Hillsboro independent. (Hillsboro, Washington County, Or.) 189?-1932, April 11, 1902, Image 1

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Vol. XXIX.
No. 47
mo, n Toirr,
Til OS tl. A K. li
a. . TOKurt
N..tury Public.
TT )I'.N E YH- AT-1 A W,
lill.l i:OUO, UUKUON.
Orrma: K.mll,t, a a, llunni IHook
ft. X. liAlilUTT,
tiii.niMiw. oufoor.,
I ic: Ontral iiluok. Itooas J 7.
Oyrica: ltoow tad 7, Morgan blues.
liailt y Morgan Block, Room 1 A 2
ft. T. LIS ".LATER, M. II. ('. M.
Owns: at reaideur, earn of (ourt
H.mse, wlier ha will ha found at all noma
when Did viaitiug patitfitla.
Orrina nn ltjiiiiii : corner Third
ao.l Main Htreet. Oltioa lionrn, Buitl to 12
a. ui., 1 to b autl 7 tu b p. oi. Tnle4io tu
r.-nnliino from (truck 8eU' lnir a
all hour. All eslls promptly alleudeu,
uiwht or .lay.
' A. tttlLEY, M. K.
tlllj JI Mil. OUK(MIN.
OIHc Moiyan l.ailey tllnrk, up stairs,
riHHi.s 1:', l i a. I l.. litxideuoe, ti. W.Oof.
baa I.M. autl tttiooud lrl
Doth 'Fboues.
. J. E. AllalXM. ,
Crru n Houkh: H a. ui. I. 4:30 p. m.
Office in Union block over Pharmacy
Petrti ?ial Iwlli l'i.Wlrl. Cement
' unit Aiiiuhruni lilliiit' t' renin oarh. Uuld
l,lln.;'3 li.iui t uik Vitalised air lur paiu
ieisi f itracf inn. i
u.Kira: three doors north of Hrios
tre DrUna honr fiool U a. ui. to4 i. ui.
Kislcst of hlKlH Hlll'Hlli Nil tllf
t'HiiMin ol (VtliirHtlo, linn Hiluateil
iu tli tiiiihi lnii nf llm IVnverA
Hi" (iriuuli' l.i itt'H ii Canon C-ily nl
HiIhIh in Hit' front rane of tlif
K kiin, li tlm iiiivnt HH-ctilar, nwe
iiiipiriiit' mill iiiHi,'ii.tiitiil. lnwu
thin uiitlity li ft in Hut lii'ttrt nf the
nr.tniie nici-lmrrii r null the rnlnu
vt atHrM of I In- ArkitiiHHH liivor, Ittehetl
inln ftiHiiilnn fury and rlaHhttl into
uj. tinning Mpray hy its swift tltHcont
through llm t.irluiiiH (li lilc. H I ar
row Ih I hit 1'd-nnyti at ono K)int
tlmt Hutu whh ho room for both the
roitil Mini river, oixt therefore cur
iutiMly roiiMlrtirtt il lirl.'ge f Htfel had
ti hu thrown lrnfthwb of the
ttlrenm. Kiieniletl from iron iti
jh.rU iiiorli-til inlotho t'anon Walla
on enrlt hiilu to the rifrlit and left.
Ami rlRlit liereran t wen the cli
max of hII 111 frttion'.-t Kntmli'iir, that
whii h Iimh lifen ailly ealktl ''The
Jtoyal lorRt." For Iwn thousand
sis liiimlr.il feet tlin solid monolith
sour npwHrd five tiiuea n lofty a
the WaHhiiiKtou Monument, the
highest Knu:itK'iit atrticture reared
by the hand of man. No words can
adtqnaU'ly dewrilie the nianiflrenee
of the aeene. Only those who have
hchi'ld Us (rloriM con appreciate
This Is hut one of the many won
ders of nature revealtnl lo the travel
er on Hie IVnver A Rio Grande
lUilroiid, 'The Bceiiic Une of the
For detailed Information about
this niortt delightful trip to the Eist,
Ail.lress J. I). Mansfield,
Gen'l Ak, Hio Grande System, Port
laud, Oregon.
