The Forest Grove express. (Forest Grove, Or.) 1916-1918, January 10, 1918, Image 2

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Make« It Weapon Through Censorship
and 'Publishes "N ew s” Made
Strictly to Order.
legatlon who, when A m bassador Elk us
re tu rn e d to America, becam e a tta c h e s
of ne u tra l legations th a t they m ight
ca rry on the work which they knew
must bo done to Have these children.
All sum s of money a r e being dls
patched to th e w orkers with the least
possible delay. T h e funds go direct
to Sw itzerland, from w hence the bunk
ers tr a n sm it the sum s to the A rmenian
com m ittee on th e ground. Supplies
a re purchased In th e m a rk e ts there.
T he c o m m itte e w herever possible e s­
tablishes the homeless and dependent
In such a way th a t they m ay e arn th e
• i
j ,|
j j i
m - - I few ce n ts ne c e ssa ry for existence and
Huge rund Needed to Check [help oth e rs in tho «amo labor. T hey
1 work on relief supplies and hospital
Sufferings of Women and m a te ria ls so th a t the work can 1 be » ex
tended through th e ir own labors.
T h e ca m pa ign Is a most w orthy one
G i m u i e i i w n u nave d cc h ind
ono whlch
doman«i doubled
W ashington. D. C.—Evidences of
the care the Greman governm ent is
Witness Says Profiteers Scented
Brief Resume Most Important taking to direct public opinion and so
to deceive not only its enemies, but its
Wealth in Shoddy.
Daily News Items.
own people is contained in a series of
secret instructions issued to the Ger­
man press by the censorship, which
have fallen into the hands of the S tate
departm ent.
These instructions cover a period of
less than three months of last year,
HUI’I,ort HH b‘,<au"w
r*' ryone
* ro not
but they tell a complete story of how
U H V C I I r Fmm
I Hnmps
I UI I I CO. ,lult6
w o u Known horr‘>
to e ve
Fat C ontracts Said to Have llu n g on
Events of Noted People, Governments the Teutonic w ar lords control public
a r e the sad sto rie s of Belgium ami
rerm ission to Use Inferior Cloth
and Pacific N orthwest and Other
Owners of newspapers and publish­
own sh o res. T h e com m ittee Is helped
in Making Army Uniforms.
ers generally not only are lim ited as to
In a few days every m an and wo­ by th e A m erican Red Cross, w hich
Things W orth Knowing.
the character of the articles printed, m an In Oregon will be approached by gives $:100,000 p er m onth to th e work,
but in many cases are told what they a m e m b e r of th e A rm enian Relief but must rely on the spirit of « ve r y
T h a t w orker probably I man. woman and child In this and
should publish and in what term s.
Washington, 1 >. <’. Kt<H|»oimibility
B ritish patrols have again crossed
Labor disturbances, food shortage wUl havo much ground to co v er and O th e r Htates to keep h u n d red s of thou
the Piave river, on the Italian front. and difficulties in securing and d istrib ­ inay n o t tell you the whole story of sa n d s of c hildren alive this winter. for shortage of arm y clothing was
A rmenia. If he told you all th a t has T hose who will not be personally soil placed upon the [supplies com m ittee of
They forced a passage a t various uting coal are placed under the ban, been
said of condition», there, th e mind cited can send funds to th e Oregon
points causing alarm in the enemy newspapers are urged to give prom i­ could n o t pic tu re It. T he most hor­ h e a d q u a rte rs, 61.1 Stock Exchange, the Council of National Defense l»y
nence to enemy losses and to certain rible sto rie s of G erm an a trocity In Portland, to J. J. H a n d sa k e r, secre Colonel Elm er Lindaley, q u arterm as­
te r's agent at Philadelphia, teatifying
prescribed interpretations of interna­ Belgium, th e ravages of Poland, Ser tary, or Ren Selling, tre a su re r.
John S tark, of Athol, Mass., an tional situations.
at the senate com m itees’ w ar inquiry.
bla. all th e terrible history of d e v a s ­
Am erican student at a French flying
Another witness, W illiam Bianchi, a
A hint of the relentlessness of the ta te d E urope has been outdone by
school, was killed on Saturday when authorities in punishing infractions of G erm any's ally and pupil, Turkey. HUNGER
IMPERILS ALLIES Nwe York dealer, who has purchased
his machine suddenly plunged to the orders is contained in one notice, in T h e pupil ha s passed the m a s te r so
collh for foreign arm ies, charged th at
ground while he was flying at a height which attention is called to the fact fa r In th e horrors brought to the
an unnecessary wool shortage “ scare”
peaceful A rm enians th a t history Itself Food S ituation in Knglnnd, France was created to increaau the use of
of 200 yards.
th a t the police " h av e again been no­ will sh u d d e r a t the task of making
and Italy Reported Grave.
wool shoddy ordered for arm y g a r­
An official report received from tified to seek out and to bring to ru th ­ record.
ments by the supplies com m ittee.
