The Forest Grove express. (Forest Grove, Or.) 1916-1918, July 13, 1916, Image 6

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    T h e R e d M i r a ige
S to r y o f the F ren ch L e g io n in A l g i e r S
B y I. A . R. W Y L I E
1 from ttie door, seeming to ylnld. never
for an Instant relaxing Ills tenacious
hold upon the other's arms. Suddenly
he wrenched himself free and sprang
hack to Ills writing table.
“ If you touch tliut door I shall shoot
you down now,” he said quietly,
Farquhar turned, conscious that his
ow n rage had suddenly burned out. lie
saw that the door which Destlnn had
protected had opened, nnd that Sylvia
Arnaud, white nnd large-eyed with
terror, stood trembling on the thresh­
old. Furquhnr recoiled a step. Colonel
Destlnn had replaced Ills revolver on
the table. There was something ukln
to pity written >n his hard face. Sylvia
glanced at him and thou ut Farquhar.
Re III lid tier fear there had already tie
gnu to iNwn the knowledge that tlie
altuntlon was dramatic and wholly In
her hands.
“ I knew that you were a trotfnr.
Richard,” she said. "Rut I thought
you were still u gentleman. It seems
I was mistaken.”
Her manner wss
tearful, childishly resentful.
He turned from her without nnswrer.
” 1 owe you nn apology, Colonel Dee
Him.” he suld simply. “ Do you trust
me enough to let me place myself uu
der arrest7”
“ I trust you enough to ¡et you And
your punishment under lire.” wn* the
courteous unatver. “ I shall need brsve
” 1 thank you.”
They saluted each other— gravely,
with resjiect. ns unreconciled duelists
who have learned each other’s worth
In the bitterness of battle; then, with
a slight ( hiw to the woman, standing
against the dsrk background of tbe
Inner room. Rlcbnrd Farquhar passed
out of the open window.
“ Aux armes! aux nrmes!”
He laughed to himself, his teeth
clenched. Rut the u»u»tc o f thnt storm
signal was ns tbe call o f the blood, a
challenge to (he lighting spirit of his
race. He swung himself lightly Into
the saddle and drove his heels «gainst
ttie horse’s dripping flanks.
“ En nvnnt. (»ra n «!”
The animal
swerved. Someone had caught at tbe
bridle. Farquhar tient forward, peer­
ing Into the darkness. “ Who Is It?
My God—Gabrielis!”
Yes: I thought I recognized you.
Where have you come from?”
“ Colonel Destluu's— ”
“ Is— ”
"Y es; she Is there.”
‘ Captain Arnaud Is asking for her,
nnd I suspected. There lsu't a mo­
ment to be lost—”
-------------------------- ------ 1
lA ll n a b li m ervevL Tha Bobba- Merrill C a l
— 14—
flrst I was frightened, angry, fasci­
With rapid, stendy Ungers Colonel
nated against my will, and tiieu— In­ Dost Inn broke the seal» nnd hurried
S y lv ia O m n ey, h e r lo v e r, R ic h a r d F a r - tensely. unutterably grateful.”
over the half a dozen lines of precise
ftuhar. finds. has (alien In love with Cap­
He bout over her aud lifted her to writing.
When he had flu I abed the
tain Arnaud o f the Foreign Ix-slon
Captain Sower’s room Farquhar force« her feet.
whole man had changed. The mask
Sower to have Preston's I O U ’s re­
“ You have been honest,” be said, in was In Its place, so absolute lu Its dls
turned to him. Farquhar Is helpeil to his
rooms bjr Oabrlelle Smith. Sower demands a changed tone. “ That is all I wanted. guise o f energy and st«>eled purpose
an apology. Refused, he forces F a r q u h a r \Ve wear musks—every one o f us—and that what had been before now seemed
to resign his commission In return for
possession o f Farquhar'» father’s w rit­ I mine. I am uot absolutely a devil. a grotesque Incredible comedy
ten confession that he had murdered Sow­ It’s hard to believe, I suppose, but
"The First marches at midnight.” h*
er's father. Oabrlelle saves Farquhar there was a time when I was fond o f
said, half to himself. “ The order* were
from suicide. To shield Arnaud. Sylvia's
fiance. Farquhar professes to have stolen — all sorts o f unlikely things— flowers already given when you left?”
