The Forest Grove express. (Forest Grove, Or.) 1916-1918, October 26, 1916, Image 3

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    0 nimm VuLOAMima C ompany
••• lu
I’ m
BuruikU Si., fo rt-
t TW« I
Tica a
»1 Puai.
A r r E N 'n o N !
Pumlali«*! on abort no tira.
Writ » for
H< a l» o f Prtaaa.
Portlaml Klw trotyp. fl
Slrtaotrna U . Pruni * stark. i'ixtUml. <>r.
Ab o u t
Stomach Bitters
that make» it espe-
cially appealing to
those who need a
safe tonic, or who
s u ffe r from any
stomach, liver or
bowel trouble.
A Wise Guy.
"So Jack la going to get married.
He doean’t know when he Is well off."
"Maybe not; but be knows when a
Kiri’s father la well off."— Boston
New law * iv r * till* w hin married prior In
Juno 77. 1 '* * <
Remarried widow* airaJn a
widow (duo U»ft**Ats<l W rit« for hlarik*
about ( «aiifrdarmtw w r v lr i
R yln ito n A W»l-
•on. Washington. D. C. KalaolUhsd IBM.
P o u lt r y ,
B u tte r ,
(<• thr Old Reliable l\*sr«Ln* hmi** with a
record o f 4f> years of Hquan» I tonltnirs. and
l * u .u r * U ut r O P M A R K E T P K l o U .
F. M . C R O N K H IT E
45-47 Front Street
P orli*o d , O rs fo n
"That man you were talking to 1*
under suspicion of being an anarchist.’’
" I don’t care," said Miss Cayenne.
"W ith orKftnlzed governments heal­
ing nitroglycerin around the earth by
the ton, a little thing like a crank
with a hand grenade doesn’t seem
worth noticing.” — Washington Star.
A fte r
M a r r ls g e .
"W hat's the matter, girlie?”
"H e used to carry my photograph
over hla heart."
"And now?"
“ Now he has taken that pocket for
his cigars.” — Louisville Courier Jour
.V #,
- --------
— r»"
m mi -
(D o Your Own Plumbing
Iljr buying direct from u* at wholesale prices
and save* tli« plumber's profit*. W rit« ua to­
day your needs. W e will *1*«* you our rock-
iMittofn direct-to-you” p n c ti. 1. o. b. rail or
UtaL W r actually *a v « you from lo U j 45 per
crut. A ll ff<*id* iniaranteed
Northw est h#ad< 4 uart«ra for le a d e r W'ater
Systems and Fuller & Johnson F o rt nee.
S T A K K - D A V IS CO .
212 Third R t n i L
Portland. O regon
Reduced Rates
Court Room , Single, 75c; Double, $1,
Outside Room , Single, $1; Double, $1.50
(Hath privilege Inrluiletll
Room s with P riva te Bath, Single,
$1.50; Double, $2.00.
Auto-Hus Meets Train*.
A ll Cars from t 'nion Depot Pass Our Duora.
A F ifth Sts.. PORTLAND. ORE
Cor. Washington
DRS. H E D L U N D ,
S K I F F 1 M IL L E R .
Take pleasure In announcing that they an» lo­
cated at 4fc>-4bO Morgan hid*.. (4th floor), Wash­
ington at Hn*adway. Portland. Ore., when» they
will 1 » pleased to meet their friends and patients.
T h e*« offices will lit« conducted on a policy o f serv­
ice at moderate prices to th « best o f our ability.
W * always stand behind our work, a* we know
that a satisfied patient la and shall always bo the
best a*set.
Dr. Elof T. Hedlud,
Dr. Seymour S. Skiff,
Dr, J. Howard Miller,
D E N T IS T S .
Teleph on e, Marshall 96.
W rite about your wants in this line to
18$ Madison SL,
P. N. U.
A W o m an ’s Trouble
E «* .
Portland, Ora.
No. 43. 191*
, ShBMEk.
Trontdale, Ore-
•it Rcn- — " I
w as
, troubled
weakness f r o m
f, which women suf-
’ Fer and niter tuk-
[ ing two bottles of
; Favorite Prcscrio-
tion 1 was entirely
[ relieved.” — MkH.
I M. E. J o iim h o s ,
T ron td a le, O regon.
Tlie mighty restorative power of
Doctor Pierce’s F’avorite Prescription
»jiecdily causes ail womanly troubles
to disappear— compels the organs to
properly perforin their natural func-
tiuni, corrects
displacements, over­
comes irregularities, removes oain and
misery at certain times ana brings
back health and strength to nervous,
irritable and exhausteu women.
