Hillsboro independent. (Hillsboro, Washington County, Or.) 189?-1932, January 10, 1908, Image 3

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Kt I). V. BATH.
R. R.
No. 2.
:lt it. in. .
No. 4.
:20 i. in .
No. I.
. .U:03 . rn
1-v. No. 7 iii
Korenl drove
I'onieliuH tl-.:fc
llillclxir.i rt:.M
Keetiville., 7:00
Iteavertuu. 7 :10
Portland 7M
L. o. 8 a m
Portland :00
Heavertou 11:44
tWlltoliuH. . . .
Forest lirove.
..II :.V
. . 12:07
1 :M
2 :U5
No. 10 p tu
V. (i. VICKEUS, Anent.
' Mr. and Mrs. Will Varney, of
Portland, have been visiting with
im-iius uere una week.
The Portland Weekly Oregon-
lan and The Hillsboro Indepen
dent one year for $2.25.
Frank Wallace, who has charge
of a gang of men on the Colum
bia River jetty, is home on a vis
We have the best goods and
best place to show you the goods
in Hillsboro. Come and see us.
R. 11 Greer.
A few Christmas pipes left
over are being sold at big reduc
The Den of Sweets.
Morning services at the Con
gregational church next Sunday
morning at 11; vesper service at
5 p. m., instead of the evening
service. Good music; all invited
Dr. Ix)we, the optician, will be
in Hillsboro January Uth and
Forest Grove on the 14th and
15th. He does not go from house
to house. Consult him at the
Hotel Tualatin.
A. II. Mulkev. now of Browns
ville but formerly elder of the
Christian church in this city,
spent several hours between
trains yesterday visiting old
For social, medicinal or house
hold uses I. W. Harper wniskey
is the best and the safest The
most noDular hitrh irrade whis
key on the market Sold by F.
E. Cornelius. adv
Choicest line - of confections in
the city. Lowney's Packages, a
specialty. Alden's Chocolates,
Fruits. Ciears and Tobaccos, and
a complete line of Smoker's Ar
tides, at Palmateer's Confectionery.
W. J. Fogel. of the Forest
Grove Times, has sold his inter
est in that paper to his partner,
Mr. Parker. Mr. Fogel has not
announced his plans for the fu
ture, but will undoubtedly get
back into the business again for
once in, it is hard to keep out
The Saturday and Sunday rate
over the S. P. from Hillsboro to
Portland and return has been
raised from 85 to 90 cents. So
don't foriret that extra nickle,
This new order goes into effect
January 18th.
The serial story, "Aikenside,"
which has been running on an
inside mere for some weeks, but
was discontinued for want of
room last week and this, will be
nublished acrain in our next and
continued until the story is com-
nlptpil. It is a splendid story by
Marv J. Holmes, and will be
found intensely interesting.
Th following officers were in
Rtalleil .it a retrular meeting of
Montezuma Uxlge, held last Wed
nesday evening:
N. G.-E. W. Moore.
V. G.-G. J. Palmateer.
Secretary E. I McCormick.
Treasurer-Cal Jack. Jr.
ThP installation was conduced
by Deputy Grand Pert White, of
Gaston Lodge No. 4U, i. u. u. r.
Justice Kindt, of Kinton, was
in town Wednesday and present
ed to the county board a petition
to divide District 39 and create
District No. 37, which was al
lowed. He was also appointed
by County Clerk Godman to take
the registry at Kinton.
The body of Harney Lambert,
drowned in Gales Creek last
week was found this week 100
feet below where he went down.
He was about 35 years old. had
no relatives on the coast so far
as. known, was employed by the
Base Line Lumber Company and
came recently from Michigan.
The following Washington coun
ty people have been drawn as
jurors to try the land fraud cases
which come on for trial next
A. Stanton, Hillsboro.
M. S. Barnes, Boaverton.
Geo. Hancock. Forest Grove.
John Henry. Sherwood.
H. G. Fitch, Cornelius.
William Schulmerich, Farming-ton-
,. .
E. X. Harding, Gaston.
J. B. McPherson. Forest Grove.
B. N. Sproat Reed ville.
John Thornbwrjr. Forest Grow.
A. S. Vaugbo, Sherwood.
Next Monday. .Tn
day only, Dr. Lowe, the well
known optician, will be at Hotel
j tin. Since his last visit to
Hillsboro he has been to New
York City, where he took a
course on the eye and now uses
all of the newest methods in eye
tests and glasses.