war plans and tells th‘e real culprit why and music, and men and women—and
“ Yes. Corporal Goetz'* men were In
he did so. As Richard Nameless he Joins
His hands released hers, campaign but five minutes after the
the Foreign Legion and sees Sylvia, now children.”
Mme. Arnaud. meet Colonel Destlnn. and he walked restlessly to the table,
rarquhnr mets Sylvia and C.abrlelle. and
learns from Corporal Goets of the c o l­ where he stood a moment In silence,
“ You were badly wounded.
onel's cruelty. Arnaud begumea a drunk­ his back toward her, bis head bowed. are you doing In this business? You
ard and opium smoker
S\lvla becomes "This Is a miniature of my son.” he
friendly with Colonel Destlnn. Arnaud
aren’t flt \o carry a rifle.”
becomes Jealous o f Farquhar. Farquhar. said abruptly. She came softly across
He saw the tightening o f the dogged
on guard at a villa where a dance Is In the room and took It from him. There
Jaws, and for a moment there flashed
progress. 1.« shot down by Arnaud. A r­
naud Justifies his Insanely Jealous action was a moment In which they seemed between them a strange sympathy—
to Colonel Destlnn. Arnaud goes to a ilanc- to pass out o f each other’s conscious­
the sympathy o f lighters to whom
r* w ho loves him for comfort. Ga-
nrlelle meets Lowe, for whom she had ness. Then she looked up timidly. Ills lighting Is the greut essence of life. It
sacrificed position and reputation, and head was still bowed, aud the sharp-
passed like a streak of light In the
tens him she Is free from him. Sylvia
meets Destlnn behind the mosque. A r ­ cut Indomitable profile gave her no darkness.
naud becomes 111 but Sylvta will not help clue, no indication.
hitr.. nor Interfere for Farquhar. Ga-
He died?” she said almost In a w ills
brielle. aiding Farquhar, who la under
“ Give my compliments to General
punishment. Is mistaken by him In his I P*r.
I shall be with the rsglment
delirium for Sylvia.
"No. It was I who died.” He straight
In ten minutes.”
ened up like a man shaking off
w s s w w .v .v .v .v .v .v .v .’
This time there was no answer. The
' dream.
“ I am getting sentimental,
What does duty mean to you?
j Sylvia. You are young and very beau silence seemed to Impress Itself slowly
* Despite his position of power,
tlful— and I am an old man who has on Colonel Destlnn's cousctousneMS. He
looked up over the top o f the letter
the situation in which Colonel
| murdered the best In him—”
Destinn finds himself is hope­
“ 1 never think o f you us old.” she which he still held to the light and bis
i Interrupted
thoughtfully. "There Is gaze rested for a second on the little
less. There is nothing to live
Ivory fan and the white gloves— then
j something about you— ”
for, apparently.
At this mo­
passed upward, as though drawn by an
“ What was that?”
ment sounds the stern call to
She had broken off abruptly, her fea Irresistible fascination, to the face of
duty, but an instant later temp­
tures white with panic. He lifted hU the man opposite. He. too. had seen.
tation in the person of Sylvia
A minute later their eyes m et In the
head, but did not look at her.
stays his response. Will duty
distance a bugle chanted the Region's
“ Did you hear anything?"
“ Someone rode up— I heard the war signal, “ Aux srmes! Aux armes!”
Richard Farquhar swung round and
• W . V . V . V . V . V . W . V . V . W . V . i horse's .hoofs— there is someone com-
closed the door behind him. Instinct­
| ing— now—”
CH APTER XIV— Continued.
