Hillsboro independent. (Hillsboro, Washington County, Or.) 189?-1932, November 16, 1906, Image 1

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N'umpeu 27
fiilfsboro Independent.
HIVING HATH, Publisher.
Republican in Politics.
iDVKHTiaiNO KATKS: Display, 00 cents
a inch, single column, for four inter
tions; reading uotiees, one cent word
each Insertion (nothing Ira than IS
ceute) ; prolesainnal curds, one Inch, f 1
a liionlh ; lodge cards, $5 ft year, pay
ble quarterly, (notices and resolution!
free to ilverti(iiii lodges).
Hillsboro, Oregon.
Room 3. 4 and 6. Morgan 81k
Hillsboro, Oregon.
Office: Central Block, Rooms C and 7.
Hillsboro, Oregon.
Office, in Union l!lk.. with 8. B. Hiuton
kooms d, 4 and 6, Moruan Bloea
Hllliboro, Oregon.
HIHtboro, Oregon.
Office, upHtairi, orer The Delta Drug
8tore. Office hour 8 to 12 ; 1 to 6, and
In the evening from 7 to 9 o'clock.
Hllliboro, Oregon.
Residence corner Tlilrd and Main; oHlee op
itairsorar DellaarUK store; iitiurs, a.soioiim.
I (a 6 ill" 7 U p. ro. Trlephon. to re.ul.i"
from Helia dru .torn. All calls promptly sua
warail day or ninhl.
Hllliboro, Oregon.
Office: Monsan-Balley block, op
ataln, roome li 13 and 15. Residence
8. W. cor. Base Line and Second sta.
Both 'phones. '
f. J. BAILEY, M. D.
Hillsboro, Oregon.
Office: Morgan-nauejr diock, uo
stairs with K. A. Bailey. Residence,
N. E. corner Third and Oak sta.
Hillsboro, Oregon.
Ornca oer Bailey s Iru Wort. Offloa hours
from ; to 111; 1mh to , and 7 to . KsaMenu
I bird bonne north of cltjr eleoirle Habl p'aut.
Calls promptly aileuded daf or mailt. HoW
pbotias. wpwa-o
Notary Public and Collections.
Tree Delivery
Of the lest Fish, Game and
Meats. Our delivery is prompt
and in all parts of Hillslwro.
We have inaugerated a
new Schedule in 'Prices
and this together with our de
livery system makes this Hills
boro' s popular market.
Corwin & Heidel.
Having purchased the Central
Meat Market, we wish to announce
to former patrons and the public,
that we have established a free de
livery and have reduced the prices
on all meats. For the best cuts
and best service possible we res
pectfully solicit your patronage.
IIoo Growers' Samples and correspond
enca solicited with a view to buying
their hops at ruling market prices.
Hans C. Wahlberg,
',' Morrison St., Cor. 1st,
2V I '
Portland. Telephone, Taciflc tVW.
jleia JVIeat Jlarket 1
S. J. GALLOWAT, Proprietor.
Wilt rarnlsr) customers the beet meat the mar
affords al the lowe.1 U'ln. prlr. a I up
. r..K- nhoae and roar order will be dli.
rer eun " v lon'.,'? ," IZi" r.nSi'J:
trade uipeciaiiy solicited.
8t. neoonJ ivr West ol mr-
trampf's Feed Store.
The Government Has Leasee! Fifteen
Aerea of the Stanton Form for
Experimental Purposes.
H. S. Stover, of Eugene, repre
senting the Irrigation Branch of the
United States Department ot Agri
culture, was in the city last week
and closed arrangements to estab
lish an irrigating plant in Hillsboro.
He has leased fifteen acres of the A.
