The Forest Grove express. (Forest Grove, Or.) 1916-1918, November 02, 1916, Image 4

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A European War story based on the drama of
no reason for dlNscmlillng
If trouble
were coining -as he believed be con­
sidered It as well that the Innkeeper
should be prepared for It aa well aa
might be.
"Hut They say the Germans are com­
ing through Belgium.” In* ventured.
Henri Christophe picked up the
checkerboard that tin- two peasant"
had used to amuse themselves, aud
placed It upon the counter.
"A ll. no, m'sieu! And even should
they, our people are good people. They
will not touch us." he said as optluila
llcnlly as he could.
"W ell I hope not," Charlie agreed
“ Hut at least I'd like to see some of
the beggars. It's d
d Irritating to
look for a war amt not lie aide to
find It." He rose stlflly from his ehalr
and strolled to the cigar counter. "Got
anything to smoke?" lie asked, leaning
over the glass case. The Innkeeper
rumbled Inside the showcase and laid
Ills wares out for Ills gucat'a Inspec­
"Gosh, I’efer!" Mr. Brown exclaimed
In delight. "And a real cigar counter,
Where on earth did you get
"Oil. I was In New York." the other
told Idm proudly.
"I educated my
daughter there.
I was a waiter at
the Beaux Arts."
Charlie Brown stuck tils hand out.
The Beaux Arts was one of his apeclnl
“ Greetings!" tie exclaimed. “ And yon
brought this with you?" lie looked al­
most lovingly upon that familiar con­
trivance of ->ak. glass and nickel.
"1 had wished to Introduce here n.
little of the American what you call
It?--enterprise. And Hits year I had
hoped to purchase a book to registra­
tion In. and little I mixcm behind for tlie
letters slid tlie keys." Christoph* add-
(at. “ But business lias unt been good.”
He sighed.
"You're a good sort, old man!" Char­
lie told hint. " I hope If they do come,
they’ ll leave you alone."
" I hope so, m'sieu." the Innkeeper
nnswered. And lie breathe»! a silent
prayer that the German* would out
come that way.
At that moment n lady In white
en!»rc»| from the street and started
across the room toward « door that
led to the chambers above.
“ Honjoiir.
said politely, it was Ills mysterious
And since she paid well,
there w-ss every reason why he should
he affable to her.
"Boujour!" the young woman an­
She did not recognize her
fellow guest until lie approached with
outstretched hand.
"Great Scott! You!" he cried, scarce
believing his own eyes.
Ethel Willoughby— for It was she—■
could not <lo ot tier wise than pause. She
stared at Charlie Brown.
“ How do you do, Mr. Brown?" she
said. H»*r manner wns nervous, con­
strained. But Charlie Brown did not
notice that In his surprise. He took
her hand with undisguised delight.
“ Imagine meeting you here!" lie said
with great good humor. " I supix>se I
ought to «ay. 'This I* a small world
after all.’ ”
Henri Christophe had witness»*»!
their unexpected meeting with all the
Interest of h curions minded resident of
a small village. It pleased him. more
over, that his newly found friend fr»mi
New York already knew his feminine
"Ah. m’sieu knows Mndnme rt-
Lorde! That Is go»*»l. good.” he mur
mured, as ho beamed upon them both
Charlie Brown looked first at Iienrl
Christophe then back at Ethel again
And an expression o f bewilderment
spread over Ills face.
"Madame ile Lonl»-?" he said to her
“ Yes, >es!" she answered Impatient­
ly. And he perceived then flint she
whs decidedly ill lit ease. But all that
escaped the pleased lnnk< eper.
“ Ami n»iw I tnyseif will prepare »tin­
ner.” Christophe announced. “ Perhaps
you and niadame will dine together,"
lie told Mr. Brown.
"W hy, yes. sure - If mndnme will,"
Clinrlie agreed promptly. So fnr ns he
was concerned, nothing could pleas«
hi in more.
Listen to this argument:
I f you want all the money
you can iKs»aihly get for your
Cream, Eggs, I Ires*cd Mesta
and Poultry, ship where they
pay according to grotte. We
started this plan un.I lind that
the producer likes this niethed.
