Hillsboro independent. (Hillsboro, Washington County, Or.) 189?-1932, March 21, 1902, Image 4

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    I Ten Years' Trial
ela lay before the eyes of Erie Iana
Hon. it wu one to thrill and dellcut
'' even aa unprofessional eye, bat tfaU
waa the eye of a practiced soldier, to
whom ever detail wit familiar, a not'
dier wao many a time bad takra active
and up to within tbree months proufl
sent part In similar pageant,' .Now It
waa tba will of tu law that he enould
be eat off from further participation m
scene of the kind. Br tba stern edict
, of a eonrt cmrtlul duly eonHrujed bj
Iba order of the president himself
langdoa atood euniinartly.-dismissed
from tba military aervlce of tba United
. State. '; ,j "' , ii.
It waa a sad, and story. It baa bad
Ha parallels; Jt may have more. There
; waa M finer young soldier In the bat
talion of cadets, and great were the
; prophecies of rlaaa niatis Indeed of In
; atructora wben Langdun' nam came
up for discussion. The corps rose up
and cheered blra on graduation day
; when a great public official In banding
tba handsome cadet captain bia diplo
ma took occasiou to say that a young
gentleman wbo could ride and drill as
be could ought to be most welcome to
- the finest regtuietit In creation, and a
very pretty girt sitting close to Senator
Spotta, a iHiiidcrous member of the
board of visitors, whispered to that
veteraa beau:
"Now, there's a man I should like to
And so It bapponed that before the
graduating class were fairly out of ca
dct uniform and Into their flint "cits a
messenger In the shate of the official
orderly of the commandant of cadets
cams to Eric Landon to "Invite" h'.n
presence at the quarters of that liixu
official, and there h? was presented
anew to the distinguished senator to
whom he. In company with bis class
mates, had already mnde the orthodox
and conventional homage required of
the graduating cadet to tbe Inmrd of
visitors, and uow the senator, ail suarl
ty, led forward an extremely pretty
and vivacious damsel. "Mr. Langrion,
said he, "this young lady has fallen In
lore with the corns In general and your
horsemanship In particular, and I
know you will be delighted to recipro
It waa an odd moment for Lkngdon
lie would bare been at a loss to know
what to do or say bad not tbe girl her
self, with merry words and laughter,
relieved tba situation of Its embarrass
That was tbe beginning. They met
frequently that summer. They parted
In tba fall, when be went to bis red
nient be utterly Infatuated, she half
delighted, half regretful. 8he couldn't
think of marrying In tbe army, she
said. She admired It and him of all
things, but that was all. Twice In
that first year be managed to get leave
and to go to her and plead again. lie
bad some little money beyond bis pay.
Ha felt that be could support her In
comfort, but be little dreamed of the
scope of her desires. He was kept
blind to tba fact that she bad hopes
and ambitions far beyond his. Then
- one day tbe sudden death of a sonator
shocked tba community, and Langdon,
reading tbe news, never Imagined the
Influence It was to bare on bis life.
His letter of condolence to ber brought
an answer that wo more than kind.
Their marriage was sudden, but tin
mensely "swell." She came with htm
to tba regiment a few months, "stun
nlng" everybody by tbe elegance of her
toilet and tba extravagance of ber
Ideas. Then ahe declared she could not
bear garrison life and pined for Wash
lngton. She got blm a detail on stnff
duty, and be would not go. His place,
be said, for a few years at least must
be with tbe regiment She went with
out blm, and presently he was bom
horded with bills tbe pry men t of which
swamped blm took bis last cent It
mattered little, she said. Senator
80000" only slater, bis elder by several
years, waa to leave her -every penny,
and Indeed In the bard times for blm
that followed more than once that he
knew of and more than twice that he
knew not of that sorely tried maiden
came to bis rescue with checks of star
tling site. Then there came rumors
that tba lovely If volatile Mrs. Lane
don was flirting desperately at the cap
ital, and one of tbe very best young
"duty" officers In the regiment was be
ginning to look haggard and shabby.
8 be got blm to sign notes far beyond
his pay to meet ber needs, promising
that Cousin Bpotta" would meet the
notes. They began to fall due Just as
that amiable lady was taken to her
grave, and then the will was contested,
tba legal heirs won, and Mr. Langdon
had to begin parting with jewelry, not
to meet these notes, but her own crav
ings. Then came more bills, more
debts, morphine.
