The Forest Grove express. (Forest Grove, Or.) 1916-1918, August 10, 1916, Image 2

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Brief Resume of General News
from All Around the Earth.
U ve News Items of All Nations and
Pacific Northwest Condensed
for Our Busy Readers.
Thirty-two cases of cholera are re­
ported in Yokohama.
Oregon crops this year are estimated
to be worth $30,181,730.
Forty thousand pounds o f wool is
sold at Eugene. Ore., at approximately
40 cents per pound.
A humming bird kills two canaries
at Oregon City, having entered the
cage for the purpose.
Columbia Beach, a resort near Port­
land, has been closed by the health au­
thorities, who allege insanitary condi­
tions exist there.
The Portland chamber o f commerce
proposes a tax o f one mill for the pur­
pose of subsidixing shipowners to enter
the port of Portland.
Charles E. Hughes makes his first
campaign speech at Detroit. Other
speeches will be made in leading cities
o f the West on the initial trip.
Night Bathing in Lake Michigan Saves Many.
Washington, D. C .—A decision to
launch the Democratic National cam­
paign soon after September 1, regard­
less of whether congress still is in ses­
sion then, was reached at a conference
Monday between President Wilson,
Vance C. McCormick, chairman o f the
Democratic National committee, and
Homer S. Cummings, the committee's
vice chairman.
The two Democratic
leaders took luncheon with the Presi­
dent and remained with him four
hours, going over minutely the cam­
paign plans.
While no date was set for the notifi­
cation ceremonies. Chairman McCor­
mick said that if congress .remained in
session after September 1, notification
might take place before adjournment.
; Under such circumstances the Presi­
dent will go to Shadow Lawn, N. J.,
for the occasion, and return imme­
diately afterward to Washington.
T Invitations sent to the President to
speak in various parts o f the country
were considered at the conference
Mr. Wilson will make no
definite engagements, however, until
a date for the adjournment of congress
is agreed on. He already has promised
to go to Hodginsville, Ky.. September
4, to speak at Lincoln memorial exer­
cises, and has made a tentative en­
gagement to visit St. Louis September
19, 20 or 21, to address an organiza­
tion of underwriters.
The Hodgins­
ville speech, however, will be of a
non-political character.
Chairman McCormick said he plan­
Night bathing in Lake Michigan
ned to have the Democratic campaign saves thousands of persons during the
in full swing by September 15. Mr. ! hot spell in Chicago.
Parts of the
Cummings, who is chairman of the lake front swarms with women bathers
speakers' bureau at Democratic Na­ till late hours o f the night. It is the
tional headquarters, told the President
of the progress made in assigning
speakers to the various states.
Democratic Senators Call for (10 0 0
Reduction on Exemptions.
Surtax on Earnings of More Than
Two Millions To Be Increased
From 10 !o 13 Per Cent.
only way they have to cool off
the great heat of the day.
tom may now be so well established
that night bathing will become a reg­
ular feature of the summer.
farm Loan Board Organizes;
Pacific Coast Trip Outlined
Washington, L). C. — Reduction of
the income tax exemption from $3000
to $2000 for single |>eraons and from
$4000 to $3000 for thoee with families
was ordered recommended to the sen­
ate Saturday by l)emorratic members
o f the finance committee who are re-
vial ng the house revenue bill.
The change is propoeed in an amend­
ment which would (nit the additional
$1000 taxes in a separate classification
and impose on it s normal tax of 1
per cent instead of the 2 per cent as­
sessed sgainst incomes of more than
$3000 for single (tersons and of more
than $4000 for married persons.
The amentiment after an all-day dis­
cussion prevailed by n majority of
only one vote, opposition {wraisting to
the last.
After announcement of the result by
Chairman Simmons, some o f the Dem­
ocratic senators said that the derision
was tentative and might be overturned
when the amendment was submitted to
the full meml>ership of the committee.
The rollcall on the amendment was
not disclosed.
