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Kntsrad Is the poatoffloaat HUlaaojo, On.
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Sakwdpttoa, la ad nam, per jraar, $U)0
r.af.C.QACLT. Editor.
FRIDAY, JANUARY, 17, 1802.
Under treaty with Spain we agree
to give her ships, fur ten yean, the
Bamo privileges our own have. If
Spain be allowed free trade with the
Inlands all the commercial nation of
Europe may claim it under 'the
moot favored nation' provision of our
treatiea with them."
The Corvallia Gazette, that voices
the above, does not got the right idea
of the Hpanlnti treaty. The trenty
was not commercial, and hence no
articlo can be conn trued as a "fa
vored nation" clause. When Span
lab. ships were given the same rights
as American. It was a part ot the
purchase price by which the Philip
pines passed to us, and in no way ef
fects trade relations with other na
tions. Thus we might have free
trado with the Philippines, which
would give the same advantage to
Spain, yet Japan, or China or (Jer
many could not auk lor the same
privilege. Spain was not any more
made a "favored nation" by giving
her ships the same rights in the
Philippines with American ships,
than when we paid the (20,000,000
cash in that same transaction.
At a conference between President
Roosevelt and the Oregon congres
sional delegation Congressman Thos.
II. Tongue suggested thete thoughts
for the consideration of the adminis
tration relative to the Philippine tar
iff. In considering the poll ;y of re
ducing the tajlff schedule as Senator
Mitchell in the senate is advocating,
the president said he wanted to ad
here as much as possible to ths "open
door" policy in the Philippines, In
order to maintalo that policy in
other Asiatic countries. Mr. Tongue
"Considering, for a moment, that
the policy should be maintained,
why should we not lower the duties
on cereals, flour, the various food
products manufactured from wheat
and oats, meats, dairy products, lum
ber and such articles which would be
shipped mainly from tho Pacific
Coast In the trade In which we can
compete with all the rest of the
world? In other words why not en
courage the use of such food products
as we can furnish In great abundance
by lowering the duty and cheapen
log the article, even if we do have to
lower the duty on such goods coming
from other nations. That is, to low
er the duty upon those goods upon
which we are quite certain we can
withstand the competition from any
other nation."
The president replied: "That Is a
very valuable sucgeetion. It did not
occur to me. It is certainly worth
considering, and I certainly shall
give it careful consideration."
Under date of January 6th, the U.
8. Department of Agriculture isdues
the following circular descriptive of
a bulletin that should be widely cir
culated and read :
The selection of cattle best suited
for their intended use is of great iin
portanco to feeders and dairymen;
and it is oven more important to
breeders ot either beef or dairy
cattle. For the purpose of present
ing in a simple and graphic way
somo imformation concerning the
difference between good and inferior
animals and the extent to which cer
tain desirable qualities effect their
value for beef and dairy utility, the
United States. Department of Agri
culture baa had prepared and will
soon issue Farmers' Bulletin No. 113
entitled Conformation of Reef and
Dairy Cattle. It was prepared by
Andrew M. Soule, Professor of Agri
culture, and Vice Director of the
Tennessee Agricultural Experiment
Station. The author has endeavored
to define as nearly as possible the
Ideals that should be kept In view
In pursuing the business and to polut
out as far aa possible the relation of
these standards to the economic side
of animal Industries, By diagrams,
descriptions and suitable illustrations
he has given the information neces.
srry to enable the stock feeder, the
breeder, the farmer or the dairyman
to become a competent Judge of cat
tle by sight and touch.
Reef and dairy cattle are consid
ered together because stronger con
trasts can be drawn and differences
can be shown more clearly.
The bulletin is for free distribution
and will be sent to any address on
application to senators, representa
tives and delegates to congress, or to
the secretary of agriculture, Wash
ington, D. C
Ths Kaleidoscope has been turned
at Anuria so that The News see
this beautiful picture of what soon is
to be:
A rift appears iu the clouds that
have so ioDg bung over Astoria's
horizon. The spirit of progress bus
suddenly stm.k the city. It is due
to the imitative of the Smith Puiot
Free factory sites mean every-J
thing for this city.