For all diseases peculiar to women,
Dr. Pierce’s Favorite Prescription is
a powerful restorative.
For nearly
M years it lias banished from the
lives of tens of thousands of women
the pain, worry, misery and distress
caused by irregularities and diseases
of a feminine character.
What Dr. Pierce’s Favorite Pre­
scription has done for thousands it
will do for yon. (le t it this very day
from any medicine dealer, in either
liquid or tublct form; or send 60 cents
to Dr. Piercej Invalids' Hotel, Buffalo,
N. V., for trial box of tablets.
Question» of Serf — Are fully and
.properly answered in The People’s Com-
‘ttum Sense Medical Adviser, by R. V.
Pierce, M. I). It contains the knowl­
edge a young man or woman, wife or
i daughter, should have.
I t « » pages
with color plates, bound in cloth, By
mail, prepaid—on receipt cf 3 dime's
or stamps.
Some Never Do.
"W o are taking In boarders this
"H ave they found It out yet?” — Grit
Need Only Trust to Lydia E.
Pink ham’s Vegetable Com­
pound, says Mrs. Kurtz weg.
Buffalo, N Y .— “ My daughter, whose
picture is herewith, was much troubled
with pains in her
buck and sides every
month a n d t h e y
would sometimes be
so bad that it would
seem like acute in­
flammation o f some
o r g a n . She read
your advertisement
in the newspapers
and tried Lydia E.
Pinkham’s V e g e ­
t a b l e Compound.
She praises it highly as she has been
relieved o f all these pains by its use.
All mothers should know o f this remedy,
and all young girls who suffer should
try it.” —Mrs. M a t il d a K urtzw eu , 629
High S t, Buffalo, N. Y.
Young women who are troubled with
painful or irregular periods, backache,
headache, dragging-down sensations,
fainting spells or indigestion, should
take Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegetable
Compound. Thousands have been re­
stored to health by this root and herb
C 0 N 8 ID E R A *
Facing Death E v e ry Hour, He Had
Sufficient Forethought to Make
Preparations T h a t Would
Spare H e r Shock.
S H O E T H A T H O LD 8 IT8 S H A P E ”
$ 3 .0 0
$ 3 .5 0
$ 4 .0 0
$ 4 -5 0
$ 5 .0 0
S a v e M o n e y b y W e a r i n g W . •— D o u g la s
sh o e s. F o r sa le b y o v e r 9 0 0 0 s h o e d e a le r s .
T h e B e st K n o w n S h o e s in th e W o r ld .
a i T
^ S M «
. L. Dougia. name and the retail price u »tamped on the bot­
tom o f all thoea at the factory. The value u guaranteed and
the wearer protected against high price, for inferior dioe*. The
retail price» are the ume everywhere. They cost no more in San
Francisco than they do in New York. They are aiwayi worth the
price paid for them.
’T 'h e quality o f W . L. Doughs product is guaranteed by more
I than 40 year» experience in making fine »hoei. The »mart
ttyle* are the leaden in the Fashion Centres o f America.
They are made in a well-equipped factory at Brockton, M m ,
by tne highest paid, »killed »hoemaken, under the direction and
•upervuion o f experienced men, all working «nth an honest
determination to make the best »hoes for the price that money
can buy.
The surgeon of the battullou, a
I broad-shouldered, gray-haired
Mood ut the operating table, apparent­
ly tired and ready to drop, waiting for
thi" riejtt patient. Ill* nxnlMunt no­
ticed the chief’s condition und culled
(o n hospital attendant to bring a com­
fortable armchair. Into which the
weary surgeon sunk.
A . k r o a r s h o e d e n ie r f o r tV. L . I lo u g la a s h o e *. I f h e r » n -
n o t .U | ip lt Toil w it h t h * k in d you w a n t, ta k e no o t h e r f
"H ow many have we operated on
m a k m.
e . W r r i " t * f * o r ‘ l n
t * r « . t l n * • b — o o • k ’ - le * t -----
e x p ■ la
in in g *-—
h o w A- to 1
this morning?” the ehlef linked of his
g e t . h o e . o f th e h l g h e . t .t a m t a r d o f q u a lit y f o r th e p r ie e
Boys’ Shoes
"Forty-two, nnd I tun afraid ut lenst
LOOK FOR W. L. Douglas
Bstt is ts* K.rM
n dozen o f them will die, and another
name and the retail prica
P r e e ld e n t O
.tamped on the bottom.
dozen will remain cripples,” replied
>., B r o c k t o n , M m .
the »«slstunt.
