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About Oregon
O f General Interest
Washington, D. C.— Congress virtu­
ally completed the national defense
program Wednesday by Anally approv­
ing the great increases in naval con­
struction and [wrsonnel written into Government August Crop
the naval bill and urgently supported
Report for Oregon
by the administration.
The bill car­
ries appropriations aggregating $316,-
A summary o f the August crop re­
000 , 000 .
port for the state o f Oregon, as com­
The house accepted the building pro­ piled by the bureau of crop estimates,
gram, to which Its conferees on the : U. 8. department o f Agriculture, is as
measure had refused to agree, by a foll«»ws:
vote of 2H3 to 61, with seven of the
Winter w h ea t— Preliminary esti­
members present not voting.
The mate, 12,600,000 bushels; production
[«ersonnel Increases, on which there al­ last year, Anal estimate, 16,200,000
so waa a disagreement in conference, bushels.
House Expected to Approve Senate were approve«! without a record vote.
Spring wheat— August 1 forecast,
The personnel and yonatruction sec­ 4,460,000 bushels;
prrxiuction last
Action— Reorganization of Na­
tions, which slresdy have the approval year, Anal estimate, 3,826,000 bushels.
of the aenate, authorize an increase in
tive Government Likely.
Oats— August 1 forecast, 14,400,000
enlisted men to 74,700 and the build­ bushels; production last year, Anal es­
ing of 167 war vessels within the next timate, 16,060,000 bushels.
three years, with four battle cruisers
Barley— August 1 forecast, 4,600,-
Washington, I). C.- The Philippine and four battleships included among
000 bushels; production last year,
bill, as report««] from conference, with the ships for 1017.
Previously the Anal estimate, 4,680,000 bushels.
the Clarke amendment providing for house had refused to adopt a continu­
Potatoes— Augpst 1 forecast, 6,790,-
inde|>endence of the islands within ing building program, had authorized
000 bushels; production last year, Anal
four years eliminated, but containing a only Ave capital ships, all o f them bat­
estimate, 6,620,000 bushels.
promiao o f freedom whenever the F ili­ tle cruinera, and had provided for a
Hay— August 1 forecast, 1,820,000
pino« have demonatrated their ability fiersonnel o f only 66,000.
tons; production last year, Anal esti­
to maintain a »table government. An­
On several leas important aectiona, mate, 1,870,000 tons.
ally w »» approved Thuraday by the including appropriations for improve­
Pasture — August 1 condition 99,
aenate. The vote waa 37 to 22.
ment of navy yards, the house insisted compared with the ten-year average of
.Senator Borah, Republican, declared on its disagreement to senate increases
the elimination o f the amendment and voted to send the bill back to con­
Apples— August 1 forecast, 1,210,-
after it hail passed the aenate waa an ference for settlement of these [Mints.
000 barrels; production last year. Anal
index o f public aentiment against re­ An early adjournment ia expected,
estimate, 1,043,000 barrels.
linquishing the ialanda, and meant the however, and the measure may be sent
Prices— The first price given below
I mted State« had (Jerided to keep the to the President for his signature
is the average on August 1 this year,
ialanda for all time.
within a week.
and the second, the average on August
“ Public opinion haa been ao clear,”
1 last year:
«aid he, “ that we may conclude and
Wheat, 90 and 87 cents per bushel.
the Philippine people should decide
Corn, 80 and 86.
Oats, 42 and 42.
that the indepemience question haa
Potatoes, 80 and 68. Hay, $10.20 and
been settled for all time unless the
8.70 per ton.
Eggs, 24 and 23 cents
fortunes o f war should change the
per dozen.
American policy.”
Chicago— Wheat quotations Tues­
The house is expected to approve the day: September, $1.42}; December,
conference measure within a few days $1.46»; May, $1.60f.
Nearly One-Fourth of County's
and send it to the President.
It pro­
Amid trading that bordered on the
Students Attend High School
vides for reorganization of the island spectacular, wheat went soaring in the
government ao aa to materially extend pits of the Chicago board o f trade
“ I f Benton county had had eight
native control. A aenate amendment Tuesday, hitting the high-water mark more students in the high school last
for prohibition in the islands waa o f the season.
year, one-fourth o f all the school chil­
stricken out.
