The Forest Grove express. (Forest Grove, Or.) 1916-1918, September 05, 1918, Image 8

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    Government Financing
Invest your surplus or idle fu nds in U. S. Short Term In­
debtedness Certificates earning four and one half par cent.
You may convert them iato Fourth Liberty Loan Bonds
for a permanent investment if yov wish.
These certificates hear the same ex­
The First National Bank
m . r .
J o h n s o n . P res.
c h r is
A . J. DEMUREST. C a s h ie r ,
W A N T E D — Names of patriotic
men and women who will rent or
loan flags for decorating during
County Fair at Forest Grove,
Sept. 19 and 20 Address or
phone R. H. Jonas, Manager,
Beaverton, or A. E. Scott, Secre­
tary, Forest Grove.
We deliver ice cream to any
part of the city. Tell it to phone
632. Ottice Shearer.
TANLAC sold only by Littler’s
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Smith had
as week-end guests Misses Louise
Healey and Catherine Jiles of
Portland, and in their honor gave
a little picnic party at Rippling
Waters, last Sunday. Those en­
joying the day together were, Mr.
and Mrs. Roy and Virginia, Mrs.
W C. Benferand Kenneth, Misses
Caherine Jiles and Louise Healey,
Winsor Moore, Mr. and Mrs. C.
E. Smith and Gertrude.
Empty dry goods boxes for
sale at the Book Store. 32
Mrs. W. S. Kurre of Indepen­
dence, Ore., is moving to this city
to make her home Her sister,
Miss Manila Crabtree, will enter
P. U. The mother will come
shortly and join her daughters.
We are now prepared to supply
all comers with apple and peach
boxes. F o r e s t Grove Planing
Mill Co.
Two youngsters, whose com­
bined ages is 125 years, H. G.
King and W. B. Potwin, sawed
500 cords of wood in August.
They’d be good ones to send
against the Germans.
Share 1 Share Alike
PKTBRSON. v i c e .
Illinois Pure Aluminum Ware
at the Gordon Hardware Store.
Concessions for Sale— Applica­
tions will be received any time
for concessions at the Washing­
ton County Fair. Address R. H.
Jonas. Manager, Beaverton, Ore
It is easy to make out the con­
dition of a neighborhood as soon
as a perfect discription of the
highways come to hand, and a
town without command of good
roads always wears a benighted
look. T he moral effect of rapid
School Notes
Mr. Dopp will attend to the
duties of the city superintendent
as well as his own.
Miss Alta Soule has accepted
the position of teacher of chem­
istry. Her other work has not
yet been assigned.
Methodist Church Services
All services as usual.
There will be a meeting o f the Ep-
worth League cabinet at the parsonage
Friday evening.
JOHN H. EBERT, Pastor.
Little Girl Injured
Little Annie Crop, eight years
old, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Vic Crop of North Plains, was
kicked in the head Wednesday by
a horse and terribly injured. She
is now in the Hillsboro hospital
It is expected she will recover.
Poor House Burns
The county poor house burned
For the purpose o f assisting in to the ground during the night of
the winning o f the war, this ad­ Wednesday. The building was
vertisement is paid for by the
old and n o t worth more than
$1500. The sad feature was that
two of the inmates were burned
to death. They were unknown in
this district.
(U. S. Food Administration License
No. G 34147)
Phone 061
Illinois Pure Aluminum Ware
at the Gordon Hardware Store.
C. E. ROY & CO.
$2.75 to $7.50
$3.00 to $3.50
65c to $1.50
Dress Shirts $1. to $5.00
W ork Shirts 75c to$1.00
65c up
Sox, etc.
Suits made to order$19.50
and up.___________________
Frank S. Gordon
Meets Tragic Death
— .
This community w a s greatly
shocked Thursday morning to
learn that Frank Gordon, the
hardware merchant, had early the
! previous evening been drowned in
; a deep pool at Rippling Waters.