A little push and Judgment win se
cure the best business enterprises at
this point by reason of Smith's
Point. The switch will secure the
It Is an ideal location for faetorief.
Only six miles from the high seas, In
protected harbor, with fresh water
for Its shipping, It is without an equal
In the west.
Everett boasts of its free sites. They
are 150 miles from the high seas.
They are in salt water. They can
only be reached from the interior by
a heavy mountain grade.'
The free factory sites at Smith's
Point are on the only water level
grade in the west, from the summit
of the Rockies, They are the culmi
nation of the wati ralied of the great
est river in the west; the second in
the nation and the third In the
A special published In the OloU
Democrat, dated Chicago, Jan. 7tb,
states that at the big dispersion sale
of Hereford cattle hero today Perfec
tion, a bull owned by Thos. Clark
of Beechcr, 111., sold to Gilbert II
Iloxle, of Chicago, for the record
price of t'JOOC. This Is the highest
figure ever puid for a bull lu this
country, ond stands next to the sale
of Lord Wilson, in England, some
years ago for $19,300. Iloxle Is the
son of the late John R. Iloxle, the
railroad magnate, and Is a million
aire. His hobby is lino cattle, He
owns a highly Improved stock yard
at Thornton, 111., and a big ranch
near Taylor, Tex.
Pulma, a distinguished Cuban ps
triot. has been elected president of
the New Republic. He takes ofllce
in March, and will be the executive
to organize the government of the
new nation. Thus the Cuban dream
of Independence that for years has
been only a misty idea and an uo
certain hope, is within a few weeks
to be realized. Uncle Sam will bring
his civil officers and his soldiers
home, and the Cubans will be at
home without company. Can they
In that sacred privacy develop the
moral fibre necessary for self-gov
era men 1?
The democrats of tho country are
not quite harmonious. Tho eastern
men of the party stand for gold
while thetr western namesakes are
yet dallying with silver. The west
erners don't realize what hurt them
In 181)6 and 1900.
The population of the Philippines
is found to be 6,061,330. This is (he
American count, and is almost four
million less than the Spanish,
Tho assessable property of Oregon
has been increased by the amount of
$24,000,000, as shown by the 1901
assessment rolls.
Emma E Lodge to W Timber
160 a boo 82 t 1 s r G w I
Herman Boge to Aug Boge 50
a J M Ritchey d 1 c
Aug Boge to II Boge 60 a J M
Ritchey d I c
U T Lumberman et ux to W
W Timber Co 160 a sec 24 t 1
s r 6 w..
W C Pufler to R K Warruii
65.08 a sec 7 t 1 s r 4 w and
other lands ; 1000
R K Warren to A L K Warren
65.98 a sec 7 1 1 s r 4 w and
other lands .
J N Flippen to Geo Llppert 40
a sec 14 t 3 n j 4 w
Fred Settgast to L Sedgast 80 a
sec 1 1 1 n r 2 w
Avery J Porter to Myrtle M
Porter 833 a near Forest
Grove and other property.... Love
Phillip Lesser to Wash Co 40 a
section 83 t 1 n r 4 w
P Meckel to A Roth 3 a J Dick-
son d 1 c
S P Reeder to J Nice 43.58.
sec 2 1 1 n r 4 w
J M Wall to W Vanderven It
10 blk 1 Henry's add to Cor
nelius 125
T II Tooeuo to J Vanderven
Its 30, 31. 32, 83 Cornelius
Environ .. 1100
W C Johnson and A Kiiubel to
A and K Wik 10 a 1 1 s r 1 w 1000
Oa lou Seed Ksr Sale.