Such were three years of Eric Lang
don's married life. The next and Inst
waa tbe worst Striving aU the time
to stick to his duty and keep up np
pearances, be was wearing himself out
in tba vain hope that his military rec
ord for efficiency might offset the terri
ble stigma of these pressing debts.
Now tba creditors were becoming Im
portunate and raining their complaints
upon bis colonel and tbe war depart
tnent No matter bow or by whom
contracted, tbe debts were held to be
his, that be was accountable for all.
Ky tba time be waa 27 and finishing bis
fourth year of service with tbe regi
ment Eric Langdon looked Uke tba pa
triarch of tba subalterns, with his
lining face and sad dark eyes, and
wben during tbe next year the news
came that his wretched helpmate save
tho mark bad breathed ber last Id a
"retreat" everybody said, "Blessed re
lief." And yet poor lad, he mourned her
and went and wept over her grave.
Then he came back to the regiment
to face curious glances and those thoti
oanda of debt. Among tha Junior offi
cers thera were a few brave boys like
Woodrow and Rodney May who strove
to cheer and sustain him. But Tor
rance, wbo bad "struck It rick" at For
tress Monroe aad married an mane
young woman of much wealth, was In
tolerant of a follow at bis wits' end
for money, ami tliere waa a captain la
the garriton wbo developed Into one of
I.aiiRdoii's persecutor. This was Fells
Nathan. Nobody In 1970 could have
Uawd Nathau's antecedents. He shun
ned the topi himself and left to oi.be.-s
tha comforting theory that the were
In soma way connected with tha pawn-
1 suoai He bad been commlssiotud la
tha Infantry at tba Instance of tba
Hon. Mr. Btetnmeyer, who represented
In congress a wealthy If inconspicuous
district In New York. He found a few
months sojourn In a fighting regiment
on the far frontier so utterly to his dis
taste tbe mora Mention of Indiaus
would turn lifin livid long years after
that when the army was reorganised
be literally bought a transfer Into the
- artillery, where tbe splendor of bis at-
lira ajid A certain Germanic cast of fea
tore .won blm the title of "the Baron"
or sometimes II err von Fertlgen Kiel-
derm.. Pertain pecuniary loans with
which he favored some of bis new
found comrades gave blm at first a
glamour as of generosity. Tbe remorse.
Sent Torrance ortuhing over the table.
less rigor with which full payment was
later exacted at most inconvenient
tiroes and conspicuous places removed
the glamour. ,
r.ut the artillery works and polishes.
Nathan had to work, drill and study,
Ho was no fooL .He labored with his
dancing master and speedily shone In
both the ballroom and in ballistics.
They had sent him to Fortress Monroe
In hopes of damping bis desire to re
main in the artillery, and be mastered
tbe course with comparative ease. They
"put up Jobs" at hh. expense at mess
by tbe Introduction of sausage and
sparcrlbs In undue proportion, and
Nathan said he fenred they didn't
know the good train tho bad, sent
home," be said, . for dainties and
amazed them with the quality and
quantity of sausagesishlpped to him.
And then In course of time be cut In
and won the heiress f the season, and
that marriage mnde 'hi ni. Ills wife bad
most influential connections. They
frequently spent summers tit Bar Har
bor or Newport Tliry had the moat
sumptuously furnished quarters in
garrison and very "uwell" visitors
much of the tbnu. They entertained
lavishly, and so It enme about that
their social supremacy wns established,
not without protest, but It wns no use
"kicking against tliciprlcks.''
All tho satuc, Nathan was mean. He
lavished his cigars aud champagne on
certain of his callers and treated with
cold courtesy tho others. His wife's
chums. If she bad any, In the regiment
were tbe two or threo whose gowns
sometimes nenrly matched her own.
They distinctly "nut on nlrs" over
their fellows, nnd for a time a weal
ling of a post commander permitted It
but that wus before Melville's day,
and Melville was a regimental adora
Ono thlng'Nnthnn hated Lnnprdon for
was the fact that the latter could "take
the battery" and make It do nnything.