Her voice was dry.
Terror had ively Colonel I>estlnn hail placed him
stamped out all trace of beauty from self between Farquhar and the door
Once past the sentries, the spahi j her face. Destlnn crossed the room and leading to the Inner room.
It was
tnrned Into one of the quieter avenues held open a side door.
typical o f him that he did not threaten
leading to the barracks. He had not
“ Go in there!” he commanded quiet or attempt to deny the vital facta of iV .V .V .V .'.V .V .W .V W JW A
decreased his speed, and his horse’s ly. “ It is probably a message. In five the situation.
In an hour this man
hoofs struck a metallic, ominous music minutes the man will have gone. Don't might lie arrested and shot down— but
Has Captain Arnaud discov­
out o f the cobbled roadway. Colonel come In till I call you.”
his wife's uttsr treason,
not uos. Richard Farquhar picked up
Destinn heard It and It seemed that
and started out to kill her and
She obeyed unresistingly, and with the fan and opened IL
another sound bad caught bis atten­
her men friends? A fter what
“ Colonel Destlnn. n man I knew
one haunted glance over her shoulder,
tion, for he went to the window and
you know, would you blame the
j crept past him into the unllghted room gave this to the woman he was to have
stood with his hand on the clasp, his
husband for anything murder­
j He closed the door and went back to married. How did It come here7"
head bent. Something rustled—some­
ous he did?
Colonel Destlnn looked Into the
his table. He was now perfectly calm
thing white flashed out from between
Someone knocked Imperatively, and he blnzlng eyes o f his opponent and r / A ’V W . W A V A W . '. W
the trees and came gliding hurriedly
It was the flrst sign of
answered the summons with tranquil frowned.
toward him.
Indifference. As the door opened be yielding self-possession.
“ Sylvia!” he muttered.
“ You are brave. Courage Is the one
Quiet In tha Trsnchea.
She almost flung herself Into his i
thing I can respect You are free to
A soldier at the front, who write# a
arms, clinging to him with a child's
go. Englishman."
letter to a Rritlsh provincial paper.
panic, and for the moment that he held \
Not till you have answered.”
«ays that there Is usually an evening
her their shadows were sharp cut
I shall then have double cause to bombardment, and after It Is over
against the light. Then he half
order out a shooting party on your be­ everything Is very quiet. "You «-an
dragged, half carried her Into the room !
ll a If.”
then wander through the comiuunlca-
and closed the windows. There were :
” Wbat you Insinuate Is a damnable Ron trenches.'' he nays, "for a mile
heavy curtains on either side, and he
lie— ”
or more without meeting a soul, and
dragged them across. Save for the
Destlnn Inughed.
x hen the tire trenches aro reached,
soft Jingle o f his spurs and her own
“ At least you have the courage of one often sees nothing more dreadful
quick breathing there was no sound.
your convictions,” he said almost with than a man In the depths o f a dug-
He came back to her and drew her veil |
out peaceably cooking his evening
from her white face.
The legionary made no answer. He steak over a coke brazier.“ I-atcr, the
"W here have you come from?”
had thrust aside the Intervening table,
star shells" begin to go up, and these
“ From the Cercle. Desire left me. 1
and the next Instant both men were "shed a sort of silent glimmer over
don’t know where he went to— but I
locked together In a merciless em­ the whole flat country."
ran here.”
brace. There was no sound—scarcely
“ I have watched Are nights for you.”
movement The flrst fury o f Far-
Why He Likes Chess.
I “ I knew. It has been awful— the
"W hat Is your favorite paatlme?“
quhar's onslaught balanced his fever
temptation, the fear, the uncertainty.