MII ICC TO TIIK ri ltl.lt'.
Are you hakini; firhom? Do
you w Hh to make an lnvetiueiit in
small or large furru. limlier land or
city proiert.? IM you w ish to loan
your money? IV you want lo bor
row aomo n oney? I you wish hi
aell yur pnterly? Then come and
lint it with uie; I make aalei If any
uu can. F. M. litidel,
liillaburo, Oregon.
', The Story of a
; ; Soldier's Struggle
I! Ten
By Brig. General I!
Charles King
"ilila n us four iluya after Lanitilon'a
arrival, and ljr another iy the Chica
go papers bad reached 1'awnee and
served as fuel to the flame of excite-
liient ahomly In full Must . To begin
with Old Hurricane, La nylon's fulth
lil valet ami servant, bad been be
queathed to the care of Itodney May
and Woodrow, bnd been eiven a little
room back' of the main mess building
and in somebody's cast oil dress suit
appeared as butler one evening nt din
ner. A Virginia education had made
hi in familiar with every detail of such
tlutles, and hla grizzled pate and lined.
pathetic face went fur to equip him to
look the character. ' To tangdon's
friends among the boys It seemed most
fitting that the lonely old negro mourn
lug for his beloved master ahould he
fared for by teir nuiulier, but Lang-
don s friends were nut too numerous
now that he was some weeks gone
from their uiMst, and Nathan, Tor
rance and satellites of theirs bad the
Door. It ileased Mr. Torrance one
evening to siwuk brutally to the old
servitor and then contemptuously of
hla former cniioyir, and when Slay
and Woodrow beard of the shabby af
fair they bunted up Torrance and de
manded the reason .for his outbreak.
The particular of thut encounter never
igot out, hut a smull party of cronies
first cut Torrauce and then "cut" loose
from the club. Taking Hurricane with
them, they set up housekeeping for
themselves, and this new establish
ment was In smooth running order,
very harmonious and couipanlonahle,
when the Ehcriduu news was received,
whereas there were still dissensions at
the mess." The married men bnd all
club privileges, of courser but no seat
at tuble. The 15 or 111 bachelor who
thrice a day hud been accustomed to
commune together over the board had
Kukcu much comfort In Hurricune's co
lonial dlgulty of manner and consum
mate knowledge of a butler's duty.
They were nnuoyed thut Torrauce
should liuve taken It upon himself to
abuse a servitor who was In nowise In
his puy or uudi-r Jils authority; but.
having failed tu puss the vote of cen
sure pro)used by Hay, Woodrow and
I.e Due or to tVke any measure what
ever to Insure their butler against fur
ther abuse, tliey had pit-clpitutcd the
secession of six of their choicest spirits
and with the six hud lost Hurricane.
When it was too late, some of the main
establishment thought they "ought to
do something," for the six who seceded
were gentlemen, and. If one might
Judge from luuguuge and conduct. Tor
ts nee was not Wealth, won with his
lackaduislcul wife, had made him arro
gant but nothing could uiuke him pop
ular. The meniliership of the officers'
club Included the entire cnuiuilssloned
list of the garrison cavalry, artillery
and staff, " t at" of course was presi
dent, but Mrs. "Cat" hud her objections
to his giving much time to social enjoy
ment within Its walls, and the duughty
veteran wiio hud led a dozen dashing
charges dining the great war and who
Isire the scars of more than one sharp
scrimmage with the redskins on the
frontier was no match for his better
half In domestic encounter. Mrs. "('nt"
had convictions, one of them being that
a married man should eat and drink
only In the presence and company of
the partner of Ids Joys and woes. This
insured his getting only what wa4 good
for him. "Cat as a consequence saw
very little of the club. Its vice presi
dent, an easy going old mini, exercised
no control, he professing to Isdieve that
such powers were vested only In the
chief. Melville but rarely set fisit with
in Its doors. When he did, however, it
was marvelous to note the effect Al
tercation erased, argument tempered,
voices toned down and orders for
drinks diminished to next to nothing.
