The Forest Grove express. (Forest Grove, Or.) 1916-1918, November 02, 1916, Image 9

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    DOWN TWO U. S.
Of General
About Oregon
Santo Domingo- -in an engagement
Portland— W heat— Bluestem, $1.67;
between American troops and rebel
fortyfold, $1.61; club, $1.50; red fife,
forces Tuesday, General Kamon Ba­
$1.61; red Russian, $1.48.
tista was killed.
Several Americans
Oata— No. 1 white feed, $32.
also are reported killed, including two Car Shortage Reaches 2186
Barley— No. 1 white feed, $37.
officers, and one American officer
Flour — Patents, $8.20; straights,
in State of Oregon $7.00 6$ 7.40; exports, $7.00; valley,
The names of the American officers
Salem — The car shortage on the $7.70; whole wheat, $8.40; graham,
killed are given as Captains William Portland division of the Southern Pa­ $ 8 . 20 .
l«ow and Atwood.
Lieutenant Morri­ cific Wednesday reached 2186, a new
M illfeed— Spot prices: Bran, $23.60
son was wounded.
record, and indications that it will 64 24 per ton; shorts,
The American commander attempt­ continue to mount are given in reports rolled barley, $ 38 . 506439 . 40 .
ing ed to arrest General Batista, and which have been received by the Ore­
Corn— Whole, $43 per ton; cracked,
the latter ordered an attack on the gon Public service commission. The $44.
American forces. Fighting continued company reported that it had orders on
Hay— Producers’ prices: Timothy,
for a considerable time, but the rebels file for 2557 freigh t cars and only 371 Eastern Oregon, $176420 per ton; tim ­
American Importers and [Manufac­ were eventually defeated.
othy, valley, $156$16; alfalfa, $166$
empty cars available for loading.
The engagement took place opposite
Residents in Tillamook county who 16.60; valley grain hay,
turers Depend on Great Britain
Santo Domingo City and caused a own stock are threatened with serious clover, $12.60.
panic in the capital. Reinforcements consequences because of their inability
Butter— Cubes, extras, 33c bid. Job­
for Fourteen Base Items.
were sent there to aid American troop* to obtain hay. Large amounts o f hay bing prices: Prints, extras, 37|c per
in maintaining order. The number o f are shipped annually to Tillamook. pound; butterfat, No. 1, 37c; No. 2,
rebel* killed and wounded in the fight This year only a few cars are available 35c, Portland.
Washintgon, I). C.— Domination by are at present unknown.
Eggs — Oregon ranch, current re­
and a shortage in hay has resulted.
tho allied nation* o f the world’* raw
The Public Service commission re­ ceipts, 45c per dozen; Oregon ranch,
Washington, I). C. — No report on ceived a vigorous complaint from candidi, 456446 c.
material* which are essential to Amer­
the fight in Santo Domingo had reached Rosenberg Borthers, o f Tillamook,
Poultry^— Hens, 13}6$15c; springs,
ican manufacturer* have been proved
concluaively to official* here by the the Navy department Tuesday night, asking for relief.
They assert that 15 64 17c; turkeys, live, 22 6 $ 32c;
but officials assumed that tho latest
they annually ship in from 100 to 150 ducks, 126$18c; geese, 106$lle.
completion Thursday o f a comprehen­
outbreak was the work o f a small band
V eal— Fancy, 106$llc per pound.
cars o f hay from the Willamette valley
sive summary o f British trade policies
of rebels who recently revolted from
Pork— Fancy, 126$12ic per pound.
and store it in their warehouses. This
a* to import* into this country. As a
the Doimnican army, and that it did
Vegetables— Artichokes 75c6$$l per
season they declare they have been
result the recent I'ari* economic con­
not presage any general attempt at
getting only one car every 10 days, dozen; tomatoes, 506$76c per crate;
ference o f the entente power* i* re­
where they need from one to three a cabbage, $1.25 per hundred; peppers,
garded here with far greater disquiet
Last reports from the island told of day. W ith no hay stored, the Tilla ­ 66$7c per pound; eggplant, 66 $ 8 e; let­
than before.
