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J the Times
A Portuguese revolutionary leader '
nininl Koua. hut h merely 10
baud of brigand.
"Eon are strong nl butter demor-
iiti mnw ttx aiarket report.
rn'ijit .l-t ismeittiv.
Had Lincoln told all tbe storle that
ar credited to blm be would not bar
bad much time for anything els.
Kotna wotwn seem to ka their
Jewel occasionally Jut to let tha pub
lic know that they really bad aouia.
It ia now aald that tha recent panic
itarted from the goseip of two women,
and half tha men will probably be
lleve It.
A woman suffragist make tba pre
diction that In flftwii yeara woman
will be I'reaUletit of the United State.
Married or alngle?
The alngl man who doean't get
about and if be doe not get one be
bouldn't brag about It
Gold In rich deposit la reported to
have been found on Vancouver Island.
Thia being the case. Vancouver lalaud
muat be a dUtnttl. dimgreeuble place.
A Connecticut man proceeded to drop
Sead upon the recelK of the newa that
he bad Inherited V.). Some people
rbooae aucb an absurd time for quitting
tbla life.
Governor Ilughea baa Informed a del
egation of woman aulTraglata that worn
o will ultimately hare their way. lie
la badly mistaken If be think be la tb
Jlacoverer of tbla fact
The pay of the I'nlverslty of Chicago
professors haa been Increaeed f40,0t0.
With few mora aucb advance bratne
may become almost aa profitable aa a
knowledge of bricklaying.
A foreign paper aay the French are
l people who habitually tblrat for blood.
Fortunately, however, tbey have learn
ed to quench their thirst with eonie
thlug leaa expeualve and eaaler to obtain.
Ten girl graduates of Western
cliool made their commencement go win
it a coat of $l.K each. If they allow a
1lape!tlon to continue behaving like
that thev need not entertain the fear
it becoming old maid.
One of the scientists aaya a man
ihould lie In bed at lenat twenty niln
utea after waking up In the morning.'
Bachelors may be able to do tbla, but
a married man gcneraly baa to get up
t once and thrash the hoy, especially
If It la Sunday morning.
Mnlty to ot. Assuming that tner
are two. be may believe that they are
both unlit on personal grounda. Or
neither of them may represent the po
lltlcal Idea In which be baa faith. In
either caae be will not on. between
tbem becsuse. as be would put It. there
Is nothing to choose. The occasions for
IndllTerenc on web accounts are com
mon. Tbey were often effective with
Independent voter who eee mm
aonie eieotlone, but the maneuvering of
worthleaa offlce-seekere who use party
namea to confuae and betray the peo
ple. Then there are times when sin
cere party worker are o disgusted by
the actlona of conventions of their own
nartr that they feel themaelve d.a-
franchlsed. They will not support tb
unacceptable nominee that baa neeo
forced upon them, and party loyaiiy
preventa them from turning to the op
position. In all these caae abatenUoa
from voting betikena no lack of In
terest In the political dutle of the cit
izen. It la decided on deliberately, and
due to conacientloua convictions, no
ther may be cona-lenttous objections
to taking part la politics at a particu
lar time because of a deep aversion for
some generally sccepiru .i.rn.....
policy, and there Is no place at which
the Hue can be drawn. Even the dtl-
sen wno Keeps away iroiu mi k""
year after year through chronic tndlf-
etvmw'JiiU oaivies VJHuiA
reached by law because a classifica
tion Is out of the question. We must
trust generally for getting out the vote
to the common desire of voters to par
ticipate In election, to their personal
Interest In doing so and to the Influ
ence of public sentiment and tb agita
tion that la kept up In tb pre and
on tb platform.
1 TL T.'rM I
nib rum ui
Non-secret clubs, to which all the
ttudent are eligible, hav been proim-
1 to f'nlcaaro aa substitute for the
secret fraternities In the high schools.
If the pupils have time for such dis
tractions, the open club Is luiiiicasure-
ihly superior to the secret organlza
The Japanese who fought against
Stoeaael have given him praise for
bravery and ability. It Is always
g(Hd thing to refrain from minimizing
tb strength of tb man you bare
to-aten. By making him out to to
great, you magnify your own achieve-
uent Wellington didn't apend much
of hi time after Waterloo In trying to
make It apiear that Napoleon wis a
fourth-rate general.
No feature of modern China Is more
remarkable than the growth of the
native press. Ir. Morrison, who Is
perhaps the beat authority on thla eub
fect. saya that every city now of any
importance hna Its newspaper, there
being about 'J00 Journals boldly ran
Jucted and publishing Renter tele
Crams and other meninges from Euro
pean agencies, ao that tena of thous
and of Chinese could now read every
iy or the progress ami reforms
r.nrope. and of all the most atlrrlng
events In dlstmit purts of the world.
lhey even have their political car
toons, showing considerable Ingenuity
ami invention.
A cspltal of ten billion, six hundred
ml twenty five million Is directly co.T
erncd In the raising of ment animals
ind their slaughtering ami packing, ac
cording to a report on meat supply Is-
ncil by the Ifc'pnrtim-nt of Agriculture.
