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    will never go back Into ilorm-Mtlc serv-
llcro I n the formulu for tho mobili­
zation of national innn power and na­
tional llnanelal reeourcee: Discharge
your servant* and see Unit they get
enllMted In national eervlre. Have the
money that you would have paid them
In wagea and buy war bond«.
government will pay thnt money to
your former servant* aa wagea for
making munitions. The rent of tho
money that you auvc by reuaon of clr-
eumacrlblng your dorneatle eatabllab-
menta will bo deftly taken away from
you by the government through Ita In-
atruulentalltlea of tazntlon and uae<|
to maintain the armies In F rune« and
In alinoat ull the other quarters of the
world. Another energy thnt la being
tupped Is the great clnx* of women
who havu never Imagined that It wna
part of their life to engage In gainful
occupation. There are fewer of them
In Knglund by u good many hundreds
of thousands than there were before
the war. Hut there are still tnnuy of
them, and the effort Is to enlist them
for useful service.
Tho difficulties experienced by airplane cameramen In making photo-
graph* of enemy movements below bu s brought about the luventlon of u new
device, the pistol-camera, which greatly facilitates their work. Tho German
airmen originated the pistol-camera, and the one shown In this British official
photograph was captures] by a British uvlntor.
Gold Nuggets Worth $1,195.
Coffee Creek, Cal.—Three gold nug­
gets, with a total valuation of $1.153,
were portions of a cleanup made re­
cently by I’atrlrk Holland In his placer
mine near here. One of the nuggets
was valued at $<100, another $-100 and
the third $155. These are the largest
nuggets found In the county for sev-
[ eral years.
The remainder of the
¡cleanup, which amounted to $000, was
I In small gold, several pieces of which
i were valued at $5 each.
Government Begins Final “ Comb
Out” for Men to Swell
Military Ranks.
Those Unable to Fight Are Called for
Other Necessary Service— Econ­
omy of Effort, Expense and
Material Demanded.
London.— With 5,000.000 men In uni­
form, and with other millions, both
men nnd women, engaged In occupa­
tions hardly leas directly concerned
with the war’s prosecution, England
Is organizing one more “ comb out” to
And men for military service, and both
men and women for other essential
employments. The appeal for men to
don uniforms and for workers Is ac­
companied by a renewed Insistence
upon the utmost economy of every ef­
fort, expense and material. Economy
Is the watchword of tin* new national
service campaign under tho direction
of Sir Auckland Gcddes, minister of
national service.
"Woman's clothes are the grave of
an enormous uniount of human ener­
gy," he said. "New hats ulone absorb
the work of millions of fingers, nnd
whatever effect they may have that
effect certainly lines not Include help­
ing to bent the enemy.
“ If we are to make the grent of-
fort that wo should make, If we really
arc going to make the greatest effort
In our history, our Imnglnntlnn must
be quickened to understand the effect
of our smallest actions. Everywhere,
In practically every home, we ure wast­
ing something. I ntn sorry to say that
we have great organizations which ex­
ist to encourage waste."
Sir Auckland Insists, the govern­
ment Is beginning to Insist, the people
lire beginning to understand, that con­
sumption to a grent extent has got to
stop. The producing capacity of the
country has got to he saved to turn
out the absoluto necessurles of life
nnd of war.
National Army at Camp Grant
Favors Measure.
Vote 4,001 to 130 for tho Military
Training of All Boys of
Rockford, 111.—The Eighty-sixth di­
vision of the National army emphat­
ically ndvocutes universal military
training for young men. By the “ di­
vision" Is meant not its officers but
Its enlisted men—Its privates, ser­
geants, and corporals—men taken from
civil life In tho Inst three months un­
der the selective service act.
The first sergeants of 38 companies
nnd batteries have polled their men
on the question and have reported the
* Tbe question asked was:
“ Do you think all young men should
have at least six montha’ military
training when they reach nineteen
years of age?"
