The Forest Grove express. (Forest Grove, Or.) 1916-1918, June 22, 1916, Image 8

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The members of the Woman’s
Republican club will moot with
Mrs. Thornburgh next Saturday
afternoon, June 24th, at 2:30.
John Anderson has decided to,
put up a two-story brick or con­
crete building 50x92 on his lot
east of the First National bank
and has started work on the ex-
Big Bargains in
We have just received a shipment
; i 2 dozen pieces of Graniteware
;[ai!.i:''Memie™SiThem!tifait which we are selling at prices that will
soon as the date is selected.
See the display in
Mesdames H a t t i e Id. McGill, attract everyone.
Parsons, Sexton, Wright Dixon
Daniels put on a comic en­ our window and come inside and ex­
ALWAYS B I G G E S T ANI ) B E S T ! anti
tertainment after the regular
meeting of the Rebekah lodge last amine the quality.
night that made a great hit. The
program was musical and literary.
- - - TWO DAYS - - -
''‘■lC’nu.n.bor* of the feu»«™
July 3d and 4th
a meeting of the Washing­
Children’s Parade of Nations, July 3d ton At County
Poultry association at
Moffit last Friday, R. H Greer of
Industrial and Automobile Pageant Hillsboro was elected show super-
intendent, to have charge of the
July 4th
poultry exhibit at the county fair.
James Robb of near Center­
Ball Games, Races,
ville and Miss Louise Reibt-n of
near Banks were married by Rev.
Amusements of All Kinds at City Park C.
C. Garrick at the home of the
Mrs. Stewart and Miss Lefa
Egli were in Portland Tuesday.
Hancock & Wiles carry Life.
Accident & Fire Insurance. 1-tf
The Pacific coast longshoremen
were called out again last night.
Mr and Mrs. 0. A. Potter of
Eddy spent the week end at Carl­
We will insure your auto against
fire, theft and collision. Hancock
& Wiles.
Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Bernard
and daughter, Eunice, will go to
McMinnville Saturday for an
over-Sunday visit.
Rev. R. E. Dunlap was taken
ill Saturday night with stomach
trouble and has suffered consider­
ably during the past four days,
but is considerably improved to­
Miss Susie Berg of Portland
visited Grove fritnds last Thurs­
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Ott attend­
ed the stockmen's picnic at Carl­
ton Saturday.
The members of the Relief
Corps are holding an important
meeting this afternoon.
A. L. Sexton, the wood-sawer,
has moved and his phone number
is Main 24—just two dozen.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Drorbaugh
of Timber spent the week-end
with their parents at Eddy.
Miss Meta Rickey has returned
from Colville. Wash., where she
has been nursing her mother.
Mr. and Mrs. John Templeton
Tuesday took Dr. Abraham's
children and their daughter. Fay,
to Portland and placed them on a
train for Hood River, the home of
the Abrahams.
The Warm Days Are Now Here
and every woman is entitled to an Oil Stove.
Come in and see the
Bon-Ami Short-Burner Oil Stove
Heats quicker than any other m ake; clean and odorless.
Sharpies Tubular Cream Separator
Is a machine we are not afraid to recommend to our best friends.
Selling agents for Litchfield Manure Spreaders, Smalley En­
silage Cutters and Iron Age Cultivators and Seeders.
