The Forest Grove express. (Forest Grove, Or.) 1916-1918, November 30, 1916, Image 8

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©lip iiitrrst (brmte Sx^rrua
Published every Thursday at Forest Grove, Oregon.
W. C. Benfer, Editor and l*ublishcr.
Entered as second-class matter Jan. 12, 1916| at the postoffice at Forest Grove,
Oregon, under the Act of March 3, 1879
THURSDAY. NOV. 30 1916
N O T E S A N 1) C O M M E N T S
Job printing -phone 821.
A bouncing son was born Tues­
day to Mr. and Mrs. \V. G.
Don't fail to see “The Little
Girl Next Door” at the Star
Theater next Tuesday.
Mrs. Almeda Dixon announces
in this issue a special sale of her
hand-ome hand-painted china
For Rent—Six room house on
5th ave. Inquire of H. X. Rob­
inson, South end of Second st.
Phone 0224.
John Sperl, the blacksmith,
sustained a serious injury to his
hand yesterday, when he ran a
drill into the fleshy part thereof.
The merchants and meat deal
ers have been doing a land-office
business this week which would
indicate that the people have
money to spend.
The Dolly Varden Confection­
ery is now located in the new An­
derson building and Manager
Denny asks the public to call and
see him. Everything in confec­
tionery, nuts, cigars and tobacco
Go to the P. U. field this
(Thursday) afternoon. 2:30, and
see the football battle between the
Forest Grove high squad and the
gladiators from Columbia Uni­
versity. The game will be worth
the price, 25c.
proud of the same.
Harold Hanson has been having an
addition built to hiamachine »hop, Jol n
Raz doing the building.
The regular meeting of the Riverside
Grange will be held in the old hall Dec)
S. There ia much needed improvement
Ire fore the new one can he used for
Grange work.
Porter Tupper went to Fall« City
Wednesday on business.
Parent-Teacher«’ meeting will he
held in the «ehoolhouse next Friday.
Some good speakers will he present.
Thg Dramatic club of the Dilley
school have set the date Dec. Kth for
giving the play. “ Tatters, the Pet of
Squatters’ Gulch.” Proceeds go to the
_ ____________
In order that the editor and
the printers may thoroughly en­
joy Thanksgiving day, the Ex­
press office will be closed all day
Mrs. J. L. Collins and daugh­
ter, Ednell, of Dallas are visiting
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.
Important City
T. Fletcher, the ladies being sis­
Nov. 28. P.meho
ters and having been separated
of Chiliu -
ten years.
hua City and General Trevino
Their former special sales hav­ with his Carranzaista garrison h;»-
ing proven such a .success, Ivng evacuated and lied southward in
& Co. are putting another lot an attem pt to form u junction
of seasonable merchandise on tht with General Murgia’s rel ef co -
bargain counter. See announce­ unin of de facto troops, according
to roports obtained today .bv
ment on page three.
United States authorities here
On their last meeting befoie and transmitted to Washington
Thanksgiving, held last Thursday,
“ If Villa has really taken C’lii
the members of the Relief Corps huahua as reported, government
rendered a nice little program, officials declare the fate <>f all
appropriate to the occasion, with Americans in Chihuahua City is
a short talk by Rev. R. E. Dun­
Squeaky Shoes.
lap. This was followed by the
W hile conduct tug u iv». arch for in
bi monthly lunch.
form ation uu the origin of certain fa sh ­
Engineer R. E. Koon of Port­ ion« o f the past I discovered the reason
for the e x iste n c e o f tile squeak in
land, designer of Forest Grove’s shoes.
sewer system, has been in the The squeak w as once decuied fash
city several days, giving the work tollable, and men o f great ItuiHirinnce
affairs of the countr> dem anded
a final inspection. His report will it in in tlie their
footw ear, and cobblers « er e
probably be made to the city paid 2 s h lllln .s extra for putting it in
council at its next regular m eet-. T he squeaky tssit denoted the »»►
, roa it of som e one o f im portance, and
th e way w h s m ade clear at once In the
Free M ovie Tickets
Got thorn from our More hunt*. Tho firms listed bolow
hnvo purchased Matinee tickets to give Free to their custom­
ers. When you purchase 25c worth of any of the firms
mentioned below, you will be given a Matinee Ticket Free -
four ticket for $1.00. These tickets are to be given away
for ten weeks, beginning with performance of Saturday, No­
vember 25. Good only for Saturday Matinees. Ask for
tickets when making purchases. Here are the firms which
give tickets:
Villa Has Taken
Mrs. Henry Hickox and mother were
callers at the Bud Dilley home Sunda; ,
They found Mrs. Dilley much improved
in health.
