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    Hillsboro Independent
I frWWy .( tat Wt
Hearst CarriesMost Cities, But Total
It Against Him
New York. Nov. 7. According to
returns received up to an eariy nour
ihla morning. Charlea E. Hughe. Re
publican candidate for Governor, has
been elected by 60.000 or more plural
ity. Outside of Great r New YorK.
la a Condensed Form lor Oapr.1,hl60e,ttc,londl8:.rlcU.n,1rl7',i,,,r-
nugnes naa a piurainy ui uuui
000. In Rrcilor New York with 69
election dlatrlcta missing, w. R.
Hearat, the Democratic and Independ
ence League candidate, baa a plurality
of 75,03. Mr. Hearat carried all the
boroughs of the greater city, despite
the fact that the early returns aeemed
Busy Headers.
A Resume of the Less Important but
Not Less Interesting Event
of the Past Week.
Oregon Solcns Seeking Informa
tion on Public Matters.
Eastern Coast o( Canada Strew
With Wrecks.
Message Prom Labrador
That H Not Discouraged.
Lenox. Mas... Nov. -That Com
mandtr Robert E. WJ encountered
unusual difficulties In aearch for
the North Pole w Indicated !n a
telegram received today by Mori is K.
Jessup, prestdt-nt of the Peary ATttlc
riuh Th .lirniflcant portion or
PENDLETON ENTERTAINS THEM the telegram, bo.ever. was that con- JAILORS 00 DOWN WITH BOATS
laiuiug ma inilinaiiun -
er Feary would as10 trr to flncl tlie
North Pole. The telegram follows:
"Hopedalo. Labrador, by way of
Twllllngate. Newfoundland. Steamer
Rooaevelt now here. Repairing rud
der and stern taking ballast and
awaiting arrival mall teanier to ae-
Visit Washington's Jute Mill andJOre-
gon State Normal School
at Weston.
Four Men Swept Frgm Life-Raft
Many Reach Land After Ter
rible Experiences.
I curs coal.
I "Return vnv... incessant struggle
Tail la on a tour of Inspection of , ,, k.h in.t nm.,klvn. renaieion. or., un. wun ice to Cap, Torn. 7 "
I - v - ' I . . . t . . . 1
Halifax, N. 8., Nov. 6. Dispatches
army posts.
No definite figures are yet available
Oregon ahould supplant lta stove foun- Then storms and head winds to. Lab- today have been pouring into this city
President Roosevelt went to Oyster as to the results with regard to the dry In the Salem prison w
. t. rador coast, October 23.
ruddera, item
bringing news of vessels wrecked or
Bay and cast bis vote, returning then itate offlcer, and both Democrat, and mill was studied today la the Walla poet and two blades of propellor. fore- distress, of wires prostrated and of
to Waihington. Republlcana ' are claiming victories Walla Jute plant of the Washington top mast and spanker boom; lost one damage done by gale and aea along
,, . t, , . "epuuncana are claiming vjtiun.. vtaua. ju f boat. burned all coal and aome Inter- the coasts of Nova Scotia Cape Bre-
PreM, eat Roosev.l baa arranged o from Lieutenant-Governor down. .tate prison by Governor Chamberlain. ,or beam. ub' wood and blubber ton New Brunswick and Prince
receive the Its chiefs at the White The in(1ca,iOD8 ,ro that the State of Oregon. S3 membera of the Oregon along coast L.m rl.TnH T , Pr,nc Kd'
House and bear their troubles. win hn. little chan In i.vibi.iu. c. W. James, superintend- "Expect to communicate again from wra Four vessels were driven
The Royal Hairaiiann 7a it. political make-up. ent of the Oregon penitentiary, and cnapeau uay. Au pm -. uK everymmg
las been making a tour of tbe United Th t. n. tirket In others. While the lawmakers have not -" u ""i-.'l.j:"."; H,uu, un oecK w"nea
u umu m jvvx. j - . . lanii viva nn i nn rm ui riaKCOl as lcii a a &
Hates, isstranded in Ogden, Utah. Vow v,i, ..., win, .h .rnti0n expressed their opinion, on the io- l"r pui dbcic to tne port from
. ,. . . . int fr! it la ev dent that many oi . . .... fn. "u ma me aieamer
The president tias aismiwai in ois- or otto Kosaisky for General eesBions '',; : , . ivminrreii is returuiu .m. , Turret Bell, which went agr
iuoui uu uuv -' " IBUUlllOnBI SUDD P 1DU 1I Itumn. .L. i,nk
init la m imiuuB iu u'"ii several ions of wnaie mei mua " land last
gnce a whole battalion of negro troopi Judge, Republican, has been elected.