Burglars broke into the bank.
Psstolhce and flouring mill at
orest Grove Wednesday night
They blew off the combination on
the sa..c5 m the postolIiCo and
bank, but failed to eet insidp.
At the mill they blew open the
safe and secured less than $8. It
is not thought to be the work of
professionals, but rather of
"home talent"
It has been decided by local
nimrods to organize a gun club
in this city and a meeting has
been called for next Wednse
day evening, at 7:30, at band
hall, when the matter will be dis
cussed and an organization per
fected. All persons interested
are cordially invited to attend
this meeting.
Tillamook is without flour and
other necessities because of the
non-arrival of freight. It is said
that stores for Tillamook are pil
ed up at Astoria and no more
will be received at that point un
til facilities are provided for its
removal. Since the bad weather
set in few steamboats have land
ed at Tillamook and hundreds of
tons of merchandise from Port
land and other points are await
mg shipment at Astoria.
"A Desperate Chance" will be
presented at the Crescent thea
tre during this season. The play
wright Theodore Kremer, after
the escape of those notorious
criminals from the Pittsburg jai
conceived the idea of writing a
story of their life and placing it
upon the stage. The story be
gins with their first crime, the
murder of the old srroceryman.
and from that time on to their
tragic death is fully depicted in
this play. In the drama the
story is told with enough varia-
tions to render it pathetic. It is
a great moral lesson to both
young and old.
The regular annual reception
of the Christian church will be
held at the church this evening
from 7:30 to 10. and all friends
are cordially invited to be pres
ent F. E. Billington, state sec
retary, is expected, and will hold
services Saturday evening. 1 ol
lowing is the program for bun-
day: Bible school at 10, ordina
tion services at 11. at which 'the
eiders and deacons will be ap
pointed to their special duties: C.
L. meeting at 6:30, and preach
ing at 7 from the subject. "The
Origin of the Name Christian,
and Why All Should Wear It"
You are requested to take. Bible.
pencil and paper. Special music,
From the records at the court
house and persistent street ru
mor, it is apparent there will be
something doing at the coming
March term of circuit court in
the way of "liquor" prosecutions,
Attorney II. T. Bagley admits
that he has been retained to as.
sist the district attorney in cases
arising out of the sale of intoxi
cating liquors to minors. He de
clares that the investigation is
not confined to Hillsboro saloon
keepers but to all persons in the
county supposed to be guilty of
selling liquor to minors. When
asked for a statement of what
had been done up to the present
time, Mr. Bagley replied that he
was not at liberty to say any
thing, especially in the absence
of District Attorney Hedges and
Deputy V all.
Officers of the Oregon Electric
Railway were before the county
court Tuesday on business con
nected with the right-of-way for
the electric line to Hillsboro and
Forest Grove. R. L. Donald.
chief engineer of the operating
department made the statement
to the court that the line would
be extended to Hillsboro as fast
as money and labor can construct
it as soon as the weather settles
so that work can be commenced.
The Salem line is now in opera
tion and nearly all the right-of-way
from Beaverton to Hillsboro
has been secured. Where the
right-of-way could not be secur
ed, actions were filed in the cir
cuit court and will be disposed of
early in March. Material for the
road is arriving daily Irom the
East and before another Christ
mas, irom ail indications, Hills
boro Will have a real electric line
to Portland.
C. Henry Foster will deliver an
Illustrated Travel Talk on the
Historical Spots of the Old World
at the M. E. church, on Wednes
day evening, January 15. The
ecture will be illustrated from
original photographs taken in his
25,000 mile tour through Egypt
the Holy Kinds, Asia Minor,
Athens, Rome, Paris, Iiondon,
Liverpool, etc. Mr. roster.
dressed in oriental costume, will
exhibit relics of antiquity, among
which is a irgins lamp, 2tXX)
years old, and a net used by a
fisherman on the Sea of Galilee.
100 beautiful views, projected by
the latest electric proiectiscope.
Admission 25c. Children under
12. 15c. A motion picture ma-
chin will also be used to show
scenes from Oriental life.
