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It fa perfectly natural to rob the spot that hurts, and vrlieo i the muscle.
nerves, joints and bones are throbbing and twitchm;- w.ia i" V,J1.
kheumatism the auSerer is apt t J turn to the liniment bot-le, or some oiner
external application, in an ellort to pet relief from the &msc, by rrt.!uj;
tounter-irriuUoa oa the flesh. Such treatment will quiet . the Win tempo-
The college surrounilliiKS lIHurl la
rarily. butcaa have no direct curative effect oa the real disease because ir, ;jhe flnit , tlf ..Tue lYiu.vas and tb
. ... . . t a i t l.h it latn 14 mors i ii .. ii'.-n.i....
does not reach, the blood, where i.n cause is iaicu. iv. -lhaa
akin deep it is rooted and grounJed in the Mood and caa only txs
reached by constitutional treatment-lT CANNOT BB KpDnW AWAY.
Rheumatism ii clue to aa excess of uric acid ia the blood, brought about hi
Ihe accumulation la the aystem cl refuse matter which the natural avenues
' of bodily waste, the Bowels and Kidneys, have foiled to carry cH. iw
refuse matter, comin ia contact with the different acids ti the body, forma
eric acid which is absorbed into the blood and distributed t - :1 parts of tna
tody, and Rheumatism nets possessioa of the aystem. The aches ana pains
' sue only symptoms, and thou-h they may be scattered or relieved for a time
l.y surface treatment, they will reappear at the first exposure to cold or
tUmpness, or after aa attack of indigestion or other irregularity. Rheuma
tism caa never be permanently cured while the circulation remains aturate,f
with irritating, pain-producing- tirio acid poison. The disease will atiiic
from muscle to muscle or joint to Joint, aettlin? oa the nerves, causing
an .1 ..ti;,r n,t mrh l,.rrilil! naina tliat the nervous system
is often shattered, the health undermined, and perhaps the patient becomes
deformed and crippled for life. S. S. S. thoroughly cleanses the Mood and
the circulation by neutralizing the acids and expelling en iorciga
m the system. It warms and invigorates the blood so that instead
of a weak, sour stream, constantly deposit
ing acrid and corrosive matter ia the mus
cles, nerves, joints and bonea, the body is fed
and nourished by rich, health-sustaining
blood which completely and permanently
cures Rheumatism. 8. S. 8. is composed
of both purifying and tonic properties
just what is needed ia every case of Rhcu-
mat'sm. It contains no potash, alkali or other mineral injjreiUeur., Dut. is
made entirely of purifying, healing extracts and juices rf roots, herbs and
Larks. If vou are suffering from Rheumatism do not waste valuable tima
tririmr tn mh a. blood disease awav. but beirin the use tf fi. S. S. and write
matter from the aystem
ns about vour case and our physicians will rive you any lnlormauon or
dvkc UCCi.c4 free of charge and will send our special treatise on .neumauaiue
At CulroM Abbey in Fife, Scotland, a
tombstone baa two found which ia be
lieved to data from the fourth ceuturjr of
th Cbrittiao era.
Cnm Clearly Marked Oat.
Inquisitive Acquaintance Have you
ever thought what you would do If your
as baf iibould collapse while you are
half a mile or more up in the air? j
Darinf Aeronaut Often. I should i
start at once for terra firuia by the short- j
cat poaaible route. j
Gesture lanjuape dill exiata In parti
of Auatralasia. Some tribee poaaHf ao
excellent a code that it ia almost aa
efficient aa spoken language.
For a riolin by I'etrua Guarnerlna,
dated 1U!. fl'HO was given at a recent
aale la London : while one by Nicholas
Lupot fetched .'K.
Oplaloa ronDrmtd,
"Explosion of a cargo of soap, rend
lireil Tuomns, wlio Hud picked up a
discarded paper.
"There 1" exclaimed his traveling
companion. "I always told you that
"tuff was dangerous." Philadelphia
Americana and American capital are
going into (Vylon to smint In the devel
opment of the tea-growing induatry tliia
y ar as never before.
Sir Henry Samuel, who wns a I'nlon
lit candidate for Parliament, la the su
thor of thin bull: "The li-rslative tar
dea of tbe Liberals I an arid awamp."
The Limit.
