Hillsboro independent. (Hillsboro, Washington County, Or.) 189?-1932, January 10, 1902, Image 2

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Trra-mrrr Xotice. I
lauitod la tbs pcmtotttw at HMaonra, Ur.
M MMIU-cIlM tutkii BOtlel.
Bob Ipftrwi, la adraooa, P"- fr, I1.1X
D. M. C. OAULT, JUUtor.
Seeing that a Mlllng v-l baa the
right of WBy on th high sea, and
that the lookout on lh ilifatotl Walla
Walla testifies before a coroner'
Jury that 'ho saw the light nf the
French Bailer Max hoido dlatatice
away and twice reported the fact to
the oillcer on the bridge- of the
steamer, receiving no answer, started
to' arouse the first offlrer before the
crash came, how can the Oregonlan
editorial jwragrapher Justify hirmelf
for the general lampooning he gave
the French navy a few days ago?
To a land lubber it seems as though
the Walla Walla's second office, who
was on duty, was either drunk or
asleep. And there U evidence that
loads one to believe that there was
luck of discipline among the mom
bars of the crew. Here was "organ
JawI" labor, a ''union crew," behav
ing as badly in the hour of danger
as no company of free laborers would
have done. ;
The registration law in Oregon Is
not popular by any means.'" It "en
tails much trouble, expense and con
fusion, but It is the law of the tit it e,
and all voters must register if they
wish to vote at the approaching
June election. Those who regUtcr
iu 1000 must register ugain now.
The registration books will be open
In the county clerk's office from' Jan
uary 6 to May 15. Albany Herald.
The Oreat Register In which is to
be recorded the names and residences
of tho elec tors who are to cbrxwc
offleera at the general clecon next
Juno is now open at the court house,
The electors of the county whenever
business calls thorn to the court
house should take time to register
The books will be open till the close
of business for May 15th' next. " '
Let us see. The Oregonlan -in
1899, stood for the election of Senator
Simon. In the Issue of Jan. 8,1902
occurs this sentence. MIt is obwrved
with rogret that Senator Simon
makes no hits." How . is the senti
ment conveyed in the later .observa
tion to be construed wlthjhe known
policy of the first? . - . ..,.
. . ' ,;.!
Arq th paragraphias in this state,
and perhaps elsewhere, who are so
vigorously lampooning the nayxl
arifltocracy, roally certain that such
an aristocracy exists? Now, the In
dependent has for a long , time
thought Faragut, Porter, Dewey',
Phillip, Evans, Clarke and those fol
lows were and are quite democratic.
Timber Land, Art June 3,1 N7N
Unitii) Btatih Laud Otrir,
Onanon Cirr.On.. Jnnnary 4, IWJ.
In coniplluiKtj with the proviaions of
thn act of Coiireai of June , 1K7S, ontltled
"An act for the ante of timlwr lamli in the
Htuttta of California, Oregon, Nevada and
Washington lerritory," an extended to all
the i'ublie Land titatea by act of Anut
4, K!K!, John Kcklund, of l'ortland. Conn
tir of Multnoinah, Htate of Or'KOll, baa
thia day tiled in this olllce hia aworn
utatciiK-nt No. .W5, for the purchnaeef the
H W ol N W H and lot? 1, and 4 of
Hertiou No. 'I in Townnhip No. 'i North.
Knnfre No. H Wait, and will oiler proof to
how that Ui land aotiKht ia more valu
able for ita timber or atona than for aari
cultural purpoaoa, ami to etabllb hia
claim to atid land before tbe KfRiBti-r and
Kecoiver of thia office at Oregon City,
ttrt-snn, on Monday, the -J4(n day of
March, l!iQ2.' lit namai a aioinmi, i
J. C. liurke, of .Molallu, Uruu
h.dward Hurae, or l'ortland,
Kolwrt louden, ol , " "'-.-
Lewi Thompaon, of ' ' '"'
And all ixrrani clalmiiia advarael th
above-deacribed landa are requeated to
hi their clalnia in thia office on or before
aid 2lth day orMa-ch, 1:W2. -
1 CH AH, B. MOOKK6, '-'
84-4J . 'J Kenuttot,
t hlldreu Especially Liable. (
Burns, bruise, and cula re ex
tremely painful and if neglected of
ten result In blood poisoning, u Chil
dren are ertpecially llabl ,to. .auck
mishatM because not careful., i As
remedy UeWitt'a . Witch lUael
Halve Is unequalled. Draws out the
fire, stops the psln, aooa huals the
wound. Beware of cuuaturfuiu,
Buro cure for piles. "DeWltt'a W itch
Hazel Halve cured my baby of cza-
ma after twa phyniclans gave Iter up1
writes James Mock, N. Webnter,
Ind. '"The sores were so h4 4t
soiled from two to five dnMes eHcU
day." Delta Drug Store. . .