In Its earlier singes the club had been
likened by a witty and observant wo
man to the Hourlng Camp Inmiortullied
by Ilret Harte, and occupants of quar
ters contiguous to or within hall of Its
limits were loud and frequent in their
couipluluts. "Hourlng Camp" was still
the uauie by which the many garrison
wits, mostly women, referred to It, and
its uieuibcrs had so far aucctimltcd to
the force of circumstances as to fall In
to the way of saying they were going
to "camp" wheu they meant to the
club. Taking It by and large, however,
the Iawtwe club had lieen a fairly har
monious organization. If its cigars
Were not the ticst to be found In the
aruiy. Its stories were not the worst,
and as for the mens feature, 1'awnee'
table was said to be quite the peer of
that of'Leavenworth or "the Point."
But the mesa needed a head, the seu
loT, officer pot having been provided
with "more thuu the outward uud visi
ble sigu thereof. Ha was a veteran
captain of cavalry, long left a widower.
He presided with ponderous dignity at
the board, hut had neither Weight In
deliberation nor force tu discipline.
"Tliw hoys" overrode hlui completely,
and when discussion became fierce or
heated be lost all semblance of control.
The secessiou of so many bright.
brulny Juniors, all battery officers,
proved sore blow. There was an ele
ment among the cavalrymen In which
Eric Langdou'a case had excited pro
found sympathy, and the more these
fellows saw and beard of Nathan and
Torrauce the less they liked them and
the more they felt for Langdon. 11 ut
the antl-Laugdonltea, If out actually In
iue majority, were iuosi in evtuence,
for they at least had organization and
energy. Conscious of the growing
feeling for Larrgdou and against them,
they were seeking every opportunity to
heup further obloquy on his name.
They turned up duy after day with
some new story at hla expense for the
truth of which they declared some reli
able person was ready to vouch, and as
their hearers bad no Information on
the subjuct the most they could do was
to look Incredulous. It was one even
ing lute when Nathan and Torrance
had been holding forth at some length
and most of the cavalry crowd had
slipped awojr to the card or billiard
room that at lust oue of the troopers
who had long feigned not to hear any
thing that was lielng said emerged
from the screen of tho morning palter
and drawled:
"Seems to me you fellows have to ex
pend lots of ammunition killing a man
you declare to lie dead. If he's the cad
you naf he Is. how does It happen that
Melville corresponds with him'"
. "Melville's too soft hearted to refuse
to answer his letters," answered Tor
rance Impatiently. "They're probably
begging letters, anyhow." "
"They're not," said the trooper,
" 'cause I've seen 'em. As to being soft
hearted. I was with Melville In that
Modoc business when Squirt Ta I titer
hnd to resign and when he cut Jlnimle
flannnn dead. I'll bet you what you
like Melville would tire you, Nathan,
quick as he did To Inter, or cut you,
Tomince, dead as he did Gannon if
you deserved It as they did. Rut be
stands up for I.angdon."
"I've said liefore, Cnptaln Chnnntng,
replied Nitthuu. with pronounced em-
pliusls on the title, turning the color of
bis stripes and half way round In bis
chair, "Major Melville does not know
Lungdoii. As for Tuluter, any man
who played the coward as he did
-voulil have to expect court martini at
least, and Melrille let hita off the putt.
lie disgrace he deserved. He was a
shume to the regiment. As for (inn lion.
there was a woman in thut case, and
others cut him a t well as Melville."
W-e-11 now, bold on. Nathan,"
drawled Outlining, drawing his lean
length from the depths of an easy chair
hi which he wn." sprawled. "I was
8tiitloued at Frisco about that time,
and I know quite as much ef the busi
ness as you do who hnp)ened to be In
Kuiope on leave, as I remember when
your regiment got Into that cam
My battery wasn't In It!" Interposed
Nathan hastily.
"And," continued Channlng placidly.