Bless The I)o)suua are very exclu
sive, I understand,
IUggs Yes, Indeed. Why. they even
bare wire screens on their doors and
windows so their flloa ruo't get out
and associate with the flies of their
The Court Six years at hard labor.
Tou'U get a chance to learn a trade,
my man.
riurglar Judges, couldn't I be per
mitted to learji It by er correspond
enca course) I'uvk.
Iler ! Ave.
Bacon The average age of persons
arrested In New York City Is 2:.' 4
rears and one out of Are Is a woman.
Egbert I upise the age liable to
be given by the woman brings the aver
age away down. Yonkers Statesman.
' Not CoerlB.lve.
Society Leader What I Ia there a re
port out that I am going to marry Col.
iiaioopT Why, I don't even know him 1
Matronly Friend That provea noth
ing, my dear. I have been married to
Dr. I'ermarvTn for thirty-Keren years,
and I don't know him even yet.
aid She.
Prof. M'-Oooile (suddenly checking
. biuiaeli) Pardon me, Miaa Genevieve,
- for talking so long. When I get started
on my bobby I never know when to atop.
I ought not to have amumed. anyhow,
that you are tntereeted in antique.
Mies de Mulr Indeed I am, profeseor.
I could llatea to you for hours.
oeaewkat Dlnreat.
Tha honeymoon was only a memory.
"On our wedding day," ste sold, "I
was under tha Impression that you bad
filled my heart with sunshine.'
"Well7" ha queried.
"Hut I find." she continued, 'that It
The history of many a race may tie
read In Its battle cry. The "llnnr.nl!"
of the Japanese, the "Fngliaghlmllub !"
of the Irish, and our own "Hurrah!"
hare fouud their origin fur Luck In
Although tunny authorities Imve de
clared that the word "hurrah" Is a de
velopment of thu Jewish "Ilosaiinah,"
the consensus of opinion now Is that It been dead Just 5.13 years.
is a. i uliiiii wi nit? muiiriji uuiur
cry of the wild Norsemen, Tur ale!"
meaning, "Thor aid us!" Formerly the
word was spelled "Huzza" and pro
nounced "Hurrny." In one form or
another It is used by almost every
'Pi tha Kmmt Wind -
Miss Agnes Slack, secretary of the
International W. C. T. L, told on the
Merlon, as she was about to sail Tor
Liverpool, a temperance story:
"A little boy, one evening st dinner,
gazed at hia futher'a face a louf while,
si.d then said :
"Tapa, what makes your nose ao
dreadful redf
" Tin east wind of course, the fath
er answered with gruff haste. 'Pass tbnt
Jug o' beer, and don't talk so much.'
'Then, from the other end of the ta-
b'e the boy's mother said sweetly :
"'Yer Tommy, pnss your father the
oast wind, and le careful not to spilt
ny on tbe table cloth. "
I'lou.'hmau" are tUoae or weneaiey.
where the author. lorenee Morse
Klngsley, vis herself educated.
Rider Haggard Is a very rapid work
.tin bis m-n. "Hhe." for Instance,
written In six weka from tha
time Mr. Haggard begun It till It was
ready for the publishers. He la sIno
exceedingly thorough la bis prepara
tions for writing a book. He makes a
habit of sH'udlug mouths among the
scenes In which his plot Is to be laid.
But having obtained the material, be
writes at fever heat, not aketcblng out
the plot beforehand, but writing a chap
ter as It conies to him, and letting tbe
plot develop Itself aa he goes along.
The Intimation that William lKan
Howells may write anotlier story or
Shaker life Is a reminder that those
peculiar people, the Shakers, bare al
ways appealed to Ills Imagination, as
they did to the Imagination of Haw
thorn". At least two of the uovels of
Mr. Howells have had much to do with
the Shakers. It has been suggested
that his liking for those other Inter
esting people, the Altrurlans, comes
naturally from his admiration of cer
tain altruistic features of Shaker life.