Itan't Lire Toirtthar. . ,
C-m!tlatlon and hoaHh -never go
together. DeWltt's Little Early
Risers promote early action Of the
bowels without distress. "I Mn'
brrn trouhltxl with rostlvrne hlrip
yars," says J. O. Greene,' Dvpaaw,
Ind. "I have tried many rtmedtp
but Little Early Klsers give n
sults." iVItn Drugstore; ' ' ' "
in. i i.i'
Thia alirrialure la on .-ry hftjt tln iranuiaa
tk ncmlr that ewrea raid la dajr
All County w-irr.inu of WH.I.im-Uin
county riatai of Oregon, r.udori.-.l '.'t
rayal-le for mailt 01 tur..la-' prior V Niv
, I'Jl, lll be da'- and lyab.t oil n n-S
tfter Jau. i'tf, l'y.', mi l interest t.l ccxjt -t
tllat tilt
, LODUU'il CKASl'aLI:,
Co. lraaaurer
Notice ot Unit I Settlement.
Hoi:u liewbr rfvi tN' 1. the under
afit ied, executo: 01 tue rat-ltu of t.iun beih
l.itelue, (lec-uuwxl, Luvc I 1J U.J luial ue
couDt aa eieeutor of aid estate in the
Cuuntv Court til Waaliiiiitioii County. Or
egon, and that Hid court' nai' tri JioVi-1
day, February ID, I'XiJ. at 10 o'e ot k A.
M., aa the time, ami the County Court
room a the plaee for lieaniiu onjeftiona j
to said account and the. final lettiement of ,
.aid e&LU..
Dated at . HilUhoio, Oregon, thin , jlti
day of January V.Ti. "
8 8 R1IVHEY,
Executor of thueaUU) of KUzaa-tii Uilvh
ey, deeeaaed. - - " 4--vS
n n w 'J - m a 1 .1
It Clrt-lea the Ulb.
'"The fanie or Buctfen's"i,'Afntca
Salve, ai the best in the world, tx
tepds aiouud th ear(.h. Jt the one
perfect hoaler of clHJ porns, bru ses,
sore,, scalds, 'bolls, twicers, elons.
aches, pains. and all sk,in eruptions.
Only infallible pi lo cure. 2a:. a box
at lfis Prug Store. , ;..,', ,.,'.
UowSf' tWlarrettest i-'ia MWort
ment. ' lieasonable riei at Kchultn
erich Bon v. I
. A Iecp JlyKtery.
iA-'l ,.u.Jl .. . -.-.t I.:',.,. ..,
,.4t laa 4ytry why.wvwo endure
black nuaddj ittdu:htv : ,iui vouantss,
sweplewaness, . , oeltuu;hl,'. luluticg
and : diary ipeiU M'heu XhouBH0d!
httva.pioyed . tht. JJlectrie . Jliit?ra
will quickly cure such troubles. "I
suffered for yoars with kldnej;
trouble," writes Mrs. Phebe Chelrg,
of Peterson, la., "and a lauK) back
pained me so I could not dress my
self, but Electric Bittws wholly
cured me, and, aithough IS years
old, I now am bieU do;I my
housework., lt overcomes: consti
pation, improves, appetite," gives per-
foct health.y Only OOo at Duita Drug
" CMrvivg sets, OiuUher r knives, Poc
ket knl9,8cls8ora and llaaors at
Mc Oormlck's. .'i .
For lioiuo fine uhoto's call on Pope
at the tills gallery, 7th' street, ast
side ql town.
TlitJ ttf-bt assortrflent o flntf; khlvee
and j ntzors in " toWo arr at", McCor
mi'cK'oi faliy WHrranted."': " ' '
' . ' llealtii and B aoty, . 7
I. '"A . pill's 'VUI,',''yi .the aw
But there are tiilld .And v'M - You
wuota pill which . la, 'certain, ttior
ongh and gonth)-.,."Iusta't gripe.
DfcWitt's LdtUe Early Rlsera ml the
bill; '.Purely regettlud. V noi
for but aaHlst the bo well) t act.
StronctheH aad'invlKOrBto..' amall
and wsy to lake. DoUa Driig atore
Atti-itic hair, catting aad 'iJhBVIng
at the .Second sUeot barber . ahop.
For jiprainS, swelUug. ud lutne-
netw thera la nothing so gotxi as
ChamberKfu's Pain BaliVTry,
For sale by the Delta drug store. -
Win Mtihr make boots - n bis
shop on Stxxjrtd rtrt.Dt, lilllsboro, for
r.f0 per pai'eewod-'MKien ftr V
and gives spoctitl attention ti repair
ing. He uses only viirKUgrade stock
which enables him to guaraitlee his
work. ' V
Thoe wishing to purchase Improv
ed farms, large or small, city lots or
city residences, in Hillsboro or In
Forest Grove, will find it worth
while to see J. W. Hhuto at the bank,
Hillsboro or BenJ. Hcholflcld at For
est Grove.