September wheat, which had jumped dren in that county would have been
Senator Hitchcock, chairman o f the 6 cents by noon, closed at $1 42, a attending high school. That is to say,
Philippine committee, told the aenate margin of 4j cents over Monday's practically one pupil in every four who
that tlw independence and prohibition close.
The high-water
mark was attended school in Benton county last
features had to E>e eliminated in order $1.43}. December hit the top mark year, was a high school student," said
to get an agreement for approval o f at $1.46], closing at $1.46, an advance Superintendent o f Public Instruction,
the bill at this session.
of 6 } cents over Monday’s cloBe. May J. A. Churchill, recently. This in­
wheat soared to $1.60}, dropping to formation is contained in the annual
$1.60 at the close. The rise was sen­ report of County Superintendent Roy
sational and unexpected.
It came in E. Cannon, which was recently filed
the face of a pending investigation o f with the state department o f educa­
the trading on the board for the pur- tion.
[»ose of ascertaining whether or not
The fact that any county in Oregon
Copenhagen— The Landsthing, the the last skyrocket advance was due to has one-fourth o f its pupils enrolled in
upper house of the Danish parliament, unlawful manipulation.
the high schools is considered a re­
met Thursday as a committee o f the
Again a crop report was blamed for markable showing, in view of the fact
whole to consider the treaty providing the sensational turn. Traders said the that the United States as a whole, less
for the sale o f the Danish West Indies advances were traced directly to the than 7 per cent o f the children get into
to the United States, and 47 o f the 6i report of the Canadian minister of ag­ the high school, according to the last
members present placed themselves in riculture, which Baid conditions in report o f the United States commis­
favor o f the order o f the day declaring Canada were much worse than had sioner o f education.
The attend­
that the sale cannot be settled before been previously indicated.
ance reports from many other counties
elections for both houses of Parlia­
There were also reports that ap­ are almost equally encouraging. Mr.
ment have been held.
peared to show crop conditions in Churchill believes that the increased
The situation has been further com­ W«j*tern parts o f the United States as attendance in the high schools is due
plicated by a proposal from Premier being more pessimistic than shown by to a considerable extent to their stand­
Zahe that the government resign and the United States report, which was ardization, and to the new high school
help in the formation of a cabinet rep­ made to bear the blame for the sky­ tuition fund law which provides free
resenting the various parties.
This ward advance o f a few days ago, and tuition to high school students.
proposal, if carrie«! out, would avoid which stirred the investigation bu­
the holding of elections as advocated reaus o f the government to activity.
by the Conservatives and the Left.
Numerous buyers o f enormous quan­ Settlers to Get $92,648.13 for
tities of cash wheat for foreign gov­
Forfeited Land Grant Lands
ernments were also reported to have
Native Vote Favors Sale.
been active in the wheat pita and trad­
Moro— The bill recently introduced
St. Thomas, Danish West Indie»— ,
Apparently the inhabitants o f the is­ ers pointed to this as proof against by Representative Sinnott, and passed
any charge o f manipulation,
into by the house and senate, which now
land o f St. Croix are in favor of the
which the officials are inquiring
awaits the President’s signature, ap­
sale of the Danish West Indies to the
propriates a total of $92,648.13 to re­
United States.
Unofficial balloting
imburse settlers who entered upon the
was held there Thursday and o f the
o f The Dalles M ilitary Road com­
votes cast 6000 were in favor o f the
pany in 1867, and subsequently lost
proposition and only 11 against it.
the land and improvements.
The grant was declared forfeited by
London— Reviewing the work o f the ! the government, and the courts subse­
munitions department in the house of quently vested the title in the Eastern
commons recently,
Edwin Samuel Oregon Land company, successors to
Montagu, minister o f munitions, after the road company. The bill contains a
proviso that not more than 5 per cent
Chihuahua C ity— Preparations are telling of the immense increase in out­
I o f the amounts reco’ sred shall be paid
under way here for the greatest series puts of all kinds o f guns and muni­
as attorney’s fees.
o f courtmartial« ever held in Mexico, tions, informed the house that all rifies
The total number o f claims allowed
in an effort to stamp out disloyalty in and machine guns for the armies in
is 67 and the amounts range from $300
Northern Mexico. One hundred prom­
to $2000 each. Thirteen o f the claim­
inent Agures in Mexican politics are from home resources. The quality of
ants are dead and 27 have removed to
held awaiting trial here in connection
parts unknown.
with the discovery of recent revolu­ equal to the quantity. This statement,
tionary plots and hunrdeds o f witnesses
Widows to Get S I3 .6 II.
