Hillsboro independent. (Hillsboro, Washington County, Or.) 189?-1932, April 04, 1902, Image 4

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    ! Ten Years' Trial
CWmutd from JVaf I'tiy.
Waa tUm bat rout.
Tbat'a wuy I'm wltli you." wae tin?
quiet rejoinder. "All the une,
iik Brvuier ami tboae doughbuya will
aay tbe court declared tint cbarjfee ua-
tatncd and Lautfdou disgraced."
"Lung raced fur amaahiuf tliat aneak
TorruDc Hy Jove. I bold lilm In
hjgber wlwiii"
-Ah. Nelson. It Nu t all that It'a
that unpaid bill bualQcae all that load
of debt that inowfd biro under, and
you Jktiuw It."
"Know It J Yea, and know, what's
more, lwiw little be via to Home. Had
our colouel or Melville been In coiu
tuaud there, do you eupiwse they would
have let bliu be court inartlaled? No,
air! It waa Nathan'a aultle work with
that daubed old nuuiHkiill of a dra
goon old t'at' He never bad tba bow
els of a auak. Find the doctor, 8nlp-
ej?" be eagerly asked aa the youngster
cam hurrying buck.
"Coming tbe uiluute be fluiahee bis
hand," waa the answer, and, true to Ms
word, the young aruiy surgeon speedily
entered ami came at once to the reclln
log figure In front of the fire. Ijingdun
bad been feebly replying to the sym
pathetic iueatioii of one or two aaeo-
clatee of other day. Now, with white.
drawn face and tutmber eye, lie look
ed op at the new arrival, rrofeaslnnal
decorum aud the teueta of bis cloth re
quired of the phjsli-lau au linpaaitlve
yet sympathetic aud reasaurlug de
meanor. But. to the aurpriso of Nelson
and Hoyt. the doctor plululy atarleil
the Instant be caught sight of the pa'
"This gentleman lar" he faltered,
paling a trifle and looking Inquiringly
about blm. ..
"Eric Langdun, a claaamate of Herri
vale's at the Point aud my comrade at
Monroe," answered Nelson stoutly. The
doctor was new to the post and to blm,
and be wished It to be understood front
tiie start that Langdon was his friend,
bis guest, aud as such entitled to the
best fort Hberldan could give him
Tbe doctor's hesitancy and change of
manner put blm Instantly on the ag
"I beg pardon," quickly spoke Dr.
Annistead. "Mr. Langdon'a face was
familiar. I fancy I have seen his pho
tograph. But that la of no conse
quence. Permit me," be continued,
pulling himself together with evident
effort and assumiug tba conventional
manner of the physician. He bent aud
' took- Langdon'a wrist aud gaxed
thoughtfully, scrutlulxlngly, uurJIucb
Ingly Into the deep, bsggard eyes.
There was a, uiomeut's silence. Then,
atraigbtenlug' up, the doctor spoke.
"Mr. Langdon la to be with you, Mr,
"Then I shall send tbe steward with
medicine from the hospital. I should
' get blm to bed aa soon as possible"
"I've sent for a atreb-her, robes and
blankets," Interposed Nelson sharply.
"That's what I Intended to do from the
"Very good. Now a word with yon.'
And tbe doctor drew the artilleryman
aside. "Your friend will need nothing
toulgbt but some hot broth and aeda
Uvea. If, however, be should be rest
less fr 111 or If you bet-owe aniloui,
aud here the young surgeon seemed to
besltata In eiubarrassuieut "I suggest
yorJcaJilne; on -Major Blood good, my
,nYouI consider It so serious J" asked
NepuMnfquk-k alarm.
!fcSVV waa the answer, "but"
h "Bntwhat,nr. Armlsteadr asked
iSelsbnf hotly. "Am I to understand
JujLdocllne to see my friend and
Thefdoctor.llnahpd. II waa a Vlr.
glri&urL"Jealoue In honor," sensitive to
, ft turn." It -waa a moment before he
Spoke. Then the answer came calmly
"No," Mr. Net-on, but your friend will
probably decline to see me. Ilere cornea
thejstreteber." And. so saying the doc
tor left i tie room.
