Hillsboro independent. (Hillsboro, Washington County, Or.) 189?-1932, December 27, 1901, Image 2

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Eatarad la tha poatuOoast HUUocro, Or.
M Mcood-ctuM Duil uaiwr.
VabaariptloR, ta adrsnos, sr ju, f 1.00
D. M. C. GAPLT, Xdiiur.
Under date October 19th, Willed
Usher of the "Weekly Statistical
Su;ar Trade Journal" sent out to the
papers of the other state personal
letter la these words:
An a good deal had recently ap
pealed In print regarding the con
sumption of sugar In thin country,
the various sources from which it is
obtained, the amount of duty paid
thereon, etc., the following facts and
figures will, we believe, be ot interest
to your readers:
" The total consumption of sugar in
the United States last year was 2,219,
847 tons, and based on the average
locrease of 6.34 per cent, during the
Ph 19 years, the consumption this
year should be 2,300,685 tons. Of
this quantity 1,000,000 tons in round
flu urea will come from American
' sources, say Loulsina being able to
produce 860,000 tons, United States
beet factories 160,000, Hawaii, 8o0,-
000 and Porto illeo 150,000 all being
free of duty, leaving 1,800,585 tons
to come from other sources sod on
which duty is paid. Tha average
duty assessed is $36 per ton, or a
total of 148,981,060. The price of all
the sugar consumed, however, being
enhanced to the extent of the duty of
$36 per ton or a total of $84,981,060, it
is evident that $36,000,000 additional
is paid by the people in order to pro
vide the Government with 49
millions for revenue, of which the
Government Is not now in need. If
tho duty Is taken off Cuba sugar, tbo
benefit of 85 millions goes to the
"On October 8tb, the quotation for
Cuba Centrifugal Sugar 96 test, free
on board Cuba was 1.96c per lb., duty
on same amounts to 1.685c equl v
alent io 86 per cent, dulvalorem."
"The commodity of transportation
is one of the things Europe uses to
pay us for what she buys of us.
"If we stop taking $200,000,000
worth ot It or any other sum, she
will buy an equal amount less or else
sell us an equal amount of something
we now supply ourselves."
This is the language of the Oregon
Inn used as an argument against our
creating a merchant marine to do
onr own carrying trade, and present
ed to its readers as the teachings of
political economy,
Eurdpe takes of our productsis our
foodstuffs, because she needs them
now or prospectively. Her necessity
Is the only measure of her demand.
This necessity would be no less in
sistent though we did our own
carrying. This is the teaching of
political economy, the law of trade,
the conclusion of good seDse.
That Europe, if we did our own
carrying would "sell us an equal
mount of something we now supply
ourselves" is an amazing absurdity.
No longer permitted to pay for our
products by doing our carrying, and
unable to sell us something or any
thing we supply ourselves Europe
would be compelled to put up the
The Oregonlan writer evidently
thinks he is not in the primer class
in political economy. We, too,
think so IndtHd are satisfied he
never was In it. Corvallis Uasette
The American Flag Association of
New York and allied sociaties are
making vigorous efforts to have con
grew pass a law making base and im
proer use of the national emblem i
penalty. For years public sentiment
hm been cultivated on this subject of
flag desecration, but as yet in vaiii
so far as practical re nits are concern
ed. The flag defender are actuated
by the highest motives and are push
ing a reform worthy of genera! sup
port Newberg Graphic.
Pec. Long has approved tha find
intra of the court of enquiry in the
Schley investigation and dlsolved the
court. The President has a-iked the
resignation of Maclsy the author ol
the history that stirred up the rum
pus. Sec. Long refuses to allow
Sampson's attorneys to open the case
again to show who commanded at
the battle of Santiago. And Maclay
refuses to resign, claiming that he Is
under the civil service rules andean
not be put out of office.
The rebellion In Columbia is as
suming the proportions of a civil war
and as usual Uncle Saroual is around.
United States troops opened the rail
way line across the Isthmus and have
held it open. Germany, France and
Austria are sending war ships to pro
tect life and property but it isn't like
ly they will take any steps toward
causing Uncle Sam to take a text on
the Monroe Doctrine. Eugene
Tnia crculsr ltit-.'r was tajrlyj
snatcted iiy t'tu d. uiv.cn tic .trscfj
Oregon, avid it; 8urs wire tdkt-n ui.!
a basis for a letter from Wn-h'ttuti
written by U.o roi respondent ufthfj.
