Hillsboro independent. (Hillsboro, Washington County, Or.) 189?-1932, February 28, 1896, Image 4

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An expert in gema ha lately called
attention to a property In the dia
mond which has not hithtrto been
fully appreciated. In a paper by
Jtobert Uoyle, publbhed in the trans
action of the Royal society, mention
1m uiariu of a diamond that became
phophorexceut simply by the heat of
the hand, absorbed light by being
held uear a candle and emitted light
on being briskly rubbed.
The obHcrvationa by Mr. Kunz, the
gem exert referred to, confirm
Huyle' Htateuent that diamond be
come ihihore8cent In the dark
after exMMure to the sunlight or eiee
trie light, but they also show that all
diamonds emit light by being rubbed
on wood, cloth or metal.
'J'lii property la an imjortant one,
at it will enable the non-expert to
ditingui.-h between the true dia
mond and oilier bard stones as well
ad patte, none of which exhibits tl.l
jthenoiuenou. This property is evi
dently not electric, as Is clearly
shown by its being visible when tin
gem is rubbed on metal.
"The residence of Archbishop Su
toll! was formerly the residence ol
Stephen A Douglas," said a gentle
man who has been a frequent so
journer at Washington during the
past forty years. "I was well ac
quainted with Senator Douglas, and
often had the pleasure of calling
upon him in that house. It was on
of a row of three houses, all of them
residences of senators. I do not
know how the name came to le ap
plied to those houses, but In the 60e
they were called Minnesota row.
Senator Douglas lived on the corner,
Senator llice of Minnesota livvd next
to him, and Senator John -' Breck
inridge of Kentucky occupied tht
third house. They were regarded at
that time as among the handsomest
and most fashionable houses in the
District of Columbia. Although they
are in a thickly settled part of the
national capital to-day, at that time
they were surrounded by woods,
commons, pastures and all other evi
dences of suburban residence.
"People nowadays have a distorted
idea of the hospitality of ante-bellum
times. The truth is, t ho customary
hospitality of the national capital
was Southern hospitality, and It war
vastly different from the society and
social customs of the present day. J
At that time if any man had ex
tended Wtil or 11,000 or 15,000 upon
an entertainment of one evening, he
would have bcea regarded as unfit
for association with leading men and
women of that day. The mere ex
penditure of largo sums of money
would have savored too much of the
shop and of the salesman.
"Senator Douglas was one of the
most charmiug entertainers I have
ever known. In common with other
prominent men ot the day, he bad
his regular servants, and they served
refreshments such as were in those
days to be found In the homes of the
plain eople and of the leading
people of the country. No one ever
heard of set dinners with regular
decorations in a stilted manner, such
as prevail at the present time. The
entertainments were of a primitive
nature, that is to say, they were of n
home-like nature.
"I want to tell you one thing con
cernlug Senator Douglas which ought
to be known to all men. The pre
vailing Impression, and one that has
long prevailed, is that Senator Doug
las was given to habits of overindulg
ence In strong drink. I know that
to be an erroneous Idea. He was
exceedingly abstemious when coin
pared with other men. As a matter
of fact, I do not believe that he had
any secial liking for strong drink,
but felt it Incumbent upon him to
take part in the social customs of the
"Senator Ilobert Toombs, ol
Georgia, was in those days a frequent
and welcome visitor in the houses in
that row. lie was one of the most
charming, mild-mannered gentlemen
I have ever knowu. It is true that
In the senate chamber and upon all
public occasion he appeared as a
man of extreme Independence ot
character and of absolute lndejcnl
ence of utterance; but in private life,
In his own home, he was one of the
most unpretentious, quiet and lovable
men I have ever knowu. Then- was
a prevailing Impression that he m
one time said that he would 'call the
roll of his slaves on Bunker Hill
under the shadow of the monument;'
but Senator Toombs neversaid any
thing of the kind. He was constant
ly saying sarcastic and bitter thing
concerning the abolitionists of that
day, and that expression, which was
invented by some writer of the time,
seemed so characteristic of the man
that it was generally accepted as true
that he had made such an expression.