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon, Hazel
Stockman and Eddie Morton had
driven to Rippling Waters for a
short outing. They h a d gone
swimming, Mr. Gordon, having
gone into the water, sank almost
immediately and did not come to
the surface even once. The ex
planation of this is that he died
probably not from drowning but
because of heart failure.
Archie Bryaut, who happened
to be up the stream a little way,
heard the shouting and hurried to
the spot. The body could have
been in the water not more than
half an hour. It was brought to
the surface a n d to the bank
through the effective and praise­
worthy work of Will Harrison and
Harold Sappington. The hurried
and persistent use of the pulma
tor, securied at the substation,
failed to resuscitate and Mrs. Gor­
don and those who stood by were
presently convinced that the life
of our well known fellow-towns­
man had left the body of clay.
At this writing, Thursday, 2 p.
m , the body is at the Buxton
undertaking establishment. Ar
rangements for the funeral have
not been completed, awaiting the
arrival of the Rev. Mr. Gordon,
brother of the deceased, who lives
in Astoria. The funeral will prob­
ably be held at the Methodist
It goes without saying that the
deep sympathy of the community
goes out to Mrs. Gordon, to the
father and mother, and to the
other relatives.
Better vision Glasses.
Dr. Se-
Take Notice
By order of Provost Marshall
General Crowder.
All men of all classes subject to
draft are hereby ordered to report
to Court House promptly at 8:00
p. m., Sept. 11, lti 18. This in
eludes All Men from 18 io 45.
All patriotic citizens are urged
to attend. Learn to co-operate
with the War Department. Help
put millions in France ahead of
schedule. You can save the Gov­
ernment THOUSANDS in money
and weeks in time.
Instructions will be given by
representatives of: State Council
of Defense, State Committee of
the Army Y. M. C. A, and Ore­
gon Social Hygiene Society.
Create morals to defeat the
This meeting held by order of
the War Department.
Congregational Church
Tonight at 8:00 o ’clock. Mid-week
Service, led by the pa*tor. Theme:
“ The Church as the Pillar and Pedestal
o f the Truth.”
Sunday morning, Mr. Patten will
preach on “ A Man’sGrasp and a Man’s
Reach,” or “ A Heaven to go to Heaven
for, and a Heaven to go to Heaven in.”
Sunday evening at 8 o ’clock in the
church, the pastor’s theme will be
“ Casta waya. ”
Sunday School at 9:45 a. m.
A. B. PATTEN, Pastor.
Mrs. Levi Walker, a firm er resident
o f this city, but now o f Lincoln, Neb.,
who has been visiting friends and rela­
tives in Yamhill and Polk counties, is
now with relatives in this city. Mrs.
Wslker is s graduate of Pacific Uni­
versity, and for several years taught
in the Indian school near Salem. Her
two daughters, Misses Elda and Leva,
are also graduates o f P. U. and are
teaching in the University o f Nebraska.
Mr. Walker died here about ten years
J . A. Thornburgh
J. E. Bailey.
W. W. McEldowncy
( ’«shier
Forest Grove
National Bank
Only Roll o f Honor Bank in County
AUGUST 30, 1918 Liabilities
Loans ............ $361,028.33
...... $ 25,000.00
U. S. Bonds
...... 42.516.64
Other Bonds
Deposits...... ....... 644.532.37
Banking House
Other Real Estate 3,056.17
Stock in Federal
Reserve Bank ......1,800
Cash and due from
Banks and U. S,
Member Federal Reserve Bank Int. Paid on Savings
Fourth Quarterly Conference Held
The fourth quarterly conference
of the Methodist church, always
the most important of the year,
was held Tuesday night in the
Reports o f the year's
work both as to membership and 12 copies The Woman’s
as to finance were lead. They
showed the church to be in good
condition. The District Superin­
tendent was sick and so the Rev.
Total $1.40
Mr. Gilbert of Oregon City came
and presided at ¡he conference.
