Hillsboro independent. (Hillsboro, Washington County, Or.) 189?-1932, May 08, 1908, Image 4

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NfT aaVJYa. Ui in THK nun it t in k r ok i 11 r -1 . , ,,t
IMKboro Imlepoiideiit.
D. W. LiTH Eflitor and Prcpnctcr.
MAY 8, 11KA
Mr. Chapman Declines.
i Sherwood, May 4. -Mr. J. W.
iConni ll, Chairman County Cen
tral Committee, llillsboro, Ore
j grin. Iear Sir: After due de
1 liberation I have declined to ac-
for Kepre-
. -'cnttne nomination
jora 1 home" Comma. i soiitative given me by the mass
"Doi-i Thome." a beautiful inccung convention and I wish
i!ram:.t.zationoir.enni.u. ia to say to ine lu-jmo u.ui . " . ,..-..,.,..,, their VI
largest dimensions in Washington
county. Without doubt this event
will be a"record breaker" for Sher
wood. Mrs. Totn Brady came out on
Monday morning's traiu for a visit
to her old home near Sherwood.
The fatnily has purchased a home
we are showing a beautiful line of
After Eastteir MHODoneiryg
t reset' n't iheatre one night om. dated the unsought honor con
nth ?mil tlip.'innouneement' iVrivd. nevertheless I am a mem
will no doubt cause an unusually ber of the Republican party and
heavy demand for seats. a firm believer in the principals
No play in recent years has at
tracted so much attention and is
lieing so strongly jutronized by
the public everywhere, and the
critics are unanimous in their
praise of the production and its
supporting cast. One cannot ne
glect seeing it for it teaches a
strong moral lesson, and will be
enjoyed by the old and young
alike, and by eople of all walks
of fe.
The manner in which the man
airement have produced Iot
Thorne" calls for onlv the heart
iest admiration. The costume
are elegant and , appropriate an
the movement and grouping of
the persons taking part in the
action proper have been so care
fully considered that naturalness
and dramatic effectiveness have
never been sacrificed. Yet a pic
torial quality which to belong to
the old paintings of the hnglish
school has been obtained.
As for the scenes in which the
folks have part, these are amonpr
the best ottered here in a long
time. The exclamations, th
evincing of keen interest in what
is taking place, all have been
planned and carried out with
greater skill and actuality than
anything similar that has been
seen in any production. The
view of Earl Manor lighted am
rejoicing is also of great beauty.
"Dora Thorne" has always been
a favorite of all plays and one
that is sure to please.
Each weekly newspaper is read
not only by the people usually
credited to the ordinary paper
but twice that number. In manv
instances subscribers pass their
papers on and on to inmates of
I.'ss fortunate homes. The publi
cations are pre-eminently the
home papers of newspaperdom.
They are not superficially scann
ed while men travel to business,
then left tobrakemen to be gath
ered up. They go directly into
the homes and the reading of
them is a duty as well as a plea
sure. Hence their peculiar value
as molders of public opinion.
Review of Reviews.
thereof, and as such participated
in the primary election, the law
prescribing the method of nomi
nating candidates for all political
parties, and had I wished to be
come a candidate for the Legis
lature I. as Austin Ruxton, Mas
ter of the Suite Grange, said in
his public statement, would have
complied with the provisions
thereof, letting thetieople decide
whether or not I was wanted as
a candidate. All the Republican
candidates have complied with
thf wovivlons- .oL.th.is Jaw. and
are entitled to support, and
pledge to them my most hearty
supiKirt and will advise all my
friends to do the same. By so
doing I trust I may be aiding the
election or lion. ii. sm. ae as
United States Senator and ma
terially increasing party unity
and stremrtn in mis county,
You are at liberty to use this
letter as you think best
Uo you need cement? Go to
Webb & Jloover's. They have a
carload of i'ortand Standard Ce
ment just arrived. Also lime,
paints and-oil and the great wood
preserver, ("arbolineum, the best
known vermin exterminator, the
only remedy that will actually
keep flies away from horses anil
cattle. Call and see them.
