser
vices Pishing, Recreation, Cool
For transportation ' Inquire
Grants Pass Garage
J t tSV
klWteWa Mum BraaaAX
fill. I k ud Mmli kaiWkXV
tmm, mini wuh uiu Rittom. V
Till M kr. Rar f (Mr V
1 ' I ' 1 1
ANGEL CAKES Phone orders to No.
180-j; , 787tf
FOR SALE Apple chunk wood, f2
tier, cut to 16-lnch lengths, from
80 year, orchard cut thla spring.
Beat wood on market Phone E.
H. Richard. 862
want the most pork per lb. of feed,
get a Winona Berkshire for your
next herd boar. Spring pigs aver
aged 100 lbs, each at four months.
F. R. 8teel, Winona Ranch, Rural
Route No. 1. 880tf
14-ROOM bouse, partly furnished, lot
75x100 on 81xth street, for sale
real cheap, or will trade. For par
ticulars Inquire B. A. Williams, 323
0 street- ir 878
AUCTION I will sell on the streets
of Grants Paas, Saturday morning,
at 10 o'clock, . tU following
articles: 2 H -Inch wagon, single
harness, spring ' tooth harrow,
smoothing harrow, Kimble harrow,
14-lnch plow, garden seeder and
numerous other tools. J. C. Randle,
ooutahle. "'850
FOR SALE or exchange for cattle,
hogs or goats One good work
mare, single harness and buggy,
one set good hack harness. . Also
young pigs for sale, v tone
603-F-2, G. A. Hamilton. 854
FOR BALE Clarinet and case for
310. B flat, tarney, four rings
and rollers. A bargain. Phone
603-F-2. ' 854
FOR SALE 100 pounds at rho
donite, unpolished. Inquire at 507
A street . 854
trade for Rogue River valley prop
erty lot, 98x199 13, 11-room
house, strictly modern, full -base
ment, three-room house on rear of
lot Also property In New West
minster. B. C, to exchange for
Rogue river property.
Bungalow court, six units, In Los
Angeles; also 100 acres of land in
southern California, to trade for
Rogue river property. What have
Plenty of money to loan on good
real estate security. See Isaac
Best. 850
furnished. Rent very reasonable.
Close int Inquire W. E. Dean, 615
H street. 854
WANTED Man to work on farm
who can also do hlacksmithlng.
Write Box 24, Merlin, Oregon. 850
WANTED Will pay $5 per ton tor
15 tons of clean, bright straw,
baled. To be delivered at Grants
Pass. Address Illahee, Grants
Pass. 6t
age adjacent to Grants Pass a
33,600 modern five-room cottage
with a quarter of an acre of
ground. Five minutes to street
cars and trains, in beaut1'"! resi
dential district. Price 33,500.
Bank mortgage, 31,000, eix per
cent. A. H. Schmidt, Room 48, 812
Broadway, Oakland, Calif. 860
WANTED Married man to work on
ranch. Address No. 1655, care
Courier. 853
WANTED Lumber pliers at the
Frank P. Doe Lumber company's
yard. T 850
MIDDLE-AGED LADY wishes posi
tion aa housekeeper, or work in a
private family. Moderate wages.
. Phone 266-1 850
TO LOAN 34,000 to loan on well
Improved farm lands. Inquire at
law office of V. A. Clements, Golden
Rule Bldg. 852
Ik. n. ckomCH, Aasayer, chemist,
metallurgist. Roma 201-203 Pad
dock Building. Grants Pasa.
DR., R. J. BESTUL, Veterinarian.
' Office In Winetrout Implement
Bldg. Phone 11S-J. " Residence
Phone 806-R.
' . ftulea For Dreaa.
, Dress yourself One where others are
One and plain where others are plain,
but take care that your clothe mk
well made and lit you, for uihcrwUo
ihey wlll give you a rery awkward
, air. Lord Chesterfield. '
, O. CLEMENT, M. D. Practice
limited to diseases of tha eye, ear,
knose and throat Glasses fitted.