He was a consummate drlllmaster and
handler of men. 'i'b!njrn never went so
well as when the enptidn stepped aside
and the lieutenant took command. Ilec-
Imcntul critics twitted Nnthnn with the
fact and It made him furious. If any
thing could have bullied Ijtnplon, it
would have been service under some
other commander. Tlicfe were three
other captains who would have hern
glad of his services, but Nathan refus
ed to allow the cxciiange. Time aud
again there wero sharp disagreement
between them, and thrice when Iinir
don bad to appeal the decision wnt in
bis favor.
By this tlmo the battery had Icon
made a part of the great -weptem gar
rison on the Pawnee, whermrwo mriiRil-
rons 01 cavalry una lour "licrlit or
mounted batteries formed; the main
featnres of tho command. A veteran
dragoon oflleer was .it the flirai: "f af
fairs, a man with much eoiwelem nnd
little sympathy, and the ur he "1 ail
ed In," as the boys paid, to poU.-ih up
the entire mllltar.7 estaMifJinient was a
rnutlon. The NaMmns gave .a Sumptu
ous dinner in his honor about. the first
thing, and the colonel pitched into Na
than within 4S hours nil ulonr of the
condition of I1I.1 horses, to the hueii.e
Joy of the uninvited, bemuse this was
the Inst thing that dinner w:is suppos
ed to hrlmj nbor,:. Nathan accented
the criticism nnd naid JiC couUnuit help
himself. Ills ileiitenaiMK we:v m care
less. It was at tldM tbne tlirmrcnewcd
complaints enme to liendcin.-.rters con
cerning the nonpayment of tliose notes.
Foor Langdon was setting aside n por
tion of his mortgaged stlHii'd ami send
ing It each month to "pi-eJYrred" cred
itors, but the others kept tip the.growl.
and It luiwt be ud.ulueri that alontf
about this singe of the game 1n his
grief nnd ilcsixiiul I-unsdoi liad's.jiight
solace at times in v.liliAy. All this
Nathan report. -d to TiU ei:Ief "when nk-
ed about the I'mris! tani;f his !-
altorn. llnd old "Cat o' NJnc Tails,"
the post couiii'iiiKRT. ci..ii!;td the vet
eran ini'j.ir. win) bad In.- ieeutly or- I
rived and nsMuttcd commnnd of the
batteries, he vo iid l:ave heard a dif
ferent inle, fur MolvHJe teirvr a soldier
nnd n gvnilei.ia' vi.en jo saw one. and
his sorrow for Langdon was expressed
In something leip-r than words. He
n.i'.c Lho cor.ie to W5 quarter and
siend an evening or two. His wife,
bis children and a very Interesting
Mcce-all Hocr.ii',1 to take a hand In
Ijingdori's enterl:liimnt, but It lasted
only a week or. so, for matters were
basli nlng (, ft climax. The colonel
had fent for the oimg otiicer, roughly
told him thrt the army wns no place
for men as deeply Involved as he, went
on about "neglrtnd duties." frequent
lapses over llqtMir. nil of which was
grievous exaggeration, yet honestly be
lieved by hlra 'to ! true, and poor
Langrion came iaW&y stnng, , stunned
m-A I.. ...l 1
TUat 11! t, rwry buK aft ev
trf but thf rr-rd; had retired, a
ibi hra;-e ni t Oi R" ih haystacks, and
wtUs tb .- at work with bK-k-ct-.k.!.;.--
.' .til tUe entire command
wa on C'"T If wt ubiyrVed by mora
thou Jt ."i.-vr tlitt !4ti:;:!un was per
ect;t!l.! KU.rmh rniluctu-e of liquor,
htlthig rp'uU nUate aud.brondlng over
his ttvKlik'S. bad pndialdjr taken to
the 1-irtK -J ' "; ; .
;TUryt !.!j;U!s fcit.-r ei a claslt
Melv'JIeV; puily rUe. -a wholesome,
pain iul:u!ul itl. wrs d.-voted to riding.-
21ev!1Ie aAeJ Ijui.".iIoi to take
li t out. and '"'.ijiilJ Nathan. Mr. Tor-ratii-e
and two or lUre f their set
vlewlrg tie jter.'ciiuanee from afar,
nmL caj'jt'ic!; tliervou In presence of
young fclr like May. wbo liked
Ijjngdtin more- thai) a little, and It all
get t Ijrngdou's earn.- II marched
straight to the clubhouse. ' It was Just
before tnUoo, aud a number of officer
were scau d on the vt't-audx chatting,
smoking and sipping tool lug drinks.