N. Stanton farm, aj miles north
east of this city and will at once put
in a pumping outfit to supply the
necessary water. The purpose is
to experiment in the growing of all
kinds of grain, vegetables, fruits
and crops of all kinds, including
hay and alfalfa. All the expense
of building and running the station,
cultivating, caring for the grouud
and gathering the crops, and one
man to take charge of the plant
will be borne by the government,
and the object is to experiment with
the different kinds of seed grasses,
vegetables, etc., and demonstrate
what irrigation will do. There is a
plant at Eugene and another at Cor-
vallis, the latter of which is run in
connection with the Agricultural
College. To illustrate what irriga
tion will do here we will mention
that G. VV. Hines, of Buxton, this
fall gathered from a piece of land
ten feet square three sacks of fine
Burbank potatoes, each sack con
taining over two bushels. He irri
gated this patch of ground a an ex
periment and the result is a surprise
to him, thus showing that wonder
ful crops can be raised on irrigated
lanel in Washington county, and the
government is going into the exper
iment on quite a large scale. The
result will be watched with inter-
Put Vp or Walk.
The fellows that have been riding
on free railroad passes will have to
walk after January I. The new
rate law makes it an offense punish
able by a fine of 2,ooo and option
al imprisonment for a railroad to
grant any one a free pass. The
railroads have been in the habit of
issuing every year more than one
hundred thousand annual passes,
mostly to the wealthy and influen
tial who needed them the least, to
say nothing of countless thousands
of trip passes. All this was merely
a form of bribery and was a corrupt
ing agency of the first power. It
has not been abolished any too soon
and the railroads themselves should
be most thankful, as they are the
chief beneficiaries and should be
thankful that the law reliever them
of this expensive incubus. Now
let them all put passenger fares
down to two cents a mile, sell un
limited mileage books for $20 a
thousand miles and they will make
more money than ever before.
Tillamook Headlight.
George II. Himea Return.
George II. Himes, the historian,
returned Tuesday from an extended
trip in the eastern patt of the states
of Washington and Idaho, at Boise,
Walla Walla. LaGrande, Tendleton,
The Dalles and other points and col
lected 2900 pounds of old newspap
ers, dating back as far as i860 and
'62. Not all the files are' complete,
but there will be a wonderful fund
of matter from which may be drawn
material for historical work.
Mr. Himes is perhaps the best
posted man on the early history of
Oregon and the Pacific Northwest
in the country, and is doing more
than any other man to put in per
manent form the history of those-
early days. He is in love with his
work, is otie of the most genial lei
lows you ever met. is as keen on
the scent of a bit of ancient history
as a bloodhound on the trail of an
Alabama coon. If you have any
old relic of the "First Days in Ore
gon," or any reliable information of
the conditions and stirring events of
those early times you will confer a
oreat favnr iinnn Mr. Iiimes and
benefit to posterity by communica
ting with him in care ot the city
nau, rortiand. Jiooa Kiver isews
Simply Immense.
There were 217,341 miles of com
pleted railroads in the United States
at the end of 1905, according to tbe
figures compiled by Poor'a Manual
for 1906, of which the advance pages
have just been issued. This is a
net increase of railroad mileage in
1905 oi 4716 miles.
The capital stock represented
amounted to 136.741,955,825, ac
cording to the same authority, and
the bonded debt tol57.425.261.90i.
The total liabilities of the lines ag
gregate $16,292,880,828, against
$'5,495,504,650 in 1904.
The cost of the roads and their
equipment is figured at $12, 143,957,
551, against Jfu, 664,191,134 in the
previous year. The passengers
numbered 446.446,641, and they
were carried 23,906,420,668 miles.
Placed on the Roll.
The board of county commission
ers last week instructed County
Clerk Godman to place upon the
tax rolls the $300 exemptions al
lowed by the assessor and approved
by the board of equalization. As
sessor wilcox bad his rolls in course
of compilation at the time of tbe de
cision of the supreme court declar
ing unconstitutional the law allow
ing the exemption of $300 to each
householder, and passed the matter
to the equalization board, which al
so omitted the exemption. In view
of the opinion of the attorney-general
the commissioners' court has or
dered the exemptions added so as to
avoid any question.
. To the Circuit Coast
Azair Wharton, the Gipsey horse
trader who attempted to Aim flam a
son of Nicholas Monner, of Forest
Grove, in a horse trade, had his ex
amination before Justice Bagley in
this city last week and was bound
over to the circuit court in the sum
of $300. The boy, who was driv
ing his fathers team to town was ap
proached by the gypsy for a trade.
