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Eutorad in tba ptatofflea at HUUboro, Or
a Mooua-cittna
mail uuitur.
Biibacrijition, in advance, per year, 1.50.
D.M.C. UAL'LT, Editor.
ttmciAL PAPKKor nitc tin
FiiiD.vv, :;uvi:mbkk a, istw.
oik roissius.
We occasionally hear lectures
which approach scoldings touching
the Inefficiency of our consular ays-
tem. Our "wimt men" Ions' for the
life tenure Hystein of England,
"brought to itn present proficieucy by
civil nervlee Helection, and o&clare
that 'ue wysteoj of appointing by poli
tical favoritism is destructive to the
usefulness of the service. There is
anothof Hide to the story however.
Consuls in the employ of the United
Htatutt are taken from industrial and
commercial pcrauita and being cliai -
ted periodically do not have time to
become slut gish as do the English
officials who have a ift'e tenure Hyp.
tern to keep them in office.
On thin topic Feilden'a magazine,
an English publication, writes lumen
menting the inadequacy ot the
Uritish Consul H"ports which are
issued without notice at uncertain in
tervals, and wh'ch are mostly pre.
pared by meA who have not had the
advantage of any commercial ezper
ience. The reorts are aold and with
few exrptions are quite useless either
in Incempetency of the authors or
from the great"delay in their publi
cation, rendering the information out
of date. Of late, Instead of giving in
formation which niglit ponoihly be
of value they consist, for the moat
1 Art of reproving homilies addressed
to British manufacturers on the suh-
jtt;t of their failings. A properly or
MtaMHi couiint-rciai petition is now a
paJaTawity to the government of a
aamiufkctuving country. This is
ftoayn hy both Germany and the
Uisitcl 8 tat whV) consular nrvice
m tucAl ifl-ts is very siH'io. The
4.itoifan aoivtritr MpirtM are iul
iMif ta iit to tu ii'irpt rs
lw ill tfs thni.
VOL 1 11 t'.l L' Via i 111 HI TluS.
IU-v I 'hi me r mho appear to be the
leader of the political prohibition
movement lu Oregon, a few days ago
la a meeting in I'ortland stated that
there U a movement on fuot to en
role 1,000,000 voters turuout the
United Htatea who would pledge
themselves to vote for prohibition
and suppression of liquor. When
thia milliou vote had been secured,
the old political parties will be ap
proached and requeoted to put in a
prohibition plank in their platforms.
If the parlies refuse to make the con
cessions the army of temperance
upKitera will form a new parly and
enter the ncxt.presidcntial campaign
on their own responsibility.
The manner of delivery as welt as
the words wem to convey a threat
but it will hardly freightcn the old
campaigners. Even tho a new party
be organized with a million voters,!
success could not te expected. At
the last election, in round numbers,
McKlnley received 7,000,000 and
Bryan G.OOOmh) votes. The new
party would doubtless draw equally
from the large parties and would not
disturb their relative standing. Hut
supiKme the whole million were,
taken from the republicans, success
would not be with tho piohis, but
with the democrats. The truth of
the matter is no great political
party crib be formed with a single
idea for a K)lity. A single sumptu
ary law is of no account. The old
free soil party is an example in point.
Ml a very was a national blot but the
abolitionists never succeeded in elect
ing a president or a congress. It wa's
only when the republican party was
formed with a. platform opposing
slavory, favoring extending the au-
1 lit' STi I K PKt.Vi.
Those who condemn the adminis
tration's policy Id dealing with the
1'hilippine Islands, persistently ig-
uure tue most ialibie facts. The
most important of these evaded
truths Is that the acmiuistmUou has
no policy at present and cau right
fully have uout except to carry put
tlie direct and implied instructions 01
There are laws that govern natiow-;
thee are conditions Imposed by 'cus
tom that governments cannot ignora.
Spain's sovereignty In the l'hilippir.
es had been acknowledged by the
civilized world for four huudied
yeira. The transfer of that sover
eignly to the United .States by the
Paris treaty was unmistakably legal
and was acknowledged, by cuncrei
in ratifying the treaty. The one
duty for the president, therefore, un
til congress directs otherwise, is to
maintain the authority of this coun
try in the 1'hilippiues and compel
resect for our Hag. Astorian.