Torrance hnd been chief offender, and
hlra he hailed. 1 -. . "u .
,. "Mr. Torrance," aald , Langdon, bis
eyes ablaSte. Clu Hps very white, "yon
are reported to have said thus and so
this af tenwou." .
"I did." said Torrance, rising from
bis chair. "What bar you to say
about Itr
"This!" wa the only reply as a sting
lng blow sent Torrance crashing over
the table. . : ,' 1' . -
Tbo Instant action of oflleer present
topped farther 'hostilities. Nathan
ent Langdon to bis quarters In arrest
and hi company clerk to work.
Charges and specifications ten pages
drawu out were preferred. No plea
was listened to. ' A court -was ordered
In due season, 'and W had no alterna
tive. On a still October evening th
order that day received from Washing
ton was formally read to the command.
nnd next morning wh,cu the. depart
ment Inspector bad them all out for an
early review lie. without whom . re
view seemed hardly complete, looked
sadly on from a fur corner, a practical
j ruined man.
But there were friends to go with
him to the station nfter bis brief Inter
view with Melville noble hearted MeV
ville that day May and Wr.odrow and
others of the boys, besides some scores
of "boys lu blue" who had slipped
away nnd were bent 011 giving their pet
lieutenant a parting cheer, and there
wns an Incident that beeiime historic.
Ttio railway station was like all far
western stations of tln.-w- days, an or
dinary brown frame building with pro
jecting roof overhanging the platform
and a broad, open space at the gable
end. and here It was. In the presence of
half n dozen o!:!;frs and quite a swarm
of citizens and "boys In blue" off duty,
the inemoraLle rencontre occurred. The
InstMit Captain Nathan slepped from
his handsome carriage, with tbo whis
tle of the express already sounding far
down the Tawncc. he found himself
confronted I y Ijtngdou. whose dark
features took on 110 Hush of the wrath
that consumed him, but whose erect
and slender form, patent lu Us athletic
proportions oven through tho simp!.'
civilian suit he wore, quivered from
head to foot. It wr.. vain for Nathan
to dodge. Tho words came like the
sting of a whiplash:
"You are no longer tny superior ofll
eer, Nathan, and there's only a moment
to say my say. your language at the
club this morning has been told me.
Now hear my reply. Today we stand.
you In tbo prldo of your wealth and
power, I with the world to begin again.
More than to any man In the regiment
I owo my troubles to you. Tet
wouldn't exchangi my soldier record
for yours If reinstatement were offered
mo this minute. No! I'm not to lie in
tlmldated by any gesture. All I have
to say la that If God spare my life
before ten years pass our places shall
bo reversed you will be at tbe bottom,
! at the top. Now you may go."
' the captain. It waa no time to resort
to discipline the a. "I'll flx 'am for this
when 1 get 'em back to barracks," be
wore to himself, but th aurvst heart
ed. bitterest man to return that morn
ing from tba railway to tbe poet was
be wbo rolled homeward In his rush.
lotted chariot, with liveried retainers
on tba box and untold wealth beside
Mm. ' ,.
It chafed blm, too, that Woodrow,
May and other young otHcers should
gallop past blm on tba homeward way
without so much aa a peep at bis Im
posing companions or a touch of the
cap to blm, Tbe magnates were vast
ly Interested In tba dashing riding of
tbo party and In May'a beautiful thor
oughbred and asked questions concern
ing them which only added to Nathan's
keen sense of humiliation and defeat.
He couldn't reach May, for that youug
gentleman waa Melville's adjutant and
kept bl mount In bis own little stable
m rear of tba bachelor quarters. But
Woodrow was poor and rodo a battery
saddle horse, and that evening at sta
ble tbe cap taut sent for blm and, with
cutting emphasis. Informed him that
tbe order permitting officers on tempo,
rary duty with the light batteries to
use a public bors applied only to occa- j
alona of drill, parade or prescribed ex-
erclse. "No officer In my battery, sir." .
be concluded, "can be permitted to use ;
my bones tu scatter dirt In tbe facts
of my guest and to race Impudently
past tbe battery commander without a
salutation of any kind." Woodrow
stood at attention, saluted, waited a
moment and said, "Anything further,
sir?" to which Nathan responded.