Bewt a-tsortmetit of 'fthtVeV at
Schulmerich BroH. -
Highest market price fur Potatoes
at Schulmerich Bjrosfjl.;i j
Lowest priw:RMi hardware at
Schulmerich Bros.4ry them; Full
stock always pn liauti.ij,,,,,
i.. .11 , - .' ; ?' 1 mr rt i ili..:i.i
- For Mubber CoatH, ;GUl,A)'tiiig
Muclntoshes, alt kivrits of.wM wat.h.
er goiMls Iff tj Hchulmcrlfh Bros.
, At h).iJUia.aSayHUrt (lw; photo
gallery., i Pope, Aim Miotngrdphet is
hereto please ,!yu;'' with '-Ph-tartn.'
Give him a call." " s ';
. ..mi. a.-y..ijllj-4XX t'i I'"
' titir et ,iHe',lri'l'M'.MtKVnf i HUe
an lI,' ,' 'fajuii iue, Jt he', faiiioiis ,'. Jlof t i m
ranl. ,for '(iKi4tivs',kvli friut
Latent thlnrf Hi.)Aity li.i,Mi ,1. k 1.
11 '.I 'l j'-i-IH-' I ",'""
..E, Ui MruiiaiiitccyeiJ
a full, line of .Mon'a .iiot (gloves tot
either dreaslfgr or working purixia.v.
Vl and (ftthtttiX'"?! 'vafurs" fof 1
1..I viiiimw fllil" ,t... ti tfi.i.
- -1 Mlalou twvd I'or HaH? 1
' Tlirt" well known pn're' Oregon
Yellow, Piinvor O::iou s.d rai'-ti by
Joik. IWhuiati w .tbe,Jacktuuss, for
sale in quanitie tr aa-.t. ' 1 1
Address, Jim. Bai iim a', '
'''' '' 1 ', ' Slt.ne P.O.'
u, 38 47.. 1 . , I... .('iacJtHinas Oioa'y.
' , liunlalu ('ciil KeilaoeU.'' " t
I have the. the. lurgetit and : moel
complete sttiek fif f-Vunfaln IVrts lr
the city. .' ' '' ' " ',' " " ' "
,,Any,of tlell.ltJtiliog .makes at
grvaUy mliiued prims ,. . . ,:
lVUlar Lirwtlo, II f0 44 k ana
at II St All 1 'ftrwf tniilc in1
makes at anie rtiiuifil rstti
Call an.l.si-v 'lnui l(i iij buying. .
. s i ! UOVr, Tie Jeweler.;
1 1 ..... :-..) -.rM -i i.-.i i 1.
- - . '' ...'4 Ii.h-i 1.'. !
I , N. Y tie,
.1 hi' h thous-
1 d n-a
aba iif.'ffl
tittd i:i"fi'!i-?l
w.ih thtira.
. r. . . J
IVCdU Vliat Ut.
&.., and noto
the similarity
of your own
c.. Write to
him, er.dosrr.g
stamped ad
drcssct. envel-
f i-v
.. rv.
i ft?
and et a per
sonal corroboiatiun..oi wbat.Jj.
here given. He says regarding
Dr. Miles'
Heart Cure:
"1 auffcrcd aoniiir.s viu in the It ft
tireait an-l 1ctwen m' Yf.iuMi rs frrrtff '
ht tt.mliis. ily hrartul4 p.iljili.
tate, flutter, then sk:;i heats until I
count uo iniri-r lie ni t!; NiHiioftef i
, niptit I a ilki-'d the ti H.r, lor to he uun ,
' WmiH Ti:tve inea.it slj.!. if ri .U.itli. My
cimjitioat pwmed ainwM-i-it:fcawbfu; .
I ix f :-n t lkirc lr Mi"-'' Heart Curt,
hut it hrlti?d rr.c from the n;a. L.ltcr
I ton Ur. Mills'. Nervjiia witlt
Ile.irt Cure nncr the tiiL-.-t wau a-mn-lslunj.
1 earm stly implore simiiar-mf :
fercM to give (iicM rtjicejlicij a, triil."
,. ; Sold ty til Drwfiatat i.i
... .v on Euaraatee. ..,,., ,
Dr. f.llioa Medial Cq., ElkSart,.lnd .
1 lc Parmer
The G&rltnc?
and . . -.
TJte ISou.v.i-wii'e
11 k!
kii.....m1 in?.
f. 0. . HXt . CO
l-'fj! lotrolt, Mlon.
If yoa htTf-n't a rrcutur, liwulthr niirrwot of th
foowttlft vrrj flftj . jmi'ro 111 - r u-ilt h . k.pyoui
bowil nr-n. or l we;ii h .tr. In flm nh of tio
lent phyto "r i,lll ioUtii, Ia d uii.riMt..' 1 tit amort t Iv
at, iffidi ft. uxidt i .'iH t "nj oC 4tiwfjlflr lM bwplf
nrunnt, Pl.ittibl, IVttnf. 7n9tf Ooi. P-flo.
ITi.vor BlgUt n, vtfu.K n, r (irtj't. H, Mnft W ctt
n-r hoi. Wrttu for fttte s a mitt, una boafclft oq
bratth. AfldrfKo ...,.
fTKkLinU fiMkWT (OBPAfCf, till MlW t.