” 1 have lost confidence In God and
myself.” muttered the chief. ” 1 enn-
| not understand why these stupid fools
I try to kill each other. You ask me to
rest; are you inad? Rest. Indeed, to
. -tee these poor men bleed to death,”
tind lie Jumped from Ids cliulr, reudy
, to ojierute on another of the war’s vic­
i A soldier entered nnd addressed the
lilef surgeon, tears streaming down
A n Exception.
H e r Reading.
olx fact :
The sergeant halted the new sentry
"Do you ever read aloud to you»
“ Pardon, doctor, I have brought the opposite the man he was to relieve.
uptiiln. my master; save him If you
“ Give over your orders,” he said.
“ Yes. Indeed. I read all the key
I fu ll.”
The old sentry reeled off the routine lines to the moving picture we see to
The captain was placed on the «p er­ instructions with confidence, but one him.”— Detroit Free Press.
iling talde. Little to he tlone here; j of the special orders baffled him.
"Come on, m an!” said the sergeant
part o f a grenade had cut open the
- ibdoinen.
"On no account," stammered the
"L ittle to he done here,” repeated sentry, "are you to let any question­
; the surgeon nloud.
able character pass the lines, except
The wounded eaptnln heard the ver­ the colonel's wife.”— London Answers.
S lialce In t o T o u r S L o e s
"You can’t save me?" asked the
ADen'i F o o t-E u e. m pow der fo r th e feet. I t ra re .
1 wounded officer.
^elnful. .w ollen. .m i.-ting, .w e s tin g feet. Uekee
“ Why not7” refilled the surgeon. “1 new .hoee e u y . gold by e ll D ru ggi.tx end Shoe
Store.. D on 't accept any eubetitute. Harr.pie
will do my best."
PRK E. Aildrcea A . £. Climated. L e Roy. N . Y .
“ Will you do rtie u favor, doctor. If
Fixed T h a t A l l R igh L
the operation should not he success­
Gallelgh— H ere’s the dress suit you
ful? I have written some letters be-
loaned me, old man, and many thanks.
'orchand. they are in my servant’s
It didn’t fit me very well, so I had the
possession. I want you to mail one tailor make a few alterations.
•very four days. In the event that I
Green— The deuce you did!
honld die. continue to send the let­ of all the -----
Galleigh— Oh, it’s all right, old chap.
ters; say nothing to Indicate that I
•ini dead. My wife expects to become I told him to send the bill to me.— Bos
a mother within three weeks’ time. ton Transcript.
You will understand.”
The doctor nodded his heud.
E y e i inflamed by expo-
The operation was performed, the
iure to San, Dost and Slo4
captain removed und put Into a hos­
juiokly relieved by Mariae
pital bed.
:>e a fire dy N o Smarting,
Two more hours nt the operating
just Eye Comfort. A t
table and the surgeon's strength was Y ou r Druggist’ * 50c per Bottle. Murine E je
exhausted. He was relieved und went Sal vein Tu be» 25c. For fleok of: he Eye ir ree ask
to sleep for a few hours. Awakening Druggists or Murine Eye Remedy Co., Chicago
he thought o f the captain nnd the let­
Degrees of Fatigue.
ters and went to see how the patient
"H ere's a millionaire says you soon
vas doing, lie found him still alive.
get tired of riding in private yachts
The letters were handed to the sur­ and automobiles.”
geon by the cuptnln's servant and he
“ Not half as tired as you get of
mailed them at Intervals ns he had walking two miles to work every day
promised, and received the replies to save carfare.” — Baltimore Ameri­
from the captain's wife, for inuny days can.
after the wounded captain hud sunk
Into the peaceful slumbers of death.
n o m o re n e c f fM r y
than S m a l l p o x , Amy
In the hist letter the countess wrote
experience has demonstrated
tLc almost miraculous effi­
thnt the little boy was now ten days
and harclessness, of Antityphoid Vaccination.
old. The surgeon resealed nnd return­ cacy«
Be vaccinated NOW by your physician« you and
jour family. It is more vital than house Insurance.
ed the letter with tho superscription:
Asic your physician, druggist, or send for “ Karo
"Died on the field o f honor.” — FT.
you had Typhoid?’* telling of T y p h o id Vaccine,
results from us , and danger from Typhoid Carriers.
