Hillsboro independent. (Hillsboro, Washington County, Or.) 189?-1932, October 27, 1899, Image 2

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! m v r mrv 7 TTT1 WlTvTT I
Kutored in ih mi
V-e ut lIllU1oro,
. ..mil u.utwr.
biihacriplion, in J ji per ymr, I . ' .
Ill LLbUO UU r'v'ULIbJUXC Co. J'upa.
1). M. C. UA L'LT, Editor.
urt ti iAL r.iMHvr tmk vit
The vit-toricH in Houth Attica ar
all with the llritlhh. Olencoe
ml Dundee, two points conaidcral
Important ha ve been abandoned to
the Iloers.
THE WARDS ER RIOTERS. I United Statu without further claim
if Canada received Pyramid harbor."
(Jov. bheuueubefg of Idaho writes I An to the merit of this laxt prop.
Socretary of War Rout and amuic I aition, it can be Mated that at no
for th j t,it e all rtponnibllity for I time lut the negotiation have be n
what baa been done in Shobbone In I in progreait for an adjustment of tiie
counection w ith tiieCut urd' Alene Alaaka boundary line has the Uuited
inioiutf troubles. The governor aay I States government given aerioua coi
the state was unnble to control the sideration to the cetiou to Canada i f
lawlesM tie me lit, aiid asks the war a single inch of ground on the bhort
department to allow the troopa to re- of Lynn canal. The position has d t
uiain iu Idaho. lie, however, in beeu changed in ary'easeulial rer-
furms the secretary of war that the peet, and aa Pyramid harbor is et i-
stute will be able on and after Nov. 1 tainiy on a branch of the canal, it
to relieve the soldiers of guard duty! follows that our government has
at the prison,
The trouble is that when the.troeps
are withdrawn the cut throats who
have escajnd into Montana and Brit'
ish Columbia will teturn and com
never bad it in contemplation to sur
render its poeaession.
There has been some negotiat on
respecting the allow ance to Canadian
of privileges for free transportation
mence a systematic assassination of of goods over American territory lu-
IUram Hhuok.wai assaulted, shot
and robbed a few miles from Rose
burg lust Saturday. Two suspect
were arrested at Eugene on Monday
hut the wounded man thot they were
not his assailants. Shook is bleeding
profusely and is thot that he cannot
There are two Boer armies march
ing on Lady Smith. The English
propone to attack one army, boat
and then attack and smash the other,
Our Grant could execute that maneu
ver, but it hit not yet been shown
that the English have a man ejua
to the emergency.
The 3 'J tli volunteers now at Van
eouver h as already clouded its record
by mobbing a Corporal of Co B 21th
Infantry. The provocation was the
corporal walked across the parade
ground In front of the tents of the
liVth. It may be Incidentally stated
that the 24th is a Negro regiment.
W'ildman therll. S. Consul general
at Hong Kong is to be recalled for
cause and Dr. Edward Bedloo now
consul general at Canton ill succeed
rum. The "eau" in wiuiatan'
cart is his too greut intimacy with
AguinalA) and his insurgeants. The
Oaegonian is entitled to the credit of
first publishing this inteligence.
HDiataa allowing tfeems4les to be
dviAiTdl in regard to the relations
existing ltxn Uawt Bntian and
tha lMm of riuth Afrh. Th
Taansviitl is not colony of England,
but au Independent Hjrfe in every
mttr save one, mating treaties
tpith foreign countries. These have
In ratified by England. The vtr
tWpefore is not an insurrection or a
A lemtfirary understanding has
IJA'n reached with England in the
utMftr of the 4lka boundary,
lilts hQ) iHea nasaed which gives
.alljh harllUM and ports ou Lyn
raitfl. This is a disappointment I
Clnada vbo fill still have to kee
her custom house It the summit of
the mountain that divides the waters
of Lynn canal from those flowing in
to to l uon. But this agreement
only temporally settles the matter,
tad tne contention will grow more
Hem by hj mudi as the gold mines
ofth Klwndylo prove to be good
f (rllajaiH. Tho year that is disas
Urn to Ut mining industry should
cMl for ruianentl tizin
taa tlaad.rt. When that Is finally
A aw, it should ID through the or
tlnapf channels of diplomacy and
jot hp 4it(Unn.
