Hillsboro independent. (Hillsboro, Washington County, Or.) 189?-1932, May 29, 1903, Image 4

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Shearing is now lo progress on tbe
Kaatern Oregon abeep ranches. Ai
though tbe put winter wu severe,
the wool yielj promise wolL
TheNewburg, Yamhill Co ,bend is
preparing lo give open air concert
in the near future, to take place on
Hal ur day evenings. Aneotertainlog
aud patriotic move. Graphic.
Seventy five applicants for poai
tlons in the Portland fire department,
took the preparatory examination
in puraoce to tbe Civil Service law,
and all paused a fair grade.
Tbe Friend' church at Newburg,
built In 1893 at a cost of f 16,000 baa
J nit been relieved of debt which fell
on the structure in the 9U's when by
reason of hard times, the original
pledges to the building fund could
not be met.
The Portland Railway Company,
that owna and operates the Wash
ington stieet electric line baa com
mencod building on the East Bide of
the Willamette. Connection witb
tl.e new system will be made over
the Burnside bridge.
Prnlaibly tho largeat patch of pota
toes In Wasco county is to be found
on the f-rui of Jauiee U. Ilaveiy who1
has Just finished plautiog CO acre
aud anticipates that he will harvest
butweeu 8,000 aud 10,000 bushels of
spuds near Boyd next fall. Moro
Tiie Portland laundries.; after a
two weeks' rent, started up aghln last
Monday with acab labor, Thia they
ought to have done the next day af
ter the uulon labor quit. There U
free labor enough in the state to do
the work if oDly (he employers will
give it opportuuity for striving.
One of the silvers of an opera house
U'orh pierced the pantaloons aud
undtrware of J. I It. Belches at tbe
Fleming Bros. Show, lacerating the
epidermis and breaking off in the
so deeply that It required the
skill of Dr. Logun to remove it. Jim
had the bench down and was sitting
on it when it attacked him. Sher
man Co. Observer.
A black hearted ' assassin named
M, V. Ltiasla, shot and killed the
fither of bis divorced wife, laet Sun
day morning. Hei then kidnapped
the woman, leaving their two Infant
children with a neighbor, and disap
(KHtretl, Leasiu l..of French extrac
tion, and a very violent man. His
former wife la of Oerman lineage.
John Collier met bis death In the
big water tank at Q. H. Bourhilllf,
iu (1 ran valley, Sherman county.
He was painting the lank on the
inside, and had gone In through tbe
secretary on aw aayi: "The em
ployer of labor Is both a consumer
and a producer, and therefore may
be appealed to from either standpoint
The wage earner Is also both a con
sumer and a producer. lie consumes
food, clothing, fuel and shelter ard
he sella days' work. lie may be so
shortsighted as to believe that it
would be to b la advantage to have
cheap food, cheap clothing and cheap
living expenses generlly. Or hi
might be so farsigbted as to know
that tbe market for bis labor and for
the product of his labor Is as Import
ant to him as tj his employer. Thus
either the employer or tbe employed
may be shortsighted enough to
think their Interests are unlike, (if
not antagonistic, or so farsigbted as
to know when one is prosperous the
other is never hungry or naked, and
that when the other ia well paid tbe
one la always prosperous."
This Idea advanced by Secretary
Shaw la no new whim, hut is a his
toric fact which has been demonstrat
ed over and over and lime after time
in the business annals of Ibis country
aud it is oue which It seems should
only to be adverted to In order to
tlafy any one that there should be
no antagonism botweeu the employer
aud the employed. In other words
there should le harmony between
pital ami labor. That capital in
many Instance? cau, and does oppress
labor is not to be denied, aud that
labor may aud sometimes does injure
capital is also true, But notwith
standing this the Nations! relation
of capital aud labor should aud could
be in harmony with each other
This Is cot theory but could be iuhH
practical. That should le the great
aim of any government.