Digests what you eat.
Thia nrpnaration contains all of tb
V'01".. :." S .riT.V H
fu lid to cure. It allows yuit to cat all
the food you want. The mttftsr-rnttlM
to touch s can take It. iy lid ue manr
thouAands of dyspoptic have' tasen
eurcd after pvprything else riilerir- It
prevent turinat.ion of hmhhi mo inm
or S'. C! Y:
crib'.-; a r.U.tl.
e - a u
tvh, relieving all diMtrraa attr RinC,!4Wju!lK& Cp' to Aux, 2S, :ii.-hiy-ivri
It cen't he!? ""x-"
but do you gooil
Bvr(lrlf ly UO. Pr NY rrr jwoof
VJm ti. bottle eooUJlia 2t Uiuii alaaa
The gerr-nti str.od.w.1 f f jficaurotacut
fnr wonuinlioml is f;rcnvn-up-neas.",
U hfn a girl ! eindncipMeil from thoo
ai.l arrive.i nt th.tiiijiiitv rai itr.illiag
skirts nn I elubotatc tnuf drrsstug ah i
lnokca l.ptin ai OMWcni;t
young womjn. 1 r-jJSi
Hut ,U." t u r
knows noil-.i:;f
jf Sti'Mi nnu-
nla, .When lea I rrtlfLJiW
ttl wortl.inlux.Hl ?r',) r 1 t,tr
is ntt.uoeil,, f;;, kf,-J. jjfrt-
ctwtimg "'..net -.. -. , 1
Ttitnrtfir.11, ft 11 rl i,- "i,T- y '( U
lhi-rn la Wrtd of fcti.'fc:'fcill
ancts aeria 1 te,,!
.11 lill I IU !1 .1 ,-J-Vi.- Vl'tl'
,.iii.hv,A. I'.wT - ;.P', i.
ratu'.ta.arr iulic
y t-ar,ij f aiter
in'l-tery". ' "
Motliera wlio
pertxiva Uiei:-
ili-nces i'f iunc-
tioniil ilrrnrlt'f-
ment in tout? titrVt &houll. pitiruptlT
have tlietn l.-,ir tlie.uiol Ir. l'icrcc'a
F '.votitt: T'rcn. . I; li.in. It es'.a!iiieH r'g-
ulnrttv, trunimi'v tin iirrwi mut lorle
Up the- uhule. f.,t,-::v.. .. ;i . v -. L 1,
" t-.'M'.1-. .-1 11 -.t iv;r;ii(?. "-v Kl';)!..-!"
arrti- f iw tu' ;--H"tv ft,-
AVr in. " , ' ' ut .'.i.i r- 4 -. . tivti" u'i! t ii.
H-..T1 m t tni I i.' w v ! tv-r I
'aillert"t ut ("c-iy r.nt'Jy ;-.n 1 HLf. lrtri.l.-i-V
n 1 . he 1?M-. 1. (T' r-' --Tirv- fiiT.? T .iirv 1
my li I. I i leu.,. -;if u fl n.f Iiii- ami
-..rl-.- ,: ttit.- . 1 - r, -' .ut t...V K.
i .Uh.it -VvjiiI I tilr fu-f ..-in V 11 Wi'J na.!
-in.t'ltr w m,i .: .- f 'I v : .1-1 r
tni. tut rtiev.or'v Trl.nsl r I ijaf.l m.
V. u ..ml k tl-.i-" . ':- 1 r 1 t . k ti vc t. .1 ;
of IIT I'rftr f h:i-.u- 1'rf . r'l.U H-iT .1.1
t,..i.Vn M 1H-.. .I- M- ! t.-e M,.-, 'if
K li'i ' !f in ioi Ir-nJ h tfn.'t- M-iavt-!.
11. V wl.1 'pi; . i-.t ' .11 -k 1 t; -H'.ik
h.r,l :ii,l r.l fc-IM mi.l.i- -ita.I t-tra! t'
Oui ll t r, "' 1 . ;
III . lleret t r.e..:i::t T Jlet:-1 Ic.-fll-a'-' '.lie
bowel rd mr.ttil.rt- tlir1 H:n -Jf nr-T.'--
3TOJ11 A.
ll-iara tLa
. rf .. .
' -i FT- ir
j-1 - -
W -..I "
the riuoujr ( kt ( V th
j m. ri .1" n vi'-K'ir. lor ai ui; - .