ail citizens who in any way assisted
the authorities In restoring order,
These assassinations will not be by
mob; they will be one at a time, but
they will be none the less effective.
to British territory, provided the
landing was made at one siiecifitd
point. An alternative proposition to
thit baa been to lease a portion of the
Lynn canal to the Canadians, thus
ui, iftuel out ef tliv ! iri-uit Cjiirt ul
tlie Stulv uf Orn mi, tor Votiiii)ftuii 4'uc.i
ty. in luvor ul llillhb .ro l'o-it-iuiit: I om
uny Hint ufiiliit II. II. lIciulriK l,r Hit-
tun of fj..-ut-ta w lib iuu-reri llu-ivoii Miter
July hi. I., ui Ilierutful s ..-r rht
annum anil iur ttiv furt tier sum of ltl J
U. n. puiil coin, w tli iiittrvM then mi from
July l"). Ism,, at tlio raic ul' 1U -r nt pr
Uo an iHTi'tion isnuvU out ol Hit- l ir-
."lilt oitrt of tlir Stut of Uriy t.ir
WitAhiii'tun C'uuiity, in I.k. r uf l
NvwUjii W iiir'tii I'oiniiany, a eororiiiioii.
anil auiiiKt H. 11. llt'iiilnz unit .. J. II. n.
Jnx lor llie um of .Mi coats,''! Ii mt
ni-1,1 tlureou from July A). 1SX, nt tnti
rule ol s it iviit ,ir milium, uinl tx criit
uccruiui; Ionia, ami tli lurtlicr mini i f
I.'.'.!) I,, H. koIm colli, with lllU'lt-Kt tlu n.
on mme July A), l"'Jt, at the rate uf lu u
wtti pu aiiiiuin.
Also an 'execution issiul out of tli
county t.ourt ol the Male of Oregon, lor
tor UKhiiih'tou I ountv, in favor ol Win
I urtiett, lkiuuhl Mac luy aiitl 'Ivciiiii'tti
Mucl.iay, partnerH Uoui); tiumin-iiii unit
tlicliru. iiiiinvol ( orU tt V M wl.i'ay ami
HkMiuni ii, ii. utMKirix ana . j. lli-iMri
for tin' mini f t . VV . ." I), ti. c hi roiu. w n
intert'Kt tliereun at the rate of IU per m,i
ix-r aniiinii irom tnr nth a y ol vuvnu
Im t. Imis, ami lor the cunta and fxpi-uno
of altr an i of.iaiil rita. .
Now thcrclore hy virtut'an4 ill pursuance
oi Mini juiiKiueiiiN, i win on saiurilav
tniiltx I u.lll .11. .,lilr. ,.u al
mere wouia be a reign oi terror anoruing mem me ngni oi iree id- jith Jav oi NovemiM-r, imw. at tho ..mii
there. Brown would be met and I irv oftheir poods, but it may la- ,'uur. . "" '!' ' HiIIhIwm,
l " w io.liiiiL'l(in l ountv. llrp on. nt tin. luiur
diKposetl of oiie iluy, a few days later! pointed out that the very fact ofIOi 10 o'clock a m. of ani day mil i
,.i .. . ,-i.i i. o f.,11 1 iiuoiic aiuiion o mo niuiifsi nuKier lor
u'"'" '" w.u... . ih n,e Mio, !,,. deBt-nbcd real property
recogMiion oi me uue oi tne uuiieu
iu another campudth would be put
where the dogs dowut bite, then
iisiitn w
Jones' turn would come over in Rac
coon trulch. Thus one at a time
would be taken from the witness
stand. It is this state of affairs that
makes a residence in that part of
Idaho so uudersirablu. The soldiers
What are the articles of merchan
dise which are swelling our exports
to such magnificent uronortiont'
whoe presence is a visable power to Th qaP!l0s fmiUently asked and
fortunaft'ly the statistics carefully
uainiain order, ought not to be re.