The boy informed the gypsy that
the horses belonged to his father
and he had no authority to dispose
of either, it was arranged, so it is
claimed, that an exchange of horses
should be made, and if Monner was
not satisfied he could have the horse
back on the next day. When the
boy informed his father a protest
was forthcoming and when a de
mand was made of the gypsy for a
return of the horse he claimed to
have sold it.
The Treasury Gratt.
Mr. George Steel, Oregon's State
Treasurer elect, is undoubtedly
highly gratified at learning that the
courts in Wisconsin have compelled
men who have held the office in
that state to disgorge something
like 1500,000, which they have re
ceived from the favored banks as in
terest on public money. Past State
Trearurers in Oregon have joyously
accepted this graft, but Uncle George
is an exception to the rule. He is
a farmer and a friend of the farmers,
for dia he not state during the pri
mary campaign that the "damned
banks" were tryine to down bim.
and unless the farmers came to his
assistance they would undoubtedly
succeed. Well, they came. From
the woods and plains; from the val
leys aud the hillsides, they rushed
to the polls in defense of the farmer's
candidate for State Treasurer, and
the schemes of the Portland bank
ers were blasted by the whirlwind
of reform. George was elected, and
the power of the money ring in Ore
gon was crushed. It is said that
the statute of limitations runs in
favor of our past treasurers, and
that they cannot be compelled to
disgorge. There is some talk of
legislation, whereby the State will
receive an income from its funds,
but with the farmer's candidate tri
umph and House Bill 104 banished
from the State House, legislation
looking to reform in the office of
the State Treasurer would be a work
of supererogation. George is the
real thing and needs no statutes to
compel him to honesty. -Oregon
Fruit Laxative tbe fruit cure for con
stipation. Ten and 23 cents at the
Hillsboro rharmacy.
For Sale.
A lot of Black Minorca, Brown Leg
norns ami Barred Rock Cockerels. C
Rhoades, Oak and Seventh streets, Hills-
Bids Asked for the Tillamook Toll
Rood Contract Let f0r Clearing
Stumps frrrl County Farm.
The county commissioners met
last week Wednesday and adjourn
ed on Saturday. Following are the
proceedings- in full, including all
bills allowed:
Ordered that the sum of $100
be appropriated from the county
road fund for aid for rock work in
District No. 26.
The matter of changiug the coun
ty road at Tualatin in Road District
No. 1, it is ordered that said change
be made as per conditions published
in this paper last week.
The petition of James O'Riley for
cancellation of costs and penalties
on payment of tax for the year
1891, was granted on payment of
$8.16, costs.
Petition of John McClaren et al
for lease of Tillamook toll road,
was granted and the clerk instruct
ed to advertise for bids on same.
It is ordered that on payment
of $6.13, tax for the year 1895, that
the interest and costs on same be
cancelled, on petition of Ernest Ev
The petition of J. B. Wilkes tor
Quit claim deed, tor land sola to
Washington county. It is ordered
that the court execute a quit claim
deed for same to the Title Guaran
tee and Trust Co., it appearing that
the same was erroneously assessed
and sold for taxes.
Sealed bids for grubbing and
clearing all stumps on the county
farm, between county road and S.
P. Railway, were opened as follows:
George A. Brown. $348; J. S. Lor-
sung, $340. ine contract was
awarded to JS. .Lorsung.
Petition of Al'erd Garber for re
mission of taxes was granted, and
and a auit claim ordered made to
said Garber.
The petition of W. N. McEldow-
a i
ney lor adjustment 01 taxes was
granted, upon the payment of $50.
The court decided to purchase
two acres, more or less, of the rock
quarry owned by John Olson, near
Cedar Mills, at the rate of $150 per
acre, and the surveyor instructed to
survey the same
In the matter of the inquest over
the body ol James Donaldson, the
. . 1
coroner s report was approvea ana
all claims ordered paid.
Report of E. J. Godman, county
clerk, received and approved. Fees
for October. $27 5-
Report of Willis Ireland, county
recorder, approved. Receipts for
October, 365.45-
The petition of R. Pubals for tel
ephone franchise granted with usu
al restrictions.
Petition of J. W. Connell for re
mission of taxes, was granted.