"That's all, sir." And then as, with
anothpr punctilious salute, tbe subal
tern was about to turn away the Idea
that bad been uppermost, the stlug
and humiliation of the morulng clamor
ing for expression, forced from Nathan
the very words Woodrow was longing
to bear and that be lost uo time In
rushing off delightedly to tell to his
fellows at the club: "There Is one mat-
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and bofieless.
Siilltnry matters nt tho prrat cavalry
and artillery post on the I'awnee were
not altogether harmonious during the
fall nnd winter following Eric Lang
uon s nepnrture. -mere were some
tlilnjrs nnd many soldiers Captain Na
than's money could not buy, and
rtider shock nnd harsher awakening to
his true position this plutocrat battery-
man could not well have had than
came to blm In that scene at tbe stS'
tlon. Ho had gone thither to meet and
escort to his (juarters two prominent
nnd wealthy railway officials from the
distant east, one of them a relative of
bis wife. He hnd counted on their
coming to mnkn a profound impression
in the big garrison, and bis arrange
ments for their entertainment Included
two days of quail Kbonting, n riding
party, some special drills nnd three or
four elaborate dinners, with dancing
to follow lu the evening. Hi first im
pression on catching sight of the crowd
at the station wns one of complacency
the otlleers nnd men were gathered
there to get an early glimpse of his dls-
tlngulsbcd ffucsla. It never occurred
to III in that I.ai'f:do: would lo going
uway on thnt train, slill less that any
number of the c.ii'r'foa should go to
bid him farewell run! godspeed. He
figured thnt I.a:ii!on would have to
hung about the post a tiny or two set
tllng up his nfTiiirs. Ho had mnde In
jiiiiii s to tho amount In which
Langdon was Indebted to the mess and
to the establishment still maintained
it the edge of the reservation by the
rSM'iidnulH of mi old time post trader.
VIicn, therefore, he stepped from his
i t.vli.Hli carriage as the footman sprang
iwn nnd opened the door, bo was
Rtnrilcd and shocked by the apparition
of Liingdon himself and stunned
speechless by thnt bitter denunciation.
Olauclug nliotit him, ha saw some half
n hundred soldiers, with a sprinkling
of civilians, r.nd not nne face thnt re-
He-tcl anything bnf sympathy for
Langdon uud dislike for himself. The
rush of the Incoming train released blm
from the humiliation of his position, as
tbe men swarmed alnint Langdon, ea
ger to clasp his hand, while the rnp
ln!n. frlciidlcxH and alone, hastened to
the rear sleeper to meet the magnate.
To lead them to his carriage he was
compelled to return through a throng
of his own turn Jnst ns the train began
lo more, and a stentor of a sergeant
shontcd, "Three eliecrs for Lieutenant
I-angrlon. the best officer of Buttery
Lr whereat, with lusty lungs and
swinging caps, the soldier shouted
again and sgniu nntll the train slipped
away round the lond tinder tbe bluff,
and not one of their number bad so
much as a look, much les a salute, for
Three :hevri )r JM nU limit LomjiIuh!"
ter you need to be warned about and
one that, nIkiiiM It come to the ears of
the commundlng oliieer, tuny yet sub
ject jott to arrest and court martial.
your prominence In thnt riotous, even L mem. Afte r i m u
mntlnm.a lmn,lnllnn , l,o "-iav. ollrt live Wlvfc
mutinous, demonstration at the dejiot
this morning. When ollicers and men
conspire to cheer a person dismissed In
disgrace from the army, they attack
tbe administration aud arc guilty of
gross Insubordination. I shall not re
port the occurrence myself liecauso of
my known antagonism to such charac
ters as Mr. liingdon, but you'll be most
fortunate If the colonel does not bear
of It."
Li Al. Ait tt
by our new iuvention. Only those burn deaf arc incurable.
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intnn hv4i ii m for Salt ljike, IH-ii-V4T,
Kt. Worth, OmhiMi, KaumiH I'ity.Kt.