He was always aggressive and alert
concerning the interests of hit slate
and the southern section of the coun
try. He was always a gentleman,
and never so o (Tensive as to give
utterance to a remark which would
have made him disagreeable to gen
tlemen with whom he constantly as
sociated on terms of personal friend
"Another thing that appear to me
as remarkable is th change which
has oecarmi in official life in the
national capital. Ia the days brfore
the war it was customary for (tentle
mcn from the South who came to
Washington as members of the house
of representatives or as senators each
to bring with him a young man who
was to act as private secretary for the
rrpeepf feting trained in politics,
becauK politics was the gentlemanly
t profession of th Southern people at
that tlm. lhe private aacretaiyea
a representative or of a senator was
regarded as a student of politics, and
bis standing was such as a student of
Yale or Harvard might obtain In the
citie where thoae Institutions are,
According to his family history and
ancestry and his own personal merit
the private secretary of a senator or
representative was received in soil
ety, and he was regarded as a highly
favored gentleman. Nearly all of
those young men attained or achieved
distinction as officers and soldiers iu
the confederate army during the dvil
war, and a number of them have be
come uiciubers of congress since the
conflict closed." Philadelphia Times.
"(Jive me a liver regulator and I
can regulate the world," said a geu
ius. The druggist handed bim a hot
tie of De Witt's Little Early Risers,
the famous little pills. V. K. Brock
The report that Gen. Weyler is
going to pursue a policy of severity
in Cuba does not necessarily mean
that he prootes to exterminate the
insurgents as fust as he finds them
und vindicate the authority of Sln
by adding to history a great atrocity
it may simply signify that he intends
to substitute systematic and effective
Hghting for the desultory and di-wi
pointing hostilities that have so far
prevailed: for it is a notorious fact
that both tides have failed to live ui
to their opportunities. In a general
way, the contest up to this time has
heen a signal illustration of bella
mollila soft war and the world
has accordingly been slow to take it
seriously. There are said to be 200,'
000 Spanish troops in the country,
with forty-six battle ships and gun
boats surrounding the coasts, and yet
ihis formidable force has not yet
fought a real battle. The Insurgent
army Is not so large, but it has fallen
equully short in the way of asserting
its power. We have had plentiful
news of so-called battles, which
should have shaken the island like so
many earthquakes, supposing them
to have been equal in fierceness and
gorintss to tne uescripnons, uui
which were iu fact nothing but skir
mishes. According to these accounts,
there must have been as much pow
der and lead used iu such engage
mcnts as would have sufficed uuder
ordinary circumstances to kill men
by thousands; but the lists of casual
ties go to show that the degree of
danger was only about the same as
that of being struck by lightning.
It is officially certified that within
the last mouth five important battles
have taken place Taroua, San An
toma, Paso Real, Caudalaria and San
Cristobal and in the most sanguin
ary of them the losses did not aggre
gate over 100. In some Instances,
the number of troops engaged was
0,000 to 8,000, and the reports tell in
tropical luxuriauce of rhetoric how
they charged with fixed bayonets,
and formed hollow squares, and
fought hand to hand; but somehow
all of these exciting and picturesque
things were comparatively harmless.
On one occasion, an officer fell w ith
twenty bullets in his body, but his
whole command escaped without a
scratch. There are thrilling stories
of tho brave exploits of all arms of
the service, but they invariably end
in a paltry showing of dead and
wounded, und the intelligent reader
is left to wonder why thvre was not
morlumuge done, even by accident,
when there was so much shooting.
As a rule, these battles lasted all day,
and at night the two armies retired
in good order, and marched away
from each other before the next
morning. This is a kind of warfare
that suggests comic tqa-ra. and makes
it difficult for the average iersou to
lielicvo that the combatants are In
earnest. It must ! either that they
are merely amusing themselves, or
that they are the ooret marksmen
in the woild and It may tie, alas,
that thern are great liars among
During onr civil war, it was said
that a federal and confederate com
mai'der ho confronted each other
in Missours had an amicable under
standing that when the supply of
forage and subsistence in a given
country was found to lie insufficient
for both of tliem, one should with
draw. Possibly this theory of mili
tary courtesy ami Hivommodnlion is
applied in Cuba. At any rate, the
opposing forces do not long remain
in lite same Im'ality; and w hen they
ilium together, it appetir to lie the
result of inadver't uce rather than of
lreii)fditatiou. Clett. Wejlcr prob
ably Ulieves that such strategy has
gone far enough, and Hint it would
now lie well to Mifplcmciit the glit
tering and fantastic "ostentation ol
despiteful arms" with some practical
and divisive fighting. To that ex
tent and w ithin the laws and usages
of civilized warfare, he will be re
garded with general respect. The
world is tired of a contest that is
lielng prolonged by skirmishing,
when it should be Hiil.-hrd by battle.
