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Value Demonstrated in Recent
Experiments at Beltsv.lle.
pounds. DTjl pounds more than tile
Farsst Notas.
hand fed pigs. The self-fed pigs con­
of both the eastern
sumed a greater tpiiiritlty o f feed i»er
and waatern varietlea la used for
head during the test than the tinnd-ferl
sounding boards of planoa and organa.
pigs, hut It took only 408 pounds of Its natural resonant-« has won It Brat
feed to produep XXI pounds at a rost of placa for this purpoaa.
$f>.67, while the hand fed pigs p-o-
Of the present total supply of hard
duced 10U pounds of gain at u cost of
wooda In the country, sixty one per
cut Is located In the southern states,
The self-fed pigs made n better show-
the Appalachian hardwood region Is
it present the greatest center of hard-
vood production.
(From lli* United Btsta. Department of
A g r ic u lt u r e ,
Inexpensive Self-Feeder.
«lop. enough water being usetl to muke
the slop pour out of the bucket with­
out sticking. 1 he feetllng wits done
at 7 and 11:30 o’clock In the forenoon
and 4:30 o'clock in the afternoon.
The self-fed lot had free access ut
all times to cornmeul. middlings and
tanknge In separate compartments of
a self-feeder. Close wutch wus kept
on the feeder, mid u supply of each
feed maintained.
Both lots of pigs were kept tu dry
lota u quurter of uii acre In size. The
pigs were given ample room for exer-
clae and sufficient shelter. The pigs
In both lots hud necess to a mineral
mixture composed o f:
you feci yourself taking cold,
Peruna Tablets are likely to check
and overcome the attack.
When your appetl'e Is fitful, your food
good, J’ e-jn a TxLIsts will Irr. (s c a t«
u xrr weak slur I'ln tu , Benina T - b l. t . arc
T a s ie E ffect. W r c n e s t*
■■ -• ------ r you.
_ our gnu») -o nU iUuif of (L i. d u es.».
Within the past year, the Forest
Products Laboratory. Madison, Wis.,
by cooperation with manufacturers,
has succeeded In getting a dye. made
rrom mill waste of osnge orange, put
>n the market as a substitute for fus-
Ic which we Import from Jam aica '
ind Tehauntepec.
Qrad. Berkshire«, Uniform In Slzs,
Averaging 93 Pound« Were U«ed—
Ample Room for Exerclss
Wae Qlven Animal«.
Tha vulu« of th** »olf feoder method
o f futtciiliiic pigs mum deiiiouatrntfd In
an experiment recently rnrrletl out nt
the fxpertnieutal furm of the bureau of
anlinul Industry ut Iteltavllla, Mil. Tbe
Object hum to tleteriulne the vnlue of
thl» Kyatem ns compared with the or­
dinary method of hunt) feeding.
The pig« used In the experiment
were grade IterkidilreN furrowed In the
full o f !Dir>. They averaged Oil pounds
per lieud when the experiment started
The hund-fed lot were fed three
times dully, the amount being governed
by the appetttea. The ration given the
hand-fed ImgN wiin com|xmed of 6 parts
cornmeul, 4 purtx mldtlllngs and 1 part
tanknge. The cornmeal and stipple
ments wen* mixed dry. Just before
feetllng, the iimount to tie fed wit«
weights) and then mixed Into a thick
Self-F.eding Hay Rack.
lug, surpassing the hand-fed lot In both
rute ami economy o f gains. The re­
sults of the experiment clearly show
thut for quirk fattening the self-feeder
Is very practicable.
Holder for Disks and Colters for Use
When They Are Being Sharp­
ened 1« Handy Device.
About nine-tenths of the
vhleh we use Is made from
vlany of the so ca ied “ silk”
lecktles, and fancy braids now
narket contain artificial silk
from wood.
d ' c'otful tasathw. Strong catliertlrs weaken, sr.| are fonowMt br
on the
k tiH
Endorswl by *»!>>» - .m i
$ 3 .0 0
Sample f r . . .
Waste of Money.
"Women have queer ways.”
“ How now?”
“ The styles call for mannish hats
Bo my wife bought a mannish hat for
S 3 .5 0
S 4 .C O
* 4»50
S H A PE ”
& $ 5 .0 0
name and :he retail price is stamped on the bat-
W . tr L. Douglas
of all shoes at the factory. The value ts guaranteed and
the wearer p ra te te i against high prices lor inferior shoes. The
retail prucs are die same ev ry where. They cost r.o more m San
Francisco thin tliey do in New York. They are always worth die
price paid for them.