Let us have your next ship­
ment und see for yourself.
come back to serve ills leisurely pat­ , an’.s curiosity had been aroused by
' their feminine guest.
The chief characters are Ethel W il­
“ Ah.
“ But she pays, my little one and
loughby. Henry Streetnian amt Capt
Larry Redmond The minor characters drink?” Chrlstopbe asked them, rub­ she minds her own business,“ her fa­
are Sir George Waystaff of the British bing his hands in anticipation o f the ther responded. “ Let na do likewise.
admiralty and Charles Brown, a New feel of good coin in them.
. . .
Wipe off the table yonder!“ he
York newspaper correspondent.
n resident or Sir George's household,
“ No, thank you! My friend Is leav­ directed Jeanne, as If lie would give
secretly married to Streetman. a German ing now.” the Frenchman said.
Progressive Hsvoc.
her something to think of that would
though ale did not know him as
S py.
A mllltln esptsln whoa« company
“ But I w ill be back soon,” Lnrry take her mind off such Idle thoughts.
Uoh. Captain Redmond, her old lover,
returns to England after long absence. promised. And with that Henri Chris-
wna about to march against nn invad­
Little Jeanne took the cloth from a
From him she learns the truth about
ing enemy thus depicted th« awful
Stretman: furthermore. that he has tophe had to be content.
nearby hook and proceeded to polish
consequences of the foe's success:
betrayed her simply to learn naval se­
crets. The European war breaks out.
“ Gentlemen, they will lay your towns
Ethel prepares to accompany Streetman reader returned to his favorite pas­ ants had lately sat.
And while she
In wants, murder your wlv»-s and chil­
to Brussels as a German spy In order to time. while Henri Chrlstopbe regarded
was thus engaged their too frngul
dren and pull tlowu your fencon.” —•
get revenge and serve England.
him with a mild pensiveness. The fe l­ French guest folded up Id* paper, ruse,
Boston Transcript.
; low had loaf-si much In his Inn during aud left them.
In this installment is given a { ’ tile past two days; but lie hail been al­
Barnyard Society.
remarkable picture of Belgian | together too abstemious to suit the pro­
"You look suiull for n chicken that
wns hatched out in April."
village life— its peacefulness and - > prietor's notions o f what was due him
from a guest. And then all at once old
"I wns hatched In June. I ’m one
Lost— A Warl
hopefulness— just
of the younger set." Boston Trans­
Henri's face turned happy once more,
A stranger -unmistakably Amerlcnn
German host swept the little na­
at the sight o f a quaint little creature — pedaled a decrepit bicycle up to tlie
tion In 1914. You will enjoy
who tripped Into the room and called very threshold of'the Lion d'Or before
Charlie Brown’s meeting with
to him:
he threw a leg wearily over tlie rear
the innkeeper, and sympathize
“ Ah, father! You are home again! wheel and stood there, leaning heavily
with old Henri in his pathetic
What news of the war?”
( upon tlie handle bars ami saddle. It
effort to reassure his frightened
“ Nothing, nin petite!”
he said. was Charlie Brown, though ills best
daughter of her safety. You will
friend might not have recognized him
>; thrill at the meeting of spies.
»; “ Nothing! Do not lie alarmed.”
"But all say the Germans are com­ without some difficulty. He was both
TVnr M r. Editor I want to writ*» yoti
ing through Belgium.” she told him dirty and disheveled, and hot and tired
nix.nt " Anurio.” 1 was very sick,could
hardly lx» up; I wns in bed moat of tin*
, as well. Dust lay thick upon his
Cnpt. Larry Rcihnond, a British plaintively.
time. Had terrible pains iu my kidneys
Her remark seemed to exasperate 1 shoes. And now he gazed mournfully
spy, discusses plans with a French
and hack, so much so that 1 had L>
him. What with poor business, and ; into tlie inn, somewhat as a thirst
spy in a Belgian village inn.
scream eometimee When 1 wan sitting
Hie worry o f the last few days— for parched wanderer in a desert might
down and wanted to get up, the pain
Iienrl Chrlstopbe did not entirely share have looked upon an oasis, with It*
CHAPTER XI— Continued.
was so great. I hod tried n well-known
tlie complacency of his more placid promise o f shade and cooling water.
kidney medicine but it didn’t help me.
