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    U 14
Volume :5,j
16, 1907.
NVmbkr 2S
filllsbcro Independent. JURORS CHOSEN
d. w. BATii;pc.u5ir FOR NOV. TERM
i in ihiIxt i not torceil uim
snyun. Ii m nut our iirarlire to iitop
jmt until onlt-rnl to do ao. Anyonr
"" I'M T IIIIIHl llOtltV til
Mitihl-r f tliry Ikj l.-l. 1 luule foi
I he nnlfi f inn prim.
All Depends on I Urn Long the Holi
day Continue Jurors Mostly
T armera Two Printers.
$1.50 a Year, in Advance.
........... ,i r. k.1(.n.- .( H!!!9
i urnii, for tranaiulaalon through
I ho mat: '. eemnd-claae mall matter
Official Paper of Waehlngton County.
Republican in Politics.
tovKuriHiNo Katki: DiKi'lay, 00 cent
an inrli, Hiiiiflu ciilwimi, (or four lniwr
turns; reading nuii e, out) cent a wotd
euli limcrtlun (notliinii Iran than 15
udiUmj ; irfui-niiiuul card, one inch, f I
a inoiiili ; lodge tarda, . a year, aya.
tile quarterly, (notice anil resolutions
(rn to adverllaiiiK I'xIgtiS).
Hlllaboro, Oregon.
If the present legal holiday sea
son should be declared off in time
circnit court . will convene on
I Monday, November 25, Judge
Publishers HU Hard.
Print paper in carload lots has
been purchased as low as $1.40
per hundred pounds. The same
stock last year cost $2.50 in car
load lota.
Kecent quotations show an ad
vance in price of 65 cents per
hundred, or $3.15 per hundred
(carload lots.) The spruce pulp
from which print paper is made,
a few years ago was $3 per cord
with ample supply.
Today it is $16.25 per cord and
a limited supply. Paper will cost
5 cents per txiund within a year
ctuU incie V, in ue liu limuuii un
less American invention comes
to the rescue.
There is no field that offers so
Address M Ho. K
Olhers-Auiu RMe Q
Kelly Bu"Tbj.4f,er100U
McBride presiding. Business at
the court house has been ' almost large a reward for the invention
as a substitute for the present
printing supply. If corn stalks
could be utilized for making pa-
Cer, and it is predicted they will
e, at the present price of paper,
stalks will be worth more money
than an average corn crop at 40
cents per bushel.
The best class of Sunday pa-
Office: Rooms 3. 4 and 5, Morgan Blk.
Hlllaboro, Oregon.
Office: Central Block, Rooms C and 7.
Hlllaboro, Oregon.
Office, in Union l!lk.. with H. B. Huaton
Jtlice : Rooms 3, 4 and 6. Morgan BlocB
Hlllaboro, Oregon.
at a standstill for the past
two weeks and everybody is anx
ious to get down to business
again. No business has been
transacted in the probate court,
except the tiling of a few papers
and it will take Judge Goodin
some time to catch up when the pers will sell at 10 cents as soon
holiday season is over. Judtre as the present contracts expire,
McBride ordered County -Clerk The dollar magazine will soon be
Godmantodraw the list of jur- a thing of the past The news
ors lor the November term of print irusi anu me m ri suyi ny
the circuit court, and hecomulet- f raw material will bring the
pjI tho list hist uwV Tha list result in a year. Within the last
of jurors which is composed of ? davs in the face of 'the exist-
Z7 tanners. 1 vervman am 9 ing war on trusts, me inttnia-
Notary Public and
Attorney - at - Law
and Notary
OllicH Over Weiiruim'a Store, Second St.
rUwrial Attetion to Conveyancing, Pro
bate Matters, Drawintf Ugal l'aj-era, Lie.
OlTice upstairs, Bailey Morgan Blk.
hot a VaoNKs.
Hlllaboro, Oregon.
printers, is as follows
Kdinond J Arers, titles Creek.. farmer.