, Saturday, May ;!0, is Decora
tion Day. Preparations should
be made to observe the dav and
roses in plenty scattered over the
resting place of the boys in blue.
Senator Fulton has opened
headquarters in the Imperial ho
tel at Portland for the purpose of
working for the election of Hon.
H. M. Cake to the United States
senate and securing the selection
of a delegation to the republican
national convention that will be
in me interest oi .Secretary Tall
ior president.
The Haines Rank, which failei
u.mi.. tiiti. ....... i .
.-in. in. ii- a;o, instead oi going
into bankruptcy, was placed into
me nanus ot a committee of de
lators to adjust allairs. Yes
terday. lames Lane, who had
W.U .. in the defunct institution,
commenced action in the circuit
court to recover the amount due
' Heal stale Transfers.
John Tl.ai.M i vl,, !.!,,,,,, ,
11.1 In w ',.,!. ., P , ., 3 ,,,
tr.ii iMmirret m i J..i, iiKr, M
TlOt 3.U .
r "i-il II, , nke
Man-tin yi-r.iin t
lii'lui. I nviroii.
J W , n I,, frank H I'
11 M llllama.l o l ... w
I S l;m.i,y i t K i j,, I,,, M ,.,.
II Walki-r ,1 1 r t 2 i I i
C I rnt.rnn .1 in in i' II 'i,eni).
et III till :t , i s m,,, ,,
.ii-niiip win-lmnK rt a: (l, y 1 i
I'M J I'U .1. h,,r...( i.mvr
i n "Uriilifmi h.r ,.t ,1 t
lr. t H.M- 14 I I i
II rl lo A II I'll
F.m in iui.i.ii,
'l hlk ; K i; .
A Moiil:,,ii rt Hi in A I! r,ti i't , )
K lk. r die 1 I i, s .
nruit- r i-tinijr hi nl ,i ,v j
Ulll I 'l. ., I ; ,t H
J llnnr.lf i-i i, in a ..i
KV II' I J . 1 i,
Paml V kil l,y .-i 1,1 II I It n r.-1 1 1
'" II l-'.t H Kr'i.l la r , n
'"' r '" r Knoll, il iJt
(1 llrn,'. rl i., , , ,,,,, -,- --
I'U Liruni a I, llii .'K.-,,
Nam y J Mm ..-tmi,, I,. ( .rii;,
, i n . ii ,inii nr.-t. a i i i l .
K.- I'U in M t I.,, . I .,, , , -
rrom Cornelius.
Cornelius, May 5. It seems to
me time that the question oi a
fruit cannery was agitated at
either Forest Grove, Cornelius or
llillsboro. People have come in
and purchased acreage at a great
price, expecting that something
will be done so that they can get
some returns for the money in
vested, and the quickest way is
to raise small fruits as well as
perhaps chickens. Our land here
is adapted to fruits that can be
put up and shipiied. All these
small tracts cannot do much at
implying condensers. Many of
the tracts cost their purchase
alue to clear before they can be
fitted for pasture and small fruits
an be raised while clearing is in
progress, and many would raise
berries if they were assurred of
tome market. Portland cannot
take everything that could be
used in that line, as it is often
glutted by great shipments from
ood River, and small acreage
annot come in competition with
such places. People have come
to stay really for climate's sake
and thev should be encouratrod
by capital to help them along, as
every dollar they put in labor
and improvement adds to the
wealth of Oregon. Fruit raising
snows the quickest returns, that
is, small fruits. I have heard
expressions to the effect that,
Well. I shall have to do some
thing of that kind to make a liv
ing; there is no pay roll to fall
back on and money and time are
going out just the same," and as
1 said lief ore, it is high time that
a move by capital was made for
fruit canneries. California can
neries pay immensely. We can
raise fruits here just as well and
at less cost I think. . Stir your
self, Cornelius, as you have an
ideal place for such enterprise
it payroll means a larger place
and more consumers.