Halfan hour later. In Nelson'a own
bed. v comforted with a hot footbath
andtnourlahlng food, Langdon Cloeed
hlsyea to thank the God that badxnot
left him friendless In his prostration.
He beard the voices of old coniradra In
tbe room below. He heard Nelson tip
toeing about tbe lied, arranging lamp
and books for the night Nelson had
pread aotne blankets on a roomy old
couch and was patting and shaking up
' a pillow, when the steward came softly
la with some vials and medicine glasses.
"Dr.fArmhttead aaya," he began In
low tone, when, to bla amazement, Nel
eob sternly whispered, "Hush!" and,
clapping his band over bla own llpa to
emphasise the order, glanced In ant
loos fear toward the bed. The caution
waa too late. With dilating eyes, Eric
Langdon waa straggling from the ptl
low and striving to rise.
"What Is It KricT - Lie still, 'man."
poke Nel soothingly, yet command
Ingly, as be hastened to the bedside.
"Doctor who?" demanded Langdon,
with menace In his tone.
"Dr. Olmstead, mnn," answered Nil
on, with prompt mendacity. "O-l ro-
a-t-e-e-dOlnistead. Wkat'a got Into
70a besides broth and one hot Scotch 7
I'll give you another preeeutly If you'll
nettle down aud liehnve yourself."
"uunsteaii waa not tiie name." was
the atera answer. "iNin't trlflo with
'me, Nelson. Tou said Armlstead, did
you not?" be nmtlnucil. whirling sharp
on the steward, and that aniased and
confounded compounder of drugs could
only gulp aud turn redder In tlm face.
"It la ArmlKtead. then." aald Lang
don, With full conviction, "(tend that
man ont, ami his Imttles with him," he
continued, turning full on Nelson again.
"I've got to talk to yon." And. obedi
ent to a sIkiisI. the steward withdrew.
For a moment there was dead alienee.
Throwing himself liack on bis pillow,
his lean, king hands outspread no each
' cheek and temple. .Langiloa lay ataring
at the celling. Then In a sharp, atemat
avage, tone be demanded, "How long
baa that niau been at this pnatT"
"Abont a hi out h or leas. WhyT
"Because lie or I must quit K Inside
of 24 hours."
Nelson stood a few seconds gaalag
full Into the set face aud gleaming
aye of bis friend. Utile by little he
was recallln a.nd pleelga together th
eiorlea that bad been whispered about
Erie Langdon'a pretty, volatile, reck
less wife about her daring life In
Washington while ber huMbaud was on
distant duty with bla battery, about
tbe attentions aud dcvotkins of elderly
reprobates In and about the capitol,
niva wbove MK'keta seemed lined with
gold and whose records were seamed
and lined with scandal Hut there
were tales of still another, a yountfer
ma a, a dlstaut kinsman, a Vlrpinlun
of grand old family, a Iwy lover lu her
early girlhood, a man who tiecaiue her
shadow aud sought to be ber knlsht,
for there as a tale of a scene at the
Bborehain cafe a senator lu his cupa
and a atrlpliug doctor lu all bis youth
ful strength and chivalry, a suecrlng
Jest between one half drunken nabob
and a kindred spirit and reputed rival
at an adjoining table, an Instant spring
from a third table on the part of a tall.
athletic young gallant in evening dress,
a stern, furious demand for Immediate
apology, followed by a knockdown
blow that aeut (3.000,000 sprawling in
bedraggled human shape, bottles, duti
es and glasses raining aud crashing up
on blm. They dragged blm out cover
ed with race al lobster salad ami
bore blin off to bed. Even in czecn
tlve session tbe story waa suppressed.
for there waa no bur to tbe con Ilr 111a
tlon of a certain appointment to the
medical corps of the army. Indeed
waa It not whispered that the appoint
ment waa made at tbe Instigation of
certain senators "to get the young man
Into the army and out of Washington?"