Petition of Benton Philips lor
change in boundary of voting pre
cinct, was granted, and that the
line between Dairy and Buxton pre
cincts conform to the present bound
ary line of road in District No. 21
A motion was made to appoint
John McClaren of Gales Creek gen
eral road master for the county at a
salarv of 4 150 per month, and was
lost, C. B. Buchanan voting yes.
and Commissioner Butner and
Judge Goodin voting no.
It appearing to the court that
the county assessor in preparing
the assessment roll, has allowed
certain exemptions on personal prop
erty and it appearing further that
said exemptions are unauthorized
by law, it is therefore ordered that
the tax on said assessment roll for
the year 1906 be extended on tbe
total valuation of property on said
Tii fallowing1 bills were audited and
allowed :
WatblDft3n Co. Pb Co., printing
W O Dooelaoe. relief.
Beall ACo, r and h
OoDwlmaa Brna, bridges...
t oo
7 M
t M
17 1
Beall aco.. randb.
101 SO
14 14
O A W Sewer Pip Co., r and b
r BammeL k wltnes 4 a
t SO
12 M
O M Hunter, S k-
Laadee A Brow", relief
Mr C S LaiTerty. clectloa.
Climax Mimas' Co- rcUaf-
2 00
4 OS
S 50
7 tsj
10 US
I 75
14 lb
54 40
15 UU
12 80
a 7o
a so
100 oo
au as
t oo
t 00
11 00
45 00
IS be
137 70
U 00
, 42 00
4 20
21 24
U 00
V 00
So 70
a 75
IB 50
231 6U
12 00
61 6).
a 52
a 84
20 SO
( u
77 30
61 40
138 H
0 SO
u uo
20 0U
226 00
60 00
4 69
50 00
20 88
48 U0
1ft 00
12 25
15 00
15 00
812 88
47 60
61 70
140 76
82 50
t 00
78 53
24 00
t 76
J M Millar, e h-
RedmoDd A I'onnell, eorooer..
D MoC'amUb. rand b
C K Wolf, rand b
Buaboof A Co., priming
LC Walker, aaavia'.nf and ool.
Wbeeler Mtg Co., e h ..
Biuboog a Co., Matlouery..
Ueo H Wliool, aeaor.
TuoeA Mc Bride, Judge
Dr A B Bailey, liuaue.
Dr W D Wood, lUM.ie
Delta Drug Store, relief .
Phoenix Iron Worki, r and h .
Jobnaon Brua bridge ..
J J Smllb, UIjot
H L Deckert, e ard "
Ulaaa A Frudboutme, ttallouery
Mava Broe, rallef.
Conialuian Br a, bridge.. .
C A Lam kin Co., b
City Water A LUbt Works, I aud w
HliUboro ludependunt, priming ......
Clyde Lluooln, r and " - . , -
A M Collin. Jaullor
Frank Nacbbaur, relief
U WPatu-rson A Son :
I J Qodman, clerk and deputy.
Robertaou A Hoodenpyle, r and b
Be ten A KerTur. bruin -
Nelaoa Hardware Co, e b
Nelaoa Hard ware Co. , brldge..
Nelaon Hardware Co. , relief .
Nelson Hardware Co., brl.lgei.-
M CCase, traveling eapenae
M C Case, salary and otlu'e ex. .
Willi Ireland, rec and dep.
J W Connell, expeute.,,.. .
J W Connell, b ard ol prisoner , ,
J W Council, awMMatug aud collacUng..
J W Conuell, sheriff and deputy....
A 8 Vaughn, detecllTe work ..
J W Connell, rebate on tax..
W M Jsckaon. treasurer
Tboma McBrlda, circuit Judge
Ward Down, assessing aud collecting..
0 W Ulnea, sup salary
John Nyberg, r aud u
John Nyberg, up sal.
W W Lewis, aup sal ..
C K Wolf, r aud b
John Mo Lara n, supisal . ,, , ,
W J Blltt, upt sal
D B Reasouer, ct b and relief .
DBKeasouer, bridge .
TOMeacbam, bridge .
C C Hancock, r and b . .
C C Hancock, t aud h
Johu Loftus, sup sal ....
BoffeA Knuea, r and h
T W Bain, aup aal
J C Callahan, bridges. ....
H L Russell, bridge. .. .
W E Taylor, rolled .