The well known pure Oregon
Yellow Danvor Onion S'fd rained by
Jos. Bsohman on the ClackamsH, for
sale in qunnltlcs to suit. '
Addres, Jos. Bach. man,
ftono P, O.
88 37 Clscksmas County.
Esuatala Pen Brduced.
I have the the isrgent and most
complete stock of Fountain Pens in
the city.
Any of the leading makes at
greatly reduced prices.
Regular Lincoln 11.60 14 k pens
at $1.20. All other grades and
makes at same reduced rate
Call and see thorn before buying.
HOYT, The Jeweler.
f rfn :V-r.-'
A Medicine for
Old People.
Kcv. Geo. Gay, Greenwich. Ku, Is
past yean of ape, yet he ysi "I
am enjoying excellent health tor a man
of my age. Que entirely to the rejuven
ating influences of Lr'MiUV Nervine,
it brings sleep and test wnta nothing
else will, and gives strength and vital
ity eveo to one ot my old ace."
"I am an old soldier," writes Mr. Geo.
Watson, of Newton, 11-, "and 1 have
been a great sulferer fmm nervousness,
vertigo.and spinal trouble. Have spent
considerable money tor medicine and
doctors, liut with little benefit. I was
so had mv mind showed stern of weak
n-ss. I Irhu ukinc Ir. MiW Nervine,
and I know it saved mv hie."
Saved me from the Insane asy
lum," Mr. A. M. lleifner, of Jerico
Springs, Mo, writes. "I was so nerv
ous that I could scarcely control my
self, could not sleep nor rest, would even
forget the names of my own children at
times. 1 commenced using Ir. Miles'
Nervine and it hcljied nie from the
first, and now I am perfectly well."
Sold by all Druggists on Querents.
Or. Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind.
frrtii.yv ,
Ferry's S3 1
Heeds li!:ll,' V
y - r .
crow make nioro cu- V
tomcrs o Liu-h year (f
crii and ciifltti'iifih l.fr.o
irrotria gririT. i u.t'i; tf.a
rwrot ui tit." I'u;ry f unc.
kind. IvjIu hy ui .li'M-tri. ' j
'.in '. .Vit Annual t Ui.-iS
C. 9U. Frr-y tk. Ou,
"I have naed your valuable CASCA
ItfCTS mid nml Ihcru ptirfi-et. Couldn't do
without thetn. 1 havo used them for some ttmo
for Indigestion r. nd blllousnctu; and am now com-
Blotely curyd. Recommend them, to every one.
nca tried, you will never be without them In
the family." El)W. A- Maux, A10u.y, N. Y.
Ooad, Maver Sicken. Weaken, or Orliw. Mlc. Ibc, Uo.
Hrth Urmtij Qmr. CM.r. IMml, b. IM, Stt
KQTQ.BAC Sold nd inirant!ii by sliding-
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
This preparation contains all of the
digestants and digests all kinds of
rood, it gives instant, reiier and never
falls to cure. It allows you to eat all
the food you want. The mostsensitiv
tomachs can take it. Hy Its use many
thousands of dyspeptics nave Deea
Cured after everything elso failed. It
prevents rormation or gas on tne atom
acn, relieving an aimmns alter eating.
Dieting unnecessary, l'lcasant to takav
It can't beta
but co you aooa
Sjparoaoniyry fit'. imwircAra.uclraflt
V.Tien the wall is out of dumb the
building is more or leu unsafe, and the
mutter the wall is earned out of th-; oer-
peudiculur the greater the danger of col-
apse. It a ulxut so with the health ; it
out of plumb when the diuestloo la
there is dull 'a
slut7(jish fecliutf,
Willi norvousncss.
irritaliiltitv A n A
h v e r y day that
these symptoms
are neglected in
creases the liabil
ity to physical
Dr. Pierce'
Golden Medical
Discovery enrea
discaies of the
stomach and oilier
organs of diges
tion and nutrition.
ft purities- the blood and cure nervotv.