Aden, a B ritish port on the Southern
Colonel Lindsley contradicted the re ­
coast of Arabia, says th at the B ritish m unicators of untrue m ilitary, politi- Geers, d rove off the farmer, m erchant tion in the allied countries of Europe
and peaceful Armenian. Men of mtll- is g rav er than it has been ut any tim e cent testim ony of Vice Chairm an
destroyed the defenses of Hatum, Sat- « 1 . financial and economic reports
Kiscnman, of the supplies com m ittee,
Severe casualties were inflic-
1° another notice sim ilar w arning is
th at the com m ittee had secured an
ted on the enemy.
given th a t the police will "proceed
abundance of cloth for army needs.
i energetically” against those who re-
He said th ere is now a shortage of 1,-
A B ritish torpedo-boat destroyer has peated untrue reports,
000,000 yards of cloth and th at the
been torpedoed and sunk in the Medi-1 Interesting light is thrown upon the
supplies com m ittee system was re-
terranean Sea according to an adm iral- l j ■ Berlin view of the preparations for
s|M»nsible for both delays and friction.
ty announcement issued Tuesday. All war in the U nited S tates by a p ara­
G arm ent m anufacturers, the witness
the officers of the destoryer w ere graph of an order dated June 6, last.
dcclarud, are w ithout sufficient cloth
saved, but ten members of the crew It says:
to keep th eir factories working to r a ­
were lost.
"W h ile the news about A m erica’s
pacity and in th at connection he said
w ar preparations, such as the organ­
Senator McNary is assured by the ization
th a t “ hag g lin g ” by the com m ittee
and outfitting of an arm y
W ar departm ent th at there is no 1,000,000 strong to reinforce
w ith the Am erican Woolen company
foundation for rumors, current in Ore­ French-English front, is looked upon,
last sum m er over prices had caused a
gon, th at a transport bearing some of n th a t form, as ‘bluff’, the spreading
lo ss to the governm ent <>f 3 ,0 0 0 ,0 0 0
the Oregon troops had been sunk. All of which may unfavorably atfect the
yards of cloth, many looms l»eing idle
the Oregon troops, he was told, had opinion of the German people, yet the
for two or three months.
S trik es of
landed safely.
garm ent mnkera also have caused some
fact m ust not be overlooked, on the
delay, he said.
Heavy artillery fire took place dur- other hand, th a t the U nited S tates,
Bianchi said the wool shortage
ing Tuesday night near Bezonvaux and w'th the support of its capacity for
“ sc a re ,” as he term ed it, was in the
C ham brettes, N ortheast of Verdun, the m aterial and industrial m anagem ent,
in tere st of m anufacturers of shoddy
Paris w ar office announces. A German ' 9 arm ing itself for w ar w ith g re at
garm ents.
Am erican cloth
raid on French trenches north of Hill energy and tenacity.
not havo fac­
304 and the opposite bank of the i “ The war preparations in Am erica
tories eq u ip p 'd to make all-wool g a r­
Meuse was repulsed.
are therefore, as was intim ated in the
m ents, and therefore could not have
| reichstag a t the tim e, not at all to be
shared in the w ar contracts if shoddy
Senator Smith, of South Carolina, made little of, but must be taken seri-
had not been approved for army colth-
has been chosen by the senate steering ously w ithout on th at account being
ing. European arm ies, he asserted,
com m ittee to be chairm an of the in- made a source of w orry.”
are b e tte r clothed than Am erican sol­
te rsta te commerce com m ittee, succeed-
Serious economic conditions are dis­
diers and he severely criticised tho
ing the late Senator Newlands. He closed by the censorship orders. One
use of shoddy, declaring it wholly un­
will have charge of the adm inistration . forbids the publication of advertise­
railroad legislation in the senate.
m ents of dog m eat for sale.
“ It is desired th at it should be
A t a m eeting of the official board of clearly and distinctly put in the fore­ ta r y ago w ere sla u g h te re d by thou since the beginning of the war and is
the parish school of the T rinity G er­ ground th at the enemy offensive has sands. Women who w ere beautiful giving American governm ent officials SOLDIERS TAKE INSURANCE
. th re w them selves Into rivers by the deep concern. Official re|s>rts picture
man Lutheran church called Tuesday u tterly failed on all
fronts, th a t the j thousands and thoso who w ere too old
a t Sterling, Colo., to consider abolish­ entente has no alternative
extrem e food shortages in England, American (.and and Sea F ighters Buy
but to a t­
ing the teaching of German, it was de­ tem pt a new offensive, as the eneftiy’s or too young died along the roads to France and Italy.