1 til" amount la Are sixths as large as
II capital Invest.! In manufacturing
ill 1(H. Seven eighths of the meat an.)
meat products waa consumed wlthlu
this country. The stock of meat anl-
ma!e has not kept pace with the In
crease or population since 1!M. The
rinxrt assert that the welfare if the
raisers of meat animals and of t!ie
langhferer and packers la dependent
upon finding foreign markets for the
surplus of the production of meat above
the home consumption. Ther was a
total of fi3,52.ir0 ment , animals
slaughtered In I tart, of which the ex
ported lire animals numbered ZTii.rsxt.
ine ureases weight of the P3..Yi2.iss
meat animals wss M.'41,I'J11
pounds, of which 14.ltn.ftSa.0i n pounds
entered Info domestic consumption. Isrt
being included with tlie dressed welgiit
of pork.
ovrrnor Fort of New Jersey bss
JV!ncd Cie ranks of tme who pmpue
that voters who do not vote shall be
penalized, and for a pra. ileal working
ft-hem he aiigcest a poll tax which
hall fall upon the delinquents. Every
man who vote would te given a cert! fl
oat that would be equivalent to a tai
receipt for the amount of the penalty.
It Is Impossible, however, to tnsk any
thing practical out of these compulsory
Toting proration. Tber la far too
great a rang for th rational exercise
of Individual discretion and Judgment
voter may stty away from th poll
because be I dissatisfied with U csn
didataa fur wbom b baj aa wvt
Th horror of the peonage system
In th Southern State ar graphically
portrayed by an Englishwoman, Mary
Church Terrell, writing to th Nine
teenth Century. In th chain gang
and convict leas camp In tb south.
she says, ar thousands of colored peo
plemen, women and children who
ar enduring a bondage In some re-
pect more cruel and mora crushing
than that from which their parent
were emancipated forty years ago.
The chain gang and the convict
lease systems, a now operated In the
south, violate the law against peon
age, the constitutionality of which ha
been affirmed by the Supreme Court
of the I'nlted Statea. Yet people are
forced Into servitude by being sen
tenced to the chain gang people "who
ar not even charged with crime, but
are accused of some petty offense, such
as walking on the grass, expectorating
upon the sidewalk, going to sleep In a
depot, loitering on the streeta, or other
similar misdemeanors which could not
by sny stretch of .the Imagination be
called a crime." And tl)la in spite of
the fact that, according to Judge Emory
Speer, of Savannah, Ga., Congress ha
power to punish those not only the
cruel lessees, but the Judge who Im-
pose tlie sentence who thu violate
the Thirteenth Amendment and the law
acalnst peonage. 'IJi spite, however,"
aeya the writer, "of the overwhelming
weight of evidence showing that atro
cltlesr Ttally being perpetrated iipoh
American citizen In almost every State
of the south, with the connivance of
tboao who administer the law, which
are as shocking and unprintable as
the endu,red by the Russian Jew, In
plte of the power which the Supreme
Court asserts Is possessed by Congress,
b.it feeble effort are being put forth
to suppress the chain gangs and the
convict lease camps of the south."
It Is ald that the convict lease ay
tern waa adopted by the southern
State aoon after the war, because the
Jails were Inadequate and there was
do money with which to build larger
one. So It cam to he the usage for
those persona who needed laborer for
farm, saw mllla. brick yards, turpen
tine distilleries, coal or phosphate
mines, or who had large contracts of
various sorts, to lease misdemeanant
from the county or State, which sold
(and still sells) them to tb highest
bidder, and practically gives the lessee
the power of life and death over them.
While It was to the Interest of the old
time slave holder to look after the phy
sical well-being of his human chattels.
It Is cheaper for the lessee of convict
to work them to death and to renew
his supy as he uses them up. This
serves to explain the horrible condi
tions which sre reported to exist In
the convict oh nips.
Not only negroes, but some whites,
hsve been victims of the peonage svs-
tem the latter In larger numbers of
late year. It I even said that white
girls have been sold by their parents
Into the worst kind of slarery In the
Florida lumler camps. In some cases
convict w ho had worked out their fine
at the paltry wage allowed found them
snives recommitted to slsvery on new
charges trumped up against them.
CHAPTER VII. (Continued)
Th old man waa pal and nervous.
The one weak point In bia character waa
bis affection for bia son, an affection
which he strove to hid under an austere
manner, but woicn was none ins i
genuine. He had never before parted with
him for any length of tiins. and b rslt
th wrench keenly. A to Eira. bs waa
flushed and szcited at the thought of th
new scene which lay before him and th
daring speculation in which he waa about
to embark. II flung himself mto a chair
and stretched hi tnlck, muscular limbs
out in front "f . him .
I know as much about stones, n
id exultantly, aa any man In Ixndon.
I waa pricing a bag of rough one at
Van Helmer' to-day, and h is reckoned
good Judge. II aaid that no expert
could hav don It better."