The rase Is being Inld before the
British people now In the very sim­
plest terms. Not only Is everybody
urged to eat the least possible amount ■
of food necessary to muintaln good
physical condition hut everybody 1*
told that he must wear Ids clothes
longer, must he satisfied with putehed
boots, must cut down his expenditures
for every kind of luxury, for amuse­
But thnt la only the beginning. The
hands thnt would have been occupied
In making the new dress that my lady
Is not going to tiny and that therefore
will not be made; the fingers thut
would have employed themselves pre­
paring the confection of a hat thnt Is
going to he forsworn; the skill and
handicraft that would hnve fi und oc­
cupation producing suits o f clothes '
that nre not going to he boughc or
worn; all these must find employment
of nnother kind; employment at pro­
ducing the things necessary, and ab­
solutely necessary, to nntlonul life and
national war.
Domestic Service a Probl m.
Particular attention Is being given
to the problems of domestic service,
which represent Immense wastes of
human energy. Nowadays n woman Is ;
likely to lose her soclul standing If
she advertises for a servant, especial­
ly If she mentions In the advertise­
ment, ns many English housewives do,
thnt lier establishment I based in the
hut 1er and three maids model, o the
butler, houseman nnd four maids
model, or something of that sort. For
1 her advertisement Is likely to become
the basts of derisive comment by folks
who wonder why the butler is not In
uniform nnd some of the maids at
This great big human doll Is most
least In n munitions factory.
successful ns an agency of gathering
While the authorities who nre hunt­ funds for relief organizations. The
ing for man power nnd woman power costume is most unique nnd attractive
Insist that altogether too much of It and will prove to be of the same good
Is wasted In domestic service, house- I purpose everywhere if young ladles in
holders declare that It Is becoming the many cities will tnke to wearing It
practically Impossible to got service at the many bazaars throughout the
at nil. Moreover, It Is likely to con­ United States to raise funds for the
tinue so for a long period, because ! soldiers nnd for many other worthy
women, young and old, who have purposes.
tasted the satisfaction o f that more
The costume Is mnile on full lines
Independent existence that Is vouch­ nnd Is something on the style of n rid­
safed to other workers arc almost ing habit, except for tho curiously
without exception determined thnt they shaped hat.
The return cards show these totals:
Number of men favorable, 4,601.
Number of men opposed, 136.
One side of the curd was left blnnk
for "further Information or remnrks.”
Whnt was written there showed the
rensons for the vote. Tho emphasis
wns about equally divided between the
benefits to tho men receiving tho train­
ing nnd the protection of the nation.
The geographical sour<^» of the unit—
whether It carootfrom the congested
areas of Chicago or the open hills of
Wisconsin—seemed to make no dif­
The question wns put before the
men on Its own merits nnd without
Old People Elope.
Minneapolis, Minn.—To escape whnt
they characterized ns "the small town
gossip,” Charles F. Mayo, seventy
years old, and Mrs. Louise Young,
fifty-eight years old, eloped from Ne­
vada, la., and were married here.
The Alabama output of graphite dur­
ing the present year will double that
of the previous record.
Harvard Professor Would Makg Brit­
ons Familiar With Great
London,—A plea for the erection at
more stntues of great Americans In
I/union wns made here recently by
Professor Suinlsbhrast of Harvard,
apeuklng before the American Lunch­
eon club.
“ We who hnve the chnnee," he said,
"must do all In our power to make
England better known to Amerlcnns
nnd America and Its people better
known In England. Any misunder­
standing that may exist between the
two countries Is purely the result of
Ignorance of one nnother. I would have
statues of every great American set up
In London, so that every Englishman
as he walks through these streets may
learn to know the features nnd story
of Benjamin Franklin, George Wash­
ington, Abraham Lincoln and many
others who stood up for liberty and
made It possible for Great Britain,
France and the United States to stand
together today In the battls for h u m s»
State College to Work Out Program
• for Bigger Yields.
A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A * A A A A
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Washington’s contribution to the war
cause will be intensive stimulation of
A large delegation o f residents of
crop production.
At a conference in the Elmira district arrived in Eugene
Spokane last week of E. O. Holland, Saturday to urge the building o f the
Eugene-to-Florence link of the Central
president o f Washington State Col- j
Oregon Highway by the most direct
lege; E. F. Benson, o f the state de- 1 route, regardless o f the communities
partment o f agriculture, and Charles served.