Here is an item that escaped
the reporter last week. Several
young ladies came out from Port
land the day before New Years
to siend the holiday with a
school girl friend here and have
a jolly time, and to make things
livelier and more enjoyable en
listed the services of the "big
brother" of the Hillsboro girl,
who suggested the watching of
the old year out and the new one
in, which was unanimously agreed
to. Now. the father of the Hills
boro girl likes rest and quiet and
the ringing of bells and the fir
ing of guns is very annoying to
him at an hour when sleep is in
order. This the party was well
aware of, so they put up a job on
the old man and during the even
ing of the 31st brought into the
house about a dozen gotxl. healty
loud-tongued cow bells and horns
enough to go around. The alarm
clock was et for 11:45 and the
young ladies hiked off to bed,
just bubbling over with glee.
But sad to relate, the "alarm'
clock failed to "go off" and the
girls slept peacefully until broad
daylight and all through the
greatest din of church bells and
steam whistles ever sounueu
in this citv at midnight. The
"old man" is wearing that
Year morning smile yet
Elmer Johnson, alias Willis,
was run down by Portland detec
tives and captured last luesday
on the farm of James Lee, six
miles west of Gaston, where
Johnson was working as a farm
hand. The crime with which he
is charged was committed about
a year ago, when E. L. Maxwell,
deputy city engineer of Portland
was held up by two men and rob
bed at the muzzle of a revolver,
near the Southern Pacific tracks,
the amount secured being $125.
One of these men, giving his
name as George Frazier, was cap
tured, convicted and given an in
determinate sentence, making a
confession implicating Johnson,
who had disappeared. A short
time ago it was learned that he
was working for Leth who is a
relative. Johnson first asserted
that he had been in British wat
ers for the past year fishing, but
afterward admitted that he was
in Portland when Maxwell was
robbed and was given some of the
money, but denies taking a hand
in the hold-up. He says he is 18
years old, but looks much older,
standing six feet in Ihight and
strongly built.
The city council met in regular
session last Tuesday evening and
in addition to allowing the usual
grist of claims, passed three or
dinances, one accepting land
deeded to the city in west Hills
boro, along the P. R. & N. right
of way; one limiting the number
of saloons to four, and another
permitting the saloons to remain
open until 12 o'clock at night and
open at 5 each morning. The
old ordinance required saloons to
close at 10 o clock. Attorney H.
1. liagley was directed to pre
pare an assessment ordinance
covering the street improvements
on t irst, iiase Line, and 1 hint
streets and the recorder was or
dered to give notice that the
same would be submitted for pas
sage at the February meeting.
The council also discussed the
advisability of substituting saw
dust for wood, as fuel, and the
matter was referred to the water
and light committee for investi
gation. The lighting system is
to be improved by installing a
new and larger dynamo, and the
water and light committee con
sisting of E. C. Schulmerich, J.
W. Connell and H. R. Emmott.
went to Portland Wednesday, ac
companied by Mayor John Den
nis and Superintendent Ringle to
investigate the cost of a new ma
chine. An effort will be made to
trade the old machines as part
CircWl court.
Following U the disposition
cases in the circuit turt up tQ
the hour oi io press
ftf v.t V. IifTl. .......
.m.tp lore clos
ure: orutT w wrrv ccrtificat
r n!,' b.V le sheriff
nrmation of sxe and order of dis
Kinder vs. kinder, divorc
default and dec
Steeples '0rU. to quiet
title; cojuu"-vu ui sale,
Vincent VS. iinront
siiitTonfirmat'on -
,:-':v,VVn' vs- Detroit
Trust o.. in.'"" way; dismiss.
i i. f. v Rvrv. , ., u- .
Timber i- '. or way; dis.
missed. .
Natatiei.aro.inno vs. Angelo
Chiglix.-'.a. money; di
i .... t u..hv vs A A
lA.n i-.ui".' i. v.rossen
J. W. btiuie s. Antone I'fan
ner. to qiuei u. decree.
i,,lmon VS. Simers. n.,.t:.;
confirmation ol sale and distribu
tion of money.
1. II &W.Kyv. ElvieC. Ja
rolison. condemnation; dernunvr
overruled arm wiendant given
until the m w iwau.
S. M. Hollands vs. C. Rhoa.
net ion for damages; motion
ruled and given until Tuesday to
State of Orewn vs. Marsha
I'nhinson. larceny of a hors- Ho.
fendant pleads guilty and is sen
tenced to one year in the peni
A. J. Swartz vs. Barbara Sch
wartz, divorce; cieiault
Brown vs. Brown, divorce; or
der of referee and decree.