Nelson waa not much of a repository
for gossip. ' He listened only impatient
ly at best aud remembered but vague
ly. Yet now it was an coming over
him again, bit by bit that Armlstead
waa tbe hero of that exploit, that in
the winter of 18S and 1X85 there was
lively discussion In' Washington socle
ty a,a to whether Armlstead was there
to get Mrs. Laugdon Into mischief or
out of It Those who knew lilm well
and of his Infatuation for ber lu ber
girl days swore stoutly that bo was
ever standing between her aud scan
daL Those who hardly knew bliu nt
all, and they were 20 to 1, took the op-
postte Tlew, and those who lu the least
knew ber bud Do charity for cither.
Until commissioned aud ordered out of
Washington, however, he was ber
shadow, as haa been aald, aud yet It
waa bla tribe, his own brothers, who
Instigated tbo proceedings that divert
ed Cousin Hpotts' little fortune from
the maw of Mrs. Langdon to their own
Itching palms. And now of all places
on earth hero waa Eric Langdon uuder
Armlstead s care and bis Nelson's
roof; this, too, at a time when Lang
don sorely needed rest, peace and
friendly aid. "Hy George," said Nel
son to himself, "It la fatcf ul!"
But Langdon was the first to break
tbe silence.
"What la the1 first train back to Chi
'Seven twelve tomorrow morning,
Eric. But not a peg do you stir till we
straighten you up. Dr. Bloodgood
hall attend you, though. The otber la
liver man. There's no reason yon
shouldn't take bla medicine, dear boy.
Come, now, be reasonable. You need
this bromide or whatever It Is."
Not a drop!" was the fierce reply,
"Get me out of this. Nets, for God's
sake, even If I have, to walk!" he
cried, feebly struggling to rise, . hut
Nelson, with bis powerful frame, was
on him In a minute. Hoyt came sprint
Ing up the stairs and thrust the bewil
dered steward aside.
'Just send my man for Bloodgood,
wilt you?" panted Nelson to the new
comer. "Then help me strop this luna
tic. Do quit your struggling, Eric.
You'll only make yourself a thousand
times worse."
The sweat was starting from Lang
don's brow and the muscles In bis neck
stood out swollen and distorted. He
was fighting fiercely for lilierty, he
who so short a time before with long
algh had thanked God humlily for
warmth and refuge. All the misery of
his married life seemed to have hurled
uvj Lour.. Lave to look out for
t!ie oth.-i. ami I've gut some Inatruc
tli.n l. five blm."
lint wl:eu the steward returned from
the eoniiuuiidi.'i? or'iier'i it una with a
luckxage Unit kls:;'H:il l.o'h t!ie pot
nr:i-cti iirt'l the iwo ofllii-rs present
"The c!tuii,r oi; pi! 1111 uVi. sir, ami
he i.;is tli:i: u suil'l '! ccieiv.-.n y ;i!lrd
Dr. ArnilMi s-l t l : tl. '1 lie colonel
Imd 11 01 ti- IK. 111 him Lt .l Kvtit lack hit
1 inlioii. i.t t H e ,'T.;i'. of couru
that t! e I"' t Mirueoii l':id r.lu bw-n
Theii? va .--lii'ii't- fur a moiucut
Iilmls'-od loolad i M-'.-rliily at the
etcuitrtl. ilm.lly inward the
door, and t' e man i:;n!i rto"d ami U-ft
the rcom. 1 ,ha,iTK.-fl cVix d the door
behind lilm. uml then N.-l ppoke liii
pcttiom'lj nsi'icr:
"I'y liiuvt n. 1 nevi r mi.. i- d Arml
stead roiild lie a nr.-rird!
And then Laugdon U-iruii t murium-.