'Talnter Isn't the only man to find the
perils of Indian fighting too much for
his nerve. We had a case In my regi
ment and there are others. As for
cutting (iuniion, It's true others did It,
but not until after Melville set the ex
ample. If Langdon was half as bad as
you make hlin out, Melrille wouldn't
lie backing hi in for employment at this
minute and you wouldn't he taking
such pains to prove your side of the
case, which, by gad, Isu t mine.
All right." sneered Nathan, rising
uneasily and making for the door In
evident discomfiture over ('banning-
pointed remarks. 'Tin betting you and
Melville will be wishing you bad left
had enough alone ts-fore you are many
months older, and I dm't envyyou If
the colonel happens to hear of your
taking up the cudgels for the man he
court martlaled. Come on, Torrance!"
No fear; he won't hear," drawled
Chnnntng. "Nonconductors are scan
hi your set, Nathan, (lood night to
you both.". .
That episode led to spilt numlicr two
In the mess, ('banning' words were
held by Nathan's few followers as "a
slur on the artillery," and he was asked
to withdraw them. He wouldn't He
said they applied only to Nathan's Im
mediate circle, which Included, to the
heat of his Is-llef. only three or posslldy
four olllcers of artillery. The mess dl
vhhsl against Itself, and this was the
condition of affair when the Chicago
papers cnpie telling of the tremendous
events at Sheridan. It so happened
that Mrs. Torrance was giving a recep
tion that afternoon, that Mrs. Melville
had "regretted" some days previous,
but that Miss Kthel (irahame, the very
attractive young woman referred to as
devoted to riding" In an earlier chap
ter, hnd lieen Induced, much against
her will, to go In place of her aunt
There were many "tiolut" to this girl,
as the most blase man In the batteries.
Mr. Snntley, hud twice remarked, but
litter he hail given It as his opluion that
for a girl who hadn't a s-nny she was
too surrMir. you know. Huntley had
lieen twice abroad, had a little money
and nltoiit as little sense, had cast his
lot with the Nathan contingent as more
congenial and productive of dinner.
Vet he had stit more evenings at Mel
ville's thni anywhere else In the garri
son. Melville, alnay courteous to him.
but never einiimunli ative, could not
have lieen the attraction, especially as
the major bnd a way of withdrawing
to his study with certain of his i.ln.vr
on several evenings In the week and
working oi.t prol.lcm In the war game.
Bantler no student He hated
Continued e Fourth futf.
Platform Adopted by Repub
Means of Oregon
1h President Eudortra" la Ills Stand
iraiast Capital
The republican party of Oregon, In
statu convention atmemhleJ, proud of its
record and pot lii.-tory.iu devotion to
the principles of huiunn lilerty and hu
man rights, its great and imperishable
names which lend litstrr and glory to
the American nation at home and among
the ustion of the earth, and as an as
Mirancenf its continued tidelity to the
great principle for which It has contend
ed lu the pant in state and national af-
fain, dis s hereby mako and aflirm tiie
following declaration of It"- principles.
Tho events of the lute war witii Spain
curried us into the Philippine Islands.
V hold it to lie consistent with the
principles of lilwrty and of our National
life that the sovereignity .f tho United
States ahould be maintained in the is
luuils, under such local self-government
as the people may l, or may become,
titled to participate in. We therefore de
clare againht all pi-i-iM-wals looking to the
retirement of the United Htale from the (
Philippine Islands. ,
That In the war which President
HiKjecvelt has inaugurated aguiuitt the
gigantic combinations c incorporated
capital he tins the united anil enthusias
tic tuppoil of the Kepiihlicun arly of
We demand and insist Usn the pas
sage of the bill now pending in Congress
for the exclnxiou of Chinese, known as
the Mitclivll-Kalin eicluxinii hill.
We reallirm our allegiance to the prin
ciple of protection in necessary cases of
iiulustrius still in their Infancy or unable
; y'i'--J
- . -: -V' ;.- f,
Ul comiete witil foreign production.
We recogniz the right of labor to or-
gsnixeand combine for mutual protec
tion under the law, and we recommend
that the legislature enact all necessary
legUlntion to protect labor in all its rights
nd privileges. In the interests of Amer
ican 1W and tho upbuilding of the
worklngman as the corner-stone of the
prosperity of our conntry, we recom
mend that Congress create a Depart
nient ol Iabor in charge of a Secretary,
with a teat in the Cabinet.