Mr. and Mrs. Jess Mays, who
occupy the George Morgan resi
dence in this city, had callers
Tuesday night at 12 o'clock who
came without invitation. Lizzie
Phillips and her sonMitchel. who
are Indians hailing from Quebec,
came to town on the evpninir
train and took up their abode at
the iualatin hote . About 11
o'clock they became alarmed at
hearing footsteps in the hallway
and left to search for nnntW
room. In their wanderings they
came uiwn the Mays residence
where the boy told his mother to
seek shelter on the porch from
the rain while he continued his
search. Mr. Mays came home,
and at his approach the woman
entered the house and run up
stairs where she was captured by
Mays who sought explanation.
In the meantime the lov return
ed and the two were turned over
to Marshal Atkinson and hxlged
in jail, and later delivered to the
sheriff. It was at first thought
to be a case of burglary but upon
investigation the stories of the
victims were verified. Thev are
going about the country peddling
beaded work of their own manu
facture and have headquarters in
Portland. They have a letter
from the auditor of the city of
Portland and other documents to
show that a daughter is attend
ing a reputable college in Penn
sylvania. They were released
from custody as the officials were
satisfied their predicament was
the result of fear.
Vital Statistics,
Dr. W. D. Wooi health officer,
reoorts the followinsr vital Kta.
tistics for Washirton county for
December and for the year just
Deaths in Deceaber, 11; 7 fe
males and 7 malet
Mirths during the same month,
21: 12 males and J females.
Contageous diseases reported
during uecemuer; uipntneria
and membraneous oroup, 12;
measles, 3; chiekcipox, 1; small
pox, 10. . . N
Following statistics are for the
Deaths, 117; 72 males, 45 fe
males. Births, 229; 114nales; 115 fe
males. Contageous Diseases. - Diph
theria and membraneous croup,
IS); measles, C7; eickenpox, 2;
smallpox. 12; typhoid fever, 14;
scarlet fever, 11; cerebro-spinal
meningitis. 2.
On an estimaUtWlftnation of
18,500 the death rite for the year
would be 0.32 pr 1,000 popu,
While in a few known instances
Should Cet the limit.
Last Monday night or during
the early hours of Tuesday morn
ing, some person or persons tore
UP by the roots and destroyed
twenty yning tree in front of
John SlmtlVr's place on Main
street, formerly known as War
ren a grove. These small trees,
cycamore, yellow joplar and sas
safras, were brought from Ohio
oy Mr. Shaffer and planted along
the front of his new home, which
he t)lirrhl n!v! v
and his desire was to see what
trees of the species named would
in wiejfon sou. uut someone
who ought to hate themselve so
badly that they could not bear to
gaze in a mirror, u of buir.imrp
or the devil, or both, passed nlontr
the street at an hour decent roo-
are supposed to be at rest, and
pulled up every tree but two, and
these Mr. Shaffer has replanted
inside his yard and he will give
up trying to make attractive the
Commissioners' Court.
The road motion of Thus. M
Shaw, et al., was referred to the
prosecuting attorney.
It was ordered th.it R R.
Tongue be employed to appear
for the county in all cases an.
pealed from decisions of the
board of equalization.
It appearing to the court that
the directors of School District
No. 53 have refused to lew a
tax to pav bonds due. it is order
ed that a levy of 2 1-2 mills be
extended on the tax roll for that
It appearing to the court that
the directors of School District
No. 13 have neglected to levy a
tax to pay bonds due, it is order
ed that a levy of 3 mills be ex
tended on the tax roll for that
It is ordered that the sumxf
$50 be transferred from road dis
trict No. 1 1 to road district No.
13, and that an order for said
transfer be sent to the superin
tendent of district 13.
Ordered that a liquor license
be issued to C. E. Smith of East
Cedar precinct for a term of one
It is ordered that the road pe
tition of Chas. M. Shaw et als be
received and that Wm. Bagley,
Sr.. and John Ireland be appoint
ed as viewers to meet at the be
ginning point of said road on
day of 1908, and with the
county surveyor view out and lo
cate said road.
Ordered that petition of II. O.
layes, et al, be received and
that R. S. Robinson and John A.