Cornelius is already making
preparations to celebrate the 4th
and the veterans are taking the
lead tor a 'Viand encampment"
on the 1st of July. Outfits are
furnished free and 25c per meal
I Albert O. Yates.
the Weather.
re part of iho woolr -oq
During this period th
maximum temperatures were un
seasonably high, owing to the
uninterrupted sunshine. The
minimum temperatures were iw.
uai y correspondingly low, owing
to I Ii' !'.., j 1- .1
c,., .;. laoiaiion. and
.."-i were oi trequent
lenett. Un Frtbiv fu
oid homestead, has been put oti the
Sam Westfall, an ex-mail carrier,
ha hrnched out in a new line of
business, that of real estate agent,
and has established headquarters at
Johnson's store. Sam reports hav
ing negotiated several deals ami the
prospects fair for increased buiness
in his line.
Pr. Yates and lamily arrived
here last week direct from the
"show me" state Missouri with
the expectation of finding a new
home in Oregon. The doctor is an
old " retired practitioner, ot many
years' standing, and has laid lusi-
affairs aside. ' seekinc only-
quietude and a home in a'suitable
locality. Next to Missouri, Ore
gon beats the world.
The "White Sox" boys are going
some yet in the ball line, baying
scored 10 to "get some" on Sunday
in a game here With a club from
Dayton. Those Yamhillers evi
dently have not been reading The,
Independent, else they would not
have foolishly "shown their hand"
by attempting to knock the chip
from the shoulders of ball players
of record. Tally number 4 for na
tural colored Sox. Who'll be the
next? '
J. A. Chapman, of this precinct,
has declined the honors of repre.
seating a factional fight against the
regularly nominated republican
ticket in this county. The latter
he believes are all honorable men
and will heartily support Mr. Cake
for U. S. senator regardless of any
pre election "statement crimping,"
as no consistent republican could
do otherwise without misrepresent
ing his constituents. He could do
nothing more if elected, besides, he
helped nominate our countv ticket
and does not propose td stulify his
record ol loyalty to party principals
not just at the present time at
. :.. ,... ,-. li fj- that ia' are ofTerinir at extremelv
I niir unUSliai SUCve 1 I- " o , ,
a 4 ,.- ,.( M.lendid displavof captivating millinery models that
aMn them. We also have a complete line of
Flowers, Foliace, Pealhers, wings and Ornaments
Vv-.j' 1
In Laces, Nets. Pongee and Mousseline Silks we
have the popular shades and styles from which to make
your selections.
My trimmed hats not only include the new and up
to date hats for young or old ladies, but we have the
moderate priced hats as well, from $2 each to as expen
sive as you care to have them made.
Fashion's Favored Styles
in Pretty Trimmed Hats
' Many Shown for the First Time Next Week
There's satisfaction in selecting a new hat of us. The
vast number of different styles, the striking designs and
the low price of each hat is gratifying.
We have an abundance of "Merry Widow" sailors
which are so popular now, and also those small shapes
with high crowns which are being worn iu New York.
Ladies' Hose and Underwear
Splendid assortment ol Ladies' Knit and Muslin Underwear,
white Swiss Ribbed Vefts, low neck, no sleeves, or high neck,
with sleeves.
Ladies Black or Tan Gauze Lisle Hose, double soles, heels
ami toes
Women's Gilt and Tinsel Belts (very latest patterns); pa.
good value for 75c DUG
Women's Leather Belts, made of fine Calf stock, with five fine
strips and having neat buckle and slide on bick; colors tau,
brown, navy, white and green, hIso black, wih gilt or gun
metal buckles.
1 u I" J T Vi-Milimi .1.11,,
II I I im I
M Ml J
r. cr t
was a
1 11, "J "me was a
.'CMdcdchange to cool and cloudy
weather, which continued Hnrini
th :.. i . -"'.'.""'-" vu,"iK
" m.uimer 01 tne week
me cmiiitios west of the Cascade
n.ountams moderate rains fell.
but in the eastern counties the
yonled amounts were light
I'K.h winds blew at times, cs-
penally on Saturday.