Nil hlllt FN N.!L,fc.
What has become oi the old fash
loued "Wind Jammer" who stood
around on the street corners and pre
dieted all kinds of financial disaster
if McKlnley should be elected presi
dent? 1'laindealer.
What benefits any one section will
benefit the whole slate, and what
benefits the state will benefit the
whole west, and what bene Ota the
west will benefit Ui'ntire country
the eastern oppositionist to the con
trarv notwithstanding. The more
development and industry In tha
west the juore suppliua will t re-
ouired from the east in thellino of
manufactures, while at the mmt
tPfeat al 47 (tts. It orrh to li
6T Mt ana voald1 l but t hi (-
WtaMt Ummtqpt, now .Aillii,
TVW at) Is a tfuxl I'mm. A I tony
Ami favijht will always If high
ntil tMwIs can ciane here loadad
Vith gosls of some kind for the
jaopaa of this country. As they
Jtm mow carry freight bur one Wty,
tswy coM0lld to cname nWiy
4sbJ4c their formew pri!. ft!
AsavOr totorrtalvnt.
Hft free tradfe organ, can't you
that 'fir expert trade has sn in
awl aimw'tfca) Mublicftra dkiaa
iactt) DW that tbrre Is a suarcirr of
and fatht Uiatwe ue po
Aa.'lilC aifiiana about all that W
ixmrm Mil tinra it nothing to
htiajria. XtM K)1(t mt mnktm t
Kxwd P fiitiyu. AnJ aing thaae
onu lM.ut.1 out of tUu irrtnt ( utirt of
the Stale of Ore on. for vt aalitMKtoii t 'oiin.
tv. lu I'uvorol HilUb.ro Co-0s raiive ( om
nunv uixl aitainnt II. it. llt-mlnx lor lliu
Hijiuot f J.'-olM witti interest liu'reon stut-e
July lh, ls , at the rule ot S per cent 'er
annum an. i ;or Ilie lurtlur nuiu of II' a U
L. S. uottl roin, w til lutervMt thereon Iroiu
July 1 . lsii, uj. the rale of 10 per cent per
Ainu uu execution Ian lie J out ot tlie ('li
mit I ourt of tlie fitat ot HreKon, fur
Wu.-hinton County, in lavir of TJie
Newton a!oii ( oinuuy, corH.r.itiiui
mul uaaniKl H, II. llemtnx Hini .. J. Hen
Irn loV'the MUiu ol fl.'.io roaU, wi h iut
rrent therj-ou lroiu July 1M, If. I, at the
rate of a percent er uiiuuiu. ami iwi eeutw
aecruiuc coi-i. aiul tiie lurtlier huui i.f
7'.'.ol', S. Kohl coin, Willi uilcrcot then--
on muie July M, 1'I, ut the rule ol lu per
cel.l pe uiinuin.
ANo nu execution iiuel out of the
county Court of the Mate ol I irenn. loi
for a.ihinirton County, in favor I Win.
Corbclt, lloliahl Maci-ay utnt keliueltl
Macl-iiv. iartncn iloin,' tniMiienn uinl
the hrn. nauiH of CorU-tt ,V Miu-I.eay ainl
aKainnt It, 11. Ileinlrii unit . J. llm.lri
for the Hum f .i..;i I!, h. k hi coiu.mu,
intercbt lhertM.ui at the rule tf lu per rent
iter aiuiuui from the Ittli it y of movent.
it, is!, huiI lor tha 4'oih u.nl expeuie3
f iule un I of said rils.
