Hillsboro independent. (Hillsboro, Washington County, Or.) 189?-1932, October 27, 1899, Image 4

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    THE lW (jUEEN.
CCopyrtjrht, tSM, by American Prep Ajw-
(outinueil from FlrttJ'tiyr.
or dees it net T Ha I You're lanKliinK
Never mind. Yon buvt-n't K"t the ritfbt
lifht on it Come tonight and see it,
and yon'd swear it Was the genuine ar
ticle. One hundred tons. Daylight does
not anil anr of tin. Now, look at mi'.
ybat lo J 1 ' i: 1i, eh? See uie to-
night I 1 i tr h in. Hi, and lovely a
the rising nan. Look at tbe heroine
Alil line's a pretty girl anyway, iSn't
she ltnt she 11 look if goddess, a Ir
lect ifodiltws of 21, tonight. A It 1
"Now, Arthnr, don't tell any sto
ries, "a very pretty rfirl standing by
the malinger exclaimed, putting her
hand over bia month. "He's always
talking nonsense," she continued, iu
an explanatory way, to Herbert Dar
"My wife, str," Ridgeway continued,
releasing the hundred ton hammer,
which descended with a dead wooden
thud, and, putting his asm rnnnd the
girl, "one of the beat, one of the very
best, and the prettiest .little heroine cn
the atage. "
Darrent shook hand with the lady
nd paid her an finny little compliment
that ruined her color and canoed her
husband to beam npon them both.
Look at that, air look at it I" he
(claimed delightedly. "Thertva love
. ly little innocent bln,hTor you! And
yet yon '11 find people who say a woman
"Atl itavt ynt ever that tnlft be
orer fdyor-tH how to blnsh directly she (joes
m the stage. Huns it, lir, they onaJit
D be hor)whipffd, add I'd lijfe to have
that doing of it I Now, excuse me jnHt
one minnte more mnst go th.ronj.rh a
little st'ne and then I'm yonrs. By
the y, " he con tinned sr.xionsly, "yon
Hon't Want to go on the stage, do yon?
Don't aay yon do; shouldn't like to re
ins yon. I like tha. took of yon, bnt I'm
full full."
DTirrent shook ki head laughingly,
Tad the manager, much relieved, bus
tled across the stage and rushed into re
hearsal of the Attle scene.
"A good hearted fellow," waa the
way Herbert Darrent nmuud np the
second relation of Josiah Marsden and
fell into a reverie about the Bint rela
tion he had 'met and why nature had
ever found it worth her while to create
Inch a colossal idiot. Or the idea al
ways came to him Vas the man aa big
a fool us he protended to or some
thing more cf a rrarueT
His ruminations were interrupted and
ate was brought back to the world again
by finding Mr. Ridgewy standing be
dre him, wildly brushing hia hand
through hia hair and looting the very
jfcture of farcical despair.
"ifehold her. fcehold hdrt" the man
ajajar excitedly shoats-d, saving his
ariad tovard hia 411. " w"ht dn she
Darren thought tn himlf that she
fcf sal lae 'hut she a v.wy bright
yonng girl, but he ut nt even given
Mm to express his opiniifti.
"Do she look broken hearted and
starving! Not a hit, not a bit like it.
I've gone throngh this scene dozens of
times, and she won't look inlii'Hlte I
dsn't fr'lieve she can, bless her heart I"
"Go on, go on. Enter Jamea Hardy.