I lYtlT4MI
'I al to Marjr
t ii I'linljr'. a l l
! l'lOIll,
' 'luiKhur.
,! K.lw.ir.U
i worn!
' IlI'M'Ilt .1. .' ,
I al
' M I K.-r.l 1.,
1 11
1 Ii II im
lirar I'ak
John 1 ,f a i-h r t 11 t.
i.ra? 1
Ot..ii s.i-.tt ',. t ,.., m,, .,,,. arl i
la II It. 11... 1. u i- t 1 ti I .i
Ki"l .".. , , ,,, I.. ,. M,K."u,r
1 ... mi. 1.. -m.il a l.l ll-'.l-i,,,,,
r.trn 1 ir, k.,.n I r ,., 1 ,, ,,, j,,,m K
..a. . 1 . . iminia i n, r. x I ,i )
' !'' n nt 1.1 I a 11 ii'l -11. -tiler cl al I
a ... 1 . i w
Marina n ay I.. Im I t ...,,.r
1 i.riivi- ail 1 l ii .i..r.
Eli K l.a.ih i" ' 1 l.ar, 1, a i, j. , ; i.V,
lrw a M II ll.l-.r,. Dm n
H J I. 'in. I t i a, in K K sia 11 ,i. a m' .H l i
JrI M lnn . .-I al I.. II f f Mi r.VlrV-i
7 In i. .lain. -a rtn . 14. 0 Ot'
Jemir M Jam. i al 1.1 J Ki. t ol
II a I) I I I I , , I KM) ty,
v . it
l.i 10
4 U IX'
rr. .on,),.,,.
My 2. lo Mr. and Mrs.
ITtv ,ia. IM
-, oucrwooti, a
lo the wife of W. J
i son. Mjv l at Rli.
and to Mts. Guv llavs u-if
..i- .i. .. . . -
' u.e nirai tu.nl carrier, Tuesday
May 5. a so. The later
are ais., rculents ot" this place.
ThcW.t). w. of Xewberg an
nouiue a tree barbacue. public
speakm-, b.md inn,!, .1.. .
, . ...... luc lnl.
ol 25D IlrolMi-i;.. J;
- 1 I VdlJUl.
' the order on Thursdav
This is calculatprt i
""""S the liveliest events hao.
Pt nnik; in I h it enterprising berg for
some time.
i A r.r,,,.l . ....
I Riven by the managers of the new
skating rink here on Saturday eve
mng. May 9. They lav claim to
naving tne best and finest floor
Resolution. "
Wherau, Tbera la a Kwmirtfnt k Vhitril unun
l lb oomlDg (IcctluB lu Jmie. liwkuu to the
MUbllibmcnt ol tb BIiikI Tax fy.Ujm, and
U borraa, A II to fell aaU llifajatern br tx
mpiing urn amount or properly tr im taxa
wju, win inaTitaoij loorcawo tat -Dufilen upon
rarra proprrtj. . :
Thcrrfora, Reaolrad by WaiblnVmn CnonlT
Pomona Orange, repreMnUng a large nnmhtjr or
propartT owner and Uxparen of Wanblnuion
County, that wt are unalterably opponed to any
proposition looking to the exemption of any
form of property from lb payment of it reantn.
able lb are of taxation.
1 naniraontly carried by Wahlnton Count
romona urange, April 22. 1908. - : ' '
KCBY W. BOVD, 8ecrtary.
Get Busy. j'. -
If a thing is worth having its
worth working for, arjd the For
est Grove News is Tight when it
advises the citizens of that col
lege town to wake up. And, by
the way, other towns should "get
busy. Surveyors can easily
change the route of an electric
line and no place has a cinch on
the rails until they are laid. If
the road is worth havinc. it's
worth working for and work
should be hard and pnorwriV
Don't go to sleep. The News
says in its last issue:
Forest Grove has n dot
form that at this time cannot
and must not be overlooked.