You deserve great credit for your
quickness and perseverance," replied hi
fathsr. "Your knowledge will be inval
uable to you when you are at the fields.
xou will nromlse to be careful and to
avoid quarrels and bloodshed."
"I won't get Into any rows If I can
help It" hi son answered. "That not
my gam.
'But It you think that there Is no mis
take. If your opponent la undoubtedly
about to proceed to extremities, shoot him
down at one, my dear lad, befor b ha
time to draw. 1 hav heard those who
hsve been out there sny that In such rases
everything depends upon getting the Brat
hot I am anxious about you, and shall
not b easy until I sea you again."
"Blessed if he hasn't tears in his eyes !
Ezra zclslmd to himself, much astoo
shed at thia unprecedented occurrence.
"When do you go?" hi fathtr asked.
"My train leave in an hour or so. I
reach th ateamer at Southampton about
three In th morning, and shs starts with
the full tide at six. Well, good-by," said
the young man, rising up and holding
out his hand. "Keep your ty on Dime
41 and don't trust him."
"Good-by, my son, good-by !"
Th old merchant waa honestly moved,
and his voice quivered aa h spoke. II
stood motionless for a minute or so until
th heavy door slammed, and then he
threw open th window and gaxed sorrow
fully down th street at the disappearing
fib. His whole attitude expreaaed such
dejection that his ward, who had Just en
tered th room, felt more drawn towards
blm than shs had ever don befor. Slip
ping up to him, sh placed har warm,
tender hand upon hia sympathetically.
"lis will soon come back, dear Mr. Gir
dlestone," sh said. "You must not be
uneasy about him."
Aa sh stood beside him In her white
dress, with a single red ribbon round ttrr
neck and a band of the same color round
her waist she a a fair a specimen of
English girlhood as could hav been
found in all London. Tb merchant's
feature softened as be looked down st
her fresh young face, and b put out his
hand as though to careas her, but somo
unpleasant thought must bavs crossed his
mind, for he assumed suddenly darker
look and turned away from her without
word. More than one that night she
recalled that strsnge spasmodic expres
sion of something skin to horror whicB
had panned over her guardian's features as
h gated at ber.
tiara Mi, Tfcteves a.4 Marks
Wit. Beaters.
It Is only about a century since the
death penalty was Inflicted In England
for theft not exceeding th valne of a
sheep. Now some of the London Jour
nals are making a merciless exnoatir
of magistrate throughout th kingdom
wno aeep up the tradition by sentenc
ing petty thieves to Jail while Inflict
ing only trifling fines upon wife best-
ers and even more brutal ..(Tun.t..
In one poil.-e court one defendant
was fined !' rtd fr khockln bis wlf.
aown in tli street because the refused
to g v him money for drink, and in.
other was sentenced to !xty day Un
prlsonment f. damaging growing pota-
uww uu stealing two footballs.
For cruelty to a horse, beating Ms
If, who was 111. with fist and ham.
mer and leaving her with oothln to
eat on man was fined 10 shllllnr.
whll another, charged with stealing a
pair oi books vained at aixpenc. got
fourteen day hard labor. It would
not b difficult to mak op a list f
imnar case rrom American nolle
court, yet th tndncy In America I
rathr toward a higher eat! mat of the
vaiu or numaa Ufw Van Korda
M if lin.
The anxious father had not very long
to wait bfor be beard tidings of bis son.
Finally there cams a lorg eplntle from
Kimberley, th capital of th mining dis
trict in which the young man described
his eight hundred miles driv up country
and all th adventures which overtook
blm en the way.
"Ttls plae. Kimberley," he said in bis
letter, "haa grown into a fair-sized town,
though a few years sgo it wss Just
csrop. Now ther are churches, banks,
and a flub in It. Ther are a sprinkling
of well-dressed people in the streets, but
tha majority ar grimy-looking chat
from th diggings, with slouched hsts and
colored shirts, rough rellows to look at,
though quiet enough as s rule. Thourh
Kmiberley is ths capital of tb mining
nems, it is not mere that th actual
mining is done. That goes on in a lot of
little camps, which ar dotted along the
tssi river ror nny or sixty miles. The
stones sre generslly bought at the camp
iimnnairij mier mey nave been found,
and are paid for by checke on bonks in
Kimberley. I have, therefor, transferred
our money to the South Afrlmn k.w
her. Keep your eyes on that fellow
Iiimwlale. and let him know nothing of
what is going on."
II wrote strain about a fortnight after
wards, snd his letter. t cro'the
Atlsntle. pssed the outward mail, whl.-h
bor ths news of the wonderful diamond
find mad by an English gologit among
the t'ral Mountains.
"I am now on a tour among
.wmps b said. To-morrow I push ,n
to Ivlpartes Hope snd Larkin's Flat I
am well received wherever I ro except
by th deal-rs. They hear that I anT
London capitalist snd Tear that I m.
bought stones all th way along, but not
very valuable ones, for w must hu.wj
our resources."
