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Number 15
fiillsboro Independent. SENATOR TILLMAN
I). W. HATH, Publish k k.
L. B. Raymond Gives Him Seeere
Searching In the Washington
National Trlbun.
1 laT 14 not forced upon
anyone, it la not nur practice to slop
lpnrs u ii in oruereu u Uu au. Anyone
uol wiahiuif the par muni uotify tba
j.ui.umrr or mey ftlll Ixt Iiel4 liable lor
Ilia aulnx-ripliou iiriiw.
ttoutreo' at tbo Poeiofflce at Mils
i ro. Oregon, for transmission throuru
the mall m second-class mall matter.
Official Paper of Washington County.
Republican In Politics.
4DVKKTIHINU Katics: l)tiUV, 00 cent
au Hit li. Hinula column, lor lour Inter
tiong; rending notic e, one cent a word statement tbat the negro is not a tul
!::!' A,r,("ll!:'"l,:?Jh"? I? never can be equal to the white
at inuiiili j lotttj runlrt, 5 ft yr. pay- njau may le his honest opinion
"m- the
Senator Tillmau gave his tirade
ou the negro question at the Des
Moines Chautauqua a w eek ago Sua
day afternoon. It was as outrage
ous a jierformaiice as ever occurred
in the state of Iowa. Tillman's
Hillaboro, Oregon.
Office: Rooms 3. 4 and S. Morgan Blk.
Hillaboro, Oregon.
Office: Central Block, Rooms I and 7.
Hlllsboro, Oregon.
Office, In Union Blk.. with 8. B. Ilutton
Room A, i and 6, Morgan Bloca
Hillaboro, Oregon. '
tion temicrately and cou fines hi in
self to facts he is entitled to respect
ful hearing. But when he trans
gresses all the bounds of decency,
udvises law breaking and justifies
murder and mob rule, he forfeits
all right to be heard by decent peo
pie. Among other things be said
in his Des Moines tirade was that
the citizens of the North amalga
mated with the negro to' the lull
extent of their opportunities, and
that the track of the route of Sher
man s march to the sea could be
traced on after years by the mula-
toes born after the soldiers passed
that way.
Who is this man Tillman who
talks about ''amalgamating" with
negroes? Who is he who black
guards Union soldiers (or alleged
association with colored women?
Jf of the slaveholding family of
Mr. Hedges In Error.
State Senator Hedges, of Oregon
City, says that the state authorities
cannot suppress" gambling in Mil
waukie. But the state of Oregon
has decreed that gambling is un
lawful, and public sentiment favors
the decree. If public sentiment
were less pronounced against be
evil, the opportunity for indulging
in hair-splitting legal technicalities
would lie much more favorable,
If. as claimed lv Mr. Hedpea. the
leeislature has granted the tnun nf to milk t CO tbe buttermilk cock
Milwaukie the rieht to license job- tail was invented. A
berv and theft for the pambler is cooler it b.sbo equal. As a tonic,
a twin brother of the thief, both y e Ne Vork Press. il s-
At One Ti wte Product, is
NowofGwe Velua to Man.
Iin, as a Drink.
Long before Fairbanks learned
seeking to get something for noth
ing, it could also license a few mur
derers or other lines otlawbreakers.
If Milwaukie really needs the won
cy, as badly as some ot its thrifty
citizens seem to think, aud Mr.
Hedges is sure of his ground, why
not license a few counterfeiters?
There are a few people who per
haps could stand robbing fuel bar
ons and franchise grabbers, for ex.
ample, and a license to steal from
them should sell for even more
money than can be secured from
perior to every!1'1'; alcoholic As
an alterative it is without a rival.
A gl;iss. A cube of dill pickle. A
lump of ue. liutterinilk to the
brim. Ouaffand rejoice. Such a
drink would not hurt the chances
of any prospective candidate for
There are sweet buttermilk and
. . . -tl- T . i
sour iniitermiis. w uie lormer
severely alone. One it a few days
in'the ice box and it will ferment.
Then drink it In tue old days in
the country no housewife ever
Badly Mangled.
Ii. M. Porter, a well known resi
dent of Tillamook, who has lieen
employed w ith the Miami Lumber
company ot Hudsonville, was
caught in the shaft of the saw
Saturday and frightfully mangled.
Porter was stooping' over the
shaft oiling the bearings when his
clothes caught and hurled him with
terrific force against the floor. He
was raised again and jammed
against the side of the buildiug.
Workmen picked hiiu up iincon-
s a blood I
home as quickly as possible and
medical attendance siimtnoned.
His injuries are fatal aud lie cannot
recover. Porter's right arm was
nearly torn from his lody, all of
his ribs broken and he sustained a
fracture of the skull which extend
ed completely across one side of
his head. He is a brother-in-law
of W. II. Cooper of Tillamook.
Notary Public and
ii r i.i.snoko.