Kimhh, l jipo & Kant. A rriven 4 :S0 p ui
At tic Kxjiri fiff via Hnntiiilon,
n . nt It p in for Suit Ijtkt, JS'nver.Vt.
. rllt, Oiu:ili;it Kjii hoh ( it y St. I onia,
Jhicngo ami Kat. Arrivv . m.
St. Paul f;int mail via Siankaiir tonvet
V in Utr W itllrt Wulta. Uuvibton, So
kaiit V Milan, riilhnati, M inn;iiMtifl, Kt
I'aiil, lulntlMillwriiil;ct', IHiicatrg ud
Kant. Arrives 7 a in.
IMi.timokf, M1.. March ,V, iqoi.
Cenllcmrn . Hciiip cntirrlv ctirrl nt (lrnfucss. thauk to ytmr trcnitit-ti;. I will nmrgive you
a full hislory of my cn', to Ik nt ynur 'isor !;. .
A Kiu t five vcai K nfco mv rilu t-af 1. in to siiij;, r.utl thin k- v ' : M'or-w, until I k
my henrinii in thin tai cnlin lv.
I uiiiiti wciit n tr-;um nt ir t ntnrvli. for Ihrri morlM. wi(hr i', : :ivii t ulted n num
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only nn opemtinn cuUl 1h !jh ntc nnl - n tii.il rnlv t-mt.i)int mat th- hen-1 iinim tt wnuM
then ct-ase, but t!u: hearing m tlu-:. fT-t it i1 , .v.., i I x t.t,t i.ri vt ..'
tluil (wnv your -ulv.-i : icin, u' .-ottlfn: .l!v hi a Nir a:' n-Tvr, niul onlrfttt vonr trfnt
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A. WXIilM A.V, 7."- rn'tway, r.iHnflff, Met.
Our treatment ?nctt not it'nrf't'i'e iriih yunr ?tfitttl trctt petti otu
Auctioneer, Hillsboro Oregon
alba Kind m Hw kmn mfn
I offer rnv HervioeH to citizens nf
Una county l'1 '1' eixxln, int'rcliMinliM'
ami fliMltel at public vendue.
I will Rtteml ttll hiiIch nt tiint uml
lro- pfl-ifiril iion roceivii). rt
qeriKft to lo w. (.'Iiiiri; '' rciH intililc.
Asthma Cured Free
Asthmalene Brings Instant Relief and Permanent
Cure in All Cases.
Write your Name and Address plainly.
biJnUI4iUiu pti(i)
for acceptable tarns.
SUto If patented.
Baltimore, MO.
iinipUi. titm
ovvw AKi inviat siii:iu i :
f rom I'oi tlmitl
l'iiveN in for S:in Kranrisro every
It ilayc. Arrived I ji in.
l.e:v S p in d.'iilv exeept Sunday, en
SiilnrJay 10 in ler Axtnria and wuy
laiuliiiH Anivi'H ! j in exeept t-nndiiy
Ix'nveK daily exeet Sunday at (i a in
(orOreuirfi t iiy, .Sew U-ie, Knlem, Indtv
pendeinxi Mini uay laiidiiiK. Arrives nt
I ::!) p in exeept Sunday.
leaves Tne, TIiiivn, nml Sat atttam
fur (lorvnlliH uml way lnniliit.'H. Arrive
Won, Wetl ami l-'ri nt 4 :.rK p m.'
Tx-iiTes Tne, Thuni nml Rat nt 7 a m
Ixr (htym City, IhiyL.n n)l nHy-l:(nil.
iiipn. Airrivra Mon, V'cl nml Fri al
:!::() pin.
U-aveH lliparia at 3:40 a m fur Ix' i
ton. U-aveH Ij-uUhi K;:U). lu (or
A.lilreHu, A. I. t'KAHi,
lion'l 1'iun. Air,eiiU
I'ort nml. . . Orern.
m i
There ia nuthiiic lika Astlmialene. It
liring" mutant relief, twen in Hie worst
cow. It enren when all eln1 failc.
The Kev. C. V. WKU.S, of ilia
I'.icle, III., nays: "Your trial Ixitl I.- of
Axtlinmlenp. reeeivnl in pKhl condition.