Chancy Beneftel, Dairy farmer
Albert Lincoln, WaHhiiiKton. .. .farmer.
Richard Reamiah, North Ilillaboro,
Michael Kitzaimmona, leaver. lain farm
bugone Schiller, lieaverton . , .aurveyor.
TO Meucham, Mountain farmer.
Cyrua J Mendenhall, Buxton. .. .farmer.
Henry M Vandersanden, Pairy. .farmer.
R N Varley, S Foreet Grove. .liveryman
Wm Raynard, S Tualatin farmer
frank A Bennett. North toreat drove.
J K Zimmerman, Washington, .farmer.
Adolpu Cimino, F.aat Cedar. .. .farmer.
J C Corey, Columbia farmer.
C J Ilirdtfull, S Forest Grove. . . .farmer,
Thomaa Tucker, North Ilillaboro, farm'
Anton Herman, Corneliua farmer
L A Loiifr, South Ulllsboro printer,
Smith Shotwell, Uaaton farmer.
W O Hocken, Beaverton farmer.
Sylveater Kecdvr, Reedville farmer.
Humphrey Boyd, Dilley farmer.
Ole Olson, West" Butte farmer,
George Moyer, Corneliua farmer,
Walter Huge, 8 Forent Grove. . .printer,
OO Donelaon, 8 Ilillaboro farmer.
Chaa Hubbert, Dilley farmer.
CLJohnaon, North II illaboro. . farmer.
Fred Strum, Fast Butte farmer
O F Israeli, Fast Cedar farmer.
tional paper trust increased its
capital stock $100,000,000 and to
day has absolute control of the
western product, Ontario (Cali
fornia) Record.
II. J. Blocki. of Sheboygan,
Wisconsin, is at the Hotel Port
land. Sheboygan was derived
from the Indians. Here is the
way it originated. In the early
days an Indian went to town one
day greatly excited. He was
looking for the doctor. His
squaw needed attention. "She
boygan," he said. Ever since
that day the Wisconsin town has
retained the name. At least this
is what Nathaniel h. Clarke.
clerk of the Hotel Portland says.
rortiand Journal.
And there is where Mr. Clarke
is oti. Here is the story,
straight A big chief of the
Winnebagos had seven daughters,
but was always wishing for a
son. One day he went to town
and got gloriously drunk and
when asked what he was cele
brating for. grunted out: "Heep
mad! She-boy-again.
A recent dispatch from Chica
go says: Counterfeiters have tak
en advantage of the financial dis
order to flood this city with bog
us $10 bills of exceptionally clev
er workmanship very danger
ous imitations oi the trenume,
iu the eveninii from 7 to 9 o'clock
j.pTtamiesie, m. d.
Lawyers Will Meet.
The Oregon State Bar Associa- Saloon keepers and streetcar con-
tion will hold its 17th annual ductors have been the worst snf-
mecting m Portland on Tuesday ferers. The streetcar men now
and Wednesday, November 19 refuse to accept any bill of that
and 20. An excursion rate of denomination. Kather than take
one and one third times the regu- the risk, most of them pay the
lar single trip tare has been ar- fare themselves. Secret service
ranged with the Southern Paci- men are hastening tn this r-itv in
he. l his rate applies to all the an effort to locate the source of
attorneys attending the meeting, supply, which must be large and
.!.. ........ Ti.u iw.ltm Druu
ullnl" " . .. , inl,wi; .u..;--' i: i . i r'ii..
tillice lioura H to 12; 1 to o, ami "'-""; mvu kiihiuc-m, pruviueu I oiwmuuy uirectea,
ursi ciass single trip ticKets
are sold from points on the rail
roads in the state,
8. r. It. R. SURGEON
Hlllaboro, Oregon.
r,..i,I.miw corner Thir.l an.t Main: nf np
tir.ov'r Iwlia.lriK u'r: '"".
1 ............ ah n i.niuipiir au-
were.1 d or i.ikIH
r. A. BAILEY, M. D.