On day news arrived of the great dis
covery of diamonds among th ll
Mountain. The first Intimation was re
celved through the Central N,w, A.nr
ia th form of th following telegram
"Mo-cow. Aiiu,t rj.-It , rppoi-.
from Tobolsk that an Important di,,,r.rv
of diamond flI.U k.. u . . -
, w-n mm mnuntNf
tb. spurs of th. I rsl Mountain, '
, u. ..... ,.r lntm xntf p y
ar said to have been found by an Fniii.h
reologlst who ha. exhibited many n,1
cent gem in proof of his srti,.n The
stone have been examined at Tobol.k
and ar pronounced to fc, ,. '
superior In quail,, to ,ny foun,, D,:
where A corapsny ba been alr-a.tr
land and working ths mine."
Th crisis st th African field. ,
nnjacut. tb. bsd been anticipated by"
t curators. Nothing approaching to
hlfoe. T V1""" ' 8u,h Ar
befor. I.iamoods went steadily down la
vain, until they w.r filing at a rj!
which no de) woul(, u Ul
a climax that men wer. .'..A T' V .
t-r ta. n-r, p,
mscninery recte t( them. T0 a,f" '
roe various 0elr lt Kiniberley wer
bealeged night and day by aa iuiportunar
crowd of miners wbu , w.lling to sell
at any price In order to something
front tb general ruin w!T tn' lm"
ind waa about to com, Job th Indu-e-try.
. Some, more lun(.kadrd or mor
desperate thaa tbeir neighbor, continu -d
ti work tbeir claim and to P ,b
stone which they f0,lnd until price might
b better. As fiyh uaiU cam from
th Cp, howvr, each cuofirmlng nd
amplifying th ominous aew tbM 'nc,'
Pndent worker grew fewer and mor
falnt-beartad. for their boys had to o
paid each week we.
money to com from with which to PT
them? Th dealers, too, began to tak th.
alarm, and tb. moat tempting offer would
hardly Indue them to giv bard cash in
xchang for stones which sitfht prov to
b a drug on th market Everywhere
thr wss misery ind Mugoatloa.
Esra Griddlestons a not slow to tak
advantage of thla stats of things, but h
was too cunning to d so in amanncr
which mlgh call attention to himself or
hi movements. In his wsoderlngs b had
com acroa an outran named Farintoeh,
a Dian who bad on- been a clergyman
and a master of arts of Trinity College.
Dublin, but who was now a broken-down
gambler, with a slender purs, and a stli
mor slender consciemv. lie still retabl
d a plausible manner and an engaging
addrea and these qualities first recom
mended him to the notic of tb young
merchant. t A connle.,. (irn.a(!.r.Jbf. fT:.
ire.pt of the ne fr,a Europe, Ezra
ent for this fellow snd sat with him for
sum time on ths verandah ot tb. hotel
talking over th. tituation.
"You see," aaid F.xra, "I havs th name
ber of having a long Durst snd of know
log which way ths wind blows. If I were
to b seen buying, others would follow
my lead, and price would toon b a high
a ever. Now what I purpose is to work
through you, d'y seef Yo can go tlie
round of th camps and buy in atone on
tb quiet without attracting much attso
tlon. Beat them down as low as you
can, and glv this hotel as your address.
W ben tbey call her tbey shall b paid.
which la better than having you carrying
tb money round with you.
The clergyman scowled a though be
thought It wa anythlnc but better. H
did not make any remark, however.
Yon can get on or two fellow to help
you," aald Ear. "You ksov who would
b liksly man. I can't e inert you to work
all th camp yourself. Of course, if you
offer mor. for a ton. than I car to giv-.
that' your lookout but if you do your
work wall you shall not bt the loser. You
shall hav a percentag os business done
and a weekly aalary aa wtll
How much money do you care to lu
vest?" asked Farintosh.
"I'm not particular," Ezra answered.
It I do a thing I like to do it well, l'.l
go th. length of thirty thousand pounds.1
i arintoah was so astonished at the mag
nitude of the sum that bt sank back in
his chair la bewilderment. "Why, air,
bs said, "I think Just it present you
could buy the country for that."
Ezra laughed, "we'll make It go as
fat aa we can," h aald. "Of cours. you
msy buy claim at well ai ttone.
And I hav carts bltach to that
amount T"
"All right I'll begin this evening," said
th ex-parson, and picking up his slouch'
ed hat which h still wor somewhat
broader in th brim than bis comrades, in
deference to old aasoriations, he derted
upon his mission.
Fsrintosb waa a ckver tan, and soon
chos two set I v. uordifati. The were
a navvy, named liuat, ad Williams, a
"Wool B giv a aomefhln at pa
i i ... . . . .
io i asaeq nun, in navvy. II waa a
savage looking, kslry man, with a brick
rclorad face and overhanging eyebrow
"Won't he give us nothing to rmo
brsoc. mm byr
"Giv you something!" Farintosh sail
with a sneer. "Why, man. bs aay you
are too wsll paid already."