Thoes who favored it
emphaiszed the grave necessity for ad­
ditional revenue, and had estimates
before them showing that the pro|>oeed
exemption reductions would add about
$6,000,000 to the treasury.
It prob­
ably would increase several fold the
total numt>er of taxable incomes.
The amendment is the second change
in the income tax propoeed by the sen­
ate Democrats, who voted to increase
the surtax on incomes in excess of
$2,000 000 from 10 to 13 per cent. It
is estimated that the surtax will bring
in $10,000,000 additional revenue.
The strong Turkish force which at­
tacked the British at Romani, 22 miles
Washington, D. C. — Activities of
east of the Suez canal, on August 4,
suspected o f being spies em­
was defeated and put to flight by a
Washington, D. C.— Organization of
foreign governments to ac­
the new farm loan board, which is to
regarding the nature
Robert F. Wagner, o f New York, administer the new rural credits sys­
of the Pan­
for governor, and Calvin J. Huston,
Congress is Urged to Take Immediate
o f Yates county, for lieutenant gover­ the induction into office of its four ap­
ama canal have made the administra­
Action to Forestall Trouble.
nor, was the ticket agreed on at a con­ pointive members, the designation by
tion decide to request congress to sup­
ference in New York City of 15 prom­ President Wilson o f an active head and
plant the existing laws against im­
the selection of a secretary.
inent Democrats.
proper acquistion o f knowledge o f mil­
board will meet again soon to consider
Two earthquakes were recorded by j how it may be best to obtain informa­ National Chamber of Commerce Be­
itary and naval plans and fortifica­
the seismograph at the University of tion on which to base its first import­
Santa Clara. Cal., the first at 11:40 ant work, division of the country into
lieves Arbitration is Futile—
Representatives o f the department
o ’ clock Monday morning, lasting for 12 land bank districts with a federal
Wilson Much Concerned.
about 15 minutes, registering an am­ land bank in each.
of Justice and the War and Navy de­
plitude of 80 millimeters.
At a short session afterward, W. W.
partments have been in conference on
A great fire in a forest near Savona, Flannagan, o f Montclair, N. J., wasI
the subject, and it is expected that they
Italy, along a front of nearly three chosen secretary of the board. Mr.
Washington, D. C.— Officials of the will agree on some drastic legislation
miles is reported in a Havas dispatch Flannagan has been secretary of the ; Federal government, including Presi­
to be submitted to congress.
from Rome.
Two thousand soldiers joint committee which investigated
dent Wilson, are closely watching de­
It is possible that the scope of the
have been sent to fight the fire, the rural credits in Europe and drafted the
may be extended beyond Heat Wave in Chicago Worse
cause of which is unknown.
ideas of a mere protection
The board also discussed the itiner­ 225 railway systems and their 400,000
Than Ever; No Relief in Sight
The city o f Brussels has refused to ary for its trip to the Pacific Coast
o f the secrets of the American coast
pay the fine of 5,000,000 marks im­ and went over the applications and employes, and are preparing to offer defenses to cover generally such at-
posed by the Germans in consequence recommendations of 40 cities for fed­ every possible aid in effecting an temHs as have been common since the
Chicago— After a brief respite which
o f the demonstration which took place eral loan banks.
bc> .ining of the present war to de- doubtleess saved hundreds of lives in
No route for the i agreement and avoiding a strike.
at the Belgian capital on July 21, the trip was determined on, but it is prob- j Thursday the President forwarded to suoy powder and ammunition plants, that it gave the public an opportunity
national fete day. A serious crisis is able the board will go West through
on which the United States govern­ to take a fresh grip on life, the deadly
the Labor department an appeal he had
ment must rely in time of trouble.
heat wave again settled down over all
northern states and return to Wash­
received from the Chamber o f Com­
Several of the military powers of the Middle West Sunday and promises
Dr. Eva Harding, of Topeka, Kan., ington through the South. Hearings
a suffragist leader, has won the Demo­ will be held in Washington also, but merce o f the United States declaring a the world are believed to have under­ to stay for several days.