Larry swiftly cautioned him to be patrons regarding rumors that were in
Henri Christophe did not see him at
I heard of Dr. Pierce’« Anurio Tablets
tlie air— what with those things to first, for his hrond back was toward
so I thought 1 wouhi trv them. I took
only oue box of the Sublets, an»l my
“ Pardon! A slip o f the tongue!” his trouble him ids patience had become tlie street. Hut-be sprang up quickly
back is now free from puiu ntul I can
ally apologized.
finespun. The good God knew that he as Mr. Brown called to him In very
work and take care o f my family. I
•'You have arranged matters as I did not desire war to sweep over his 1 bad French—
feel I cannot say enougii for this medi­
planned with your General Jacques?" fatherland. He hoped passionately that
“ Musseer le proprietor!”
Sincerely, M ho . W m . Ki.Li.KU.
Larry asked.
It might escape that calamity. And
It was like music in the lunkceper’*
“ Yes! Last night we have strung a dreading it as he did. he took occasion. i . ears.
N o ra :
This "A n u ric " (a adaptol
wire from the fort to this inn. Even whenever tii«f possibility was men- | “ A customer, and nn American!" he
r«ix»cially for kidney complaints and
now the end of it is dangling in that tioned. to denounce tlie contingency exclaimed under his breath. "Oul.
diseases ntiaing from disorders of (¿>e
chimney.” He nodded toward the huge as being beyond reason. Somehow, lie monsieur!” he responded delightedly.
kidneys and bladder, such on bockacb»-,
"I am very tired.” Charlie explained
weak back, rheumatism, dropsy, con­
fireplace across the room. “ I have derived comfort simply from asserting
gestion of the kidneys, Inflammation
I — though he scarcely needed to dilate
outside a telephone. . . .
I wait his disbelief in such a tiling.
of the bladder, scalding urine and
“ All say It!” he repeated after her upon that obvious fact. “ I desire a
only the opportunity to connect the in­
urinary troubles.
The physicians and
with an irritation which was strange chamber with— a bed. immediately.”
socialists at Dr. Pierce's great Institu­
“ Now sit over there!” Larry com­ In him. “ So always it is with you ‘ "Oul. monsieur— I have a very good
tion, nt Buffalo, N. Y ., have thoroughly
manded. waving the man to a chair at women—you exaggerate every rumor,” i room, on the mezzanine floor—excel­
U-i-tcd this prescription and havn been
one of the tables. The fellow obeyed lie cried. “ I tell you— your father— we
with one accord successful in eradicat­
ing these troubl.-s, and in most ease*
him without question. And after a are a neutral country. All the big na­ a day!”
"Ten?” said Charlie. “ Cheap enough'
absolutely curing the disease»! kidneys.
quick survey of the place to make tions they have promised ns that our
Patients having once used "A n u ric’’
sure that there were no eavesdroppers. land is safe from invasion. It Is near­ Go to it!”
at Dr- Pierce’s Invalids’ Hotel, have re­
And while little Jeanne went fo pre­
ly a hundred years since they gave us
Captain Itedmond Joined him.
peatedly sent bock for more. Much a
“ Good!” he said. “ Now, the Germans their word and always they have kept pare the room for him, lie threw him-
demand has been C’ e a to l that I>r. Pierco
will be here tonight.” he confided, as
has decided to p u t'' Anuric" in the drug
"But still I am frightened.” his cel— his sole baggage—upon the table
he seated himself upon the table and
stores of this couutry, in a rrady-to-usu
leaned toward his fellow-spy.
form. I f Qot oLlaiuabl»» send one dimu
a timid little thing—Just the sort to collars Its contents were negligible.
by mail to Dr. Pierce f»»r trial package
“ So soon?”
or 60 cent* for full treatment.
“ They march fast,” Larry said. be thrown into a twitter o f excitement j “ I want to go to my room now.”