ncsa, irritability and sleepli-twnesa by
curing the diseases in which they
Pnr Ihree years I stiflfrreri nntnM sironv 9
writes M-m. H. K White, ol Ktmiittrail. sl.-.n.tM.l
Co.. U'lc " I wtMild hnvr fells of trenibliTiK
snd hciliff . k nt my .hjnmcn. tmin in rijht sitle
II th lim : 1'n-n It w,l,! work ut into mv
t.miA-h An.l ffin k ii5lrr it is ImDoMible to
.cril. I wrote to th World1! ft.nettMrv
M-.i-4r.il wnalt(n. fttntlnff my caw to them.
id they very rmmiMiv nnawerrd nod told
fhnt to do I t.k ,nht luttlcs of Ir. fieri'
Men Mediinl Ihwn Bud Hn rinla of
Pi l ierr.- l'lr-ai t IMUtu Thanks to Iw
H" "d hi. medicine I am well woman
lsv I)r I'uivc'. nifllctlKfl aliw cured mv
mother of liver craptatnt from whkh she has
hem n huiTi r.r for littei n yt-ars We hihly
recommeud thee medteiues to all suffcrm
peook. "
The People's Common Sense Metlical
Adviser, a book containing Itvi8 rmim
is given away. S'nl 1 1 one-cent suimps
for expense of mailing only, lor the book
in paper cxn-ers, or ?t atamcs for the
volume bound in cloth AilJres Df.
R. V. l itre, Buffalo. N. Y.
C3 aI. fi T" O TX I aSX. .
Yyk candy
1' Jtt
8tntn of Oregon for WaahluKtoii
In the matter of of the estate ofi
UeeeuaeU, 1
To Harry W. Uruoba.Weataana M'ruro
Win. Victor!' rulhs, Lottie Orut-ba, Juhu
M. Urubba. Theodore Lentiir drublw, I lii
lotte J. irwin. lwia li. tjrubbs. and Lvita
K. Kednian and to all vrao!i i'lternateJ i
said estate, nieetini:;
In Hi nuiu of th btate of Ory-ii;
You ar hereby eiuid and re quired ii-
Crar in th I'ounty Court of ike 6taW ot
rea-on. for th county of Waohington, at
th Court room thereof, at HilUbor... iu
th county of Waahiuatou,on Mon Uy the
Srd dar of February, IMtM. at fOo'cloi.k. in
In lorttuoou'oi'i'ua't uy . iiu' U.
Ui show cause, if any you have, mhy an
order ol said court should not be mude auth
orizing au'l directing K. W. Haiuea. a 1
niinistrutor ol said estate, to sell al public
sale, the folloinT descrilwd ri'ul emate
belonginir to said estate. Ulock.to. in the
city of Forest urove, Washington county
Oregon, aa prayed for in the petition of
said administrator now on tile herein.
Witness, the Hon. U A. HOOD. Ju.lg
of theeounty court ol" the rUate of Oregon,
lor the county of Washington, with the
seal of said etiurt athsed this 2nd day of
January, I'M-!.
UKO. W. MOKCAN, Clark.
J. W. MOKOAK, Ueputy. 33 BS
Notice is hereby given that the unJcr
signed has been duly appointwi by the
County Court of the Hate of Oregon, for
7ruhii!glua County, tfJt.iliiLtrator'Sf t!
estate of t'hrU Htoller, deceaal,
by the county court of Washington county
Oregon, therefore all persons Laving ulu.nis
against sa'd oatat am hereby requeoted
and re(tlired to present them to the under
signed duly verified at the ollloi of the
county clerk at Hilinboro Oregon, within
six niuntbs from this date.
Administrator of the eatati of Chri
Stoller, deceased.
Wm. I. FKNTON, atty for estate.
Dated January II, JSttt. 8 37
Acker's Dyspepsia Tablets are soli
on a positive guarantee, cures nean-nur
raising ot th food, distress after eating oi
any form ot dyspepsia. One little tubli
rive inunediat relief.