Hlllaboro, Oregon.
Ofllce: Morgan-Bailey block, op
...ir. rrwima 11'. 13 and 15. Residence
g. W.'ror. Baae Line and Second sts.
Both 'phones.
The Hawaiian cirls who werp
here recently left Seattle last
Saturdnv nirrhr fnr AlncL-o ii-Vn.o
A . . I . " . v. . K 1 I UVlt
ora tor me Calalpa. thev will tnkp in t ho cio-hta
I he catalpa tree is ornamental, few weeks. This was decided bv
a last grower, hardy, and its Mrs. Edyth Tozier Weatherred,
wood is becoming of value. It who is in charge of the nine is
makes the best of fence posts, i3 land bells. Saturday afternoon,
fine furniture wood, and recent after a
experiments have proved that it tween herself and the girls, the
is the best material for making latter won. "We are going and
paper. The cultivation of the ca- we will leave on the Humboldt
talpa is liable to be a pavine: in- forJune.iu tonio-ht " ooirt
dustry in this country in the near Weatherred.
future. I .
r. J. BAILEY, M. D.
Hlllaboro, Oregon.
Office: Morgan Bailey Mock, up
etalra with V. A. Bailey. Residence,
N. E. corner Third and Oak sts.
I ortland Academy's second
team defeated Pacific Univer-
A. B. HAII.KY, M. II.,
IIillsl)oro, OrcRon.
A Wheat Caravan.
t - a i i i .. :
i-isl wees was a oanner week sitv s second tonm n a t
for wheat here. The local buv-1 football on the Wnl fii,i ut
ers report a totil of $S125 being I Saturday, by a score of 5 toil
paid out in three days, this all Both teams nlnvpH rlr, Loll
going to the farmers within eight The game throughout was chiefly
or ten miles of the city. At one a punting contest.
time there were thirty-tour wag- v . :
DieaK and
ons in a line, all waiting their
turn. The price paid was $1 per
bushel. Fair Play Advocate.
OdWoTrrlUlley . Pr... Hmra.
. . u I mi m. ami 7 to Kwnenca
S m hoinw north of city rlwtrlo UkM l-lanv.
Call protni'lly ailonil'
day or mailt. Hoth
Bocky Mountain Tea Nuggets
A Bniy MMioloa lor mj
Inn QoU H.alth and Bn4 Vlfor.
K - I.'. K -k Mo-.nta, T. . tab.
fJl . J, m cn.. a !. )enuln rnaJa by
laru oar-... ....... .
H.iuaraa I
Dr. B. P. Shepherd,
(.Successor to Dr. A. Bnrris.)
At hie roomt over City ruk'rr very
Tuesday, Thursday ami Saturday.
Tresident California Col We of (Mepathy
Professor of Theory and 1 ".minerl
Ei.Meui. Cal. SUte Board of Liamineri
November winds are
And banks are filling some with
Miles of Roses. Rut confidence vou surelv ran
The Halkans, in some respects Put in the Hillsboro Candv Man
the most repulsive region in Eu- If you have money to invest
rope, is florally one of the grand- In sweets, then why not buy the
est In Bulgaria, especially, it wst
is possible to wander literally Let Dick and Jane and John and
Palmateer's Confectionery.
L. J. Palmateer, Prop.
through miles of roses. This is.
of course, owing to the virtual
monopoly which the country pos
sesses of the trade in distilled
essence of roses. In 1SS1 the
country produced $12,200 worth.
In 11H5 the value was $740,000.
More than 0000 acres have been
added to the rose fields during
the past eight years.
We can fix that broken umbrel
la or baby carnage, or sewing
machine. e have a baby bug- When you are looking for trro-
uif iiianiuii- o..j v. veiies, glassware and crockery
tires on your uuggy at a omau aon t iail to go to Greer's. lt
keeps the best and neatest stock
George Reed, a bachelor 74
years old. said to be an Oregon
pioneer of LH52, died at Dilley
from cancer of the jaw hut
week. He had lived in Washing
ton county over 50 years. Two
nieces Mrs. Oliver Chowning
and Mrs. William McLeod, live at
ou jonn
cost Call and get prices. R.