Now therefore by virtueaiul in piirHUunre
of rilicl juilKiiient'i, 1 will on Sal nr. lay. the
llth ilav of November, IH'.fS, ut the s. u l li
iloor nf the court Uoune ill llillnboro
, Vt ar-liilu.'tun County, Oienon, at the hour
i of IU o'clock a in. of nan! day hell it
I puiihc miction .o the highest buhler li r
cuu tue oiiuu'tn ueHcriuiii real property
to-wit :
I.ViiiK, Ifiufi "mt ailuute within Wah
rtR:loii i ouiuy. Oregon, ami IhiiiiiiIciI anil
uccrilHMt hm follows, to-wit: l'cKinuiui;
at a point UU i-hs cunt of tlut wavi't
corner of ihe iloliation tsiul claim of It, tj.
lucker uilll wife in rfcctioii :-.l township I
north, rune 3 west. Will. Xler. ami riiu
ni n.' thence muitli 4-1 7 elm lo ha.te I no,
tluncu vast uIoiik base line :t.M!i chs to
juncnon with 'entprville on I Cornelius
Coun'y roml, thence n. rth 4..7r ch iiIoiik
ccnterol Maid road to north line of ku
Tucker donati n laiul claim mid lluvice
west ;tt.iiU cha to phw-e of tH'innin, cim
tniuiii; one hundred and fo) y iuti; , more
or leu, to HuliHt'y the h reinheloro naiurd
suiiih, and lor tlie eiipls and expenhe. ol
suid nale.
haul property will be not I subject to tu
dempti n us per statute of Wre.ou.
Witni'Hi, my baud thia !li day of Oct
olier, lS'.W.
W. D. ItKADl'UliK.
Sheriff of Wunhinpiton county Oio.
Itjr C, K. 1 ku li A N,
21-25 I)cputy.
Tboa. 11. Tonmio and S. H. Huston,
Alton. ty lorlMMiiMs. '
Land Uixici t OtON Vitt. 0.
't. . 1K1KI
141 the followiiiir-numed tattler la tiUnl
notice of bin intention to lunfce tiiial piigl
in support ot bin claim, and that 9. id prool
will tie made before the County 'Jlerk of
Wa.-ihinton County, on Nov. IS, Isif), viz:
ISAAC 11. I) III I t.
II. K. !7:W f r IheS of X Kli and N 14
of H K '4 of iSe U T .1 X K 4 W.
He names the tollo'inir wiliaMxea It
prove bis continuous reKideiub mMmt and
cultivation of tiuid laud, viy:
John U liaili y, of lluxton, Vaxh. Co., Ore.
John l.uiperl ol ttreeni.0 "
Martin Jlark. of " " ".
I.r'edrick Hart " " '
21 filter.
H F. J. Iiwretice, of 435 Fourth
Ave., Detroit, Mich., exchange
editor ou tlie Eitning AVar, says:
"I never really broke dowu while
at Uiis work, but one time I was
la such a condition that my physi
cian said I would have nervous
prostration. I was in a bad way,
my nerves seemed to give out and
I could not sleep. I lost flesh and
had a complication of ailments
which baffled skilful medical treat
ment. "One of my associates recom
mended Dr. Williams' rink Tills
for Tale People and I gave them a
trial. The pills gave me strength
and helped my shattered nerves so
that" I gould get a full night's rest.
Soon after I liegan taking thetn
regularly, the pain ceased, causing
me to feel like a new man."
Jrum Uu i.ntng few, UctrJl Jfie.. t j
Tr. Wllllami' rink Tilli for Tula IVor'
contain, in a rondeiim-d ferity ftll the ele
menu neceHsary toirivencw hie and riclineu
to ih blood and rcntore shattered nerves.
They are an unfading eci!ic forbueh ilis
eiwea aa locomotor ataxia, partial pHrnlviiitf,
iSt. Vitus' daiH'e. wialiea, n-tiraU'ia rlieu
niutimii. nervouM headai'lie, the nlter-eHecu of
la irrippe, palpitation of the heart, pale and
atilliiMT complexions, kM forma ol weukln
either in inale or feuiule.
Or. Willlasn' Ptali Pills ler Pals Peplsfssssr
old by the doien orhundrsd. but sloaa In pact
soss. At all dmoqists. or direct tram Ins Or. bv il
liams Medieina Compsnv. SchsnecUdf. N. Y . 60
csats psr box, boxes I Z.&O.
