The Forest Grove express. (Forest Grove, Or.) 1916-1918, October 12, 1916, Image 1

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    ¿Knrrsí (& xm t
Voi. 1, No. 40
- $1.50 per Year
that he claimed were either due
to conditions beyond their con­
trol, such as the settling of the
ground in a place or two, where
Mark V. Weatherford of Al-
they had to fill in, or to the poor
The city council met in regular
I bany, democratic and prohibition
advice of the city’s inspectors
session lust Tuesday evening with
nominee for congress from this
under the supervision of the city
all members present except Coun­
district, addressed a fair-sized
engineer. He w a s particularly
cilman Wirtz.
crowd at the M. E. church last
hard on the city engineer, restat­
T h e chief business discussed
Sunday, explaining the provisions
ing what the company claimed
was the matter of accepting or
and probable effect of the amend­
before that some of the work
rejecting the new sewer system.
ment to the constitution of Ore­
complained of “ was not done ac­
The report on the proposed gas
gon on the liquor question—
cording to our way of doing the
franchise was not ready. Thej
known as the Brewers’ Amend­
work, but was done as the city
First Church o f Christ, Scientist, now nearing completion,
matter was discussed but action !
u iu
ment. The amendment repeals
Com er A Street and Pacific Avenue.
all laws now in existence on the
deferred till the called meeting ,
He said that the com­
liquor question and gives the
for Friday evening, October 13th.' ° n
pany therefore was not responsible
M r. H. W. Strong, representing
i brewers almost unlimited rights^
if the work was not satisfactory
and privileges. Mr. Weatherford,
t b . Portland C w d C ok , c o n .-,,
an(J (hat th
a practicing attorney, in­
p«ny, »
p r x n t and «p la in ed wouid not stand the .y.
the merit«
k &> w a co o ld o g fuel,
In hla rt.marlis
he j r IuunLOJ
o A i< 1 the
vn im
, 11C
Last Saturday the P. U. team
In the neighborhood of 200 terpret the law to mean that, so
as well us the different phases of
verely and closet! Pky*^ tbeir ^rst Kame when they members and friends of the For- '°ng a* liquor does not contain
city engineer severe!
the proposed franchise. Mayor I
if we
we nave
have to
to pro-
pro- held tbe heavy Multnomah team est Grove M . E. church gathered" more than four percent of alcohol
by saying that “ “ if
Paterson said that, as the next tect our rig h ts-a s we surely win down to a score of ' * 6 to 0.
* As
‘ ev- at the
‘ . parlors Tuesday (and ^ew beers contain that much),
city election is so near, he thought do— I promise you gentlemen ery ° ne knows, the Multnomah evening to celebrate the return by 11 0311 ^ so,d by the manufactur-
it would be a good plan to put the that we will show up the engineer Amateur Athletic club team is al- the Oregon conference of Pastor er (through agents) anywhere in
matter of granting the franchise riu h f “ H o HiH nnt « if Hmi/n h n f ways considered one of the strong- R. E. Dunlap for another year. | the state to “ any persons or in-
up to the people.
walked to the d ^ r . M o w e d h . « «
"«r th w «t. If not M r,. M. Stephen™ , past ■ presi-
• 1 dividuals,” " ‘ which definition in-
Messrs. Elliott and Scoggins of
eludes minors, as well as adult
Mr. Elliott, leaving the scene
the PHliott Construction company,
was witnessed by a goodly num- master of ceremonies and the e x -; drunkards and idiots. The speaker
the unmistakable mood of men
the sewer contractors, were pres­
who had their minds made up be- ber of P. U. fans, who yflled ercises opened by a prayer by ^ ¡d the proposed amendment
ent to press their claims. They
H. N . Robinson would bring conditions a hundred
>ond being influenced by further lustiiy for “ Old Pacific.” The Rev. Chandler
were evidently not in a concil­
discussion. It was meant as the game was, as the Oregonian stat- delivered an address of welcome,, times worse than existed under
iatory mood and meant business.
final effort for a peaceful settle­ ed, “ a hard fought game from the in which he reviewed some of the i the license system which the peo-
Mr. Elliott first spoke. He talked
first.” They were not expecting reasons why the members were pie had voted out of existence,
ment with the city.