The Oregon Klectric company has
luuiiiicnceu me Dunning of a net
work of electric lines in this state
and county, which means a more
thorough development of -the
country, hence bigger and better
T m 11 L- a. 1 .
r uresi urove nas always
been considered as a natural sta
tion for a road of this kind, but
the indications point in other di
rections, leaving our city otr the
map. Once before Forest Grove
was too confident that it was a
naturahty and by so overestimat
ing our geographical location, we
bst what might have been a boon
to the town. The Oregon Klec
tric company is going to build
more railroads in this county and
U behooves our citizens and com
mercial bodies to wake up to the
situation, and if possible show up
her resources and advantages to
edtoTT -Vemiht bf ik
ed to do something, and if we
fovaltvtH. t0 show
lojalty to the best town in Oregon.
LUati ArtuHtmiiK, .'iiniift
WIUim Nei.ii, ft!hlafjr.
1 V UJimu NvV', Uiv lve L...;.- ;. , j
In Hi mmn nf lh i r fc- .,
ht'rvtiy rt'ulifl in i'Hi.4r In Um-' .
t Utirl ftlKl etll-Wef lilt K'lllt'Utlil l n.n tl. u
I III the 4tliV VhlUit't CaU-Hr 111! Of I 1 t . ,
rittlou ol we k- from triv ilnti f ,.
j li'-Mloll ill litis Hiiiiin- Ii-, H e I '-' 1 .
I thereof lHinf Ai-nl 17, mil .-
I 11.jt.ee l-u; .1 lu!. Uii., i t ' '
curt lir M19 relief ire.l for in tn r
tu ml: Uit -h t l,U'K-. mill .)., ,
th owner n le itii(.ie t-i II, e fiil.v n ,
1 re. niHrif. lr-ii: the iiufiti.
of lUi MiUlheal Uri r ol M-iiit.ii .1 1
W. ol tliL M iiUuM-uv MerMiHti, in w
County, iri(oo, aiiJ that ton i. n,,u,
firth Ihe iiKiure ol tour i ImIiii n,t n--i .:. .(
t ml property ainJ that you ie (nr. t-r 1 . ,. 1 aIl,j
ir lutitjil irom hmv r t i im kujt ;lJ,i..r , uiTe.t
therein tflwrMf lo till (Irtllitlf!, mU'i ..r .-irti
oihor aiMl lurtlivr onit-r a iua j u ,n i m (i.
TUin aumtnotii in erve1 uioii mh i t.iii,:ti a
tlon by orOer of lion. J. ,.Mi . tJ . . ..tniif
Jil'la of WthlnKloli ( ounty, (Irck'oti ti n ! mni
itatcil al llllifttMtro, UrtiMi, (.fii 1-, l' , whuti
will nMrr reijuirra von ioNi-rar Hint i ,mi. (.,iJ
follliUllll Oil of litlort 1 (1 rMiHll.Mi of ik
weeaa fn.iu the 1ie ol thi Iir-t ,ur.i 1 au n
of, to.wtt: 011 or iM'iortfftii Hit.n mn Ai-nl ;,
II T. ItAtil.KV A .1. N. H YY M S.
-lioriie lo. riatiuirt.
ijirti r
' --ti a
Full line of aplc, pour, peach,
cherry. nrvJ ether nk -rruMmry
stock ; also roses and eaM.ae
Morton's Ckkkx llorsi:.
Handkerchief Special
Men's Irish I.inen Hemstitched Handkerchiefs, i-inch
Women's I.inen and Lawn Hemstitched Handkerchiefs at
special prices.
Post Cards
New lot of Hillslioro scenes, including; churches and streets.