Johnson be appointed to meet
with the county surveyor at the
beginning point of said road on
the - day of 1SX)8, at the
hour of 10 o clock a. m. of said
The Greatest Dramatic
Sensation of the Ace
By theotfore Krrmrr
Founded on the Life of the Famous
Diddle Dros. during the Great
Pittsburg Tragedy
f he Daring r scape from Prison
The Haht lor Life and Capture In the Snow Drill
The Greatest Snow-storm Scene ever Produced
bn Any Stage
j A lotiir. juror Jist ct am
11 T Hajjley. jnHtiee fees 14 no
M 11 Olig, truant ollirer i! 00
W Connell, board of primmer. . ; (KJ
W Connell. ex iwntte of nherifr M K.ri
I ml Tel Co. cli li i;n
C H rrey, Bheriffs ollu-e 5 115
J W Connell. al mid dun .' mi
J J Kreb. r A li . ! '!!(
F M KeUay, r A h 15 no
J T Fletcher, r A It l -jr,
(1 W Stitt. t Ah !in
Jolin lieyer, t Ah 25 00
a li loiid, r anil h ni oo
L J lloltz, r ami h U0 00
Haaelinn Lumber Co. r ami h ! 'M
Ann Freeman, relief (J 00
Joe Kbko, relief 1 oo
John Woffett, witnesu . .. 3 0
O Lanev, wit 2 U)
Koacoe ItinmiMKMi. wit :l ffl
Sam riullipa, wit 3 40
lliryey Dance, wit 3 40
Alfred Mulloy, wit 3 00
Ward Knnis. wit 3 L'O
Chas Whiiael, wit 3 40
w bftwell. r and h 12 50
Liny d Commons, wit 2 00
Ward Downa, alieriffs otlice 50 00
W V Lewie, r and li 20 (X)
W J llutner, aal and mileaue 30 20
C K Buchanan, aal and tuileaifo. . 43 t0
C E bhorey, anpt aul 35 oo
J-.nnei a Ijtndeaa, r ami li 211 -'-
J E Dlckiaon. r and h 2 50
Jake Keichen, r and h 20 00
John Aytwrg, r and h n UO
J W Uoolui,aal and ex.i no u
LJ Caratena, r ami h 20 8 7
day to view and locate said road.
It is ordered that the following
rpoorts have not been made. nev. tax lew be made and extended
orphplpsa thf returns are rpasnn. on the roll of 1SX)7:
nhlv complete, and orosrress has For state tax, 2.1 mills.
oen made during the year along
the line of obtaining full and
complete reports from physicians
and undertakers :is well as from
the laity.
A Desperate Chance
A noveltv is wmised at the
Crescent theatre f rnlay, January
17. when Theodore Kremer s lat
est melodrama.
Chance," will 1
Hillsboro. I
Mr. Kremer hat taken for the
foundation of his ktory the excit-
... . - l-
ing incidents s pounaing uie
Iiiddle Brothers, and with this
excellent material has made a
storv full of heart interest, thrill
insr situations anopovel climaxes,
He has not m:ie the Biddle
Hrnrhprs heroes, tut simolv char
acters or types. Uwo young men
called in the Piayi Ld. and Jack
Kiddle, are discovered robbing a
store, and in TOns to escape
they murder trie proprietor.
For county tax, 1.5 mills.
For school tax, 2.78 mills.
For county road tax. 2.88 mills.
For library tax, .04 mills.
Total, 9.3 mills.
It s ordered that court ad
journ to January 7, 1SK)8.
Following bills were auoweu
(ilasa it rrutlimlin, stiUionery . . .
K llannen, wit li at
Vluin Vnll;lll. wit ills At
"A Desperate 1 c c iLn-.k, rcii.-i
presented ill 1 Midland Chemical co, reiiel
I Montgomery Turner, r and h . . .
Khine (iraef, wilnena
F.lha Southc-rs "
Thoa Slatterly "
Kdw Met racken
Roy McCrarkeii "
L E Shnte "
Carl Olneti "
Alvan Emerick "
Neal Emmott "
Victor K i nilt "
Security V A M Wka, r ami li..
lieo llulliird, wit
Kreil HienriHl, wit
J W Maxterx, c li
Payne l!nn, c li
BiiBhong A Co, atulionorv
W Kayinoml, juror
Ole OU'Son, juror
WkAn tKo lntfrtlvp! nfrpmnt to I A Ciuiino, juror.
. ... "I IL , 1 n Emrene Schiller, juror.
arrest, mem umc un.-u, auu I Kdmoml J Ayent, juror.
these two crimen iney receive 0 1 Poneiaon, juror
tho Hnth sentence. ihe e derlC I. lienelel.l, juror.
