The Forest Grove express. (Forest Grove, Or.) 1916-1918, December 28, 1916, Image 2

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Net Income From All Sources During
1916 Exceeds Billion.
“ Something Behind” Belief Prevalent
in Minds of Many.
W ashington. D. C.— More than SI,- i
London—The Monday morning newa- j
000,000,000 net income from operation
l>apera again are giving ample space to
Brief Resume Most Important was mail« by the railroad* of the coun- Judge Galloway, Salem, Finds President W ilson’s note, Hssidously Aged and Children Are Believed
try during the year now closing. The i
seeking to p enetrate any possibly con­
Daily News Items.
Fraud in Hyde Entries.
Lost at Wichita, Kansas.
huge total is the peak of prosperity in
cealed motive th at may have led the
railroad operations, and stands more
President to what is considered here a
than one-third higher than the total of
most inopportune movement.
1913, heretofore the banner year.
According to the W ashington cor­
S tatistics gathered by the In terstate
respondents of London newspapers the
Commerce commission^ complete for
opinion in the United S tatca as well as
nine months and made the basis for
here is th at there m ust be “ som eth­
the calculation for the en tire year, in­
ing liehind i t , ” and it is the opinion of
dicate th at the total net income from
Decision in Linn County Case is First many of the new spa|ter w riters th at Eight Tola Trapped In B urning Wing
Events of Noted People, Governments
operations will be approxim ately $1,-
this act was inadvertently revealed by
098,000,000. For the first nine months
and Pacific N orthwest and Other
in Seven Actions Pending S tate
W ith Rescue Impossible In s titu ­
Secretary of S tate Lansing when he
of the year complete returns show
referred to the United S tates as on the
Must R eturn $1.25 an Acre.
Thing* W orth Knowing.
tion Thrown Into Darkness.
$785,558,266. Even this does not rep­
verge of being drawn into the war.
resent the full amount, as roads whose
The suggestion is put forward by
income is less than $1,000,000 are not
some of the w riters th a t what woulp
A terrific storm is blowing along the included.
Salem, O re.—Judge William Gallo­ imssibly so involve the United S tates
W ichita, K an.—Of more than 100
The e s tim a te — $1,098.000,000 — is
Alaskan coast.
way, in the C ircuit court here late would be a resum ption on a still persons in the Kansas Masonic Home
here, which burned early Friday, only
President Wilson’s Christm as dinner
Saturday, decided th at title to 600
80 bad been accounted for at 3 a. m.,
T o M anage C erem o n ies
consisted of all-Am erican dishes.
acres of land in Linn county was ob- Lord C urzon W ill W ed
, according to Superintendent Daniel P.
The Swiss government indorses Wil­
at W ilso n ’s Inauguration lained by F. a . Hyde anti his associ-
A n o th er A m erican B ea u ty Burdick.
son's peace note, and freely offers as­
Jiight children, trapped in a wing
j ates through fraud and collusion and
through which flamea were sweeping,
th at the title in equity to such lands,
| and which had been entirely cut off
Spokane m ining d istrict yields $13,-
because of the fraud and collusion, still
from an entrance by the fire, were
827,281 net to owners, for the year
is vested in the S tate of Oregon.
given up for lost a fte r rescuers had
ju st closing.
But, he determ ined, th a t the $1.25
made many fran tic efforta to en ter the
It is reported th at President Wilson
building to rescue the helpless little
an acre paid to the state for the land
is expected to warn Am ericans against
| ones.
ocean travel should the peace move fail.
Aside from the trag ic destruction of
a portion of the state school fund,
the Mssonic Home, the fire began to
France has barred the sale of al­
bearing six per cent interest.
As to
assume serious financial aspects as
cohol throughout th at country, another
j several nenrby houses began burning.
w hether the in terest which the state
step taken to lim it drinking to beer
Efforts to obtain telegraph operatora
and wine.
has received on th is money should be
: to man wires to the outside world were
repaid as well is still to be decided
Colonel William F. Cody, (Buffalo
. hindered by the fact (Fiat five men
Bill), who has been seriously ill, is
when the findings of fact and conclu­
from the telegraph office had been
im proving at the home of his daughter
sions of law are signed by the court
summoned home because th eir resi­
in Denver.
dences were on fire.
next week.