"Chess," replied Mr. Growcher.
weakened condition nnd leveled their
Every night I tried to make up my
"Rut you don't play IL”
respective strength to practical cqunl-
mind one way or another, but I
"No. I like It because It keeps the
lty. Then the steeled muscles o f the
I seemed to have lost hold.
elder man asserted themselves, and people who do from making a noise
Oh” —her white baby bands clutched
slowly. Imperceptibly, he retreated around the house.”
at his dolman in helpless despair— "oh, i
what have you done— what have you
In giving full praise to a stenog­
E Q U A L T O T H E E M E R G E N C Y band
rapher who Justly deserved IL
“ I was very brutal.”
He led her
gently to an armchair far from the
Stenographer Saved Employer's Fam­
window and stood quietly beside her. \
In Boudoir Dress.
ily From a Long Summer With­
his hand still bolding hers, his eyes ,
It Is related that a scene showing
out Fresh Bread.
turned from the bowed bead to the dis­
the Interior of a racing stable was
ordered table, as though seeking a
thrown on the screen t.t a certain
This Is a tale wherein the stenog­ theater.
memory. “ Some men are born brutal
Each horse was covered
rapher was not only o f vast assistance with a bright colored blanket. Little
— some become brutal through habit,
Sjrlvia. I have seen life too long from
In the husband's office, but was In two-year-old Nan, who had never seen
my deliberately chosen standpoint to
valuable to the wife, as well, for at a stable before, exclaimed to her
change. And then I meant there should
least the summer months. The family mother:
be no illusions— either for you or me.”
“ Oh, mamma, see the horslos with
bought one of the attractive camps In
“ I have none,” she broke out bitter­
the Maine woods, well out of reach of their kimonos o n !”
ly; “ they are all gone. I would not
real helpful civilization and never reaU
have come to you tonight I f you had
ized until they arrived and unpacked
Everything Due to Effort.
not made me see my own worthless­
11 the groceries that the one thing
In all human affairs there are ef­
necessary to their happiness was not forts, and there aro results, and the
“ I knew that. You would have played “ I Knew That You Were a Traitor. among them—a compressed yeast
strength of tho effort Is the measure
on the safe side o f the game and
Richard,” She Said, “ but I Thought cake. And, what was worse, there of the result. Chance is not, "Gifts,”
called It virtue.”
was no place where they could get powers; material, intellectual, and
You Were Still a Gentleman.”
“ Paul, how cruel you are!”
one; a summer o f crackers stared spiritual possessions are the fruits of
“ Yet— you love me, don’t you?”
glanced up. nnd the eyes o f the two them In the face. The wife. In de­
81« looked up at him with veiled men met fixedly over the wavering spair, wrote to the stenographer to effort; they are thoughts completed,
■wistful eyes.
It seemed to blot out look up yeast data of all kinds at once. objects accomplished, visions real­
ized.— James Allen.
“ Yes— I believe I do. You are the everything but their faces.
This valuable young person solved
one real thing left me— the one real
Richard Farquhar saluted.
tho problem with her usual prompti­
What He’s Worried About.
thing o f my whole life. I have been
“ I have come with a messa „• from tude by going to a first class grocery
fed on Illusions, my own and other peo­ General Meunler.”
“ I presume you are giving a great
shop and leaving
order to have
ple’s. They thought because I was
“ The message Is urgent, then?”
three perfectly good yeast cakes sent deal of thought to your forthcoming
beautiful— more beautiful than most
“ Yes. A spahi arrived this evening by mall three times a week at tht address on preparedness ”
women— that I was also better, differ­ with news that the tribes nre rising. market price of two cent» each and
“ Oh, yes,” replied the statesman, “ al­
ent. And I believed so, too. From our The outposts have been cut up. There two cents for first-class postage. The though my secretary, as a matter of
second meeting I knew that you had Is no communication between here cakes arrived In perfect condition at fact, la writing the speech. What I’m
seen me— the real me— the foolish, and— ”
regular intervals during the summer, thinking about Is the possible effect U
•elQsh. vain, shallow child. And st
“ Give me the letter!”
and for once the w ife Joined the hue- n a y have on my constituenta**
Special Summer Rates
Court Room, Single, 75«; Double, SI.