W K Taylor, relief
128 00
12 50
81 46
21 SO
40 76
87 50
Mr Chrlstensen, rand b.
46 60
6 10
8 50
3 50
64 08
Base Lin Lumber Co, r and b
L 8 Barnes, r and h
W U Ltvermore, r and b
Qroner, Rowell A Co, r aud h.
City r A Mac Co, r and h . .
88 88
A 8 Fi:ch. r and h
Tbe Argus, priming
it oo
80 00
Eta Weatberred, Tea. Cor. lnq.
W J Butner, aal and r and b.
82 80
62 49
I W Uuodm, aal and ex
C B Bucbauan. sal and r aud h.
82 10
638 Kl
B L rilnt, r and h.
a Wilson, Juror cor Inqeat..
1 00
E L Abbott, Juror cor Inuuest..
1 00
1 00
1 0U
1 00
I 00
1 60
1 50
1 50'
1 50
1 60
10 85
I 70
1 70
1 70
A A Morrill, Juror oor Inquest.
Aug Keinpin, juror cor lnq. --
C r Hayes, Juror cor lnq .
Christian Keinpin, Juror cor In.
( bis Ksllell, wit cor Inuuest. .
Clarence Jackson, wit cor Inqiient
Harry Mclaughlin, wit cor lnq
Edward Hulling, wit cor lnq
Augilot Tews, wltoorluq... -
E C Brown, corouer
Victor Lamlet, wit justice court.
Virgil Undes. wit Justice court
Jske Landes, wit Justice court
Berths 1i.1. wll Justice onurt
Joseph Bonn, wit Jnmliw court
1 70
1 70
L 8 Blrdy, wit justice curt
1 70
I 50
1 60
1 5U
1 60
11 00
11 ou
11 00
11 00
6 W
6 Ui
7 OA
6 70
1 OU
S 60
4 60
2 60
10 00
5 75
16 no
6 i
a a
JaKwr W eston, wit Justice court
UtVIII WBSMM1, "u - -
David Vaugbu, wlljumlce court.
J W Day, wit Justice conn ....
Artie Hucnsnan, wit juuw wui.
Mrs J D Mcllargue-.. .
J ) H argue, wit Justice court --
Kthel Buchanan, wit justice vuun.
H T Bagley, justice fees. ...
Kd HU-rens, wit J p ct
L M Hesse, constable lee,
C K Kindt, Justice fees
M E Buck, justice iee.....
t'r.nli t'nlfell. cnnstsnble fees. .
M J Haynei, constable fees
J W Day, feeding prisoners..
rllmoa Nelllson, supssl
Alliert rrmay, suu sai
O Brotiner, sup sal '
T 1 King, aup sal .
TO Maaehsm, sup sal .
Eastern investment nmui
Court adjourned.
J. W. GOODIN, Judge.
There's a lot
Bll Co.,r aud b
A A Morrill. 4 and h
Fred (tecealbal, r aud b
in a 6hoe which after month's ot
wear, needs only polish to "Look
like new." You'll find comfort,
ease and profit in the
1 1 "Is fl OI
H.ami ion-brown uiiuus
will want something pretty and goou. tome anu
see our
m ShoeOi's.
1 ta. Aiev(v
"aw aa, aaaw
Money Sent far California Earth.
sjuake Sufferers Stolen.. Roose
velt Orders Prosecution.
San Francisco, Nov. 15. New
and sensational features have come
to light in connection with the graft
investigation in this city. It is
earned on good authority that the
relief funds for the fire sufferers have
been looted to the extent of nearly
$1,000,000. So indignant was Pres
ident Roosevelt, on hearing of the
stealing of tbe funds contributed by
sympathic citizens of various states
for the relief of the uufortunates of
San Francisco, that he is reported
to have said that he would bring
the offenders lrom the uttermost
parts of the earth should they make
temporary escape.
During the first days following
the fire in San Francisco sympathic
citizens throughout the country for
warded relief moneys by postal or
ders and by enclosing scrip in enve
lopes and other packages. The
world not being acquainted with
the organizations of relief bodies in
the city, forwarded financial aid in
care of Mayor Schtnitz.