,mil. V.,1 hnnafcnrw frful now. I U J Jlemiennao, j.u.
T OVt T V WHCU IMIUUKII ima r v I-.-.,.. .nr.,r
. , . i . , , . I J T nr.". J
he persuades ine aruen s wue c l Joimwui, juror
to aid them to escape, she going H iioyd, juror
...ifK iham AftfT man v thri - K lleamiKli, juror
:" I T.r";.,..,., r. ThoaTucker, juror
IMK iiuvciiiuin wc i ci.ji- , Lincoln, juror
tured. but not unin me brothers t.nM nui.u-rt, juror
have been mortally wounded. As
soon as Ed dies the wife is re
leased from the spell he exerted
over her, and through her little
daughter she is reunited to her
All special scenery is carried
by the company, find as the peo
ple engaged are among the best
in the profession, an excellent
evening s eniciuuninent is as-
d h.
sured. Usual prices.
Dane ink" Oats.
James HutW will start a danc
Walter llotfe. juror
Pr A U Hai ley, incane caxe
F Sturm, juror.
Smith Nioiwi'ii. j'ooi
E J Ciodinan, elk ami
A E .McCiimxcV, r ao
Wm Joos, ruin
Reevea A Keevet, reiiel.
Elmer Kol h, relief-
8 M TunsUll, aciiooi u.u
J ); Zimmerman, juror.
Anton Hermann, juror. .
J F ramieaie, relief
t..i.n I. k. r ami h
etc . .
LC Walker, r him "
W D WikkI, iieaun """ '
A M Collin, c li
W K IIatik. frmt ni!"
tor. .
4 00
4 00
3il 35
25 tfl
14 77
3 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 20
2 00
2 00
. 2 00
, 2 0o
. 42 20
. 6 40
. 2 00
.140 50
. 4 00
. 21
. 10 01
. 11 21
. 14 00
. 11 20
. 10 0
. (I M
. 11 oO
. 12 40
. 7 ('
. 14 IK
. 50 i
!l 20
! li 40.
. i oo
. 4 20
. 4 tit) '
. 4 20
. 5 00
. 4 0
. S 00
.2: k oo
. it ot;
. 21 oo
. 4 00
. 25 00
. 2 00
. 10 00
. 4 20
. o 00
. 3 50
. 75
. 11 20
. 41 00
. 5 4o
4 SO
ing school at IliUfrboro Hall next .Sy 1 : : ' ' M
Wednesday even?, January 15, J;e'ry vamieii'iw. juror
commencing at V o'clock sharp, w o il.K-iten. juror (, ())
Commence with the first lesson
and loam this wifter.
Shepherd Dttfor Sale.
Australian miuera clogs, or
pups, lor sa;c. pone farmers
line xx, II ill or write for
particulars to
Route ,V f;iii!)oro. Or
as well
When in
& II.itvv.fr handles grain
iiui.-'r- can and see
Wallace Urown, wit.
T (i Meacham, juror
Michael rit.timm"'".
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O J HinNell. juror ...
Claud Whituiore, "it
(iuy Mefsiliiicr, w.t
W 11 Trump, r ano
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J K t.tll Co, "t'l
Ward Idiwm-, a.u
J W Sewell. i t"1'1 "
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Peter Vamleconveiinn
MurtOieT, r nu i
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Road Supervisors.
Following is the names of the
recently appointed road supervi
sors, the number of their district,
valuation of road district and
post office address of the super
visor, where known:
No. 1, John Myberg, $Jb,:i4,
No. 2. E. G. Hagey, $-183,534.
Sherwood. '
No. 3, W. W. VVhitmore, $5.71,-
971. Laurel.
No. 4, II. L. Russell, $592,930,
No. 5. T. J. Holtz, $910,018,
No. 6, F. M. Kelsay, $881,290,
No. 7. John IJorwick, $534,18.),
No. 8, II. L. Flint. $349,011,
Hillsboro, R 2.
No. 9, H. Frewing, $112,32.),
Beaverton, R 2.
No. 10, G. W. Stitt, $128,790,
No. II. John Olson, $590,095.
No. 12, J. W. Sewell, $925,555,
No. 13, A. B. Todd, $010,278,
Forest drove.
No. 14, Henry Vandyke, $113,
995, Forest Grove.
No. 15. W. W. Lewis. $308,
658, Seghers.
No. 10, John McClaran, $1,998,-
395. Gales ( reek.
No. 17. W. S. Pricket. $911.
o l Banks.