$3.(MM),000,000 W o r t h .
th e N orth untitl th e ir bleaching bones
cided to go a step fu rth e r and suspend statesm en are still against peace.”
The fact th a t conditions in Germany
a r e more num erous th a n th e rem ains
W ashington, D . C.— More than $3,-
school for the duration of the war.
“ Recent R euter dispatches which of th o buffalo on ou r W e s te r n plains and A ustria are far worse offers the 000,000,000 worth of governm ent in­
B utter is selling in Berlin at $2.25 have entirely English reports fro m ! look a t the re q u e sts of the Food Ad­ the situation.
surance has been bought by American
per pound, sugar at 56 cents a pound, Russia, concerning the commencing! m inistration w ith a second glance, be­
soldiers ami sailors, S ecretary McAdoo
ham and bacon a t $2.11 per pound, and dissolution of chaos, etc., and strikes c a u se we know not even th e slig h te st is described as critical in a cablegram announced in a statem en t urging ujton
Am erican soap at five bars for $1.12. are worthy of notice. It is requested: want, can h a rd ly picture m en and to the food adm inistration Monday ; the men necessity for filing applica­
This inform ation, received by the food always to make such news as English w om en —human beings form ed as we from Lord Rhondda, the B ritish food tions for policies before tho expiration
adm inistration, comes through a reli­ reports and to assume an a ttitu d e of are> wjth affections and feelings as wo controller, which concluded with these of the tim e lim it set l»y law.
able source. The prices are from four reserve toward them and occasionally have th e m - eating grass and the flesh words :
who joined the colors before last Octo­
of dead anim als th a t they may find
to five tim es as high as those prevail­ to add thereto a critical w ord.”
“ I view the situation with grave- ber 15 m ust apply for insurance before
“ Concerning the most recent bomb along the roads. And yet they con-
ing in the U nited States.
February 12, 1918, and those joining
attack by a German flying m achine on j sider them selves m ore fortunate than
In Italy conditions are not as good a fte r O ctober 15 m ust make applica­
those who are still under tho clawed
Two m illion ripe bananas were London nothing may be published.”
in eith er England or tion for insurance w ithin 120 days a f­
offered by the United S tates F ru it
te r entering the service.
company of Boston, Wednesday, to the the resolutions adpoted in a strik e excuse of the Gorman director, name-
Soldiers and sailors who are depend­
Food adm inistration of Maryland for m eeting of the Leipzig Unions and of ly: “ Military nec e ssity .’’ Since w a r
ing on the autom atic insurance provid­
distribution among the poor.
Owing a telegram sent to the Im perial chan­ was declared a t le a st 2,000,000 of
the first commodity to be put under ed by the governm ent until February
to the fact th a t the vessel carrying the cellor are not perm issible.”
th e se people ha v e been sla u g h te re d control.
D istrbution of b u tter and 12, 1918, are warned th at th is is only
“ The publication is to be avoided of or have sta rv e d — m erely because they
fru it was held up a week by ice in
will be taken in hand next partial and lim ited protection.
Chesepeake Bay, the bananas had be­ anything concerning the state of the wore Christians, because th e y believed
will be added as they
come unsaleable through regular chan­ clothing m aterial business and con­ in th e broa de r m a nkind and chose our
All of the principal GERMAN REVOLT REPORTED
cerning the purchase of clothing m a­
T h e y prospered and m ade It possible foodstuffs will be rationed by April.
terial in the occupied districts as well
for th e T urk to live In his own land.
Reorganization of the W ar depart­ as in S w itzerland.”
25.000 Unwilling to Be Drawn to Big
m ent, begun w ith the creation last
A dvertisem ents of undertaking es­ But, when w a r came, it b rought th e
B attle on W estern Front.
month of the war council of high gen­ tablishm ents which seek the removal
h o r r o r and his m e n w ho do w h a t the
eral officers, advanced a step further of the bodies of fallen soldiers are not b e a s t of the wilds would n e v e r do,
London—A dispatch received here
Tuesday w ith the appointm ent by Sec- ! to be accepted.”
began driving the A rm enian from the “ Deutschland L’ber Allies” W ritten from the Russian wireless service says
re ta ry Baker of M ajor General George
“ It is not desired to discuss or even land of tho T urk.
th a t 25,000 German soldiers in the re­
Across Law yer’s Q uestionnaire.