Mr. Mon­
have been summoned from all over the heavy guns and howitzers.
tagu pointed out that half o f the en-
Nineteen widows o f Marion
geering resources o f the country were conty w ill be paid $13,611 due them
El Paso, T ex.— General Francisco require*! for the navy but declared that under the Widows’ Pension act o f
Gonzales, commnading the Mexican very shortly Great Britain w ill have 1913, as a result of a recent decision
army o f Northern Chihuahua, left provided for her own requirements and o f the Oregon Supreme court sustain­
Juarez Thursday for Chihuahua City, be able to devote herself exclusively to ing the Circuit court’s ruling that the
where he will appear as a witness the wants of her aliles in regard to 19 applicants were entitled to relief.
against Jose Ynez Salazar the noted machine guns. Already, he said, she The County court ordered the pensions
revolutionist, held for
trial on a was sending large amounts o f guns and paid after withholding payment for
munitions to her allies.
three years. Mrs. Eva Maude Wolfe,
charge o f treason.
one o f the applicants, w ill receive a
Gompors Denies He Bosses Labor. total o f $1715 in back pension.
Seattle Pier Dynamited.
Washington, D. C. — Samuel Gom-
Seattle, Wash.— The timbers in the
Car Shortage is Serious.
southeast corner o f Pier D, at the foot pers made reply to Senator Sherman
Salem— Convinced that business in­
of King street, were blown down and a who recently denounced him in the
shack built alongside the pier was en­ senate as a “ public nuisance" during a terests in Oregon tributary to the
tirely destroyed Thursday morning, characterization o f certain labor lead­ Southern Pacific company face disas­
when a bomb placed near the street ers as arbitrary and tyrannical. “ It is ter and ultimate bankruptcy unless im­
end of the pier exploded. Thomas Mc- impossible for me to be arbitrary or mediate measures to relieve the grow­
Loughlin, a night watchman, saw the tyrannical,” said Gompers, “ for there ing freigh t car shortage are adopted,
sparks from the fuse, and thinking it are no such powers vested in the presi­ the Oregon Public Service commission
was a Are, routed from the shack three dent of the American Federation of has demanded that the company fur­
dock workers who were sleeping there. Labor. I have not the power to deliver nish needed facilities to Oregon pro­
the vote of any man or group o f men.” ducers and shippers.
None w re injured.
Amendment for Independence in four
Years is Eliminated.
Wheat Hits Highest Mark of
Season -Cereal May Go Higher
Danish Senators Are Not Ready
to Sell Islands to United States
British Munitions Output Quite
Sufficient for Self and Allies
One Hundred Mexicans Held to
Courtmartial in Chihuahua Oty
Portland— W heat— Bluesterp, $1.17 H O U S E K E E P E R ’8 R E S P O N S IB ILITY
IN T H E H O T W E A T H E R .
per bushel; fortyfold, $1.16; club,
$1.13; red Afe, $1.16; red Russian,
$ 1 . 12 .
M illfeed— Spot pricea: Bran, $266$
26.60 per ton; shorts, $296429.60; rol­
led barley, $31.606032.50.
Corn— Whole, $38 per ton; cracked,
Hay— Producers' prices: Timothy,
Eastern Oregon, $18.606020 per ton;
alfalfa, $13.60 6$ 14.60; wheat hay,
$13.60 6$ 14.60; oat and vetch, $12 6$
12.60; cheat, $11; clover, $10.
Butter— Exchange prices:
extras, ><o bid; prime firsts, 26c per
pound; Jobbing prices: Prime extras,
27J6o30c; butterfat, No. 1, 27c; No.
2, 26c, Portland.
Eggs — Oregon ranch, exchange
price, current receipts, 26Jc per dozen.