This view is entirely consistent w ith
the idea of giving ynimlliy and en
couragement to the insurgents.
There Is po reason to believe that
they are rq-ial to the emergency, and
that they r.iu achieve their independ
ence in a t :ir and square teat of cour
age and e t il tintne-p with the soldiers
sent against them. They diaerw
success; and it is to be hoped that the
advent of tien. Weyler will make
thecliaitiV for them to compass it.
iHin't Invite disappointment by ex
perimenting. D'end. upon One
Minute Cough Cure and you have
immediate relieC- it cures croup.
The only harmless remedy that pro
duces Immediate trsultty W. K.
On a recent run of the battleship
Indiana from Newport to Hampton
Roads, all the guns ot her battery,
including the. 11-inch rifles, were
fired. It was the first time they fired
on board ship, and the test showed
that the gun mounts and their Instal
lation were entirely successful. Such
a result was to be expected; so the
test was not so important in this re
spect as it was in another, namely,
the effect of the blast of the heavy
The rnvnt tet showed no dmi-e
to woodwork or glass, nor any ser
ious Injury to the officers and men
engaged in the firing, but it was con
ciusively demonstrated that in cer
tain positions of the turret the man
in the sighting hood would be ex
posed to serious discomfort and some
times aclual injury when the 13-lnch
gun was fired.
The heavy guns of the monitor
Amphitrite were fired In the same
manner, to ascertain the effect on her
structure and on living animals
placed under the decks over w hich
the guns were firvd. It was found in
her case that no injury resulted to
the ship with 12 inch guns, nor to
the animals, so far as observed.
New Pas DUcvrerje
Professor Letxon Balllet, professor
of engineering and chemistry and
physics at the Arkansas college, at
Arkadelphla, Ark., has discovered
new method for the manufacture ol
illuminating gas. The gas is color
less, capable of giving a very high
heat, and will yield a 12-camlle
power from an ordinary illuminating
burner. The process is purely client
leal and Is the cheaiiest knowu. The
discovery is attracting attention in
the scientific world. St. Louis Olouc-
Hampered continually by the
strained condition of its budget, the
Italian government is carrying on
excavations at Pompeii, and this lo
cality remains an inexhaustible field
of discovery. Under the direction of
Sig. Cozza, the engineer in charge of
the excavations, a whole Roman
mansion has been discovered lately,
the decorations and furnitures of
which are in a perfect state of preser
vation. This house was a very im
portant one. It occupied a whole
isola, or city block, In the.northern
part of the town. The inside yard,
as it was customary, is in a rectangu
lar shape, very large, and surrounded
on its tour sides by a portico support
ed by eighteen Corinthian columns.
Between these columns were found
nine white marble vasques, four ta
bles resting on a base decorated w ith
chimera's legs, and nine statuettes of
Bacchus, fauns and cupids. The
walls, painted black and red, are dec
orated at the top with a nearly intact
cornice, richly ornamented. The dif
ferent rooms, which 0on on tile
atrium, are embellished with frescoes
of the highest interest. On the walls
of the main hall is a frieze outstretch-
lug with the most exquisite taste and
spirited execution. It represents
scenes of every-day life, with winged
cupids as performers. Many subjects
of similar style have already been
found In Pompeii, but none so well
preserved and of such delicate
One of these scenes represents a
wreath shop;" on one side the mak
ing, on the, other side the sale of the
wreaths is figured. Further is a
"fuller's workroom." Two women
are treading on the cloth, which is
lying in a large bucket; a little far
ther are seen two cupids stretching
the wet cloth on a drying loom. An
other cupid shows to the forewoman
the work to do At the right of this
composition, and ending it, are two
women folding the dry cloilt which
has been brought to them.
A "goldsmith; shop" is not less in
teresting. A cupid is at the disk
weighing on a scale a jewel which a
rich lady customer, seated facing
him, has Just selected; while other
cupids are hammering on a delicate
anvil silver and gold objects. Next
is a "chariot race." This fresco gives
a wonderful idea of the circus per
formances. Standing on their narrow
harlot, draw n by antelopes, aru four
drivers. Dressed with colored vests.
like our modern J nkeys, they are
pressing their speedy teams and striv-
iug with desjieratiou. Besides the
graceful frieze mentioned above,
three separate fresco panels constitute
the main decoration. Their dimen
sions are about a square meter, that
Is to say, a surfuee of alstut 10 square
feet. They represent various'episodes
of the Theban legendary history.