New Yoric Tribune. Tlii was rvprtj- j
duced with at proval ty to tarefuta
paper s tho .New Ytr OutXoic.
The lNikP.. 'EXT 8Upuo.i-.ri that
i)m stdtibik of inipcrmion. it't
aprox'tuately orreel btt nnj-rt em
phatically lake ciireptiou to uiiat n
I said relative to the duly colltet-'d.
The Monthly Summary Commerce
aud Finance for October, states that
the imuoiti ofauirsr below fhe 16
CuU.ii oiudAi for iu-i icll &ut!i.
Of 1901 was 3,234,2 17,9 H pouuds or
1,617,108 tons, This is slightly more
for tilt ten months that Willett
Gray ruts it for tho twelve. The
Dingley act lays a duty of 95 bun
dreditis of a cent per pou ad or $19.00
per ton on this sugar. Now why
does Wlllett 4 Gray, the New York
Tribune correspondent aad tho Out
look stale that the duty Is $36.00 per
ton? The same government author
ity above quoted e'tte that the surar
imported grading above 16 Dutch
Standard refined for the ten mouths
was 56,000' tons. On this suar a
duty of $19.00 per ton plus $20.00 dif
ferential or a to'al of $39.00 per ton
Is collected .but the amount It so
soiaK that It w'1! not begin to aver
ago $36.00 per ton. Adding the lotel
duty fur the raw sugar, $30,725,052
and the 2,284,000 collected on reHoed
sugar, the sum is only $33,000,000,
duty. The figures used 'u this es
calation are the impor's fur ten
months In 1901, but they are larger
than W dQ's estimates fur the 12
months. However W A Ufrtate that
the duty .'or the year will be ou their
low estimate $48,981,000 or $16,000,
000 more thau the truth. Now il
the 1,000,000 ton raise I at home wa-i
imported it wou'd pay ouly $li),li0,
000, into the treasury mstc:i'l of
$36,000,000. The $19.00 duly per
ton on sugar is fur the protection cf
domestic producers. The sugsr trust
wants it removed so it can import
raw sugar free, but not a word Is
said of the $20 per ton differential
which is the protectiou received uit
by the growers but by the refiners.
Under the McKinley act raw sugar
came In free yet we remember con
sumers paid about ths present price.
Tna repeal of the $19.00 per ton duty
is not intended to cheapen sugar, but
remove a domestic tornpetitor to the
trust. Eliminate the beet sugar
grower and the combine w'W control
the market. It is the combine that
needs regulating. U domestic pro
duction of sugar reaches 1,000,000 tons
but though often asserted it nev r
has been proven that the tariff in
creases its price by $36,000,000,
$19,000,000 or any other sum.
r-4--- n.'
..j A
r - - s
V 1
The above portrait is that of
Countess Mogcl-:ud, of Chica
go, III., whoe gratitude for the
benefit received tturn the use of
Dr. Mile' Nervine prompted
her to make this stuiement;
"It affords ir.e E'e-tf r'481" dd
my tcstirri'iuy to the very excellent
merits ol Dr. Miles' Nervine. Although
1 am pait 8 year of ue 1 tind it
uothes trie tired brain, qui. ts the irri
lteU otrves unit insures rcsttul sl:ep.
1 never led contented withuut a bottle
of It Uk the houc." Gratefully youx
CUkiiTiAMA Maria,
Couates logeistud.
Maes Nervine
is a nerve tonic and strength
builder that starti riht in re
storing health immediately.
Sold fcr all DruRdcta.
Dr. M!lea Msdical Co., Elkhart, Ind.
- - i .
I.I ii ir-.l K --.-3 Jr't
Viry- r
Heods timke
irood crois, eoo1 'tr
cropM mukn more eui-
toiners- ao earn year tbo
crop and cuetoinora have
grown greater. Ihttt w tha
Hucret of tiie l-rry fame.
More Kerry's heodn aulu
and ffown than uny otlter
Kind. Moid by all dnalera.
tHOt.Seril Annual FKHU.
D. M. Ferry 4. Co.
Timber Land, Art Jane :i. 1S7H
Umtko Bfatis Land OrKier,
Ohio.. 5 Cur, Uxs., Die. 10, 111.
