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N ew York— The necessity for the
United States to show s proper appre­
ciation o f the business received in the
way of war orders from the entente al­
lies is the subject of a statement is-
Brief Resume of General News Xix'SrSS.SScZ & X
From All Around the Earth. .
recent trip to Great
Britain and
He returned Monday from
England, after having assisted in the
arrangement of the new $800,000,000
British loan.
I “ It is perfectly clear that if we re­
gard Great Britain and France as de-
Great Excitement Prevails on Boards
At Chicago This Week.
Live News Items of All Nations and 8irftb'« « “ tome™ ami wish u> continue Conditions Considered Dangerous by
1 to sell them our products,
the state­
Many Traders — Corn Reaches
ment says in part, “ we must treat
Pacific Northwest Condensed
them as a producer usually treats a de­
Highest Mark Since 1867.
for Our Busy Readers.
sirable customer, in which event 1 am
Spokane grocers and butchers are
discussing the question of advancing
prices on their goods.
A Klamath Falls, Oregon, sheriff
pours 200 gallons of seized liquor into
the Main street sewer.
Because of the car shortage, Port­
land fuel men are employing auto
trucks to transport wood to the city
from nearby forests.
The British steamer Bornu has foun-
dered 25 miles west of Ushant in a
heavy gale. A ll the passengers and
crew were saved by the Norwegian
steamer Rein.
Andrew Carnegie has bought from
S. P. Shotter. of Savannah, Ga.. the
Shadow Brook estate in Lenox. Mass.,
and w ill occupy it as a summer home.
The deal is said to involve more than
Miss Jessie Ashley, sister of Clar­
ence D. Ashley, former dean o f the
N ew York University Law School, is
adjudged guilty of distributing birth
control literature in court in New
York and fined $50.
The importation of goods for private
use in Petrograd has been prohibited
on account of traffic congestion. Spe­
cial permission of the ministry is re­
quired for shipments for other than
government purposes.
Frank Moore, injured 16 months ago
when a motor car he was driving was
run down by a Southern Pacific train
near Thurston, Ore., leaves the Eugene
hospital almost fully recovered from
his injuries, which included a broken
A $1.000,000 timber deal was con­
summated at Tillamook, Or., when
Wallace McCamant. of Portland, as
master in chancery, received from
John P. Oleson, of Chicago, a $25.000
check to bind the sale of timber lands
in Tillamook, Washington and Lane
G. C. Burris, a Superior Court juror
at Seattle, was taken from the jurybox
and lodged in the county jail, charged
with disobeying a court order directing
him to pay $10 a week for support of
his wife.
Burris was arrested on a
lazy husband warrant last May and re­
leased on promise to make payments.
confident we will continue to supply
them largely, not only during the war,
but for the
which will follow.
“ Great Britain and France have not
the West­
I only carried on the war on
ern front, but have at the same time
developed their own manufacturing re­
sources in a way which surpasses be­
lief. so that today they find themselves
well equipped and in a position to pro­
vide not only for themselves, but in a
large degree to assist their allies.
“ In stating this I do not mean to
! imply that there are not many things
they will require from us, as they did
before the war, and w ill after.
I do
mean that there are many supplies
which they would rather
from us than produce at home, reserv­
ing the resources required for such
production for other purposes to their
better advantage. The point is that
today their position is one of indepen­
dence compared with that of two years
• I
loss of Life May Reach 200;
Greek Naval Officers Bitter
Athens — The torpedoing of the
Greek steamer Angheliki on Saturday
near Piraeus, with
aboard, was carried out without warn­
ing, it is said here. This action is be­
lieved to indicate that since the cap­
ture of Constanza the German sub­
marines have obtained a new supply of
benzine, enabling them to
operations in the Mediterranean.
Greek naval officials are particularly
bitter that the attack seems to have
been made within Greek territorial
waters, only a few miles from Salami,
where a formidable allied fleet has
been stationed since September L
The loss of life is now said to reach
200, though tbe full number aboard the
Angheliki is not known.
The subma­
rine, it is further said, warned ships
endeavoring to rescue the Greeks to
keep off.
Everett Repels I. W. W.
Everett, Wash. — When word was
received Tuesday that 45 men. said to
be members of the Industrial Workers
of the World, were coming by boat
from Seattle, 200 citizens gathered ud -
der the leadership of deputy sheriffs
and stood guard at the wharf.
the steamer docked and the men came
ashore the waiting citizens loaded
them into automobiles and drove them
beyond the city limits, where they were
warned to return to Seattle.
Short skirts and military footwear
are chiefly responsible for the high
cost of shoes, according to C. E. Boe-
worth, special agent of the bureau of
“ Three years ago,” says Mr. ^Jos worth,
Railroad Needs SIO.OOO.OOO.