Mr. Howells has Just published his
second book concerning su Altrurlun
snd America, "Through the Eye of the
In his Introductloa to "Hetlda G ab
ler," which Is the latest volume to be
published In tbe new edition of Ibsen,
William Archer quotes from a letter of
Ibsen In which be says: "The title
of tbe play Is 'Hedda Gaoler.' My In
tention In giving It this name was to
Indicate that Hedda, as a personality,
Is to be regarded ss ber father's daugh
ter than as ber husbands wire. It
was not my dexlre to deal In this play
with so-called problems. What I prin
cipally wanted to do waa to depict hu
man beings, human .emotions, and
human destinies, upon a groundwork
of certain of the social conditions aud
principles of the present day."
The publication of a volume "On the
Death of Mine. Laura" led a press clip
ping bureau In New York, which de
clares that Its literary department Is
perfect, to address a communication
to "F. Petrarch, In care of William
Helnemnn, Publisher, London," In
which Petrarch Is asked to send $3 If
be wants to know "bow much publicity
his work Is securing." Petrarch has
This Is
doubtless the same agency that ad
dressed Iznak Walton lu care of Little,
Brown & Co., Boston, upon the publi
cation of a new edition of "The Com
plete Angler," soliciting an order for
clippings of reviews of bis "new work."
Tis nothing-, lirv, tf " "
'hen .
win . ... aews of tne
"Ulll IB
A Cloee Gaeee.
word Is 'q-u-a-r-t , quarts,'
For Four Year Mn; of Hli Waking
Honrs Tailed la Telegraph OBI re,
Abraham Lincoln has been studied
from almost every point of view, bat
It Is a noticeable fact that none of bis
biographers has ever seriously consid
ered that branch of the service with
which Lincoln was In dally personal
touch for four years the military tele
graph for during tbe Civil War the
President spent more of his waking
hours lu the war d.'iMirtmcut telegraph
oltlce than In any other place except
the White House. While In the tele
graph oltlce he was comparatively free
from olllelal cares, aud therefore more
Inclined to disclose his natural traits
snd disposition, writes Duvid Homer
Ha tea. In Tlwt Centurv.
Not an office; UtlJf' '""u
Moaning out. ,i .lo V dth " ,
All quiet slon, the Pot" '"'"'''"V,,,. '
Where , lis V"'
Jiaiuitif '
Their tent. i0 ,', tf tbe cler "u
tumn moon. . .rmm ...
Or the In-lu ol tU trh Br '
gleaming. , ,
A tremulous ,tK u 0 l-,to nlht
wind . , .
Through the foreat ,t" "
creepiui- ,,
While atara up .bovs. ,,,e,r ,UMer"
lna i
Keep guard- fur (be army Is sleeping.
There', only the sousd (rf lone
try's triad, . . .
As be tramp, from lb rock to tb"
fountain, , ,
And he think, of the two In the low
trundle bed ,
Far away in the cot the mountain.
Mi. m,..k... ..,, ,.,k-his face, dark
-- ........ , i a 1 1 sis"
snd grim, .
Grows geuile with BifBO'1' "n'11';
As he mutism s praj'f "r chllaren
For their mother-B' h""11 utfend
her I
The moon aeema to sklst Juat ss brightly
ss then.
That nlkht. when the love yet unspoken
Leaped up to hia lipr-whcn low-murmured
vows '
Were pledged to be t'r unbroken
Then drawing his sl't roughly over bis
He d isbea off teart that are welling.
And fathers his gun deter up to its place,
Aa if to keep down tbe beart-sweljing.
He paaaea the fountain, the blasted pine
The footstep (a laiglnf snd weary ;
Yet onward he goes through the broad
belt o light.
Toward the shades of tbe forest so
Hark 1 was It the n!-ht wind that rustled
the lea res T
My Hair is
Do you like it? Then why
be contented with it? Have
to be? Oh, not Just put on
Ayer's Hair Vigor and have
long, thick hair; aoft, even
hair; beautiful halr.without a
single gray line in it. Have i
little pride. Keep young Just
as long as you can.
1 am artv-sevea ysera eld, see antit re
eeetlv mv nslr vsrv sry. Sat la a fsw
weeks Aysr't Htlr Visor rs.feirsa Uie Mtursl
olor te mv lisir se sow ihsrs Is aet a ersv
hair to he sesa." 4. W. Uaaeua, Boaiasr
Ciesk, iM.
kr J. O. irw o... LeweU,
Alee isimfsstmrere ef
tie Took Meat.