25 cu, and 60 ot
i'li Delta Drag Btore.
l'srtland Markets.
Wheat Walla Walla, nominal 5u
Acio; bliHutem, 6oc; valloy, Nl.
Honr best grades, .b6i!fdoU per
barrel ; graham, fZ.bO.
Oats Ulil.yOtitil per cental.
Barley Feed, $15(j16.fxi; brewing
f lb.UU per ton.
Mills-tufts Bran, $15(417; middlings,
IltK'iiL'U; shorts, 116'" 1' ; tlioii, fib.
Hay Timothy, til 0(13; clover, $7(ji
fU.uO; Oregon wild hay, f.v.iti i er ton
But'er Fancy creamery, 25(";27Jc
dairy, 18(o'J0c; store, I3i(rirx per pound
Kggg Storage 20c ; fresh 28V? IV.
Cheese Full cream twins. l'Uci
Young American, 13Jc(U r8 tier itounJ
roultry C'hickons, mixeif, $2.00c!
3.00 : hen, $3.00(An 60 : diesKeil. 10(i
11c per pound ; springs, f2.0O( 3.50 por
dozen ; ducka, f.i for old ; $J.0UM4.0()
for voting : geese, so at v.l ier dozon
turkeys, live. lOitflle; tlreiel, 10(
i.'c tier pound.
Aluttou Lambs, 3'-'c, gross; dressed
6(98St'c per pound; shetp, $3.25, gross
dreswe.', 6c tier pound.
Hogs uross, heavy, S'iwo.'io; light
4.7o(s5; dressed, 7(7,Sie per pound
Veal buintl, bcUc; large, 7(S7;-2
per pound.
Becl Gross tor steers. $3-50(34.00
cows and heiiors, f3.00Ca3.b0; dressed
beef, 64 at 0io per pound. .
Hops 104 at life per ponnd.
Wool Vallev. 11 at 13ic: Kastern
Oregon, 8 at l-c; mohair, 20 at 21c pur
Potatoes f .83 (,( .oa per sack.
Onions $1,23 cwt.
me lurgesl snm ever paid tor a pre
scription, changed hands in 8an Fran
cisco, Aug. so, Vjvi. The translor in
volved in coin and stock $112,500.00 and
was paid by a party of business men (or
a specific for Brlght's Disease an 1 Dia
betes, hitherto Incurable diseases.
They commenced the serious investi
gation of the specific Nov. 15, liKX).
They interviewed scores of the cared and
tried it out on its merits by putting over
three dozen cases on the treatment and
watching them. They also got pliybi
clans to name chronic, incurable cases,
and administered it with the physicians
(or judges. Up to Aug. 25, eighty-seven
er cent of the t-t cases were cither well
or progressing favorably.
There being but thirteen per cent ot
failures, the parties were satisfied and
closed the transaction, the proceedings
of the investigating committee and the
clinical reports of the test cases were pub
lished and will be mailed free on applica
tion. Address Johk J. Fui.toh Com
pany, 420 Montgomery St. ban Francisco,
Irfpitrf uient of Interior.
Ls no Orncs at Oreoon Citt, Oki.
Decebnier 21, lflOl.
the following-named settler has tile.i
notice of his intention to make rinal proof
in support oi nis claim, ana mat sum
proof will be made before County Clerk
of Washington County at Hillsboro, Ore
gon, on rebruury 7iii, iuiu, vis:
II. K. mi forth E W X of feo. 35, T S
i K n w.
He name the following witnesses to
prove bis continuous residence upon and
cultivation of said land, vis:
Chare A. Cavell, of Fir, Or
Herlha Heidel. of Olenwood. '
Edward H, Colraan, of Forest Orove,
Cabet T. Boweu, of Portland, "
32-37 RegUter.
Notice ot Flnisl Settlement.