comparative quiet throughout the re­
mook people foresee a serious situa- tuce, $2.35 per box; cucumbers, 506$
The proposed commercial war after
public, where tho American marine
| tion next winter, when it w ill be im­ 75c; celery, 606$75c per dozen; pump­
the war, at first viewed skeptically as
forces are busy organizing the native
possible to ship in because o f the un- kins, lc per pound; squash, lc.
outlining policies which could not sur­
constabulary, which is to place the ! certain railw ay connections at that
Potatoes — Oregon buying price,
vive the heat of war or the operation
country under the direction of Am eri­
$1.30 @ 1.40 per hundred, country
i time o f the year.
o f |>eronnial economic forces, is looked
can officers.
points; sweets, $2.25.
upon as a more practical proposition
Onions— Oregon buying price, $2.25
in the light o f the investigation.
Hood River School Board to
per sack, country points.
Connoquently an earnest study o f the
Green Fruits— Apples, new, 50c6$$2
facts available i* being made, and
Use Fuel Oil This Winter
per box; peaches, 40c; pears, 75c6$
every efTort extended to supplant the
Hood R iv e r — Hood R iv er’ s high $1.25; grapes, 75c 6 $ $1.75; casabas,
information now at hand. Every indi­
i school building and the $30,000 annex l j c ; cranberries, $9.506$10 per barrel.
cation since the conference has tended
Washington, D. C. — Charges that to the structure, now nearing comple-
Hope— 1916 crop, 10@12c per pound.
to decrease the feeling that its provis­
Wool — Eastern Oregon, fine, 236$
ions could not be carried through. General Carranza is preparing to leave : tion, w ill E>e heated with oil. W ith a
Since then, it is pointed out, the black­ Mexico were being freely made by his few necessary changes made the old 26; coarse, 306$32c; valley, 306$32c.
From a
Mohair— 40c per pound.
list, which had been enforced by Eng­ (s)litical opponents in Mexico Wednes­ wood furnace w ill be used.
w ill be
Cascara Bark— Old and new, 5c per
land for some time, has been accepted
to leave his capital for Queretaro, and pumped to the furnace by the electri- pound.
in principle by all the allies.
Cattle— Steers, prime, $6.40@7.00;
What is more, the agreement made the fact that Mrs. Carranza already | rally driven pump.
By using oil instead of wood the good, $ 6646 . 40 ; common to fair, $5@
then for the closer economic unity be­ has crossed the border into the United
school board estimates a saving of 5.75; cows, choice, $5.50@6; medium
tween the governments is shown by States, accompanied by the w ife o f her
report* now coming in to tie working husband’s war minister and chief sup­ more than $275 will result this year. to good, $4.50@5: ordinary to fair,
The oil delivered at the big new tank, $3.50@4; heifers, $4645.25; bulls, $3
out through mutual concessions, ex­ porter, General Obregon.
Information to this effect is reach­ | costs $1.20 per barrel. Body fir cord- @4.25; calves, $46$7.50.
cluding other countries from their
wood is sellnig for $5.50 per cord. By
Hogs — Prime, $9.2561,9.55; good to
benefit*. In the compilation o f the! ing officials here from various reliable
! the time the wood is sawed and put in prime mixed, $8.256$9; rough heavy,
various agreements which England has sources. So far nothing tangible tend­
ing to support the story has come basements the cost is increased about $8(d,8.25; pigs and skips, $86$8.25.
instituted in this country to prevent j
through official channels. It is known, $1 per cord. A barrel o f oil, it is
Sheep— Lambs, $ 8648 .75; yearlings,
allied resources from going to Ger­
many’s aid is seen a strong indication however, that many officials here be- said, is more than equal to half a cord wethers, $7@7.50; old wethers, $6.25
@6.50; ewes, $56$5.50.
o f what the alilea might do through lieve General Carranza has committed of wood.
a political blunder, at least, i f he is
different methods after the war.
This domination o f the supply of not in fact preparing fo r flight, by
Coos Tract May Be Cut.
All “ Eats" Climb Higher Every Day.
certain raw materials demonstrated permitting his fam ily to leave Mexico
just Li. this time.
A company o f Marsh­ 1
after a year o f war, considered in con­
Tacoma— The unprecedented rise in
The purpose o f the visit o f Mrs. field men o f whom W. J. Conrad is an
nection with article 3 o f the Paris
prices continued Wednesday, with
Carranza and Mrs. Obregon, as ex­ interested member, is negotiating for
agreement, is believed to constitute a
plained at the Mexican embassy, is for the timber from a tract o f Southern potatoes and flour the chief features.
distinct menace to this country. A r­
a tour of the United States.