South Carolina, the probability i
that he has, or has had, if his father
did not sell them off before the war
I - r a .x . . , , ..
r,viwtinn " sa'e to say mac ne conaoiteu
I with ftirfv err an ar t Yi 1irt.-u.t
gro women. If he had any proper
CULT I ROM ty leit to hint upon arriving at his
I mm'nriiv If ia mnr tlian nrohaliltf
i j mj - i
J l W that it Wu largely due to the pro-
I Osafl(a r( tKa 1 1 1 we otl c ikai f r (
(a.A.a I W aW IHlAi U U V 3T1 VUk V
ana nowrj i , .
Ollite Over eurunK s btore, second BU I ... . . .
was meir coior ana wuo toucti mat
O. F.
I .; a r t
years exrriocce In the iinian ana uis loroears niigiu ao
Y ill practice in any cumulate. The chances are dollars
to doughnuts that in the vicinity of
Tillman's home there are persons of
mixed blood who owe their pater
nity to him. Talk about the
amalgamating" of Northern peo
ple with the negro race! Why, in
Tillman's section it is the fashion;
here in the North it bring disgrace,
And Tillman and his kind evident
ly feel deprived of their rights, be
cause they can no longer sell their
half-brothers, or their illegitimate
children or force them to labor for
courts o( Michigan.
Office upstairs, Bailey Morgan Blk.
8. T. LINKLATER, M. B. C. M.
Hlllsboro, Oregon.
8. P. R. R. 8URQEON
Hlllsboro, Oregon.
Rmlilt-nrf eornrr Third and Main; olllee Dp
t.i....wMr iMit.lnitf aiiirt: hours, n.xoiouni.
I to and 7 In . m. Ti-lephtwe lo retHlo
from I .Inn .lore. All calls roopur
rortxi J or umlu
Ollloe. uimliiiri, over The Delta Drug
Store, otlice lioura 8 to 12 ; 1 to 0, ami them without recompense
In the evening from 7 to U o'clock. yi10 is Tillman that be comes
here and assumes to teach law-abiding
citizens their duty? Less than
five years ago he countenanced and
upheld coldblooded murder of a
white man, by all accounts letter
than himself, the murder being
committed by his brother. He ad
vised the assassination beforehand,
he appeared in court lo overawe the
Judge and jury, he subsidized the
lilork. no-l j'uuin. atuii
Residence nieni, ana in a civilized community
he would have been indicted and
punished as accessory to the crime
This is not the worst feature of the
case, nor is it the deepest disgrace
connected with it. It ts found in
hlnrk no. luc lua' 111 tue cuy oi I.CS
Reeldence, Moines, the capital city of Iowa, an
Hlllsboro, Oregon.
Ofllce: Morgan-Ualley
stairs, rooms 11'. 13 and 15,
8. W. cor. llaie Line and Second its.
Both 'phones.
Hillaboro, Oregon, .
Office: Morganlialloy
atalra with K. A. lialley.
. m. corner luira aim u ., fnnA c.
atternoon to ait and listen to this
red-handed, vituperative blackguard
for two hours, and if the public
nrinra aw In Vw Vw! i ...... ! l- Inij.-
OrnrwnTrr 1lll-y't iru Hlora. OrTloahoBri ' ""-
from h allo u. i:im ton. nd ? to . Kwi.ivoo rupt him with applause. And at
Ihlrd hoiiw north of nlir l.-oirlellliii.lBt. t lau.-w. uii ai
txia ammpiiy atinn.ie.1 iiT or nii.i. Hoih I the close enouch people were found
I to indorse his views by holding up
Ilillslioro, Oregon.
(OWN KI.HS. : ; (MIKliON
Dr. B. P. Shepherd,
(Succpasor to Dr. A. llurris.)
At bis moms over City llakery every
TucfeUy, Thurait.ty and Saturday.
President Culifornln CoIIpc of Dsloiiatby
Profeaaor of Theory and 1'ract'u'e.
Ks-Mem. Cat. Mate Hoard of Kxamlners
The Orefionlan and lnde
pendent, one year, 82.
their hands, to make a respectable
showing as to numbers. But it
was as discreditable to the audience
as if Jesse James could have been
resurrected to tell his story, or Or
chard could have leen brought
front Idaho to repeat his tale ot
wholesale murder, and the people
had applauded and cheered at the
Teddy bears, $l to $ l. 50 at Mrs.