W demand that a law be passed by
the next Ixtgislatiire placiug all public
officer of this state Uin reasonable sala-
lo, which aliall not lie increased during
the incnmlient's term of ortice, and be
yond such salary they shall receive no
eoinpenitation a fee or otherwise.
lu order to promote the develop
ment of the mineral resource of the
tale, we are in favor of the creation of
and the maintenance of a mining bereau
by the state. .
We declare our approval and support
of the suggestions of President Roose
velt for the irrigation of the arid lands
ftlio country. This work should 1
undertaken by tho United 8tatcs as soon
ss ponaihle, snd carried forward on a
consistent plan, under direction of the
General tiovernmcnt.
We urge onr Pepreinlalives in Con
gress and Senators to ne every eflort to
ecure the ieeily oniiig of the Colutn-
is River hetwern The ldleaBl Ohio,
nd for clearing the river of all obstruc-
10ns to navigation Imm Us month to
head nf navigation. We urge also re
newed and continued effort for improve
ment of our Coast harlior and stream
ithin the state, and the speedy crm-
IriH'tioo of aa b4hmian cannL
Thai the pnblic land are the heritage
the common penplo and slusibl he
eld in trust lor the ne and benefit of all
the tieople under the homestead laws.
We sre therefore nnslteralily opposed to
all plans schemes or proposithm for
leasing public domains, either to imli-
iilusl or corwrationa.
We favnr a nolir bv the state and the
United Sutc which shall further foster
mm 11
P. wni"rT rifaJ. a!1 4 J
sua support our luheries, and we re
quest the Legislature to enact such fur
ther measures aa avay I found by ex
perirnce necessary to obtain this result
We deoiand and ituitf upon the ItU'
mediate passage by Contresa of the
United State of the oleotnsrgerine bill,
knows as the new Grout bill, now pend
ing la ths Senate.
That wa favor the proposed anieud.
nieut to the state constitution providing
fur tiie initiative and referendum, and
recommend its adoption by the people ot
the state.
We declare our approval of the princi
ples of the primary law enacted by the
Lefialature at the session nf 1131, and we
Ask the Legislature to extend this law
so that in it main feature it may ap
ply to primary elections in all election
precinct throughout the state. And we
further recommend the election of
United State Senators by popular Tote,
fared Maay a Time.
Don't neglect cougha and colds
even if it la spring. Much case often
result seriously at this season Just
because ople are rarelcaa. A dose
ol One Minute Cough Cure will re
move all danger. Absolutely safe.
Acts nl once. Kurn euro for coughs,
cold, croup. Prom-hit in and other
throat and lung trouble. 'I have
used One Miuute t'ouh Cure sever
al years," any I'otduiaati'r C. O
Dawson, Burr, III. "It la the very
best rough modiolus on the market.
It lias saved me many a severe ssdl
of sickuess and I warmly recom
mend it." The children's favorite.
Delta drug store.
. Senator Deboe, of Kentucky, tell
an loterea'itig story concerning an
enterprising editor who ran a paper
down In Hardin county, of that
"The state fair association," aaid
'. j "3 :ri
1 i.1 1 U? 1
It: '-l
Onion Farm of J. T. Young, Hillaboro
the Senator, "offered a prize of $10
In gold for each of the best sample
of corn, oat end tobacco. This offer
gave the editor an idea. He adver
tised that he would give a year's
subscription worth $2 for the best
sample ol corn, oat and tobacco
that were brought to him within a
certain time. The country . people
lumped at the opportunity to get a
year' reading matter on auch easy
terms. Every farmer in . Hardin
county brought hi contribution, and
when all the sample had been de
posited, the wiae editor had a barn
full of stuff. On a certain clay the
corn, oats and tobacco were spread
upon table which ran along three
side of the court house square, and
after a very prolonged examina
tion the prize wa duly awarded.