“ Here the road forks. One turns to over a mouse— or a war. It mattered- Charlie Informed his host. “ I’ m dead
to tlie world.” I ’ nconselously lie had
Dr. Pierce’s Goblen Med'cal Diocovery
the left, the other to the right. The not what one might tell her to calm !
lapsed into bis own vernacular. And
Is a blood cleans» r and alterative that
safety of your fort depends on which her. She would still be alarmed. And |
starts the liver ami stomach into vigorous
now Jeanne looked up at her father , then he realized that a Belgian Inn
road they take.”
action. It thus assists the I»» h 1 v to make
keeper In a country town could by no
“ I know,” the other assented. “ And !
rich, red blood, which feeds the heart,
manner or meins comprehend him.
on their arrival a woman will send us j
nerves, brain and organs of the body.
‘‘Oh. how the devil do you say ‘ I want
to soothe her.
word by our telephone.”
You feel clean, strong aud strenuous.
“ But why?” he asked her more to go to my room’ in French?" he
Larry bad not learned that
gently. “They did not come through . groaned.
“ A woman?” he exclaimed. “ Who is
Just The Thing.
country in 1870 in the Franco- 1 “ But I speak English, sir." flic Inn
"You 'll like this refrigerator, sir."
Prussian war. Why should they now? keeper Interposed. lie hnd n decided
“ I do not know, m’sleu.”
"W h y so?”
The Germans make much money from accent, it was true. But to Charlie
“ It has a secret drawer for a pint
“ Is she here now?” Larry persisted. J
us and we from them. They nre our Brown's ears the words were as grate
bottle.’’— Ixiulsvlll»- Courier Journal.
A suvpiiion had suddenly swept across
friends. . . . No. ma petite, thanks ful ns tlie sound of a rippling brook
his mind, filling him half with hope,
upon a hot summer’s day.
to God we need fear nothing.”
half with fear, that tlio unknown wom­
“ You do? Why didn't you say so?"
“ I hope, fattier, you may be right,”
an might be Ethel Willoughby.
she said, albeit somewhat doubtful he demanded?
The Frenchman shook his head.
“ Pardon me. sir!” tlie politic Inn­
“ No. m'sieu, 1 wait her return,” he
"You sliall see! Yon shall see!” he keeper begged him. “ But so many
reassured her. He made his way to the Americans like to exhibit their knowl­
“ She was not. perhaps, a Madame de Cigar counter and busied himself set­ edge of French that I have found It
Lorde— ” Larry mused.
ting things to rights there. “ What wisest never to speak English to an
“ I was not told her name, m'sieu. I worries me far more than the Ger­ American until I am asked.”
am to find her by code.”
“ Say— how did you know I was an
mans. my little one.” he went on.
“ I thought possibly it might lie a “ what worries me is that we have so | American?” Charlie asked him with
Madame de Lorde,” Larry told him. few Americans automohillng this sum­ sudden suspicion. He would have liked
“ Until two days ago we were work­ mer.
Always in August there are to know Just what it was about Ills np
Her Health Restored by Lydia
ing together in Brussels. Then I had many; and they pay well.”
pearnnee that seemed to stamp him ns
E. Pinkham’s Vegetable
to leave.
. . . i thought she might
“ Perhaps it Is the Germans who a Yankee, no matter where lie went.
have come this way.” He slipped oil keep them away,” she ventured unhap­
“ Oh! I could tell at once. . . .
tlie table onto bis feet. “ Still, no mat­ pily.
The voice, tlie manner. . . . Ob! I
ter!” be added, as the French spy
“ Will you cense?” he cried nngrily. cannot explain. . . . It is a some-
looked at him a bit too inquiringly. "A lw ays you talk o f the Germans. tiling.” Christoph* groped, "an air—
Indianapolis, Indiana. — " My health
“ You can depend on tills woman?" he Soon you will have me nervous like one can never mistake It.”
iuu»uwv\u\wnwwuww was so poor and my constitution so run
Mr. Brown grinned at him.
down that I could
you.” he complained, ns If he were not
Do you believe that Brown j
The fellow shrugged his shoulders.
not work.