There is uo occasion in a political
campaign lo stir up a fceliug of labor
against capital. A candidate can do
mare injury to both capital and labor
lu one campaign along that line lhan
he could remedy la a whole term, ll
TUK of bis party throughout the country
on the tariff issue. There Is no doubt
at all that the majority of tbe republi
cans of that state stand with the
bulk of their party all over the coun.
try on this Issue. Tbey have been
misrepresented by a corporal's guard
of mischief maker', who .have thus
cast a good deal of discredit upon
Iowa in the past year, all of which
will be removed when the platform
In the approach! lift convention re-
pudiattt all these fads aud follies.
Tbe Iowa Idea will be burled very
far out of tight In the convention,
Of course, no quarter whatever
would be given to it In the ualional
contention next year This is one
of the reasons why the sane ropubl
leans of the state are golog lo control
the coming gathering In their com
mon wealth, and place It In line wilb
their party throughout the country
The tariff smashing fad was
species of lunacy which would be
sure 'o injure every public m in In
Iowa by putting the state outside the
pale of parly orthodoxy. If the little
junta of Iowa republicans want f
start a new spades of Populism or
auarchism, tbe mi4M of Ibe party
in the approichlng conventiou will
cut loose from, and let them seek
political favors In some other quarter
than from the republican parly
Allison, Cousins and the rest of the
level I leaded luenHiers of the liawk
eye statu in ea:h brani'li of congres
btcked by the great bulk of their
constituents, uie going to see to It
mat iiih cou vent ion a few weeks
hence stands on solid republican
ground on the tariff issue. Ou that
as on all other questions, the republ
louii line throughout tiie country
will bu solid in l'JH. The Iowa
tarifT-siiia-hiug idea of 1902 is as dead
as the so-called Ohio idea of rag
money of 1868. (J lobe Democrat.
At a dinner in Brooklyn, held in
nominal honor of ex-President Mon
roe, Edward K.Shepard, the attorney
for the sugar trust and tbe great
mouth piece of the Cleveland demo
erats, said:
I have receutly said more than
once, and I repeat it tonight, that
here Is Ibe ail-donilnanl is ue of our
present politics. Tbe talk of Ibe
masses of American men is of trusts
on oue aide and of trades unions on
In the committee of I he), House of
Reprrsentatlv In tbe next coogrcr,
to which Hon. Hermann will te
elected, aud it is believed that ,Oie-
gon's Intel eats will be the gainer
thereby. Hon. Joseph Caunwn of
Illinois, who' will be Iheaexl speaker
of tbe House, is a.pcrsouat friend of
Mr. Hermann, and tbe two whosorv
ed together in several sessious of con
gress are quite cbummy. Besides,
Mr. Ilermaun's wido acquaintance
and well-known Industry as a com
mittee worker will be of vast odvsnt
incomer. Many a lar-eignieu Am-.g jn placing him on " important
erlcan has a deep and anxious fear, committee. There will be very
maoy more changes In the imk.up
A comparison between the Interest
manifested in the, western trips o
President Hays in 1880 and that o!
President Harrison lu 1890 with that
of President Roosevelt shows that
the Ameilcan people now have-
very much greater opinion of the
dignity of the office than they had
a few years ago. , In 1880 President
(Jays and party stopped In Albany
and took dinner at the depot hotel
and there were not more than
couple of hundred people to see him
and they all had a chance to shake
hands with him In 1890, theinter
est In thejehief magistrate of the
manhole with a lantern and a pot of I country had considerably increased
paint, Monday. Not coming out at lnd people turned out in reasonably
meal time, search was instituted witb
the result of finding the dead body.
Uas nf the chemical paint probaply
was the cause. Mr. C. leaves a wife
and two children.
The Portland labor unions have
brought an action in the state court
todiavolethe Lumber Trust of that
city, alleging that it is mainly in
restraint of trade. Now the lumber
men on their part may sue tbe anions
alleging that they are organized in
restraint of the Industries, only they
are not legal bodies, and there is no
one on whom to serve summons or
execution, even, when a judgement
is obtained.