As It la undoubtedly true that one
man's meat may be another man's poi
son, so It happens sometimes that what
seems Ilka work to one person -is re
garded aa recreation by another.
"Had a good lecture on Alasky, didn't
we,Eb?"asked one of Mr. Ihxld's neigh
bors, meeting blm the day after the
lecture. "To sit there peaceful as pis
for two hours, bearing blm reel off the
Information and seeing those pictures
a...hleaa Faaiaisl im Msatssa Ave
IV err liars) Opals Brittle.
Many precious stones fouud In tbe
fsr Western States come to a lapidary
I of Portlaud. Ore., to be cut, says a dls
1 patch to tbe Indianapolis News. Tbe
'principal stones cut are sapphires, gar
nets, rubles, opsls and agates. Besides
, these, be polishes and trims large quan
j titles of gold quarts and any amount
I of pebbles from the seashore and moun
tains. Talking of bis work one wan
"Sapphires are neit to disnionda In
hardness. I get a large number of
these to cut, moat of them coming from
Montsna and Ceylon. Those from the
Indian Isle are the moat expenalTe,
but I have known people to come Into
my shop and pick out a Montana stuns
In M-efersnce to the other. These
stones run from a white to a deep blue.
Many have red and pink shades In
"Following the sapphires In value
snd hardness to work are tha rubles.
These popular stones are simply red
sapphires, so far ss I have been able
to Judge, after having bandied hun
dreds of both sorts of ths gems. Tbey
come from the same localities Mon
tana and Ceylon but nearly all are
mined tn the copper State.
"Osrnets are very often brought to
me for transforming from rough, ugly
looking stones to jrerty gems. Many of
these srs not worth tbe cutting, mu
one does not know this until sfter tbe
deed Is done.' Very often a man will
come In and show me a atone In tbe
rough and ask my opinion of It Now,
one cannot Judge the true value of a
cast on the screen, was a grand rest
for me, boat out with cranberrylug as gem until It Is cut. but I make a guess
I be." I as to what I think It win ue. i sin
"It was a good enough talk," admit- i about as often right as wrong, for
ted Mr. Dodd, In a grudging tone, "but many times the stones taat I am noi
It didn't rest me sny to speak of. lie
tween having to set stock still without
a chance to get In a word for two mor
tal hours snd crane my neck looking at
think were worth while, turn out to
be beautiful gems, while others that
bore promise of being One are not
worth the time spent on them. Tbe
those views. I was pretty well wore best garnets I receive are rrom Arizona
when I got home. and New Mexico, although many come
"Hut I took the lantern out Into the 'from eastern Oregon, Idaho and Mon-
Banking by Mail
On savings deposits of s dollsr
or more, compounded twios
every yesr. It is iusl as esay
to open a Savings Account with
as by Ms.l as if you lived next
door. Send tor our free book
Ut, "Esnking by Mail," and
lesra full particulars. AdJruss
Oregon Trust 8c
Savings Bank
Portland, Oregon
Sixth and Waahlngton St.
woodshed, snd by the time I'd split uj
a week's kindlings I felt kind o' rested
an' calmed down."
Doajs aad M astral Toaee.
The capacity of dogs to distinguish
musical tones has been made tlie sub
ject of elaborate experiments by Dr.
Otto Kalischer, of Iterlln, and the re
sults have Just been published In the
I nwMiAillnea nf tbe IWrlln Academe nt
i 1 - -
Waa It moonlirht ad auddenly flashing? Sciences. Dr. Kalischer
It looked lik' i rifle "Ha; Mary, dog, to p0k op arid eat
good-hy J"
And the life-blood Ii ebbing and plashing.
All quiet along the rotomae to-nlgbt;
trained his
morsels of
meat set before them only when a cer
tain note was sounded.
at. Vitne Dear an an nervous Dteraaes
S prnnsiiantlr cursd nr "n v.r .
Riorr. Knd Sir k'KFK 2lrll boUU anil
No sound r. the rush of the river; muiss. iir.M. U.kliBw.M..ai Arcasu.l'bua.,a,
While aofl falls the dew on the face ol
the detd
The picket is off duty forever 1
Ethel Lynn Beers.
Tfce Merrr Heart Ooee All ! War.
When you com to a wearlaonie bit of the
U'h.n ih r thick and the
path ii it Dep.