- -. " X
nil n 1 1 li I ! M h S3?! P
E -
) CTT? v pi nwr:
f Draws lighter tlirtn a W.ilkino l'i'iw. Is the la-st Sulky injl.r
world. "
h f f - m f. m 1 1 -
I Have Mdvcd
Into the Odd Fellow'
ing', corner of Main and
in all lines. No second hand or
shoddy goods. Prices low
Mi( i liaaa-fiv uivon tlia tlis iiaTitaa'
il'iisiI haa toan npinuiloj cschVi of
Hie of Kli.ls4ith Kraatb, lUisi,, 1
tlaCountr Court of the lasa el in
for asluntf tavo count. All fcr .-n 3 liav
IHKCludini awaiAflt aawd ailate safe .11110k-
ul to pft'st tlia name rn trie innlc: 'ii'ncd
iHini lamiillanfMiu ths dala lil'rsof.
laHhany, lire, Vot. 27, IS'..
MlilWl IW l
kiuli of the Mdi 1 Cli.alilli
la -'J
Vice-Prasjdant Hobaf t is rerurttd aauch ta.tf, and iLktly to liv
for some tisfte. Exclusive of Presidents Lincoln ami r.a,WI14
fcjfciiala,iHi not 8PtisInM L n. tVL,n nt,,i.nt. 1lav. ; n(r
i - ..l. 1 r 1 - - , , - 1 ...v. nuiMoi nnn
vwaaaawiM hiiiwkim fl ply, ,1 , , .. . .. .
Btkwiait i mma.klBMail in ik J ll,tIljon aml iacnilrv layior, vmiia iour vict -prtsiuenta have died of
Wild old lira htfasQ the issa.e of u,!ah I:loIC Tn eon.pLutiou o. uicir term, nioruife wtrry, ot Mass-
tlia MeKlnley bill or the Dinirl. bill, acnuseus. eieciea vice-prasiuani in 1012, aisa in omct in iiV whila en
llily dhine to Portend and duniird h,s way to " Kington, aged 70 year; W illiaa U. King, electa.! vie
rnd Aral iiavei on the atriad. This presidtnt in 1852, died in I853, aged 67; Henry Wilsvn, lctad vic
Is aot th flint time that ships have president in 1872, died in 1875, agtd 63; Thos. A. Hendricks, alactad ic
ttaibt thia way in ll!ast.
president in 1884, died in 1885, aged 66.
Ik kH hwin said tir a long lime
tteMw Dutch haae Uen Holland,
l)atifi)W laia lio some of th
Xnflish ro to li included. At Lady
Mith last Monday a battle oeeured
kt'n the British and ho lloers.
Tli English artillery mules stam
pintail and the Iltx-rs raptartd two
ttrtariitfl of the English, 2000
Kldlllitit progress ia making by
army in the rhllippinra. Not
I revir has come to our trooiKt.
Ji even has a witing party lieen
"palld. Our cavalry is a surprise
In the insurgeauK The island of
inferos has a betrfr government than
alver before. .The robot bands have
not been utder so gixnl itfiutn)! for
2D yrs.
The report is current here that the
asweasaient of property Wi Multnomah
county for lh!M m rml.j,i,iO,uiii
less than it Mas iu isns. It was
anown mat me valuation would I
lesf, but no one supposed the shririk.
Bge would be so great. No jvonder
that county was anxious for the re
peal of yie.&w creating sfhte boad
..r y u..l .
vi iiiuniiAauou. mere is no onwi
now to supervise the worker that
thority of congress over the territor
ies, fornaulatin a revenue policy,
favoripg a homesteail law. all mat
ters looking to the administration pf
a complete government, that success
came to that organization. The pro-
Ids have but one idea spirituous
liquors must not le sold while on
every other policy I government
they aro at crows purposes. Tetotalism
Is a good and proper thing hut some
thjiig nore is required for building
a sucgowful jHilitical party which is
to lie chargetl with the administra
tion of government.
