The Forest Grove express. (Forest Grove, Or.) 1916-1918, February 01, 1917, Image 4

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    ®lje JFnmtt (Srmte
might represent only one dollar
saved either through the reduc­
Published every Thursday at Forest Grove, Oregon.
tion of waste increased conserva­
W. C. Benfer, Editor and Publisher.
tion, saving of time or what-not, j
Entered as second-class matter Jan. 12, 1916, at the poatofflce at Forest Grove, it would mean an aggregate of at
A Comedy-Dram« in Four Acts,
Oregon, under the Act of March 3, 1879
least one hundred million dollars
Will be presented by THE CATHOLIC YOUNG PEOPLE
added to our resources.
There is a lot of inspiration in
joining the multitude, especially
if all are going to benefit
Have you decided on your
and looked it, one of the campers thrift action for Thrift Day ?
Nose stopped up ?
a-ked ‘How long you been riding
I' will make every day there-
Feel depressed ?
a bicycle. Uncle?’ Scratching his after more thrifty. The b e s t -
Pain in back ?
grizzled head a moment, tie old habits we ever form have small ( U rtilin It ISPS H t 8 O’c lo c k ,
Admission 2 5 c
Same in chest ?
man replied. 'Come two year next beginnings
Limbs all ache ?
month. Grandpa guv it to me
Thrift Day will stand out as a
A stub is attached to each ticket and Heats may be reserved
Blood a-fire ?
on my ninetieth buthday.’ ” The red letter day in the lives of many
further cost at the Pacific Drug Store. All reservations
Eyes a-blur ?
traveling man don’t tell stories individuals,
must be made before six o’clock on the duy of the play.
Quickly tire?
in Smith's hearing any more.
j Thrift Day is a day for thought
Got a cough ?
.and aotio^—G . Y Clement.
Got a sneeze ?
Most of the so-called statesmen
Do you pant ?
S Y N O l»S I S
Maybe you have been thinking at Sa,om ran on platforms con-
Do you wheeze ?
of Thrift Day and planning to taininR the word economy,” hut
........... by the per-
You don’t know
Martin Winn, n farmer, who
has been widowed
take advantage of it.
How far that doesn t signify that the pres- j fljy 0f a man nametj Cranston, has a beautiful daughter, who ¡ h
What’s the rip ?
have you gone ?
ent -es ion is going to cost the tax j ju st returning from a boarding school and a visit to her friend.
Easy guess—
It’s the grip!
Possibly you have noticed that
*e8s t*ian ^,rmer sessions. Alma Wayne, of New York. While in New York, Ruth has for-
when the neighbors ashes next he canny candidates meant they gotten her lover, Leonard Everett, and has been attracted by the
It isn’t what you earn that in­
sures you comfort in old age ; it’s door are hauled awav, there are v' lH1< )e economical with their dashing young Harold Vincent. The father opposes young Vincent
only cinders and ashes in the can; ° " n ' ands'
was because of a resemblance which he thinks he sees to Cranston and
what you save.
and you have decided that, tart- t>ar , 1
one senator WU8 to° the play centers around the love-making of the young people and
Oregon’s soldier boys are com- ing on the morning of February busy looking after private bu i- the op|>osition of the father,
ing home from the border, and 3d, your ash-can henceforth wju ' n<^s to P^m it his going to Salem
A strong vein of Comedy runs through the play through the
none too soon, either.
-contain only cinders and ashes in-
, pn sklent of the senate op- ailments and lo\.‘-making of Mrs. Poplin and Josiah Tizzard and a
; stead of that large proportion of P0'ntkt^ a 8Uhstitute for the miss- Sj,rjg fit jy young “Topsy” type, called Lindy Jane Aunt Melissa
Thrift is a mighty good thing,
‘‘black diamonds” that you have
st*nator• They ju-t couldn t ¡8
kind-hearted peacemaker with all parties.