Notice is hereby given that I' the under
signed. Executor of th eatat of M. 1'.
bmith, have hied in the Connry Court or
the Htate of Oregon, for Washington
t ountr mv final uccount as executor of
aid estate and that said Lourt has set Mon
day, February 17th, l'.02. at IU o'clock a
m. oi said day a tn lime and th
County lourt room as lb place for hear
ing objections to said rinal account and
the settlement of the same.
Dated Jan. 1. UV2.
JOHN W. Till A ED.
Executor of th Estate of M V. rlmilh.
deceased. avjo
The LuuisviUe Courier Journal
that la 1896 and afterwards stood for
sound currency sod expansion has
won out. The IctfiHlature lt wrck
elected a gold democrat for U. S.
TIiiiIm r lttit(i. Art Jane S, IS7H
Uirtu Smju Lakd O.'l'i 't,
Ou'." C:tT, Oaa.. Dc. lb, IS'1.
iu co.npiiniii' ith the provisions of
th i.i Coogreu of June a, W. sntitled
a ii A-l Lt ih.c a:.V of 'iinber l.mds ill th
Wales of I al fornia. Oregon. Nevada and
WnariiiiKton It-rritory,', as eitended to all
th l uliiii. lud tilatns by act ol Auguat .
Julio C. Hurke.ot' Molulla. county of
la'-kuiiitia, Male of Oregon- '' tout day
Mid in .In- oilioe his aorn slateineut No.
.V.od, for lue purchaae 1 1 Lots 'A and 4 of
c) ction o. 1 i" 'lownship No. 2 Korth,
Kuiu-e No. 4 West, and will otTer proof to
snow that the html sought is Dior valuubi
c... . ..,:,',-, or stone than for .'urriculturul
purpose, and to eetablun hm-.'laiiii tu'wuu
land brlore ttie Udister and Keceiver of
tins oitlee at Oregon 1 11 y ou Monday, th
. . tli tiav ul M.itU. IWL He Iiauiet- as
w 1 1 n tit, x
Kotitrt L(uilen, of fortland, Or,
Kdward lluike. ol " "
iioba. t iilairne, of " . "
Lewis C. 'I hoiupauu, of " "
Any and all perMMis claiming silvers?ly
the nlHive-deacribed lands are reuueeUxl to
Hie their claims in this ofllce on or before
iaid:10th day of March h'r.
Ippartment n( the Interior,
Land Orrtca at Our.ooN City, Oikuon.
December 21. l'JOL
N-cmz-.s ji::itEr-Y civrs that
the lollowing-Mniiietl si'ttler has tiled
:iuticu ul his intention to make final Drool
in support of his elaitu. and that said proof
will be maiti! before me 'uniy Ulcra cu
Washington eomity at Hillsboro, Ore., on
February 7, I!Kfci, vis:
II. K, No. 12.S46. for the 8 U of X K H See.
H4 At S W X S W, B W (; N W Sec,
. I' 3 X It 6 W.
lie names the i".'lowing witneMsea to
prove his continuous residence uixn and
cultivation of said land viz:
Charles A,. Cavell of Ht, Ore.
Louis i'. Hti lid of Ole:iwood, "
Kdward II, Coleman, of Forest Orove. "
Cahol 1. UoAen, ol I'orlland "
8!f-i7 Register.
Daily Round Trips except Sunday
1-cave Portland 7 a. m.
Leave Astoria 7 p. in
1'ortlnutl, The
Way Ilnt.
Dulles and
Leave Toitland Tues.,Thurs.,8at. 7 a. in.
Arrive The Dalles, same day. . . ...5 p. m.
Leave " Sun., Ved.,Kri 7 a. m.
Arrive Tcrtland, same day 4 p. in.
SFThis Koule has the Grandetrt
scenic Attractions on F.arlh.
Landing and Oflio: Foot Aldor Street.