There is anotherhandicRp that the
tirohis have to carry. In the forma
tion ol a new party which at any
time gives promise of of success, (here
are accretions of the sordid element
from the weaker of the ol' parties,
and this element soon dominates the
fresh organization. An example is
the late people's party. For a time
it seeled to some to be the coming
fatrty. The weaker democratic
party used fused with it, imUvjduol
member fiix'kr I to Its standard till
democrats predominated and car
ried all their old party resolutions
ami methods of woiking touthu pop
fttNts so that it no longer bud apy
standing as a new f'srty.
"Mie temeranct reformers have a
great and noble work in hand, but
the self aplHilntetl .leaders car not
time the. vill nn.'maM 1 Jbi)
tome wriPnl vw(iily J1 0 i
own aoricamurai f arnfk'IKH. I Ires (
City Enterprise
Thawhts laM uraaiyn,
mom r.iu. nrl vinrlk tia iilifi(
ttto campaign than is ao- Nil jr
conducted In aVenlta-ky. When
mn life uoebel Is put up f tiber
natoriaj iionoaw, the rrvuffim T 1
ste is li in feiajheil in the lal
anew. u. rg l Is Mlitical (iminsl
from almost every siint fif viaw, and
isryan liss gone into Kenluely t
support him. We had understood
wist urynn was the cbampitia of pun?
and undtnled politics. Somelndy
must nave tx'n mistaken. Ne'lrrg
Mr. Palmer se-ms toe
now jSsiiw.
Last Monday the Iloers managetl
to lead a brigade of British tfoops In L.i (U1 , .-.T...i
aueh iNMltlon that It had to surrender hHve fetched ami which
mi anow us two regiments to be
carried away as prisioners of war to
Pretoria. It is said IhSPthe detach-
mem was maaing a night march to ( William Mason of Illinois wants
place of supposed advantage when ,0 vupy a seat In Ihe United Ssta'tes
senate he had U tUr hold on to it
. a
now that he has It. The senator
threatens to resign if the republican
party neglects or refuses to sustain
his Philippine policy. The republi
can party must choose betwoi n sefiil
lor Mtk-on and the administration.
L t's see.
ihe l-iliplnos display a fatal lst
of diplomatic tliscernment. w hen, for
a goodly sum of gold, they stake an
luier to piay qUis( i poumpy
where every school boy Is brought
up on ".Millions for defense but co
one cent for tribute." Graphic.
Aguiualdo evidently has contract-
a. . . .
etrthe AAierkan habit of RiCing
longingly for the eleebjon returns.
a Iltr. scout rolled a boulder down
his wiiii'K-Inss. "Never That rnded (he mule
rtlllery. The
Is of the
bsnliiti lv certain of. o
'f&iA r...rtcd" fellow. " was Dnr
rent's incntnl nots as h ils. rvsl tho
ebvions einriarrnasincnt of tho man.
"Hi's not used to telling hi, hit it's
"Sis-n Astny MiuiltaJ Uwlyt" he
"He's abroad, is he not t"
'So they aay."
"Uood heavens, air I" axclaimsd Ar-
a ht aa long
' nd I hen
of p.' com
him 1 the
was t
a form
neM; a
ever rax
to act,
It was Plait of New York
who resigned once because he thot
the administration needed rebuking?)
Piatt has never been a member oof
the senate siree.
"The president of the United States
a a .
01 America, some 7.1,000 Ms) strong,
iirtsi-xatsi the usual Thanksgiving
Proclamation, which contains tlie
usual amount of cant amMncliicerity.
It is simply a formality, which only
a few people take serioudy." The
alwve Is from the East Ongnnin,
and the assertion is ventured :hat
,bad President fi'Kinley neglected In
Issue the proclamation the Est On -gonian
would have been one of the
nsi 10 111 attention to the fact and
be rate the president for "failing to
do his duty."