aground on
ide of Prince Edward Is-
n l ritnl m. nffipi acreated. James. They argue that the atove sonlng a number of dogs, otner aup- wrecit
fgor making 7erog"tory ?em..ks aj.in.! State Chairman Max F. Ihmaen. of foundry brlng. to the state a revenue plies lost by breaking of Ice April. ThJ torm wag more yloIent Jq
... ' the Independence League, claims that twice as big aa a Jute mill would do, - 1 " Northumberland Strait. Two schooners
lui urn i j .awiB, i i ... ... i I
negrj iroop
Navy yard employes were given
leave of absence long enouogh to vote
Hearst has been fleeted. He sent out that a Jute mill would launch the atate
Chicago switchmen will go on etrik I SUard to
lute last night telegrams to all Inde
pendence League watchers to be on
in a business which Is In large meas
ure speculative and risky and liable
New York. Nov. 6. Although Com
mander Pearv fulled to reach the
North Pole, Secretary H. L. Bridg-
vnleis the railroads acecde to their de
It is probable that the authorities of
see, that the vote was
and one bark were swept aground In
this strait, and a third schooner was
wrecked near the Eastern entrance.
The Norwegian bark Adeona trlfd
New York, July 6. According to in
to heavy losses because the raw pro- man 0f the pary Arctic Club, be
duct from India is manipulated by a Heves that his fat in reaching farther
trust; that the finished bag. would be north ought to be a aubject for Na- r 1"" " a"Daak
sold to consumers nc&r ifi I . . i nm xmvani. I according to the latest lnforma-
i ... i . , -.. j i" iiuiuiug iu mo luitsi lniorma
thereby dUcriminatlng against others ra me nif ssage iru u ,on received here, five of the 12 men
srvard will prohibit lootbail after complete returns from all over the t fa;ore(, by pr0llmUy to the plant; r Peary, announcing hla return to con8tltutlngu he7' n; 01
e present season. ,tate receIved up t0 i0:30 p. m., tbat Oregon's participation In the bus- "'"J'0": tel0?h?neMr Pear? who downed In an attempt to
The H.rriman lines are building Charlea E. Hughes, the Republican iness would not regulate prices, be- happened to be In the city and the other Beven Wl
wreca-prooi sieei man cars to lepiace candidate, nas been elected uovernor cause it could mane oniy n per cent "Thank find
iiieir present wooden cars. 0f New York state over William Ran- of the bags used, and tbe wasningion nr8t comment
A native lnnnad tha hrakoa nn rrliolph Hearst, the nominee of the Plant doubled in size could make only Brldgman with
. . I ..... . I O K ro .ant rf h hflffa 11BA1 In thnl
on tbe new railroad In Kenador and Democratic nartv and tne Indenend-1 " ' - " - - -
reach shore
were still on
I turn ,1 nn.1 In ( m t . .1 . .
v, . I- ma fa" waa hurl 11 " ""uiiucui unuger vi u
he a "are, was nr . BV!on, 1,i0h
Then she piled Mr,
the car dashed down a grade and killed ence League, by approximately a plur- gtei tnat tn ch" to
,. .,. ... J r, m il would entail upon the state a
Mven persons. allty of 40,000. Two years ago Gov- ppndlture of perhapB ,25.000.
an ex
questions regarding
the details of the news he bad re
ceived from her husband.
Mr. Brldgman told her that her hus
band, while he had failed to reach the
Ing swept overboard or dying from ex
poaure. The tremendous seas made it
Impossible for any vessels to go to
her assistance.
Near the same place the schooner
Alexander, lumber-laden, wnt ashore.
Thomas Kinsey, purser on the At
lantic liner Bt. Paul, has crossed the
ocean 901 times, more than any other
living man. He has sailed a total ol
2,703,000 miles.
Sailors who were debarred from
dancing in an amusement hall at New
port, K. I., have began suit against
ernor Hlgglns was elected on the Re
publican ticket by 80.5C0.
Some doubt was expressed tonight
as to the fate of the Iiomocratlc and
Independence League tickets outside
of Mr. Hearst, several of the New York
newspapers which have been support
ing Mr. Hughes declaring that Dure
was a chanc for the subordinate offl-
t-U .in I mv n
...u.vvv. nniA hocaiiHB nf iM had now the dis- luo "lnu"or. acnooner ome.
Ined the Jut. '.ifrn, th U. after being partly dismantled by
eached 87 degree. mlnutea. P ock. at
T K s. ttarrrrt (ana a v a rrt
mm wuu aeeu imtrni. u w uui h,in ,,,,,
running, because the day was one of L pont 32 minutes nearer to the North
its alternate Idle onea, the Idleness p0i0 than that reached by the Duke
coming from short Jute supply. But of Abruzzl expedition in 1900. In dls-
several of the 70 looms were put In cussing Peary's dash late last fall,
rox Point, on the northern coast of
Nova Scotia. Her crtw of four men
was rescued when almost overcome by
exhaustion and exposure.
motion for exhibition. The visitors,
beaded by Oovernor Chamberlain,
the prorpietor. Rooeevelt Las contrib- cers of the Democratic and Independ- were conducted through the plant b
tated $100 to b!p their case. ence League combination having been I Governor Mead and M. F. Klncald, the
elected. new superintendent.