. u.nmy.
j 1m t it- rr t:: r oi ol lt-f e-t.itt. oft
lo H rrf V t r.,t i W-n1 ni a M .ftuui
Win Y.cior '-rut.li?, i.otn irut!tf Juli:;
loi'v J. trnln. L.Hij Ivffi'.t)' nuA I.,.;,
k.. Kt Jtnan aud touli aruit intt'f'to.l i.i
-ul istuU. rtttiii':
4i (Ixj cnuie o the SCttir f '."i'ri-ii' :
Vow liufsi'tai tJ ;titi re.(UiietI t .
jt;.r iu llir t'ounty Court -t Htf ni.ii.Bul
ttftiV'H. I 'f ctmiity cl Wahhir.BiU'.-., at
th i'uurt rtKim tlirHf, mt HiIImImit . in
it, b'uu "f V3a' iijuill! iXti,'iil aava'ti '.". T Vi'.tS
:lvd duy kI Kebrairy, IW2, ft I 10 o khk. i.i
t.M foroujon t that 'j .j. then h:M Im ro
lo sliuw i'uubo, if any yU have, .tu
order ui ant court iiould not in;ti nut It
oriiiii! aiiit diri'tin K. W, ll.ttit.'!. a i
Uiijiietrutor ot iiti l:attf, 11 fit puMie
nlf, thf fnHoflrmr dtwrtrt rent rttf
brloniii tu Mititi rrfliitt. lUuck. sn. in ttu-
ii I v ol l-urf itfiivf, V atuntoii couMy
Orvt'diu m iravt-il for in il.t- ui timui ol
u-liTiimtrator now Ci Me hert ta.
MTiTiicufi. the llim. L. A. r0i. JuTe
ot the cuunty court ol tho riMU uf
IOf UtJ CVUIlLy OI W aittllDKlull. Mtail Ifl
fa.l of ult! c'..rt hfliicJ liiin 2:iu
Januurv. r.
l.i y uf
;KO. V. MiiUVAN,4 lerk
0. W. MOUAN, Deputy. ,
Au.tn 1st it.vTO us r: 1 1 2,
Sfitll'i !n lieri-liy kIvcii that thn undi r
aiKuoi iaa bri-Ji opjc.-sistttl ,tjr Hit
I 'olllity t'ourt of lliii Stutt of Ore;uli, lot
Wita!iiii(t.in I'oaitty, ailtniniatrator of th
l-1l,ile ..uf : liirw titolli-r. tliK'uaartU
by the county court of Ww-lniiKto-i i-o'imy
Ort'tron. tlirufon-all ji.ratns liuvinir cla:in
ay.tititit aul vat.ttti . arw liurcoy rfiiui-bteil
ulnl Jt-quii'dU to Lr?4eLtt tll-'in tu lilt, umlor
iriiil duly veriiit-il at -II10 oltlc .of tUn
county cleric at llillaboro Urenon, witli.n
ail months from tlii.i tlnte.
. i! UEOKOK HllVV.lliZ, .
Aiiuiiiniorutor of tlie natiitj of t'tiri.1
Blotler, ilt-ce:i5t-d.
, W iu. IK k'liS TON , at ty fur rNtutv. .
Uiiloil January 1, I'JiV. J.i -M
Acker's DyKepld Tablet are solt
011 a positive puuratitt-aj. i'urott hejtrt-t.ui'i
ruiain of the food, Uiatre8 afu-r eating o;
any form ot dyapctaia. Une littlu tubli
ciresinimeiliate relief, '2o eta, uiul 60 eta
The Dcltu Drug Htora.
- I'orllauil Marketa.
Wheut V:ilIa Walla,, nomiujil
flt;l;; blu.-ftaiii, (xc ; valley, 6.
. t'lojir bent Krailea, tio5'i-,;i.50
bum-It xruham, tti.ou.- ,
, ()tn oM, Vilui il per cental. 1
Harloy-il'V-ad, , 1 10c' 15.60; LruwoiK'.
lti 00 per -ton. - '
MiUeiulUr-hiMii, 1."M 17 ; 'ThMllii.-,
1(K"',:0; nhijrts, lluutlT ; ihop, $15.
tiny Timothy. 1H.U3;
iJiO .; QroguD. Wlij imy, ft(
clover, (..
t'f t per ton.
dairy, la vt aite ; itore, i; .1 l.cir potiml
.'iKd StoraifB 20c; lreah a3ci SSff.
Cite) full cream Iwint, 1W-;
Vtirry American, 13JotHo rwr mutni.
'. Poulwy I'hickeim, rtiixitf, J.iith'C
3.(10; taua, M)0"'i 3 Ml ; ' lr.4riJ, 10f
lie ptr )iiiiiut ; Kprin'B, $MMt .KM yt
(lorvn; .itifkit, t i for old; $S.(X)i" 4.IMI
fl)T -yuiliia; ii at i'-l kh Joon ;
tiirkpja. iivs. 1 tho,-Ik-; tinawl, 10.
lJc for po'inil.
' MuUoii Jjimbn, S'a'a, (irons ; tlies-J,
tKWSo Pi' oand j aWp, i'S.'2b, grata ;
tlruwe.1, (if. per pound.
: II015S ros, hearr, ii(ifH.26; liglit,
$4.75 di.5; ilrwaied, 7(if7,'uc per pound.