11 in compliunce with the provision of
the act of Congresa of June 3, 1h7S, entitled
"An act lor the sale of timber IhiiiIh in the
Htates of California, Oregon, Nevada and
WatihinKton Territory,', an extended to all
the I'ulilic Laud Htule by uct ol Au. trust 4,
IKVi. Juliua C. Burke, of Molulla, county of
Cluekamaa, Btate of UreKon. has thin dnjr
hied in tbia otlice his avorn atatument No.
.Wl, for the purchase of lxta i, 3 and 4 of
8. ction No. I In Townahip No. "J North,
Knnge No. 6 West, and will oiler proof to
how tliut the laud pouRht in more valuable
for it timber or atone than for Mjjrleiiltnrul
fiurpoaea, and to eatublish hia claim to laid
and before the Remitter and lleceiver of
this otlice at Oregon City on Monday, the
loth day of March, lvi. He riuine aa
Kobeit Louden, of Portland, Ore,
Kdward Burke, ol " "
Kol.eu Oxborne, of " "
Lewis C. Thompson, of " "
Any and all persons elniiniiifr adveraely
the above described lands are requested to
tile their claims in this otlice on or iH'lore
oid;iirth duy of March 1 ''.:.
C1IA8. 11. MOOKES,
i.yiug ana neini; in a-lil
Orenon, and p-irticuln-ly riei
Inirthe N' W of section H,
W'Mamette Meridian, contal
in ritiniunnce of an order of the Countr
Court or the state ol Oretron, for W ashing
ton county, Uref on, made and entered on
May SI, 1Mb, aumorizing and directini; the
administrator with the will annexed of
the entate of Samuel C. rinider, deceas
ed, to sell, at private sale, certain r. al es
tate belonging; to the estate of said deem
ed, the umierslKiird administrator as afore
said, will, from aud after January :V TJ,
proceed to sell, at private ale the fol, ow
ing deacril cd tra'l of real r-tntu, to-wit :
I.yiug and being in N a-linigtoii county.
aescrineu as te-
t 2 n r
taiuinz I'iOacruK.
Terms of bale: One third of nur. In.nc
price, caxh in hand, one-third payable in 1
year, and the remainder in 2 year from
date of stile, deferred paynicntu to lit i.r
per cent interest and in be secured by
mortgage on premise sold, All pay muntii
to be m U. 8. Oold Coin.
l)utel at Hillstx'ro. Ureiron. this tilth
any oi ucceniDer, oi.
J. v. coi:ey
Administrator with the will annexed ot
the estate of Samuel C. Knidrr, decras d.
Hen ton Itowman, ol Xi
Atty for Administrator.
Xotir ot Final Meltlcmrnt.
Notice is hereby given that, the nnderan-n-
ed, administrator ol the estate of K,her V
uardner, d d. navel ie'l my tinalacr inn.
as Lxecntrix of the KsiaM in the lounie
Court of Washington County Oregon a'ld
that siid Court has set Monday, l)(c tuh
1! Wl at 10 o'clock A. M. as the time a:id
the Couiuy Court room as the place for
hearing objections to said account and
the final settlement of said Kstale.
Dated at Hillsborn. Ore., this Tih div of
luveiiiner, iwi,
Administrator of the estaid of Esther V
Uardner, deceased.
If you b aren't r. e'ilir, inl(hy movement of ttM
bowola etr -!-. ii' in or b.-. Kojj joul
bowlA orvn, kiit rf wi ll. K'.rr, in (hv ktiapeof via-It-nt
ptiycic r 1'iil ixii.v iii, H iluitet'-rxuc 1 itv etnofith
ct. anU'ot, moot p rlt-oi wajf ul kvtrplnij tLt twwrl.
- E "vT'vJ Wif
3 ssj ata "ss.a ix zzk L'f.Tf " t
Ate-1 -
L . M
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mm, mb
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V t
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SJ"Tliis Koi.u
Scfnio Atti
tl; .
(i';r "C
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11:. t
i 1 i.t.;t;er ore,
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hiia the H.iraiilvt
i.tioiia on i'arlji.
Landing ami Olli o :
l'otti ! I.i.i. (
iu::Ti. .i,
Koit A I lor Sin-it.
, .Mam
e tlic coi;ii.ip:i c.i
c;:;:si;in;;t!un, ynv
i-s ci:-y t' fjt-t ri ! ot" that
:s i.t kfcj tn couyhinj;:'
tvciy ii.iy in tlic week.