moved. The government ought to
establish permanent barracks In Shos
hone county for the same reason that
a garrison is mainlined in an Indian
kept by tfifl government and fre
quently published, furnish the
answer. For the eight months end
ing August 31 last, the provisions
shipped" abroad amounted to f 121,'
051,443, which was a gain oS S,lu7,
308 over the same Hnod last year,
The next Item in Importance was
iron mud steel, and the manufactures
Marconi the Italian is in America
exhibiting his apparatus for trans
mitting messages without the aid of thereof, which 'aggregated 108,003,.
connecting wires. What he does is 071 and .was a gain of 15 0K2,S)70,
marvelous though perhaps not more Then comes yheat flour, H7,606,7I)0;
so than Morse's telegraph first opr- oils, $35,744,680; with wood and its
ated In 1841. ,We quickly com- manuijctarers aggregating the sum
prehended the Morse system hich of t0,5!)6,454. Our cotton goods
is oiierated by the pulsations of the shipjCd abroad durins the period
electric current along a wire conduc- named vX're valued at tl5,8G 1,022,
tor. But the Morse system requires Vhile agricultural implemei ts moun
a continuous wire. Even brtsk no I ted uy to 1 1,495,459 hile the value
greater than the thickness of a sh4't of scientific lustruments was!, CIO,
of pais r A'ill stop theiloof the i"8 aud musical instruments (1,13,
voltaic current Hence our amaze-1 143. Every item of export in a
men t when Marconi tracsmits mea- recentjy published stltment shows a
sages through miles of sjajefe simnly banoVome gain over the previous
Tla N Vo Sua call! ajtantkm
to th t tkH the yiMrtn, fur
(Mai wit, of ifv&e monay to coin i
4 diftHactiva AiaaMctri ckrfc tiitic,
To tth theae is ti eiation in Ore
ft), (.Witoruia tid the otfter u)ining
stka of Eie extreme Vest. This i
Kotiuaiila in the matter of silver,
Thtan are IC0,0l),OtKI coined silver
Put oily alsjut ;o,(Hh),(ltO in circula
lion. If the gK'nbac and baii
on is oi stain denominations were
i-tlliM in, an! siler uJSd instead, all
thtilveinfa in vaults would be
put In circulation. In England the
atfllAt notes In clrcultion are t ' or
4V5, in Frtnce 50 francA or t0; and
19 Germany 100 marfs or IJ4, but
we have a supply of 5; 2 and even
V bills and there is a continual d-
1 inand for more. In the eastern states
people take the rag'ged, filthy bills in
preference to clean coin when they
, w'ii'd lieifisulted wore they to be of
fered a napkin that had been used
once by another. The Sun suggests
that all bills less than (10 be taken
up and either coin or bills of a lar
ger denomination be given out
It is reported from Brussels Trans
vaal legation circles that France amri
Russia will not permit England to
annex Transvaal or Orange Free
State. What interest those nations
ran have in the matter is not Just
clear unless they propose to pick a
quarrel with England so that France
may have revenge for tlit Fashoda in
cident and Russia secure a coallirfe
station in the IndianK-ean. A fear
or sometning oi tnis timi may ex
plain why England has called out
150,000 of the reserves and has exhl
Med suth activity with her navy.
, Sly)uliLtrou4)le brgniu4i he policy
0 tde Unveil States'tTrTould be what
Englands was toward ua ii the
Spanish war strict neutrality. We
remenilier how the RritHi m'horl
ties ordered IeM'ey out .1 nng
Kong when he wh i iy ;Tc;areI tJ
make a voyage , .im i-.tte- t,
home iort. rortunste'y
a man of genious, and i i
home port only few
J long Kong.