- - ) CM--Salaiall, St.tc; large, . (.1 7 V
per ptjiraii. . 1
Jteef Orosa tov ateera. . 34MM4.fl;
ook-8 ami heifu, $:.(KI t3.oO ; iicsifeil
bi-l, !k at 0e per pound. "
lloptt-rlUi at lli! ie.r potin I.
Wtifil Valley, H -at l;Uo;. Kut'terii
Oivgon, 8 at Vile; mohair, 20 at 21c per
Vniona l,'i3 ewt, J ... ,
lutioiiT' iisi:asi:.
The lareal tuitf t rer paid lot j." re-
4'riptioo, . changed liatnla in saw er.in-
cwiu. Aug. it', l'.iOl. The tranmer in
volved in coin , 1111 J atM k il I9.fi00.0t) and
was paid by p:trty of tiOHinntu men fcr
a.,j)CiJllt- r iiright'rf l)ii-9.j. mi I I'i.i-
liCie-, Idllie-rti) iuuurable diu9rav,
"5!l"ij joiiitnenceJ tho twtrioiw inventf-
:ilion tr( tho Kpecilic . Nov, .'15, mxi
TlW-y iutcvlow&l K.ru of the IhhH
triei dVlat on Kfl tneritH.by piiUitig oVei
tjirile d.in i-Miii 011 thu IriUittrtunt and
wnuying U.etu. . ,TU.y ul ot j'tiyi
ainii ti) ;iiint chronic, im nral te f-fu'.K
atxl. j -Vminiaierud it with the ihveiciltiii
per cwitf t,htel lanea were cither 'cll
or iiruKjt.itit(tKijruljly. Jr-"
Thrr--iyut; liit thirtwrr-Jier cent of
f.ti!nirt, tb partieg were autisiitsd ami
-rrti the Irautmction. 1 h prwiirr
of the inveaitigatiiig conitnittee and the
clinical ruporU of the ti nt earn a were puli
natt'ed and will bet uiailed free on'u pliVa
Hari. -Ad(lrcHii John J.' Yvvt6s Cot
i'at, 20 MonlgttniTy Pt. San Fmiu'W,
(,!. -t.n.: " i i. ..i.J .'
'" l4imrinrnt of Interior. "
-u Ljo ()rnn r thtituoi CuV, Owi
t-,.!,-. - . lei-abBitr Jl, IWiL.
1 '' the following-flamed aettler has ili-.l
nuta e uf ltia Inttimiou to make linal proof
in aupport of lint eluiin, uiul tliat, .. i.i
ptwf willrai midti hefnr fVidnty I'lif-ir
oi Viwh:nalon County at Hillnburc. ;Ur-
g"U, on tcliruary , th, I!i2, ir .
Utria P. HKIDEL, '
H. 1C. lt7U lorthe R v; W of Bee. M, T
N K ti W. , - j
If fiamea the foiloa inir witri-.-' to
Tjroe rata coiillnuona reatdenoe upon and
rujtivatiou ol Kitid ianil, via: .
Ohat-Hn A. f'avell. of -""Pil. IS;
lleftha Heitlrl, uf ttlaiiwowt,
Kdaard II. oliunn, of Koraat lirove, '
l.'abel t. Hnwf-n, of Portliind, "'l
CltAS. .IHKj-; :
12-37 iiep.nter.
'Hf . 1. ' f . . T
it - I'd. Cw.J'st 10, 1'Jnl.
wuti tin- invihnui
'.Is .A 'f' i.. ! tf .1 .ut cntitl- 4
fuliuh ' . JUlt:, 4' ji uitill... ill lnt '4
Ivcviun -o. 1 in iotAiiL.ji Nt, J urtlt,
Miow that he I it'll soi ;ht is niortt vulu ttle
tjr itn liiitbHr tr Mtoue tti.in fur rtKrit iiltur.il
iiurti and tu t.t:thiUh hi ciitim to muni
lana I t U le ttf Kfjioier ami Kceivwr ui
lh:r- nlhtc :ii Ur-uii i uy oil Muiniay. th
i1 'tii il.t v ut i ;it.'h, I'XC. iiu iiamer- aa
WlLUloej: - -. -
if.il-ri L l.uUi.!cli, u. IVrtl.uui, 'J
1-1! lirtt i'urk.-, L't
l.o.--1 i . fvriu-. or" "
Lewis C I h 'iiipioii of
-Any i.lt HTun? :ri;iiiitt filverwt'ly
the iif.tivi--ut.-cjiiicU laaij arc rLiot'tei to
ill.- itu ir cl:uiu in this ttilice on or U ture
rrtii'ltnh ti iy ol Mnrr-h Vtr
xotki: Four i 'iilioatiox
Ih iai t jiu'iit 4tf the Inferior,
La:.p Oj hh at Ukiuon City, Uukuok.
1 Iccuiber Jl, l'.(Ul.
the toitowtiic nmuutl wttlor hu lkl
notice ot hi.- iuteiitii i Iu luniti Hunt proot
it suiit ort of hiH claim, uti'l that uiul proof
will It maiio ItetorH tht-i'ounty Clerk uf
vV:tiil.iii(tiii t'fUi.ty al iiuiaboru, uru., ou
Kchninry 7. l!0 m:
liKKITIA XlfclDKh, ' -
It. K, No. for the S U il N K 8c.