Tho In f oof fl Tii ma tmAnta T I rwt f n r a I rt- i I m a. . a i i..a 1 1 1
Milwsnke. brewer, will have to pay thaV Mr" Hui' p.ramy above ZtL " "L".
v n.U 11C AAA I
tha inhnritavrira ti nn 14 OHO 0(10 trw-kr n.nv ..ni,.i ne aaa
In th. Tahnt Rrinff rnmn.nw tn. J t" ::: Vhi J h.. .i..Mi,.Je that of stoves, does not compet
- - . r V " " w,., v ... ..... ..0.Bv0 ,mu.o..( i(. - loKrt- OMa uni. if .lnaa n
lerrea to them shortly before his death. In Greater Now ork will probably be 1 .
ci b Batui tut:aLci iuiu tua
gj. i . iff i a. I n"iu i d,vwv iu ov.uuiy.
c-irurmiiu nu iiering, me wrecsres in nnw,uvn vho,. 6.i.
ui me iiiuitauKDo avpdub Dans, 01 viir i it McCarren made a bitter fight
csgo, were lousy seniencea 10 inaeter- ncalnst Mr. Hearst, the latter carried
minate terms ol Imprisonment, which the borough by a small plurality, prob-
may ron from one to ten years. This ably 4,000. At one time It seemed that
after he had time to study the Com
mander's message more closely, Mr.
Brldgman said: - -
"I am sure it has been tbe ambition
of every true American to see the
Stars and Strip s first at the Arctic
pole. And that It should be an Amer
ican who should reach the farthest
north is little lest gratifying. It Is
evident Peary has had the same ex-
market perifnee of getting on drifting Ice and
being carried away from hla goal that
Four of Crew Are Missing.
North Sydney, N. S.. Nov. 6. The
Gaspe, Que., schoonfr Torrldon. Cap
tain Landon. coal laden, from this port
for Gaspe was wrecked on Meiners
Island yesterday and four of the crew,
who boarded a raft hastily construct
ed, are missing. Captain Landon and
the others of the crew were rescued.
The vessel is a total loss.
Aftoi. viawtno tit. Ti-aiTo Ti-oiia niant I other explorers have had. Probably
.,, . . . . i ' other man living would 1
the visitor, went to Weston to vlewL- w . p " hfla ,raV,nH
the Normal School at that place and himself on ice that had been broken
thence came to Pendleton, where they up Dy a storm and was taken in a
Supreme Court Decides Against 'the
Whites Who Married r.hrnka.
fnvni if tha IVmnirglU "J wuimnciimi AOOUVIHUUIl. iiit Alia I"" i.imiv VUIIH UI Hie UIllLtril ClIHIrB lucmv HI
IUTUI Ul lll IJl IllOtrailC 1 .. ... ... . . . . , .. . U.. ..J.... Un,. IK.. .... nn Ifl 1 IL. .1 .. I .. I .u. . . .
Runners Sent by Renegades for Help
to Drive Out Whites.
Cody. Wyo.. Nov. 5. Colonel Wil
Ham K. Cody ("Buffalo Bill"), accom
panied by Colonel Breck and several
members of tbe party which returned
a f w day. ago from a big bear bun
In the Big Horn Mountains, left here
for Sheridan, Wyo., Intending to hold
a conference wun tne t ie. tierore ine
latter .tart on their overland march
to Fort Meade, where they are to stay
In charge of tbe Sixth Cavalry until
Notwithstanding tbe agreement
which was reached at tbe conference
between tbe soldiers and the Utes,
there are fear, of a general uprising
of all northern Indians. "Buffalo Bill,"
who la familiar with Indian cbaract
eristics, bas been kept closely advised
of the developments In tbe recent
trouble., and be believes the matter
will not be entirely settled by tbe
arrangement which puta an end to tbe
wanderings and depredations of the
Ute. under Appah and Black Whisker,
At the Instigation of the Utes, run
ner. have ben going to all tbe tribes
of tbe Sioux, Northern Cheyenne, and
Crow., with a view of Inducing them
to Join In driving tbe white, out of
the land, and Colonel Cody believe,
tbat steps should be taken at once to
counteract efforts of these messengers
to stir up revolt. On his arrival at
Sheridan, Colonel Cody will confer
with the military authorities a. to
the exact methods of procedure.
Ten Million on Verg. of Starvation-
Crop, an Utter Failure.