"Itoe a. thoughT cried th Davrv.
lushmg va redder thaa natur. id
mad him. "I that tb way h apeaaa
after w make him? It ain't oa tb
quar. I like to e thing honest an'
atiov board betwixt man an' man, anl
thl. pitrhln' of tham aa. ha help y
wt a'r't.y",".
Farintosh lowered hi vole and bent
further over the uble. Hi companion
Involuntarily Imitated bis movement, un
til tb three cunning, cru.l fare w.r
looking closely Into on another' eye.
"Nobody know that h hold those
ton," said Farintosh. "H's too smart
to let It out to any on by ourselves."
"Whsr does h ksep 'rar asked th
"I a a saf In hia room. Thla," aald
Farintosh, taking a small key 'from bis
pocket. "ia a duplicate, and will open te
safe. I took a moulding from hia key
whll I waa speaking to him."
Th. navvy laughed hoarsely. "If that
don't lick creation tor smartness!" h
cried. "And how ar w to get to this
safsT It would serve him right If we
collar the lot. It'll teach him that if he
ain't honest by nature he's got to n
'estf.'tiejcrs"lta tbW'iit'e of us.' 1 Ilka
tralghtne, and I'll bsv it!" II
brought hi great fist down upon ths tabls
to emphaals thl commendabl sentiment
"It's not an easy matter," Farintosh
said thoughtfully. "When h goe out b
lock hi door and thert's no getting in
at th window. There's only on c ha net
for us that I can see. His room Is a bit
cut off from the rest of the hotel. There's
a gallery of twenty feet or more than
leada to It. Now, I was thinking that
If th tbr of us w.r to visit him som
vtning. Just to wish him luck on bis Jour
ney, s It were, and If, wbil w war la
th room something sudden was to happen
which would knock him silly for a mlnut
or two, w mlglt walk off with th
stone and be clean gon befor b coulj
raise an alarm.
"And what would knock him aillyT"
asked William. II waa an unhealthy,
scorbutic-looking youth, and hia pallid
complexion bad assumed a greenish ting
of fear aa b listened to tb. clergyman'
words. H bad th makings In blm of a
mean and dangerous criminal, but not t
a violent one belonging to the Jackal
tribe rather than to the tiger.
btought bis great fist down upon the tab!
Burt Isugbed again in hia busby rd
beard. "You can Icav that to me, mat,"
b said.
"Meet her at eight o'clock to-morrow
night," aid tb leader. "We can get It
over by nine, and we will have the night
for our escape. I ll have the horse
ready, and It will b Strang If w don't
get uch start aa will puzsl tham."
So having arranged all th details of
their littls plsn, the three gentlemen
depsrted in different directions, Farintosh
to ths Oriental Hotel to glv Ezra ji
evening report and th others to the min
ing camps, which wer tb scenes ot their
IT bs eon Mooed.)
t Old Favorites
Willie Wlakla.
W Willi Wtuki rins through tb
Cp stair and down stair, la hi night
rirlln' at th window, cry In' at th lock.
"Ar th wtana In their beds? for It s
now ten o'clock."
H.y, Willi Wink I! ar y eomln bent
The cat' alngln' gsy thrum to th sleep-
In' bra.
The doug'a pdrd oa the floor, and
' disna gi a cheep.
Bot here' a waukrife laddie that wlnnt
fa' asleep,
Onything bnt sleep, ye rogue! gtow'rln'
like the moon,
Rattlln' In aa aim Jug wl' aa aim spoon,
Rumblln'. tumblin' roun' about crawin
like a cock.
dklrlln' like a kana-what waukln' sleep-
to' folk!
Winkle! the wean' la a
Waumblln' aff a body' knee, Ilk a vera
Ruggln' at th cat's lug, snd ravallln' a'
ittiiitiiViW - -' "
.Her. Willie Winkie. ae. ther b comet n Impression of reserve power,
uxeiy to be the bead of tb enterprise
Wearie I th mltbr that ba a storl land be communicates hia strength to
There Is Mark4 HUllaetlwa la
Ike Latter' ravvr.
"I Ilk to see a man qui -k about bis
work." said the observant man, "but
I don't Ilk a man who habitually hur
ries. The hurrying man gets on my
uerve. II grabs thing up and slum
things down and make a great show
of doing thing, for that matter tha
earneat, hurrying man may actually do
things, but b due them at tbe coat of
an unnecessary expenditure of nervous
fore on bis own part, and I am sura
ba must wr on tha nerva of other
popl around hi in.
Now tb hustler la a very different
proposition from tb hurrying man audi
to alao th man of energy. Tb bustler
la Indeed a man of energy, but be la
on working, or commonly so, wlthla
comparatively narrow compass or
along som special line of work. He
ta bull sort of man, driver, who
make It bl buaineaa to get thing
dona and to keep on getting them dona
and always with tb least possible
wast of time or force. Tber ar other
aorta of bustlers, men who make a
great to do and don't accomplish much ;
but tba on I bare described la tba
hustler of tha beat type.