They llatened. but i-!:Ul only ilititiii
gulsh bis di nd n ife's nuine. .
ciiAi-rna iv
It was a week Ix'fore I-'iiigdon was
nllowed to nit up, sin) u weak and
fragile tbliiR lie Icokid. I'nt mcnutiiiie
there hud iH'eu poit for CLU-uvo p.i
pers ut KherUlan. 'Hierv usually 1 1. To
beglu with. I r. r.lood'ooil luul pitched
Inio bis nNKUtuut for tii!'llui; the past
without his knowledge or consent. Ar
mlKtead replied that while it ml'ht
have lieeu without bis ennxent. It
should not have bceu without his
knowledge, in the came iiiciiiis had
lieen taken of notifying the Kst xnr
geon as lu the cane of tin rommandliiit
olllccr, IX note writ liy ArmiKtctid's
servant siiyini; that a telciaiii luul
ju.st culled I1I111 lo I'lilcnK" on most
urgent Hmiiitil business. The train
would be aloux lu '1 minutes. There
was barely time to change uniform for
clvllluii dres aud run for it. There
was 110 time to hunt up lioth the post
surgeon and comniamlm; olllccr. The
servant declared he runs four times at
the doctor's and. (.'illlmr no answer.
eohcltulcd that the gale had deadened
the sound of the bell ami such effort
was useless. So he crammed the note
midcr the door uml went !,: further
wuy. Hut I'.hHKloi.il was In 111 humor.
iu ull that riixliii; i!ctmi lie had to
itriiplo about the hii: pnst lu answer
tn demands for medlcil services, and
he mild thln;n In hU spleen that reach
ed the earn of Dr. ArmiMtoud liefore
the eve of another day u:id led to on
open breach between tho Keillor nm!
Junior proctttioners of the post. Dr.
r.loodjjood iis:;( d tiie colonel command
ing If lie hud seen the telcRrani Dr. Ar
nilstrnd nreorteil had come to lilm from
town. 'J he cc!Ki I hud not and consid
ered Dr. Ai'ml.sl;'::d'a word ns cfincln
slve. Dr. I'-liKuliiood I;itiin:ite.I thnt he
had reason to believe, ami no l:p.d the
other ollleeru, that It wncu't thecomiiiK
if a wire fro-.;i town, but n mau, that
drove Armlstead out of the post.
Through .clerk:, orderlies and kitchen
door ciicMe the affair Rot out fli exag
gerated (shape. ' Then llnined the col
umns of CulcaKo'H unteriillcd ircss
with hendllncs of Martlli'K proportions
They trore Widr Jrnnttc jxitlcnt out.
Itself In concentrated force upon hhu
again and mblicd him of his reason.
Nelson had to summon the steward to
his aid, and Hoyt tV when he return
ed, and at last lMHween theut they
wore their frantic patient out and the
poor fellow sank exhausted upon Ms
pillow, burk-d Ids streaming face In his
arms and sobbed sobbed like a little
child. It was thus tbe senior surzeon
found blm when In surprise and mani
fest annoyance he apiieared, but the
Instant he was mmle tit realize that the
stricken man before hhn waa Eric
Langdon rtlootlpiod's Injured air gave
place to quick sympathy and Interest.
Long and cnrcfnlly he studied hu shiv
ering patient. Little convulsive shud-
derings seemed to traverse Lnncdou's
frame, and tils sobs grew feebler. He
moaned wearily at intervals, and the
steward was sent on .the run with a
note to Dr. Armlstead and au order for
certain restoratives from the hosult.il.
11 scemeii an age before he returned.
langdon lay In scmicullapse when at
last his atep was heard, and the doctor
had felt compelled to administer table
spoon fills of brandy.
What on earth kept you?" demand
ed ue angruy. , - could have gone
there and hack a dozen times."
80 could I. sir, but I couldn't find
Dr. Armlstead anywhere. The patrol
coining in from tbo station said they
raw blm la civilian dress going out at
the gate.