The City and Suburban electric car
line of Portland, Is not satisfied with
the prospect of a ire bridge In place
of the present Morrison street struc
ture. The car line company oblect
to paying Ihe 3 cent toll for priv
ilege of crossing. In Ihe legislature
last winter. Representative Notting
ham fought for a 6-cent toll, but had
to compromise on a 3-ccnt rate. Now
the company wants exemption from
psylng that few. It will probablj
git it, since It practically owns the
approaches to the bridge and the)
nre valuable trading assets. But
why might not the city build the
new bridge from the foot of Stark
street, and let the railroad have its
old approaches?
The proposal now on foot for th
large numbers. But no other prcsi
dents have received suchcrowda as
did President McKluley and as are
turning out to fee President Roose
velt in his trip now. This is j not
because Iheso men are especially
more popular, than the others with
the people, but it ia because Ihe
people attach more Importance to Ihe
office than tbey formerly did. The
people are not turning out to see Ihe
President as a man. but as the chief
magistrate ot the greatest Nation on
earth. Albany Herald. There la a
little of the roan in Roosevelt to
account for the masses of people that
congregate along his route of travel.
A Mare Thing.
It W said that nothing insure ex
cept death and taxes, but that is not
altogether true. l)r. King's New
Discovery for Consumption is a sure
cure lor alt lung and throat troubles,
Thousands cau testify t that. .Mrs,
C. B VanMctre of Nheuoero.; wn.
W. Va.. says "I bad a severe cade of
Bronchitis aud for a year tried every
thing I heard of, but got no relirf.
One bottle rf Dr. King's New Dis
covery then cured me absolutely."
It's infallible for Croup, whooping
Cough, O rip, Pneumonia and Con
sumption. Try it. It's guaranteed
by Biltcy'e Pharmacy
Trial bottles free, Reg. sizes 60c. $1
A Farmer Stralguteaeu Oat.
"A man living ona farm near here
came In a short lime ago completely
doubled up with rheumatism,
handed him a bottle of Chamberlain
Pain B din and told him to use It
freely and if not satisfied after usin
It ho need not pay a cent foi It," Baya
!. P. Ryder,ol 1 'at tons Mills, N.
A few days later he walked into the
store as straight as a stringaod hand
ed me a dollar ssvinir. "elve me
nolher bottle of Chamberlain's Pain
Balm. I want It in the house all the
lima for it cured me." For sale by
Delta Drug Store.
that the industrial clviiixitiou of our
land will come to be nothing more
than an luterplay between Ibe great
organizations of wealth and of labor,
aud that in such an Interplay Ihe
vast body of Independent small pro
ducers will cease lo be indepe i.
S-mehat Jater In Ibe same day
l Omaha, President Rwsevelt had
Auy man who tries to excite cla
hatred, sectional bale, hale of creeds,
auy kind of hatred in our comomulty
though be may aft ct lo do It in tbe
interest of tbe clasa ho is addressing,
ia, iu Ihe lung lun, with absolute
ceitainty, that' class's own worst
enemy. In the long run, and
wnoie, ,w are going to go up or
godowu together.
I .04U Tlll.XU TO KEEP OUT - OK,
Tariif discriminations and n criml
uallons .have brought ou a warm
lltil -row tielueeu Canada uud der
ma y C.uaiU lagan it hy giving
(Jr. at lirnuu a 83 1 8 preferential
laiiif rate ou manufactured goods.
Germany retaliates by clapping high
er duties on Canadian wheal. It is
a natural aud inevitable outcome of
the syi-tem of preferential trade ar
rangeuiems .commonly called "reci
procity," It is chit Hy productive of
reciprocal hatred aud HI will. A
good thing for auy country lo keep
out of. .