?i S W SW'.tVSW', X V i4 Ciiro,
jn lii; w,
lie it. i nt the f Uoii)ic .witneutMM to
provt hin contiiiMuaw rtnilent-tj iiftou 4 nil
cultiv.ttioH of Untl vii :
v hiirh-H A. uvell of Kir. Oro.
IouiN 1. llei'lol of Gle.'iwood, '
Kdititnl 11 , Col ei i urn, t Koret 4rove, .
Cubvl T. lioen, ot lorlland
&i-'o7 JirKiater.
Daily KoiinJ Trum mcont Suuilay .
Ieuve rortlautl .
1'ave A;toriit.
.7 a, in.
.7 p. w.
. .. . ,i, . .
Iletvtveu rortlitutl, The llitlles ami
Wuy l'olnts.
.-1 . t .I.. . , .......... n-i
. . TIME CARD . . ., :.
Iave l'nrtland Tuex., Thuri.,Hut. 7 tv in.
l.lxrivo The Dalloa, iiaiue day... ...fl y. ui.
lave . " 8un., Weil.,l'ri 7 a. ut.
(Arrive I'urtUind, same day.. 4 p. in.
fJSTliiH Home haa thn Gnuiil.nt
. 4 bcenic AtlractaouB 00 Kurth,., .;.
l.at. Jing aftJ Olliet' .i'oot AUler Stroi t.
liollt riionea, 'aio Sol ., ,
.,.!; I'OiU'LAND, OUWiON. -..
J0HM Jf. FIM.MlX, RKl The Dalles '
4. J.TAVI.OK,' iu?t Astoria. '
.1. I'. ) YATT, uj?t Vunwuver,
WDM Willi A: W VKI.-S, kU M hlle
. . , Sitliunu.
., I KA.U11 K tt lUlt.M.S acta II.kxI
, Iliver.
E. V. 't'KICHTON, 8ft 1'ortlum'l
i ' ( . .' lion 1 hU; i '
Mi. nSfrOiir Jlumlreil I)ilhtri Kewurd
frv .. ensft nf Catarth Hint cannot be
t tin it hy H ml a I ":t I ri h t'tire.
1". T. CJiEMEY .V CO., Trops., Tolcdfl, O.
We, the iiniler.-sii?Ti'il, have known K. J.
Cheney lor this la l.r vearit, ainl lielieve
l.ini n-rliiiy honoiuLli- iu ail huaineaii
trHiinaetionK anil Imaneially nhle to carry
ootutiy obliut iw.tt tnaiie llr ttrui.
r.sr A . . i ay Xt WlioieetiJa Lrrtiitfta,
Tolerld. O. ' - '
Whmiijo, KintAi .Mjtavut,. Vi'holennla
Jjrni-ts. i ni'-ilo. O-
Hall Catarrh Cure id 'takeii'llitemulry,
iteiiua; tiirectiy uiiuai Ul hlood and rniu:oiu
hnr ueew ol the Mvteai, . lei Tie ier btit
tle. .Sjil l,y all' ilj-ntrgitilB. Toint'inhn
te . . ,.,
Hall's Kaitiily 'I'ill. are the fiert.-
we .iiAHi; . , .
"' ' Tl.e' frt Otiitli ' rVrnoHy On
" 'Ifie tnxrkct, anil If 1 .: -:
.. . .. . .. ... . .., . ,. ,i .
A Cot'h Ilenie.Uy, our s will ilo.
the Uiul.
It , ronuitia jiothinx irjnriotiB
anil trl vea pH" 1 v n lief, at
Iii i!ii i .ty ill ti stiiv.
run r. i; c; , r. ci. una f 1 im
Delta pru Store...
tin Mir tit. HliUlMirp, Or ami.
For Infaatt and Cluldren. .,,
The Kind Ycj Have A!ays Boegtil
tu Va'
Is still on and until Feb: 1, J02
will coutinvie to make a big
reduction in shoes.
And lo got a good fit you do
not want to wait until the last
day. No shelf-worn stock. 1
Just a Little Cough
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mtwt hmn trouhk-s, includino; consutiiptioti, jon'd find
Unit they oiiginated in "Just a little Cough."..
Ho you know it's just as easy to pet rid oi" that
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Our "Cough Syrup" docs it every day in the week.
Which would you rather keep, your courIi or
the 50 cents that our Cough Syrup costs?
Which is Cheaper?
The Hillsboro Pharmacy.