Impossible," shandy retorted Blood.
good. "He couldn't leave the post
without my consent. Drop tbe medi
cine and go te tbe colonel's and see If
tie's Jbere. I .cannot Jeave thla case tor
"Another Scandal at the Port! Due
Nipped In the Itud! How In the I5c
ment! Further SeiiKntlons Sure to Pol-
low! Colonel ShnriK- iN tles tun Press
Prominent Olilccrs Arrested!" Ami In
21 hours what had been a phtcld aud
fairly orderly military community w:i
engulfed In a whli'li.w! of pisslp and
prostrated at the contemplation of It
own enormities us portruj'cd by the
papers. Slmrpo was driven nearly rab
id by the reporters, who dnxttcd his
every movement and besieged Ii 1:4 quar
ters morn, noon and nl;;ht. Pihsiilgood
rcfiiHcd lint footed to be "Interviewed
and Armlstend shut bis mouth like
clam, thereby compelling some Journal
Ists to Improvise the desired state
It was from the inspired columns of
The Palladium that tho colonel first
learned that the cause of the whole
trouble was "the presence at the isist
of a man recently dismissed In dis
grace from the army, lint w ho, In defl
once ol law, regulations and common
decency. Is now concealed lu the ipjar
ten of Lieutenant, Nelson, a former
classmate. The hum l:i question was
uulll his dismissal a lieutenant In the
artillery, but his peccadillos, extend
ing over a period of years, had ctilml
nnted In a cowardly assault on a broth
cr officer at Port Pawnee." And Sliarpe
sent for Nelson and demanded the
facts. Nelson unerringly gave them
and said Ids friend was prostrated still
and the doctor forlmdc his being dis
turbed or seen, which was nil therp
was to the assertion that lie was eon
ceil led. The colonel felt, somehow,
that Langdon'a presence ut the post
was a thing he ought to object to, and
he did. "Sec what an infernal bob
bery It has kicked up!" said he. "Now
they'll lie demanding an explanation
from me at Washington, ami what the
devil am I to say? You ought to have
consulted my wishes before harboring
a man In Mr. Lnnzilon s plight.
I did not Invite noi- I-angdoii mil
here, colonel." answered Nelson. "Two
of our men found blm fainting and cv
bnustcd In town and mercifully
brought blm here. 1 put 111 111 to l-d In
my quarters 0 a matter of course, and
If that's a military offense I'll stand
miy punishment a court martini mav
Inflict. As to Armlstead and Langdon.
beyond the fact that there Is some deep
feeling between them. I know nothing.
There is no likelihood of their meeting,
ami when Langdon Is strong enough to
move he will need 110 hint from head
quarters or anywhere else."
Then the colonel said something
about reporters which. Iieltig Interpret
ed, was the reverse of complimentary
and not altogether Just, Isi-anse, like
soldiers, them hapless toilers have
their orders and cannot but oU y. They
were sent t-j Sheridan to get some
thing sensational, "something to make
the paper sell." and the fellow thnt
came back empty handed -none of
them did, of course stood In danger of
discharge. The colonel really wanted
to know the uatnre of the telegram
that called Dr. Armlstead so suddenly
to town. The senior surgeon. Lieuten
ant Nelson and one or two others had
Intimated thnt It was not the coming
of the telegram, but Lnngilou. that set
him golnj. Investigation, however.
developed the fact that a telegram
rcnlly bad been received and delivered
to Dr. Armlstead. The ois rator could
not be nspiired to Miwloae the nature
of the same. It being a private dis
patch, yet the colonel tlwmsht he
ought to know If for no other reason
than lo lie able to set at rest the ru
mors at Armlstcsd's expense, ami lie
fore be bad time to think It sit AVfF
and" decide with wUdotn. at 111 luck !
would have It, be urt Armlstead la
front of headquartei-s apd beckoned
him aside.
VDr. Armlstead," sali'fiie. "iu Justice
to youi-fcclf It might t't-we!l to Kt MO
seo the di.-patch you received the other
n!glit. You may have liturd that oth
er motives have been assigned tn yocr
going j hurriedly Id town."
"I have heard, sir." was ihe dix tor's !
spirited rejoinder, "also of the in jv.t- j
'rlca of certain -of your officers of the
oerator. In uiy state w shoot men
who stoop to such practices. I p here
you seem to enenurage them."