The Iowa Republicans will hold
tnetr slate convention a few weeks
hence, but they will make no dorr in
for tariff revision. This much has
been learned from the confessions,
concessions and hedging of Ihet iriff
mashers In that stale who were re-
cently so vociferous. It is known
that Senator Allison is to write Ihe
platform of Ihe coming convention
i no senator has never ftvored the
tariff revision fad. He does not favor
it now. He will not put a word In
he platform which will give anybody
in or out of Iowa, a chance lo suppose
tnat any considerable Is dy of repub
(leans In that state want an overhaul
Ing of the tariff at this time. A few
of the youngi r and brasher members
establishment of a sardine cannery! of the party wanted, or said Ihey
iu una my, ueservee me encoursge I wanted, a revisiou of the tariff in the
. a -it . . I .
unlit in Bl riiisens. f or a great I coming session of congress. They
lumiy yen ine pacamg oi sardine aeciared that revision was nucesiary,
lias been a inedibility that promised in the iuteresi of the republican
well but theretofore there has been party. If there weie no revision,
no effort to et tabllsh a packing-house, they pretended, the republican' party
Ihperienced m-n are of the opinion would be beaten in the campaign of
iu ii a ursi Clara article can be prepar
el for the market at the mouth ol
the Columbia river, and it is thought
pertain that a large and profitable
induitry may be built up. The pack
ing of shad has gone on for many-
years, and there has been ready sal
Of course, it was easy lo see that
folly would not be tolersled by the
wiser members of Ihe Iowa republi-
cans. The present governor of that
state, a. u. uummlus, probably lil
as much as anybody lo start the fool
The billowing are Ihe resolutions
adopted by the Eugene Convention
aud constitute the platform on hlch
Hon. Dinger - Herman will stand
during this campaign:
"Resolved, That we hereby record
ur high appreciation of the private
worth aud the public services of Ibe
late Hon. Tho. II. Tongue, Congress
man from this district, and we de
plore his death as a loas to his state
and tho Nation.
"Resolve I, That we recognise
Theodore R-xwevelt, President of the
United States, as a Msiwtrt type of
Amerciun citizenship, worthy ol
these, the best dsys of Ihe Rf public,
and we heartily indorse bis position
upon the great public questions ol
the day and bis administration, and
he It resolved further, that he be ex
tended the hospitalities of this state
Uwin tho occasion of his proposed
"Resolved, That we do hereby
indorse and reaffirm Ihe platform of
the last Oregon State Republican
"ReMilvcd. That the Republics
party of this Congressional district
favors anJ wilt earntstly latorfor
the improvement nf our rivers and
harbor by the National Govern
V hea yoj want a pleasant physl
ry Chauihfrlaiu'rt Stomach and
Liver Tablets, They aro asy to Uke
and pleasant in effect. For sale by
lh-ila Drue Store.
A Washington, D. C. news report
states that an Injunction la the rem
edy which Attorney Ujueral Knox
will administer to Ihe anthricite coal
trust as soon, as the present Inquiry
Is iiiiished by the Interstate commerce
commission. The latter body has no
uthority to apply Ihe punitive sec
tions of the law. The commission
will turn over the results of its work
to Ihe department of Justice, and on
fhe showing being made that tbe law
has been violated, i nd is still being
violated, tbe attorney general will
Tbe attorney general has conclud
ed that Bjer and others have secured
Immunity by appearing aud testify
ing' before the interstate commerce
commission. '
What will happen lo the coal Irusl
may lie inferred from Ihe Northern
securities company case, and Ihe case
against the beef trust.
Tbe anthracite carrying roada have
been acting uuder agreements which
of Ihe committees this year thau ha
baeo usual heretofore In the rmraani
Xitlon of the house by. rea-on
vacancies on important coumutt -f--snd
vol. m of the First Di-lfi. i i
Oregon who are iuteresti d In proiuoi
lug Ibe welfare of the stu thoul,.
remember ibis aud give Mr. lie
maun a rousing endorsement at tin
polls. Grants Pass Otaervt-r. ' '
mere are a great many reaso-u
why Ihe democratic parly abould b
kept out of business, but the ui,n.
reason Is because it gfis the flinini-i i
end of everything it tn-ldle uul
stuck in the mu. Moravian F..II-
(N. I ) "Yejlow Jickel "
The difference is litis: A n venu-
tut ft force the American Woiknmi
to compile w.tti the foifin woik
man, and the protective tariif forcit.
the foreign workman toioiiipele u ilh
tbe AuirricMU Woikmeii. Ai a hu-i
ness proposition it is ln-sl to forci
t'olht-r fellow into coiupotiiloo.