Lee Sears Bicycle bhoix
in town.
Hon. John 11 Scott, president
of the Oregon Good Roads Ana.
nation, haa prepaid a magnifi.
cent program for the good roads
meeting to be held at the Port
land Commercial Club beginning
Thursday, November 14, at 1
o'clock p. m.
The meeting will be opened by
addresses of welcome by Mayor
Lane and Tom Richardson, with
resjxjnse by Judge Scott The
addresses for the afternoon will
be by Hon. Wilbur K. Newell,
Judge Alfred Battles, president
King County, Washington, Good
Roads Association, Judge Thomas
F. Ryan, of Clackamas county.
ex-Governor T. T. Geer, and
Hon. James H. McDonald, nrpsi-
dent American Road Makers As
sociation and Highway Commis
sion of Connecticut
Thursday evening at 7:30 there
will be a stereopticon lecture by
Hon. Samuel C. Lancaster. Unit
ed States Government Engineer,
followed by refreshments, music
and speeches, at which Judge
Webster will preside as toast-
The convention will re-assem
ble Friday morning, November
15th. at 9 o'clock and the list of
speakers for the morning session
includes Professor Skelton. of
the Oregon Agricultural college,
Dr. Willis B. Morse, of Salem,
President Campbell of the State
University, Hon. Samuel Hill,
president of Washington Good
Roads Association. Dr. James
Withycombe and Hon. John H.
Friday afternoon Senator John
son, of nfT cowny, judge
WeYwter, ot Mt'tnomah county,
Addison Bennettof the Irrigon
Irrigator," Dr. Andrew C. Smith.
of Portland, President Coleman
of Willamette i University, and
Senator Kay, of Marion county.
will talk, followed by reports of
committees, elecaon of officers
and an automobile ride to Kelly
The horse show which closed
Saturday at Portland was a tre
mendous success, and the Oregon
animals on display as well as the
show itself was voted by Dr,
Withycombe as just as good, if
not as large, as the one in New
York City.
The Portland Commercial
Club's monthly dinner Tuesday
night will discuss how Oregon is
advertised. In additian to local
speakers. John H. Hartotr. iust
elected secretary of the Eugene
Commercial Cluo, John H. Whyte,
Manager Astoria Chamber of
Commerce, and speakers from
several other points, accompan
ied by delegations, will be pre
sent, in addition to prominent
Portland business men.
There will be a grjecial excur
sion of Portland business men to
Mosier, Saturday, the 16th. to
attend the meeting to be held
Saturday evening.
V e take clearing house certi
ficates" is a sign now to be seen
in the show windows of almost
every rortiana ousiness house.
The financial sky is clearing and
there is every prospect that two
weeks more w in see conditions
Miss Sheldon will trive lessons
in water colors and pastel. Les
sons given in classes or individu
ally. Corner rir and Eighth
streets, lndepenaene 'phone
Missouri's Great Bird.
A Kansas City man haa inst
sold to a man in Honolulu, Hawa
ii, hve hens at each, and
these were not the finest in his
flock. He has a rooster left
which he values at $2000, and
another $1000 and several hens
which it would take from $250 to
$1500 in legal com 0f the realm
to buy. -Butler Democrat
The American Rankers' associ
ation wants to have our bank
notes printed in bright tints. In
that case it will mean something
when a man asks to see the color
of your moneynrsL
Riley Cave has a spld iine
of ranges ana a iuii line of heat
ing stoves wniui ne invites you
to can ana msr-M. Detore mak
ing your fall purchase.
Dance at Hillsboro Hall Satur
day eveninjr, lo ember 16.