Mrs. Clark has purchased a new
driving outfit for herstdf and is justly
Holiday Fares <#
Are You Going Home
for Christmas anti New Years’ Holidays?
Round Trip fares will be in effect
between points on the
Oregon Electric Ry
Dec. 30 and 31 and Jan. 1,
return limit January 3.
Also for all points in Oregon,Washington and
Idaho, except west of Rainier, on the Spokane,
Portland & Seattle Ry. and connecting lines,
Dec. 22 to 25, inclusive; return limit Jan. 5.
Through Tickets Sold, Baggage Checked and Berth
Reservations Arranged by Local Agents.
the North Bank and S. S. Northern Pacific.
J. E. FARMER, Agent
A Bird In the Hand’s
Worth Tw o In the Bush
When you ¿o out of town to buy you don't know what
you are getting The merchant you patronize in town Knows
thal to keep you» trade he MUST TREAT YOU SQUARELY
And you are a town booster
sam e m anner it« a bicycler's »¡trill
w h istle w arn s you to look to your in
During the squeaky »>crt<>d men found
it difficult to sn eak Into the house after
12 m idnight w ithout being discovered
und disgraced. R em oving the «hoc»
before en terin g the home 1« uu Inven­
tion which fo llo w ed the squeaky shoe
era. and w h ile the former Is now al­
m ost ob solete, th e latter Is «till In
vogue and a s (topular as ever with
married m en!—7.1m in C artoons Mag
Bits About Boasts.
Yon think you know som eth in g ntxxit
an im als, eh? W ell, let us put your
k n ow led ge to a few sim ple test«
Frogs, to begin w ith
f a n they
nreuthe w ith their m ouths sh ut? Cer
taln ly they can. As a m atter o f fact,
they a lw u y s do. If they kept their
m ouths o|ien they w ould suffocate.
N ext, hares
When do they clo se
their ey es? A nsw er, never. You see.
they h aven 't an y eyelid s, so they can't.
Rut they h a v e n thin m em brane, which
perform s the service o f ey elid s when
they ¡ire asleep
W hat Is the color o f a horse's ey e­
brow s? T h a t’s a difficult one Think
hard and then learn that u horse hasn't
any eyeb row s
Y'ou m ay like to know , in addition,
that turtles and tortoises have no
teeth : that parrots, unlike th e m ajor
lty o f birds, can m ove l»oth m andibles
o f their beaks, and that fishes never
m asticate. T hey «Imply h a v en ’t tim e
betw een b reath s.— Lon don A nsw ers.
Ju piter’s Moons.
T h e sta tem en t that Ju p iter's m oons
can o cca sio n a lly lie seen w ithou t op­
tical aid by keen sigh ted persons needs
som e qualification
W ithin the last
quarter o f u century the H»mce pene­
tratin g p ow er o f th e cam era, com bined
w ith the w orld's giant telescop es, has
added no fe w e r than five Jovian satel
llte» to the four which G alilei d is­
covered 300 years ago
Four o f the
five new m oons were "netted" at the
fam ou s Rick observatory, on Mount
H am ilton, C alifornia, and th e fifth Is
to the credit o f G reenw ich observatory.
But all o f the new d iscoveries ure »o
sm all and. w ith one excep tion , so d is­
tant from J u p iter that they are beyond
tlie range o f naked ey e vision, even
from Ju piter Itself, u n less an ob server
on th e planet had better ey e sig h t than
we terrestrials. Indeed, to see S atel­
lite IX (the latest addition to J u p iter’s
fam ily o f moons* a h ypothetical ob­
serv er on J u p iter w ould need e y e sig h t
cnpable of seein g a «tar 300 time«
fa in ter than the fa in test v isib le to hu­
m an e y e sig h t.—Loudon Chronicle.
On a visit to hi« grandm other Harry
exam in ed her hnmN une furnitu re with
Inlcresi and then asked. ’’G randm a,
w here Is th e m iserable tab le that papa
sa y s you alvvnys keep?”