Up to 8 o'clock the coroner had re­
1 strike inevitable “ unless some strong taken to obtain information as to the
cratic nomination for repiesentative in no date has been chosen for them.
congress in the First district over
measures of intervention are 8{»eedily character o f the defenses of the Pana­ ports o f two deaths from sunstroke and
ma canal. The latest incident to ex­ four drownings in Chicago and there
Rev. H. J. Corwine, in the recent
introduced” and urging an inquiry, cite suspicion is the operations of a were many prostrations. The official
New York Car Strike Ends.
state-wide primary.
Dr. Harding,
Acting Secretary of Labor Post said little Japanese power vessel, ostensi­ temperature was 97, but on the streets
whose majority was 608, is the only
New York — The strike on tbs sur­ i he was in close touch with the situa bly a fishing launch, which sought to it was 100 and in the suburbs 101,
woman congressional candidate in the
face railway lines here, which threat­
state for the coming election.
tion, but had not decided whether ac- obtain a permit for pearl fishing in the with scarcely a breath of air. The
ened to extend to the subway and ele­
waters o f Panama bay and vicinity.
percentage of humidity was also high
The proposition to submit a consti­ vated systems, and thus completely tie i tion by the department would be nec-
The canal authorities have been and the lake water at the bathing
tutional amendment for state-wide up transportation facilities in Greater essary.
warned that this craft appeared to beaches showed temperature o f 78.
prohibition received a favorable ma­ New York, virtually came to an end
The Federal board o f mediation and have been making surveys and that
Dispatches from surrounding terri­
jority of 2103 votes in the July 22 Monday night. Directors of the New conciliation, which is authorized by these were not confined to the water tory told of numreuos prostrations and
Texas primary, according to the com­ York Railways company and the Third
but extended to the isthmus proper.
much sickness, the result of the con­
plete and official canvass of a subcom ­ Avenue Railway company, the two law to attempt to avert strikes on
While these operatious may have tinued heat. The few cool days in
mittee of the State Democratic Exec­ principal lines affected, voted, after railroads, also is keeping watch of de­ been perfectly innocent in intent and Chicago were not felt in the surround­
utive committee. The total vote was: being deadlocked for 12 hours, to ac­ velopments, and its officials ex[>ect to only such soundings were made and ing country, but were confined to the
For, 174,435; against, 172,332.
cept a plan of settlement proposed by be called on as soon as the strike vote, bearings taken as might be incident to district within a few miles of Lake
Offers of $1 per bushel for North­ Mayor Mitchel and Oscar S. Straus, now being counted, has been complete­ the pursuit of pearl fisheries, the canal Michigan. Consequently the country
chairman of the Public Service com­
zone authorities have regarded the districts have been scorching and
western wheat are refused.
mission, after represetatives of the ly canvassed. They said that nothing matter as o f sufficient importance to smothering for practically 30 days
One child in every five dies of infan­ strikers had agreed to it.
could be done at present.
warrant investigation and report to with no relief.
tile paralysis in New York.
Copies o f the chamber’s appeal to Washington. Meanwhile, licenses have
Weather forecasters say there is no
The State department declines to
Pact Made With Persia.
President Wilson were forwarded to been withheld until some general line hope o f cooler weather in sight.
stand behind American bankers who
| chairmen o f the congressional com­ of policy can be formulated to govern
were negotiating a loan to China.
Petrograd — Great Britain and Rus­ merce committees and the representa­ all such cases.
Thirty-Three Infants Die in Day.
New York — Thirty-three deaths
Sir Roger Casement, the instigator sia have just concluded an understand­ tives of the railroads and employes.
British Save Suez Canal.