Bath millinery store. Also a nice
lot of dolls.
one that only rmits a man to run thought of churning until the milk
gambling joint. A license, to was sour, and the residue after
steal indiscriminately would bring the butter was skimmed ofT was
in so much money that Milwaukie nectar for tbe gods. Buttermilk
couia lay out a new park. Mr. trom tue modem creamery is a
Hedges, however, should not mis- fraud. Only t few milk dealers
take the temper of the people on serve good buttermilk. Never
this subject. A mistake may cost touch it unless it is perfectly white
his clients some money aad much Yellow buttermilk is dangerous,
discomfort. We have not yet sue- Did you know tbat buttermilk
ceeded in stopping murder entire- was waste product in tbe North up
ly, and arson, butglary and other to about i8;o? Fact. I have a
crimes flourish. But it has been vivid recollection of a fine specimen
uite deDnitely settled that what- of Yank touring the South at that
ever gambling is done in this vicin- time. At dinner in a roadside inn
ity in the fnture, will be in some he said to the waitress, "What
dark secluded stmt such as murder have you to drink?" "We have
ers or other lawbreakers would some delicious buttermilk," she re
seek in order to escape detection, plied, and fetched a glassful. "Oh,
Civilization has reached Portland take that stuBtway," he cried; "we
and tbe practices of the Indians and I only feed it U) f hogs in my part
otner neatuen races, will be aiiol-lot tue country.'". Vint the tuera
ished. Portland Oregonian.
pcutie value ourmilk is begin
ning to be unde'ttood. If our
hospitals would usi more butter
milk and less sweet lilk their pa
tients would be less jtnnatient.
A buttermilk diet till invariably
cure the gout. It contains more
casein than whole milk, cream,
skim milk, or butter. The fact
that casein does not brm uric acid
Patent for Oregon Mineral Land
llie rorest cervice Has recotn
mended to the commissioner of the
general land office that patent issue
ou the lode mining claims of J. C.
Lewis, in the Rogue River mining
district in the Siskiyou National
Forest Oregon,
The forest officer who made the
examination has reported that the "dapts it for tbe use cf the gouty
claims are beinc extensivelv .level. As gout aud rheuroitism are first
oped and that valuable mineral de- cousins, buttermilk k good medi
posits have Wen discovered. Clne ,or tue nieiin,atic 1 here are
The claims from two groups men wbo feel 0 llged to take an
known as the "Benton" and the "T occasional drink 01 whisky. Some
C. L." croups. Thev were lnrateil of the cleverer ones take a small
in 1893 and relocated by the pres- Ulassful of buttermilk as a chaser,
ent owner in 1894. Large expen- wnicn suows ruuen wisuom.
ditures have been made lor the de- The most eminent scientist in
velopment of the properties aud the Europe spent many years trying to
evidence of the mineral deposits are understand the mcritsof buttermilk
such as would seem to indicate that He has discovered a few of them
the land possesses mineral in pay- A great majority of men prefer
ing quantities. . sweet milk. In the good old sum
The recommendation that patent nier time they should never take a
issue is in accordance with the pol- drop of it in a public house without
icy of the forest service to encour- the addition of a little lime water
age the development of the mineral There are 6,000,000 microbes in
resources of the lauds in the nation- every cubic inch of sweet milk left
al forests and to make the lorests at your door in tbe morning by the
contribute to the development of delivery man. A few of these fel
such resources by keeping the tirn- lows may be bad; most of them are
ber in the country for the use of the not only harmless, but necessary to
miners as long as they need it. help you digest the milk. Be not
Endorsed By The Countv. fearful of microbes,
"The most Popular remedy In It lias l)ecn st'1tei1 and statetl
Otsego County, and the best friend aKain tbat niiIk is t1ie on,y perfect
of my family," Wm. M. Dietz, ioo(X- It is supposed to be meat,
editor and publisher of the Dtvcrr. bread and drink. It is also stated
1 . .
ournal. Gilbertsville, N. Y is Dr tnat the moment a kumui 01 sweet
Kinc's New Discovers Tr milk reaches your stomach it is
proved to be an infallible cure for curdled, which means of course
coughs and colds, makimr short that digestion bas begun. Why
work of the worst of them. We al- alIow tb, curdling process to occur
wavs keep a bottle in the rinii. t in the stomach? Sour buttermilk
believe it to be the most valuable is curdled before it enters the ah
prescription known for T.nno- anA mentary canal, which relieves the
Throat diseases." Ouarant.l tn stomach of one duty. The bacteria
never disappoint the taker by all are enabled to set to work immedi
drugstores. Trice 50c and Si 00 ately to relieve jour vitals of sun
Trial bottle free.
Ilaoe Hall goods of all ktn.ls a II.
Bear's Bicycle shop on Main street.
n Augut harvest has begun,
True as I have a little son.
Hut then that's neither here nor there
We want to know if you're aware
That Pulmateer's Confectionary
n warmest days is cool anj airy.
We toll cold drinks and fine Ice Crsam.
That all good folks do much etteeni.
L. J. Palmateer,
dry distempers. St. Louis Globe'
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make an lde.il bomV; three-minutes
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place ia worth -.3'H'i wnr non-resi
dent. For particm Inquire at The
Independent ofli
pot Sale.
rti.linffnr drivirl horne, a years old:
T . I "
r I lcer For particular! inquire of John
Howard, Laurel, W-
Normal Schools Up To Board.