ShUfleld (Ala ) "Reaper."
Tiie cry that ihe tar. If fosters uu
fair profits for the makers of protect
ed commodities can be met with the
response that excessive puff: will
foster competition, which will redu.-e
prices to the cousumer and profits to
tne manufacturer, amf upon this
score the ulira.protcc'iouists are
ready to claim that auy eonsiderahln
revMou of the tariff is not soon like
ly to be needed. Fall ll.vi-r "Her
ASH'ctallc Preparation for As
similating Uic Food ami Reg ula
uiig tjic Stomachs and Bowls of
Prontolcsi DigcslioaCheerfMh i
ness ami hcsi vuiuains neiuurr
Opium. Morplune iior Mineral.
Not Nahcotic.
'a For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought '
Bears the
Aperfivi Remedy forConslipvi
fion. Sour Slomarh.DiarflnHjfl
Worms .Convulsiuns.Kevcrish-m-ss
mid Loss of Sleep.
'v Facsimile Signnlura of
exact copy or wrapper.
.. 3 M
For Over
Thirty Years
tat t s ( RKEK i rKWS.
Ltbor unions xt having, troubles
of their own all over the country.
j are the people who want work
done aud are ready and willing to
pay for II. Ho are myriads of wok-
ingmcn, Idlo against their will iind
anxious to accept tho more thau liv-
g wage that prosperity Uf-ry.
Anri the beginning of Ihe end no
man can . yet . foresee. Uregouisn.
j The government has several men
and teams working at Ihe lock of
the Yamhill river at Lt Fayette,
greding, sowing grass swd and other
wist improving the grounds. It is
going to be a beautiful place when
completed, bjt Uncle Ham Iimh a
whore lot of dead capital invested
down there Newlierg . (Jraphic.
But you wanted the lo-n, did you
HOI? 4. . ;
Down in the First Congressional
District f nmnn Iku nimilJii.
bave eirmluatedallt-ompetltlonand nave noinllm(ed Bln-er ,Ieri,.Mnn
brought ats ut a complete monopoly
of the supply of bard coal, l'resum.
ably there have been liolalione of
the law against secret rebates, and
the publication of freight rates. The
injunction which will be asked by
Attorney General Knox will for id
all these practices, under the linini
uent penalty of contempt.
Vreatly Alarmed.
By a IVrslste it Cough, but Perma
nently Cured by Chamberlain's,
OKiirh Remedy. Mr. II. P. Burbage,
a student al law, in Oreenvllle, 8, C.
and the democrats have named A. K.
Rvalues lo All tbe vacaucy caused by
Ihe death of Hon. Thoa, II. Tongue.
Of course the result of tho election,
June 1st, Is easily fomlold, even al
this long range. ' Mr. Hermann will j
be elected by a rousiug uisjiriiy.
This augurs well for Ihe'stato of ),e
gon, as he Is the one Ciiiln; ntly titled
to step into tbe place made Vacant by
(he death of Mr. Tongue. Honest,
trustworthy, well acquainted witli
all the workings of government:.!
machinery, he la well uaiihd lo
take up Ihe work right where, his
( I.i ft oii r fnmi IiihI i'tci)
Oil Haiiinlay in :hl rf last week
Mr. anil Airs. (Joy Thrapp gave a
lawn social in honor of the RFt.Paul
Orr of McMinnvi.ie. The forty
guests. uho:ei yd tj.e hospitality
ol Mr. and Mrr. Thrapp were treated
loa (i un iniiiical programo, -also- an
exc'll.-i.t luucluiin of cakt-aud ci lfef.
Those win h-lot-J eiitr-r'ain
Mrs. Mat lliis, MrM.(niplall, Miss
t tertrude 0'ialley, Mrs. t'hus lluuley,
MoKsrs. Jesse Thr.ipp himICihikI TuK
heart. .
Fred Ksne and Mls Nellie An.br
son of Foii- Uiovc, aere- Soda
.Spring visihir- . l :y.. -.