IV. von Oesteren In Ueber Lund and
0 IS (More-.
«a pwui.d sod
W '
* Luskj lor * quaru_J
$ 3.00 $ 2.50 $ 2.00
[Try it, but insist on Hostetter
CIVIL W AR ..-' tsses :
W. L. D O U G L A S
It will be money saved to protect the lumber against winter
weather. Get Color Cards from your local dealer.
Granulated Eyelids.
S o re
E y e s fi
You need
never worry
about results in
baking if you use
It has been a stand­
by for a quarter of
a century. Guaran­
teed u n d e r all
pure food laws.
Ounce* fer
Mooucme vaccinia a scauas umois u. s. sov. ucxaas
One Q u a rt of Peanuts.
Some years ago an American mis­
sionary resident In Shantung, China,
brought to his mission station when
returning from his furlough In the
! United States n quart o f California
peanuts, which he gave to a native
1 convert ns seed to replace the poor
, shriveled native peanut which pos­
sessed little or no marketing qunlifl-
j cations. Today this quart o f peanuts
! has spread all over Shantung prov­
ince. resulting In giving to these peo­
ple an export trade In this article of
I 150,000 tons a year.— Argonaut.
In Quebec the ehlef crop Is hny. The
J area devoted to Its cultivation In 1915
was estimated to be about 3,000,000
j acres, nnd much o f It was exported at
high prices. About 1,400,000 acres were
| sown to oats, nnd the crop wns an ex-
, cellent one, both ns to quantity nnd
quality, high prices being renllzed for
i the estimated yield o f nhout 44,000,000
j bushels harvested.
Little barley Is
j raised In Quebec, but the area of
! about 85.000 acres produced In the
I neighborhood of 312.000 bushels and
brought good prices. The wheat grown
In the province Is nil o f the spring
wheat variety. The totnl crop In 1915
wns estimated at 1.447,000 bushels, an
Increase of nearly 500,000 bushels over
A Man of Letters.
“ Nenrly everybody hns some distin­
guishing designation thnt permits him
I f you know of any young wo­ to attach n seltes o f letters to hi*
man who is sick and noctls help­ I name.’*
ful ad vice, ask her to write to tho
"Yes,” replied Farmer Corntossel. “ 1
Lydia E.lMnkliam Medicine Co.,
Lynn, M a s s . Only women will must say I approve o f It. I never got
receive her letter, and it will be any regular degree, hut It’s a heap of
held la Strictest conüden oe,
1 satisfaction to me to see *R. F. D.’ os
‘ the mail sent to my address.”
Sentiment and
Not Flattered.
Jack— Did she accept you?
An old Scotch woman, who had re­
Tom— Well, she said she'd make a sisted all the entreaties of her friends
memorandum of my proposal and con­ to have her photograph taken and who
sider It when the weather gets favor­ was at last induced to consent, in or­
able for mental effort.— Boston Trans- der that she might send her likeness
t to her son in America, is the heroine
! of the following anecdote:
To keep clean and healthy take Dr. I On receiving the first proof she fail­
Pierce’s Pleasant Pellets. They regu­ ed to recognize the figure *hereon rep-
late liver, bowels and stomach.
| resented as herself, so, card in hand,
she set out for the artist's studio.
W h a t a Nerve.
“ Is that me?” she queried.
“ Boy. take these flowers to Miss ) j "Yes, madam," replied the artisL
Bertie Bohoo, room No. 12.”
‘ And is it like me?” she again
“ My, sir, you're the fourth gent wot’s asked.
sent her flowers today.”
"Yes, madam, it’s a speaking like­
"W hat's that? What the deuce? Who ness."
sent the flowers?”
"A w e d .” she said resignedly, “ it’a
"Oh. they didn’t send any nam e.! a humblin' sicht.” — T it Bits.
They all said, ‘She ll know who they j
came from.’ ’
M ight be an Ass.
"W ell, here, take my card and tell
“ Would you advise me to bull or
her these are from the same gentle­ bear the market?"
man who sent the other three lots.”— | ” 1 would advise you not to monkey
Pearson's Weekly.
with It.”— Boston Transcript.
ia wearing and dangeroua because the inflamed,
mucus-filled tubes interfere with breathing and the
fresh air passes through that unhealthy tissue.
Probably no other remedy affords such prompt
and permanent relief as Scott’s Emulsion; it
checks the cough, heals the linings of the throat
and bronchial tubes and strengthens the lungs to
avert tuberculosis. This point cannot be empha­
sized too strongly— that Scott’s Emulsion has
been suppressing bronchitis for forty years and
will help yOUm
Be careful to avoid eubetitute* and insist on SCOTT’S.
A T A N Y D R U G S TO R K .