"Tb man of energy I a man ot
a-atS'tfttMicwttiiUf'w'La'ci te aiJ
He la
A wee, stumpl stoussle, that canna rin
hi lane.
That ha a battle aye wl' sleep, befor
b'U clos an ee;
But a kiss fra aff his rosy Up glaa
strength anw to m.
-William Miller.
Mr Ala Wife,
I wadna gl's my aln wife
For ony wif I se ;
I wadna gl' my ain wJf
For ony wife I see ;
A bonnier yet I've nev.r seen,
A better canna b -X
wadna gl' my aln wlfa
For ony wlf I ee!
Oh, couthl ia my lngt-chk,
Aa' cbaerle la my Jean :
I nvr see her angry look.
Nor hear har word on an.
Sh' gud wl' a' rb ncebur round.
An' ay gud wl
I wadna gl' my aln wlf
For ony wlf I a! 1
Aa' oh. ber look so klndll.
They melt my hart outright
When o'er tbe baby at her breast
She hang .wl' fond delight ;
Sh look lntill lu bonnl face.
An' syne look to in
I warn gi's my ain wif
For ony wlf I see!
-Alexander Laing.
tb bustler and diffuse power all
around. Everybody within range of
bla Influence feel bla atrength and
worka better for if, and ba put his
own shoulder to tba wheel on occasion.
"But neither the bustler of tb best
typ nor tha man of energy evr hur
ries. Tb hustler rushes thlnr ha
crowd 'em bard and keepa crowding,
bnt ba doeaa't burry. For hurry mean
nervousness and nervousness means Im
pairment of atrength, and on a big Job
burry la likely to mean confusion wor
Th real hustler first lays out th
work to ba don clearly In bla own
mind and then, with no falsa move,
with no waste of time or effort h
crowd th work forward to It con
cluilon. all without th turmoil of bur
rgr. And th man of enerirv diffuses
strength alwaya ateadlly. ever contrib
uting to th highest result.
"So I don't personally fancy th In
dividual man who, however efficient b
may really be. does thlnga In a burry.
I like th cool mn. th maa who keen
bla bead and who I easy and deliber
ate In bt movement. In blm and In
hia work you feel full confidence, and
tha effect of bla presence I good In
very way on all around him.
"Qlve ma cool men, not men who
work In a burry."
Wkts la Saata Aaterlraa Perl H
Uaes Aabor Aft usat,
There la uo more ardent hunter and
ibarpahooter among tbe deep-sea skip
pers engaged In tbe Atlantic trade than
Copt A. Le Sauteur of tb British
tramp freighter Coronda, which
ycung wslshnian. woo run atmppeareii
from horn behind a cloud of forged
checks, and havlngcbanged bia nam had
mad a fresh stsrf in lif to the south of
tb equator. Ther three worked day and
night buying in.ttonea from tlie more
ntedy and impectnious miners, to whom
resdy money wss a matter of absolute ne
cessity, rarintoti bought in tbe stock,
too, of severs 1 siatll dealers whose nervs
had been shaken by th panic. In th1
way bag after big waa filled with da
monda by Ezra. 1
He was becoming somewhat uneasy In
his mind aa to hoar long th delusion
would b kept ui, or bow soon news
might come from be Capt that th I'rsl
find bad been ezanined into and proved
to be a myth. In ary cue, b. thought
that he would b. fret front suspicion.
Still, it might b at well for blm by that
tlm. to be upon ba homeward Journey,
for b knew that If by any chance th tro
facta leaked out thtr would be no bop.
of mercy from tbe fgriou digger. Henc.
b Incited Falntoeh to greater speed, and
that worthy dlvin with kit two agents
worked so energetically that in lea thaa
a week ther wss little left of five and
thirty thousand pounds.
Ezra Uirdleston bad shown bis power
of reading character when h chose the
ez-clergyman as bit tubordinste. It Is
possible, however, that th young man'
Judgment bad been inferior to bis power
of observation. A clever man as a trusty
ally is a valuable article, but when the
ssld cleverness may be turned tgainat h's
employer th advantage become a ques
tionable one,
It was perfectly evident to Farintosh
that though a strsy capitalist might rik
a thousand pounds or to on a speculation
of thia sort, Rothschild himself woulj
hardly car to Invest such a turn as haj
passed through bis hands without having
soms ground on which to go. Having
formed thia conclusion, and having also
turned over In his mind tht remarkable
coincidence that the newt of this discov
ery In Rusaia should fullow so very rapid
ly upon the visit of the junior partner of
the House of (tirdlemone, tb stut cler
gyman began to hav on, dim percep
tion of th truth. Hen.e. h brooded a
good deal as he went sbout hU work, an.l
cogitated deeply n manner which wa
ones again distinctly undedrsbl in so
ry inten.gent a subordinate.
lue broodinrs and rr,. ..rinn. culmi
nated lo a meetinr. a-h;..k ... held bv
him with hi two Buh-aeQa ( th orivato
larlor of th IHrrer' !.,.. it wa a
low roofed, smoke-.tained eun. Round
a solid, old-fashioned tab! j the center
of this apartment sat Ezra itaff of i
tittanu, the pardon thoughtful, but self
sati.fled. the others ullen hA inquisitive.
rannioatl hsd convene,! .v. anl
nl comrade had an idea that there was
onm-hing in th wind. They waited for
bim to speak.
th ex-clergyman id st lat
the game 1 nearly over. an we'll not Se
wanted any more. (iir..t,es off to
Lngbuid In a day or two."