Christian Church
The continuoua morning service opens
with the Bible School at 9:45. Com­
munion 10:50; lermon 11:00. Evening
worehip and sermon 8:00. Pulpit themea
next Sunday: Morning, “ The Para­
mount Isaue.” Evening, “ Divine Dem­
onstration; The Need of It.”
A Pitless Prune
When W . L Cady was in Cali
fornia four years ago he visited
Luther Burbank, the plant wizard,
Mr. Burbank showed him a pit*
less prune, which he had pro­
duced b y cross breeding. Mr.
Cady bought one of the trees and
set it out on his lots here The
tree bore fruit for the first time
this year. The prunes are quite
without pits, except that on one
side of the little kernel there is
the vestage of hardness resem­
bling the substance of a pit-wall.
The prunes are delicious in flavor,
but are a little smaller than the
average of Italian prunes. This
may be accounted for by the fact
that the tree stands much in the
One curious fact is that at least
one li mb cut from the tree and
stuck into the ground is growing
F o r o n ly 55c
2 Y ea rs o n ly 95c
Mrs. Richards’
Novelty Shop.
Children May Help
The War Department has re­
members o f
Industrial c l u b s . Junior Red
Cross and War Savings societies
make it t h e i r especial duty
to assist i n collecting peach,
plum, prune and cherry pits and
all kinds of nut shells for use in
making carbon for the gas masks
needed for our soldiers. The pits
should be spread out and dried off
nicely and put in sacks and de­
livered at the following places
from which they will be gathered
or shipped:
Hillsboro— Kerr Bros. Real Es­
tate office back of Postoffice.
Forest Grove — Good Invest­
ment Co., opposite Postoffice
Banks— Postoffice.
Beaverton — R. L. Tucker’s
Real Estate Office.
Gaston— Postoffice.
Tigard— Postoffice.
Tualatin — E. A . Robinson’s
Sherwood—J. E. Morback’s of­
Laurel— Postoffice.
Manning— Postoffice.
County School Supt
Saturday afternoon Mesdames
J. S. Bishop and F C. Tayior en­
tertained for Helen Bishop, a for­
mer P. U. student. Monday af­
ternoon Mrs. L. P. Rockwood en-
tained honoring M i s s Bishop,
Mesdames R F. Clark, B F.
White, E. E. Williams, R. T.
Williams, C . W. Creel, W. J. Mc-
Cready, J. S. Bishop, R. Olm­
Dr. George T. Darland, Chiro­
sted and Mr Gilmore of Portland. practic and Na*ureopath Physi­
Mrs. J L. Howard and children cian, A street and First Avenue
left Sunday for Grass Valley, Ore­ North, Phone, Main 676.
We omitted in last week’s issue
gon, where they will reside.
Mr. and Mrs. George Skiler, have a good part of the story of Ar­
started for Long Beach, Calif., in their thur Shearer’s hunting trip. It
seems that in the tidewaters of
the Siletz river are the favorite
Job printing—phone 821.
play grounds of the fish With an
Get ready for Hop Picking.
angler’s i n s t i n c t Mr . Shearer
Let us furnish you with your
learned of this and proceeded to
needs, such as Canvas gloves.
cast his hook in that stream
Overalls, Work Shoes, Coveralls
huge 27-inch lish responded and
or Unionalls in Blue or Khaki.
was duly landed. Then a big
A. G. Hoffman & Co.
Jack salmon was gathered in, fol­
Have you seen our new Bag
lowed by several stocky salmon,
Handles? They are new, classy
that must have been a delight to
shapes; open up just like a hand
bag, some open square too. A.
Miss Constance Cartright of
G . Hoffman & Co.
Salem, the new teacher of Biol­
Let us take your measure for
ogy in Pacific University, was in
your next suit. We have just re­
thpeity Tuesday, looking over the
ceived our Faff book of samp'es, campus, plant and laboratories.
and we guarantee a perfect fit.
She expressed much satisfaction
A . G. Hoffman & Co.
at what she saw.