Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 19??-1918, February 16, 1916, DAILY EDITION, Image 1

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No Other Town in the World the Size of Grants Pass lias a Paper With Full Leased Wi re Telegraph Service..
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&elto Cetne Wilkin Next
20. Days, and Conlwtors
Are Already Sending Ex
perts Here From Utah
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4 ' rt j u ( --t f.-'roat.. V Migrant
tiiluM to H. 0 i.i I , of tho
ti attic ii-t.itti-'i.t( fiom 1M Lake
fii'y, .ti3t(J lh;.i n f.iH.;ii iHi fur the
hiuJlai of uititii!u ve ih I'ne be
rMtl hi ihit Hivt mn ni delay,
mid wuit! tiit.t ' iu t)l iil.J begin
ti tirr!'i fur tl " oiwru -tl'iii vlthln
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for iS' !.o- ra;r.w!, has ar
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t Srrio'jr..' A1 hvud i Hi? -"Mrae-Kts
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tf it l f i ad t : : n r . ?W' will be
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J W, lrif r-toii ii'd !fr.d two
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hiitc )"r. rUMu 1 iMt here
h.v tli "onien-, t' "tut.'ctor
wlo ri u t'lillt t .o frtcHiy. He ha
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ft f the puiit ;' ii Mrs, in:-: been
- ?tnmtR of ti.t- cuiwusry .orV upon
a tiew faciorj.lfinj hjil! a Mldvale
i))' th Dyfln. He !!". b" ' i.iployed
uiiQii the tiu'lar)' hT. i;. i'utterson
tlKt a hmnv.v oi l iht-r people
''.V. ariivo tincjrc.-i'v ildvale,
Jli'-r- h iVluK 'ku iJ In t'ji p,.rty that
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uCwPPitiv or fur ft ! In Portland.
ArrjvUi,; tornonw will bo v.'r. 011
iim. tor yoatB ltli ; tb ; Dyer
poi'l1. sort Mr llri:i anJ family,
Mr tnf.ft.'.j lnvli.t b?o u ot) master
f.r fie c..;iirrti't'jia In t;tnU, The
Dycr Mf nt tlii'! ilrj? crect
)dk Uwfrt n'nv fft. loi'mr in Vua, two
)tbor t.imea the on at MM and
ibo Qrnntj l'ai.s factor:' v.T give
ti om 'Joiir under ruur;ii of "ni.Btrur
tloo at tho Rie titm. Hvpirts In
various brncln' of th irk f re be
UiH tnkea from tbe factcrlo there
.n, sent to Grmitu tas to dlnct work
(IVr t'iiltd TruM Lrtui -d vvire.i
MvMhln;.ft-m, IVV K," Tho state
flf poftiutivt at'vN.i.l that
Auiorlflftii ' Aort)u4a lor . 'Mnrye of
rMiograd i resifcurtd. I ho formal
rexUnatlim la exintctJ in ft days,
Til ho'th Is aimlgnid a the reason
tor 'his quitting. j
No puwcutor will t Ciiimii'cred un
til Lanslns wU Cm ftruml rlgna
Mary", 'onrflrlv n ;aiif'r.l-.n, had
mad Mm lnvr.e in nunc Ume In
Wanlilutfto'i iM-friv IoIiir ' .ipiiolnted
to the iviroffi ui po-ti, ':n Mm he
loon ti.'t'tury Wulm i f Oak
UmI Tin raqntri'iii"M;i of vac times
'yipofln.l .Midi h sIimVi n Mr rye that
health w.nn luipn :ril Ami h do
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; , Tint "ilcnry M. I'tulf n, if Peoria,'
..'I frnr." tinted for t h I'fHf,, may
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San FrancUco, Feb. !. Two per-
aom woro serlouiily Injured and
acore of persons were severely bruised
today when two street cars on Hayes
and Buchanan street collided.. Mo-
torman George Stead man sustained
broken log. fractured wrist and
probably internal Injuries, and John
Martin, a passenger, received severe
contusions and a broken thumb.
Stead man lost control of his car
and it crashed Into the car ahead.