The first one nhows the infant,
Hercules, smothering the snakes
which June, iu her Jealous anger, has
sent against him. This episode ap
pears on a beautiful coin of Crotana,
and is well known to those familiar
with the ntediillic history of the
American revolutionary period. Tak
ing his inspiration from the antique,
Benjamin Franklin caused a medal
to be struck at tho Paris Mint on
which Young America is personified
by the child hero in his cradle stran
gling the two serpents. These snake
represrnt Burgoyne'sand Cornwallia'
armies. On the reverse of tlw said
medal are the date of their annihila
tlon0opled with thefloriom name
of Suratoga and Yorktown. In the
Pontpeiian fresco Jupiter is seated on
a ft, rone and contemplating with a
radiant smile the infant hern's ex
ploit, while Aletnena, bis mother,
hidden behind the god, follows w itlt
semi anguished, semi-admiring eyes
the progress of the struggle. The
Idea of the infant Hercules strangling
two serpent is symbolical of the vajo
tory of light over darkness, of good
over evil, and of free and united Hel
las over barbarism and tyranny.
This painting Is particularly interest
ing, as I: may be a copy of the famous
composition by Z-.'uxis, mentioned by
Iu thesecoud picture Amphion and
Zethus are represented taking revenge
on Dirce, who, after causing their
mother, Antiope, to be repudiated by
their father, Lycus, married him in
her stead. They are iu tho act of ty
ing her to the tail of a wild bull.
The slaying of IVnthea is painted
on the last panel. Incensed by Dio
nysus, whose worship this king had
proscribed in his dominions, the
mother and sisters of Penthea, have
loined the Bacchantes. They have
caught the unfortunate while he U
watching them, and, Intoxicated with
mad frenzy, they kill htm with their
Generally ull the pictures of Impor
tance exhumed at poinpell are trans
ferred to Naples, but au exception
has been made In favor of the newly
discovered frese's. They can bead
mired at the site of their finding.
Indon Letter.
Football is said to Ik? quite fashion
able in Oregon City wonder where
they cau find a level piece of ground
large enough on which to play.
Mrs. L. if. Patton, Rm kford, HI.,
writes: "From personal experience,
I can recommend IieWilt's Sarsapa
rilla, a cure for impure bhstd and
general debility." W. K. Brock.
In Astoria, Officer A. Seafeldt "tuck
a key in the keyhole of a fire-alarm
box to turn iu an alarm, and whs
knocked almost senseless. 'I he box
was heavily charged with electricity
by the wires having lseome crossed.
Tho United Slates consul-general
at Bogo a, In a recent reirt to the
state department, expresses the Delict
that American merchants are not
alive to their opportunities iu South
American markets. For instance, if
a merchant of Bogota sends an order
to an American manufacturer for
goods cut to u certain length and
width, the manufacturer writes hack
that he does not cut goods in those
dimensions, and will not till the
order unless the goods chii be
taken as they are. For this reason
the foreign trade in that part of the
continent is being hugely taken by
German and British manufacturers,
who aru more accommodating in this
One Minute Cough Cure' touches
the right spot. It also touches it at
the right time if you take it when
you have a cough or cold. See the
point? Then don't cough. W. K.
A Paper Brick.
A man of Topeka, Kan., hits pat
ented a paper brick which, he says,
will work a revolution in the pave
ments of streets and building ol
walls. It is made the same us brick.
of straw and wood pulp, und at one,
third the cost, the inventor nays
with the wheat straw that annually
goes to waste in Kansas he can pave
the streets of every town iu New
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"Dickie, what do you want fur
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gestion, constipation, dizziness, loss
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The MlnerV I auqurt.
Details for the convei.tiou and ban
quet of th vice presidents of the
Northwest Mining A -social ion, Feb
ruary i!2il, are about complete. A
number of celebrities have signified
their Intentions of attending.
Among the number are Gov. Hick
hards, of Montana, Gov. Mc Council,
of Idaho, and Gov. McGraw. Cl
Washington.' In tall probability,
Gov. Lord, of Oregon, w ill be present
The association has taken perma
nent quarters in Temple Court blcx-k,
Washington street and Riverside.
Tin? banquet mi the evening of the
124 is to t held at I he Ho'el Spok
ane. .Mrtiiagcr Norman has been
made master of arrangements and
has sent Fast for delicacies this cli
mate and soil has not yet produced.