1 cannot tell ynn liow Uiiinkfnl I feel for
the Rood derived from it. I wan a fdnve
elininetl Willi putrid nor- threat ;in
Afttlima for ten yearn. I despaired of
ever U'ine cured. I m your mlwrli
uient for tlie cure of lliis dre-ndfnl and
!oruiiitinK ilinwe, A"tlinn, and llionlil
yon had civer?ioken vonnelve, hut re
solved to civc 11 u trial. To my netmii ii
incnt, the triid worked like a cliarin.
S;nd me a lull-iiizrd I'otile."
Sf is 8,000 Hies Long
Tin' iinriingtnn Koute ranks among the
groatit of the world's railroads.
Over rl,ooo miles- long; employing 35,000
men; reaching r,3oo towns and cities in tlm
eleven states traversed by its liner-; having
through-car arrangements which extend nioio
than half way across tho continent and earn
estly striving to give its pntronn absolutely
uneqnaled serviee, it is the line YOU should
Select, next time yon go east.
On;i!i.i. t'liicin, Kansas City, St. Louis And
A. C. Snit-nott, General Aeot,
Cor. Third aad Stark Sta Portland, Ora.
pinom, morphine, rldoroform or ether.
KKV. p.n. .Moi;i:is W:ciisi.i;i;,
Kaldii of the Cone. I'.nai. Inel.
Nr.w Yomc,.Ian.:t, I'l'l.
I)n. Talt. I'.roi.'. .Medicine Co..
(ienllemcn: Your .Vtliniiiltiie 'f nn
excellent remedy for Axlhma and lluy
Kever, and its c-onivilioii .dlevlatei, all
troiik'lc whieh comliiiie with AHthnm.
I In. mure in atiniiliinir ned wonderful.
After hnTinK it carefully analyzed, we
snn Htate that A st h iimlen,- contaiiiH no
Y Tv tntlv your-.
N. Y., Kelt. I, lui'l.
ViiK MlT.lMi
Ir. Tuft Bran. Medicine Co.
Gentlemen: I write this twtlmoiiiul from m ii.c of d.itr. luivim: tc?tel die
wonderful rflect ol vonr Airthmlene. for the cure nl AnJniiul Jlr wife luu U cn
aflicted with pmoilic axtlinia for the paM 12 vc im. Ilavini; exhauieil inv omii!
kill aa well a many other, I chanced to fee your riun Ukii your imlmi Hon I :;nt 1,
Hm-t in New York, I at once obtained a lioltle of Anthmalene. My wife cmmm-ii- I
red takinf it almat the lit of Noreinher. 1 veroon notleH railic.il' improve. P
meat. Alter tiring one bottle her Aethnia hud iliwipienrril ind :ic im cnlirciy frw !
from all aymptoma. 1 feel that I ran conitently recommend tlie rneiliciiu 'to all
who are aillicted with thii diatreeainir diaeaee. Your r.-ifiilly, I
. 1, I'lielpc, M. D. i
Dr. Tail Broe'. Medicine Co. t'h. 5, isni.
lientlenien : 1 waa troahlod with Asthma for 2.' Vcarv. 1 hauc tried miniernii-
remedies, but they have all failed. Iran aero ynur advertiacment ami plaitil I
With a trial bottle. I found relief at om. II urn Mine, iinrcliajteil rniir futLviu. '
eoiiie, ana i am ever grateiai. l kave a family of four ( liil.lrcn. ami lor m x rear
waa unable to work. I am now in tha hent f ln-nllli nml am iloinc
day. Thli tewtinionr vnn ran make anch are ol o von fee lit. H.
Hume addreea. TA KMncton ntrcet. HI Kaxt lir.Hh -t.. ( itr.
I . i ii .1 r. i
rial Bottle Sent Absolutely Free on Receipt of Postal.
Do not Writ, al
7 feat 130th B4, N. V. Chy.
Jul 1 H 1H (
The Academy prepares for College and qices
a tjiorough Knpjiah Education, the best pre
paration for teaching or business. All
pnses eery loro. lioard and 'rooms a the
f.div8 If all 53 to $1 per week, includin--!
ctric light and heat
Under experienced nianagcment, tcili lur
nisli rooms and board at cost on the club
plnn. not to exceed $l-fi0
For full pa i iculars, address
president McClelland,
Forest CroDe, Oregon