Shanghai, Nor. 5. Advices received
here indicate that famine conditions
of the most desperate nature prevail
In the Northern part of the great
Province of Klang Su, with but one ex
ception tbe most fertile and valuable
of many provinces of the empire. Ten
millions of the total population of 21.-
000,000 in the province are reduced
to stern wsnt.
Crops are an utter failure and
scenes of suffering that rival anything
in the empire's history are reported
from every point In the region. Food
riots, which have been marked with
much bloodshed, are reported dally.
nd so far the officials have taken no
steps to Telieve Istress. In fact, to
prevent the rioting spreading to the
cities all of the local governors have
been ordered to keep the people In
their homes at all hazards, and fur
ther rioting bas resulted from this
All of the local diplomatic represen
tatives have received advices from
foreigners In the famlne.stricken re
glon urging them to use all their In
uence to have the Imperial govern'
ment take steps to aid sufferers. A
Presbyterian missionary who has Just
returned from the rrgion declares that
thousands of persons have already
starved to death, and that unless Ini
mediate aid Is forthcoming the death
list will be appalling.
Peary Expedition Makes a New
Arctic Record.
Gal Prevents Further Advance Re
turns Short of Food, Being
Forced to Eat Dogs.
Commander Robert E.
Peary, 106 g7 do i.
Duko of Abruzzl 88 deg. 34 mln
Frlthjof Nansen, 1896.86 deg. 14 mln
Robert E. Peary. 1902.84 de 17 tni'
A. W. Greeley. 1882... 83 w 9i ,i."
c . . - .
o. nr, isio K3 le
W. E. Parry. 1827 82 dee
C. F. Hall, 1870 82 deg
Jullua Payer, 1871.... 82 deg.
waiter Welltnan, 1889.82 deg.
20 mln.
45 mln.
11 mln.
S mln.
0 mln.
New York. Nov. a Tha t-i.-j
States now holds the record of "far
thfst north." 87 degrees 6 minutes.
This feat was accomplished by Com
mander Robert E. Pearv nf tho f'i.i
States Navy. The Intrepid Arctic ex
plorer failed to reach th nnnv niQ
as he bad confidently hoped to do with
his specially constructed vessel, the
Roosevelt, but he pnetrated nearer to
the pole than the Duke of bruzzl a
expedition, which had held tha
tic record 86 degrees 34 minutes.
What Commander Peary did and
his experiences during the past year
in the north are rather hr-un h..
certainly vividly summarized In a
communication received by Herbert L.
Brldgeman. secretary of th PoarJ
Arctic Club. This communication
Message From Peary.
Hopedale, Labrador, via Twllllngate.
N. P., Nov. 2. Herbert L. Bride.
iHtrnniHv In
reary says he Is only returning lor candidate.
jiruvioiuiia uu guppiies,
The Standard Oil comapny is openly
fighting for control of the Illinois Central.
Alice Roosevelt Longworth is making
po'itics an important part of her social
Bodies exhnmed in Moant Calvary
cemetery, Portland, are found to be
After three days' persistent hunting,
Presdient Rooievelt hat finally bagged
a wild turkey.
It is expected that records of the San
Francisco mint will disclose rank grafts
In that institution.
A big German-American Insurance
company has paid all its San Francisco
fire losses and reorganised to continue
in business.
Tne Duke of Marlborongh finds it
neceansry to practice rigid economy as
a remit of his separation from bis rich
American wife.
At a lonely stage itatloa in the Coast
mountains a dog was discovered to be
gnawing a human band. Search is be
ing made for the body.
The authorities In New York City
have maed out ten thousand orders of
rrpsi, o oe reauy in cases of emer
gency on election day.
Congressman Hoar, a son of the late
fenator Hoar, is dead.
The navy Is badly In need of hospi
tals on tbe 1'aclBo coast.
High prices of meat la Germany
mates me Uermsns vegetarians.
tfteel building constructors fn New
lork refuse to deal with the unions.
Fifteen leaders of the recent Russian
revolt have been sentenced to Siberia
Loont Bonl refuses to bt lieve bis
American wife really intends to divorce
Norway and Sweden are disputing
about tbe ownership of the Island of
Secretary of War Taft addressed a
great aadience at Pocalello, Idaho, on
law and order.
Up to November 1 the number of sa
loon licenses Issued in Chicago for tbe
ensuing quarter was 129 less than six
months sgo.
By comparing finger prints a soldier
in tbe penitentiary at Fort Leaven
worth, Kan., bas been discovered to be
an escaped murderer from England.
