The Forest Grove express. (Forest Grove, Or.) 1916-1918, December 14, 1916, Image 5

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    ¡ T T
W U T-M I(M »O C lN lfrM M ÎI» ;
Method of Preparation Tha t Has Long
Been In Favor With Housewives
of New England.
Overwork, tack of fresh air, mental strain or any sickness
disturbs their functions.
Stubborn coughs tear and w ear
the sensitive lung tissues.
Wash and wipe a small cod or had­
dock. Now, hold In art upright position
and have a needle and string handy.
Can 8a Put to Excellent Uee for
5 30
Take the threaded needle arid run
Stuffing and Meat Frying— Bread
ROOKS É f é f p m
through the head from side to side,
Custard Pudding la Good—
then in the opposite direction through
Jelly for Invalids.
the middle of the laxly, then reverse
1 m P wi
and put through full, then draw up.
O f till the left-over remounts of food and It will form a letter 8. Tie ends
should be taken promptly for hard coughs, unyielding colds,
from the kitchen bread la the inont of string together on under side of flsh.
common, perhiipit, tmd inuny piece# are If flsh Is to he stuffed It must he done
or when strength is lowered from any cause. Its high
dully thrown iiwuy which u little first. For stuffing, one-half cupful brend
V m I, Pork, B m (,
nutritive value creates resistive force to ward off sick­
Poultry, Butter, E ygi
thought would turn to excellent une. If crumbs and four teaspooufula melted
T h e rich cod liver oil improves the quality
and Farm Produca
the left-over pleees tire not utilized the butter, four tcuHpoonfuls of finely
« i . t h e ( » 1-1 I l i l U l I w i l l f
I l I X I R M W l t i l m
of the blood to relieve the cold and the glycerine is
xnttio dny, mi excellent plan la to wrap chopped parsley or onions, two tea-
rr^ m l o f 46 roar« •«/ Huuare Iieallng«, and
be «M .im l a t T O P M A R K E T P K k IJ4.
them In pieces of wuxed paper and ! spoonfuls salt and one of pepper. Add
soothing and herding to the lung tissues.
■tore them In n xtone Jnr. They will milk to moisten, put In fish and sew It
Refuse Alcoholic Substitutes Which Exclude the Oil.
keep well for n week In thU wuy.
up. When fish Is put In the pun It Is
45-47 fr o n t S treet
Portia nd. O r a# no
Dried Crumbs for Stuffing and Meat resting on Its belly. Cut gushes In hack
Frying.— Put. the cruxta und arnull of flsh about two Inches apart and In­
pieces In u baking pun und dry In the j sert narrow strips of Halt pork. Predge
oven without burning. They muy then j with Hour and haste often with the
he put through the foot! chopper and jxirk drippings. Allow ten minutes to
Bmall order* a* well a m biff. Ornamentai*. Fru it Tree*. Etc. H ardy and ffuarantoed.
I**rffe«t Nursery between Rockies and Cascades. 14th Year.
15.GÛ4 Orders Last Year.
T h « X I m - i I « b r r r rou ttiould art your training
stored In clean Mason Jnr« until want­ every pound und ten minutes extra.
■ m*l I'* p rx Ut al ami give you a an al M g
prrlam »
Iti* rutilam i
ed. They tony be used na u basts for When dona remove string, place on
«. A. A I T t M lIU U N M l II TRA? PIACI
ment croquette*, (wmltry stuffing and platter nnd pour over It this egg sauce:
AiUltraa H it Krglatrar. I'orllanil Y. M C. A .
other things.
Three tahlesprxxifuls flour, two of but­
ami art an llluairatri! IlitUrtln giving Ilia umi
Krench toast rimy be made from the ter. und one pint boiling water, one-
a l«u ilrta Ua o? C O ST. T IM K a m iC O N O I T IO N S
whole slice* of left-over bread. It lx half tenspoouful salt nnd a little pep-
an excellent luncheon plcf-up dish. l>er, nnd one hard boiled egg. Melt
in Kern County, California
Heat nn egg and add u little milk. Dip ! butter In saucepan, udd Hour and stir
the allcen of bread In thlx and fry a | In trolling water slowly. Let boll five 20 acres fenced and having old well,
nice brown In hot dripping*.