The Portland Telegram of last
Thursday says: Sheriff Stevens
and County Judge Webster put
their heads together yesterday
morning to determine what could
be done with W. T. Aldridge,
who became insane from worry
over his small deposits in local
banks and who was placed in jail
yesterday. The sheiiff is tired
of Aldridge's company, for he is
constantly lecturing in a voice
loud enough to be heard all over
the jail, and his continued pres
ence there would give the jailers
and his fellow-prisoners no peace
of mind, un the other hand,
Judge Webster cannot legally
hold an examination or commit
the insane man to the asylum.
In this predicament the sheriff
and judge decided to appeal di
rect to the asvlum authorities at
Salem. There is no question
about the man's insanity, and
the authorities at the asylum
have agreed to receive him tem
porarily. The formal proceed
ings can be taken when the holi
days are at an end. Among oth
er papers on Aldridge is a deed
to property in Asotin county,
Washington, and another deed to
lots in Washington county, near
Hillsboro, on which Aldnch was
making monthly payments. In
his ravings the insane man jumps
from one subject to another, but
his financial worry is much in
his mind. Little is known of his
history, except that he was em
ployed on the north bank road
and came to Portland after learn
ing that the banks were closed.
Fine Art Exhibit.
The art lovers of Forest Grove
were given a rare treat last Fri
day and Saturday when Miss
Bain, head of the art department
of Pacific University, put on dis
play over 300 works of great ar
tists in her loan exhibit Such
an effort has never been attempt
ed by another institution in the
state. The event took people
from Gaston, Hillsboro, Cornel
ius and other towns in this coun
ty. Masterpieces were furnished
by Mrs. Helen Ladd Corbett, Mrs.
William S. Ladd, Mrs. W. M.
Ladd, I. N. Fleischner, Mrs.
Henry E. Jones, Dr. William
Jones, W. S. Ayer, C. E. S.
Wood, Miss Burns, Mrs. F. C.
Kamm, Mrs. Hugh Hume and H.
C. Wortman, all of Portland.
Thanksgiving is coming and
Greer's is the place to get rais
ins, currants, citron, and in fact
anything you may need for a
nice dinner.
If an editor makes a mistake
he has to apologize for it, but if
a doctor makes a mistake he bur
ies it If an editor makes one
there is a lawsuit swearing and
tho smoll rtf nnlnhnr. hilt if adoc--
tor makes one there is a funeral,
cut flowers and a smell of varn
ish. A doctor can use a word a
yard long without knowing what
it means, but if an editor uses it
he has to spell it Any old col
lege can make a doctor. You
can't make an editor; he has to
be born. Success Magazine.
We are prepared to do all kinds
of light machine work, at R. Lee
Sears' Bicycle Shop.
On Hand at That Dale the Neat
"Sum of $20,695.85, Divided In
Funds as Given Below.
We are under obligations to
County Treasurer W. M. Jackson
for the following statement at
the hour of closing his otlice. No
vember 1st, ll07. Cash on hand.
$20,695.85, which is divided as
County fund $ SltUl Xi
County (School . . 5:l'.i.l 41
Indigent soldiers fund lyl K"i
Library UM us
State game Uw M 40
Land indemnity fund ill (HI
hatatea 1 111 :ti)
Drainage diat no 5 H :ii)
Institute fund ' 5o K
County Road :m
r.atraya I M
City of Ilillaboro 410 (Ml
roreat t.rove 64(1 64
' Beaverton VI 47
Road dist no 1 L'.' Ki
" " 2 Ml UK
" " 3 10 02
" " 4 :17 1)5
" " B l -M 51
" " 7S 43
" " 7 n:i IS
" M M 3-J0 OH
" " 10 (10 (i!