Reecnt storms have dislodged large
quantities Jof mud from the sides of
Munt Vesuvius, causing damage to
the railway and farms on the mountain
Mr. ifearst has been given a major
ity of nearly 70,000 In Manhattan and
the Bronx. Queens county, which In
cludes Long Island City, has gone for
Hearst by from 6,000 to 8.000. and
Richmond. Statea Island, has also
given the Democratic candidate
New ork Republican Governor
and legislature. Probably no change
in congressmen.
Pennsylvania Republican Govern
or; no change in Congressmen; Repub
ucan Legislature.
Massachusetts Republican Govern
or, siate ticket and Lee s uture: no
change In Congressmen.
Colorado Claimed by both parties
although Indicating favor Republicans;
iiepurnioan Legislature.
California Republican throughout
Idaho Governor In doubt. Congress
men and Legislature probably Repu
Montana Republican Congressmen
ann majority of legislature.
Illinois Republican state offices and
legislature; probably no chanee in
Congrf ssmen.
.Nebraska Republican Governor
and no change In Congressmen.
w adsworth, of New York, and T?nh.
cock, or Wisconsin, defeated for Con
A heavy storm has swept
France, accompanied by heavy
and a tidal wave at Toulon.
It is said ths rsar Is practically a
prisoner of the grand dukes, who force
him to acqaiesc9 to their orders.
It has developed that Pan Francisco
saloons which bonght their supplies
from one certain firm got their licenses
easier than others.
A W. 0. T. TJ. speaker says there
re 10,000 women and girls In Chicago
working for $5 a week or les, snd
there are 6,000 saloons.
Telegraphs Ohio Victory.
Columbus, O.. Nov. 7. At 1 o'clock
this morning Senator Dick, chairman
of the Slat Republican committee,
sent the following telegram to Presi-
flent Koosevelt and to the chairman
of the Congressional committee: "Ohio
Republican by not less than 75.000 and
elects 17 Republican Congressmen,
thre, Democrats, with one district In
doubt." Chairman Garbfr, of the
Iemooratlc committee, still refuses
verbally to concede the election of the
Republican ticket, the nearest to thn
being a statement that the Republican
plurality would not exceed 25,000.
Democrats Are Hopeful.
San Francisco, Nov. 6 Timothy
fpenacy, cnairman or the Democratic
State Central committee, said tonight:
"We don't concede Glllett'a election.
Although our reports are meagpr, it
looks good for Bell. If Glllett comes
to the Techapl mountains with but
7.000 plurality, as claimed by the Re
publicans. Bell has been elected. We
concede San Francisco to Glllett by
600. Reports from several sources In
dicate a close vote In Los Angeks
Spellaer ridiculed the Hennhllran
claims of 15.000 plurality for Glllett
in lou Angees.
Gooding Loses Home County.
Boise, Nov. 7. Scattering returns
Indicate that a landslide haa over.
taken the head of the Republican
ticket in the north and central nortlona
of the state. This (Ada) countv has
gone against Governor Gooding by a
majority of a few hundrfd. Kootenai
and Latah counties In tbe north are
claimed by the Democrats to be
acalnst Ooodlnr. whiu Wahint.r
Elmore. Boise, and other central conn-
lies appear to have gone the
In California.
San Francisco. Nov. . From mea-
ger returns received from various sec.
tlons of the state up to 10 p. m., Gll
lett, Republican, for Governor. Is prob
ably elected by about lo non m.wit
with Bell, Democrat and t'nlon Iabor!
econd. and Langdon, Independence
League, third.
At the Weston Normal School the
party was gTeeted by Robert C.
French, president of that institution,
and was led to the assembly ball of
the school where some 240 students
were gathered. President French, to
show that the Institution was not
local high school for Weston, asked
the pupils residing in Weston to arise
then those whose homes were beyond
the town. The latter number visibly
exceeded the former.
President French said afterward
that of the 138 pupils In the normal
department, only 22 are residents of
Weston. In addition are 102 young
pupils In the training department, all
from Weston, their studies ranging
from kindergarten to eighth grade The
age of normal pupils ranges fiom 15 to
27, most of them being 17, IS and 19.
uovernor cnamoeriaia spoke com
mendlngly of the school, saying it
would always have a place In his
heart. Representative Darey, of Ma
rlon, encouraged the friend of the
school by declaring that It Is one of
the Indispensable educational Instltu
tions of Oregon. Representative Vaw
ter, of Jackson, spoke the same sentl
ment and Jocularly said that Governor
Chamberlain's remarks had put him on
record and that they would be remem
bered when he should pacs upon the
appropriation bill of the Republican
legislature. Other speak were
Senator Smith, of Umatilla, and J. H.
Raley, of Pendleton.
The town of Weston took an after
noon holiday to receive the visitors.
At the station, a mile distant from the
school, numerous conveyances were
waiting their arrival, to convey them
up town. The keen Interest of Weston
In Its normal school was evidenced bv
the appreciation Its citizens showed of
the visit of the Governor and the Legislators.
