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IfiUTiü drmt? îExmrHB
FO R EST G R O V E . O R E G O N . T H U R S D A Y . J A N . 31, 1918
Vol. 3
in the Ranks.
Herman People
Start Rebellion
Valentine, comic
mental. at the Book Store
No. 4
Four Learn to Ride
The Woodman Goat
There was something doing at
M . W . A . hall Friday night, when
the members of the Forest Grove
camp, Modern Woodman of the
America a sisted by members of
the Banks camp, initiated two
members of the local camp and
two for Banks. The goat was
feeling fine, as were the candidates,
: ' g if
{and several nice set-tos were
pulled off.
Consul Tumbleson,
and Escort Clyde
Mrs. W . G . Harrington and lit­
a uj
Perry of the local camp were ably
tle dauuhler of Portland were in
assisted by Members A lee, Ink
this city over Sunday, the guests
ley and West of Banks and State
of M r. and M rs. B. F. White.
Following on excellent supper,
Deputy J. W . Simmons of Port­
J. C . Turner and family, old
A '-
served by the Aid Society in the
land. After the initiations, the
( ’ hristian church, 45 members and Croat ilia county friends of the*
members and visitors enjoyed a
several dozen invited guests of Jim j R Ritchie family, arrived Friday
sub.-tantial feed of buns, weiners,
ex|x*et to sp nd the winter
the forest (h o v e Brotherhood last and I e>
pickles, snails and coffee, served
Tuesday evening heard debated here
by the local committee.
that “ Oregon
¡cam e a rattling good speech by
Mrs. M F. W hite Saturday en­
Should Adopt the Program of the tertained it dinner 12 ht'l girls;
Deputy Simmons, who told the
National Non-Partisan le a g u e .” in honor of the seventh birthday
members of the wonderful growth
7 &
It .1 Simpson and R E Putnam anniversary
the M W A . was making in this
of h e r daughter.
( f (§ f A . *5
handled the aflirmative and W . J Susan.
He told of the number
¥ m
M c ( ’ready and L . M . Graham
of Woodmen in Uncle Sam ’s ser­
For Side— Team of good work
paintid the la-ague and its pro­
vice in army and navy and stated
mares, 8 and 9 years old, weight
gram as an unnecessary evil. Be­
that the head officers of the order
about 130b pounds each; also et
fore the fireworks the Brotherhood
had made an offer to the govern­
members decided, by vote, that harness and 3)^-inch wagon. In­
ment to take care of the first 500
quire of Joe A . W iles.
no decision should be rendered and
tubercular soldiers returned from
Schultz's ad in this issued con­
this wi iter admits that he is still
many yards of outing flannel and Fiance, at the order’s big sanitar­
Red Cross Activities
in doubt as to which side won, tains some information from the
other material to be used in the ium at Colorado Springs, Colo.
Interest is steadily increasing
hut all the points and arguments Oregon representative of the food
making of layettes for the babies Deputy Simmons is an excellent
were made « xtremely intere.sing. ¡administration, as well as some in the work being done by the of French and. Be'gian refugees. speaker and he knows Woodcraft
President Inlow presided.
' hints from the Schultz ad writer M ili'ary Relief Com m ittee, as Inrormation
h a s reached this from A to Z.
Before the meeting adjourned
Murnett Roe of Gaston tespond* i
In a few days the Book Store *h >wn by the attendance at the Branch of the dire need for such
ed to an invitation to speak and will have a supply oi ‘ service j Sewing^ Unit in 'he Red Cross reli f. without which many hun­ it was decided that the Forest
lore the hide od some of the war flag’ ’ station-ry, containing from rooms Thursday afternoons, there dreds of babies will die of cold and Grove and Bank- camps should
profiteers With Red Cross w o rk -; one to four stars. Also stationery having been 65 pre.-ent at one of and < xposure this winter. The s t a - t a membership contest, the
chairman wi her to make mention new members to be initiated at
ers paying as high as $4 40 | er te aring the flags of America and the recent meetings,
pound when raw wool was b rin g-! her allies.
The Secretary, Mrs. Seymour, of the courtesy extended by A . B. Banks on the night of Feb. 22,
ing “ o n ly " 70c. In- thought the
r a i..rr«n a p will meet Saturday and Chairman, M rs. A . B. Todd, Caples in selling all such materials (W ashington’s birthday.) Walter
I.» gru-- was needed in Oregon,
-j,)' Twelve candidates have ;,nd M rs. Chas. Hines attended a at the cost price, which has made Roswurm, Joe W iles and W . C .
Ideivi, ranci,,
„ f , h e worker» oui at possible the buying of a much Benfer were appointed a com m it­
A t a business meeting earlier in
tee to secure transportation for
m ittee
tee on ! - dot»!
the evening the com
. "
....... n
..,1 report „ a . very
.u ..,.
fh p rw K p n
a v o hot-n
those who will go from here. All
church fede ation reported having e ected to attend the state meet­
desiring to go please
offered a plan to a joint meeting ing in M ay.