And the back i iowed with Ihe Left ol
the loan, t
As the DirMs)l,l hrd to keep.
Don't stop Just thntir a wasteful sigh,
Uut challeng the worst with eteadfast
cheer ;
If nowhere els. th la help on high
Gods angelt will baaten. your pioneer.
How the Ball Waits I'p.
"Yaas, de beauty an' chivalry ob
Smnketown mingled tn tbe ballroom."
"Mingled, yo say?"
"Mingled till 'bout 'leven o'clock.
Den dcy mixed." Houston (Texaa)
The London milkman covers his route
en foot, pushing s band cart with three
wbeela, which carries bis cans of milk
snd his different measures.
Uettlaa Oat from lader.
From the depths of her Inner conacloua
nesa Mrs. Shelley had evolved s hideous
monster in the ahnne of a humsn h.in
was only moonshine." Chicago News. but ueetltuta of all tbe moral attributes
or Humanity.
"Still." ahe reflected, "no fair minded
person can accuse me of being a nature
faker. 1 am not charging nature with
having sny hand In the production of
thia monstrosity."
In elaborating the atory, however, alie
cleverly dodged all reaponibility by put
ting the eniire blame on a helpless and
unauapeetlng student of tbe nau: of
Fleasaat fur t lareaee.
The sharp, penetrating voire of the
young woman's mother rang out on the
still night sir.
"Marie, coma In the boifse this minute 1
Haven't I told you "
"Mamma," Interrupted an equally
sharp voles, appearing to come from
somewhere oa the front porch, "this Isn't
Jack 1 This Is Clsrence 1"
said the teacher. "Now, can you use It Durlug the last four years of Lln
In s sentence. Maggie?" coin's all too brief public career, even
"Why, replied the little girl, "It's "tH the day before bis tragic ending,
like this here: 'When a gent loves a the writer waa most fortunate In being
lady he quarts her.' "Philadelphia able to see him end talk with him
Tress. dally, and usually several times a day;
for he visited the war department
telegraph office regularly, moruing,
afternoon and evening, to receive the
Intent neivs from the front. His tall,
homely form could be seen crossing
the well shaded lawn between the
White House and the war department
with unvaried regularity.
In cool weather he Invariably wore
s gray plaid shawl thrown over his
boulders In careless fasliion, and, upon
entering the telegraph offlcp, he would
always bang this shawl over the top of
Clever at That,
"Who Is thst seedy-looking man over
"That's Burroughs. He's a real mas
ter st constructing short stories."
When you retch tbe lonesome bit of the "Oh, an author, eh?"
road, "No. I mean be can think np any
Curtailed shout with mist snd murk, I Bnmber of wsys of telling you he's
And you hear faint sounds from tbe dresd broks ."Philadelphia Press,
above, I
Where shivering, grim hobgoblins lurk, MothTi flll(j Urs. Wlnalows Soot him
Just laugh to scorn their doleful cries yrup the b st remedv to ote lot their ohUdrea
This la tho place to whistle ana sing; ... .s
Owe EaceptloB.
Mrs. Wlckler Dear me! bow all the
necessaries of life bave gone up.
Brush the for from your fearless eyes,
And close to tht faith of your fathers
When you atind st tho sorrowful bit of
the rntd, ,
And s hand yon kvl his loosed Its
When atream. are in that In sweetneas
' And flowers drop from your listless
rap; M
E'en now take heart for farther on
There sro hope J7 ml ,h d"rn
' dsi: ' .
Tou shall find spis viMt thou1,,
was gone,
Tis the merry hetrt goes all the wsy.
Margaret E. Stnpr-
tsna. They are not very hard to cut
"Idaho and eastern Oregon send a
great number of opsls to this city,
slso get some stones from Austrls snd
Mexico. I often find some rare beau
ties In those sent from Idaho and Mei
I co, but the finest ars found In Hun'
"Opals srs bird to cut on account of
their being so brittle. This Is why the
stone became known as an unlucky one.
Workmen hated to have to cut them,
for often Just ss a Job was about fin
ished tbe stone would break.
"Amethyst, topas and crystal quarts
are sent me from various parts of tbe
United States. Most of the first ars
found In the Lske Superior region,
while the topas Is obtained In Rocky
Mountain States. There Is very little
difference In the work of preparing
these two gems for the market.