plain indeed and wasted no words
what they got. Four of the Mult- so pleased to have Rev. Dunlap
The amendment carries a re-
The discussion then centered
in stating the company's position
noinah men ‘ were disabled and returned. He mentioned, among pealing clau e, which repeals all
around the matter of a law suit.
in regard to the way the city of
i they had to put in four new men other things, that but one other state laws and city ordinances in
After considerable discussion the
Forest Grove had held up the
conflict with its provisions.
council finally instructed the city during the game. No substitutes'church in the district (Salem)
settli^hent of the contract. He
The speaker did not once men­
engineer to go over the repairs were used by Pacific. The heavy stood higher in finances and mem­
said it had been nearly a year
tion the fact that he was a can-
made by the company at the re-
since the work had been begun
i didate for congress, which is so
quest of Mr. K ^ a n d Engineer j u'ar holas in the Pacific line- but ch“ rch" ^
and nearly three months since the
Rev. Dunlap, in his reply, in- unlike the average candidate as
Kirkwood, at once, and when he they came near meeting their
last of the digging had been com­
that he was as glad to re -1 to deserve special mention,
was ready for their personal in­
pleted, or since the system was
the members of the flock i
spection every man on the council
Pioneers Will Organize
practically ready as it had only.
.. . .
for With thrill-producing plunges and were to have him.
been minor details that they had L.
. ,
Thos E Isaacs sane a solo
At a meetin* of Pioneers of
them selves* THe motion included f° r" ard P3* * * t0 combat, the M.
county, held in Hills-
been finishing up since. His talk
a called meeting for Friday night, A. A . C. team was only able to
from the writings of James Whit- boro last; Thursday, W. N Bar-
was brief, but to the point and it
at which time they would try to make one lone touchdown. Mult­
was evident that he was hiding
comb Riley and Miss Crmft f a y - 1 ? ' tba
E W ~Hames
decide whether or not to accept nomah relied upon old-style foot­
and Ira Purdin of this city were
his real feelings by sheer will. In
the system, as the final decision
elected a committee to draft a
closing his remarks he explained
. . .
was clearly in favor of a setlle- one of the heaviest and most violin solos.
that they were now held up in the I
. , V
A fine lap lunch followed the constitution and by-laws for the
. .
i __ • ment of the matter out of cou rt,. promising teams in years and they ,
, ,
work of flushing out the remain- .f
a Jate hour expect to also give Willamette a program and the company spent proposed organization, which will
take in persons who have resided
ing sections of the sewer that the when‘ the ¿neeti
adjourned but surPrise- When that is done an the remainder of the evening visit-
in Washington county since 1876.
city engineer had complained of c ounci|man Coon had ]eft ear| v 'old score will have been settled ing and getting better acquainted.
Two hundred and thirty pioneer
in his recent report, by the lack
in the evening, evidently tired o f ,
make the hearts* of a ll 1 It was a deserved tribute to one citizens registered for member­
of water, owing to the break in
happy and ola P. U. will once of the most popular ministers in
the wrangling.
W. N. Barrett presided
the city water system, a thing for
j more be “ on the map” right, the Salem conference.
his committee is ready
which the city could not hold
j Under the able and encouraging
to report he will call another
them responsible, and stated in a
of Lucas,
j m
leau ersm p ui
i.uca: the new cap-
positive way that the company
Here liext 1 uesoäy ■ tain of the football team, together
insisted uj>on definite action of
Woman’ s Club Meeting
Tuesday, Oct. 17, at 10:00 a. with the systematic drill of the
Forest Grove music-lovers will
some kind by the city council— m the Y. W. C. A. and Y. M. new coaches, Professor Handlin,
Forest Grove Woman’s
either the acceptance or rejection j C. A. will hold a joint meeting in coach, and Professor Gilmer, as­ i enjoy a feast tomorrow (Friday) club held its first regular meeting
of the sewer system; and threat­ the college chapel, which will be sistant coach, both experienced evening if they go to Marsh Hall, | of the club year at the Congre­
ened “ to protect our own rights” , addressed by Rev. Frank Knight men who thoroughly understand where Miss Helen Calbreath, pian­ gational church parlors Monday
if the city failed to take feme Sanders of New York City. Dr. the work, the outlook for this ist; Miss E v e l e n e Calbreath, afternoon with a very good at­
mezzo soprano, and Mr. William
definite action at once. 1 his was Sanders has had wide and varied season is bright.