Hebberd, chairman o f the food supply ^ Coquille sawmill concerns whose
and conservation committee o f the men joined the Loyal Legion of Log­
State Council o f Defense, it was de­ gers and Lumberworkers hare gone
cided that the state college work out a the government one better and have
program at once for greater food pro­ instituted local branches of the order,
which are to hold regular meetings and
“ Winter wheat sowing in the state discuss the requirements and current
was only 15 to 25 per cent of normal,” topics connected with their work.
said Mr. Hebberd.
“ We must depend
The Linn county budget for this
upon spring sowing to increase the year was adopted by the County court
wheat crop. The situation as it ex­ without a protest. The total amount
ists now is grave.”
to be raised is $337,242.90. The tax
Definite plans will be formulated at levy will be 11.2 mills. This levy is
a meeting in Spokane January 25.
three-tenths o f a mill less than that o f
last year. Included in the budget is
Stops Sale o f Bread in Quantity Lots. an item of $4500 as a war emergency
The sale o f bread in quantity lots by fund.
bakers and retail merchants has been
The Coos County court has issued an
forbidden by Charles Hebberd, food
order to uniform a reasonable number
administrator for Washington.
of Home Guard companies at a cost of
ruling is effective at once and applies
approximately $800 per company. The
to bread dealers whether licensed or
first to apply for equipment were the
Elks and Sons of Veterans companies
“ The food administration for Wash­
of Marshfield.
Each has about 75
ington rules that the sale of bread in
men and it is estimated the uniforms
quantity lots—three loaves for 25 cents
— is a wasteful practice an encourages will cost the county $10 each.
Hair-pulling rather than a suit in
over-consumption and the leaving of
stale bread on hand in fam ilies,” says court settled an alleged case of aliena­
the instructions sent to bakers and re­ tion o f affections at Albany Friday.
tailers by Mr, Hebberd. “ You are The affair got into the Police court,
notified that effective at once, quantity however, as an assault case. When
prices are to be discontinued.
In fu- j Mrs. Charles Simpson met Mrs. W. O.
Wimmer on the street the former ac­
ture you will make loaf price only.”
The distributors have been notified cused the latter of alienating her hus­
that they may make the price either band’s affections. The charge was de­
eight or nine cents each, but must not nied and a fistic encounter ensued.
make the price dependent upon the
The Lincoln County court has cre­
number o f loaves sold.
ated the office o f county agricultural
agent for Lincoln county. The amount
o f $1600 was appropriated for the
current year.
0 . M. Plummer, of
Portland, appeared before the board
and made a plea for the appropriation,
from the standpoint o f food conserva­
tion and as a special representative of
the department of Agriculture, at
Wheat— Bulk basis for No. 1 grade:
Hard white — Bluestem, Early Bart,
Allen, Galgalus, Martin Amber, $2.05.
Soft white— Palouse bluestem, forty­
fold, White Valley, Gold Coin, White
State Labor Commissioner Hoff has
Russian, $2.03.
White club— Little inaugurated the campaign for obtain­
club, Jenkins club, white hybrids, ing exact data on farm help and crop
Sonor, $2.01. Red Walla Walla— Red conditions for 1918 throughout the
Russian, red hybrids, Jones fife, Cop- state, by sending out letters to all
pei, $1.98. No. 2 grade, 3c less. No. granges and farmers’ unions in Oregon
3 grade, 6c less; other grades handled outlining the plan to be adopted. He
by sample.
also designated the first week in Feb­
Flour— Patents, $10.
ruary as the period for concentrated
Millfeed— Spot mill prices: Bran, effort to get information from the
$33 per ton; shorts, $36; middlings, fariners to be sent to the Labor de­
$46; rolled barley, $60@62; rolled partment for compilation.
oats, $62.
Money supposed to belong to E. J.
Corn— Whole, $84 per ton; cracked,
Frasier, who left Eugene recently
after being convicted on a charge o f
Hay— Buying prices: Eastern Ore­
forgery, was found on Gearhart Beach
gon timothy, $25<d26; alfalfa, $24
Tuesday afternoon. The money is now
per ton; valley grain hay, $24; clover,
i in possession of City Marshal Ober, of
$22; straw, $8.
Gearhart, and the authorities at Eu­
Butter—Cubes, extras, 45@46c per
gene have been notified. It is thought
pound; prime firsts, 45c.