A panic followed the crah. One
car was running down the Hayes
street hill from 8tanyan with about
50 passengers. The rails were slip
pery and Motorman Roy Akin bad
difficulty keeping control. Another
car came In behind It. Dew on the
rails caused this car to slip and it
swept down on the car ahead with
great speed.
A panic resulted, men and women
passenger fighting each other In
their efforts to escape from the
wrecked cars by the front door or
through the windows. One of the
niotormon declares some men pas
sengers Ignored the rule "women and
children first" In tholr efforts to save
(Dy United Press Leased Wire.)
London, Feb. 16. Stormy, rainy
weather put atop last night to the
appalling artillery fire along the west
ern front, though furious Infantry
attacks were made around Yprea and
In th Champagne without important
The Berlin official statement de
"The English three times attacked
our newly gained positions southeast
ot Ypres, but were repulsed and we
took 100 prisoners.
"In the Champagne the French
again tried to recapture positions
northwest of Tahure, but their at
tempts failed."
The Paris war office did not claim
any Important activities in this new
As for the eastern front, the Berlin
statement said that deep snow had
prevented fighting there, .
(by Untied Press Leased Wire.)
London, Feb, 16. England is now
putting her whole soul Into the war.
Announcement today of Issuance
ot two new orders in council preceded
an intimation from the government
that the nation haa decided on a
series of aggressive measures design
ed tor a more vigorous prosecution
of the war. "
At the same time, officials recall
ed that the king's message yester
day advocated unlimited efforts to
make the war a smcceBS,
The orders gave the government
control of practically all merchant
ships after February, and at the same
time laid a ban on importation ot ma
terials for making papers, upon to
baoco, furniture woods, hard woods,
veneers and elate.
Issuance of these decrees followed
the statement of Premier Asqulth to
parliament that England is prepar
ing to exert her maximum war
strength, and therefore is investigat
ing her financial and industrial re
serves, as well as enforcing the con
scription measures.
He pointed out at the same time
that the financial drain is enormous,
but he asserted his faith ln England's
ability and readiness to go to any
proper length to aln victory.
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Two Ships Are Burned at the Whanes in New York, En
tailing a Loss of Four Million Dollars, While Mysterious
Fires Destroy Buildings at Fall River, Toronto, and
Other Points Along the Atlantic Coast
Two ships burned in Brook-
4- lyn and pier near them Ignited,
with loss estimated at 14,000,
000. Bomb plot suspected.
Fire, starting from explosion
in basement of a Fall River,
Mass., store, did f 1,500,000 es-
tlmated damage.
Small fire, apparently incen
diary, found near laboratory in
Chicago where poison of a sus
pected anarchist plotter was
being analysed.
Fire destroyed American club
at Toronto. Started with an
explosion on top floor.
'Mysterious fire on the Hoi-
land-American oil-laden steamer 4
Van Dyke, extinguished late last 4
4- night after she put back from
Unaccountable 'blaze did over
4- $100,000 damage on sugar-
laden steamer Dalton at Phila- 4
delphla before she was due to
sail for England.
New York, Feb. 16. Fed by In
flammable oils, parafflne and gaso
line, the steamships Bolton Castle
and Pacific were destroyed early to
day by fire which spread to the
Brooklyn pier 36 between them. The
flames at dawn were still eating
through this structure, while ice
coated firemen coped with them.
Four million dollars damage was
done, but it was learned that there
were no casualties. It had been fear
ed earlier that some men from the
two vessels had perished. This tear
was dissipated, however, when 50
naked men were rescued from a sand
Authorities set to work today on
the theory that the lire was due to
a bomb plot Members ot the crew
were gathered for examination, but
little information was forthcoming.
The fire, the worst the Brooklyn
waterfront has known in years, start
ed soon after 1 o'clock. Billows ot
flame and smoke rolled above the
doomed vessels as the inflammable
material took fire. For a time the
fire seemed uncontrollable. Soon it
spread to the pier, while all available
firemen and flreboats in the Brooklyn
service were called Into action.
The bomb, theory was strengthened
Waslngton, Feb. 16. Germany's
decree ot warfare against armed mer
chant vessels has entered Into the
Lusltanla case, and settlement ot the
latter will not be reached unless fu
ture submarine warfare conforms to
International law.