"Pink snd green tourmalines are sent
to me from southern California, as well
ss the new gem, kunzlte, which Is of
a lilac color.
"Jade Is very hard to polish. This
stone Is the toughest known, and takes
what we call a greasy polish. The beet
of this stone Is found In China and
New Zealand. There Is a light, dirty
looking Jade found In southern Oregon,
snd while It has the toughness of tho
sort from over the seas. It does not
bsvs the color, and so Is vslued at al
most nil.
"Cold quarts Is flxed by cutting It
with a fine saw Into tbe desired shapes.
I csn tell the name of the mine from
which any gold quarts Is obtained
from eastern Oregon or Idaho by sim
ply looking at a sawed section of the
Every little while soms one comes
Hia Little ll!a.
Mr. Corson, owner of the sawmill,
bad bis eye on every stick of t!mier In
the county, snd tbe owner of every poor
little clump snd grove bad bis eye on
Mr. Corson and tbe rising prices of
George Wales cut bis thin squad of
pines, trimmed the logs, and plied them
In bis front lot by tbe road. Then be
waited for tbe time when be should ac
cidentally be visible on the place and
Mr. Corson should drive by.
The encounter took place In due time.
Mr. Corson rattled past In bis wagon.
took a sidelong look at the pile of logs,
and called, "Say, George, don't you
know It ain't polite to throw your
toothpicks' rouud the front yard?"
"I bear old Grandpa Jinx has passed
"Yes, and the family miss blm very
"I should think tbey would be glad
for blm, he bad tbe palsy terribly."
"Yes, but tbey used to fasten blm to
the chum and he'd bring tbe butter In
no time." Fort Worth Record.
All Taaerlea I'p.
Ths boy temporarily in rbarre of ths
"morgue" in the office of the Daily Thun
derbolt was not sure whether be bad
found the portrait tbs night editor want
ed or not, ss there was no name on it.
In despair ha called up that function
ary through tbs telephone.
Say," be exclaimed, "I wish yoa
would send somebody down here that
ran tell me whether this Is a cut of Sena
tor Knox, Boss Croker or Harry Or
chard, snd be blamed quick about it!"
Chicago Tribune.
r fnT hlsi
Tn i will i ff w.Tv
V4 U li C
'Hie Kind You llavn Always 1 tone tit lias borne tfio nlfrna
ture of Chas. II. Fletcher, ami lias been mini under his
.rr..i.i auprrvisiun ior over ho years. Allow no cino
to deceive you In this. Counterfeits, Imitations niul
.liMt-as-good" are but Experiments, ami rmlanirer the
licalth of Children Kxperience against Experiment.
Castnrtit Is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, rare
(torlc. Drops and Soothlnn Hyrups. It la I'leusnnt. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine) nor other Turcot to
substance. Its ge Is its guarantee. It tlestrovs Worms
nI allays Peverishness. It cures Dlarrlio i. and AVIiul
Colic. It relieve Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulenov. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach snd llowels, giving- healthy ami natural sleep.
The Children's I'anacca The Mother's Friend.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
uears tne Signature or
In Use For Over 30 Years.
eeaswa i
a, ee evtHf eraser, mwm ....
Latest N.t.re Fakir" Storw.
The principal of grammar school
st Sprinsflold, Ma. Iw ,,n follov
with Interest Iir. H":"n J- In
controversy with PresUent Kooxevelt,
f.-ols that he hat grl'van,'e against
the doctor. The grammar scnooi prin
in wun s DSCKsra nnrtnr th m ii.
. . v... i. n ' . - . -
wicaier , i su. looks around to see If there Is sny one
P- sbout ths shop other than himself
Mrs. Wlckler Well. I should like Right then snd there I put It dosvn
you to mention one thing thst hasn't that ths visitor has what he thinks Is
tone up. a collection ot diamonds In the rough.
Wlckler-Certslnly. My salary.-ll- .,w,yi Mk tne of
Juatrated Bits. for the reason that I jet so much of
Water from sn srtesian well at Ostend thl vrork that 1 may bavs examined
which has been wasted for fifty years has half tbs rocks In the neighborhood
now been discovered to porneaa medicinal nd could tell In a minute whether
qualities similar to ths waters of Vichy. 'there was snv llkelltw-t e
. w,,. v. uiaiiiUUUa
being- found In the collection.