Ciiajfrt trdttit tot
With local implications, 11 thry ennnot
each Ihe si-iit of she dist-ase. C'altrrrli is
hlood or coiiHtitiSional diMetiMC, and 111 or
dir to cure it you inimt t.-av-internal reui'
rflirx. itanrs 1'iAarra Cuw tiMi atler.
nallv, unit acts directly on the hlood and
lnmaas surlat-es. Hall's Catarrh Cure
not a miacl medicine. It was iircScrilH'
hy one of ihe la-st pli ificiuns in this conn
try for years, and as a regular aeiicrr)iioii
It ia composed of the het tonics known
couhinedr With the hct hlood puritiers, net
inir direc.ly on tfte niucoiiH nurfaccs.o 'the
ttcrfect comhination ol the two inured cut
is wl'iit p:nduccs sui'li woudertul rcsul
in curi ir C'lSarrh, bend for tia:t:iiouials
dilress, F.J. THENEY .Co.,T lailo.O
bord hy liruRihi. o.
Mall's Family l'itfwl ilia laajt.
fcOka tatt Bt f XXT
coiil'Ii ill iiiiv lime, and nil! cur the
aorst cold in tvelvn hours, or inoaas tc
fiimliHl. 2faaid 11O ciafc) : Ialtl JWuat
is tore.
Land OsricS at Oajaoos CiTr, (Wsoo.
Ocioher, l. sa
V OTK'K I1IIMT (ilTI W, Ii r
if 1 he folio ilia named fattier has lihal
notice 1 f his intention to mats linal proof
in Htipimrt ol i chum, ani ths. paid
prool w ill he maj!c before litmvetcr and las
ceiver at Ortaon fits, on Kv.2-, laf'e.a:
TiKiMs Mcr,i;j.,
II E. 11021 for ttK S i of s 10 T
N It 4 W .
He names the follow in 1' aifiiesaa sVi
prove his continuoiiH rcsi a at noon and
cultiviittoSif suidv-iid, vie:
lolin I. lie n... ot Ilu.vMn ''re
Frank l. Kief, of
Kols-rt ilnplont of " "
Aiiani riimpon, o o
1 iia . m
x E i itC?w tynxJ.
is licrctiy Kivcn tliatI, tlie
idursiisned, Tiave tMcn aiisinft-il vxw
utorof the estate of William Wilvm
deccamMl hy the County Court of WiihIi-
initton t ouiity tireiron and have uiilv
qualified as nu ll ricctitor :
All persms liaving claims air. 11 net Said
estate are liereliy reiieHteii and required
to pre-ent mem 10 the un1eriniie. at Ihe
law ollice of V. N. llirrett in llillslsiro.
reiron, within six months from the date
Ilillxbom, Un-Ron, i'ta)lHr II, IS'JU.
. li. : I' A 1ISTFVS
Eltlltor o( Ihe e-tate of William
Wilson, ileiil.
TU fu-
Xotlcc of 'inMl'rWtilctueniJ
Notice is herr-hv eiven that the timler.
1 1 ,:i .1 ... .
eia'ni imi nieii ins iinai account as ad
ministratrix of the estate of K.,1 vrn r,l
v onsiaoie, ueceaneii in the count mnrt
of the state of ( nvon, for WshitiKton
county, ami that said court has sps)intcd
Monday the rth ilar of Nov. I.v.st, at 10
o'clock in theTorenoon of said diry ai the
time lor hearing objections to am'h final
account, and for Ihe eetilen-.rat t'lerrof.
A '':iii'?n,rix of thfl estate of Flwartl
Constable, deceased, 2X1-21
Furniture Dealer.
PRasioa .
St. Charles Hotel
Front and Morrison Streets, Portland Oregon.
Electric Lights, Electric Hells and HyilraiiHc Elevator.
lo tMiiis at -.' lo 0c, SaiteR. to 1. tiood Keslannu.t
Give us a call,
ItKLCIIKIS, aVsmnsors.
OMEN do suffer!
Even so-called healthy women suffer!
Hut they are not healthy!
The minks left by pain are on the young faces of many of onr
fiaughters. Pain that leaves its mark comes from a curablo
cause, it that cause is not removed its
influence reaches out and overshadows a
whole life. The reason Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound has been so uni
formly successful for over a quarter of a
century in overcoming the suffering of
women, is that it is thorough and goes
directly to the cause. It is a woman's
remedy for woman s ills.