' I ’he quality of W . L. Dpug'as product is guaranteed by mere
4 than 40 years experience in making une »hoes. The smart
styles are the leaders in the Fashion Cen.rcs of America.
They are made in a well equipped factory at Brockton, Mass.,
by me highest paid, skilled slice-makers, unuer the direction and
n ., ervtaion of experienced men, ail working with an honest
determination to make die best shoes for the price that money
can buy.
“ W e ll? ”
“ She could have bought a man's hat
for $4.”— Plttsgurgh Chronicle-Tele­
Columbus, Ohio
S a v e M o n e y b y W e a r i n g VV. •— D o u g la s
sh o e s. F o r »'.ile b y o v c r B O O O s h o e d e a le r s .
T h e Beat K n o w n S h o e s in th e W o r ld .
. >ul<. Wuh.
A Merit.
Thi- Scientific American in Illustrat­
“ Do you think Imitation butter Is as
ing mid describing n holder for disks
and colters while they lire being sharp­ good as the real?”
“ In ono respect,” replied Miss Cay­
ened. Invented by J. J. Iliads and SI. enne, ‘it 's better. People can afford
It. SVrlght of Wall Lake, In., says:
to buy It."— Washington Star.
“'n ils holder has n frame supported
by, and movable vertically relatively to.
the stationary frame, the movable
frame having a hearing nt one end. In
which n vertical shaft Is Journaled, this
| shaft having a thread meshing In a
threaded orifice In a member secured
to the stationary frame. The shaft has
flanges disposed so that the movable
frame may be raised or lowered rela­
tively I n the stationary frame o f n
crunk secured to the shaft. Journaled
In bearings In the movable frame Is n
longitudinally extending shaft, to the
outer end o f which Is secured n disk
or colter to bo ground, the longitudinal
W. L. D O U G L A S
Agents—Dcmonntrotcrs - Maori >* overron**«
VnlaJ. A . Moor*. «4 FI
’ ■ d, fc n 'ly u r c n* t r . liver to actio.t, and will to found es »ale aa
th, ,r u r, m d ire ,te l, tho h- b it o f consupalion I , u,'jelly overcome,
t o « t, ,-euucet U e .J . aad oatielectory. A n y drug etoro can r
A i k y o u r s h o e d c n lr r f o r TV. L O o u ^ la i $ho<*$. I f h « ra n -
«lo t s u p p ly y o u w it h th e k iin i y o u w a n t, la k > n o o t h e r
m a k e . W r i t e f o r In te r * * « in i; b o o k le t
h o w to
w et * h o e » o f f h r higti«* 1 k la m U r d o f q u a lit y f o r th e p r ic e ,
b y retu .-n n u l l , im o U j ; « fr e e .
LO O K FOR W . L Douglas
name and the retail price
»ta m p e d
th e
Boys’ Shoes
Best in t-r World
P e w ,d e n t U
— 00 $2.50 * C2.00
I _ l»<iii^lt»e M in e r< » „ llr o c k lo n . M a w .
b o tto m .
Juvenile Logic.
It was at a private entertainment
and a lady had just risen from the
“ Would you like to be able to sing
and play as I do, dear?”
“ No, ma’am,” was the unexpected
“ And why not?” asked the lady.
“ ’Cause,” explained the small ob­
server, " I wouldn't like to have people
say such horrid things about me.” — j
Indianapolis Star.
The school wturc you should Set your training
must be practical and give you a good shop ex­
perience. The Portland
I . I . U
Address The Registrar. Portland Y. M. C A ,
and get an Illustrated hulietin giving the com­
plete details o l C JST. T IM E and C O N D ITIO N S
o f
Granulated Eyelids,
i r n
i “l I ■
V c* 1*
Be* f-
Poultry, Butter. Eggs
and Farm Produce
At One Gulp.
to the Old R «lia b ’e E verd in * house with m
Eyes inflamed by expo­
record o f 45 years o f Squar? D ea lin g, and
Doctor— W ell, Patrick, how are you
tr »M ured o f T O P M A R K E T PRICES
sure to S sd . Dost and Iliad feeling today?
uickJy relieved b y Karlas
Pat— Oh. doctor, I feel worse than
) t ttemctfy No Smarting. ever.
45-47 Front S treet
Portland. O reron
Just Ere Comfort. A t
Doctor— W hat! Didn’t you take the
rio otile.
Marine E)a
Your Drurgiti*« 50c per -------------------
- - pills I gave you?