William A. Shaner, a barber in a
The m ajority of the older |>ersons in
While the cause in question involves
prom inent Portland shop, was shot and
the Masonic Home apparently osca|>ed.
only 600 acres of land, the decision is
instantly killed by another barber
Many of them were unhurt, but in the
of widespread interest, as thiB is the
Christm as morning.
scanty clothing which they were able
to snatch in th eir e x it form the home,
first to E>e decided of the seven Hyde-
An overturned canoe found in a
suffered keenly in a tem perature
Benson cases, which have been sub­
slough near E verett, Wash., leads to
clo se to the zero m ark.
The refugees
the belief th at three boys lost th eir
m itted by A ttorney General Brown and
cha|*el and
lives, as one of the bodies has been
A ssistant Attorney General Bailey.
All told, the cases involve 37,000 acres
fire plugs proved a serious handicap to
J. R. Misner, of Albany, Ore., re ­
M ftS. AL f ¿T F PlKfcÀff
the firemen in th eir efforts to check
Robert N. H arper, a bank president of land situated in Linn, Lane, Clack­
ceived a bomb through the mail. His of Washington, D. C., is to be chair­ amas, Hood River, Crook, K lam ath
the flames, so th a t rescue work could
The engagem ent of Lord Curzon, be carried on.
suspicions being aroused, he tied it to man of the inaugural com m ittee which and Josephine counties.
named a memtwr of the B ritish
a tree and w ith a long strin g pulled will have charge of the inaugural cere­
If the lower court's contention th a t
One woman, caught under a falling
the lid open. A terrific explosion fol­ monies for President Wilson. He will the $1.25 an acre should be repaid war council, to Mrs. Grace Elvina stairw ay, received injuries which prob­
Duggan, widow of Alfred Duggan, of
have plenty of hard work in raising from the state school fund, proves to Buenos Ayres, and daughter of the , ably will prove fatal.
The fire is thought to have o rig in at­
John D. R ockefeller’s C hristm as the money for the ceremtgiy and pro­
from the fund approxim ately $46,250, late J. Munroe Hinds, once American ed in the basem ent of th e home.
present to each of the employes on his
w ith the possibility of paym ent of six m inister to Brazil, has been announced
Paul Zeilke, 16, an inm ate of the
Tarrytow n estate was a $10 gold piece, tors who will tiesiege W ashington
per cent in terest on th at amount run­ in London.
home five years, was sleeping in the
inclosed in a case, on which is printed
His wife, Mary V ictoria L eiter, basem ent.
ning from 1898.
was awakened
“ The Season’s G reetings from John
of the Chicago m illionaire, shortly before 2 o'clock by fire and
D. R ockefeller.’’
regarded by officials as conservative. associates, through ‘‘.dummy’' entry- died ten yearn ago. Mrs. Duggnn is a smoke.
He rushed to an electric
She is tall and sw itch and pulled it, sh u ttin g off the
It makes no allowance for normal in­ men, obtained 47,000 acres of school native of Alabama.
The Adams Express company an­
handsome, and has been known in Eu­
crease in business during the last
nounced Tuesday
th a t
additional three months of the y e a r- retu rn s for lands in th e state. Before the fraud ropean capitals for some years. Her m otor th a t pumped oil to the furnace.
This also threw the en tire building in
and collusion were discovered the
monthly pay to employes already made
form er husband made a large fortune darkness.
which are unavailable—but places the
and to be made in lieu of a contingent income for October, NovemE>er and United S tates had patented 10,000 in A rgentina.
acres of the land, and this w a s dis­
Revised figures indicate th at there
bonus, will increase its annual wage
December at the same figures as for posed of by Hyde and his associates,
were 99 inm ates In the home besides
schedule by $1,000,000.
July, August and Septem ber. There and the land forfeited as fa r as the g reater scale of G erm any's subm arine , the assistan ts and help. Of these but
Henry F. Farny, aged 71, widely- is no question, officials say, but there sta te was concerned.
46 have E»een accounted for, but dozens
known author and painter, died in will be an increase, the only doubt is j
The passage in the P resid en t’s note of others are known to have been res­
Cincinnati C hristm as Day in a hospital. as to its size.
to which he professes fb find the aims cued and taken to nearby homes.