At tonight's dinner Governor Cham.
berlaln urged co-operation of Oregon
and Washington for Improvement of
the Columbia river and the protection
of salmon. Governor Mead rennni
that In Improvement of that river
wasnington "ought to co-operate with
your state." But he pointed out that
aeauie controlled a great part of the
legislative power of Washington
that It was not so well Informed of the
needs of ths Columbia river as It
migni oe,
human endurance before they gave up, firmed the decision of the Court of
as Instanced by tha eating of the Claims in the case of Daniel Redbird
dogs." the Chrrokee Nation and others vs.
Will Teary ever make the attempt the United States, known as "the
again?" - I White Man's Case." The case In
I do not know. Although it wnslvolved the long-pending claims of be-
said by the new)pers when he sail- twecn 2,000 and 3.000 white persons
ed away that If te failed this time he to participate In the distribution of the
would never try again, he never told land and funds of Cherokee Indians
me that, and I was quite close to him. because of the marriage of white men
to members or the tribe. The decision
was favorable to the Indians.
The Indians strenuously resisted the
claim, contending that they had never
by law recognized right of property
I consider Uat one of the wonderful
features of this expedition Is the fact
that the Reosevelt Is coming home
with the entire party despite the hard
ships they have experienced.
Poary proiably reached within 203 on account of Intermarriage. In pass-
miles of the North Polo. He passed
the Abruzzl party by about 30 miles."
This was Peary's fifth attempt to
reach the pols. Other sledge Journeys
were made in the years 1892, 1895, 1900
and 1902.
The following message of congratu
lation for Commander Peary was re-
Ing on the cases decided today, the
Court of Claims held that the tribal
lands are not communal lands, but
that whites who acquired citizen
ship by .marriage prior to 1875 have
equal interests as Indians. In the
cases of marriages Into the tribe since
that time. It was held that no right
celved today by Mr. Brldgman, socro- of property had been acquired except
tary of the Pearv Arctic Club: by those who had paid into the com-
"Peary. Care Brldeman. New York: mon fund the sum of i00. The Court
Very hearty congratulations upon your of Claims also held that white hus
splendid achievement.
"Edinburgh, Scotland."
bands of Cherokee women, who have
abandoned their wives, have forfeited
all rights as Cherokee citizens, In
eluding that of participating in the
sales of Cherokee lands.
Get Insurance on Dummy.
Big Rapids, Mich.. Nov. 6. To prove
that a wax figure rests in the grave
supposedly occupied by Lafora S.
Baker, alleged defaulting cashier ol
Suspect Ute Treachery.
Sheridan, Wyo., Nov. 6. A mrs
senger arriving at Arvada from the
the Northern National Bank of Big headquarters of the Tenth and Sixth
Rapids, James Donovan, millionaire Cavalry reports a change In the plans,
lumberman, will have the coffin ex- The Ute8 win be brougnt to Arvada
i?no!u.lu' "a asserts the wax figure nrooosed. They should
prepared in New lorx anu . . . ..Ho m,rw vnfn
ouht K?" 1 dernea charge of TreVherV on the pan of the Ut
En? ?.k"B .i"?-1 .n. C?TZLtUn believed to be the reason for tl
bank looting, to tbe tune of about
change. Many dissatisfied Utes still
advise reslstence to removal rrotn
Powder River Valley,
Magoon Acts With Vigor.
Havana. Nov. 6 To end the feeling
of Insecurity throughout the Island,
nue to tne existence or siraggnnn
Murderer Dies of Terror.
new YORK. Oct sn 1-
Splnelll 29 years old. awaiting trial
in the Tombs for the murder of a fellow-countryman,
died last night The
uppers oeciare tne man . r-iv.
friends called to see Splnelll last week
Just after another Italian had been
sentenced to die In the electric chair.
They told Splnelll about It He be
came badly scared, could think and
Lst night the keenera fnn ki ..
ItnTo'uT ,n hI died in half
.. ,M Still Traveler,
eherldan. ffm rw . . ..
nunnlng. a man ,,v,n, on oVteTc eek
Lk'JI1"!?1 fro ,h Indian camo:
Kann..K " v UIk1 th Chief
Kannapah, who sava ti. . A
prepared to fight before they will be
taken back U, Utah to starve. WhS!
we on' ST rlS." lD"""
This Is tha 1at ..ii.lii- .
Robbers Tie ths Cashier.
La Salle, HI., Nov. 6. The Farm
bands called into being by the recent era ft Miners' Bank of Ladd, a mining
insurrection. Governor Magoon naa town, was neia up ana roouea una
ordered the employment of strong LVen!na The assistant cashier, J. J.