Tuesday, August 20, has been
set aside as the day for a special
meeting of the state board of Nor
mal School Regeuts for the purpose
of reconsidering the question of the
legal status of the Monmouth and
Drain normals and whether or not
these schools will be authorized to
continue operation or ordered to
close their doors until the normal
school question is finally disposed
of by the next legislature, will be
decided upon. This special meet
ing was called upon the petition of
State Superintendent Ackerman,
W. B. Ayer, of Portland, and K.
Hofer, of Salem, the law requiring
the Petition of three ineiul)ers of
the board to call a special meeting.
The question of the right of these
schools to continue to operate f un
der authority of the permission of
the state board was raised by W.
B. Ayer, of Portland, who contends
that, since there is no legal appro
priation for the support of these
schools and the Ixmd is forbidden
by law to contract indebtedness on
behalf ot any of the schools beyond
the limit of their appropriations, th
board has no legal or moral right
to recognize either the Monmouth
or Drain school and it is the board's
duty to the public and for the good
of the normal school cause to close
these schools up tight for the ensu
ing two years. While the members
of the executive committee, to
whose attention the matter was first
called by Mr. Ayer, do not agree
altogether upon the delicate" points
at issue, they are a unit, however,
that the question is too grave to
pass upon lightly and that it de
serves the attention of the entire
When You Go to Tillamook
Stop at tha WHITR IIOi'HK, K mllt-n or
Koreat OroT on W lton Hirer Uoxl. Kl;
Mtiali. Of; loilitliiir, board Willi mom lr
ek. 96. UU. llorwii: 1ain over ulnlil, bay
and grain, 11. W; liar alone, Vx.
Wtitar piped Ihmuith hoime; modern balh. etc
Telephone or wrlle the proprietor,
J. F. RKK1IKIE, Wilson, Ore.
News Service Badly Cripeled-.Oe-orators
Deaert Their Peats All
Over the Country.
From TuemUy's Ort-gonian.
Practically the eutire telegraphic
business of the country is tied up
as the result of the strike inaugur
ated in most of the large cities by
the operators of the Western t'uion
Telegraph Company and the Postal
Telegraph Company, and one or
two other telegraph companies of
minor importance.
The strike now involves not only
the commercial telegraphers, but
also the operators of the Associated
Press in all the large cities of the
couutry, save a few in New England
and the Middle West. The strike of
the Associated Press men came at
the end of a day of negotiations be
tween General Manager Melville K.
Stone and officials of the telegraph
ers union in Wew iork. uwing
to the radical demands of his oper
ators, General Manager Stone asked
for 24 hours in which to advise with
the members of the Board of Direct
ors of the association.
This request apparently accept
able to General Secretary Russell,
of the Telegraphers' Union, and to
a large number ot Associated Press
operators who realized its reason-1
ableness, but a number of radicals
on the Texas circuit would not con
sent to a postponement of action on
the part of the Associated Press and
quit their keys. This action was
followed largely throughout the
country. The news report of the
Associated Press, however, was not
entirely crippled, the superintend
ents and correspondents in every
section of the country managing
through various channels to secure
the transmission of a large volume
of news to the members of the asso
ciation. A serious phase of the strike de
veloped one afternoon and during
the night when it was discovered
that railroad telegraphers in many
places were ' tampering with the
wires at relay points. By with
drawing "plugs' from the twitch
boards aud grounding the wire
communication on a number of dr
cuits was interrupted and in soma
iustauces entirely shut off.
From the developments of yestar
day and last night it seems certain
that tbe Order of Railway Telegra
pher! will support tbe commercial
telegraphers in their strike, and it
is not improbable that the railway
telegraphers' orgauization will be
come more deeply involved in the
strike should it be of leugthy dura
tion. While the strike at this time hat
the appearance and to some extent
the effect of a general strike, such
is not the case. A large number of
commercial operators are still at
their keys and will not go out until
instructed to do so by President
Small, who is now en route to Chi
cago, where he will hold a confer
ence on Wednesday night with
General Secretary Russell and other
officials of the telegraphers' organi
zation, and possibly with President
Gompers, of the American Federa
tion of Labor, President John Mitch
ell, ot the United Mine Workers of
America, aud other leaders ol tht
labor world who are iu Chicago
awaiting the arrival ot President
In Portland the operators of the
Western Union and Postal Tele
graph Companies struck last night.
The Western Union men were call
ed out by President Branin of the
local union at 7:21 o clock. The
Postal operators left their keys at
7:44 o clock, liotu strikers were
very orderly. The messenger boys
struck last night at 1 1 o'clock after
holding a meeting at which they
formulated a demand for consider
able increase in pay.
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