I waa
"Right there with that French ‘gaff.1
already that
will discover for himself th« j
“ She serves General Jacques. He
thin, palo nnd weak,
“ I am sorry, mon pere,” she said in aren't yon?" lie said.
truth about Madame de Lord«, *
trusts her.” he replied, as If that fact filial repentance.
w e i g h e d but 10»
Henri Christophe smiled.
and do you think he will join j
absolved him of responsibility.
pounds and was in
"Ah. m'sieu. I understand.” he ex­
“ There, there!” he exclaimed, ns if
his friends in their spying work? J
“ Explain everything carefully to ashamed that lie Ipid chided her. “ I ' claimed. nodding his head sagely. "But I rtVW
b e d m o a t o f the
VIM wvvwvwvv%wwww\*\!
her.” Larry cautioned him.
time. I begnn tak­
did not mean to be cro«s. Come! For­ you do me ail Injustice, f do not flat­
(TO HE C O N T IN U E D .)
“ Everything, m’sieu!” the little man get your fenrs and pray to your saints I ter. I speak the truth.”
ing Lydia E. Pink-
promised. “ Shall you return here that business will be better. To think '
Daytime Sleep.
ham’s V e g e t a b l e
All at once the American remem­
later?” he asked, as Larry started to that in August we hnve only that one bered that he was a newspaper man.
The woman who cun drop nsleep
Compound and five
leave him.
month* later I
“ Well, then, have you Been anything quickly, for n few minutes' nap In the
lady lodger!”
"I do not know if my regiment will
daytime. Is really hleeeed. If such a
weighed 133 pounds.
At his remark the French spy o f a war around here?” he asked.
stop here, or if it will go on; so I glanced up quickly from Ills newspa­
little nii-sta that “ knits up the raveled
“ No, sir!"
I do all the house­
must rely on you and the woman,” per. He bad not known that there was
“ NeiHicr hnve I!” Charlie volun­ sleeve o f care,” can be managed Its re­ work and washing for eleven and I can
Captain Redmond warned him. “ Re­ a lady staying In the house. And he teered. "And I've been looking for It freshment Is wonderful. To darken truthfully say Lydia E. Pinkhani’s V eg­
member—it is imperative your general wondered whether she might not prove for n week."
the room Is the first aid to slumber. etable Compound has been a go»lsend
know if the attack be direct or by a to be the person for whom he was on
"Oh, there will he no war here,” I f this Is <iut o f tin* question for any to me for I would have been in my grave
flanking movement.”
Christophe assured him. “ It Is always r<*nson, »>r If the nap Is taken out of today but for It. I would tell all wo­
the lookout.
“ Yes, yes! . . . Now I shall get
“ And wbnt do you suppose she is do- like this— Just our peaceful little vil­ doora, u dark scarf tied lightly over men suffering as I was to try your valu­
the telephone,” the Gallic gentleman lug here in Courvolsier?” little Jeanne lage! We harvest our crops: we brew the eyes has the needed effect.
able rem edy."— Mrs. W m . G rf . kn , 332
announced. And then he exclaimed asked her father, it was not quite the some beer; we make a little wine—
S. Addison Street, Indianapolis, Indiana.
quickly, in French. “ Vous avez rai­ usual thing for a foreign— or any other good wine. Monsieur shall snrnple it
There is hardly a neighborhood In this
— lady to stay In an inn without nn es and see,” he added parenthetically.
An officer saw a navvy staggering country, wherein some woman has not
His change to his own language, no cort.
“ We go to church on Sunday, we live with n load of three rsllrond ties, found health hy using this g.xxi old-
less than the inflection of warning in
“ That I do not know— nor do I care, and die in tlie Vpilet sunshine. . . . while a man following wns taking fashioned root and herb remedy.
his voice, brought Captain Redmond ma petite,” Henri Christophe said.
There will be no war here.”
I f there is anything about which you
things easily hy carrying only one.
around sharply; and he saw that they
Charlie Brown did not like to break He asked the latter what It meant, would like special advice, w rite to the
“ She Is not French as she says. One
•were no longer alone. It was the Inn­ may tell from her accent.” the girl re­ rudely In upon the good man's placid and received the reply: "Oh, be'a tee Lydia E. Piakham Medicine Co., L jdq ,
keeper. Henri Chrlstopbe, whe had marked. It was patent that her * • ■ - dream. But at the »ame time be h i laay t* go three times.”
Had Terrible Pains
in Kidneys and Back.