“ there was no market for glazed kid.
Seward, Alaska— The Alaska Engi­
Skirts then became shorter and shoes
lengthened, which used up the supply neering commission will ask congress
for between $10,000,000 and $11,000,-
of kid.”
000 for construction expenditures on
Mrs. Mary Fairbanks, mother of
the government railroad during the
ex-Vice-President Fairbanks, died sud­
next fiscal year.
The commission
denly at Indianapolis at his home Tues­
Monday bought 10 lots at the foot of
day night. Mr. Fairbanks was cam­
Adams street as a site for a terminal
paigning in Illinois at the time. Mrs.
passenger station.
Fairbanks, who was 37 years old. had
been enjoying good health and took a
Italian Destroyer Blown Up.
long motor ride just before she became !
A dispatch to Exchange
suddenly i IL
Telegraph from Athens says:
A wireless press dispatch
“ The Embros Corfu correspondent
Bucharest says an official decree has reports that the wreckage of an Ital­
been issued committing for trial on a ian torpedo boat destroyer blown up by
charge of conspiracy two men named a mine laid by an Austrian submarine
Babosh and Thot, who are charged off the Epirus coast, fell upon the sub­
with having attempted last year to as­ marine and completely destroyed it.”
sassinate Premier Bratiano, of Rou-
mania; M. Coetinesco,
Invasion o f England is Possibility.
minister, and the late M. Filipesco,
London — Field Marshal Viscount
former war minister.
French, commander in chief of the
At a sale conducted under the direc­ armies in the United Kingdom, ad­
tion of the United States District dressed the volunteers st Derby Sun­
court at Cleveland, the Wheeling A day.
He said that an invasion of the
Lake Erie railroad was sold to Blair & British isles was not a mere supposi­
Co. and Kuhn, Loeb & Co., of New tion. but a possibility. This they must
York, for $12,000,000. The reorgan­ be prepared to meet.
ization plan calls for the addition of
$9,994,708 to the road’s treasury. 1
Russian Cities Want Food.
Stockholders are to be assessed $27 a 1 Petrograd— Minister of the Interior
share to provide this amount and in Protopopoff has applied to the military
return are to receive 6 per cent pre­ authorities, according to the Rech. for
ferred stock of the road.
permission to draw upon the military
The new Trolpastta canal in Sweden stores for food supplies for the popula­
has been opened by K ing Gustav. The tions of Petrograd and Moscow.
canal connects
North Sea.
W ener
Lake and th e !
Ten persons, mostly school children,
remained for an hour and a half in the'
municipal hydraulic elevator at Oregon
City, Or., when the cage «tuck mid­
w ay in its 90-foot shaft.
Vi-ginia G oes "D r y ."
Richmond, Va. — V irginia entered
the ranks of prohibition states at mid­
night Tuesday, swelling the total o f)
18. No liquor can be shipped and car­
riers have served notice that none will
be received ^f or shipment.
I<ondon— A private telegram received
at the American consulate Monday a f­
ternoon from Crook Haven saya that a
number of Americans were drowned
when the British steamship Marina
was torpedoed by a German submarine.
Iondon — The American embassy
Monday received a report from Wealey
Frost, American consul at (Queenstown,
that the British steamship Marina hail
been torpedoed without warning.
is believed a number of Americana
were on hoard.
Lloyd’s report says only 84 members
o f the crew of 104 have been landed
at Crook haven.
American Consul is now procuring
affidavits from survivors.
A re|*irt on the sinking on October
26 of the British steamship Rowan-
more also was made to the American
embassy by Mr. Frost, who ststes thst
vessel was torpedoed.
Americans, including five Filipinos,
were on hoard the Rowanmore. Sev­
eral of them have given Mr. Frost affi­
davits stating that a submarine shelled
lifeboats while they were being low­
ered and after they were clear of the
ship, without causing loss of life.
Berlin Says 11 Outpost Vessels and
Several Torpedo Craft Sunk.
London Declares Two Attackers Were
D e stro ye d- Germans Claim All
Returned Safely to Base.
Berlin, via london—-A t least 11 out-
|K>at steamers and two or three tnr|>edu
boat destroyer* or torpedo hosts were
with grains taking the lead.
sunk or damaged by a German tor|»odo
has never been anything like the spec­
boat squadron Thursday night in the
ulative buying and advancing tendency
English Channel between Folkestone
of values, as shown in the wheat mar­
and Boulogne, according to an olficial
ket of late.
communication issued here.