Salve in _________
Tube* 25c. ____________
Pat— Of course, but I’m not sure if
Druggists or Muriac Eye Kciaedy Co., Chicago the lid has come off the box y e t —
Philadelphia Public Ledger.
Pipe. Flume, Pumrs. Gates. Weirs,
_ more necMxsry
C h . r r o . l . b u sh el ............................................ I
than S m a l l p o x , Arm y
Always on Duty.
H a r d w o o d ash es, b u sh el ............................. Í
Tanks, Troughs, Silos.
W e spe-
n p a lt a c t i.u deeMosualrd
Bait, p ou n ds ........................................ a
" I hear you want a chaperon for : cial ze on lrrigatio 1 and Drainage
A i r s la h o r lim e, p ou n ds ............................... a
! your daughter.”
, tad bsrmlasnew, oi Antityphoid Vacclnatkm.
S u lp h u r, p ou n ds .............................................. 4
Work A. L GAGE & SON
ks Tmrclaatcd NOW by your phyilclsn. you and
“ Yes. Are you a musician?”
P u lv e r is e d c o p p era s. p o u n d s ....................... 2 shaft being driven by gearing, which
Tm r family. It Is mors vital than bouse Insurance.
Summary of Results.
303 Spalding BMg.
Portland, Ore.
Ask your pbyilclaa, C.-ues 1st, os sei*l for “ K m
connects n transverse shaft, having u
eron be a musician?”
you hsd TyyboMt“ te.llaz of T y p h o id Vaccina,
F s e d ln c p erio d , I eb. 22 to M a y 2, 1316—
70 d a y «
“ So that you can accompany her on
H a n d fe d S e lf - f in d e r
txt currr» labo * ato « y , getnarY, cal
the piano."— Louisville Courier-Jour­ f " '
lo t.*
lo t.x
raMocias «accjats a sasuas asset a. A •»*. ucaaae
N u m b . r o f p ig s ............
Irrigation System s
A v u r a g « . In u m i
w .-lglu
' p ou n ds .. ...................... W 00
A vri
W .tg tlt,
pounds ..
167 50
A v e r n e * g a in
p er pig.
A v r r u it *
d a lly
xn ln.
p o u n d * . . . . .....................
F«*-.| e a te n d u lly by p ig:
C o rn m ani, p o u n d s .......
M id d lin g s , p o u n d . ......
T a n k n g e . p o u n d . ........
200 00
l. « I
2 13
1 70
5 40
Exhaust Gases From Motor Proved Effb
cient by Illinois Farmer— Every
Rodent Killed.
The exhaust gases of a gasoline en­
gine are said to he fatal to ruts. The
chlckcnhouse o f an Illinois fnrmer was
with them. He attached a hose
A v e r s i ! « d a lly ra tio n .
pou n ds .........................
« 25
4 50 to the exhaust pipe o f his motor cur.
P o u n d * o f fee d p er 100
Inserted the other end under the floor
p ou n ds g a in .................. (10 oo
C o s t o f 100 pou nds g n ln . 4»; 24
16.67 and set the engine running. Twenty rats
tried to escape, but were killed hy dogs
• R a tio n & p n rts corn m e a l. 4 parts m id ­
and when he took up the floor he
d lin g s. 1 p a rt ta n k n g e
i R n l l m t : C o rn m e a l. m id d lin g s , ta n k n g e
found 140 rats dead or stupefied, not
The cost per ton of feed used In the one escaping.
experiments wne ns fo llow s: Cornmeal,
$27; middlings, $30; tanknge, $r>0.
Cut Out Surplus Runners.
All the pigs In the self-feeder lot
Hoc out the surplus strawberry run­
tnnlntnlncd keen appetites during the ners Just ns If they were weeds— which
70 ilnys o f feeding. The hund-fed pigs they are. Crowded plants mean a poor
averaged 94 pounds per head and the crop next June.
self-fed pigs l»2 pounds per head nt the
beginning o f the test. At the end of ?0
Old, Sour Swill Barrel.
days the hand-fed pigs averaged 107.0
F»o away with the old, sour swill bnr-
pounds and the self-fed pigs 205 rel. It’s n disgrace to your fnrm.
Buries Hessian Fly and Gives Soil
Time to Become Moist and Com­
pact Underneath.
Knrly plowing of wheat ts beneficial
in more ways than one. Not only does
It bury tho Hessian fly, hut It also
gives time for the plowed soil to be­
come moist nml compact underneath.
Such u condition of the soil Is difficult
to secure If plowing Is put off until
September. Keeping down the weeds
also conserves soil moisture nnd plant
foods. From five to seven hundred
tons o f water are necessary to pro­
duce a ton of dry weeds and moist of
this may be saved for the wheat crop.