Mi.-w l-Wn y.cu r. ii. I Mir-e Z
Hhorb tiro vi-iling f( ieLds and rtle
lives lure this wek. -
i Binger Hermann, accompanied by
K. XV. Ilaincs of Form! drove, was a
Hales IrH li visitor on Monday.
ivv. imui t)!r talked lo a full
houe Sunday morning, also al 4 p. m
iuite n iiuml(T of our townspeople
went to llillstioro Htinday lo see tbe
circus. ' -
Mr. joe. Lilley, Mrs. -Molile Lilly,
Mrs. few-Loon, Miss Ellie Boke and
Mis Lu hilly went to Portland,
i iiurny, lu voe our Pnsident and
ilo some shopping.
lion:, to the wife of Wm. Lee.
iay urn is h, a daughter - .
Sirs. Kinina 8'anton . and Mis.
Tom Taylor, of Portlapd. visited
with their mother, Mrs John Wilson,
Irtrt week. . . .
Riy 11 'Banner, of Hillslwro, was
in lowu Friday night. .... ,
Miss Lucy Le, .f Portland, is vis.
itinglier purenls, Uf. and Alra..J.
When pent ile nre riiliiiilutiiig a trip
, whether on linsiurss or pleasure,
i they nuliiruliy waul i lie hest service!
j ohtainuhlu us far u.h t d, ci,iujrl
j and Ffifety is eon. enu-,1. Kmplov-
eesoftho Wicmsl,. C.-niral l.in.'-s
1 are paid to serve the pul.lic and our
i trains onerated s.. ; iis to ivaVv close
cniineclioii uiih .h. ,..;.,,, ...
all juix tioii puints.
Ptllinan Palace Sleeping d Cliaii t:;irs-
on in roiled triiin.
DlninK Car sniviiw unexielled.
j serveil a la (Wle.
It order In obtain tin lirt .lusS
j ask the ticket aent U u-ll
ticket over "
you a
Direct connections ut li.icn,.-.. am Mji
waukee for all Kaxlern points
Knr full iiif(rmati..n rail on vonr ...r. t
1 ticket aReiit, ..r wiil ......
Jas.C. Pom., or J.ia. A. i.oc ,
t Oen. I'aa. Agl., -tJcn.-n.l Avent,
j Milwaiikw.Wis. - 24Slark
I " ' I'apIIiiii.I M... ...
' Wheat-. Walla VV,.lln n..' t.i
, Hour lHt yrd.x, f
barrel; grahnni. f:l I .-(.(': 5
I Oats No.l white. 1 loi i
1 8 per rental.
IJarlev I'eed. t lias I....
trowing rolled, ?J p( r ton. '
(15 per
! - grey
i'lOIKllllTi. llriiti.
27 shorts. $-J;l;, hop," 'is
Jllll.-lliy, fajf'JI; cov
'I fl'l,
had been tioubled four or five veara
with a continuous coueh which he lrc"J-8.'r left i ff and carry it hu
savs .reatl alarnwsl m. r....lnr cessfully forward. This was the r.a-
me to fear that I was In tbe first stafi-el"0" he WM "tn'"''; ibis is why
of .naiim..ll..n Mr. Itn.h. " wl" " eiecieo.-A-asaa ejenllnel.
having seen Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy advertisel, conclude! to try
Now read what he says of II ;
I soon fell a remarkable change and
Iter using two hot) lea of the twenty.
vecent air., was permanently eu red
Sold by D.-lta Drug Btore.
Mado Veasg Again.
for the limited quantities prepared iah idea that the majority of the Iowa
t y the packets. Hardine packlna I republicans wanted a general revision
cau im mucn more extensively eu-1 01 Ice tsrln al this lime. Cummins
gageth in, and the promoters of lh I la Dot a manofgreat abilty or balsncf-.
new enterprise will be in position U I but be got the gubernatorial nomina
rr.ni Itw Ih. U....I.I .....1.. . . . 1 , I 1 ... . . .