The colonel Hushed botly. "Have a
care. Dr. Annlxtead. iJiuguagi.- Ill.e
that has led to the loss of more than
one commission. 1 do not resent Jour
words as they deferve. Isi-ause 1 kuovv
the strain you aro under and the an
noyance you -we ull- have h;ul. I r-
pcat that It seems due to yourself to I
dispel this uncertainty," arid uncer
tainly tlm colonel paused.
"Then let me Ray here and now. Colo
nel Shurpe, that if you menu to show
that telegram I decline. Aa for Mr.
Langdon, uftrr all that has been pub
lished and said, hu has got to meet luc
the moment he Is well enough."
The colonel's orderly, mutlled tn h's
ears lu his heavy overcoat stood with
in easy rauge. Intently cylns some ob
Ject far out on the stormy lake, but ns
Pitently listening.
"Orderly," said tho colonel impa
tiently, "take these hitters to Mrs.
ShurM and gay I won't be homo to
lutuliisin and go and get your dinner,"
Then, when the soldier was well be
yond earshot, the colonel turned on the I
llery young Virginian. "Dr. Arml
stead," said be Impressively, "you may
Judge for yourself as to tho telegram,
but for the present I have simply to
warn you to kin;; your temper nnd j
away from Mr. I.nngdon. There's to I
he mi hu eting I ctv.ecu you two -in or j
around this p.,st.. I'nderstand that, j
pud - C is .tl d.'.v to you. f:r." '
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But Mleclric Uitierw never fail to
destroy them mid Mire niaUriiil
trouliliti. They will surely prevent
typhoid. ' "We tried iriHtiy retnei!
ica for Malaria and Sloinach nd
Liver trou hies." writes John Charles
ton, of Dyesville, (., 'liut never
found anything as i:d H!t Klectrie
Hitters." Try Hum. Only Site.
Delta drun store, tiirirHiitce sali:
factioi). W .inteil:' Hiliinu's liens, Ii. I
Hoyt, ctdl at the Jewelry Slore. 1
by our new invention. Only those ljrn deaf are incurable.
Mnrch v, iqfti.
TIMESCIICIIIlI.rs llto.M I'0lill.4M
Cliicauo rorlland fcwvial, via Iluiit
inntiin leivr Ma 111 for halt Uike, Den
ver, rt. Worth. Omaha. Kansas t'il v. Kt.
.mis, C npi A K-.c-l. Arrivea M p m.
At' 'lie 1-Apref.s via I liiutiiiflon' de-
pa .at t p 111 for hull Ijike, lK-nver,Kl.
rtli, t iioaha, Kansas t ily, St. l ouiii,
I'icatJo snd fast. Arrives K:ll a. ui.
Kt.. I'anl fast mail via Hiwlaiiii leaven
rt p 111 for Will! i Walla,' liwiiliii. hio
kime, all. n . I'liMman. M iniiev polls, St
I'anl, IMiliith, M illuankee, lHiiiao aud
Mast. Arrives 7 n in.
r. a.
li.M timoi. r, ti
dentlftmm - Tlittrr ttlir. fc- iirort .l-nri, t1,,.V-- t . .11 ...'
I - .,.. ,.n -t, . iu .1, Ut n idlllUUi, Mill IIUM I'll C TUU
a lull hifttorv of nir ca.-c, to Ik um-iI at vur tliwicpon.
- UiiifT worr, until I lo
Awt live year auo mv TiKht ear Ik -nan lo Hin, nnd this krv
my lu-nriHi; 1 it tins cur nitirclv.
I tiitiln went a ti i ftl nieni tor rntnn h. fnr thn-e tnrMm. v Mhoi -iMpiI -i mini,
brrof pUvMK-inn. aiiiopi; otlu ik lv- mo-t cmiit. i.t ir mkvuiIi i . .. n- tlrtt
only nil oi-rntion omiM wy r.ic niui t-wn thnt t-)ii!Km; !.y, Uutlltt lt. :ui imim1 wouU
then craw, out t fir hen rn ij.-. in tin - nil oici r:tr nil m ' (M lou-vf i .