He's the villain of the piece," he ex
plained to Darrent. "Sqnire Hardy, in
kve with the villa maiden ; good old
crnstrd melodrama. Bnt won't it go?
on't the public hoot hiinl Ah!" and
the energetic manner rushed across
the stge again. "It won't do, I tell
you. Yon say 'Yon 're in my power!'
aH if you t ere luting the time Hie ne
Sa4iS stilted hir Chicago. nt ie
lile into It. No, then, m d4r, Jrih
worn him. I tuow he's ai't bar) M-
actually, bnt tlit's not lis ckstr-
ctr in the i"iy. Tbat't ll'tter. Ko
wait $ minnte. 'You're in my piwer'
yen that's all right. Hhrinf thea
V lit" kiiri. Kow go tw 'If I
east HI ae him oace moae, I conld Re
ciMtaak' rht's maht. Enter Hardy.;
aaw, 'im my. pl)r' atitl !i.: 1
aan l(tl ho Nte met' Ah, vif
Mil I enter; tarnrrw. . Ihajt't aU
tghtt o. do it like tlt ti.nwtht.
The little (fetie f eiaenly sjM1
A Mr. Ridgewsy's satiaAiction, nl la
walked over to Herbert ITmnt. "Wo,
air, I am yonrs to command."
The detective, ever a qnicfc jnd car
character, had lor.g since arrived at the
conclusion that the be way to deal
with Mr. Ridgeway was to come to the
4Xiint at once Hnd. having taken a seat
ig that gentlcniHsVa Ivm and accepted
a glass of wine that was getieronsly
pressed upon him, he placed his hand in
hie pocket and. taking ont the spring
knife, laid it upon fce table.
"I am not goiil to attempt to deceive
yon, Mr. Ridgeway, " ho exclaimed. "I
tell yon frankly I am a detective, in
quiring into the ninrderof yonr cousin,
josiah Marsdeu. "
The manager, with his eyea riveted
npon the knife, nodded his head, but
aid nothing.
"When did yo sen Josiah Mnradcn
"Two years ago, wnen He foreclosed
on his mortgage on this theater and
turned me into the streets almost
rained. I was the proprietor then. Now
I'm only fjie manager," Ridgeway re
plied, with suppressed passion in his
voice. "Sever seen him since then and
always prayed I never would in case
f accidants."
"Ah I Have yon ever seen that knife
Ridgeway caught his breath.
"Marsden was murdered witJk:
knife. Do you remember ever sffiig it
, "Never," the ntaiWWr replied, turn
ing his giue from the knife to his own
boots and nervously fingering tne stem
of his wineglass. "Never That Jm
absolutely certain of."
"A R.A-d nrtid fellow," was Dar
rrnt'i mental note as he oWrved the
obvious vmbarr.twtiiient of the man.
"He's not used telling lie b$t it's
Bo nse. "
"S.vn Astray Iarede lately t" he
"No." 9
"He's abroad. Ta he not!"
"So they lay."
"Oood heavena. air I" SxcUlmed.;
tbnr Ridgevrar, jumping to hi feet.
"Yon don't mean to ray yon annprct
biniT It's impossible, iln wouldu't do
it, I'd stake my right hand on it. HoV
a trtiiip, aa white a man aa waa evr
made. "
"And ao U hia friend, Arthnr Kidge
way," Iarri'nt interposed, flapping him
on the back. "There, don't disturb
yourself. If he's Innocent, he'll be able
to prove it rigHt enongh. " And, wring
ing the nian'a hand, Herbert Ourrent
trollod ont of the theater and toward
the railway station.
"Arthnr Ridgeway recognize the
knife and know that Astray Marsden
has returned." be tnnsea. "Very well;
thing are getting closer. Now to aee
whether yonng Marsden ia worthy of
thin man's good opinion or is one of the
biygessconndrels breathing."
dakkevt makeh am aereht.
If Herbert Darrent possessed one fan It
more than another, it was that of being
a little too self confident.
In the profession that he -had chosen
to adopt and of which lie was decidedly
prond he Irtid been phenomenally suc
cesef nl, partly owing to his own per
ceptive faculties and partly, he owned
it himself, to good luck.
Although he was always ready to re
gard hia clews from different points of
view and test them well before he took
decisive action, those cases that he bad
woven ont of single thread in the past
bad always proved his dednctions to be
so correct and well founded that, being
still yonng man, he was sometimes
inclined to be led aay by ideas of his
own infallibility. He was invariably
cautions, uniformly prudent and gener
ally right.