Jobbing prices:
Oregon ranch, can-
died, 27i6$30c; selects, 32c.
Poultry— Hens, 146415c per pound;
broilers, 166$17c;
turkeys, live, 20
6422c; ducks, 106$14c; geese, 86$10c.
Veal— Fancy, 2c per pound.
Pork— Fancy, 2c per pound.
Vegetables— Artichokes, 75c6$$l per
dozen; tomatoes, 406476c per crate;
cabbage, $1.76 per hundred; garlic,
10c per pound; peppers, 6646c; eg g ­
plant, 7648c; lettuce, 306$35c per doz­
en; cucumbers,
406460c per box;
peas, 46$6c per pound; beans, 46$7c;
celery, 756485c per dozen; com, 10@
25c per dozen.
Potatoes — Walla Walla, $1.75<§2
per sack.
Green fruits— Apples, new, $1,256$
1.75 per box; cantaloupes, 60c64$1.75
per crate; peaches, 356485c per box;
l}@ ljc
per pound;
figs, $1641.50 per box; plums 75c64
$1.35; pears, $1@2; apricots, $164
1.25; grapes, $1.60(^1.75;
ries, $1.25; loganberries, $1.50641.75;
casabaa, 2642ic.
Hops— 1915 crop, 86410c; 1916 con­
tracts, nominal.
W ool— Eastern Oregon, fine, 23@
26c; coarse, 306432c; valley, 35c.
Cascara bark— Old and new, 4|c per
Cattle— Steers, prime light, $6,756$
6.90; prime heavy, $6.756$7.10; good,
$5.7564,6.25; choice, $5.25645.50; me­
dium to goad, $4.50645; ordinary to
fair, $4644.50; heifers, $3.50@5.75;
bulls, $3.50647.50.
Hogs — Prime light, $9.70649.75;
prime strong weights, $9.70@9.75;
good to prime
mixed, $9.50<§,9.65;
rough heavy packing, 8.65648.75; pigs
and skips, 8.5060,9.10.
Sheep — Spring lambs, $8648.25;
common, $5.50@6; choice yearlings,
$6646.25; good, $5.50@5.75; choice
wethers, $6646.25; choice ewes, $5@
5.25; common ewes, $2.50@3.
Show Waning of Summer Season.
Spokane— The passing o f the cherry,
apricot, blackcap and red raspberry
shows that the summer season is wv>-
The novelties in the store are fresh
figs at 30 cents a dozen, Malaga grapes
at 30 cents a box, and dark grapes at
25 cents a box.
Peaches both from California and
Washington districts are plentiful and
becoming more so. They retail at 20
cents a basket.
Watermelons are only 2 cents a
pound, while good sized cantaloupes
can be obtained for a nickel, and some­
what larger ones at four for a quarte*-.
Prime pears from the Wenatchee
district, perfect in rolor and shape,
are tempting at 30 cents a dozen.
Spring chickens are plentiful and
many people, especially i f of southern
extraction, think they are improved i f
accompanied with a dish o f sweet po­
tatoes of which the first o f the present
season are now retailing at 10 cents a
Squash, green corn and artichokes,
varied with green or wax beans, offer
a pleasing variety amj celery again
aids in the making of a Salad or adding
to the variety o f hor d’oeuvres.
W ill
brought to the housekeeper In the hot
season, writes Mrs. Christine Fred­
erick in the Chicago News. She must
pay greater attention to her food sup-
plles and the way they are kept It is
In period* o f high temperature that all
r«xxls, and particularly meat, milk and
fruits, are likely to spoil and decay.
The laboratory is not so for distant
from the kitchen and. Indeed, the best
housekeepers are those who make a la­
boratory out o f their kitchen and fol­
low in It the principles that science
has proved. It Is undisputed that there
are minute orgunisms or bacteria in
the air which fee«l on our f«xxis. There
are also in the fowls themselves cer­
tain substances which, while not alive,
are the produtrts of living things and
which cause fruits to ripen, seeds to
grow, etc.
Both these causes result In deterior­
ation or decay o f the food unless they
are prevente«L
Bacteria of various
kinds and allied plant organisms like
mold attack and break down food tis­
sue. causing the fowl to become unfit
for use. Now, there are about three
ways In which the housewife can pre­
vent food from deteriorating:
L By keeping the food in a low
temperature, as with the Icebox, etc.