.eX,rtfherUo.1ndK;,arn3 Veseorde", Hurley, was aione In the bank ,J
American troops will replace the rural two men entered and. covering him
guards In the towns In which the lat- with revolvers, ordered him to throw
ter are withdrawn Governor Magoon up his hands The robbers then
said that he Is determined to prevent marched him Jo a back room, where
horse stealing and that b nve thr bound hl,m' T.l J a
persons r.utv f .m. Vffenae arrested helped themselves to the cash and
and punished. escaped. The amount of their booty
Will DO BI,UUU BB UMr BB WU HQ voii-
I mated by the officials.
Order for Ten New Csre.
Omaha. N'eh vn. a Orders have
been given br'th ffninn Pacific for River In Old Channel.
material for ten new motor-cars, which I New york. Nov. . The Southern
will be constructs t once In the nm.. hpr waa officially ad-
Omaha shops. New machinery of the today tnat tne break In the Colo-
value of $125,000 has been ordered to nAo RlT,r lading to the Imperial
be used In the manufacture of these ValeT an(j galton Sea was effectually
uiu,r cars, dui the work win noi 0io,ed by the engineers yesterday. The
for the arrival of the new machinery- o)(1 channel of the river Is being rap-
Construction of the ten cars now or
dered will nmcAod .imiiltaneously.
They will have gasoline engines of 200
uurse power.
Bull. Baiting at Colon.
Colon. Nov t, riebratlon of
the third anniversary of the founda
tion of the Republic of Fanama con
tinued here today. There was a bull
halting and other amusements In the
afternoon, snd fireworks In ,h evn:
Ing. A tbankssrlvln .r!ce was held
and a reception by the Consular officer.
Resdlng Road Ralsst Wages.
Philadelphia Nm a The Philadel
phia ft Reading Rallwar Company an
nounced todav an in.an of wages
of 10 per cent to all msloyes whose
aiaries are less than $200 per momo.
Idly scoured and will take care of the
normal flow of water. The dam ann
levee are nine miles In length and will
be rapidly pushed to completion and
will take care of the river tbove ex
treme high water.
Wireless From Tonopah Camp.
Tonopah. Nev., Nov. t. Postmaster
L. M. Mushet announced today that
plans are now practically completed
for wireless telegraph service between
Tonopah and San Francisco. A wire
less plant Is to be Installed in this
camp, which It Is expected will work
direct with San Francisco.
French 8quadron for Jamestown.
Parts, Nov. 6. France will send a
squadron of warships to the opening of
the Jamestown Exposition, April 26,
ajor Pitcher Recommends That Com
petition Be Established.
Washington, Nov .5. According to
the annual report of Major John
Pitcher, Acting Superintendent of the
Yellowstone National Park, the mo
nopoly enjoyed by the Yellowstone
Lake Boat Company for the transpor
tation of tourists from Upper Geyser
Basin to the Thumb is becoming a ser
ious problem. Major Pitcher has rec
ommended that competition be estab
lished In some way, or that the stupe
lines be permitted to operate their
own boats, In order to give their rat
rons the choice of boat or land trans
portation to the Thumb.
The Yellowstone Lake Boat com
pany charges $3 a head for the trip.
which is 18 miles' distance. Its rran
chise expires July 21 next. Major Pit
cher emphasizes his recommendation
of last year that the garrison at Fort
Yellowstone be Increased to a four-
troop or squadron post.
Washington. Nov. 6. A bulletin Is
sued by the Department of Commerce
and Labor Bays that exports of Iron
and steel manufacture show an in
crease of about 25 per cent In the
nine months ended with September,
and Imports of a similar character
show also an increase of practically
25 per cent In the same period as
compared with the same months of
the preceding year.
The growth in operations of Iron
and steel, the bulletin says, was larger
In the nine months ended with Sep
tember. 1906. than In any correspond-
Ina- neriod of our export trade. The
cain In these months over the cor
responding period of the preceding
year was over $24,000,000.
nooseveu wintered north ef
Grantland, somewhat north Alert
winter quarters. Went north with
sledges February, via Heckla and Co
lumbia. Delayed by open water be
tween 84 and 85 degrees. Beyond 85
six days.
"Gale disrupted Ice, destroyed cache,
cut off communication with supporting
bodies and drifted due east. Reached
87 degrees 6 minutes north iatltuds
over ice, drifting steadily eastward.
Returning ate eight dogs. Drifted
eastward, delayed by open water.
"Reached north coast Grantland In
straitened condition. Killed musk
oxen and returned along Greenland
coast to ship. Two supporting parties
driven on north coast Greenland. One
rescued by me in starving condition.
After one week recuperation on Roose
velt, sledged west, completing north
coast Grantland and reached other
land near 100th meridian.
'homeward voyage Incessant battle
with ice, storms and head winds.
Roosevelt magnificent Ice fighter and
seaboat. No deaths or Illness expedi
(Signed.) PEARY."