W. Goethala, acting q uarterm aster to mention the German im portations
gion east of Kovno have revolted.
T h e order com m anded them to leave
general to serve also as director of from abroad, especially from Holland. ” before night of th e sa m e day, ab a n ­
New Haven, C o n n .- M aximilian von
German deserters stated in conse­
W ar departm ent transportation a n d 1 “ In the in tere st of a victorious car- doning all th a t th e ir lives had built. Hoegen, a young lawyer of this city, quence of tho governm ent’s d ra ftin g
j rying through of the war, which is en- T h e m en of robust age w e re ta k e n to who has a ttra cted notice by German all soldiers below the age [of 35 for
. dangered by every stoppage of work, th e T urkish a rm y and th e n c a to the utterances, returned his d ra ft ques­ dispatch to the w estern front, the
P rem ier Clemenceau, a dispatch expressions of the press which recom­ deserts, w here th e y dug th e ir own tionnaire to the d ra ft board here, it aforem entioned num ber of men re ­
from France says, has sent this mes­ mend a strik e or express them selves graves. T urkish soldiers bragged th a t was learned Monday, w ith “ Deutsch­ belled and marched out of the battlo
sage to P rem ier Lloyd George: “ With otherw ise in favor of a strik e are for­ they had used a xes to m u r d e r them land uber alles” w ritten across it, and line.
my most hearty congratulations, I bidden. U tterances which are directed with, as It saved th e valuable shot.
statin g th a t he has “ an overwhelming
They then entrenched them selves
In this land of desolation th e com ­ desire to see Germany victorious in
hasten to send you those of the French against strik es are indeed not subject
w ith rifles and machine gunB ag ain st
nation, those at the front and in the ’ to the censorship, but it is supposed
now working, doing th e noble things the w a r.” A t one tim e he claimed to the of other German units. The G er­
interior, for the adm irable speech in ! thereby th a t they are kept free from th a t will save a t le a s t th e c hildren | ',e an agent of the German govern­ man m ilitary au th o rities have been
which you so happily stated the truth j im m oderate sharpness which could and babes of those who ha v e been m ent and a rep resentative of the form ­ powerless Qngainst the revolters and
th a t one m ust never become weary’of offer m aterial for irrita tin g
the m assacred o r burned. T h e w orkers er German am bassador to W ashington, are try in g to cut off th eir food sup­
opposing the G erm ans.”
a r e form er a tta c h e s of th e A m erican Count von Bernstorff.
The central powers, w ithin lO^days,
Teachers M ust Own Up.
will m ake new declarations regarding
T. H .—Steps will shortly
G erm any’s peace conditions, a dispatch
p out pro-Germanism
from Geneva to the London Daily E x­
press quotes the Munich N achrichten. and lukewarm Americanism among the
900 odd school teachers in Hawaii.
A heavy demand in London for cop­ H enry W. Kinney, superintendent of
ies of the American blacklist has de­ education, is preparing to send out
veloped the fact th a t the names of a question cards which m ust be filled in
num ber of representatives of B ritish by every school teacher. These cards
firms in South America are on the list. will contain certain questions which
nce the American Consul General m ust be answered w ith “ yes” or “ no”
I pther Am erican officials have been and which, it is believed, will bring
red for details.
out the pro-German sentim ents.
Earl Reading Acceptable.
London—The Sunday Observer says,
in regard to the appointm ent of a B rit­
ish ambassador to th e U nited S tates:
“ I t is assumed th a t Earl Reading,
Lord Chief Ju stice of England, accept­
ing the office in the public in terest
and a t considerable sacrifice, will be
the new ambassador to the United
States. It is known th a t his appoint-j
ment will be particularly acceptable to
President Wilson and the American
T rading Rules to Stand.
Chicago— Board of Trade directors
decided Monday to make no change in
trading conditions in corn for future
delivery. This action was taken, it
was intim ated, a t the suggestion of
the National Food
A dm inistation.
The present legal maximum prices of
com for fu tu re delivery is $1.28, al­
though cash sales touched $1.50. F a r­
m ers are said to have protested th a t
present conditions discrim inate against
them in favor of consumers.
Italy Increases Army.
Washington, D. C.— Italy has adopt­
ed a drastic new policy to increase her
fighting forces.
Physical require­
m ents have been modified, and all men
between the ages of 18 and 44 years
previously exem pted for defects are
ordered to present them selves for
fu rth er exam ination.
Those accepted will be m ustered
into the arm y Jan u ary 16. It ia e sti­
m ated the decree will bring more than
600.000 men to th e colora.