py connecting his instruments to
tfire nothing up into the air on
hundsed to one hundred and ifly
f(t. The messages are not trans
mitted by the voic cu r nt but by
the pulsttion of energy that has ft1-
ifcivul the name ol Hertzian vavaa
generated by the action of the eltctao
mafiietict,induction amaaatus. ThiM
wavt are not easily understajl by
us common people. We touch a
match to the wick of a lamp and
Vavea are srt in motion vhich Oiif
eyas interpret and call light. A fire
is lighted iu a stove, faves ae t in
motion of which our eyes or rather
the otitic nerve ot our eyes, take no
notice, bu, which quickly effeat our
sense of touch. So with the Hertzian
waves. No unaided sense of the
body will notice them when thrown
off frm the indrk-tiou machine but
receiving instruments have beea de
vised that move indexes and thus
make their presence kfiovn to our
seuit's. Marconi's wonderful dis
covery is naruiy a discovery but an
Invention. He has constructed an
apparatus to receive and publish the
Hertzian waves that always existed
The waves like light extends in evey
direction, but if there is but one re
ceiving instrument to tho west of the
sending, it alone is effected and th
pirt of the wave that rolled to th
ef st is lost in space,
eight months, and tho variety of
merchandise shipped abroad shows
that orders from abroad tafno longer
conflnefl to such staples as corn,
wheat and cotton. The world also
Vants oua Yank notlous iu ever-
lacrttfling quantiti. Astoaian,
Rev. I'eter Mc(uan has bjn in
Manila. He came home and report
ed that Qoi. Ltfton lad said "What
va vant is to stop tBis accursi-d var."
Tne aatis majfti ouch of Uis, but
upon refeaence to his nates Rev.
MiQueen sues he did not quote ver
batim but he should have reported
VCa IVBIlt iw olnn thla rlamnahla
The New York Sun taking up the
story arritesat what La ton did
say, by this course of lntevjiaetation
"The genesis of the alleged remar
of Laptop's which has given so muc
comfort to the Aguinsldist party i
the Uaited States-ks paobably this
"Hton to Mciutn We ac go
ing to end this damnud .
"L.awion, as unilerstiud and un
ownsj iously rji rverted by MtVueen
Vfu tnt to stop this damnable .
"Lavton, as finally reported by
.fiQiwan, .Vith the afknom Itiled
chsnga Vhich McOutv thought due
h jouralitic ropkicty What ve
tu-w It
l.yin', bt'iiiK and ailnutt- ; ithin VVu.-h-
inlon I utility, UrOk'on, and boimdiil an,
tlt-Hcririeii tut tonuwft, lo-wit: I't-iniiiii
ul u point t.i.rjt hH east ol the northwrxl
eorncr of the donation laud cluiui of 11. 1.
'1'ia-ker aim wifu in section ;( towiinhiii 1
north, ran,o a went. Will. Mer. and run-
iiiu : ttieuce south tl 7i eliH to hase I ne,
thriice vast aloui; Imse lint- .''Mil ehs to
juiic-ioii with I entiTville an I Toi-iii-Uuh
t'omi'y ruail. tlivnce nnih 4-'.7,r chu alonir
center ol aaid road lu north line of wit i I
fucker donati n land f laini and theuei
wet .ID.iiO clia to 4lace. of la'imiiug, con'
taiuiUK one hundred mid for y acre-, more
or Am, t- Batisly the h reinU luro named
uiiiH, and lor the cosla and expeiin. ot
said an Ic.
riaid prolierty will be sol t subject to re
deniiti ll ax per Btatute of Oregon.
Witueaa my liund this !Hh day if IVt
olr, IMia.
W. I). HltADKOUI).
Sheritrof WuMhintoii county (he.
II y l', K. Dkiciiman,
21-25 , Deputy,
thou. It. Tonirue and 8. II. HuNton,
Attorneys lor plaiu: ills.
Land Ornct at Urkiion Citv. t.
Oct. ft, M
the followinu-muned settler has liled
notice of his intention to make iRial iiroot
ill support of his claim, and that auid jnool
will He inline i.iort me loamy k-rk ol
Vtisliinuton County, on Nov. IS, IK'M, viz:
H. E. II73U f r the 8 lA of N K V und N li
of 8 K i of Sic U T 3 N U 4 W
He iraines thu tollowinir witiiaHs to
prove his continuous reHiiU-ncvuiHju uml
eultivation of said kintl. viz.:
John U ltailev. of fluxion. Wash. Co.. On-
John lapiH-rt ol ureeiivillo ' '
Martin Hart, (f
l.redrick Hart of " " " '
C11A8. 11 M(M)UK3
21 211 Krister.