Ilolli I'houen, Main 051
JOHN M.HLL0O.N, agt The Dnllo
A. J.TAV10IJ, agt Astoria.
J. U. WV1TT, agt Vancouver,
WOLFORU & YtlEKS, agla White
l lUTIILK & ItAK.VEM, agU Hood
E. W. tliltllTOJI, agt Portland
How TliisI
We offer One Hundred Hollars Iieward
W n- e of Caturih that cannot be
enred by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. T. CH K.N EY .t CO.. Props.. Toledo. O.
We, the uudcrxitrned. have known V. J.
Cheney fur the last 15 years, and believe
him perlectly honorable in all business
transactions and financially uble to oan v
out any oblieat ions mail by their linn.
n 1st ot miiAi, wiioles.ile Uruggists,
Toledo, O.
Waldino, Ki.ma.n A Mahvix, Wholesale
Druggists, I ob do, O.
Hall s Catarrh Cure is taken internnllv.
acting directly upon the Mood and mucous
snr aces ot the syslni, I'ricc 7Sc per bot
tlu. bold by u'l l)ruggi:s. Tottimoniala
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
The Is'st Oaigh Komedy
the market, and if
A Congli Kerueily, oui's will do
the wnik.
' It miUainfl nothinir irinrionn
In this eily will testify.
I'RU'E 2.i ols., W) cts. and ifl.iMi
Delta Drug Store.
aiaiu 01 reet, ninsoere, uregon. n
For Infants and Children.
Tfca Kind You Han Always Bought
Bear, ths Af yeTTTT'
Sufuatore of iAjTI-CuiJiiLt
Isstilllon and untilfFeb. 1, '02
Will LCtjubiliu.oj'. uOjtviii
reduction in shoes.
V ai
And to get aood fit you do
not want to wait until the last
day. No shelf-worn stock.
Just a Little Cough
liut if you were to probe the common cause of
most lung troubles, including consumption, you'd find
that they originated in "Just a little Cough."
Do you know it's just as easy Xot get rid of that
little cough, or i bigger one, as to keep on coughing?
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been since tho Park Ai es used in all Pilo Medicines, nnd that such medication
really perpetuate Piles. V'eru Pile cure is nol a relic of the Dark Agin, hence
contains 110 narcotics or meicurr, tMilKKJ Keward il a trace of any narcotic or mer
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Sold in Ilillbboro by Die Twentieth Ontnry Store : ,
The Hillsboro Pharmacy,
St. Charles Hotel
front arid Murrlson M recta, l'artland Oregon.
Electrio '.Lights, Eloct-lc Bells and Hydraulic Ulevator.
100 I too nis at 25 to 60c, Suites, 7o, to ft, i;d HesUuraot
Give us a call,
Tt'otlce of 2'inal Seittemoiit.
Notice is hereby given that the nnder-
psignud, has tileil in the County Court of
the 8tut of Oregon, for Wnhuwtoa
County, his final nccount nx administrat
or of the estate of Minerva Sheply, Deceas
ed. And that said Court bus appointed
Monday the i!7 day of January. liXJJ,
at 10 o'clock In the forenoon of aaiil rinv
as the time lor hearing objections tn nueft
aoccount, and for the settlement thereof.
W. I). WOOD.
Administrator of the estate of Minerva
biioply. Deceased. ;!.' Ifi
Sot lee of Filial Weitte merit.
by civen that the nti.lor.
signed has tiled his limit HcroQiit in the
l ountjr ,ourt 01 the huileor Oregon for
W'.ishiiiston Comity and that said Court
has set Monday, the ttith day uf
reoruany, r.v.', al ju o eloi'l; in the fore
noon of said day aa the tune and the
1 ounty v ourt room aa the place for hear
ing objections to said account and the
1111111 settlement 01 said estate.