No. 18, A. Riverman, $34,-
No. 19, J. Reichen, $507,3.0,
No. 20, Thomas Murphy, $290,
585. Mountaindale.
No. 21, G. W. Hines, $1,211.
285, Banks.
No. 22, C. Christensen, $3.9,
240. Beaverton. R 1.
No. 23, T. W. Sain, $537,49...
r1 mton
No. 24. F. M. Hill, $205,535,
"No. 2.5. F. M. Kelley, $:)03.0S0.
No. 20. John A. Johnson. $278,
m Portland, R 2.
No. 27, Geo. Kennen, ?n.-
025. .
No. 28, John Zimmerman,
$3(19,375. .
No. Z John lieyer, -amw,
poorest Grove.
No. 30, Chas. Meacham.
Jast as we go to press we are
informed by wire that Deputy
SheritT Frank Kane has caught
one of the robbers that dynamit
ed the safes at Forest Grove
Wednesday night and is hot on
the trail of two others who are
said to have helped do the job.
Probate Court.
Estate of Agnes Wirt, deceased;
final account liled aud February io,
at io o'clock a. in. lie fixed as the
time for hearing objections to said
final account aud settlement of said
Guardianship ol Paul Uurbank
Coue, a minor; auuual report of
guardian filed and ordered that said
report be approved.
Estate of Fred Sotntuers, de
ceased; ordered that heirs of de
ceased and others iuterested appear
before this court at io p. m. on the
3d day of March, 1908, to show
cause why an order should uot le
granted to sell the real property.
Kstate of James McNulty, de
ceased; administrator authorized to
lease for one year the farm proper
ty of the estate on such terms as to
him may seem best.
Estate of Herman Ikeenier, de
ceased; petition of Kate R. Kruger
asking for the appointment of Al
bert C. Kruger as administrator of
said deceased; petition granted and
bond fixed at $6,400.
Estate of Peter Scgesseman, de
ceased; ordered that the adminis
tratrix be authorized to sell 300
sacks of potatoes for cash.
Estate of Herman Ureemer, de
ceased; bond Of Albert C. Kruger,
administrator, approved; J. C. Por
ter, Jos. Patterson and William
Slater appointed appraisers of the
Estate of Catherine Jane Why-
thycombe, deceased; Thos. Why
thycombe appointed administrator
and bond fixed at 5,500.
Guardianship of Scth I ley wood,
et als, minors; sale of real estate
Guardianship of John M. Luther,
et als. minors; sale ot timber con
firmed. Estate of Richard Sandlord, de
ceased; final account approved aud
estate closed of record.
Estate of Rufus E. Norman, de
ceased; Ethel Norman opiointed
administratrix and letters will is
sue upon her filing bond in sum of
Estate of Christian Rottger, de
ceased; hearing on report ot sale ot
real estate continued until January
23, 1908, at 10 o'clock a. tn.
Estate of Frank Hernard, deceas
ed; estate ordered closed ot record
and all the proterty le retained by
Charles Bernard, the executor, and
he be relieved from further liability
as executor.
Estate of William Clapshaw, de
ceased; final account filed and ap
proved and estate closed ot record.
Estate of Martin Anderson, de
ceased; final account approved and
allowed, administratrix discharged
and estate closed of record.
Guardianship of William Ziler.
incompetent; sale of real estate ap
proved and guardian instructed to
deliver conveyance to purchaser.
Estate of John H. Scott, deceased;
final account filed and hearing set
for Monday, February 10, 1908, nt
10 o'clock.
Estate of Chas. Anderson, de
, n t . r 1...1 1 .i...
ceascu; nnai accoum uii-n ami ua.i.-
for hearing objections set lor Mon
day, February 10. at 10 o clock.
Estate of R. M. IJislxre, deceased ;
estate admitted to probate and Ter
esa IJisbee appointed administra
trix upon filing lond 111 sum of
f j, 000.
Estate of James P. Sample, de
ceased; inventory and appraise
ment filed and petition to sell olV
personal property to widow grant
ed. Estate of Nancy Jane Wilkes, de
ceased; petition for letters of admin
istration filed and Thomas S.
Wilkes appointed administrator
with 1xnd fixed at $1,200; Michael
Susbauer, H. J. Lund and Martin
Cook named as appraisers of said
Guardianship of Hjordes Erpe-
stad, et als; sale of real estate con-