Also a lot of new Scenic, Comic, Name Cards, Oregon Build
ings at tue Seattle Fair, Ktc. Any name furnished 011 short
Why isn't
Hverthinff isn't rrood
Poultry Want.
u. , , tu,t-Ken, hens, tur
keys, ducks am! '
U-en lieretofore deeded to Henry Roeri
for a unto way.
Tim ilntB of Mie rlrst nublication of
llda gimiiiioiig in riiurniluv, May 7th.
1H)8. ami tlia onler autliorizinc the iff-
vice of tlii'so summons by publication
rqnire von to appear and answer on or
before tbo expiration ol nx ((; weexs
from Haiti (lute.
Tnis "iiiiiniona is served upon you bv
DiibllcHtioii bv order of the Honorable J.
V. liooilin, Judtre of tbe County Court
of Washington County, Oregon, by an
order iimile ami dated at Chambers at
llillsboro, on Mav 6th, l'.HM.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Mav 8 June 1!.
Frank CotlielJ, Executor of the last will
and testament of Jamea Collield, de
ceased, Plaintiff
Stella A. Miller and Ueorije V. Miller,
, her husband, Defendants.
To ftella A. Miller, and George W.
Miller, above-named defendants:
OREGON, You and each of vou are
liereDT reuuireil to appear anil answer
the complaint filial herein within six (t)
weeks from tbe date of tbe first publica
tion of this summons, and if vou fail so
to appear and answer saiit complaint
the plaintiff will apyly to the court for
the relief ilemandeil in his complaint,
to-w it : fiy a iii(lLiiient for tbe sum of
Two Hundred and Fifty fli'iO.OU) Pol-
I urn. with inixruai thereon at the rate ot
7 per rent per annum since SeptemU-r
lo. I'H)4 anil the liirllier nimuiri ij
U-'iO.UO) Dollars attorneys fees ami lor
the costs and dishiirseinents of said pro
ceeding, and a decree forecloHinrf that
certain mortKHe executed by you and
each of you to James Collield under date
of September IS, I'.WU, and tiled in the
ollice ot the Recorder of Conveyances of
WaHhin?ton t'oimtv, Oregon, on Sep
temtier l'.Hl 1 niid recorded in Rook
M.V on pagt-s J i.l'1i)-2U-24'-' of said
mortgage recorlg, and that tlie lands
therein destribH In- sold and tbe pro
ceeds thereof applied to the satisfaction
of plaintiff's tM lament and for such
other and further relief as to the Court
may appear equitable, said land being
,ltf",r.d follows, to-wit:
Hem Hih weht half of Lot 53 in Cor
nelius Knvirm.H w shown upon the duly
recorded pHt tierW) now of record In
thi ollice of tlm Rejorder of Convey
ances of Washington Countv, Oregon,
nvmg and excepting from the effect of
this conveyance the following described
real estate:
. vommene n .1 a no nt 1 leel r.. " P I? hi OV
the N. W. pnm Iit fi.l in aid l 'n .1', f LWlo rtrnnir.
r' t; then.-. J "' ; m alomt the roiirt house. New 1908 bicy-
W. lina nf ' . , i M: thence cilo Kext d(r toCrcs-
trtn 111 1 - -
Notice l lirri'Ly uiTen that the urnlemlsiieil
haa Hletl til lli ( imlily 'iurt if aalilliKUiD
rminiy owami, hor liual acconnl In the mailer
of ilia lni will anil totameiu of lalrln II.
A. Iam. ;iith-ciI, ami Ibal aalii court haa al
Turailar .liiiH- '. l'-". ' hour 11I 10 o'clock
a m. llic lime ami Coiinir I'oiirt room In
IllllaUiro. orcifi'ti, an Hie I'laca for hearlnu ob
J.-olioii Hi anl ax'i-oiitit anil lh actllemant of
aal.l estate.
Dated Ihlf April H), 1S.
Kxeculrli ol the la.t will and leatamenl of Cal-
Tin II. Ailaini, djc'il.