The i.'2d will surely lie an event in
lite mining Interest of thp northwest.
It is not only so, it must lie so, One
Minute Cough Cure acts quickly, anil
that's what makes it no. W. K.
Captain Sweeney, U. S. A., San
Diego, Cab, says : "Shiloir Catarrh
Remedy is the first medicine I have
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Prize fighting received its final
blow when President Cleveland put
his signature to the Catron ant! prize
fighting bill, making it a felony any.
where within the Juriiltion of the
l'ied SMtes.
Tata Writer Thinks Thaaa Aeng Um Meet
Important Thing.
Here is something an observing
person writing in the London Queen
"How many people depend almost
entirely upon little ways in their
progress through life! They have no
special talents to witch the world
with, no great intellectuality, no cu
rious gift, but they have a brilliant
sense of self consciousness that en
ables them to invent and to judge
of their inventions, appraiso tluun,
reject thoso which are worthless, re
tain those which are of valud. And
tba inventions which they retain
aro culled thoir little ways. How
many women, for instance, huva
boon successful in life simply bo
causa 'tboy have such a way with
them !' They are not pretty. Their
sister woinun regard thorn with un
disguised amazement, marveling
what any mnu cau seo in them. And
the men themselves could hardly
tell you why they aru nttracted.
They say of a certain littlo lady,
'Oh, she's awfully taking,' but can
not explain why. But the aforesaid
little ludy can, you may Utqieud up
on it.
"Probably in curly life, lookim?
forth upon tho future, utter long
glances into her mirror, she resolved
what should bo bur armor for the
fray into which she was entering.
There wore many weapons which
sbo might take up. fcho sulectcd two
or tlireo out of tbu heap, and hence
forth thoy becnnio her littlo wuya.
One is a smile, perhaps, an odd, orig
inal, innocent smile, that makes het
look like a child or a baby, although,
heaven knows, sho must bo well
over 'M; another is u turn of the
bead that causes the nock to full in
to a lovely line from chin to bosom ;
a third ia a pensive expression of
wistful appeal that floats into her
eyes und softens her mouth and
suggests infinite possibilities and a
longing for sympathy. Thut longing
for sympathy 1 How it knocks a
man over I Ho Ms it, too, or thinks
he lias, which is almost the same
thing. And ho he responds to the
artificial with tho real and worships
at tho abrino of littlo ways. Perhaps
one would not wander fur from tho
truth iu saying that the world is
ruled by littlo ways. Depend upon
it, Holon had some, und the sioge of
Troy would never have been neces
sary but for a woman's graceful
wiles. Cloopntra probably brought
Antony to her feet by some tiny
trick of quivering an eyelid that
no other woman ever had.
"There is no s)ociul reason for be
lieving that Mary, quuou of Soots,
was a very exceptional beauty, and
many people ure inolined to believe
rather that she was a plain female,
who owed her undoubted fascina
tion to her little ways. Mun have
thoir little ways too. The boau sa
breur bus a manner of mustache
lifting that suggests chivalry and
is quite irresistible. The young fash
ionable actor knows how to assume
a graoeful melancholy, a vague ethe
real despair that draws the crowd.
At homo, over a steak and a bottle
of stout, bo is jolly enough. He has
discarded his little ways. After ull,
little ways muy smack of insinceri
ty, but tboy make life full of va
riety. We could scarcely do without
them. And so let us be thankful for
them, nor condemn the artfulness
that somotinios rises to higb'art."
An Engltnh Johiinln.
Mr. Gcorgo Grossmith, Jr., has
been explaining the ways and man
ners of tho English Johnnie. "I
am n Johnnie myself," ho said
"and can speak authoritatively
about tho character. When Johnnie
rises in the morning, ho docs not
take bronkfast. He takes a brandy
and soda. Then he goes on to his
tailor and pays a friendly call. From
tho tailor Johnnie strolls on to Pio
cad illy and walks that thoroughfare
till 1. Then he lunches at his club,
tho Wellington or the Isthmian. Aft
er luncheon ho hurries home to
change his clothes. Ho goes out again
and walks Burlingtou Arcudo till
dinner timu. In the evening he goes
to tho Gaiety or the Empire, the
only places of amusement in London
thai ho honors with bis presence.