Analysis of the returns for the first $4000 is Obtained by Lone
Mr. Farny won world-wide renown as
of both belligerent groups indentical
an a rtist of unusual m erit by his nine months shows a sta rtlin g increase
and his qualifying phrase in the con­
Robber From Bickleton Bank tex t, “ as stated in general term s to Universal Military Training Bill
from January to Septem ber, am ount­
paintings of famous Indian chiefs.
ing to more than 67 per cent. Thus, ! N orth Yakima, W ash.—The Bank of th eir own people and to the w orld,”
to Reach Congress Next Month
Frank J. Gould, says the Paris H er­ net income in January, $64,915,286,
for the most part is ignored, except in
ald, has ju st given $100,000 for the had mounted to $107,910,814 in Sep­
the columns of newspapers of pacifist
W ashington, D. C .—A definite plan
rebuilding of the English P rotestant tem ber, an increase of nearly $43,- ton. W ash., w s h robE>ed of $4000 late tendencies.
It cannot he said th at ^or universal m ilitary train in g will
church at Maison la F itte. There is 000 , 000 .
Friday by a lone robber, who rode into these late press opinions show less op-
' H'<1 before congress next month in
an im portant English-Am erican colony
For the first nine months of the town on horseback, held up the bank position to the P resid en t's action than
of a bill form ulated by the
a t this place, mostly intereted in thor­ year, the com m ission’s figures show
those of last week.
J general staif of the army, accompanied
oughbred racing stables.
th a t the railroads collected $2,654,-
The Morning Post says the k in g 's by complete estim ates of cost, as corn-
The robber compelled S. A. Rossicr, speech in parliam ent was perhaps the pared to th e present volunteer system ,
829,647 from all sources of operation.
An armored motor car, funds to buy
The chief item s were as follows: the cashier, to hand over the money, best answ er th at could be made to Major General Hugh L. Scott, chief of
which were raised by popular subscrip­ F reight, $1,876,019.990;
passenger and a fte r locking Bossier in a room, “ the P resid en t's am iable proposal.” < *Aaff, told the house m ilitary commit-
tion, was presented to the National traffic, $522,103.907; mails. $45,348,- mounted his horse and rode away,
Alluding to the P resid en t’s belief th at U-‘v I’riday th a t the work was in prng-
Guard of Colorado. A djutant General 609; from express companies, $65,-
A posse was formed as soon as Mr.
and would require about a month
H arry P. Gamble accepted the car. j 089,474; incidentals, dining and buffet Bossier could free him self and give the | the nations are ready to welcome a fcss,
to complete. Chairm an Dent said the
The presentation took place in the car service, operation of hotels and alarm.
‘ ‘W ith our experience with these 1 com m ittee would he glad to see the
capitol grounds at Denver.
The robber’s abandoned horse was leagues of peace behind us, we should ! bill.
restaurants, sale of vending privileges
A F ran k fu rt dispatch to the London on trains ar.d at stations, parcel rooms found by the posse 30 m iles from the ! think tw ice and thrice before throw ing
Irish to Be Released.
Exchange Telegraph company from a t stations, dem urrage, storage of scene of the robbery. The bandit had over trusted allies in order to put our
London—The governm ent has decid-
R otterdam , says there was heavy bet­ freig h t and baggage, telegraph and ridden the animal until it was exhaust- fortunes to the vote of Guatemala,
tin g on the Berlin exchange Tuesday telephone w ires leased to other com-1 ed and then had continued his flight on H iati, Siam and other nations, large j ed to release the Irish prisoners who
th a t peace would be signed before Au­ panies, operation of grain elevatorg, foot. The posse was said to be *n i and small, which would compose such ! were interned a fte r the rebellion in
Ireland, Henry E. Duke, chief secre­
gust. The same dispatch says th at etc., $60,414,697, and all other trans- close pursuit.
a federation. ”
Two thousand dollars which the rob­
the German em peror will return to portation charges, $76,087,611.
The Daily News, one of the most fa ­ tary of Ireland, announced Friday.
The last item em braces sleeping and ber left behind when he abandoned his vorable of the newspapers to President
“ The tim e has come when the ad­
Berlin for conferences w ith the Amer­
parlor car service; freig h t on milk, horse was recovered.
ican and Spanish ambassadors.