Word o f Pacific land lying west of Boulevard Potatoes advanced $3 a ton and flour
ticle 3 says:
the arrival at the border also o f Mrs. Park, an addition located between
’ ’ The allies
declare themselves
40 cents a barrel.
Yakim a potatoes
Jacinto Trevino, w ife o f the m ilitary Marshfield and North Bend. The tract
agreed to conserve for the allied coun­
commander o f Chihuahua state, had contains about 700 acres and had some I are now $40 a ton and locals $35, and
tries, before all others, their natural
not been received.
It was pointed o f the only remaining old growth tim­ indications are that the rise is not at
resources during the whole o f the per­
out, however, that Trevino has been ber adjacent to the city o f Marshfield. the highest point yeL
Jobbers say
iod o f commecrial, industrial, agri­
among Carranza’s staunchest support­
In the event the deal is consummat­ that the price o f potatoes w ill not be
cultural and maritime reconstruction,
ers and if the first chief believed his ed, the timber w ill be logged into
lower until next August, and that they
and for this pur|>ose they undertake to
hold on the political situation was Pony inlet and sold to the various w ill probably go higher. The New
establish s o c ia l arrangements to fa ­
weakening, Trevino probably would be mills on Coos Bay.
The timt>er in York sugar market advanced 10 cents
cilitate the interchange o f these re­
warned, in order that he might also question lies in the Pony inlet water­
and the effect is expected to be felt
place his fam ily in safety.
shed, but its cutting would not affect here in a day or so. Mr. Ultim ate
There are no loss than 14 different
The State department had not re­ the Coos Bay W ater company’s supply, Consumer w ill have to tighten up his
forms for various kinds o f materials
ceived word that Generals Carranza since the reservoir is above the place
E>elt another notch.
which American importers must file
and Obregon had le ft Mexico C ity for where it is proposed to cut.
Grapes arrived in large quantities
with their consuls before certain goods
Previous advises, how­
from California.
The Yakim a Con­
can l>e released to them from the Brit­
ever, said that the first chief could go
cords are off the market, due to a
ish dominions.
to that place in connection with the
heavy frost.
The late California
These materials, according to the
meeting o f the constitutional conven­
Marshfield— Smith R iver residents, grapes include the wine and black
complete list, include tin, chloride o f
tion, for which delegates were elected who live on a tributary o f the Ump­ grapes. Some o f the jobbers are g iv ­
tin and tin ore; wool, jute, shellac,
last week. This is the only explana­ qua river, and have a stream navigable
ing the wine grapes other names be­
tanning materials, antimony, rubber,
tion obtainable here for Carranza’ s de­ for 26 miles, are to have an improved
cause some o f the purchasers fear the
diamonds, mica, raw leather, plum­
mail service.
Instead o f receiving officers o f the law w ill be on their trail
bago, all the alloys o f iron, including
semi-weekly mails, they w ill hereafter as liquor manufacturers i f it is known
ferro-manganese, cobalt, chrome, tung­
be supplied three times a week.
Cap­ they bought wine grapes. The grapes
sten, molybdenum, vanadium, nickel
tain W illiam Dewar has obtained the are arriving in lug boxes, which sell
and several kinds o f ore.
contract, w ill leave Sulphur Springs, at 65 cents. A few boxes o f peaches
Where |>OBsible the restriction is
Paris— In a powerful series o f at­ at the head o f tidewater, on Tuesdays, may still be found on the market.
effected through the chief American
The mail California head lettuce is now on the
associations of manufacturers interest­ tacks on the Verdun front, the French Thursdays and Saturdays.
ed, such as the New York Metal Ex­ have captured the village and fort of route is between Sulphur Springs and market.
beyond the Reedsport, but arrangements have
The fish market is flooded with dark
change for metal, the National Asso­ Douaumont,
ciation o f Tanners for tanning mater­ Thiaumont work farm and also occu­ l>een made for a private extension to fall salmon. The run o f these fish this
ials, the United States Shellac Import­ pied the Haudremont quarries, north Gardiner, three miles from Reedsport. year is very heavy, forcing down the
ers’ association for ^ihellac, and the o f Verdun, according to the bulletin is­ Smith river is one o f the most fe rtile jobbing price to 6J cents a pound.