Serve minutes, stirring constantly. Add the about five miles from Bakersfield, Cal-
with butter. Jelly or marmalade.
egg chopped fine, nnd salt und pepper. | ifornia, near highway. Good alfalfa
Bread Custard Pudding.— Cut the Gnrnlsh with parsley.
land or potatoes and other vegetables.
bread In dainty shapes und butter lib­
I Good crop is being raised on adjoining
erally. Make a plain custard of egg*,
land. N ear good homes ar,d schools.
milk and sugar. Put In baking dish W I L L
A L L Only five miles from Bakersfield. Low
and float the buttered bread on top. !
i price and easy terms to the right man
Sprinkle with graft'd nutmeg and bnke Rich Chocolate Cake Suitable for a \ who wants Borne good land and good
This In
location where he can do well. Address
To and from all i*4nta on household f
piatto*, In a quick oven until brown.
Birthday Celebration or Any
At& Ni
Périma eases
and aut«m«iMU#. Information cheerfully ffirei». excellent.
M. A. Green, 822 Mission Street, San
Special Occasion.
^ V y J the burden of the
Pacific Coast Forwariing Co.,
Francisco, California.
To make crouton* for the vnrlou* j
W v J S w 1 housekeeper by keep-
soups no much relished In *en*on, cut j
Two cupfuls of sugur, three-fourths
ing away the danger
Forest Notes.
the bread In cube* and fry In butter or I of a cupful of butter (good measure),
w l °* Alness resulting
The National Forests contain the I
dripping Just before serving with the j one cupful of buttermilk, whites of six
from colds, coughs,
most extensive public playgrounds In 1
I and indigestion doe
Bought. 5oWJ. R u ita il and R ap airu l i soup. Add five or h I x to each plate of j eggs, yolks of four eggs, one teaspoon-
W A l . K K H E L E C T R IC W O R K *
I to catarrhal condi-
soup. These are delicious with almost fill of sodu, one-half cake of grxxl choc­ the world, and are open to the free I
llu m ^ la . nor. lûlh.
I'urtlaxui. U m j
j use of the people.
I tion.
It speedily re-
any soup.
olate, three scant cupfuls of flour sift­
1 lieves and overcomes
Bread Jelly for Invalids.— Scald the ed together with the soda, one tea-
Lightning caused 27% per cent of
l R t l l N V b l o a r i z i h r C o m p a n y utnle bread freed from eru*t*. Mn*h spoonful o f vnnila. Cream the butter the 1091 forest fires suppressed by
Its tonic properties build up
try? red to 333 u> 137 Hurnald« tft.. Port-
to a paste until of muKbllke conslstcn- j and sugar, udd the yolks of the eggs the Forest Service In Oregon, W ash ­
land. O r». U r f p i t Tiro Repair Riant
the strength o f the physically
Add n little sugar and flavoring, previously treaten to a cream, then al­ ington and Alaska during the season
ln tli« Northwest.
Country servie* • cy.
weak and run down, and its use
■pec-lalty. U m Parrel Punt.
I of 1916.
mold, chill and serve with crenm.
in ooovtlesceoae. especially after grip.
ternating, the buttermilk and the flour.
it remarkably bénéficia].