"But none of these persons will tell
me where they found the rocka i.n.n t
(asve reported the result of the Investl-
.Ii . 7 ,r fraM 1 wnt to
Hnd the location of the diamond mine
and steal It from them."
'!) )s aojoa amsa em ion J
mvpsm iap im 'ma Xuuiji sjoa
jo juasjojd qj pia .luiiojdtnj
d.T 'S'P Ps ijqama8 upj sajAo.id
-U top) s.jeiqSnsp im pag noi 0(jM
I"I1I lllasaoj ojg
ie n.gu a. u,r tH-mng into s.- ,,.,, b , " ri.llte an enter
retary Stanton . r,H,m adjoining. Tbl, ' tfl , J ' Mi.h ,he d,K-tor
door was nearly always opvn. IIe , M . , r,'f upon tbe frlenil.
Skake hue Yew- Sheas
Allen'l Foot Fs.e A powder. It inakea t!ch
or new shoes feel easy. It Is a eertain rure lot
westing, callous and hot, tired, achlna feet,
gold by all lirnrglate. Pries 2.-M. Trial park
sue mailed FRKhT. Address Allen 8. Olmsted,
UHoj.htm York.
aom laneu to -oine over late In tbe
evening before retiring, and whim re
turning to the Wlilte Ilnuse sfter dark,
he was frequently scconipnnled by
XlaJ. Kckert, our chief, and nearly al
ways by s small guard of soldiers. Ho
sometimes protented against this latter
precaution as unnect'saary, but Secre
tary Stanton's orders to the guard were
Rmprrnr'a Romaatle f nart.hlp.
While the Emperor of Austria was
spending s short holiday at Ischl, q
the Austrian Alps, he saw for the first
time the Princess Klizalx-th of Bavaria
says P. T. O. She was then only m'
but the monsrch Immediately fell head
over ears In love with her. Ilia nintin r
wns giving a ball, and he Insisted on
tlie young princess being Invited, but
her mother objected. "KllxnU'tb Is
not yet out," she aald. "Then let her
come out." replied tlie Emperor. -Hut
continued ber niotlx.r, "iie tins notti
Ing to wear." This seemed a trivial
matter U the young suitor, who re
sounded : "It her come Just as she la,"
She went to the ball, and !,, danceil
all the evening with the Emperor. Their
msrrlsge duly came off on April 24
1R54, and their nnlon continued for
forty-four yesra. being trsglcaii, termi
nsted by tbe hsnd of the sssassln.
World's Larceat Hosaltal.
The largest hospital In the world la
the Metropolltsn, on Blackwelis 1
snd. New Tork. ',
All that csn be ssld of some peot.u
Is thst tbey srs "ood compsny."
said that h r,-.,imed uon
ship of a frog with which he bad be
come acquainted to the extent of of
fering the frog 1 small piece of to
bacco. The frog swallowed the tobacco
and then began to -rtch ',,'ai1 r
nVctlvely. Apparently the head-scratching
process eTOve( an Idea, for before
the doctor's astnlbcd eyes the frog
llternlly turned lt stoni-h Inside out,
wished It and Net u-
The grammnr rlwol principal was so
Impresed with tne cleverness of the
performance that be divided to procure
few fr.ig, an(i glrs demonstration
to a aeon, of pplli whom be strongly
suspected had the cl:",,',,e ua,),t llt
obtained a dogen frX "n'' domestl
cnted them no that r'n wou1'' eat to
l"-"o In ihmtod qusntltlets. but not one
f the frog, turned I1" '011,",'b I,",d
t for the prlncll-",lln,'",lon- "n'
them! They neemed to like the stuff."
rrs the sch,s, prlnrlH- The cause
'f scientific inetruction relative to the
Injurious effects of narcotics received
snot her setback th ,l,m' d;lT wI"n
h Prlncip, ftfr dwelling msin the
""s of tobacco looltexl Inquiringly Into
the face 0f the otfeaiier ,n tn
chool whose iin(l!'Dln response was.
"lr ain't no t-rlsvtT In cigarettes."