Thru the editor picked out the finest
ear of corn, the heavier head of
oats, and the beat twists of tobacco
and sent three selections to tha state
fair. lie got the 130 In gold, and
beside that be sold enough stuff to
the hotel proprietor to pay hi board
for six months." -Washington Post.
Srglect Means llaarrr.
Don't neglect bll'iousnoM and con
stipation. Your health will suffer
pet mancntly if you do. De Witt'
Little Early Riser cure such rase.
M. R. Smith, liutlernut, Mich., says
"De Witt' Little Early Kiser are
the n.ot satisfactory pill I ever
look. Never gripe or cause nausea."
Delta drug store.
A Searlj 1'atal Kaaaway
Started a horrible ulcer on the leg
of J. It. Orner, Frank liu Grove, lll
Which defied doctor and all remed
ies for four year. Then Rucklen's
Arnica Salve cured him. Just as
good for lloils, Rums, llraise. Cuts,
Corns, Scald, Sklo Eruptions and
piles. 2Sc at Delta drug store.
Id the course of a recent address
made lo Washington county, Dr.
James Withco.obe, of the U. A. C ,
had the following lo say of the snull
farm t
"lo districts where fartoi are
small it behooves the farmer to
adopt systems of intensive culture in
order to realize the largest returns
from hi land. Especially hi re
priced commodities of the farm
usually require skill and labor for
successful production, 111114 Riving
the farmer an opportunity for profi
table employment on his own farm,
A farm of this kind, properly man
aged, ran he made to yield an almost
Increditahle amount 'of produce.
This season, in this county, onions
have been sold from an acre of land
amounting to l,0t0. The principal
expense in growing this crop was la-
lair. Tlila may tie regarded as
phenominal crop aud (tcrhaps wild
for au abnormally Urge price, but
is uot an infrequent occurrence for
an acre of small fruit, point' or
onions to bring a gross return of f 100
to $000. fio costly machinery or
buildings are required for these crops
It simply demands that thu farmer
must be Intelligent and employ bus!
nea methods In his vocation.
Sbetla Ills Leg.
For all kinds of sores, burns,
bruise or other wounds, IteWitt's
Witch Hazel Salve is a euro cure,
Hkin diseases yield to it tit once,
Never falls in rase of pile. (Jool
lug and healing. None genuine but
De Witt's, Beware of counterfeits.
"I suffered forjnany year from
sore caused by a gun shot wound in
my left leg," say A. 8. Fuller, Eng
lish, Ind. "It would not heal and
gave me much trouble. I used all
kind of remedies to no purpose un
till I tried De Witt' Witch Hazel
Salve. A few boxes completely
cured me." Delta drug store.
A man took his own life In Spok
ane last week and left the following
"To whom It may concern: Whis
key and card have lieen my ruin.
Bury my body any place; you can
not locate my relative. Life has
been a failure for me. I am better
dead than alive."
Whiskey and cards were not the
ruin of tbi unfortunate. They were
but the Instruments of hi ruin. We
do not blame the word and tho can
non for tbe horror of warfare, be
cause reason tell as that war and
battle spring from imperfect human
nature. There were war Iks fore the
invention of cannons and swords,
and weak nature would' court de
struction If whiskey had not been
distilled or card printed.
It will not strengthen or aid the
drunkard to tell him that whiskey
I responsible for hi weakness.
Carrie Nation thinks so, aud voices
her sympathy for drunken loafers
while she vent her Indignation on a
lot of Insensate bottle and Raloon
fixture. Hut ahe I wrong.
The world shonld preach a differ
ent gospel. When men cry out that
whiskey I their ruiu, or card their
downfall, they should be told, i.j all
kindness, that they are in error.