Miss Emily F. Haas, of 148 Freeman
t. Green Ei-rt Rrrwdilirn N V orrite. iRiOi f fi --V
' ' . '' . . 'itvfiee- '
UUK 11KS. I -1NKHAM 1 Wlsn lO ini ' :?
atlate that I used your Vegetable Com
pound with the greatest success. I
Was very sick for nearly a year with
hysteria, was down-hearted and
ws; also suffered with painful
menstruation and pain in back and
limbs. I often wished for death,
thinking nothing would cure me. I
Dad doctors, but their medicines did
me no good. At last, by the advice
of A friend, I bacan to take Lydia E.
finXham's Vegetable Compound,
and I am happy to say it has entire
ly cured me. o
Jenwif. Sit frman, of Fremont, .
Rich., Box 748, writes:
"Deak Mrs. Pinkham : I feci
lat I must write you and tell
Jou.i;,fhat your medicine has
done for me. I had neuralgia
of the stomach for two years,
so bad that I could not do any
work. 1 hi.d two or three doc-
but did not seem to get any bet
I began taking Lydia E. Pink-
ham's Vegetable Compound and Lur
Pills and improved from" the first, had
better appetite, and after taking tht se bottles of Componnd
and one box of Liver Pills, can say that I am cured. Your
Vegetable Compound is a wonderful medicine."
flflPlS'l' TO
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Iloth fu 1 row wIklIs ;trc under i-oitrT of vi IVam is
to tlie fianic at two points. It lias iivklilmg cnmici liov 1
tlio furrow wheels. I'ottnm sftlachctl to thclK'.iiu, i
frame. I'ottoni i.i so it rfic lcvikd liom'poitit to hi. I
lilt to assist in raisj the plow. Loose pole makes n i
on horses' neJ. Angled v. heels'takiiiif pressure from 1 .
It will tv.vu a sipiar conirr ta ni'lit or Kit. Relieves
sti'iiy or .sttiinjiy ground. oWill oih ii land as 'desired.
point first and etiteis point lirst.
o .
Also made in gang plojf with two I i or 14 inch laittoitis,
all tlie;.'Hlvantai;es claimed f. r the Sulky.
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itself in
Lilt; out
- Send for Orcidar
A.sk V. II. Council or V. II. Worelaud, llillsboro, al.out tlnse
plows; they weie judges at the recent exhibition given on the farm nf
K. J. Williams, 1 mile Kast of Ilalslajiro, where one man pulled tin
Triumph Sulky, cutting and tunrrg a full sied furrow, 01 John Kanm.i
of h'ariniugton, he palled the Plow and is fiic happy owner ol one.
The result of the test showed tli;t the Triumph Sully cutting :x
furrow 6x if inches would draw 15 1 pnds lighter than a walking plow
cutting the same furrow.
First and Taijlor Streets
a n
The Acadcm:) prepares for College, and0 nices
a thorough KiiHlish Kducation, llie best pre
paration for teachinit or business All ex
penses cenj loir. Hoard and rooms at the
Ladies' Hall $;i to $1 per iceeh, includina
electric light and heat
Under experienced management,
nish rooms and board nt cosh nn
not to exceed Si. B0
o -
20, ISD9.
For full particulars, address
pkksi!)kt McClelland,
Forest. Tirocr, Oregon
ijMiijro Pharmacy
l'ure fresh drugs, Dru.shes, rainjs, Oils? Siningcs and all DrupgH
Sundries, Fine first cl.-tsj cutlery a specialty.
wrffffr J'are In ('nnaiidlnic I'rfacrlptlon.
Orcpon Kidney
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and c 1 1 ft it Mi n.
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Wimlom'n lUitxTtine corrtt Is all
litem i.itieii of tho fiir. and makes a
licautifut complexion. Ielta Irug
uy where
you can .
buy cheapest.
Tim n-.Mils from u liH tins
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court, 'Oils treatment Jm! low pieest
J'uper of all grades, n, oidetTqo
larirt; or too small.
rfiTlsboro, Ore.