There is no restaurant for him but
the Savoy. There is uo wine for bim
but champagne. Thc.ro are no wom
en in the world for bim but Letty
Lind and May Voho. I was a John
nie myself. I couldn't marry Letty
Lind, so I married bur sister."
t p to Data.
"I will thank you not to nse that
quotation again, MissPhillcr," cold
ly observed tho editor of The New
Woman, pointing out a sentence in
an editorial article that had been
submitt's for bur approval.
Miss Philler understood. She took
the manuscript back to her own room
and changed "No man is a hero to
bis valet" to "No woman is a hero
ine to her maid. "Chicago Tribune.
Th. Mllllonalra'l OIThm.
"That millionaire yonder has
cheated me out of a fortune."
"How? Wouldn't he let you mar
ry Lis daughter?"
"Worse than that be never had
a daughter." Chicago Record.
Heroism af a Schoolboy.
A fire in the third story of a
school building, in Omaha, Neb., in
which 500 children were reciting one
aftfrnoon, created a panic. Several
children fainted, thorj.li all ccaed
without any ferious injury. The
blaze wo of minor importance.
That a catastrophe of great magni
tude was averted Is due to the heroic
conduct of Ollie Dow i s, a 1 1-year-old
boy, whose duty it is to Isat the
Irum which keeps the scholar in
line in emergencies. A sum a the
alarm was given he hurried down to
the principal's office, got his drum
and, stationing himself near the door,
IMiiinded out the tune while the
children man bed away. Hundred
!nrti-d w itn a rush, until the drum
The lire le nr'int rd re-ponded
q'liekly, sod the I.ls7e bad full sway
whdt it arrived, although the teach
ers had varied their duties, by bring
ing pails of water anil attempting to
quench the Maze.
for Infants
rJB HIRTT r J ttwmttis
It in mm ttoMy fc B
thn wria kna mr kw-a. U
eIt t a Jtk. It win to
aamat.U: whicfc h . ltly
chUd'a msdlelna.
CatarUtlartxr Wl
Caatarta ally rrartifca ;
CaatoTt ywrnti V dtl 8 CmruU
CaatorU aaraa Ptarrfctaa and Wind Colt.
Caatarla, raUara Taa thing Tii tM .
Catorta enra Cowatt-wattam and FUtmlaaey.
CaatarU nantroliaaa th anet af aaraanta ld faa ar p olaonenaaJr.
Ca.tori do at eantnla -aoi-pklna, aplnnm. arjtar narcatlcjrgpart.
CamtoHa auimilataa taa food, I aalatkartnmakandllorat .,
tlrln-t hanUfcy and ataia1 alp.
Ca.toria U yil iy U ana-laa ttl jy.Itjtldtojk.
Don't : aUorur aaataaaU 7 anrtklna- al- th 1 f r -rn:
that it Wfmtt faadd" will na war vary wps.'
g that to gat C-A-K-T-O-rt-I-A.
Tha fao-almll
ltnatnra f
Children Cry for
rpytug erupt. h.rivtNNlt
rare not uriwu Ly i'iiint. Notb-i
rliiH ttvt-r -"tl lot'.ittiu-t' tn n row
' lug fprrirt4-. fHierM.U '
f ttatfiu wVrwtiiv Vvrlio tr
. for 1SHH. Brimful of Tnuitpt 1
i tuftirruatlooaljoul tt n1 n--
. M4 fla. I'm Ly uwtU. .
0. M. FEKRV ft CO..
Dotfoit, Mick.
' Sensible Farmer.
The reports from the corn districts
indicate that the farmers propose to
hold a large ortion of the crop for
higher prices. It was exected that
the market would lie flooded as soon
as the fields were gathered, but so fur
the shipments have been comiara
tively small, and the product is being
cribbed in great quantities by those
who are not willing to let it go until
they can realize a fair profit on it.
St. Iuis Globe-Democrat.
Pills do not cure constipation.
They only aggravate. Karl's Clover
Itoot Tea gives perfect regularity of
tha bowels. For sale by the Delta
Drug Store.
Thought he, hail Heard of Hint.
A proud republican papa and his
i:l-year-old boy railed on the aeaker,
and the youngster, for the want of
something better to say, piped nut:
"Mr. Maine K"cd, we have all of
your hooks in our library, and I
think your 'Scalp Hunters' is fine."
Mr. Heed explained that he was
not tho celebrated ('apt. Mayne iteld,
and the boy looked very much dis
appointed. Washington Times.