Herbert M. FLsh, a progressive
and re?pectci.l resident of Cape
Vincent, Hl '., aaid: "The Joc
tois disagreed in my case, otiesaii
j,l bai the grip, another that it wai
jauudite, a:id so on. I tried many
remedies but did not receive the
slightest benefit. I was low spirit
ed and nervous and bad become
reduced in weight from 155 pounds
to less than 1 23. One day a friend
recommended Dr. Williams' I'inlc
Fills for Tale People. I tried
them and the result was indeed
marvelous. My appetite returned
and I began to feel rested and re
stored. At tHe end of the
tenth box my physical condition
was better than it had been for
years and I was a well mnn.
Herbert M. Fisn."
Sworn to aiTd subscribed before
me this 17th day of Nov., i8y8.
Lloyd O. Woodki ff,
Notary Public.
"From the Eaqle, Cape Vincent,
V. Y.
fir. Williams' rink Pill for Tr Teople
nnlain, in a uidi-nd form, all the ele
ments neiM-ssarv lo irive new life rieli
nens to the lilnod und re-ilore liullend
uerves. Thev are an uiifiiilinu npivilio t r
urh diseiwes as lis-omnKir alalia, pnrliul
pandysis. St. Vitus' ditni-e, seiul'ti, lieur,il
ins, rh-iiumtim, nervous liereluclie, the
aftcr-vll'ccta of lh (trip, pulpiiiiiioii of th.
heart, pule and mlllow e.Hi,., n iii, Slml nil
forms uf weakness cither la untie or leui-ilt .
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills lor Pale Pcopls art mm
old by tht doien or hundred, but alwatt In patk
1 ill dresjistJ. or direct from ttis Cr v.il
liamt Medlcin Company. Schenectad,, N. 1 , bO
canti aw boa, 6 aoits 2 50.
I i Kin fi v n
i Ufiuu. imumi ii ;
. '
Notice is herehv uiven that the under,
signed has been apiiointed executrix
the estate of Klizalavth Kriwt. il'-cd.. 1
the County Court of tlie folate oi Oregon
lor ashiiiKton county. All pcrsoi.s liav
iny; claims against said estate ari,'nn"-t-ed
to present the same to the uudci siuued
within bix mouths from the date hereof.
llethanv.'Ore., rpt. 27, ISIHI.
Kxecutrix of the estate of i-aavaai'tli
Krnst, deed,
18 23
In Kurope Marconi had and hr tw 8to 'hia accurswd ap.
the tiJ to himxelf but here he life to
content! wun aiiiih tj. iijt)er pro-
feMHor of phyxict antl astronomy in
Tuft coll.'e, yfho us early an 1S81
discovered taat electricity vu trana-
uii-riable at will without Intiuction
In ISHfi Prof. Dolbear took out letters
patent ou the apparatus,u.ted in tranh-
mutiny; nuVJttgen without tire,
Dollwar la a scientific lnvejiiior
and not a money maker ho he hax
not turneil Mit invstiatii.s into
commercial channel as has MarcoiJ
Hie American neems not louse the
Hertzian waves but another form of
electrical energy, hut his letters pa
tent is a blanket and covers all forum
of wireless telegraphy. It la posni-
hie that the Italian man of the world
that he is may ifver p-acli the aged
profeasor who has spent his life in
huutiiii; out the secrets of nature and
imparting the knoletge he has
K'Hjned to the young men of Ameri
ca. J 1 whs ho who discovered the
shaking telephone but was denied
the enjoyment of the wealth contn
tinted hy the industrial world, thru
the ftusinesH shrewdnesa of Alexander
Wrahatn Hell. The visit of Marconi
"Alius might a rne dui-laration
mtaaiion to hit the war to a rJnl.sO,
extMiJ in the ironun, if repre
hensible, lanauage of the camp,
come through the medium of a semi
religious, seBii-sj-cular jnurnalist's art
a criticism of the administration'.