Dated Uec 17,
Aan.1n1str.1tor do honnt-non of the Hstats
01 n. u. Jiaymono. ilouaited. 81 ST,
Timber Lnntl, Act Jan 5 3, 17M
U.vitkd Ftatkk I.asb Orrtca,
OBanos CiTr January i. I'iC'
Xl in oumpliaiicii with the provisions of
the act of Congress of June a, I.Tk, .m titled
'An act for the sale of timber iaiulu in in.
Mates of Cabfomia, Origon, Nevaibi and
Washington Territory," as extended tosll
the I'uhlie Ind bits by act of Ao'jst
4, lr.i, John tKlund. of l'ort.'and, Coiin
tr of Multno.iiah, State of V eon. h
thia flay hied in this office hia sworn
statement No. iS7',, for the purr-has of tiie
S W 4 of S W' i and lot- V. a and 4 of
Hectiou No. i in low,ili:p No. 2 North
Hange Ko. fi West, and v.ill otter proof io
show that the land souv.ht is more vain-
aiie ror its timber or -to as th in for acri
cultural purpos.-.. mi, I to e-tiihliah l,i,
claim to said lun-i leiore the Kegisti-r ana
Keceiver of this otfiee mt rigon City
Oregon, 011 Monday, toe Ziu, day of
March, 1. KM. tie nan, or as niMiwwv ,
If-J'i?!: "!'"!. "-.kou !
Roliert Ixnidsn, ol
Lewis Thompson, of
And all persona o"aiii.n,g ajyrs.-ly the
above-dew ri tied lands are rr.1u.-t.'ri t,(
hie their claims in this offiru 0.1 or before
said 21th duy of Wnjch, lAr4
5 .113
B Mpv aaaaa
Timber I.und, Aft Jnnc.t,lN7S
Umtkd Sstatbs Laud OvFiru.
, ,IJ.,"I'", fi'TT. Oar,, or..-. ".
Xl ' In compliance with the provisions of
the act of Congres of J uue 8, l iVM, entitled
An act for tlm sale of timber Ian. Is in the
M ites of Califoinht, Oregon. Nevada und
vVaamngutn J erritory," aa e tended to all
i!i. t ,'c 1'u"d Stul,'8 l,y act ol August 4,
.0" J- Houston. GleiiwKjd. lounty of
Washington rtte f Oregon, has
this day tiled in this otlice In swora stale
meiit No. fi67-'l, for the purchase ol K U of
the H W and lots S and 4 of heclion fio.
1 '," tow,l!,h No- North, Kange Noli W
and will oiler proof to show that the hind
sought is more valiiah e for its timber or
stone than for agricultural purposes, und
triealablis'i his claim to said land bcioru
the Kegi-ter and Heceier ut this oflieeat
March" Pio?.0" ''"""i tile iu"' d"y uf
He names as wtti.M
L. It. Houston, of
Wm. A, 'IriU-a, of
Olenwood. Oregon.
V "bitten, of Woodliiwn.
A. Gordon, ol Portland, "
Any and all persons claiming udversly
the auovMleacnlied lauds are requested to
i'lrd Lli'.V" 1 ' oHr-c on or before
said m day of March, li2.
Nut ice ot rinal fHcttlcmont.
1 trhh. V,,UtL0fKtl" of tllznlafth
l.itchie, deccAsed. hav. niwi , a....i ..
count as eiwutor of said estAte in the
County Coim o, W, gu, (C y Or"
eon, ai.d that said Curt ha. s.-t .W
.ruury f.K2. at in v 1, i
Vm.'JtLT' a.'"1 f-unnty Court'
" as the i)lup in 1...,,;.... ,
to said account and ,. . ,1" " "'''.'"l
sa d estate. ", "'p'
Executor of the estate of KliiaethTiteh.
'rrensnrrr'n Notice.
a 11
virranU r.f
county state of Oreton, Kmlorwd 'Not
VTlTV'' fu"" p"
arte-Ja,r in Zj1" 1"""M "
that dale. ' WU:"X
Co. VreosureT
Ml AM. 11. MOORKS,