Outside Room. Single, $1; Double, $I.5D
llln lh prIvllrH« iM'ludedl
Room* with Private Bath, Single,
fl.SO; Double, #2 00.
I W lirn you
A «k lha Clerk fur
gummar Kalaa 1
Aulo I In« Mrg* Tralna.
A ll Cara fruin 1'nlon | ir| «l I’ aaa Our (lours.
Cor WaahlngSon A F ifth HU . PO R TLAN D . tlR K
N e w H o u s to n H o te l
s ix III
\N|> F Y F K i r i
Four Hlorka (nan Union S iali” »
I n.Irr n r «
manner,nrnl. A ll rooms nr « l y dnsereled.
Hairs !WK. 79«. » I . » I 50 Prr liar.
Po rtlan d Y.M.C. A. A u to School
Ray amt night rlaasaa
Fsi>»n trai n in i
In ra; »ih n * , drivin g ami mai-hlnr wurk.
Including forgr. latita, shat’rr. drill i*r***»*.
Ira. t’ .rs r lr
Tima unl!mtlr.|
C tiM l’ F-
T F N T « H A I T M .U ItS A M U Ml i P A N ­
W K IT K tfS.
I f you rs m w l r->mr to
Tortiand lo gat y ou r
I will srml
roo my m rlh.-I o f Inal­
ine • >•-• to mall
N ot
as drairahir as |><
ai asrvtca hut murh
Ie tta r than gulrtg w ith ­
out glaaaaa nrwl«-«l or
tryin g to At y ou rari/
Outfit sant on Si.nitration
HTAIM.FH. tha Jaw.
alar-Opttrtaa. ZSa Morrtaun at.. Portland. Oregon
r»rn fitte !
r iS K T E A C H E R S A G E N C Y .
T r a r h a r a fo r a ll k ln d a o f t a a r h in g i-* mi lio n s
'Tom |> t r r | ,lir s lo s ll I n q u lr tr s
W r fu r n is h lira
tamt t r a r h r r a fo r a ll 1 -o rilin n .
Hand a d .lr r a s a n d
a n w ill m a il you fu ll n a r O ru la iw . J N . K I X I O T T ,
H I J o u r n a l llM g , P o r tla n d . O rn gu n
• The War Children of Paris.
How beautiful they are. the war
How well cared for, how
thriving, and how showi-red with love!
Their prolonged siestas in the ilols or
In the gardens have freshened the
bloom of their cheeks. Their Immacu­
late pink and whiteness seems to tes­
tify to the girl mother’s loving care of
the now sovereign baby who for two
year* has had no rival. The mother’s
entire tlmo Is devoted to ills Majesty,
the baby, nor Is ho ever forgotten ex
eept occasionally when her thoughts
wandering to the absent one, she
traces In the baby’« dimpled face the
sometimes fugitive, sometimes strik­
ing resemblance to his soldier father.
Sacred moments these when In the
twilight the curly head and downy
cheek resolve themselves Into the pale
or sunburnt features of one "some­
where in France."— Cartoons Maga­
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for IL Adv.
Gypsies Use Automobiles.
’ Even
horses for motors," says the July Pop-
ulur Mechanics Magazine
"A hand
of about 40 of these nomads recently
visited Columbus, Ohio, traveling In
three covered automobiles which had
been purchased a short time before.
Each motor was fitted up In true ------
top* were
painted in the bright colors character­
istic of the familiar gypsy wagons.
In all, three families Inhabited the
three cars. The s a r i of the group
was a woman 75 jrears old : the young­
est o f the children wus three months
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Ralsarn of Myrrh. Apply this liniment
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"That fellow's got his nerve with
h im !”
"W h a t’s the matter now?”
“ He actually asked me to lend him
a couple of gallons of gasoline until
next Saturday.” — Detroit Free Dress.
•T R Y