Sterilized bread crumb* are epeetal- The vnnllu and chocolate are added
The timber and grazing resources
ly valuable for the young children In Inst, the chocolate having been melted
in the National Forests of Oregon, j
The wise housekeeper baa Peruaa
the household. A Jnr Rhould be kept in n bowl set In n boiling tea kettle.
band for instant use even if catarrhal
; Washington and Alaska have an esti- !
filled with these. T h ey mny be heated
do not call lor It* regular ad­
Hake In n moderate oven. Test with a J mated value of 6233,000,000.
ministration. A doae or two in time
when wanted nnd sprinkled In soft broom straw and when tills, thrust In
often prevents a long illness.
egg*, soups, milk, fruit Juice* and. In­ the top, comes out dry the cake Is
Liquid or tablet form.
Manalin Tablets are a splendid
deed. nnythlng eaten by very young done.
laxative for borne ose.
children where fresh bread Is often
Ask the druggist
The frosting, also brown. Is made
positively dangerous.
with oue cupful cream, two cupfuls
Colombo*. Ohio
Pried bread Is nlso valuable for mix­
sugar, butter size of an egg, three
W e rat too much incat which ing with various other foods for fe«*d- squares of chocolate. Mix together
Ing the household pets.
clog* Kidneys, then (lie
and put on to boll, tt boll slowly
True to Life.
Hack hurls.
until It halls when thrown Into cold
Stewed Kidneys.
said the novel
w-nter. Remove from stove nnd let the Nobody
can Tell when you
Remove the fnt anti center from *lx
reader to the novel writer, “did you
Most folks forget that the kidneys.
bubbling subside, then beat until it
Darken Gray, Faded Hair
ever see a woman who stood and tap­
Ilks the bowels, get sluggish and clog kidneys anti soak In cold water. Slice, ran he poured on the cake and glazed
with Sage Tea.
ped on the floor impatiently with her
ged and need a flushing occasionally, season with salt nnd pepper, roll In with a knife.
toe for several moments, as you de­
else we have backache and dull misery flour nnd saute In butter. Add to the
In the kidney region, severe headaches, fnt In the pan one tnhlespoonfnl of j
Grandmother kept her hair beauti­ scribe?”
Apple Chutney.
“Yes,” was the thoughtful reply. “I
rheumatic twinges, torpid liver, acid buffer nnd two tnblesjtoonfuls of flonr;
fully darkened, glossy and attractive
stomach, sleeplessness and all sorts brown, nnd add threo-qnnrters cupful
Twelve sour apples, one mild onion, with a brew of Sage Tea and Sulphur. did once.”
“W ho was she?”
of bladder disorders.
of stock.
Sonson with salt, pepper, ! three peppers, one red, one cupful of Whenever her hair took on that dull,
“She was a clog dancer.”— Tit-Bits*
You simply must keep your kidneys
fadeu or streaked appearance, this
active and clean, and the moment you onion Juice nnd table sauce nnd pour
rant Jelly, two cupfuls of sugar. Juice
Modern Life.
feel an ache or pain in the kidney over the kidneys.
derful effect. By asking at any drug
of four lemons, one tnblespoonfu! of
region, get about four ounces of Jad
store for “Wyeth’s Sage and Sulphur
“W ell, how did things come out i*
ground ginger, one-quarter teaspoon­ Compound,” you will get a large bot­
Salts from any good drug store here,
American Cream.
your school contests?”
ful of cayenne, one tablespoonful of tle of this old-time recipe, improved
take a tablespoonful In a glass of wa
“Trifle mixed. A girl won the ham­
Hnlf box gelatin, one quart milk.
ter before breakfast for a few days
suit and one pint of cider vinegar.
by the addition of other ingredients, mer throwing contest and a boy took
Ret on back of stove to hent gradual - 1
and your kidneys will then act fine. I
Chop the apples, onions nnd 'pep­ all ready to use, for about 50 cents. first prize for fruit cake.”------ Louis­
This famous salts Is made from the ly. Boll n minute or two. Tnke off pers very fine, ndd the vinegar and This simple mixture can be depended ville Courier-Journal.
acid of grapes and lemon juice, com-| stove nnd stir In yolks of four eggs ; Jelly and let simmer one hour, stir­ upon to restore natural color and
blued with Uthla, and is harmless to well benten with three tnble*i>nonfnls
beauty to the hair.