Iihni mw Vfmr .:vTiiMmrm nccili uiai V inn N. w V rU ii'vv. ntil oiilt-roI votirtrcnt-ttii-nt.
Alter I li.ul ii .inly n ( w !.iv .-,-:.!tm'- (. . v tn .Li'tvt-..! thf i-t-s and
to 1:iy, alte r Uvr vrckv hciiuif in tM- uisciiMtl t.t: haw Khii rjiti:W iiou d. 1 ili..nk you
heartily and tK to icui;iiu Vciylnilv vour.
, X. J'KMAV, :.o S. r.ria.:wny. C.'tltnn-.rrt M.L
Oitr trraimrtit tin uof iuirrf vv u UU tjot(v usual t r fnff ftpn,
Auctioneer, Hillsboro Oretpn J
1 nlfer my ervi(is to cili.cns of
tilts county lo M'll conilri, incrcliiindisi'
ami i-hallels nt pulilie veiiiiue.
1 will tittoiiil all fitloH nt tiinoH ami
plurtM spii'ilicil upon rcci'ivinjr re
qi TIIHsl to tin M. Cii:tri;e r:iKnll!ilili.
Asthma Cured Free
Asthmalene Brings Instant Relief and Permanent
Cure in All Cases.
for acceptable Idtai.
State if patented.
Baltimore, Mil.
hf I'.iTKNr Uimu IJ
oti: ami i.'iriK s iinn ik
l'rm I'oithiinl
Leaves 8 p in fur San Fmneiceo every
"i ilays. Arrives 4 p in.
leaves R p in ilnilv except Hiimlsy, .n
Putiiiihiy 10 p iu lur Arlniia ami mv
I. Hillings A i rives 'I p in except t-uuihiy
leaves ilaily except Kiimlav ut li a m
(or tlje.m City, .Nes 1st;.', Salem, Jiule
pcinleiici! ami sy I.iiiiIiuk!!. Arrives at
4 p iu except Sumlav.
Ijeavex Tries, Thiini, ami ut 6 a m
fr Ciirvallw uiiil wav limliiis. Arrivel
Mini", Vel uml Kri ul 4 .oil p "in.
1iT. Tues, Tliurs and Pat ut 7 a ra
(or Orctniii t ity, Hayl.m umiI wuv-laiul.
ini-M. Arrives Mmi, Weil kml l'u ut
.'!:: p m.
I.iven I;ipari:i at It .-Hi u in fir lwis
Ion. leaves U'lvitnii 8:;;(l a m lur
Aiiiirrss, a. i . nam,
iieu'l I'hm. Aretil.
rrt'auil. . . Oreiroii.
... tr'rir-rituVtiB r t1
Write your Name ami Ailihess plainly
T7.-V .V t-il
I .il'-V v
There ia notliiiiK like Asllimalene. It
brings iiisUnt n-lief, even in the nnrst
cftM's. It cures ulieli all elw fail. V
Ihe I!ev. C. V. Wi:i.l!, of Villa
Killer, III., pays: "Your trial Isittle of
AMliiiiiilene receiveil in pisul oii.liliisi.
I ranniit t ll you hmv tliankliil I feel fur
thetsfl ilciivcil from it. I waa a slave,
chaincil wild putriil sore lliro.it ami
Asthma lur ten years. I ilexpaiml nf
ever lieintr enreil. I saw your mlverli
im ntfiir the cure of ihi ilretilful ami
toriiieiilint; ilisear. A-tliiiia. ami thonhl
ymi Int. I overHMiUen youris'lve, ImiI re-
sulvnl lo mve it a trial. my umihii.-Ii-ment,
the Iriil wurkeil liko n cleirin.
S-rsI me a fnll-sizcl Kittle."
is 8,000 Ftli.es Long.
The !uilington Konte ranks amoni; the
greatest of tho world's railroads.