Office hours 9-12, 2-6, or on ap
pointment Office phone, 82; resi
dence phone 35 9-J.
S. LOUOHRIDOE. M. D Phystdaa
and surgeon. City or country calls
attended day or night Resldeaee
phone 888; office phone 188.
Sixth and H. Toffs BIdg, ''"'
P. Tmax, M. D., Physician and
aurgeon. Phones: Office 826; resi
dence 324. Calls answered at all
hours. Country calls attended to.
Lundburg Bldg. . . -
DR. ED. B YW AT? R Specialist oa
diseases of eye ear, nose aad
throat; glasses fitted. Office hoars:
9 to 12 a. m., 2 to 5 p. m. Phoaea:
Residence 234-J; ' office 257-J,
Schmidt Bldg, Oranta Paas, Ore.
A. A. WITHAH, M. D.. Phyaldaa aad
Surgeon. . Office: Hall Bldg com
er Sixth and I streets. Phoaea:
Office 118; residence 282-J. Boon
9 a. m. to 4 p. m. '
DR. H. WARREN NICE. Osteopathia
Physician. Chronic aad nerrous
diseases specialty. RoonWl aad 3,
Lnndbnrg Bldg.,' opposite post
office; phone 149-R. Residence:
Colonial hotel; phone 167-J, '
E. C. MACY, D. M. D. Flrst-claa)
dentistry. 109H 8oath Sixth
street, Oranta Pass Ore.
ern dental work. Maud B. Brad
ford, dental assistant Rooms 4
and 5, Golden Rule Bldg. Grant
Pasa, .Ore, Phone 265-J . -
H. D. NORTON. Attorner-at-Law
Practice In all 8Ute and Federal
Courts. First National Bank Bldg.
at Law, Grant Pass Banking Co.
Bldg, Oranta Pass, Ore.
E. S. VAN DYKE, Attorney. Practice
in all courts. First National Bank
Bldg.'. : i
i -
at-La w. Office ' Masonic Temple,
Grants Pass, Ore.
V. T. MILLER, Attorney-t-Law.
County attorney for Josephine
County. Office: Schallhora Bldg.
O. S. BLANCH ARD, Attorney-at-Law.
Granu Pass Banking Co. Bldg.
, Phone 270. Grants Pass, Ore.
V. A. CLEMENTS Attorney-at-Law, '
' Practice in state and federal
courts. ' Rooms 2 and 3, over
Golden Rule store. ' ''
Belgian school of violin playing.
E. R. Lawrence 215 I street
kinds of drayage - and transfer
work carefully and promptly done.
Phone 13 2-R. Stand at freight
depot. A. Shade, Propr. '
F. G. ISHAM, drayage and transfer.
Safes, pianos and furniture moved,
packed, shipped and stored. Phone
Clark ft Holman, No. 50. Resi
dence phone 124-R. ' -,
THB WORLD MOVES; sb do we.
Bunch Bros. Transfer Co. Phone
15-R.. . ' :'. , :'
GRANTS PASS Lodge No. 84 A. F.
A. M. Stated Communica
tions 1st and 3d Tuesdays.
' Visiting brethren cordially
invited. A. K. Cass, W. ML
Ed. G. Harris, secretary.
OO. F., meets every Wed
nesday evening in I. O. O.
: F. hall, corner 6th and H.
Sts. Visiting Odd Fellows cordially
Invited to be present. Einll Gebera,
k O.; Clyde Martin, Secretary.
PAPERHANOlSO, graining, paint
ing. For the beat work at lowest
prices phone 295-J. C. G. Plant.
South Park street . .
CRYSTAL SPRINGS water .put up in
5-gallon glass Jars And delivered
at your door, fresh, pure, sanitary.
Telephone 293-R and water wagon
will call.
TAXI STAND at the Mocha Cafe. Any
where In town 10c. Phone 181-R.
Residence phone 24S-L. tt