Burt snd Williams groan-d rrmpath-t-Hy.
Work was scare n the dig;nf
during the crisis, and thir aruciea sad
been paying thetn well.
"Y.S, he's off," Fsrintr,h went -n.
gUnclng keenly at hia commons, "anl
b take wth him flv. and thirty thousand
pounda' worth of diamond that w
bought for him. W have to d th. work,
and then ar thrown aside u yoo would
throw yoor pica aald. when ye ar oVvi.
with It When h ii, ' , f.oodoa
and mW hi pll. It won't mck meW
to him that th. thr. mm .ha bttped Ua
atarrln. la OrtquaUnd,
That women a offlc employe are
ar- oot without aoina sllvht drawhscvw
A Nw Problem That roarroat th rived the other day and la now dls-I offset their many vlrtuea, la tha opln-
Eaiia noaeaeper. charging cargo at the Bush docks, lal 'onora well-known business man. who
'Tarlor maid wanted In amall fam- South Brooklyn, say tb Nw York had occasion to leave bl offlc tb
lly. Abstslner and nonsmoker," waa IVorld. When tb Coronda I lylna- In I 'ther day. Tb MenoaraDher remained
the somewhat startling advertisement j the harbora of South America, from behind to attend to buaineaa and an-
whlch porta aha ba Just brought near- lwr tb telephone,
ly $2,000,01)0 In gold tor tb United Th man had been away from th
State. Capt L Sauteur engage ffie an hour, when be uddonly re-
prlnclpally In ostrich bunts, snd many nembered that he bad an appointment
a bird has be bagged after days of pa- "ltn business acquaintance) at 3
tlence and much expert atalklng. Ha 'clock. Hastily glancing at his watch,
declares that It takea a lot of expert- be saw that It lacked but a few mln-
ecc to catch an ostrich napping, and ut of tb hour; and realizing that
It I only after the hunter baa become lt hia friend cam to tb oftW and
skilled that be become moderate! found blm absent, trouble might ensue,
successful. o hurried to a telephone.
When tb freighter 1 not In a port "Hello! Giv ui two-one-aeren,
vber tha South American oatrlcb 'log two, please."
which appeared recently In a London
Nowaday It I quite necessary.
write a correspondent of the Ixndon
Tribune, for a mistress to Inquire
whether a maid Is addicted to tbe cig
arette craze, for the smoking habit baa
Invaded the servants' hall, and kitchen
maids, cooka and upper bouse maids
now openly adopt the cigarette consum
lng customs of their smart set sisters.
Tbe writer saw a well turned out
nurse the other day living In Hyde
rrk wheeling an expensive looking
mall cart containing an elaborately
dressed baby. The nurse was coquet
tlshly smoking a cigarette and attract
ing considerable attention from the aa-
ton lulled passer-by
At several registry office Inqutrles
how that tb smoking habits of th
domestic are a recognized fact In
som famllle lt Is quit customary
for parlor maid, housemaid and cook
to enjoy their clgarettea In company be
low stairs.
That the working girl should take to
smoking In Imitation of the lady la by
no mean surprising. So many women
of the highest social class nowaday l
smoke In restaurants after meals, and
at all hours In hotel lounges, that th
filtering down of a tate for tbe weed
to a more bumble stratum of society
was only to be expected.
"I.Ike mistress, like maid." applle to
cigarette as much as to clothe and
bats, and the lady of the house who
consume her ten or fifteen cigarette a
dny can hardly, with logic and consist
ency, take her housemaid to task for
Indulging in Hie Imitation which is
said to be the slneerewt form of flat
tery. The fact that It I a forbidden
pleasure makes It the more alluring.
The maidservant tnke a sample
from ber mistress' silver cigarette case,
trie, taste, and finds It good. Her
mlstresa declnri' that she smokes be
cause she la tired, and need a noth
ing restorer. Tlie? maid 1 tired, too.
and thinks what I good muc for up
stair will probably prov equally
pleasant for consumption In the base
ment For this reason ladle In search of
servants should make a point of In
quiring whether the new housemaid or
the nurse Just engaged Is a nonsmoker.