Any lmni-Ht, intelligent ill lU'ist or physician will teJ you that nnniilic xinon
uch aa oiiiim, Iie.nhaiio, cif.nlly nihtdliAih) or ax'ah.o and morenry . aio ami have
lat?n Htnce tho Dark A. e until in all Tilt JIelieitiei, anil that tnu:li nirilication
really ierel!i!iles IMea. crua I'ile cure ia not a relit- of the Park Auea, lier.ro
eontaiua no nareotiea or ineicnry, ihWO Kowttnl if a traee of any narmtic or nier
ctiry can he. Ibiultl in Yt'iu. All othera or.tn:n nareotiea or inrreurv. Ien it if
vou ilare inoHKlenkH. K0 Kewanl if Verna fails to euro any easti ofl'ih-e. Worst
titaoti tiirttd willi one Imx of Yerus. Over
rotl in llii..bor.j l.y tnc iweutieth c-endtry More:
The Hillsboro Pharmacy,
), F, OA VIES,
St. Charles Hotel
incouron r d
r'rniit anil Miirrlton Strt-ott. 1'artlanil (Irepon.
1 Klnctrio ;LIrhta, Electric Hello ami Hydraulic Kliival-ir.
f I.VI Kooma at 2't ti 6(r, Sultea,
Give us s call,
I 'i.'y. i.i I.
E6nelson's :: - -
; i:il .11 ..!.;,
.;;il; , . !
Is the place to
! ; buy Furniture
Tim'.r-r I.fintl. Act .Fniu :i,l.7H
NOOICfr: K)lt I'l I51.K A TlOX
HTKD hTATCl. I. A Mi III.;. B.
I " OhKonrt City, i 'a In . i. irmi
Al in i-oniJiuiice with the prm iaii na ol
the ar t of f 'oinrrfu-nf Innc t, i-7S e;ititieii
' An uet tt the lain ol timhtr lamia 1:1 the
S-t tea of t auloriiia lireu.ni. .N. v.ulu an !
Wn-hliitftori lrr-torv." aa tt-nll to nil
lini 'tihiie l.aivl tule- I y ai t ot Aui:u-t a,,
I -'.', J. It Houiton lile:iw i ( ..-.liny oi
iVHhinilon, Mat. ; (ir-'irin, 'ho
Una ilay l.leil in thi olhee h rwom atat'i
n.ent No. !?.l, for the (,uit lni-e ol K ',, l
la 8 W 'A itml Wrta 3 nn. I t ..I heetion .N.(
Jl in Umn.-hit) No. North, li.iii;;e oti W
n1 V ill i.irer pnv.r to cl.ow that the I, in. I
.iarht ia moiw v.-ilinih.e Inr it. tunlr or
u lie than lor .titneintur.il puri.w..n. an-l
toratatiMaS hid i-'aini to na il land .,,..
tli Ret1 tor ami Kuceiver at tl.m Hi (e at
(lli-aoii t'llyoo 'i I. tir-'l iy-, tin ilav ol
pi.iren, r.n.
' He liami-a u ami.i-nsea
L, It. Ilonalon, of (llei woo! fjrcir iii
Win. A. 1 riu a. tif
I'. C. iVIutl'ii, of '.Vitxllawn.
A. fiorrl.tn, of l'ortland, "
Any an I all ieroi. elaiminL- udveriy
the alii'vivdi i-enbul l ui.i. an: r . j ii.-t . .1 (a,
liltliirr aima in thia oi'ie on or Ix-fore
uiti JUIh day of Var:h. r..'.
CHAr). II MtXiUK.-l.
" '' ' " " lle-triate r
a. aJUrrk
10,IKK ierninnt-nt euros in Ave yt-tra :
75, to fl. ;otl Itr-nluoriinl Ik
1)AV1S& VELCIIEIC, Managers.
Main and 3d Sts.
.otirt of FinHl Mvttlomoiit.
Notire i heiehy Kiven that the omler-
it-niil, ha.- hied in the County Court of
the mate of t)reRon. for W.-iahin.-loii
' oiiiiiy. Ins (n-.:U aei-oimt iu. adni iiihtrat
or of the emit of Miner..-! Hheply.
t1. And that aa.d Court hna iiiitMiiiiied
Monday the J.1 day of January. l!.
at lhot-liK-k In Hie forenoon f ,iid dav
an the time l,,r hearing ol.je. tiona In aurh
aecconnt, and for the cltli-inent therea.f
AilrniHHt.ator of the itale of Minerra
bheply, lteeeart-il. 3 j(
Xotirr of Final N-Uleiiiriit.
Satire i hen hy r, 11 that the under
tifriied has Mi. I.i. t-,..i .
t . . '.no. in me
tne r-titei.r tlre.-oi, f,,r
WaHhiiuton toiiHty and ui aithl Cm,H.
hart net Monday, l,e vntl, day of
(ehroany. vm.nl MoVloek in the fore
noon of .aid day a the. tm,e and the
Olliity ( 1ur, r,K)m ,,,,1,,, f(ir hrnr
iiifohjn-lioiia to a, id anoiint nn.l th
hi.f ai ttlrmcrit rTfaid (tat,.
I'ati-d l),r. 17, l'ai,
Ailmmi-tr itor .1.. iH.ni.-uon of the e,lnt
I II. C. Kaymond, derraa..). 31 ;a