(Hilicy, an act of Military insulrordi
nation, and au aal of treasonable
t ntiment such as tho gJillnt Iiw
ton 'ould atther It) shot deatl than
What Latpton anally did y
'We Ire ajoina to and thft damn
war" because he is a soMier ho thi s
it ttilsuiM tgno in adju-itinf suf
LAND Uint a AT ORKOOH Cit'-, Or
lb. --i IriiK
11 the lollowmir-iiauicd sett er has lilee
nonce ol lus liilention to C& linal proo
immiun oi ins eiilltu. anil l nut saul nnM
will Im- made In-fore the Coimiv I'lern .
Washington County, at Hillslairo Ore., on
wee. li-in. viz :
H rail. tit foi the W of N W X of Her
z.i ami oi J K K ol Wee IE T 1 11
lie liilliies the fo owinr aihwura tn
prove iiiaconiinu lis resnlenca upon and
..ltlu......H ..f ...1.1 I.....J 1
may lve the effect of arrousinir the ,,!"",' l'riM'r,of , Oale Creek, ( n-
., . i iieriuiiii i r.ii,rei orceni, ot
I'lioncaiii me worm in ll.llar S nys-IUeorftt rroctor.nl
..mi uii.l ....nt.,.. it .... .!.. I Jamie .Martin, of
. ... I'uniii) ik urn ummri CH411
and Into practical u-e. 2rt-i
, MO Mi KM
X I.Ak A ItOl .MIAKt.
t'aiiatlrt makes a new proposition
for settling the Alaska boundary.
It itiniTtlea iSkaguway and DvAi to
the United States but demands Pyra
mid Harbor. The Canadian piopoi-
tion Is said tuar enitaxlietl in this
paragraph? ... q
m "Tliat the boundary line be arbi
trated ux n terms similar to those
ImponetJ by the United States and
Great Uritlan over Venefuela, parti
cularly thorn provy-dap making 50
years' oeeupane conclusiveUence
I honest pt'rsons to npreaeiu u a
manaire's in tins and los tiv counties
Binary : a year ami expen a. rilruijjht
nona-uue. no more, no less salary. po
sition periiianeni tntr reierenre. , n
hunk I. in any t -wn. It is mainly othee
r, euiiuiieieti ai nome. Kefen-nce.
Knrlose sell-addressed and stiiiiiixt ....
veloe. Ihe Dominion Company, Dept. ii,
otlcr I Flnial Mettlenont.
Notice ia hereby niven that tha im.1..,
alirnml hss lileil his linal account as ad
ininietrnirix of the estate of Edwartfl
v onsianie, deeeasexi m the ountv court
of the aUte of Ireuon. for Wa.lu 11 17 taffl
oi tine, otrupancy oi less than that county, and that said court has s,int,,)
period to lie taken In eouitv under ."'""7 ine mn nay oi aor. ikiii, at 10
" " w " I n-Jtl.aflr In I hai Imun.HH ..t .: I .1 . I
aw n iviviuajii t sum tiny ilir
Ct) Cat tm i m-4
With local applications, aa they ennnot
leach Ihe seat of the disease. Catarrh is a
blood or constitutional disease, and in or
der to cure it you must tall- internal rem
edies. Hall's, Cutarrji Cure is taken ialer
nally, and acts direct I V on the hlood and
mucous surlaces. Hall's Catarrh Cure is
not tt quack medicine, it was prcacrihcd
hy one of ihe hest physicians in this coun
try for years, and as a ruaular prescription.
It is composed of ihe hest tonics known
conhiiied villi the hest hlood purifiers, act
ing irtrec ly on the mucous surfaces. The
perfect comhination of the two imricd cut
Is went p. oduces such wonderful resul s
ill curing Catarrh, .Send for teMi:noniiils
Address K.J CilKSKV A Co., T Icdo.O
Sold hy Drtnnrists, !v.
Hall's Family Tills are the hest.
Aclat-'sgirfi,! 4JMir wM
conun hi any lime, and Kill cure I lie
WoiM cold in twelve hours, or tinner re
fnndeil. 2.r and ceiita at Dcll.t a'ri
I Have Moved-
Into tho Odd Fellow's build
r ing-, corner of Main and Third
in all lines. No second hand or
shoddy goods. Prices low.