As usual halibut and small fish are
T extile Alliance for wool and jute. sued by tho war office Wednesday and productive sections o f Oregon.
scarce. The meat market shows a
In cases where the importer cannot ap­ night.
The prisoners captured and counted
firm tone, with tendency to advance.
ply through and be vouched for by
70 Cars of Apples to Go.
Nearly two
Eggs, butter and cheese prices remain
such an organization he signs a per­ thus far number 3500.
Roseburg — That approximately 70 unchanged.
sonal agreement with the British con­ miles was gained on a front o f four
and a third miles.
carloads o f apples w ill be shipped from
A ll kinds o f canned goods have gone
_____________ _____
The official communication says: Douglas county to the Eastern markets up with the general advance, especially
Bryan to Teach Japanese.
“ On the Verdun front, after intense during the present season is the esti­ condensed milk. Wholesalers have re­
The Umpqua ceived notice that both Carnation and
San Francisco— Nisamori Kano ar­ artillery preparations, an attack on mate o f local buyers.
rived Thursday from Japan by the Si­ the right bank o f the Meuse was Valley Fruit Union w ill handle about Astor brands were oversold and no
beria Maru to study under William launched at 11:40 a. m. Wednesday. 30 carloads of apples, while the Pro­ more orders could be received for some
Jennings Bryan at Lincoln, Neb. He The enemy line, attacked on a front o f ducers’ Fruit company w ill ship about time. Mount Vernon brand advanced
In addition to the 10 cents on the strength o f this and
is a son o f Viscount Kano and is a seven kilometers, was broken through the same amount.
graduate o f Imperial university at everywhere to a depth which, at the consignments handled by these firms the tone o f the market.
Tokio. Young Kano is a friend o f a center, attained a distance o f throe not less than 10 carloads o f apples w ill
be assembled and shipped from distant
Roads Held Responsible.
form er protege o f Bryan’s, and it was kilometers, nearly two m iles.”
parts o f the county.
through him that he made arrange­
North Yakim a — Shippers o f the
Thus far this Beason 11 carloads o f Yakim a valley met recently and decid­
Quake Renews Oil Flow.
ments to come here and study under
the ex-Democratic leader. He expects
Bakersfield, Cal.— Advices received apples have been shipped from Doug­ ed to serve notice on the O.-W. rail­
to be in this country several years.
Wednesday from the Maricopa oil dis­ las county.
way company and the N. P. that they
trict, 40 miles southwest o f here, re­
intended to tender their fruit for ship­
China Pheasants Liberated.
New Loan Made to Britain.
late that the earth tremblors o f last
ment and then hold the railroads re­
Gaston — J. H. Wescott, o f this sponsible i f it cannot be shipped for
New York — Official announcement Sunday have caused the resumption o f
It is believed that there
was made Thursday by J. P. Morgan the flow o f oil from a well that had place, has just recevied a crate o f lack o f cars.
young China pheasants from the State are over 4000 cars o f apples yet to be
A Co., that a new British loan by been latent for more than two years.
The well is in the foothills near Game commission, to be liberated in shipped while it is almost impossible
American bankers, aggregating $300,-
000,000, had been arranged.
It w ill Maricopa, and it is said that in the this locality. They were turned out to get refrigerator cars enough. Fruit
bear interest at 5$ per cent and is pay- past when earthquakes were fe lt the on the Benjamin Ward farm near a is coming in from the orchards at tAe
able in two installmenta, one o f three various wells in that vicinity have in­ patch o f kale and w ill be carefully rate o f six cars daily for every one
creased their production.
that is sent out.
years and one o f five years.
Real Menace is Seen in Plan of Allied
Nations to Control.
Carranza 1 bought Preparing to
Flee; Family Already in U. S.
French Regain Ground at Verdun.
British "Tank" Is One of Long
Line of Queer Devices.
Wsedsn Horse of Troy, Hide-Covered
Tower* Used by Alexander In
81*90 of T yre and Caesar's
Javelins whh Iron Points.