Carnegie Institute Damaged.
Pittsburg, Nov. 5. Fire threatened
the destruction of the Carnegie Insti
tute, valued at $6,000,000, and the most
beautiful structure of its kind in
America. The fire originated In the
power room In the basement, from de
fective electrical wires, and was ex
tinguished after damaging the build
ing to the extent of $20,000. There
were many persons in the music hall
of the Institution attending an organ
recital when the fire was discovered.
but all reached the street In safety.
Blank Hand Throws Bomb.
New York, Nov. 6. Unsuccessful In
their attempts to blackmail FYanclsco
Messina, a prosperous tailor of Brook
lyn, members of the so-called Black
Hand Society, so tbe police say, hurl
ed a dynamite bomb against the front
door of the tenement-house In which
he lives and conducts his business.
Damage of $8,000 to the building and
surrounding property was caused.
Scores of persons felt the shock of the
explosion, but no one was Injured.
Messina has received letters demand
ing $400 to $1,000. Detectives arrest
ed two men on suspicion.
Mine Diamonds In Kentucky.
Lexington. Ky., Nov. fj, With a
view of mining diamonds In Elliott
snd Carter counties, Samuel Pearson,
of Scranton, Pa., and W. J. Rice, of
San Juan, P. R,. have organized the
Kentucky Transvaal uiamond Mining
Company, with a capital of $100,000.
Pearson, who spent years as an en
gineer In the diamond fields of South
Africa, says that the Indications for
diamonds are better In Kentucky than
In South Africa.
Pirates Seize Launches.
Hongkong. Nov. S. Reports hsve
been received that Chinese pirates
have seized a Brithh launch and two
Chinese launches In West River and
escaped with $10,000 in booty after a
running fight. No casualltleg are reported.
Roosevelt Order Vigorous Action By
Moody Send Officials to Prison.
Washington. Nov. 3. Wholesale
criminal prosecutions are to be begun
by the Department of Justice against
high officials of the Union Pacific Coal
Company and others, who are alleged
to be mixed up in tbe fraudulent
acquisition of vast areas of coal land
in Utah and Wyoming.
President Roosevelt has Interested
himself personally in the land fraud
cases and after a careful examination
of the report of the Interstate Com
merce Commission, which was made
direct to him, he has turned over the
papers to the Department of Justice
with Instructions to act, and act vig
orously, against all who were shown to
have been concerned in the fraudu
lent entry and fraudulent acquisition
of land by the coal company and by
the railroad company.
B. T. Marchand, attorney for tho
commission, and ex-Judge Elmer E.
Thomas, of Omaha, are arranging tho
evidence for presentation to the Fed
eral grand Juries In at least two
places. Indictments will be sought for
perjury, subordination of perjury and
violation of the land acts under which
the coal land, valued at many mil
lions of dollars. Is alleged to have been
stolen from the government by tho
railroad company for the use of the
coal company, which It owns.
Utes Depose Chief Ahpah.
Sheridan ,Wyo.. Nov. 3 Chief Ah
pah has been deposed. In a tribal
council today the Utes expressed their
dissatisfaction over their leader's con
sent to a pow-wow with the whites,
by deposing him and electing tho
more warlike Black Whisker In his
Black Whisker made an Impassion
ed harangue, urging the me-mhers of'
the tribe to fight for their right to
live. He charged Ahpah with having
prevented a Junction with the Chey
ennes, f!00 of whom, he declared, only
await the signal to come to the Utes
Northwest Postal Affairs.
Washington, Nov. 3. Rural carriers
Oregon Boyd, route 3. George E.
Walston carrier, Leven E. Walston
substitute; The Dalles, route 2, Dan
iel Stewart carrier, John Stewart substitute.
Washington Mount Vernon, route,
3. William T. Stephens carrier, Elmer
R. Prltchard substitute.
Washington postmasters appointed:
Dewatto, Clara Barlow, vice William
M. Nance, resigned: Port Stanley,
John C. Rtnrler, vice F. D. Cunning
ham, resigned.
Smettermsn's Wages Raised.
Butte, Mont.. Nov. 3. In the Eat
Helena smelters of the American
Smelting ft Refining Company, the
wages of common laborers were raised
Thursday. About 0 per cent of the
force Is affected by the Increase, which
will be about 7 per cent. Men work
ing a ten-hour shift, getting $2 a day.
111 hereafter receive $2.25, those
under the eight-hour basis receiving
$2.25 to $3 25 will get 15 cents more
a day. The total Increase will be
about $2,000 a month.
Japan's New Battleship.
London. Nov. 3. The Dally Tele
graph says It Is reported that Japan
has decided to begin the construction
of a battleship exceeding the displace
ment of the Dreadnaaght by 8,000