This was made plajn at the state
department this afternoon following
the Lansing-von Bernstorft conference
In which the German envoy transmit
ted Berlin's reply to American sug
gestions for changes in the LuBltanta
settlement phraseology, ,
It It had not been for the merchant
ships edict, the Lusltanla case prob
ably would have been settled today.
Ambassador von Bernstorft said the
United States could easily arrange for
the postponement of the decree and
Secretary Lansing said he would con
sider the suggestion, though he In-
by the story of Joseph Jobnaon, en
gineer ot the Bolton Castle. He told
of hearing a heavy explosion in the
hold while walking on the forward
deck. Instantly the ship became a
furnace, and the flames quickly
spread to the freight-strewn pier.
Johnson leaped overboard and swam
to safety.
Twenty-five coolies from the Paci
fic were missing, along with six sail-!
ors from the Castle, but they appar
ently fled home.
While the fire was at its worst, a
fireboat crow, at risk of their own
lives, drove the vessel alongside the
Paclflc and towed away a gasoline-
laden llnhter on which sDark ai-l
ready were falling.
Another iiBmift rf wn th re
over a rope (bridge by firemen of more1
tion 50 stevedores and their famUIes I"00'" failure was because of the pre
sleeplng on six lighters near the ident's temperament and the fact
burning vessels.
A number of men lumped over-
board and swam to safety from the
scows and lighters surroundlnsr the
two ships. A few smaller .vessels
were Ignited.
The Pacific waa a i.661-ton tpmpI
Of the Castl? ljne, whil th'e BpUqn,dlP1J,IDl' "affairs; and "adequate
Castle waa a 8,689-ton ship of the
same line. Both are English, but
bad been engaged in the Russian
service recently.
One explanation of the cause of
the fire was that a short circuit at
the dock campany'a office was re
sponsible and that the flames swept
along the 700-foot pier, setting: fire
to the steamers while the crew were
Officials also had under Investiga
tion today a strange lire on the oil-
laden Holland-American tanker Vanlwh'cn "i" only Btron leadersh,P
Dyke, which put back to port yester
day after heading for Rotterdam.
This blaze was controlled after many
hours' 'work.
Fall River. Mass., Feb. 16. -After i
Haf"? flght 8aln8t ,1'500,:lime. recognized t,y the American
vvu uiv, lun uuuiumou apparatus oi
the New Bedford, Taunton and New
port departments checked It early to
day. Starting with an explosion ln the
basement of the Stelger department
store, the Are burned over an entire
square, including the Lenot hotel.
and just missed the city hall and St.
Mary's cathedral.
A shift in the wind tor a time
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tlmated he would not ask for a delay
at present.
It was explained that a new point
has arisen rwhether the decree af
fects the promises given In the Lusl
tanla agreement proposals.
The state department knew that the
decree waa to be lBsued long 'before
it was announced in Berlin or Vienna,
and this decree is tending to delay
Informal negotiations between Berns
torft and Lansing.
Washington, Feb. 16. Germany's
latest proposal in the Lusltanla case
was presented today to Secretary of
State Lansing uy German Anvbassa-
dor von Bornstorff. Its acceptance
or rejection is now up to President
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ur ulh
New York, Feb. 16. Unmeasured
censure of the democratic foreign
policy, coupled with criticism of its
economic Ideas, will be the republi
can conservatives battle cry In the
coming campaign. '
This tact was admitted by repub
lican leaden today when they recon
vened for their state convention af
ter hearing ex-Senator Root, as tem
porary chairman, sound such a slogan
last night.
"No flag is dishonored, and no citi
zenship not worth the claiming in
Mexico, but ours," he said.
Of the policy toward Europe, he
"Our diplomacy has lost Its author
ity and Influence because we have
been brave In words and irresolute
In action,
We have been blindly
stumbling along the road that, con
tinued, will lead to Inevitable war."
At the same time he criticized the
administration for falling to have
already provided proper prepared-
ness for such an outcome.
The fact that the United States did
not protest against violation of Bel
gian neutrality was excoriated. Root
declared the democratic administra
ihat be tried to "govern wun
Restoration of tbe republican
Party to power, he said, would result
.ln moderate but adequate" protec-
'tion to American industry; a jrans:
and fearless, and honest dealing in
preparation "ft Amerln PP"
for heIr own defense,
I .