Routine work and
The following officers were elected: did|y in ‘ his great work
The notify one of these Neighbors.
of the three boards last Sunday dinner.
T . P. Hines, Chairman; M rs. Nich women of Ddley are working en-
and that the matter was now in
Entertained Club Members
M rs. M I Con well and M rs. J Lilly, Secretary; M rs. Harrison thusiastically, as are the women
the hands ot the several boards.
age of Portland visited at the Heisler, Chairman of the Militery at Gaston, who have organized an
M i-s Aria Keene, last Saturday
The membership committee re­ ¡home of M r. and M rs. Harry
Relief Com m ittee, a n d
Frank auxiliary. The women
of the afternoon
a large
po ted five new nn mbers and re- W hitney Saturday and Sunday
Allen, Chairman of the Civil Re- Kansa- City district are also now number of the members of the
ceived several more at this meet- and on Sunday M rs. Graendyke ¡¡(.f Committee
The unit th ir e 1 working as a unit. The Bu<y Sacajawea club of M cM innville
¡o f Dilley joined the company at w.j|j secure materials though the Bees at W atts are sewing and re- and a few of her most intimate
the W hitneys.
Forest Grove branch.
Port th» interested co-operation of Forest Grove friends, auction five
... . . . »
The local high school ha ket
The W om ans Relief Corps of
women of the di-trict, as does hundred being the medium of
amusement, followed by a three-
ball team disposed of its old riva's Forest Grove tecently donated 3 a s0 ‘ 'ie
a ‘ Groveland.
course luncheon at 5 o ’clock. The
decorations were carnations and
pussywillows and the hostess was
assisted in serving by M rs. D . R .
Cheney of this city and M rs. W a l­
• g u n tv.
Portland, Jan. 30.— After Feb. ter Miller of M cM innville,
and evening was well patron .zed stated a b o ve.
hereby expressed. The members
3d no baker will be allowed to
The guests were Mesdames,
and was w
w" r
’ °
rjai., j Stewart aged 25 years of the Relief Corps are
ire now meet sell bread containing more than
ad mis
ljaK i
oiewarc, ageu zo years,
is ton.
ion, even when the charita
Jack Sptnce, Ralph W o tman,
95 per cent of wheat flour and by Frank W ortm an, M D . Warren,
hie purpose of the enterpri-e is formerly employed at the Martin with the S*wing
Feb. 20 the proportion of wheat Merle Wrightf Franze Oielsch-
forgotten, und the ladies, headed & Forbes greenhouse, died a» the day afternoons.
The local Branch wishes to ac­ flour must be reduced to 80 per
by M rs. Chas. Hines, are to he home of his uncle, A M . Culver,
neider, J. Gordon Bake-i, W m .
Harley, buckwheat, corn
congra uluted on their success as inar Haynes station, last M onday knowledge the kindness of M ertz cent.
Hagerty, John M aloney, J. S.
builders of
programs and as of tuberculosis. The body will he and Keene for their gratis launder- flour potato flour, rice flour, corn ' Burdett, Boise Fenton, Kelten
gatherers of sheckles. The enter­ shipped tomorrow to Ten M ile, ing of many articles of Red Cross meal, corn -larch, corn grits, hom- Perry, Richard M cC ann, Gilbert
tainment nett, d ¡i profit of more Douglas county for internment, supplies; to K . N . Staehr for the jny, oat meal, rolled oats and rice Tilbury, Edgar Linnden, D . L.
than $50, which goes into a fund The nearest relative to deceasd is use of a sewing machine; to Mrs. may he used as substitutes, but Wheeler, M el Stout, W . C . Miller,
to he loaned to deserving girls a sister, Mrs. M ay D . K lem m , of ( arlyle also for the use of a sewing not graham, whole wheat or rye. Fred Brawley, Herbert Toney any
machine, to M 's - Anna Dixon and
Merchants are forbidden to sell M iss Laura Pennington of M c ­
seeking educations
The pictures Douglas county.
were very good and music lovers
U u le VWa SpillerSe»t|rU>in,,la '
K h n t #0Mr wUhoot " ” * * one M innville; Mesdames D . R Chen­
were Wt II pleased with the musical
number of little friends Saturday, terials used in Red Cross rooms. third its weight of one of the sub­ ey, S E. Todd. A B. Caples,
program, which opened with a de­ Jan. 26, in honor
stitutes mentioned above.
Chas. M ertz. Chas. W alker and
. .