Over 8,ooo miles long; employing 35,ono '
nu n; reaching l,3fo towns and cities in tlm
flcvcn Rt.ttcs traversed by its liius; having
thiouh-car arran(,'t:mcntB which extend iioto
tlian half w.iy across tho continent and earn
estly fctrivine; to f;ive its patrons ahsolntcly
tiiii'(ual'd service, it is the line YOU should
Si'Icct, rievt linn; you jo east.
Omaha., ("hicmo. Kansas City, St. Louis aiul
i:VI KV ULKi: boyoiuj.
t , e.il if-:
A. C. Shkldon, Gemral Aiont,
Cor. Third and Stark Elk, I'ottlund, Ore.
t-. .-.
piitom, morphine, chloroform or ether.
KKV. MI. MolMUS Wlvfllsi.I i;,
Kal'lii of the Vmig. I'.nai. Israel.
, , Nnv V"KK,.liin. :i, I'.Kil.
I'rs. Tail. Urns'. Meilicine Co..
I ierilleinen : Your .llimaleiiu is an
excellent ri ineily for Aslliion ami lluy
Kever, an. I il iMliip i-iliiul alleviaU-s all
trmiMes Vhicii inmliiiio milli A:thnia.
Its. stici-e- Is atoiiiliiiiif ami on.lerful.
After linriu'.' it carefully nnalvisl, e
mil stale that Aithmalcue cuntaiua no
erv truly jruiiri,
A vox fifitixiis, N, Y., Kch. 1, P.Kil,
lr. Taft llros. Meilicine t'o.
Gentlemen': I write Una titiinoiti:il from a sense nf ilnly, haviinr te-tsl the
womlcrfiil ellert of your Afllininlene. for the cure of Aslhiiiu. My wife has Is-eii
tlictiil with apasiuisiic a-lliina lor the p:mt li eaia. IJavmi; pxlian-tcii mv own
kill aa well as many others, I ehjiiiciil lo secyniir mh upon your wiinluusoii I !illi
treet In ,ew lofk. I at once oDlaimni a Isiti.e oi Asiiiiiinieiie. ,ny hhu ciniiiiien-
m.1 tuLiii, ir ulrf,,l lliM lilt (if Nnvi-nilr. I nrv mn llutii-isl a rjilii:lt lliinniVH-
teiit. After nsinir one Isittle her Atllima had il:Hnpisnrnl anil site is rinirelv ln-e i
from all nrmptotna. I wi itini I ran niipiMpiinT mviiuiii inn miim iup innii
who nrr allln-tisl with thia iliatrr-sainw iliseai-e. Yours riKss tfully,
I . II, riielps, ,M. 1.
)r. Taft Ilr.'. M.li. iiw t'o. ' Feh. fi.
tientlenien : I Wai Iroiililisl witii Astliiiia for 22 years. I hane trieil iiiiineri.ii- i
renieilies, lint they have all failed. Iran nonwi your ailvertis. ment und slarlej
with a trial 1 sit lie. I fismd relief at rn. I Invo sitn-e purchased Vour full si
hollle. and I am ever irrateful. 1 liav a faniilv uf four i lilldren, aisi for sit ve.ua
waa iinahle to work. 1 am now in the lest of health ami am doimf hiiriness every
ay. Tlii tisitinionf visi ran make audi uie nf ai ymi fee lit. H. I I IIA kl,,
liime addresa, 2 15 Kivlneton aireet, iT Kast li"th -t., ily.
Trial Bottle Sent Absolutely Free on Receipt of Po.stal.
Ho not delay. Wriie at nine, nddirniiit VK. TAFT J Kt'b ,
78 lat IJlltli bt N. Y. Ciljr.
31 1 IK 1M C
Tlm Acadeimj prepares for College and flices
alliorouqli Eii'ilish Education, the te.st pre
paration for tencliin'u or business. All
penses oenj Ioid. Board and rooms a the
Mies' Hall $.! to $1 per tu eU, incladin-t'.le-ctric
lijht and heat.
Under experienced management, ail' lur
nish rooms and board at eost on Lli club
' plan, not to exceed f
For full pai iculars, address
Forest Croce, Oieyoo