,..... ,v .,m..lln uvrriunna I w jmrs ao, ami inereiore was
whith has been received from th elected. It will be well for then-pub
product of ths salmon canneries. A licans lo shelve Cummins this year,
stnline cannery will be an Industry if he holds any of his notion of a'
t r lasting benefit to Ihe city and state few months ago. Il ought to beeasy
Aslorian. Before canning Ibe fish 'or them to g. t a man for governor
arc smell, after, they are sardines. who is In harmony with the masses,
A Startling Trul.
To save a life, Dr. T. O, Merrill,
oi nil. flienoopany, l a., made a won
.lerful cure. IIh writes, "a patient
wasatlacked with vlilent heioorr
hages, caus.l by ulceration of Ihe
sloniacli. I had often found F.lectric
Bitters exi-elleirt for acute stomach
and liver trouble so I prescribed
Ihcm. The patient gained from Ibe
tlrst, and has not had an attack in 14
months." F.ieclrie Bitters are poal-
tive'y guaranteed fr Dyspepsia,
Iiiliirestioti,Cinstlpatiou and Kidney
trouMes. Try them OnU Mv.
Biiiey's Pnarmacy. j
Our democratic contemporaries are
squirming over' the lierildt.n;
throughout the slate of President
Roocj veil's wotds, lo the effect thai
he is friendly lo Mr. Hermann ami
wishes lo see bim se'it to congres-..
The Roseburg Review gintt so far as
to ask the question, "If the president
"Oue of Dr. King's N -w Life Pills lis lo dictate who Is to I voiiKre
ich night f two wei ks has put nie I men hereafter, what is Ihe use to go
ein my 'teens' again" writes D. II.
Turner of I Vmpseylown, Pa. Thpy'n
Ihe best in Ihe world for Liver,
Stoma h and Bowels. Purely vege
table. Never gripe. Only 25c al
Bii'ey'a I'.iarm'tcy
A republican onugress will back
Roosevelt's posiliou on Ihe trust
quesllon. Hermann stands with the
president oi thh issue and can do
effect iv. work for us in this direction
as well as many others. Corvallis
But six or eight papers In the die
Irict are supporting Klines for con
gress, and about all they do Is In
attack Hermann. It Is their Idea of a
clean campaign. The R-publirar
press Is solid and united in in sup-
sort nf Hermann whose election i
nly a question of how larte the
mj'irily, provbled Ihe v.aiers will go
polls as is their duly In an election
f suih great importance. Eugene
to the trouble and expense nf holdinir
m election?" Verily this 'saslrange
attitude for the Review lo take.
Heretofore the detiewrafs have risn
en masse and ildly objected to Her
mann la-ause he was objectionable
to Riosevelt a veritable ship in hi.
face. In fact. It was accminirlv their
ilr-il and only desire In please the
pn-aident Now thai Mr. Rioeveit
has let bis wishes tie known, Ih.y ac
cuse him of wanting lo selec t Ibe
onrigresamai f Why this Change ol
hear.? To be consistent, our ileum,
cratlcbreatheren should vntn for Mr.
Herinaun In kind aud thoughtful
ronaid.THlion iaf the expveos desire ol
Presld nt Rsnevelt. Jraphic.
Tee Great a Kisk.. ,
In alinoet .eiy neigbborhoiid
sone on,, lias died from an attack of
colic or choler. morbus, olten Is-fore
medicine could be pr.sured or a
physician aiiiniiioiiiHl. A reliable
remedy for lhce diseases hbould be
keptnt hand The risk la' too great
lor anyone I . t.ke. Chamberlain's
Colic, Chol.-rA hl Diarrhoea Remedy
has uiidoiilifMlly saved the lives of
morr. pw.pM and relieved more pain
and i-utferjng lhan any other medicine
HIUM-. It can always 1m? depended
nsn. l-or sile by I Ml a Druu 8t.re.
t Itllt'or V,.i... .,-...
nlry, noiito.al : tor. 1'n ,.. m .
i-.lfgs freh j(i, ,,.a0- 1
Clieuse Full ..n .-.
loiing American, J7!c. K(C ,,,.r pn,,
. l'ouliry-1 lofkei.K, mixed. :t -r 1.2". :
hsansi f ii.r J fdi . i i ...
hens, M,-4 fa); ,IW(I, e p( r ,.