Store as canned
flush clogged kidneys and stimulate sugnr. Then add whites, well benten ring constantly.
A well-known downtown druggist
them to normal activity. It also neu­ with three tahlespoonfuls sugnr nnd
says everybody uses W yeth’s Sage
tralizes the acids In the urine so It no two tahlespoonfuls vnnllln.
and Sulphur Compound now because
Put In j
longer Irritates, thus ending bladder I dish rendy for table. Serve next dny
it darkens so naturally and evenly
Invalid’s Chair.
A chair for nn Invnlld or nn elder­ that nobody can tell it has been ap­
with crenm.
Jad Halts Is harmless; Inexpensive;
ly person mny be made very conveni­
makes a delightful effervescent llthla
simply dampen a comb or soft brush
ent by ptneing a drawer beneath the and draw it through your hair, taking
For Bamboo Articles.
water drink which everybody should
take now and then to keep their kid­
A soft rng saturated with solution of j sent, arranging It to pull out at one one strand at a time. By morning
neys clean, thus avoiding serious com equal parts of spirits of camphor nnd ; side. It can be provided with a lock the gray hair disappears; after an­
Ever since the discovery of nric acid
linseed oil Is n handy thing to keep If desired. The drawer can bo read­ other application or two, it is restored
A well known local druggist says he (»round the house. It Is the best thing ily manipulated by anyone occupying to its natural color and looks glossy, in the blood by Scheele, in 1775, and
the bad effect it had npon the body,
sells lots of Jad Halts to folks who be­
the chnlr, and makes the Infirm feel soft and beautiful. This preparation scientists and physicians have striven
lieve In overcoming kidney trouble you enn get to rub down bnniboo furni­
to rid the tissues and the blood of
ture with, for It loosens the fiber nnd fairly Independent, r.s ninny useful ar­
while it Is only trouble.
not Intended for the cure, mitigation
this poison.
Because of its over­
mnkes the wood more elastic. For this ticles and treasures tuny be kept there, or prevention of disease.
abundance in the system it causes
reason It will not crack when exposed nnd he will not have to ask for every
Strictly Temperate.
backache, pains here and there, rheu­
little thing he uses.
Loves His Liza.
Ho— Let's go out and have a tete a to changes of temperature.
matism, gout, gravel, neuralgia and
“Look here, Sam.”
It was Dr. Pierce who dis­
Some Egg Tip».
She— All right, but don't let ’em
Peach Dumplings.
"Yes. Liza.”
covered a new agent, called "Anuric,”
make mlno too strong.— Baltimore
A tiny pinch of snlt added to the
“I begins t’ think yer doesn’t love which will throw out nnd completely
Mix nnd sift two cupfuls of flonr,
eradicate this uric acid from the sys­
one teaapoonful of bnklng powder, one- whites of eggs makes them hent up me no mo’.”
“Nonsense, Liza; what put that in tem. "A n u ric '’ has proved to be 37
hnlf tenspoonful of snlt nnd one-half quite quickly. A tablespoonful of water
Little Elsie had been chastised for tenspoonful of sugnr. Work Into this added to ench white of egg before boat­ yo’ head?”
times more potent than litfna, and
"W hy, you Just sits there by the consequently you need no longer fear
two tenspoonful« of Inrd. Mix with ing will double the quantity. To pre­
musemar or articular rheumatism or
“ What's the matter dear?” asked three-quarters cupful of Ice wnter. vent eggs from cracking when boiling fire and sees me work.”
"W hy, Liza, the more I sits here by gout, or many other diseases which
grandma. "D id you have an accident?”
Unve nil of the Ingredients very cold, always dip first In cold water.
this fire an’ sees je r workin’, the more dependent on an accumulation of urio
“N-no, grandma," sobbed Klsle, "It
I loves yer, honey.”— Buffalo News.
acid within the body.