It is said amounts ranging from
50 cents upward into hundreds and
possibly thousands of dollars were
sent to the mayor and that a com
paratively small sum reached the
Red Cross or citizens' relief commit
tee as shown by the records. It is
estimated that the relief moneys
were forwarded through 10 ooo and
rjossiblv to.ooo postoffices of the
United States and also that consid'
erable sums came through the ex
press companies.
The interest of President Roosc'
velt and the federal authorities in
this affair has been so great that the
president 1.1 credited with the state
ment that the government will ex
pend $1,000,000 if necessary to un
earth and bring the criminals to
Over 100 of the most skilled op.
eratives of the secret service depart
ment have been at work among the
postoffices of the Union and in this
city tracing money orders and re
ceipts. The crime of forgery is said
to be included in the offenses of the
raiders of the relief contributions.
It is through the president's influ
ence that William J. Burns, one bf
the most expert and successful de
tectives itf the employ ol the govern
ment, is detailed to work iu San
Fiancisco. It was also through the
president that Francis J. Ileney,
who with Burns was engaged in
prosecuting important land fraud
cases of Oregon and California, was
detached from that work aud as
signed to the Ssn Francisco gralt
of Satisfaction
children -
No better made.
guarantee goes
Our line of
is the finest in the county.
Everything usually carried hy aa ap-to-date Grocery
immenxe sale nnk it possible lot as to carry itrktly
Not a shop-worn article la me
The old Reliable Corner
t The old Keliable Uorner
Oregon's Great Recreation and
Health Resort at the Newport
Beaches Ticket Sales Re
sumed Nov. 1 st to May
31st, iy07. .
As a winter health and recreation
resort Newport is the one par ex
cellence. Recogniziug this, and
wishing to give the people an op
portunity to breath the fresh, pure
ozone of the ocean, the Southern
Pacific and Cor vallis & Kastern
have resumed the sale of tickets
through to Yaquina. From all S.
P. points tickets will be sold
throughout the winter" and spring
until May 31st, every
and from Albany, Corvallis and
Philomath on the Corvallis & Fast
em, tickets will be sold to Yaquina
and Newport DAIL.Y.
The rates will be the same as
during the summer, aud will be
good for return 60 days from date
of sale.
will be iu operation during the en
tire winter, and treatments will be
given daily.
During the winter nearly all oth
er health resorts are closed or diffi
cult to reach, and none of them
have the advantages of Newport
and vicinity as regards climate,
points ot interest, recreation, and
amusement, ror parties desiring
to eujoy fishing, hunting, or seeing
the ocean in sunshine or in storm,
this famous resort is unequalled,
the surroundings are ideal beauti
ful scenery, climate mild, healthful
and invigorating. Cottages for
rent cheap, fresh vegetables, milk,
honey, fruit at lowest possible cost,
fish and the famous rock oystets to
be had for the trouble of securing
them. 1
Full information from any S. V,
or C flt li. Agent, or lrom tne uen
eral Passenger Agent of either
Rate from Hillsboro to Yaquina
Power Plant Gatea Wrecked.
A report comes from Forest
Grove that the power plant that
runs the electric system of that city
received considerable damage last
Friday and lights and power are
now run by the plant formerly
owned by the town. The flood
gates'of the dam on the Tualatin
river, eight miles from Forest
Grove were wrecked by the freshet,
caused by the downpour of rain
last w;ek. Whether the dam can
be repaired is doubtful The exact
amount of damage done is not yet
known. Some say a tree coming
down the creek caused the damage.
The lights are now being turned
on, but only at an immense cost, as
many cords of wood are required to
use the two engines.
For Sale.
Illuck Minorca!, Brown Inborn and
Barred Plymouth Itock full blooded
ctH-kerela. Inquire of It. II. Greer.
K. L McCormick hna just received his
Grot coriNikEomeiit of the Smith Iiend
Watch Go's., new tiityements. These
movements are fully guaranteed and
give iierfoot iUinf notion. Quality equal
to any movement on the market. Call
and see them.
better can be made,
every pair.
House. Ou
f resit goods
Grocery and Shoo Store
urocery aim cuu
rear, f m
FT 1: 1 WA
' e r r m ravi
J" " ls Sjr Pal