Frasier became demented and com­
prices; Prints, extras, 46@48c; car­
mitted suicide. A man bearing his
tons, lc extra; butterfat, No. 1, 52@
description was seen in Gearhart for
53c, delivered.
several days, acting in a peculiar
Eggs — Fresh ranch, current re­
ceipts, 47@48c per dozen; candled,
Secretary o f State Olcott issued
50c; selects, 55c.
Poultry — Hens, large,
20c; p«r 18,632 automoble licenses during the
pound; small, 18c; springs, 18(i/ 19c; year 1917, as compared to 33,917 for
ducks, 20c; geese, 14@18c; turkeys, 1916, an increase of approximately
live, 20dri22c; dressed, choice, 30@ 15,000, or nearly 50 per cent over
Veal— Fancy, 15@16c per pound.
William Ackres, o f Roseburg, 103
Pork— Fancy, 17@18c per pound.
old, died Saturday at the county
Vegetables — Tonfhtoes, $2.50 per
crate; cabbage, lj@ 2 J c per pound; let­ home. He was a Kentuckian, born
He has relatives in Coos
tuce, $2@2.25 per crate; cucumbers, in 1814.
$1.35@1.75 per dozen; peppers, 15® county. He was the olderst white
17c per pound; cauliflower, $2.25@ man in Douglas county when he died.
2.50 per crate; sprouts, 1 0 @ llc per
Bandon has quarantined against
pound; artichokes, 85c @ $ 1 .1 0 per Marshfield to prevent spread o f scarla­
pound; garlic, 7@8Jc; squash, l|c per tina in that city, and the Bandon
pound; pumpkins, lie per pound; cel­ health officers declare several school
ery, $3.50@4.52 per crate.
teachers who visited in Marshfield dur­
Potatoes—Oregon, $1.25@. 160 per ing the holidays will be quarantined
hundred; Yakima, $1.50@1.75; sweet promptly upon returning to Bandon
potatoes, 4ic per pound.
and kept under surveillance for 10
Onions— No. 1, $2.50@.2.75; No. 2, i days. Three new cases have occurred
2 per hundred.
in Marshfield within the past two
Green fruits — Apples, $1 @ 2.25; days.
pears, $1.25 @ 2.25; grapes, 7c per
Heppner celebrated New Year’s day
pound; cranberries, $13.50@16.50 per
under sunny skies and with a temper­
Thus far the
Wool— Eastern Oregon, 50@60c per ature o f 65 degrees.
pound; valley, 55@60c; mohair, long winter has been mildest on record and
stockmen are jubilant.
Grass on the
staple, 55c.
ranges is still growing, and indications
January 8, 1918.
are that Morrow county will plant the
Med. to choice steers.. . .$ 9.76<a:10.25 greatest acreage in her history this
Good to med. steers........
8.60@ 9.50 I winter. Some uneasiness is felt over
Com. to good steers........
7.00@ 8.40 the fruit crop, as many of the trees
It is
Choice cows and heifers. 7.00@ 7.60 | are almost ready to bloom.
Com. to good cows and hf 5.75@ 7.00 feared that freezing weather later may
Canners............................. 3.00@ 5.25 prove disasterous.
4.50@ 6.75
Walter Meals, a well-known resi­
C a lv es............................... 7.00@10.00 dent o f Josephine county, committed
Stockers and fe e d e r s .... 6.00@ 8.00 suicide by shooting himself in the
H ogs-
forehead with a .32 caliber rifle, early
Prime light h o g s ............. $15.45@15.60 Sunday morning.
Prime heavy h o g s .......... 15.50@15.65
The Indians o f the Shaker faith on
P ig s ................................... 13.50@14.50
the Klamath reservation have decided
Bulk ................................. 15.60
to combine with the original Shaker
Western lambs................. $ 13.00@13.60 corporation o f this sect at Olympia,
Valley lambs..................... 12.50tiil3.00 Wash., and Sergeant Brown left for
Yearlings.......................... 12.00@12.50 that point Saturday to complete the
Wethers............................. 11.76@12.25 arrangements for the local organiza­
E w e a .................................. 8.00®10.00 tion.