" " 11 -. 47
" 12 :ii! w
13 tin :;s
14 67 74
" " 15 75 SP2
' " M LSI (i5
" 17 4J S'.i
" " IS .in 5:1
" " lit 2H K5
" " 20 2t 11
" 21 :i7 ft5
" 22 n
" " 23 HI Hs
" 24 2S 5!l
" 25 4 M
" " 2'i WW
" 27 l(i l'S
" 2H 2d 40
" " 2W 10 (2
" 30 17 M
Hillsboro road fund 2:17 M
I'oriivliua road fund 22 IH)
School dint no 1
" " 2. 25 47
" " "3 IS 15
' " 7 355 7(
" " Hit 11 S2
13!!!!!!!!!!!!! 155 u-I
" " "5 JSS .VI
" " L'.ljt 44 47
25 25 (7
" " 2s!!!!!!!!!!!!! 24 77
" " 14 2( 12 If
a; it." .'.'!.'!!.' '22 iwt
' " " 3!t.. 07
' 40 .13 25
" " " 45 3 24
" " " 4S 115 10
41) 7 4S
" " 41 lit 2 0.1
63 1U 72
651 1 45 01
' 6S (t 72
a) 11 34
til 37 47
" " " list (it 7(1
' 74 HI M
75 150 00
' " "81 103 S7
" H2 (HI
" " " K'J 235 40
" " " K4jt 23 OS
" " " hli H H5
KS 1 30
(14 (HI
" " "00 2rt IH
(HI 17 S5
" " " lOOjt 10 30
101 1 IS
' 104 6 10
20,lil5 H5
Hillslroro high school jtonants,
foot ball postals, school girls' and
boys' leather hat bands in the
high school colors, at Mrs. Bath's.
Dance at Hillsboro Hall Satur
day evening, November 16.
The only place in town where
you can get Salted Almonds and
Peanuts fresh from the pan.
Den of Sweets.
1W tux Mnh. IO to 5 r. mom m
Mil Hi ftnttttv
D idiim miiiin Tns An ia am ti Kj4 P nrs m nl ll i,a m ni Limit U
W rit. for Pru. Lint. M nrkft U irt. Hhtiittia I tun, kd-I aUml ,nir
f nat. tsstUiar hinind. Hrt Itunf n lha Mir.)rt r writWn. Illustrating M Kr Aixntals. All
about TraplHtrs' Hrri4s. Ih-. ts, Traivs. (Ume Imw Mi and whara to trap, and lna a nit
CMful trat-rwr. It's a riilr .iirrl'HMlta. rui. ti. Ti (Mir niet-mars $i V. HiArm tamixd inW
tMatitifwl It Ihir Hntrni'tii- Hint and )-' atlra. U am male fc- traa. l.ut ir Imc -ir
Mm a4 fun to a astd ga4 tuihajet srwaaa Aadmah Ura., Ifeiib 1 1. atlaIU.MIaa.
Hillsboro, Oregon.
Pure Drugs i.d Medicines
We car r)' a complete line of Fine Sundries. If wo do not
have what j'ou want in stock, wo will cheerfully get
it for you. Having been appointed Publisher's
Agents, we aro now prepared to supply
All Your Wants in tho
. . . .SchoolIk)ok Line
Upon the- Exchange and Introductory Plan.
Wo also haven full line of Tablets, Pencils, Slates, Ktc.
School Hoots will bo sold for CASJI ONLY. Positivklv
I . .V"' ,t: m ' i V
na shoo which fnijgHJf "K? j
polish to -look mbmp
month's of wear, needs oaiy ponsa w Qt. i-,
iew:' You will find comfort, ease and profit frffyP
our children will want somehing pretty and
There's a lot of satisfaction i
after month's of wear, needs only
like new
in the
lour tuiiu'" -
i crUinni CUOES. io better made. o
good. Come and see our bOMUUL onuc,
better can be wade. Our guarantee goes with every pair.
oun li.nl, ur
is tha finest in the county.
f iClMlfj Everything usually carried by an up-to-date Groc-
i aV 0 ITa.ip On iminrtno,. LtilaJ T iln if T.ricyiftl
cup or us to carry strictly fre-h fuoU. Not a ehoii
jjTly TTVa Uimviv a sa a i v v.nJi.wi-ve
The old Reliable Corner Grocery and Shoo Store.
m mm a am a
tw av m i m rM