but the miser, who takes from cir-
cJtatTon‘9 0 ^ V ts ouT irev'erydor
was,in« for SUch a .on« time. £ * •
lar that crosses his path is a You have just been putting the j ®
R. E. Burns
greater menace to his community j
now you have de , , hen ihe county c<,ur, of ' am' | Martin \\ inn, with memories of the past
than the spendthrift. Make your
money your slave, but have a
- A A . Hollrvoet
care that it doesn’t become your going to be set for fifteen minutes 'agriculturist in the field, the farm- Josiah '1 izzard, an umbrella-mender
Loretta Hermsen
On the other hand, your de- Minnvllie passed the hat around j Alma Wayne, Ruth’s friend from the city
- -
Perry Ward
The big jingo newspapers that cision to start a thrift habit on
raised the necessary funds. Aunt Melissa, Martin's si*te"
- •
Lottie Lee
are under the influence of muni­ Thrift Day may be that of being M. S Shrock, formerly of this city, Mrs. Poplin, a widow with a pension and ‘symptoms,” - . -
are not at all more thrifty with your health, is the county agent the Y a m h i l l ..............................................................
, manufactuiers
. . . .
Mrs. R E. Bums
pleased with the presidents ap- and ^ ¡ p g tbat ex,,rcjse ¡n the county farmers refuse to give up. Lindy Jane, who “ helps around,”
I.«ena Smith
peal to the war ing nations to morning before you start the per-
state their ptaoe terms. Thi ^ OJ- confinement at your desk
studying how to teach a rural the oppostunity of meeting with
munition men don’t want peace;, f o f th e io n K d a y
j The e|g h t h g ra fIe examining school in the rural department at the people in the ru al communi-
war is more pro ta e.__
Your thoughts of Thrift Day board, which is composed of Prin- J Monmouth during the past se- ties at the Parent Teachers’ As-
The fact that General Pershing may include thrift for others. cipal R. L Wann, Orenco; Prin- mester and are now being M-nt sociation meetings, Hteraries, etc.
destroyed large quantities of gov- You have come to a realization cipal Lester C. Mooberry, Cor- out by the leacher, Mr. Pittman, The week is to close with a big
ernment supplies, “ to keep them that one should start young the nelius; Principal J . P. McGlasson, j head of the department, to spend rally at Cornelius, where t h e
from falling into Villa’s hands,” practice of thrift.
North Plans, and H A. Ball, ja week each in a real rural school, young students and the regular
when the American guard-men Knowing that 'Thrift Day is
met at the superintendent’s of-1 They have
studied the theoretical teachers will meet for a day-of
evacuated Mexico, would indicate soon to be here you have been fice last week and granted the i *>de of the question and are now j conference a n d celebration to-
that the war department might, encouraging that little fellow in following eighth grade students’ going to -tu d y the practical side gether.
with profit, inaugurate a few re- your home to sequester ten cents diplomas:
I of it. Washington county is only > President Ackerman and Miss
forms on Thrift Day
out of his 25-cent allowance each
C o r n e l i u s School — R u b y one of five counties to be visited. Rosa B Parrot will be present to
week so that on Thrift Day he is Thompson, Wallace McPherson, j The other counties being Yamhill, participate in the program of the
Forest Gro\e people w o ha\e g0jng
hilVe a celebration by Leon Barrett, Wilma Leiter, M a-! Polk, Benton and Marion.
day. It is understood that the
been fearful that Pacific Lnivers-, starting a savings account of his zie Gragg
| I hes> young teachers are to students of the rural department
ity might go to Aiban>, through own> He has been busy with h s
Hills boro School—Willie Ketch- visit with some of the best rural of the Normal are looking for*
consolidation with Albany U° ’ ; pianning# It has been all figured am.
teachers of each county, observe ward to this week with very keen
lege, now have a chance to show out
Dilley School—Beatrice Dixon,. the teacher’s work, and render pleasure.
how much they want the Uni-
You have determined that you Vernia Goodrich.