Furniture Dealer
I)r;nvs li;
liter tli.iit a Walking Plow. Nl U-stSnlkv in i!
V prsio-.
St Charles Hotel
r'ront anil .firrlson Streets, I'orll.md Oregon.
Electrii; Mhts, Klectriu Hells ami Uydratllic Klevator.
VU) oius at 25 t 60c, Suites, 75, to 1. (iood ltcstaiinint
Give us a call,
To the taxpayer of Waskiiulion
ty, i Intron : Notice is hen-h irivca ijs 0
tlie'ltoiird of Kiniiiliaation ia Hafhia
ton (Vinnlv, tlnveti. aill omvaa in tl
bounty Chirk 'a ollice at the Court 4lousa,
III llillslsiro, on the :!0lh ilav of Oct.iUr.
H'.i'.i, ami Aintiniie in avssion nna kk.
or until the 4th day of !ovemlier, inclii-
ivr, lor the purNNe of puhlu lf ei :iliz
iiiK and corrvtin aliC tax lis of a--int!ton
County, ( re?onf U,T the ver
IlillKloro, Oregon, Oi toln-r IS'.s.i.
C. A. ( AVK.l.I..
Assessor of Washington t ncn'y, (riinn.i
cw' mm Bxm tva
l.ar Orrica at Oriuos Citv, (tynon.
(h'tlllT. 11 IS'1
t he followniK named settler has hied.
lotiee i f his intention to make linal proof
n support ol his claim and that said
prool will liem.ule h, l,,r.- I:, ,.,.t,.r ,,n.i
i-uiver at Urei:irffft,.'W.Nov. i, Is-.m v :
II K. lltr.'I for tlie S W W of y.. n T it
N H 4 W .
re names the followitiir wilnA..n t
prove his continuous snlcncc upon an.
tiltivation of said 1 lid. viz:
uhu iaiuns. ot lii,i..i, 1 1,.
Krank O. Kief, of
Uols-rt Simpson, of M
iiuatii Mmpson, o . '
22-3' , l!eKister.
RS. PINKHAM says that Irritability indicates disease.'
omen who are nervous and snappish are to be
pitied. Their homes are uncomfortable; their dis-
posititais prow constantly worse. Such women need the coun
sel and treatment of a woman who understands the peculiar
troubles of her sex.
Mrs. Ana E. Hall, of Mill
dale, Conn., was all run down in
health and had completely lost
control of her nerves. She wrote
to Mrs. I'inkham at Lynn, Mass.,
for advice. Now she writes:
I wish to thank you for what
your Vegetable Compound has done, for me. It has helped rpe
Hiora than anything else. I suffered for a long time with nef
tousness, pains in back and limbs and falling of the womb;
aJso had neuralgia in my head and could not sleep. I told
tfty husband that some
thing must be done
1 nearly frantic
ajir. Having read
he wonderful cures
J-ydiaJ'. l'lnkham's Veg
etable Compound had 8
A-rformcd, I determined
i 9ry it. I have taken o.
i ul aan liatinv to sav I
4i cured. I rccommend.it P;jSi
i mi my tnenas ana never tj,v
of telling the benefit I or-:Tiv
vt derived from its use. I cr.....
MMadelphia, Pa., writes: S
Dear Mrs. Pinkiiam 8
l in lc yi:aisiiu t n.is u,
41 sufferer from chronic
dyspepsia, was Irritable
and cro:, and can
with WttfJS$7f3
- oriiir.". m .'Vi-,.(n
,w recover" ' -SSrK
Mrs. Eixem Flava- o-ni
aN. 1810 Mountain St., g"01?'; j
say oi
-Notice u herehv
lersined, huve U
a h- j nteraauoiia, iw. inat aa tne con
j l'von ia a precedent abaolutely pre-
ul j ihiiii wrjr iw Hroiiraiion, nanguway
ali i l';ea would be conceded to, Mk JJhuhlo, AtrrtMnl, 20-21
time for hearing objections to am h linal
account, and for Ihe settlement thereof.