Wallace Graham, violinist, will, tendance.
, There
. , was music,
„ the
followed by a warm argument experience and the Associations
The schedule of games is not give a musical program of unusual!
President Mary Fain-
that became more heated as it feel that they are fortunate in yet made out. Probably no game merjt
ham, which were very cordial and
progressed, the principals being securing him as a Speaker. He will be played next
Miss Helen Calbreath is a grad- full of interest to the members.
Councilman McCready on
on the
the was born ¡n Ceylon and after- The schedule will be announced in
uate of Peabody Institute. Nash-
,0 !
,Pres'de" t
one side with Councilman Coon wards returned there as an in- these columns
next week.
The ville, Tenn., was Dean of Wil- f° l o “ 'lKl a" d f 0" '« 1 a c 'ost‘ ^ n<l
and City Engineer Kirkwood on structor in Jaffna College. He is present lineup is
follows lamette U n i v e r s i t y in !906; of fellowship between that officer
the other side. The city engineer a graduate of Rippon College and A. Jones, R. E. L.; Walker, R. T.
studied in Berlin in 1907 and a" d ‘ he membe" - ^h e members
came in for a severe gruelling, received the degree of Ph. D. j U.; Barendrick._R._G._L.; Smith,
traveled Europe in concert with 0
« ec“ t,ve board had charee
while Councilman Coon took his from Yale University. He was C ; Romig; L. G. R .; Livesay. L
part. Mr. Elliott got to his feet for fOUr years Dean of Yale T. R .; L. Jones, L. E. R.; Fowler,
Q.; Lucas, L H. R. and captain;
Miss Evelene Calbreath studied ;
Football Next Saturday
two or three times more adding Divinity School, three years sec- Irle, R . H. L.; Stanley, F.
in Berlin in 1907-8; in London in
The first football game of the
to the argument that centered retary of the Congregational Pub-
George Kasmusen was elected 1909 and for the past five years season, for this city, will be fought
around the city engineer’s part in 1 fishing Society, six years Presi- manager of the team this season
has been a student of F. X . Arens out between the Forest Grove
the sewer controversy. Mr. Scog- j dent of W a s h b u r n
The orchestra organized at the and teaching in New York City. High and Newberg High on P. U.
gins then got up and emphasized Topeka, Kan., and since 1914 di-
College under the direction of
Mr. Graham is the head of the field next Saturday, at 3 p. m.
what his associate had said in 1 rector of the Board of Missionary
William Wallace Graham held its violin conservatory at Pacific Uni- Newberg is coming strong, but
even more plain language, his Preparation of New York City,
first rehearsal last Monday even­ versity and is one of the most the local gladiators are undis-
words burning with cutting sar- He is the author of a number of
with sixteen members en­ finished violin artists in the North- mayed and promise to give a good
casm, aimed at the council in gen- Bible texts. The people of Forest
A great deal of enthus- west. This is an opportunity for account of themselves. Admis-
eral and the city engineer in par­ Grove are cordially invited to
hear him.
iasm was shown and a good re- local people to hear some high sion will be two-bits.
ticular. It was plain that it was
was the result. It is hoped class music at popular prices.
A report was received here the ,
difficult to hide the tempest that
William Dickson, for the past
avail them
them- -1 Mr and Mrg M s Aj,en and thrpe yeafg a resjdent Qf ^ ¡ 3 cjty>
seemed to be raging within. He first of the week that a baby boy that many more wnl
Congressional Candidate
Lambasts Amendment
P. U. Football Team
Return of Pastor
Makes Good Beginning
Heartily Celebrated who S
o t
A Noted Speaker
pointed out in detail the minor
faults found in their work by the
city’s engineer that held up the
settlement of the contract, faults
had been born to Mr. and Mrs.
H. Price of Portland. Mrs. Price
was formerly Miss Jennie Ras-
musen of this city.
A Musical Treat
Tomorrow Night
n ?in r^iiin
in ^P^ndUnthnr
and that an o r - 1 M
, fs-
, Seeour and son, Edwin, Ger-
chestra of real merit may be built trude A1,en and Margaret Me-
up in which the citizens of Forest Feeters motored to Cedar canyon
Grove may be justly proud.
j Sunday.
to spend
. .
. .
^ _
winter with a son at Seattle,
where he will also take treatment
for his failing vision.