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. : o r- , uv i.arK . e.- iim!i,o ail l-i;.' .VcJ.i-lm-, i r: . I that mi,:ii n,. ati.m
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cury e,u Ik- loo.hl in euM Alt ot!.. ih itoU',, nartoti.-s or meieurv. D .,y it if
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n.-. en with ..ne l ox ,,. eri;s. OvHr 10,0.1!)
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1G.S.) with a rebate of 11.00.
J0I1X M. II I.I ('()', net The Dalles
A. J. TAYLIM!, i-gt Astoria.
J. V1 ATI , it Vuni onver,
WOU OJ'.I) i HVKI'S, iter's WfcUe
riuiiM it & i:,tu.M:s, bkIh n.xi
t. V. I KK inO, aKt I'ortlan I
m in i in'i i
yf ir nr iw Mm ion
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down the wcli woman, anil the children
re never in her a- Put when the
wmmnly heai'li f"ails,'ai:rl there i a con
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"I h.' hr-r-n ai'lnir ei.te tun ?, tr nT.tf wllli
frmiii weuknt f "til,- m, u-m ri !ohnin
cf A Che-t r t. . fy t5v,-rv m.:ih I
w il.l hi - I".. ,,n mv l,rV I trv.1 i,viny
Ultfrtill nirilii irw t,i,,1 ii,,tl-,n : rive tt luf
antll I N.,11 Iir Vtrcr ine.!iVine njrg two
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hsveeuir.1 rre Vii I l,-nn v mr t'tntmrnt
1 w.i ru .,l, In -1,. vriv noi. ii. 1 mi y,w T A.i
thr "o't f.,r mi fainiiv ..f nine nl reel ltler
tonv tl, I !,. i,.t , v,. t ,(,, ,.,.
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They interviewed scores of the cured mid
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cians to name chronic, incurable cases,
and administered it with the physician
forjudges. Up to Xug. 25, eighty-seven
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There being but thirteen per cent ol
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closed the transaction. 1 he proceedings
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clinical reportof the test cases were pub
lished and will be mailed free on applica
tion. Address John J. Kclto Com
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We Pi r Ono
f,,- oa' o
i 11 e.l 5r lla'l
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We. 1 he lir.rie;
( henev ?or lie
JioiY ThU!
i iru i.t'o 1 Iicila-s llewari
o. lain ii mat tan noi l
f, I .,- .1 : l (,! r
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ioletlo. ).
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He. Sc. Id by a l 1
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. ' iie:l': ileriln"y,
..' l .1 id ii:i.co.'u
1 . per L'H.
Jos. '1 e-l UK-ilia a
l. F.
St. Charles Hotel
Kront and Morrison SlrceK I'ortlninl Oregon.
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130 Kooiiis itt 25 lu 50c, Suites, 75, tu 1. (.uU l'otunriit
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'I 111
yo t;
ii;.; k- I , ,hi i
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ntlce of Final Mettlement.
Xjtice is herebv given that the under
siKiied h is tiirl ms finiil account in the
C umy Court ol the htnleof Oregon lor
W'ashinuton t'ounty and that said Court
has set Monday, the ith day cf
rebrunny. 1. !, at 10 o'elock in the fori
noon of said day as the time and the
County Court room as the place for hear
ing objections to laid Account and the
tint1 settlement of said estate.
Liate.l Iec 17. l!'l.
Administrator de boins-iion of the estate
of U. C. Itayniond, deceased. 31 ii
It Cll"t.
and giv
In i' :s c;y
I'KIC K 25 Cs
.-iv ii-ii
' i ts. i.o. I isi Oil
Ori" of ii;e
nei v weakne-
e er
Ni rv s ie,'
Delta Drii SStnv
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i ,n r raacisco, Liff ri ' liltu
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j, to the vadt sv.m i f talf.
i prevails ,n tlii inter"
j , ahonreU in care! .In
i i j ra ti.-sl advii und I.
ll:''rits of wiislorn :t,i I ;
l.elplt.l IxHlliH Ol,
incl is t'.ai i n
ly I 'i . syiT ol
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iy ". tx-ru-.ii .
plication oi its i ri
, iK'f . i. I ! e ,rt ! .i
I li.tr nr n.n sufii
niip ilriniil,"
I he I. sik is li.rn. 1 .
'lie of lli m.n,l ii
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