Administratrix of, the esiate of Klwanl
Ktven that I, the
iccn ntiiNitnteil evm.
tor of the p-tate of William Wd-on
ecea.-.! hy the County Court of W.h-
tnfti.n County Oregon and have dnlr
u.iliticd ns such eiectitor :
All per-on havinu claima asninst s.ii.t
estate are hervhy nipiested and required
to present Ihem tn the nndcr-iirneJ nt the
law nitice of W. N. .liirrett in rtiiislmr.V
Oregon, within six month fnmi the d.ite
IlilWs.ro, Orcein, (Mnlver II 1s),
II. C. C'AKSil'KNs
Kxivnior of the o-tit of Willi.:m
Wilson, decil. j
tlmt after taking seven g
fcottlc3 of Lydia E. Pink-
ham's Vegetable Compound was entirely f tired, I take g-cat
pleasure in writing this to you and would be pleased to be
interviewed by any one who is atllictcd with that distressing
a complaint. I am very grateful to you." ,
" i' Ll" mm ii l '
Both furrow wftVcIs are under control (if polo licam i- ; . i
to the frame nt two points. It has a yichflfljjomicctio:' I . : a , , u
the furrow wheels. IJottom is attached to tlie-Tjji, t i - i ln
frame. Itottoin is so it can lo levcl.'d froin'ixiitit tolui 1. l',,t
lift to assist in raising the plow. Loose pole makes tin wi i-la
on horses' necks. Angled whccls'taing prt-sstire from latitNidc.
It will turn a sitiar coiner to right or. left. Relieves it veil" iu
stony or stumpy ground. Will open laud t as desired. T.ilt: out
IH'int fust and enters point iirst.
Also made in gang plow wiLjt two 12 or 14 inch bottoms, having
all the'ad antages claimed lor the Sulky. .
- end for Circular-
Ask W. II. Council or W. II. Morclan.l, Hill horo, alsuit ttcse
plows; they were judges at the recent exhibition given 011 the firm ul
I'. J. V illiams, .1 mile Ivast of 1 1 illslioro, here one lr.an pulled llu
Triumph Sulky, cutting and turning a full si.ed furrow, or John Kaiiin.i
of r.irniington, he pulled the Plow and is the happy owner of one.
The result of the test showed that the Triumph Sulkv cutting .1
furrow 6x16 inches would draw 154 pounds lighter than a walking plow
cutting the same furrow.
First and Taylor Streets.
The, Academy prepares for CoIIc and flircs
a tnoroHflii bullish Education, thef best pe.
paration for tcicftinjj or business. All ex
penses renj love. Hoard and rooms at the
Ladies' Hall $3 to $4 per treclt, includina
electric light and heat.
tij .
unuer e.xprlence.tl maiiaciement,
nisli rooms and beard at cost on
plan, not to exceed $1.50
For ftiM particulars, address
i'rksii)kt McClelland,
.For.'.st Grore, Orison
Kaltz & SlacRT
Will Ije iii town on or almut the jf.th int. on their regular st mi-
9nti.il trip, hreparcd to do hr-t class I'iano Tuning, Repairing nml
Org.ln Work. Prompt attention given orders left at Delta Drug Store
ri:as( ixaiili-: guaraxti: i:d
Buy where
you can
buy cheapest.
'"Is.fmn- IN.rlla.i.l tliinl tins
is llu' iM,(M.,st viH., lo S(,no 4. fn
tiny ever saw. . Keasoir t.
im.i:iiI)i:nt i,:is ,i" Zu, l,r"
.iiiiilcous tti-alin.-nt ffl 1- ,-;,.,. -
uutxrtv TKA.
Oregon Kidney
ache, iilney mid
junil coriHti pHtioD.
Ten cure liHck
hlHildcr I run I. lo
Ii itaDruff Store I Store.
Vilom'n Iloherline tfirrocts all
hleniNheof the face and miikca a
ticitutiful complexion. Dili Drug
1 :ipM- of all .Sj
l.n-- or too MiWll.
ortlt-r too
Hillsboro, Ore.