Vt-. N. IUKKETT. Any. lor F.xecntrlx.
first 'lib. May ). Ial May .
Administrator's Notice.
v.. 1.K...1,. .Ivan thai the anilcrlncd,
J'hiinteart. h . Leen ,.,H.lnU'da.lmliil.ir.tor
,.f Vi.. ..aiaie nf VV. K. Mariln.ilecea.erl, and haa
. ....... 1. ill la-rantia havluu claima
T. 7 : ih tinnier TOitcltera. an.l mny
Vi rltied a hc ",lM e..r I. O. Hte.rn.. .l R;i .
J.'.."... ii.iil.lliiir. corner of fourth
in "' "' ... i....n.n,l oreirnn.
mili. I rum 111a uiu ui -
ami Wi
within i"'
paled May I,
Admlnlslralorof lhcei.tat.ofW. R. M.rtln. P.-
1 O. PTEAHMt. All J l'
Paieof Mn.1 imMlcallon
llcall.in. Mny Jl. I'"1-
, May 1, 1'. last pub.
13 now prepared
of "'giuDing, the
nortt,..,.r v direction . ti-i
. . 'l"r't"- L... ...1 TPT1L I lll.lll
same having,
J. M. B. Bcllwood, rialiitifT,
R. L. tlnnnell, Sarah A.hl.y, Anna
liuackenbuah, . T Bunnell, 1. ('.
Iluiixerlor.l, Edward Hiiiirerforil,
M. I. Kunnell, F. I.. Bunnell. A.
I.. Bunnell, j, I,. Bunnell, o. r.
Bunnell, A. M. Hunuell, I. J. Bun
nell, I.. M. Bunnell, Walter Run.
nell, Ola Bunnell, Allien Bunnell,
(leorire Bunnell, Charles Bunnell,
hmm. Kouinanu, Aman.la Palmer,
Annie crnmar, Suale J. Buiiuell, -Ada
J, Hunuell. Kim J. Bunnell, I
Maltle Hunuell, Lucie, Bunnell, I
Emilia Bunnell, Nellie M. Kunnell,
Arthur Rubliiaon, Jiw.h i'aliner. A. 1
I'. Cramer, K. vucenhuali, l.ulu I
Hunuell, Cirace Hunuell, Maine
Bunnell, Rixa Bunnell, Kmklne A.
Bunnell, and T. R. A. Sellwood.
To each aud .very of th. aliova named delen-
Yon and each ot you ar. hereby nntllled and
required to be and appear In the ahnre entitled
Court, on or belor. May 2.'th I'.ms, then and there
to answer th. amended complaint In said null,
and If you fall eo to appear and anw( r, the
plalntltr will apply to raid Ccurt fur lh. relief
lemanded In Ihe wld complaint, to-o lt: For a
decree of partition and sale of the following de
scribed prcmlaei., namely:
"He(lnnlns at the (Juarlcr Section Corner be.
iween Section 34 T. IS. R. I W. and Sections
T. 2 8. R. 1 W. of Hue Willamette Meridian.
Rnnnlns ihenc South i& dig r Earn tf. so ch.
to a stone at the 8nulhvet corner ot th. I). L. C.
ofj. I,. Illckllnand wife, thence North Mtl de'
grees ao minutes FU.t 12.66 chains; thence North
4,1 minutes Kat ti. 90 chs. to the North line of
IheSuutn half or said I). L. c.; thence with
the .aid Una Smith s degrees 4N mlniiles Went
S2.M chs. ; thence South 1 degree Weat 2.H4 chs.
lo the place nf beginning, containing l aerea. "
And for a dintrltiution ainnngat the parties, ac.
cording to their riectlTe IntereaU. ol the pro.
cee.ia or .ale, leaa the claim of the Plaintiff
amounting lo l'22A.n7, paiil for Uxea and es.
rennet, tiwether with Hie coaU aud cll.biir.e
menu of tola null.