The Gaston women brought in
lightful selection by W alker’s or­
M iss Manche Langley of Forest
Last night was by far the cold­
chestra, followed by Eleanor M e- games, tin / “ r.tT piayi" § var!ous 8 dozen dish towels, which will go
children sat down to a forw;irj with a large shipment the est of the year, the mercury get­
Eldowncy, who sang Brahm's “ La
In J?* 5 .c‘" [ e,;.of ¡latter part of this week, an item­ ting down to 20 degrees above
dainty lunch.
Conservation Meeting
Serenata” so well that she .. wa‘s the table the birthday cake was
The Conservation committee of
recalled and favored thi audience
Up wj(h 7 little pink
luxuriantly that some of it is the W om an’s d u b will hold an
with ,,
a ‘ ummor candles. Those present were: Dor­
The local Branch has purchased pretty badly frosted.
open meeting at Langley hall at
ic i*
l'<ail Heisehtnann ( sang otby Bryant, Olive Fuqua. Helen
1 1 ---- 1 —----- ■ ’
---- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 o ’clock next M onday afternoon
“ VV hen M y Ships Come In and, Danielson, Elaine and Mildred
to hear Miss Edna M ills, govern­
as an ^encore sang
.Sweet Miss (jiitner> Blanche and BilleBriton,
home demon­
M ary.
^ rs*
‘¡‘ « Y » >u»» Ruth and Charley M unkers,W ilm a
will talk on
Civil W a r : : : :
tion was M y Own
mh'd - tates
îloisler, Katherine Ahlgren, Della
and she, too, was recalled.
I Sebi ie, Lillie Thom as, Katherine
Jones, Vera Marie Sills, Elizabeth
Relief Corps Attention
this meeting.
» r. n
u •
and Vida Spillers.
Rev. A . B . Patten having m vit-
In 1863, during the Civil War. we the post as he had been informed they
c*(i the Corps to attend ( n u n V on
Prep Emergency Course Et P. II.
were camped at Charlotteville.Tennes- were enlisting men for the service. Benefit for the French and Belgiam
Sunday morning, Feb. 10th, when 1 . . .
, ,
. ,
, , , _ sec. recruiting the 12th Tennessee Cav- The major stated that he had been cor­
he will preach a sermon on Abra- .
tllard, head of he ( hem- a|ry anil RUarding the front,
rectly informed. The okl man said his
A card party will be given at
ham Lincoln, all members are istry department ot Pacific Unt-
While we were on picket post, an old neighbor’s boys were anxious to join
the f.deral army, bnt were afraid to at­ the K . of P hall, Saturday even­
hereby called to me.-t at their 1 ve|?“ y« ha? »cheduied for the sec-
tempt coming out without an escort.
hall at 10:30 a . m . of said day. oml simester a lecture course on on picket. The sergeant of the guard That struck the major very favorably ing, February 9, for the benefit of
was called and he asked the old man
the French and Belgium refugees.
M rs. Lillie Buxton, Piesident.
an< 1 ie n ar' , ,-113 r(?UIi’f some questions in regard to his busi­ anil he enquired as to the number of
will be open to the public without ness. He wanted to l>e introduced to men that wanted to enlist. He said All are invited to come and have
Misses M artha and Gertrude charge.
Meetings will be held the commander o f the troop camped eighteen, or possibly twenty. Then the a good time, playing500 and rook.
Allen entertained a few friends once each week, probably at 3 there. The sergeant marched him up major remarked to his new friend, A short program will be given be­
“ Would you go down the street a short
very delightfully Friday evening o ’clock Friday afternoons. The to headquarters and introduced him to distance and take a toddy with me, and tween cards and refreshments.
the commander and he soon made him­
at a theater party in honor of first meeting, for purposes of or self acquainted with the commander. then we will go to the hotel and have Come and help the war victims.
D on’ t forget the date— Saturday
M iss Margaret M cFeeters who ganization and discussion, Will be He stated that he lived in Centerville, dinner.“
'eve, Feb. 9, 1918. Admission 25c.
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held at 3 o ’clock Friday, Feb. 8 ¡Tennessee, and that he had come to j
soon leaves for Portland.
C . M. Campbell of Carlton was
ine s visitor in town yesu-r-
Amsterdam, .Ian. 30. A half
million workers w. nt on strike in I day.
P> rlin M onday und fiv«? aeroplane
Mrs M . T
Mates and daugh-
factories are shut down.
T hi- lei of Gaston were shopping in
news was printed in soei ilist pa town yesterday.
p en received from Mu in today.
The Southern
Pacific people
Among the demands of i he .strik­
have moved the Wells Fargo e x ­
ers are “ immediate pe-.ce, without
press office ftom the passenger to
annexation or indemnity ”
I I he freight depot.
I im
Brotherhood Debate
Proves Interesting
U ? r ' ,unt ?[ V “ *•“
Benefit Performance
Well Received
Food Administration
Makes New Ruling
O W N TR A P : :