What comfortable feeling for a man
nntil one day the awakening comes,
and comes a little rudely !
In order that Policeman Thompson
shonld gain no real inkling of tl direc
tion in which his thoughts were tend
ing, he had that morning proved to
bim conclusively that the murderer
could be none other than Astrty Mars
den and then, just as clearly fcv
minutes later, that he very probjdhly
was not, and now he smiled quiet
smile of tmnwd st4f satisfctioa at the
perplexity into which he had ton
that worthy officer of the Uv- It vt
a harmless conceit, a little jtie of Das
rent's own, that he had frequently in
dulged in to the amasement of many
whom he baa chanctti to ui4t the
building np of the most1 damning evi
dence from the very slenderest of clets
and then, presto, the demolition of th
whole thing, the crumbling away of
the entire TVbrio as he placed a differ
ent interpretation npon each pive of
evidence, and the whole thing fadi in
to less than nothing!
A harmless sport enongh this in it
self, bnj a dangerous game when the
stake was life or death.
The detective, comfortably ensconced
in a seat of the train for (.'hicaao, was
reading over the notes that he had
made in Regard to the case and now and
again glancing at one or other of the
relics of the murder as he wished to
confirm a point, whistling through hit
teeth the while a chorus frrRi the latejt
comic opera.
It was not that Herb.Tt Darrent was
in himself callous of death or of mnr
der, bnt when one's daily lifa is given
to the constant handling of relics ot
crime they cease to be objects of awe,
lose their grewsome associatiifis and
simply become clews that shall amist
the chase.
The stained knife with hlcsi the
deed was committed would doubt leS
freeze the blood of any favored visitor
when it was added to a detective bu
reau a collection of criminal wet tins.
but to Darrent it formed only one im
portant item in the complicated pnzzle
that he was putting together. He put
it together piece by piece. It seemed to
him to fit too easily. Everything point
M too much in one direction. What to
an ordinarily constituted mind would
have looked so exceedingly simple l)tr
came to Darrent all the more diftlcult
because of that very simplicity.
Every bit of evidence thHt he had col
lected pointed directly to Astray Wars
den as the murderer. There wbs no get
ting away from it, for already the knife
had lieen recognized. Astray was con
demned by every circumstance and,
more strongly than all, by the fetter of
the murdered man, the seined and
crumpled letter that Dobt fi had tried to
Darrent conld hardly keep from half
wishiug that old rtarsden had not left
the paper, llaffit a little lajinoyed that
what promjrtid to be a big mystery,
nif whifi ho conld etercise his till
ents, tKld tnni on tr none aid
tVli. the AiwricM Aat'it ajionlfl tr
yfft flow arovilrae mnraerer, fh
ti tce him htch by inch, lea fccasntl
acquaintance on the ice had told him
aa once ha doae the dd and a
fl under dal rsaiiVl of a ydiceman had
tried to aaavnal Me attMai paper that
accural the ninrflerts.
lo clever (ktctive who had hoped
or a tacigbai sfrein to nnnsavel, which
woalfl add yet anotliitr laurel to the
mny hich he ore, it way annoying,
and when Itirrent arrived in Chicago
tjl fc cb tt haarlqnarters he was
(t U viae tort lss fHsne of mind and
selly roawdi limafclf V a little ill
At 10 o'clocl itajt morninaj Darrent
Aliabt4l from I hanatmi at a corner
near the Ihnl hotel, and V he started
to crJk the' r- tall If xithlack c
coyod him.
"Shins bat
Tte detective halted and slo-ly took
off his glove.
"It's all right," the bootblack, rapidly
continued in an tndertone. "He's still
there. TlieatrM1ast night ; not out
since." And he accepted with becoming
humility the coin which Darrent drop
ped, at a respectful distance into a
very dirty palm.
"Send my card up to Mr. Marsden,"
waa Darrent't instruction to the clerk
at the Royal hotel "and say that I
must see mm at once on important
African business."