This summons Is puMl.hed In the Hlll.horo
Independent, a weekly new.pap.-r puMl.he.1 In
ald rouniy, by the order ol the Hon. T. A. Mi'
Bride. Judge of .aid Conn, which order la
made and dated thla l.t .la. nf k... ,k.
dale ot flrmt puMlcallnn being April .'. Imis'.
C. Ii. l C. I.ATOI'H ETTE,
Attorneys for I'lalntlir.
Race Record 2:10
Was the fastest horse, either trot
ter or pacer, on the North racitic
Circuit in 1906, and was nKo the
largest money winner of any hore,
either trotter or pacer, in said ear.
pacing two races a week in every
week throughout the entire circuit
and losing only two heats, and is
considered by expert horsemen to
he one of ihe leading pacers in
America. He not onlv comes Iroui
a racing family, hut is without
question, the greatest racing pacer
ever bred in Oregon; he is Ihe only
horse, either trotter or pater, 10
have been bred, raised and raced
in Oregon lo Ihe record ol 2:10.
Alter being three days ar.d tlirt-e
nights in a car, he was taken onto!
the car and immediately started in
a race where he forced "Sherlock
Holmes" to pace to the record lime
of 2:06 in order to heat him. He
is not only a horse of remarkable
speed and gametics, but is ko con
sistent and reliable thai lie has
never made hut one break in a rac
ing career of three years; his dispo
sition is such that any child or
woman can drive him.
He is bired by "Lovelace," one
of the greatest three year old trot
lers in America in he lieing
bv "Kgotist," he lieing by "Klec
tioucer," the greatest td all trotting
sires living or dead. "Lord Love
lace's" dam is "Maggie," a full sis
ter to "Kosie C," 2:16. the dam of
"Prince Direct," recotd, 2:07 single,
and :os'4 double. "Maggie" is
the dam oi "Lord Lovelace." 2:10,
contending horse in a race 2:od;
"Portia Knight," 2:164 , contender
in a race 2 : 1 2 J . "Hen Holt," recotd
to a wagon, 2:18, trial, 2:11. ' 'Mag
gie" is sired by "Duroc Prince,"
second dam. "I'raukie" by "Oregon
Pathfinder," sire ol the dam of
"Altao," 2:094 . and "Pathiv,ont,"
2:004', the sire of "Pathmark," 211.
"Lore! Lovelace" will make a
short season at the home barn of I".
15. Tongue, in llillsboro. Oregon,
terms, $4;. 00 for the season.
Manufacturer of
Rough Lumber
proparoJ to saw for the tra.V.
e Ralph lnlrioilao. .'honks:
nJ Hillsboro, Ore.
I am now
catednn the Ralpl
pendent, Zuerchcr
L. M.
Mill lo-
racitic States, Farmers GOG.
Administrator's Notice.
Notice la hereby gWen that Ihe unrteralirnr-rt,
Ren Ion Ikiwman, bas been appointed alminls
Iralor of tbe estate of III I a J. DaTenDort. Deer!.
and h qualified aa.nrh, and all peraon.har
ln claims against uM eiate are bereti? notified
to preaent them to me. with proper Touchers st
my office In lllll.horn, Oregon, within Us
months from this data.
Hated April , lfioa.
Admlniitratorof the F.itate of I.ula J. Iiaren-
port, liereaae.1.
. B. IltSTON, Ally for Kaiate.
First pub. April 10. last. May I.
I have just received a fine new
line of ladies' underwear, both in
the hijrh grade as wdl n tho
cheaper articles, in knit vwra anA
pants, longr-sleeved corset covers
ana union suits. Mrs. Rath.
Tost cards, the ritrht kind, can
be found at Mrs. Bath's, Linkla
ttr building, east of court house.
riuck, Push and Persever
ance are all essential to
financial success. A system
atic system of sifving- is of
equal importance; and this
often has its beginning: with
the owning of a little sav
ings account. Possibly you
would like to talk with us
about the matter. . . .
J). IV. Shute