A 13-cent advance in 24 hours was
The German torpedo flotilla returned
followed by an eight-cent break and
Newport News, Va.— There were 50 safely to its base without any loss.
a 12-cent bulge.
To see December
The communication says:
wheat sell at $1.90 in Chicago, I1.97J Americans on the Britsih steamship
"P a rt o f our torpedo forces moved
in Minneapolis, $1.95 in Kansas City, Marina, reported torpedoed and sunk
from a German base Thursday night
$1.S9| in Winnipeg, ami $2.02f fur
Dover and Ca­
durum wheat in Duluth, and $2.08 for London, when she sailed from Newport through the Strait* of
the cash article of the latter variety | ^ew s. 1 he Americans were signed lais to the line of Folkestone-Boulogne,
in the English Channel.
in Minneapolis is something thst the bwro ** horsemen,
“ According to the report of Com­
grain trade of today has never experi­
Wsshington, D. C. — Dispatches to mander Mirhelsen at least 11 outpost
steamers awl two or three destroyers
Prediction* of $2 wheat at Chicago, the State department say the Marina,
or torpedo hosts were sunk, partially
which were not expected to be realized when sunk, had a mixed crew of Krit-
ish and Americana snd that she whs or totally, near hostile ports.
before next March or April, may be­
sunk by gun fire without warning.
members o f the crews who were saved
come a reality this week, unless some­
Consul Frost st (Queenstown speci­ were captured.
thing develops to check the bullish en­
“ Several other guarding vessels snd
thusiasm and the heavy volume of buy­ fied that the information he transmit­
ted was “ provisional.”
Investigation at least two destroyers were Eieavily
ing, despite the fact that prices have
will be made at once to determine the ' damaged by torjxalo and artillery fire.
more than doubled within about a
outpost steamer
Wheat prices are the highest | status of the Marina and the nature of Also the English
(Queen was sunk south o f Folkestone,
since 1888, when the market was ar­ i the attack to determine wficther any
of Germany's pledges to the United the crew having time to leave the ship.
tificial. Present prices are legitimate,
Ststes had been violated.
“ In the channel near the Farnene
as prices the world over are abnor­
lightship there was a strikingly active
mally high. So long as nothing de­
traffic by hospital ships.
velops to disturb the confident feeling
“ Our torpedo boats safely returned
existing among holders, there is no
German waters without any loss.”
telling how high prices may go. The
Chicago— Speculation has gone wild
| in everything, especially in foodstuffs,
American Contention on Blacklist
is Refused by Great Britain
level, however, is getting so high,
e t a long one, that it is '
Washington. 1 ) . C .— The next move . l ' o n < b > n
J ''1
rm * n
i * ’* 1
with the market
dangerous by many trad- of the United States in the controversy
*.H r<*y* r" * vm l>
•> r" '
over the blacklist of Amen,-an firms ' " h "oss-rhannel transport se m e «
Thursday night,
The high prices are bringing out will not lie determined until officials
failed, says an official statement is­
liberal quantities of wheat, as ideas of have had ample time to examine Great
sued by the British admiralty.
farmers are met by the advance and Britain’s reply to the American note
o f the German destroyers were sunk
interior reserves are being reduced, of July 28, protesting against it. The
and the others were driven off.
while the visible supply is increasing, reply reached the State department
One British torpedo boat destroyer,
There is a general impression in the Monday from the Lt ndon embassy.
the Flirt, Lieutenant Richard P. Kel-
trade that the bulk of the cash Decern- ! Secretary Lansing said he had not de­
lett in command, is missing, the Brit­
her wheat in the United States and cided when it would be made public.
ish statement adds, and another de­
Canada is owned by foreigners and ex- ' The note refuses the American oon-
stroyer, tEie Nubian, Commander Mon­
porters. They are expected to take a | tention, which termed the blacklist
tague Bernard, was disabled by a tor­
delivery of the cash grain in Decern- 1 “ an arbitrary interference with neu-
pedo and ran aground.
Nine members
• tral trade, ” but is understood to offer
of the crew of the Flirt were saved.
Cash corn sold up to $ 1.12% for No. methods of relief which may he avail­
The German destroyers succeeded in
2 yellow last week, or the highest | able in some instances to lessen the
sinking one
empty transport,
since 1867. Corn at $1 a bushel and rigors of interference.
(Queen. The crew was saved.
over looks high by comparison, but
An American reply is almost certain
with wheat above $1.90 it is not out to be made, based on the contention
that the blacklist violates the criminal
of line.
i treaty of 1815; that in singling out
certain American firms, undue discrim­
ination is shown snd that an illegal
action is taken, designed to prevent
trade with Germany and to end which
Berlin— A new war credit bill for
should tie accomplished through block­ 12.000. 000.000 marks, was submitted
It to the reichstag Saturday by Count
London — A telegram received in ade and contraband restrictiona.