Astray Marsden, who aat idling over
his breakfast and skimming the morn
ing pHper, i'l.tiu ed at the card which
the smart page boy brought him and
listened to the message " The Honor
able RuDert Orey. Hum! Don't kno'
the name, and I'm n'itiyis'sTo calls
from ohonorablea. egj!t?niy in this
country. Vervsf; show the gentle
man n
Honorable Rupert Grey," he
nested. "Well, it doesn t matter, aft
er all I suppose I shall soon learn bis
business; bonght a claim ont wiPre,
perhaps. Bnt how in the world does he
know me or that I'm staying here?"
Rising from the table, he stood by
the fire, with his elbow on the mantel
piece and his chin resting in his hand,
awaiting the arrival of his visitor.
Astray Marsden was a fine, well bnilt
and tolerably good looking, half Amer
icanized yonng Englishman, with the
figure of a Hercules, bnt Dame Nature,
in one of the ninny tricks she is so fond
of playing upon her children, had given
him an nttertWeak disposition, which
was betrayed by a glance at hi face
form of strength, a mind itf weak
ness; a g'l fellow, bnt no backbone;
ever ready to pns-rastinate, never ready
act lie was a wan people woukl
tnrn and look Wit (in n the streets. M
he towered above the piicrHuy. The
embodiment of strength without, they
conld not know how weal? ai.d vaeill it
iii l. was tkithiu. He was simply the
outcome of one of nature's little hn
ui'.ih that pievmt moiiotony in th hu
man race.
Herbert Darrent conld scarcely ri;
pnv a start as he entered the room.
Astray Marsden was as he had himself
d'ncribed. as ho had pictured him to
the life oveu to the po-ition in which
he stood, the very position that the de
tective had coju?cd np as hetttiHsHu
the library it The Orange.
It was only another proof of he
wonderful accuracy of his dnctiii '
It really seemed that the man hnd pis
to complete the case which the detect
ive from such tiny clews had woven so
skillfully aronnd bim.
"The Honorable Rupert Oreyf" sr. id
Astray interrogatively.
Darreu shrugged his shonleVrs and.
taking the card from Astray's lr:nd.
quietly toHwcd it behind the tire n he
replied: "Herbert Darrent of the Chi
cago detective bureau. One is obliged
to use an alias sometimes. The enemies
of the force usually do, ao we're level
on that "
The effect of his words cwtainjy sur
prised Darrent, used aa he was to sur
prises nnder siiuilur situations, for tlY
"rw mummnll nmi OriiT" mid A
teuy antorroyxtiscij.
man S3avst to nttarly co11hi rt.e
his eys and Ml back into chuir by
the Astaide, the 4cy gictnso of abject
H4ars sad dtMtaws.
"Rerbiist Davrest, the toctase?"
Affray aasisd.
Darrent n1dKl lis aVasl.
"You hve corns o ! aiet"
Again the detective aLsldetl. He felt
bit j)rrpleHfl. "fflis was different from
aay of his psevious captures, where the
oriminai had either lied or shown fight
and ttemstssl to esj'ajr.
"Tor the murder of my guardian,
'(Siah Atarsf en, eh J" Asray continued,
his toname wetting his parched lips.
"Y4, fbv the murder of Jonah Mhrs
den on 13 at his country home,
whh h he called Tfle Grange, Korcombe,
and I TMrn yon"
"I know wBat yon warn mo," the
other gasped "that bateves I may
say naw ls taken down end used in
evidence against me. Then nse it. I
tin in nor en t & swear it I've been
hese, and now the worrit has happened,
nd I shall t hsnattl hansred because
I cii't clesw royM, lio many another
It xt YMtA Cat Uan itt anse fate wia)
gaini Bin f, I shuil li hauired 1m
onSi' a mtn in his hatred of me, con
duilnarl me to death and then went
Tith the devil's own sin npon hia soul
to fice eternity. He hated me. He al
ways hajaxl ma Wheal left him that
niajht he enraed me, and as ho diexl he
concoivtai t)s) ailisw, nut tillaiuus
"You hiVl 1tttw ti ll this o your
counsel. "
"I want no counsel- 'Tn Nit it
round my neck a!re(. " He put his
finger np and looKiTied his collar, as
thongh he alrcadfelt the clingina; gig
of the hemp. I cant ca) whoa a)
himself conitPmned me."