Harry Wheeler, chairman of the
were caused by infantile paralysis here
o f the Irish revolution, was hanged ing with Persia strengthening the
London— The Turkish army o f 13,- during the 24-hour period ending at 10
in London Thursday for high treason, j friendly relations between the three chamber’ s committee on railroads, said
countries, according to the semi-official he had recently attended a meeting of 000 soldiers which attacked British a. m. Sunday. There was a decrease
Frank West, two-year-old son of F. Russian news agency from Teheran. representatives of the employers and positions on August 4 at Romani, 22 of eight from the record of the pre­
A. West, of Prosser, Wash., was “ A solution mutually favorable to all employes in New York, and that as a miles east of the Suez canal, has been vious day. New cases of the disease
drowned in the Sunnyside canal. The the parties has been found for ques- result his conviction was deepened that thoroughly defeated, according to the reported numbered 219, an increase of
body was recovered after having been tions relating to the financial and mili­ an amicable settlement was remote. latest official statement.
The Turks 24 over the previous 24-hour period.
carried through two miles o f wood - 1 tary organizaton of Persia,” says the " I am assured,” he added, “ there will are now in full retreat and were hotly
According to the health authorities,
stave pipe.
I correspondent. “ As regards the mili- be no modification o f the attitude of pursued for 18 miles by British troops. the epidemic appeared to be spreading
The number of unwounded Turks faster in Brooklyn than in any o f the
The supreme lodge of Knights of tary organization, it will be effected the roads. Neither is it expected that
Pythias in session at Portland last in North Persia by the development of the representatives o f the men, with captured was 3145. Among the pris­ other four boroughs of the greater
week, elected John J. Brown, of Van- Persian brigades and in South Persia the new powerful strike vote in their oners were 70 Germans, including 36 city. Since the inception of the epi­
dalia, 111., supreme chancellor and by the formation of sufficiently strong hands, will recede from the position officers, a complete battery of Ger­ demic there have been 6023 cases, of
which they have taken heretofore.”
man guns was also taken.
which 1099 have been fatal.
Charles S. Davis, o f Denver, vice contingents.”
Wilson to Visit Portland.
Fruit Basket Bill Parsed.
Hughs*’ Auto Searched.
African Bullion Arrives.
National Guardsmen, relieved from
Los Angeles— Plans have been made
Between $2,000,000 and
duty on the border for disability, re­
for’ the reception and entertainment of grape, fruit and berry basket bill,” by en route to Detroit, spent Sunday here. $3,000,000 worth of gold bullion wss
turned to Oakland, Cal., to find their
President Woodrow Wilson in Los An­ Representative Reavis, o f Nebraska, At his request there was no public re­ the principal part of the cargo o f the
armory had been looted of $1500 in
geles on October 16, according to Ben­ prescribing dimensions for standard ception.
British steamer Susquehanna, which
clothing by burglars, who had cleaned
jamin F. Groves, secretary o f the Dem­ baskets for interstate shipment of
During the automobile ride in Can­ arrived here Saturday from the west
out every locker.
ocratic County Central committee.
grapes, small fruits and berries, was ada, at a lonely spot a Canadian sol­ coast of Africa. The bullion was soon
An attempt by Bulgarian soldiers to
The President is to dedicate the passed Thursday by the house.
Grape dier, with fixed bayonet, ordered the removed from the ship to four big ex ­
seize an island in the Roumanian Elephant dam near El Paso, Tex., and growers o f New York and Southern driver to halt and searched the car for press wagons, which took it to a rail­
waters o f the Danube river close to it has been arranged for ,him to come and Western small fruit and berry explosives. The soldier, when told of road station.
the town o f Giurgevo has caused a to Los Angeles en route to San Fran­ raisers advocated its passage for pro­ Mr. Hughes’ identity, replied with a
Presumably it is now on its way to
sensation there, according to reports cisco, Portland, Or,, and Seattle, it tection against competitors using un­ grin that * was sorry, but Canadian Canada under guard of private detec­
received by Bucharest newspapers.
was stated.
dersized containers.
military rules made no exception.