Send to Dr.
wasn’t an a accident.
M mamma did mix quickly, handling ns little ns pos­
For Greasy Woodwork.
Pierce, of the Invalids’ II -tel and Sur­
It on p purpose.” — Chicago
Dally sible, nnd roll out thin. Out the dough
The French Tribunal.
gical Institute, Buffalo, N . Y ., lor a
Into pieces Just largo enough to cover
Taint or woodwork that has become
Doctor— W hy were you rejected?
pamphlet on " Annric,” or send 10 cent3
one-hnlf of n preserved pench, roll grensy should be cleaned with a cloth
Applicant (sm ilin g)— For Imbecility. lor a trial package of "Annric Tablets.”
them up nnd hake In n quick oven. dipped In turpentine. Then wipe with
“W hat do you do for a living?”
I f you feel that tired, w o rn -ou t
Serve with hard sauce nnd the sirup n clotn dipped in water to which a
“Nothing; I have an income of 60,- feeling, backache, neuralgia, or if your
from the preserved peaches.
little kerosene has been added.
000 francs.”
sleep is disturbed by too frequent
“Are you married?”
Urination, go to voor best drag store
Combination Cake.
Pickled Red Cabbage.
“ Yes.”
and ask for Dr. Pierce’s Annric Tablets.
“ What does your wife do?”
One-third cupful of butter, one cup­
Slice up the cabbage fine nnd place
They are put up in 50-ceut packages.
"Nothing; she is richer than I."
ful granulated sugnr. three small eggs, It In n colander; sprinkle ench layer
Doctor Pierce’s reputation is back of
“You are no imbecile. Passed for this medicine and vou know that his
one-eighth cupful coffee, one nnd one- with common salt Let the strips drain
hnlf cupfuls flonr, two level tenspoon- for two days, then put them In n Jar general service.”--London Daily News. "Golden Medical Disoovery” for the
blood and hi3 "Favorite Prescription "
fuls salt, one cupful of dntes. cut nnd cover with boiling vinegar. If a
for the ills of women have had a splen­
small, one cupful of chopped English spice Is used It must be put In with the
Granulated Eyelid« did reputuiioa for the past fifty years.
Marshmallow frosting Is vinegar In the proportion of one ounce
1 B ■ T T Eye* inflamed by exp<
Ueainnl Ointment And Kentnol Snap caaily heal
nice If you like It.
of whole black pepper and one-half _ _
*ure to San, Dusl and Wli
moat caica nf extern., anil similar akin-eruptions.
Doctor Tierce's Pellets are nneqnaled
The drat application usually stops the itching ami
ounce of allspice to the quart.
quickly relieved by Mark
as a Liver Pill. One tiny Swjnr-coated
burning im tly . Sold by all druf*gi*ts. For sam­
To Remove Fruit Stains.
B . W « ¿ 3 Eye Remedy NoSmarti«
Pellet a Dose.
Cure Sick Headache,
ple of each free, write to Dept. J-T, Resinol, Haiti-
To remove fruit stnlns from the
just Eye Comfort. /
To Boil Cracked Eggs.
more, Md. U t t K t u H e l .Soafi /.* r t.'u .
Bilious Headache, Dizziness, Constipa­
hands wash In clear water, dry slightly
tion, Indigestion, Bilious Attacks, and
An egg that Is cracked can be boiled
nnd then hold them over n lighted by Inclosing It In a piece of soft pa­ Salve in Tube* 2 5c, ForBsoksIlbeEyefreeai
all derangements of the Liver, btouiacU
Druggist* or Marine Eye Remedy Co., Chica»
P. N. U.
No. 60, ISIS
and Bowels.
T R E E S S H I P P E D A N Y W H E R E - - F R E I G H T PAID
W A S H IN G TO N NU R S ER Y C O . ^ w - k
What Is Uric Acid ?
You can get rid
of itching with