"Shall J osder cab!"
"Why order acabt Wny not ksa
cuie 'hlnoj me throutcMhe "
cl ChicnroT Let the world see an inno
cent man who will 1$ done to oh to
sntisfy the law, the blcsllhounAs ? the
law, who yelp for vengeance, who must
hang some one, liecanse faiblic Kenai
ment shrieks for a victim."
Darrent shrugged his shoulders. Me
waa beginning to feel nore at homo
now that Astray hnd launched oYit into
this tirade. He hnd been called a blood
hound o often by criminals he had
traced and enptnred that it sounded al
most like a confession of guilt
"You're not condemned yet," he
cosily answered "You're only nrrested
to b CQimnvT.v.)
No Man, He rallsi.
The uondcrful rrcejilion to UH
man who r.irritnl the Aaietican I ig
into the Philippines was fitly (o n
ed at Washington by the aa o
sent him thither.
There wait no fin ka f oaa) tar
tory; there will be no MMBsta in
maintsining it."
Ilintory and prophecy.; Wsi
and a promise; a record and a 9"Ut
When did any prid'it4 of Mat
United .Slates a r put is ff.
teen word? N. Y. Sun.
The 8lateii.aiit in AiiaWa)i' yaV
elamalion that he fornt a TtrTsvl
alliance ffith the Unit4 9(asv 41ih
DeffVy aail to ftmnrk'tn consul In
Asia si (Mat the chuotic condition ol
till mind. He ough't to Inn that
congress aod Hie president deal with
na Ion" I cuiiphcI. In addition to
that his assertion hts Ihc n ptVived lo
lie entirely fulso.
No better iKtiiuate of Agulnald,
has been made tlmn.lhat of Fr(9eat
McKlnley at V1f JtguTnaldo, he
says, tlenmiidsydepence as icoarice
of fwm-ihe Unileil KiataH.i' the
Slent added, "pay no g"l'l for
peace. We never gave a bribe for
pence In ;!..nijhi(ilory and tuverj
Will." .
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To St JoM'jdl,
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I I To Kanwis City mid
I I II Mall Clllio I-""s'n wfiliout
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lIMlNHWyMiV Mli-Hourl J'uellle
W KuiU.iv.
A day Mop-over ai runted at Sail ljlke
and lVnver.
A ride through the famous Colorndu
Ask your ticket nent for n ticket Jt
the Denver iV Kio tirande excursion.
For rales and all inforinutior, cull on
or uddrcs
If. f. Ml ll(l
lien'l Afcent.
i'tl Wshliinalon Street
V. II. Dull'i,
Tiavelinf Auent.
I'orllall.l Oregon.
S. k. IDMirUt,
ien'l I'ttet. V Ticket Ajrent,
iK-nver t'ol
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac
Ahtoih nondlnir A nkotch and rtturripttnn nny
qiiirkly fUMvrttilii our fiiTimti Irtto wImmIht hii
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WUNN&Co.?6,B""d-"' New York
Ato1UMiaou11.11. Gib V SL, Vimbuituii, 11. C
isl I 1 I I If N "ii
llitWUHH I M I
We are
one Vear for only $2.00.
Addr ess all orders to
, aboro,
-0,1,01- . ! S Kansas l ily, M ,,.,- , ,M
i l.oliis, ( lllCll'o,
SOI TIir.HN I'Al'. (O.j '
Walla al!a,S,k
. I WLoL ine '""'. Minneapolis
Ifat. loBTLtai. I'n.t : I 'l., ;'" m. Paul, IHHuth, S,-,knne
. . : i ,i ...i ... i, :..,... iu...