Their own weak nature is at fault,
and their sole hope of salvation Is in
the development of their will power
and the strengthening of their char
acter. By these forces a man may
be saved in a day. If he wait lor
the abolishment of whiskey and
cards, hi case i helpless. SjHikane
Ilevlew. I
... A
The Newbcrg creamery which ha
been oHTrt( d fur three yean, Is ' do
iti better this soasun than ever be
fore. ' '
A popular musical leeiiva! is tu bs
held at Corvallis in May. The local
choru-i now practicing uumber I'-t)
voices, '
D.tyton, Yamhill county, ha
raised a capital of tlH)0 for installing
a creamery. Machinery of latest de- .
sign lias been ordered, J ; ,
The luuilx-r sbipix'd by ocean from
Portland since Jan. 1, 11HI2, three
mouths, foots up to 3,000,000 feet.
There are no statistics for what went
by rail. " ' "
H0C. Messenger of Jackson coun
ty, goes to the jionitetitlary' for 15
years. lie killed J. I. Cotton near
Ashland three week 'ago, and get
the full penalty fixed by law.
McFadileu, the foot ball eoach
from Stusifotd College, Cdl., is to bo
engitiicd for tho season ol 1902 at
PuciOe University, Forest Grove.
This Is he who traiued the team last
year- , ., .....
Thirty-four doctors were before
the examining board in Portland
last week asking for liceuse lo prac
tice medicine la the state. All bad
diplomas from some medical school
except line.
. Mt.il
Jack Haley was arrested last week
ut Oregon City for bpatlng hi wile
aud lined $10.' Haley hnd no money
to pay hi II nf,' and promised to
leave (own fir six month If It wero
remitted. Ho was released and sent
out of town, 1 . , . , ,
A petition asking for a 2 cent
faro for school . children over the
Portland street railways is before the
superintendent of those roads. The
On-d decision Is to be made by the
boards of director and It 1 thought
th ! it will be favorable. ,
The Yamhill CoaV and Oil Com
pany will have a kind of "breaking
ground," "spike driving" 1 time mi '
April 10, tho Uiitu II led to commence
drillinif for oil. ' Two brass bands
liiivo been engaged lor the occasion ;"
snd it is proposed ti have hot cir
furnished by the county candidate
for o!U e. The people will he fed on
the (.'rounds.
It is rejsirt v ' that the Idea of
Inline telephone companies I rapidly
seizing the people In other' parts of
Hie county. Diytnn has organized a
sironi; company, a representative of
which wts In Newberg the middle of
the week, making arrangement to
run their line oil down in tbltt direc
tum and switch with Newbcrg. He
statist that tiny would MMin baVH
chiiiii ctiin with McMiniiville by
Inline telephone and that Amity
and vicinity would probably Join
them. Ncwherg Graphic;
The monthly repoi t of the United
States Iiiul oilieo for the month of
March wn completed today, and
shows the biiHinesa done for the
month. It I aa follow: Home-
Hiead entries, 30; , acre in home
stead entries, M.'i0.40; flna! home
stead pnsifs, 11; timber entries filed
on, !!; acre embraced in timber en
tries, o24j.63; timber entiles proved
up on, 12, cash sale, 29; acres em
braced in cash sale, 4083.69; amount
received from cash salon, t7S05.2ti;
fix and commissions, $82.1. 1G.
A railroad, the Oregon Pacific, 1
to be built from Waldo, a rich min
ing town in Josephine county, (hi
stuto, to Crescent City, California.
The Grants Pas people want the
road extended to a Jutielion with the
S. P. Co. at their town. Crescent
City is an ocean port, though the
hartsir is not a good one, and there
are times wlr'ii ships have to stand
out to sea. Tbe wealth of Waldo is
gold and copper. The latter mine
are very rich. 'Already $150,000
have been hhiuI in development
work and the group of mine rival
those of Montana.
It Is no uncommon thing for peo
ple who leave trcgon with a view to
finding a lietter 'country to come
back ngftinval the first opportunity.
List October Ayer Shank arrived
from tho Est and located In F.ugene.
He remained here until about three
week ago when he pulled up stakes
snd si.irti d for Stnilh Centre, Kan
sas. Ten dsy were reqnlred lu get
ting throne!) snowbank and bliz
girds and when he landed In Kan
nt he hrg'.it. to long for the glorious
Oregon climate that he left behind.
I L. Woods inform u that Air.
Shank will soon start back lo Eu
gene, this time to stay. Eugene