The British “ tank.” described as a¡
car o f death resembling a ponderous,
slow-movlug steel caterpillar, is one
o f s large family o f strange engines o f
destruction aired by the God o f War.
says a bulletin o f the National Geo­
graphic society. Reviewing the hi»*
tory o f warfare among civilize«! na­
tions, one o f the earliest engines of
destruction whose fame has been per­
petuated on the pages of legendury
epic was the great wooden hors«; which
the crafty Ulysses left on the plains o f
Ilium, snd which the Trojans believed
to be an offering sacred to the goddess
Athena. Counseled by the false 81 non,
the Trojans razed their wulls In order
that the "g ift” o f the Greeks might be
brought Into the city. A fter nightfall,
the warriors hMden-Inside the wooden
animal crept out, threw open the gate»
of the city and admitted their compan­
ions, thus bringing about the destruc­
tion o f the city o f Priam and wreuklng
vengeance upon the people who bad
sheltered Paris and the fair but falso
Helen of Troy.
One o f the simplest and yet one o f
the most effective Inventions o f an-«
dent times was the Javelin with a
point o f soft iron employed by Julius
Caesar In one o f his Gallic wars. The
Roman legionaries hurled these weap­
ons against the shields o f their ene­
mies. The iron head penetrated the
outer covering o f bull’s hide, but flat­
tened out against the hardwood or
metal back o f the shield, and thus be­
came hooked to this protector. The
shanks of the dangling javelins so Im­
peded the movements of the barbarian
soldiers that they were forced either
to throw away their shields and fight
uncovered against the Romans or else
stop long enough (a fatal delay in their
advance) to disencumber themselves
from this unique weapon whicJi may
properly t>e called the dum-dum pllum,
the progenitor o f the soft-nose or dum­
dum bullet of today.
Perhaps the strangest engines o f
destruction In the history o f the world
were the seven trumpets o f ram's horn
which the priests o f Israel blew as
they encompassed the walls o f Jericho
once each day fo r six successive days
and seven times on the seventh day.
A fter the final blast the hosts o f Isreal
gave a great shout and the walls fell
flat, according to the Biblical account
In the Book o f Joshua. Those who en­
deavor to explain all miracles on the
theory that they are the result o f ex­
traordinary applications o f the natural
law have seen In this remarkable event
a demonstration of the vast destruc­
tive power of sympathetic vibration—
the same principle which lias been
known to shake to Its very foundation
a great bridge o f steel and concrete
when a dog trots across i t
Another arms oddity o f Biblical In­
terest was the ruse employed by
Gideon, leader o f only 300 Israelites,
who successfully engaged a vast host
of Mldlanltes and Anialekites that “ lay
along In the valley like grasshoppers
for multitude; and their camels were
without number, as the sand by the
seaside for multitude.” Gideon's en­
gines o f destruction were 300 trumpets,
800 empty pitchers and 300 lamps with­
in the pitchers. As the enemy’s ramp
was nppronched during the night the
pitchers were smnshed, the lamps held
aloft In tlie left hand, while teVrlfying
blasts from the 300 trumpets spread
consternntion and terror among the
sleepers who In durkness Imagined that
they had been attacked by a great
The result was wholesale
slaughter among themselves while the
followers of Gideon watched.
Motor C a r Defined.
A motor car Is really a self-running
and rather realistic moving picture
machine. The difference Is that real
hills are better than play ones, but
one has much the same panoramic
sort of pleasure except thut. Instead
o f sitting In a row o f ten cent seats
with a great mass of people In the
Jerky and the cllckety dark, one sits
securely and prlvutely in one's own
moving picture machine uud does ev­
erything one’s self. One steers the
mountains past one, steers the rivers
and hills with a lever and turns tho
scenery on ¿Rid off.
H is Longer Experience.
“ Tou haven’t any serious or organic
trouble,” said the young physician,
cheerfully. “ You're a little nervous
and run down, that's all. Take more
exercise, eat less ami forget your trou­
The hypochondriac snorted.
“ Young man,“ he demand«?«!, his voice
shaking, “ how long Eiave you be«m a
doctor?“ “ I took my degree three years
ago,“ answered the medico. “ And T
am an Invalid of twenty-five years’ ex­
perience. “ Who are you to disagree
with me?”