"'".-I x east in
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IS;lll t r.u e:,ti lv (KID
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Jfllfion, AiI'.imv,
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l::!0 A W I l.v
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IHMMi ( A IIS t) Ot.DI I'tll TK.
Si'imiil-t las Mecjiinir Curs
Atiai'hmi) to All '1 iiuouoii 'Iuainh
Wesi M.le Division.
MhiI Train Daily I r:m t Snmliiy).
7::l0 4 M
! I :!m A M
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I-T.U A llm n y
Willi trains ol tlie
ern Ky.
tinii Corvullis eonnert
I'rei-oii Central ,k Kast-
f.'tpreHS Train Iail, (I tcciiI Sumluy .
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S..U) ru
Hill rn
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':' A N
.'-(I A M
I lirouidc 'I ickcts
To all points in the I'au'tern sat
ada ami Kurope an lie olilai I
est rules from C. '. ii,si ll ,i.
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.lollll II.
, liaiill it t!,e Independent ollie
C Ii. M Mv II AM,
U. KdCIILKIi, . P-, A(,.,
a'snsver, rortland, n4 t
o:i Interested?
THE 0. R. & N. XKW I500K
Oil t lie IN-mirces of llrcLr,,n, ':e.iiiu
ton and Idaho is licins; c I - -1 iliiite I. Our
readers are rcipiest,',! o fnruanl the ad
dresses of their Ku -tern frit imth andac
iliuiiiiteiianeeH anil a I'opv of the work
ill lie sent free. This is a mailer all
should he interested in ami we would ask
that even'' ne take an intere-t and lor
ward Hied nd lifsscs In V. . Hi kii i ht
ieneral 1'aseiiKcr A-enl, O, I: ,VN". V
I'm tlaml.
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aiaii-,,,.,,..,,!,.,.,.,, i"'"- Ocean Stcmsaiiis. t nu
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lllM'llllU I'l A.slillliui, 1 ' '
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lortl.u,.; Art 4:ar '.i,V"", y I audi i i
l-Md-l.ur; l.v ;:Ult ". ; !
orders promptly
on application
still offering yoii
O 0
!Kr,rlf.,rlI"E SCHEDULE.' F
J I . ni I'orliaiel
KOIITK 0 ..It l!:ike, Ih'nwr,
K MHi.Tv ....... ., ........
Willanirtlc Five
IIUll 111) II MU
t ri'L'"ii t 'ity, New
inTL', Sal in A ay-L-inliiin.
WiHainnttc & Yam-
I II. 111.
'I ue.-dav
i, ;Mt p. m
Mo j We.
mid Krdi
1 liumtiiy ( iriouCil v, lla ton
mid alur w:,v l;niilii.j;s
,..,, iWillnctlc River
Tuit.Tliiir Coivallis aiTd a
lllld Sat. i landings
Kipo-ia Snake River ,"'
;'Ui,:"'-v KipariatoLrwi-ton I
" ' p. Ill
i r .
nd ; i
Address, V. II. lll'lll.l.'l'KT,
t.en'l I'iiks. Afrent.
Doiluell t arllH K Co.
tieu'l Apis. or. I'iic. S. M. t'p.
rort'iin'd, . Oregon.
If yon tufTer from any of th m
ul til men, imc to lti oiu
bjicctitlil on the I'acitic Cuattt
OKI Market SL Lt 6 1862. T
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nent irvon.iHv or rv Nttfr. Srml fur hook, A
Thn lhiloMoiliy of Mairlnar, F
i tree. (A v.iln.iile book l irmcn.f
Orrat jI nscuni ol Anatomy m
the finest ami I.ncit M tisrumof iti k iml in the
worLI. Come ami It'-irn h-w wonder fully yMl W
n.nle: how to nvoi.l m kiM's and uisrn e.
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CAT.M.Otit K FUKfZ. l ull or wrUtt.
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