Wilson, says editorially th at the recep­ vantages of releasing these men far
which has virtually an express service;
tion of his note was respectful but un­ outw eigh the risk, and I have so ad­
Salt Lake City — An unexploded sw itching charges and operation of
Steps, th ere­
Peace Meeting Planned.
compromising. “ W hat had to be said vised the governm ent.
bomb was found near Governor Spry’s special trains.
New York—Monster peace demon­ has been said, for the most part in fore, will he taken to proceed w ith the
residence early Monday. I t was un­
strations, a t which will lie read a man­ language which Am erica will neither least possible delay to retu rn the in­
covered by R. F. Nelson as he was
terned prisoners to th eir hym es.”
Wilson T akes Up Deficit.
ifesto “ from the Am erican people to misunderstood nor re se n t.”
sweeping a path through the snow be­
W ashington, D. C.—Various plans the world in the cause of peace.” will
tw een his own residence and th a t of suggested for m eeting the deficit are be held at m idnight on New Y ear’s
C h ristm as Pardon Given.
Coins C arry New Designs.
the governor.
Exam ination of the being considered by President WilBon eve in Chicago, Denver, San Francisco
N. Y.— A Christman pardon
Denver—The Denver m int Monday
bomb by the sheriff and state chemist and it was said Monday the President and th is city, it was announced here
was granted by Governor W hitman
showed th a t the bomb contained m ight decide to address congress on Monday by the Am erican
N eutral half-dollar pieces, and for an indefinite Saturday to W illiam J. Cummins, who
enough explosive m aterials to have the subject as soon as he made up his Conference com m ittee.
period will coin an average of more has served three years and two months
blown both houses to pieces.
mind how the revenues should be
A t each m eeting a community than 150,000 pieces daily.
The new of a s ta te 's prison sentence of four
chorus will ring out the present year coin bears the full length of the S tatue years and eig h t months for his p art in
A ttem pts to obtain action on the raised.
Members of the house ways and w ith song.
of Liberty, with the S tars and Stripes the w recking of the Carnegie T rust
Adamson resolution to extend the life
flying to the wind as a background. company, of New York, several years
of th e Newlands railroad committee, means com m ittee already have dis­
S 3 6 .0 0 0 Paid for Farm .
Branches of oak also are im printed. ago. Governor W hitm an said th at let­
now investigation all phases of the cussed the problem with Secretary Mc-
Pendleton, O r.—The old Prospect On the reverse side an eagle is perched ters and petitions asking for clemency
railroad situation, until January 7, Ado and other adm inistration officials.
farm , near Stanfield, one of the oldest high on a crag, wings unfolded. The had been received from nearly every
1918, were abandoned. They will be
sta te in the Union.
Wire Fence Deadly to Two.
in U m atilla county, again changed coin bears the usual wording.
taken up a fte r the holiday recess of
Tulare, Cal. — John D. Mello and hands, David R. Wood, of Weston,
T reaty is Ratified Again.
L uther Burbank W edded.
Frank C. Silv, ranch hands, were buying it for $36,000 from William
Vallejo, Cal.—A centrifugal machine shocked to death Christm as day by a Robbins and wife, who purchased the
Copenhagen- King C hristian in the
San Francisco— L uther Burbank, the
gun, said to throw 3000 projectiles a wire ranch fence carrying 11,000 volts place about a year ago. The farm con­ cabinet council Monday ratified the famous plant evolutionist, was m arried
m inute a t an initial velocity of 4000 of electricity transm itted by a Mount sists of 1600 acres of w heat land. trea ty providing for the sale of the here Thursday to his secretary, Miss
fe et a second, was tested by naval au­ W hitney Power & E lectric company Robbins took in trade as p art paym ent Danish W est Indies to the United E lizabeth W aters, by Rev. C. S. S.
th o ritie s here. The initial velocity of power wire which had fallen across the a house and lot in Weston, a chop mill States. This follows the passage by Dutton, pastor of the F irst U nitarian
th e arm y rifle is 2000 fe et per second. fence and set the posts afire. Manuel and warehouse in Weston and a house both houses of the Danish parliam ent church. The ceremony was p riv ate
The centrifugal gun is operated wholly Godhine was severely burned when he and lot in Milton.
At one tim e the of the bill for the ratification of the and Mr. Burbank and his bride were
by electricity.
attem pted to rescue his companions.
treaty .
whisked away in a taxicab.
place sold at nearly $73,000.