T he reputation that 1» built on c le v ­
ern ess is tem porary; that built on char­
acter Is perm anent.
Schultz Pure Food Store
Dr Hines' Drug Store
American Restaurant
Home Bakery
King & Co., Gen’l Mdse. linos., Hardware and Stoves
Onice Shearer, Confectioner
Geo G. Paterson, Furniture and
Forest Grove Express, Printing
M u n ch tu u n .
IV rhaps the numi volutile IInr thut
»ver li veti w un thè llaruu M unchauscii
Miai l». th è Uctloiitzcd baroli T he
real baroli « un a kltidlv nou I « h o live»!
m Gcruiativ und wbu in uovv|«e ile
-ervctl Mie cv il rcpulntlou lliul ultucli
cil tu bini tIn oligli Mie ii»c ut bm num e
m u Norie* ut nighi> coturni ut!venture»
thut H|qmiireti tu prilli m Rumimi In
I . s-Y
(¡o to the Shos at Our Kxpcnse
The manager of the Express has
arranged with Manager Hoffman
of the Star Theater to give Ex-
press subscribers free show tickets,
good for Saturday Matinees only.
One of these tickets will be given
with every 2.x* pa d on suhscrip-
lion io the Express or for every
25c spent for job printing. If you
owe on subscript ion, pay up and
get some free tickets; if you do
not owe. pay a little ahead and
get the tickets This arrange­
ment starts this week and runs
for ten weeks until Jan. 27th.
T he niitbi>rshl|i uf thè iitmurtl tnlc» I»
m.VKicry li 1« generally u -lieviti
Miai Kudol»itl G lieli R aspe. a qui—Iloti
tibie i lluni- ter. « rote Mie »torte» tlr»R
but Mure I» no a b to lu ic coti tiram i loti
T u llou lu g thè originai «erte» a uum lier
u f addltlm iu! udvi-nturc» « e r e w rii leu
by le»» Hktlled peti«
T bc reni burnii (olim i little In fife tu
eujuy u flcr Mie «torte» Insiline gener­
ili!.!' circolatisi fiirio u » tuurl»t» b u on i
Free Methodist Church
t-d lil» t—late» uml trlctl io trii»i li lui
Sabbath school 10a. ni., preach­
luto relatlug «urne w ild »tory At fimi
he ri—entcd their utti-utlnii in n vigor ing 11 a. m . nd 8 p. m . prayer
un» fashion, but tu 111 » ileclliiliig yenr» meeting on U i dne day evening at
he gre«- »olir uml on»ru»e nini tluully 8 p m. All are welcomed.
dled. ii mu«i utibu|i|iy persoti. In 17U7.
J. N. W ood , Pastor.
K an sas City Tim e».
W hy the Sea H at Pearle.
A few w eek» ago I « a » talking with
a wotiiun uf det-p religion« »eiitlnielit
w ho »a.« In great dl«trc»« l»«iiu«e her
very young baby had died liefore It
could be buptlzed.
I wan led to ask n a tiv es o f N orw ay.
Fluliim l and other place» their view »
on till« very d elica te q u e s t Ion. und ho I
cam e aero»» a bit o f very »iretty 8 tell
inn folklore
To the liable» In Slelly life 1» very
kind and death 1» gentle. Tlio»e who
die uiiliuptized nr«- doom ed >o w ander
but do not w ander grievin g
Mary semi.« to them every Week end un
ungel. w ho lay» a.«ld • hi« Illy crow n
und romp« w ith th e dead liable» When
lie leave« them lie gather» up In n
golden c h a lh e all the tear» they have
»lied during I lie vvis-k T h ese lie cilHtN
111 handful« Into rlie sen. "und that la
w hy the »cu ha« pearl»." I like that
atory —V ancouver World.
Warranty deed and mortgage
blanks for sale at the Express
The Express prints butter wrap­
pers with non-poisonous ink.
We’ll Make Good
on any promise we make to deliver work on
a given date. The Express has one of the
best equipped little printing plants in the
Willamette valley, having added several
hundred dollars’ worth of material to the
Williams plant for
. . . JOB PRINTING . . .
purposes and more good material is on the
way. The management would very much
appreciate it if those in need of stationery,
office blanks, or any other kind of printing
would call at the office fur samples and
prices. If you’re too busy to come to the
office use the phone and a representative
will call on you.