Consumption, lagriie, pneumonia
snd all throat and lung diseases are
cured by Shiloh's Cure. For sale by
the Delta Drjg Store.
The Farmer has many times
spoken of the Is tielits to be derived
from the use of bi-ulphldoof carbon
in Hip destruction of insect and anl
iniil pests. We have just heard of
another use and another H?st to lie
eradicated by Its use. A lending
horticulturist of Xew York Injects a
small quantity Into the but rows of
the peach tree and other borers; and
then stops the opening with putty.
This should certainly prove effectual
as the drug is a great penefrator and
is sure death to any animal life that
is enclosed within reach of its fumes.
I was nervous, tired, irritable and
cross. Karl's Clover Itoot Tea has
made me well and happy. Mrs. E.
It. Wnrden. For sale by the Delta
Drug Store.
The (Iroat 53s
Xational and Representative
Itepbublican 'ewpaer.
Reduced Subscription,
MIl lilMV HUTIO. IHB-rea,
M Ml A V Fill TIU, SH t 40 pigea,
board In Remi.Weekljr Herllonn. H pare rach
larailay and Friday, la page ever; week.
One Vrar, 11.00; (tlx Month.,, or.
T II E I.I.IMIK-IIFMIM K tT i nnirenally row-cded to lie the lip't of Anirrii nii
newspaper-,, and at these rediel rutea it ii alo tii cheap-!.
Til K (I.OitF. HF.HfM RAT pave (or and f rinta more news than nnv oilier jwiper in
the t 'iiil.il Mince. It will lx inilinjiMe during- tlie rominir jjre:it Niilionnl
( Hinpain, ami the low price placet it within the rm h of all.
THE i;l.OBF..F.10CRiT ia lolil li nevva dealer everrw here at 2 rr-nt-for the
Iiiily and "irrnla for the Similar Innim. 'slivered to rcynUr toil.wrilicrp,
Ihiily aed iinlav, IS renin a week, 01) rent a month. If your Imul di-aler
doe nut linnille it, init tiion lii prornrinf. it for yon, or wml y.ntr -iiWrip.
lion with reniiltaiH-e direct to the piihlinher, ' ,
" l':irtiiiilar attention l railed to
Semi-Weekly Section, eteht patrea every Tneaday and r'rMar; iimklnn il prartirallv
a large Semi-Weekly l'ier fur only One IMIar a Yenr. Thia ieeue jut lillx the loll
fur I tie huy mm, who lin- not tho time to read a daily paper, and yet denirea in keep
prompt! and thoroiiifhly po-ted. It tor to every Stat slmeat to every Poctottire
in the t'nion. All Ameiii-a i il lejjil inula field. No niatter where you live, von
will find It iur iliinlile a newpaier and journal.
Maniple t ple I'KEF. , Appl totloa t
and Children.
of Ctvri Hjk yi-an f
rmrntlj hw1AmUCS
U fcnrml . Cklldroa Ilk it It
tnnlr Ut . 1m M MI.t t
majm and yr tilly -rfet
Pitcher's Castorla.
The modern stand
ard Family Medi
cine : Cures the
common every-day
ills of humanity.
Transacts General Bankini Buainem.
J. W. HUt'TK ..ritMimnn
BEN. HCHOLFIiaD Vtt-c i'smiiDis
I. D. MEKUVMAN ....Cmiiiu
8ella Right Eiobnne and Telegraphi)
Tranxfera, and iaanra Itt-rn of Crrilii
aTailable tlmraghont the I nituu Hlsteii.
Draw bille ol Kzuuant-e on liiidun
Liverpool, Dulilin, l'nria, Hrrlin, Frankfort
on-tbe-Main, Htookholm, and all (iriuoipa
eitiea of Europe.
Oolleotions made on all aooesaibli point.
Banking boon from 9 4. u. to 3 r. m.
I. KOKTIIKOr, Proprietor
Corner Beoond ..and... WaahinKton Hlreete
AFIKHT ('LAKH TABLE, und all ar
eouiraiHlatioiia for Ibe convenience o
C3Charf?es Reasonable
aunurtcTOiiaa or
and all kinds ot Mnrble Work in
Importer and dealer in
A mien ni Scotch Granite Monument..
onicl mi) woaie
2M. Halataa SU I'OKTLAM. OR.
by Mail. Postage Prepaid.
Oaa Tear, fA.oo- six Minlh, f:i.m.
One tear, l.oO.