Tattle Repartee,
"fay," confided tbe red-bordered nap
kin. "I am really smitten with the pret
ty stenograplw-r who lunches here every
day. but she throw me over aa aoun
a sh rises from tne tabic
"Yes." sighed the salt cruet "I'm
iweet on her myself, but she alwaya
glvea me tbe shake.
plains are easy of accese, Capt L
Sauteur shoulder bis rifle and foe on
an alligator bunt He has killed many
of th bugs saurian that Infeat tha In
land wafer of Sontb America, and bla
?abln, with It trophlea, resemble mor
a hunter's lodge thsn th room of a
itald deep-sea aklpper.
When there la no opportunity for
land snooting Capt L Sauteur who
A pause.
"No, I didn't get them. Ring 'em
Another pa us.
"I'lea ring that number again, I
enow aom on I there."
"They don't answer? Why, tbat'a my
Oca, and my stenographer la waiting;
Hello, la that you, Mis Robblnaf
Haa Mr. Brown been In? II hsst
live In thl city, by tb way ehoota 'ut f T Why, I've ben ringing you
t the flying fishes, and at tbla sport 1'' ten minutes! What! What!!"
he baa become as expert aa at th I bung up th receiver.
booting of alligator and ostriches.
For th flying fishes b used a light-
caliber rifle, whll for th alligator
be use a cartridge that penetrate
anything ahort of armor plate.
In a twenty-foot launch which ta
"Wall." th man aald, turning to a
Irog clerk, "that throw som new
light on women In business."
"Wbst's th matter Y' asked tb
:lrk, who had beard the talking.
My atenographer didn't answer th
lasnea on the upper deck of the Coron- pnon for ten minute when I waa
da Capt. Le Sauteur goe out along waiting to catch a friend," exclaimed
the River Plate, when the tramp mn, "and what do yoo auppo
freighter happen to be In that locality waa th reason? She says ther waa
and does his "marketing." Tbla con- mouse In tb waste basket near th
lata of shooting game from tb launch pnon, and ah wa afraid to go near
aiong in snores or th picturesque In- it"
land rivers of South America, or going
ashore and trading with tb natlvea
for ebole bit which later grac tb
officer1 me on the Coronda. There la
not a man who geta more out of life
than Capt L Sauteur, and he enjoy
every minute of bla ex!tnce, whether
on bor or trange lands, or whether
he la aboard bla vessel and plying be
tween th two American continent.
Africa a Beraar Ar Whits.
Tb Berbers, who, although Afrtcana,
ar aa whit aa Europeana, ar th old
eat whit race on record, aaya an ex
plorer. "They ar supposed to hav
com from tb outh of Europe in an
cient days," the Dundee Advertiser
say, "and, although their language and Wnk?n Prt ' ' read tb black
customs ar entirely d fferent t.. r u wnur -
our and their
Aa laawaloa tiaaatlaa.
Frederick Starr, tb fnlveralty of
Chicago's brilliant professor of an
thropology, described at a dinner a
wonderful native boy wbom b bad
Tiet In hia African travels
"Thla boy," aaid Trof. Starr, "often
aaw m reading, and th proces st
one Interested and perplexed him.
Through an Interpreter on day h
questioned me about It
"'Reading again, slrf he asked.
"'Ye, my boy.' aald I.
"W1I. air.' aald he, 'I bar often
sn you reading; You read bonks,
magazines, largs newspaper. Now
there la on thing I want to ask ymi
Mohamet n.
A Hat Oae.
The Tort's Wife My husband read
thl P" P"hl,? celebration be
fore thousand of people. Alas! It was
the last ptK-tn he ever wrote.
The Editor I . VX tbey lynch
BIm or shout blm?
Rat l7l Taer.
Grateful ratleot Doctor. I ow m
life to yoo.
Doctor Thata all right, bnt I etuVt
tax It to pArtoant tot mj aarrlos,
""'"U WUHeUrL Mil'.
a nkaMw - . I .
' IT 7 ",n 07 a- Tb cottage In which Milton wrote
sent Blue eye and fair hair are not hi. Parade Lo I .,.11 SlnT-t
at all uncommon among th. IWrbers, Chalfont St Gllea, near London Th
and many of theni hav roy cheek great poet fled there to , tl "
and features m like our own that were pl.gu. In JWS. it . the only h,,u
they dressed In British fa.h.on they Naming whlct, Milton I. known to
would easily paa aa natlvea of tha h... v,,ni-t
uriiisn isie,-
Issaortaat Talaaj ta Kaaw.
Professor (examining medical eto-
th dent) If you ar called out to a pa
's tb Drat question you
are Tklavl
"Now, then, children," ssld
leaeber. "what la It w want most In tlent what
thia woria to mat us perfectly hap- would ask?
P7.V m Medical Student-Wher h live!
..ui r, anouri Philadelphia Inquirer.
in ongnt Doy io in dc seat Phil
adelphia Press.
Tb women ar alwaya Ulllng how
they dlsllk asking for money, but did
you ever know a woman who disliked
It ao much that aba refrained from do-
la It I
They used to aay that there wa on
crop that never failed, and that waa
th crop of children. .Yon can't My
that any mors. ,
Thar ar aom zuen Ilk flr-crars
art : no thing to them but lit Ua nofe