Flant food Is made available more
rapidly when early plowing Is prac­
ticed, due to the better air circulation.
I f the weeds nre kept down, this food
Is stored up and ready to give the
wheat a quick, vigorous atart when
seeding time comes. If, on the other
hand, the weeds are allowed to grow,
they will draw heavily on this plant
food and while they will eventually die
and decay, restoring It to the soil, the
Neutral Answer.
Why They Cheered.
“ Who are those people who are
High— There’s Fred Scads over
cheering?" asked the recruit as the there.
He made $1,000,000 in the
soldiers marched to the train.
street last year.
"Those.” replied the veteran, “ are
Low e— Honestly ?
the people who are not going."— Lon­
High— I don't know, but he made i t
don Saturday Journal.
— The Lamb.
Yam C a t Oat Allan's ffo o t- C s e r R fT .
P e n s io n s for R e -m a rrie d W id o w s .
W r it « A lie n s . Olm sted be T o y , N. Y . , f o r a
The remarried widow* ( i f now . w idow) o f Civi’
tree sam p le o l A lie n 's Foot-lta-e. I t cures
sw eatin g, h ot sw o llen , a ch in g (c el. It makes W ar Union aoldier*, mu or* and marine, may now
new or tig h t shoes e a «y. A certa in c u re for I »e-cure pension on the service o f the first iCivit
W ar) husband. Fee fixed by law and eontinir-nt
?otn*. In g ro w in g nails and bunions. A ll drug.
g U t, » e ll It. ‘¿be. Don’ t accent any suhatituM. upon success. O ver 35 years experience.
A Whitman Co.. Washington. D. C.
Clash of Colors.
The Dark Horse.
“ I don’t understand this talk about
Anzac officer— That's a pretty sad
a green bay tree,” declared the horse­
looking crock you’ve got there. Foran.
Cornstalk trooper— W ell, ’e ain't
“ Eh?”
“ If It's green, how can it be bay?” — much to look at, sir, but 'e throws a
dandy shadder when it's real hot! —
Louisville Courier-Journal.
London Opinion.
Her Training.
She's quite a famous novelist.
Pimples, boils, carbuncles, dry up and
Sue writes best selling books.
disappear wi'.h Doctor Pierce’s Golden
She got her start In fiction
Medical Discovery. In tablets or liquid.
W riting references for her cooks.
— Boston Transcript
Only Partly to Blame.
Mistress— Really, Mary, you might
Father— Don’t know the French for at least see that the plates are clean.
New girl— Well, mum, I owns up to
wheat will not do well, for If the cat, and you had a French nurse for
the thumb mArk. but the died egg was
whent crop waits until the weeds de­ years?
Hopeful— But. dad. we hadn't got a on there afore I came.— Boston Tran­
cay. the dnnger from winterkilling
cat when Adelo was with us.— Punch. script.
will he grcntly Increased. This differ­
ence In growth may make the differ­
ence between winterkilling and good
spring condition.
Thin Applet and Plums.
Do no let the apple and plum trees
bear too heavily. The fruit should
have been thinned to from four to six
Inches apart.
Four Blocks from Union Station. Under new
management. A ll reumi newly decorated.
Rates 5 0 c 7 5 c 51. $1.50 Per Day
moved to 323 to 337 Burnside St.. Port­
land. Ore. Lanrest T ir* Repair Plant
in the Northwest. Country service a
specialty. Use Parcel Post.
By buyinjf direct from us at wholesale prices
and save the plumber’s profits. W rite us to­
day your needs. W e will give you our rock-
bottom “ direct-to-you” prices, f. a b. rail or
boat. W e actually save you from 10 to 36 per
cent. A ll jroods guaranteed.
Northw est headquarters for Leader W ater
Systems and Fuller & Johnson Engines.
212 T hird Street.
P. N. U.
Y our
Examine Colt's Teeth.
I f the colt shows colic symptoms or
Is not doing well, examine his teeth.
A sharp tooth, cutting tongue or cheek
will prevent grinding the food and
enuse trouble.
Sometimes a tooth
needs extracting.
Spraying Paid.
A Missouri county agent reports an
orchnrd-sprnylng demonstration that
resulted In profits o f $1,800 In 1918,
when profits o f from $800 to $000 a
year had usually been received with­
out spraying.
New Houston Hotel
He wants to hold your trade
and tries to sell you brands
k " c
he knows
you will
He is always
ready to recommend
KG B aking P owder - A s k
Portland, O re con
No. 47. 1910