Washington, Feb. 16. "Mexico is
seething with a threatened uprising,
send the Carranza government to ob
This was the dire prediction con
tained today in semi-official mail in
formation to the state department,
saying that-the Carranza govern
ment Is crumbling rapidly. The re-
.government, has lost a vast amount
of ground ln the last two months, It
was stated, and appears to be facing
! serious financial troubles. The latter
idea was evidenced from the state-
t h&t con8ul and lnterlor
Lfflclala ,re not pald wgularlyi whll8
thfM con8ul8 ,n the Unlted R4teB 9
, arrear, of the,r offlce
Portland, Feb. 16. (Anticipating
government ownership, railroads are
attempting to Place & abnormally
high value on their property with a
view ot dumping It on the govern
ment, declared Clyde B. Altchlaon,
chairman ot the Oregon railroad com
mission, upon his return today from
the interstate commerce commission
value hearings at Washington.
There is a -difference of $8,000,
000,000 between the maximum estim
ates of the commission and the lowest
figures furnished by the railroads as
to the value ot railroad property ln
the United States, Altchlson said.
(By United Press Leased Wire)
New York, Feb. 16. The British
destroyer Viking was ' towed into
Dover, England, afire, January 29, ac
oordlng to reliable advices today. Two
of the crew ot 70 were rescued, hut
the fate ot the others is unknown.
nr nnniTC
IU mm 0
City in Turkish Armenia FaBs
Into the Hands cf the
Russian Troops Under the
Grand Dcke Nicholas
London, Feb. 16. After uncon
firmed reports bad chronicled the fall
of Erzerum, Turkish Armenia, into
Russian hands, later Petrograd re
ports tonight said the capture of the
city was confirmed. v
London, Feb. 16. Unconfirmed re
ports from Petrograd today said that
Erzerum, Turkish Armenia, had fall
en before the attack of Grand Duke
Nicholas' Russian forces.
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
San Francisco, Feb. 16. -William
Noyes, president ot the Presidio Min
ing company ot Presidio, Texas, will
be held to the superior court on a
charge ot embezzlement, according to
announcement made today by Police
Judge Oppenhelm. -'Noyes was recent
ly charged by Captain woivenon.
U. 8. A., who represents minority
stockholders, with Juggling stock and
mishandling the affairs ot the con
cern, '--'f Ttt;.j. ; J?.- : .
(By United Press Leased Wire)
Washington, Feb. 16. Louis D.
Brandels, President Wilson's nominee
for the supreme court, gained ground
today in the senate sub-committee
hearing as to his fitness tor the office.
Under cross-examination. President
Wlnslow of the United Shoe Machin
ery company, who had suggested
Brandels acted in bad faith toward
that concern, could not recollect de
tails of his break with Brandels.
Finally, however, he gave Brandels
what many regarded as a clean slate.
He admitted that Brandels had in
formed him in 1907 that unless the
terms ot the shoe company's leases
were changed, that he (Brandels)
would cease to be attorney tor the
company. . This, he admitted, hap-
nanAjl ttaftM !RvnAAfa bait aHfiOrAil
the leases as illegal either before con
gress or ln behalf of other clients,
and before Brandels had charged that
the company was a trust.
Challenged to name once when
Brandels had used Information gain
ed as counsel or director ot the com
pany to attack it later, Wlnslow said
that he had told ' Brandels secrets
about the leases ln 1906; and that
several years later Brandels appeared
before congress on behalf of the other
companies. At the same time, how
ever, Wlnslow admitted that the
leases were publlo and that Brandels
did not need inside Information con
cerning them. ', '
(By United Press Leawd Wire.)
Tucson, Arls., Feb. 16. To capture
12 former VUUsta soldiers who took
possession ot an American mining
camp at Rosemont, in the Santa Rita
mountains, Sheriff Forbes ot Pima
county left here with a posse this af
ternoon. The Mexicans had (been em
ployed at the mine and, according to
the sheriff's. Information, seized the
works, drove out the superintendent
and took food and ammunition from
the commissary camp. '
.'. i. .. :