2. By sterilizing and killing the bac­
teria by means of n high temperature.
3. By the use of certain preserva­
tives. as sugar, salt, vinegar, spices,
The first means entails constant su­
pervision of the refrigerator. Newspa­
pers should not be used on the shelves
or on the ice, as this prevents proper
circulation of air and may cause the
box to become bad smelling and damp,
the very conditions under which bac­
teria flourish most. It should be kept
clean and foods properly placed in it.
Overripe fruit, hot or even warm foods,
strong smelling fwxls, like onions and
bananas, should never be placed in the
Small quantities of leftovers
should be covered with glass or agate
saucers and only glass, china or agute
should be used in which to lay away
The second point can be followed by
cooking a quantity o f food which
seems to be on the point o f spoiling. A
box o f berries can be saved by stewing
with sugar. Milk which undoubtedly
would not keep until the next morning
will be satisfactory if scalded. Many
other foods which might heroine sub­
ject to mold or spoliation can be saved
by being thus cooked or sterilized and
perhaps canne«i temporarily.
Salt, sugar and vinegar are helpful,
natural preservatives. Their ad«iltlon
to many fruits and vegetables will
make them “ keep” several days longer
than if they were not used. For in­
stance. beets, string beans, curomber.
etc., which in warm weather cannot be
allowed to stand over night unless in a
very low temperuture, will be perfectly
preserved if covered with a weak solu­
tion o f vinegar or brine. Soups and
all twice rooked foods like stews, etc.,
are particularly likely to ferment and
should be watched carefully. All con­
tainers of food must be allowed suffi­
cient ulr and not closed when the foods
are still warm.
Nutmeg Cookies.
Mix two cupfuls of sugar, three-
fourths of u cupful o f butter, two thirds
of a cupful of sour milk, nutmeg
enough to flavor, two eggs, a teaspoon-
ful o f soda and enough Hour to roll.
Roll out thtn and bake in a quick
Sugar Drops Again; This Time 25c.
Tacoma— Sugar took a drop o f 25
cents a hundred Tuesday, and granulat­
ed cane is now quoted at $7.85.
decline affects all grades. This is the
third drop in sugar in the last two
weeks. Dealers expect perhaps one or
two more small declines as the new
crop comes in, but say that a general
shortage w ill result in high prices for
sugar again this winter.
Idaho huckleberries, the big blue
mountain berries, are on the local mar­
ket. They are in excellent condition
and sell for 15 cents a pound.
A ll
kinds o f grapes are now to be had.
Plenty o f plums and peaches are on the
The best o f the peaches still
come from California.
For the first time in several weeks
there is a plentiful supply o f tomatoes
on hand, but many o f them are still a
little green. The price ia $1.25 a box
and they are due for a drop. Sweet
corn ia still scarce. Cantaloupes were
almost cleaned up because of the great
demand. Standards are quoted at $1.50
and ponies at $1.40 a crate.
Eggplant from Prosser is selling at
8c a pound.
Spoil Unleee Especial Care Is
Taken— Points of Importanc#
Worth Remembering.
Potatoes With Cheese.
Cut six cold potatoes in cubt's. Make
a white sauce, one cupful milk, two
tablespoonfuls flour, season with salt
und pepper and add four large tuble-
spoonfuls grated cheese. In dish put
layer o f potatoes, cover with sauro,
etc., until full. Cover with crumbs, dot
with bits o f butter and brown ia
To Keep Meringue From Falling.
To k«?ep meringue from fulling, add to
it n saltspoonful o f baking powder Just
before putting the meringue on the pie.
Mussel or Clam Salad.
Wash, boll five minutes, remove
heatls and black membranes, dip In
melted butter, salt, pepper and lemon
Juice mixed, S2t In Ice box one hour;
serve with lettuce. French dressing
and minced parsley, cress or cucumber.
Dyeing Rags for Rugs.
When «lyelng rags for home-made
rugs, tie the bunches o f rags tightly
round before dipping In the dye. This
will give Intervals o f rags without col­
or, and the effect when woven will bs
greatly admired.