:te"-:.!-'' - : .i..
(liKKtVII.I K ITKao.
!' on i- f tun tnat wrrlc.)
s. hor.l .i..rted here last Mon.
There promises to be great changes wlt(-y
' airk Arrest.
J. A. Culledge of Verlns, Ala.
was twice in the hnnpital from a severe-ease
nf piles causing 21 tumors.
After doctors and all remedi. failed ,
Bucklen's Arnl.ai Ralve quickly
arre-ted further Inflanmiation and
cure. I him. It conqaors aches and
kills pain. 2oc. at Bailey's Phar.
.Mr. nu.l Mrs. Shenrer, daughter
t'srrio, and Mets Kv Catching vlsltid
last Sunday iih Mr. If. Bsker's.' -
Dr. Frank Biiley was out ( Ilill.-
-.ide where ho vaccinali d ' m vera)
IXTsons. ., - . i ...
Mr. J-k Slnatrer sent 1073 pounds
of cream lo the creamery at Banks
last month. , .,
.Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ix.yd visited
ln.t ruo lity wiih Mr, laaiis and
i.. : i
Tfiofumil of M-wrt Nimh Hiker.
S'i t Siin fiy n' tho bomn of Mr,
N'el house.
Mr. Js. Maii'i and family vlilled
with Mr. (bs.rgo M.-flraw'a last
-Sucday. ' - .
Mi. Joe Jeniilngs, ut llayward,
wi nt to Dilb y Monday on business.
Oiiet a front was se'n Sunday
morning t.y th.we who were out in
time. , .
lirr .lown - i.pi. r.. .....
'ive.l3.:; .IreHscd.iric; ?
.'Ji,,?"7iro"H' heavy. i;fti.r;; li..,t
1 I-Miiall. 7ic ; h.iKe, ;,7i ,,.
ht pniiml.
; Heef Mrrws : ,vr; f 0,i,:ri.
' I'ops-lycfL'Oc per ain nd.
.?'?irV",,i"Jr.,:,if" "''"-"teri.OreM.n,
Potatoes-..'! ( .,iu ,H,T k
Onions 40, fi,. , ,.r .
fjla Iffn.lure fj on every Ik,t , senuin
Laxative uroiTK'-Otiininc tm.
M tnotlt that eurea a r.il.1 tm ntt d..
Mr. JoM-ph Pomlnvitle, of Still
water, Minn., after havmg spent ont
2.00 With h l.f-t doctors fer
stomarh troiibl... mliho.it reli. r
advise.1 by his .Ircgg Ht. Mr. Al. x
Richard, to try a box of 'nnmi,.., iu(...
8toma. li ami l.iver laidet n.. .u.i
so, and is n v.. ,n i.l,,y. If
troubled with tu de,-H!l m, ,k. ,. tn
In Ihe mouth, k of ,.H,el,.e, or
const I pal !,,, K,y,. ttll T)(l)t.H B
'rial, anil you urn certain
tnan pleased with
ai .v, cenu , , r l.x bv
Drug 8i ,r..
to Ih' iiiom
ii-Mill. For
h re-
Mil as lleiu-
Oorman'a Touith 1au.
The Cviuinoiier Im.ni. l
xrei Ilm selection of ;,,
- -t in me a..aie lln,
t may l rry eonsi.h rcd the .tmst
...port.nt vl.s..,rjr lU, fil. ilri
the reactionary element f the . ..,,,.
cratlc pnrty." Vl,e it i r.H-nllo.1 that
theClevohmd winu of the pnrty l.n,
alsoMpr,l ,li. on.e,,t v. ith the n.-w
eaner. It will t-
Ihfif t:..w v.
task of harnHJnim I ho party is King
--v. v. . n n ui r 1 I n ll... ..1.1
"i(f in the rlover.-Xun
Call. . '