"laT-1' ,
Minister's Wlfr-Wkt upI Tner
r burglars In tfr Tobn"
Minister-wen, rbst of It? Let them
nnl out their oilstsisi themselves.
Christian Regtstff-
Entirely U)0 rjufh attention Is paid
t0 the affair, of nt b',rt ,ml BO
"Osh to ths sff'l of th ,lTer I
Tfslai WamaWa Plaint.
"What la especially neede(i at
present time," said the busy woman
"Is a new style compliment for thin
Dlatlaetloa. s-uw. 11s siucuue Of the public to-
80 von are one of tbe men who ",ra 'willowy' true of human k.
went west to grow up with ths coun-, specially the femsls sjiecles. Is
try." pusxllnf. Those wbo carry s few ex-
"No," snswered the prosperous snd layers of flesh seem to feel a con
serene cltlien. "I sm one of the men umlng compassion for those whose
wbo went west to show the country frame Is less abundantly
ITiow to grow up properly." Wsshlng- thlr opinion the greatest compliment
ion oiar. I V7 a person of mv m.......
niSVtu.Fl Irv... I. - , . Cl
He HaS rik,
"Iflere's a note," said the postal clerk,
"from a man complaining that bis msll
Isn't delivered regulsrly."
"What's bis nsmer asked tbe bclef.
"Huh! With that name you'd think
be had all the letters bs needed."
Philadelphia Tress.
Grease HSI
Helps Ihc Wagon op
the nui
Ths losd seems ' lighter Wagon
and team west longer You tasks
more Bodey, snd have mors time
It tnaks money, when wheels srs
' greased with
Mica Axle Grease
Ths longest wearing snd most
Satisfactory lubricant in ths war Id.
proportions Is to exclaim
" Oh, how well you are looking. Your
fsce Is ever so much fuller thau it
used to be,' u 11
"Just as sure ss 1 meet anybody who
wishes to b. particularly agreeable ahe
-or maybe be-say, that They think
It win make m. feel nice snd comfort
able. But It doesn't 1 don't want my
cheek, to .uck out Ilk. full mJ
bs even stout In fact very few thin
people do w.nt to. That I. -i, ,
csnuot understand the prevalent of
. compliment No one would
a',u w stout per
son, Oh, you ars so much thinner than
you used to be, or to a florid pers
-V.-'v,nu.,rhI,er u
aauress remarks
rsiromai, persons 1 to ths lean
hungry Oassluses of either sex
iua lues ot pieaslngr
Tou csn t get an unprejudiced opln
!lon of your new ault by ..king .
,msn: "How do yon ilk. mj " '
. " 't hs will bring
op the subject himself. '
If you rnn Into a stone wslL an
round lti don't back off and butt E
Jheep at It a. long
"lfrirr Mud QgctsV- intti
Bcfora (joins tlsewhara.
142' Wsshlnsloa St. Pertland, Or, foe
Portland Oregon
A Otrla' School ol the highest class. Collegi
ate department. Musle. Art. Eloeution. Oynv
aaaium. Fall term opens September IS.
Quality la our motto. We educate for aueeeea.
ana send each student to a position when com.
patent man, mors ealla for help than we caa
wet, Indiridual Instruction Insures rapid prog,
raes. All modern methoda of bookkeeping ara
lausht; also rapid calculations, correspondence,
commercial law. office work. ate. Chart ior ia
ur shorthand easy, rapid, legible. Beautiful
eatalorua. business tan and penmanship free.
C. Gee Wo
The Well-Known
JfJ Root and Herb
u . ...
a 4, 7,iir; a 7 " r'x", ""1 " '
SlumS " t""nt W ,h W0,W '
Ns M
vtktillZ'E'" 'r 1r"" '- Cares
VHhoat Operation, or Without tbe Aid
I s knlle
Throst Khl I Hu, c'"',n. Atthma, Uns,
Msnhond. fLJ'P""" Troubles: slso Lost
rsmsie Wesknast snd All H,..i.n.
it Reealv trn P.Mt , ChlaSah, B-r,
l v . ""- '"able.
yoa ean? LAiYi..AR E CANCEROUS.
Porilsnd. Orsron
Please Menttea Tkla Paper.
Pie, i. sr
ISfpae. '
1 ' "tloai th