¡any assistance that they may,
County Superintendent,
versity to remain in Forest Grove. are going t0 carefully nourish his
Forest Grove School—Selma both to teacher and to the child
Tractor For Sale'
Elsewhere in this issue is outlined mjn(j ea,| ¡n jjfe with practical Wehrly. Lucinda RufTum, Manley ren. and if the teachers think
a plan for giving students an op- thrift—a thrift influence the ben- Jasper, ______
Francis ______
Duycke, _____
Nancy j them strong enough, they may 13. ^ ‘‘¿ X 'S i n g t d o w ^ X l V ’lW
portunity to earn their way thru efit
wbjcfi yOU failed to receive. Moore, Russel S m i t h , Gladys be permitted to try and teach a I ca.«h or part in trade. Grant Bail
college. R‘ad an'l ( !fi‘-‘st th*-
y es—and your wife has be- Mallory, Milton Winters, Thelma class. 'I hoy also hope to have • ey, Phone D. H. 535.
plan and if it meets your approval come interested through reading Haynie. Ruth Burlingham, Vin-,
go to Presinent Bushnell and tell the papers and listening to the cent Ogilvie, Marjorie Haskell,
him ju.-t how much you will do to t hrift plans of others “Mother” Bessie Williams, Lawrence Pierce,
bring to this city a factory that has decided that on Thrift Day, Leslie Emerson, Frank Duyck,
will give to Torest Grove a pav- p efiruary 3dt she i going io start Oscar Humhurg, Theresa Haek,
roll. Some of the heavj property t h a t household cost-accounting Ethel Tupper, Harold Lee, Greta
owners could afford to make very book that she has put off for these Ross.
liberal donations toward the pro- severa| years. She says she is Jacktown School—LaVeda 01-
ject for an industry with a pay- gojng to know “just where the son, Oliver Church, Una Davies,
roll would increase the va.ue of money goes ”
Beaverton School—Charlie Fry
on any promise we make to deliver work on
every piece of property in town.
Y o u knoWf an(J everybody
Witch Hazel S c h o o l- E th e l
a given date. The Express has one of the
“ By their " or n
best equipped little printing plants in the
s^a ‘novv knows, that there are a thousand Saxton, Cornelia Deleye.
ways to practice thrift In every ReedvilleSchool—0 ive Wil-on.
Willamette valley, liv in g added several
A bunch of truth-stretchers were direction that one turns, there Postmaster J. C. Lamkin of
hundred dollars’ worth of material to the
busy at their favorite pastime in is opportunity for greater effi- Hillsboro has turned over to the
William- plant for
the Roe furniture store a few day- ciency, and that’s just what thrift county school Superintendent a
ago and a travelling man had just is.
i large quantity of garden seeds
told the crowd that Tacoma was
Thrift brings people together in which will be mailed to all school
purposes and more good material is on the
so healthy that the undertakers a better understanding; and if children asking for them,
way. The management would very much
were nearly all going out of busi- better understandings are the re-
Miss Selling, the teachi* in the
appreciate it if those in need of stationery,
ness, when Claude Smith remarked suit of Thrift Day.what a wonder- Bailey district, north of Beaver-
office blanks, or any other kind of printing
that people lived to be very old ful institution it is.
ton, is serving hot lunches at
would call at the office for samples and
in Oregon. “A few years ago.”
When everybody registers one noon The school is working for
prices. If you’re too busy to come to the
he began, “a few of us were camp- little action in the way of a thrift Standardization and the County
office use the phone and a representative
ing on the Wilson riv-r and one habit in the aggregate for our Championship spelling diploma,
will call on you.
evening an old gray-beard stopped whole country it runs into such Washington County is to he
at the camp and asked if we had stupendous figures that we all visited during the week beginning
any liniment, saying he had in- stand aghast.
Feb. 18 by two dozen students
jured his back in falling off a bi-
For every American to start on from the Oregon Normal School,
cycle the day before. As the vis- Thrift Day a thrift habit that The>e young people have been
Friday Even’g, Feb. 2
Verts’ Hall, Forest Grove
Come and Enjoy a Real Treat!
We’ll Make Good
. . . JOB PRINTING . . .