One Vrar, f 2.00.
The Weekly fi lolpc-Iiiiif-r-L ihul in
0. R. & 1 CO.
C C. McNEILL, Receiver.
.. TO ..
Great Union
Xorthern Ktj. Pacific Ky.
'Minneapolis Omaha
St. Paul Kansas City.
For full lirtall, rail en
J. I. KMtiHT, lllllshoro, Or.,
Or Address, W. II. Ill Itl.Hl KT,
He n'l Tax. Ajreut.
I'ortlauil, . . Oreicoa.
or Tna
Kim TaiiN Liiva I'oarniNu Daili i
I N'orlB
H.6II rul l,v
I'ortlnnd Ar I M:llli m
UMIam I Ar Han Frmicwo l,v tirOOrm
Anova train- stop nt KKt I'urtlun.), Or
-non 'i:v, Wo.xllmrii, huletn, 'turner,
Uarion, JelWson, Allmnv, Allmny JuiliV
nun, Tiinrfent, rilieu.U, II iley, llama
iurn, Junction fity, lrvinir. K'.iircne,
Drum, ami ull Mal.oua Iroiu Itoavburg to
Anliinii.l, ini'liimve.
ri::m a u I Lv
':i" pm I Ar
Halem I'aaaenKur Datiy:
l.v t'orllniid Ar 111:15 a m
Ar Sleiii l,v HIKam
lll.MXfl t'A ItS OX Ot.OEX ItOlTE.
.. AND m
Serond-( I118R Slerpln; t'nrs
Attacrid to All Through Tuain.
Weet Hide Diviniou.
Mail Train Dally (Eioept.Bnuday).
70 A M I Lv
SM a if I Lv
12:15 p M Ar
' Lv
5ni. r
! r m
At Albany and Corvallla connect
wall trainn of tli Oregon Centrul A Kat
ern Ky,
Expreaa Train DHily, (Exoept Mnnd&y .
t:4ri p M I l.v Portlntwl a7Tu'..k .
li OTi p m Lv HillHlMiro I,r 7.IH a k
7:25 p m Ar MnMinnvilte Lv r.M a v.
TH lit It 'OH TICKETS to all oointa in tli
KaHtertb Hfatea. fuiiA.la arl l,'n,..u. .
obtnined at lowest ratee from A. H. 1'en c
atreni, uniHDoro.
H. KOKHLF.lt, Aaat. H. K. V. A'f
atanauar. I'ortland nt-l
Solentiflo American
Agency for
CtaiON TaiT.
fiaatiifiu. - -
r.Li!Lm txji ' "". New V..i.
Oldnt tnirrau f.r arriirlat IMtFnU In Alnvrlca,
r. n Su'," u'" out b u" ' brow-til l-r.w
tlx puUla bf a notloa (Inia Irmm otcaarg la laa
9 (it tttific Swriom
lr?f etmiUtlna of trtv avifitifle twnr in k
SiSl ihoSK,rw'T.,!"u,'r1
rvu.um-1 B-ujwar.ToTw VurkCur
Caveat, and Trada-M arks obt.intd. and !! I'au i
ent busntna conducted for MooraaTt rrra
Ooa orncct Oeeearrt O. a. Patcmt o-eiert
and are can mi ure patent to kaa Luu luaa tUufec i
1 remote from Washington. i
I Send model, drawing or photo., with, desrrln-1
Oon. We adnaa, if patentable or But. fire olj
caarr. Our fee not du till patent i aorured. i
coat ol aai In the V. S. aod foreign wunttwa J
$100.00 : .
Given Away
Every Mouth
to tha Demon anhmlttlng tae
aaarltorloaa lavaatlo
w Lf h ZP::"" month.
FOK I N V R N TO RlC and the
object of thia otTer"!? to en
courage ponone of an Invent
Ive turn of mind. At the
earn time we wiah to luipreai
It's the Simple,
Trivial Inventions
That Yield Fortunes
'Iie.?J"a.r thl" Hu.nn,"
a a i11!;,?l.?Y,rr on" ermeatvea
other. Why not p,,, lt i ,, '
l!.!1 . ,h". "'rectton. Muy
-...., fortun.. Wh7 n,,
COvMt. orttiw4.f
. w.,.v
! lVttVn4Tlra1lla. ax tw.
Li i o bf "TCT 'houeand
to tba leawl ng feawaaaiiar i .1
Laii4 MtoUa. Hie