Rome from a German source reports may be argued that the blacklist is de­ Von Roedern, secretary o f tEw imper-
there are indications of the beginning signed to cripple firms trading with i ial treasury, who also reviewed the
trade successes of the German war finances
of a tremendous new Russian offensive Germany to deatroy German
in Galicia and Poland, says a dispatch more than for the immediate purpose i snd compared them with the practices
from the Italian capital received by of war.
i followed by the countries opposed to
the wireless press.
; Germany.
Count Von Roedern said
that the total German war credits up
Berlin— The Russians have renewed
to now amounted to 52,000,000,000
their attacks on the Auatro-German
Explaining the practice of
line west of Lutsk, in Volhynia, and
I the German treasury, the imperial
war office announced Monday, deliver­
1.08 Angeles— A counterfeiting plant ! treasurer said:
ing an assault Sunday after two days’ which was said to have produced the
"O n the basis of the war credit
artillery preparation in the vicinity of notorious spurious $10 Federal Reserve granted by Parliament in all cases
Zaturze. The attack, according to the ¡Jackson silver certificate, was found short-term treasury bonds which were
official statement, failed completely, Sunday in the studio of H. Russel W il­ regularly consolidated with long-term
with heavy losses to the Russians.
ken, when secret service operatives loans in the months of March and Sep-
from San Francisco brought Wilken j temher were issued. The amount of
Petrograd — Austro-German forces here to seize the outfit after his arrest more than 47,000,000,000 marks sub-
launched a series o f violent attacks in Santa Crux and his alleged confes- l scribed to these loans, of which 46,-
against the Russian and Roumanian | sion that he had made and passed more 000,000,000 marks already had been
positions on both banks of the river ! than $50,000 of spurious paper in sev­ paid, proves the success of this finan­
Bystritza, in the region of
D o rn s1 en years.
cing policy.
The German nation in
W’atra, Sunday, says the official state­
The plant— a copper etching outfit— 1914 produced from its own resources
ment by the Russian war office, com­ was found concealed in a covered sink 4.600.000.
000 marks in such loans; in
pelling the Russian advanced posts to i in s room on the second story of 311 1915 more than 21,000,000,000 marks,
abandon two heights.
South Hill street, three blocks from and in 1916. 21,000.000,000 marks
| police headquarters and in the heart of also.
Shot Fired at Premier.
the city. W ilk en ’s quarters were fit­
“ You will remember that the first
Melbourne, Australia— An attempt ted up as a studio, and he pretended to four loans were essentially of the same
was made recently to assassinate W il­ carry on a business of commercial type, carrying 6 per cent interest and
authorities. having approximately the same price
liam Morris Hughes, the Australian art, according to the
premier, at his home in N ew Victoria, There were easels, unfinished pictures, of issue. There having been raised in
according to a Reuter dispatch from a painting jacket and brushes about, this fashion
marks in
Sydney, which says the information | although Wilken apparently worked at round figures the question seemed just­
was obtained from close friends of the his profession only enough to make it ified as to whether the fifth loan could
premier. A man is said to have forced a blind for counterfeiting.
be placed under the same conditions.”
a window at righ t and have fired a f
revolver shot into the premier's b e d -!
Nicaragua Revenue Taken.
Poe's W orkshop Mutt Go.
room. The bullet did not take effect. ,
Managua, Nicaragua — Americans
Richmond, Va. — Edgar Allen Poe's
The would-be aasassin escaped.
are taking over the management of all old workshop, now the Southern Liter­
the internal revenuea of Nicaragua.
ary Messenger building, must be torn
Franca Will Fix Prices.
A dispatch from Managua. October down within five days, under a court
Paris— The French senate passed a 1, says it was reported American order entered on complaint that the
measure Monday authorising the min- bankers to whom the Nicaraguan gov- building was unsafe. A eitisene' com­
iater of the Interior to fix the limit* of emment was indebted, had notified mittee trying to preserve the building
retail selling prices of butter and Nicaragua that it must liquidate the as e memorial to the poet, who pro­
now are indebtedness by October 16 or that duced many of his earlisr writings in
bringing from 50 per cent to 150 per otherwise they would take over suffi­ it. will have the structure rased in
cent more than they paid before the cient of the country's revenues to re­ such a way that it can he reconstructed
imburse them.
on the grounds of Richmond College.
Kaiser Asks New War loan;
Total Credits 52 Billion Marks
Russia» Beçin New Drive; Great
Offetshe in Gaiida and Poland
Skilful Counterfeiter’s Plant for
Making Bogus Bills is found