Phone 663
3 C Z JO C Z ) C
The Home of Good
Fresh and Cured
For Picnic Dinners
Boiled Ham,
Minced Ham,
Veal Loaf,
Chipped Dried Beef,
Sweet, Sour and Dill Pickles,
Imported Queen Olives
Pint Jars, 25c
Picnic Plates, 10c per Dozen
All Kinds of
Fruits and
Bananas, Oranges
Phone 0301
|Q| o
l^ lio n p
Forest (¿rove, Ore
4 l iV H C UO O
■ - ■
to bring them to the fair this fall
and conduct it milk-testing con-1
test. They promise to take g o o d
rare of all exhibits and promised
a good time to ali who «•amt*.1
(Continue«! fr >n
President Hurley stated that the
Commercial club was planning a
Hundred* of country people
The quarterly meeting of the dinner soon and he would see that came to town to enjoy the «how
Washington County Je sey club the Jersey club members were and parades and a few came from
was held at the home of Mr. and invited
surrounding towns, but the crowd
Mrs A I\ Buxton, a mile and a
E. W. Haines told how dairy- was mostly from the farms,
ha'f northwest of this city, yester- ing had improved the conditions
Little Jeanette S t r a u b , who
*d Jernoon, v> 1 1 h I resident of th e farmers of Washington paraded us a nurse, has a right to
\ in. Sehujin r,J?n .presiding and county and advocated co-opera- wear the uniform, for the Kxpn-ss
Seeretaij Geo. \Vtthwcombe keep- live marketing.
¡s inform» f) she took entire care of
ing the minutes. More
I)r. Holmes moves! a vote of a baby sister three months this
one hundred persons, about half thanks to the ladies for the splen- spring while her mother was ill.
of them from this city, attended did dinner, the motion was car-
a number of the business
the mee ting and enjoyed the ex- rj,.d, the audience sang “America” houses had handsomely-decorated
cellent cafeteria dinner served at and lht. meeting w a s over,
windows. Among those noticed
noon. And it was some dinner,1
by the writer were the Book Store,
including f r i e d spring chicken,
Died in Montana
Bailey, C. A. Littler, the 5
several other kinds of meat, veg-1 v.
10c Store. Goff Bros., the
«•tables, salads, pies, cake, coffee L ^
k ? ™ f™m S,/*V‘nslvlll‘‘- Gordon
H a r d w a r e company,
and good Jersey cream.
: J J 0" 1 ; t h '* corning of the death
After the secretary had read ^ «hat place las night of James Schultz Market. A. G. Hoffman,
the minutes of the meeting held N-Lnchede a t^l-know n ro d e n t the Pacific Market, King & Co.
and Caples.
in Hillsboro in March, Dr. O. H. ?f V) r
V i % wLlS ,d u eut°
George Hancock, W. H. French,
Holmes was r, q u e s te d to make a 1 h(*a^ f:‘‘ '“ f t Mr- Enchcde. who
talk on “ Organization,” and h e !» “bout 60 years of age. has been William Schultz and John Mc-
as mounted officers, lent
made it plain that the farmers i for the past five years chief or- a Namer,
air to the parade.
a n d dairymen were producing
enough to pro per, b a t he thought
It i.s announced that J. E.
account of th< superior ; 1>eks
and Mary Ellen Ralston.
as do many others, that they were ’ j ' on
lucational facilities this city of -1 ■■ ■
not getting enough for their pro­ fered
his children, h e l ef t his wf.. known residents of this city,
ducts—too much was lost between
family here, making occasional ™
un,ted ,n marna*e th,s
producer and consumer.
trips to visit them.
' *' ni,|8-
Ben« Denny of Beaverton dis­ James N. Enchede and family
You can always get brick ice
cussed the relation of the Agri- came to Forest Grove about 10 ! cream at Shearer’s.
cultural College to the dairymen. years aRO and deceased has, dur
He was of the opinion that too ¡nif
^ ^ . a ...........
. proven I111JW
CI1 a
t ^jmei
little attention was paid by farm -1 kjnd husband, an indulgent parent it
ers arid dairymen to the advice and a good citizen. He is sur*
given by colN'ge men.
j vived by a widow, four sons and
Ed ( ary of Lafayette gave an three daughters, the youngest » “ THE PURE FOOD STORE“
interesting talk on milk-testing child b«*ing 8 years of age. All
and the importance of keeping the children will be here to attend
announces new standard
only those cows which showed a j the funeral, which will probably
price on Olive Oil
lie held Sunday, except Robert, I
C ol.J. W. Hughes advised all who left Monday to seek employ-
dairymen to bring their best stock ment in the canneries of Alaska. | Crown o f Savoy
to the Washington county fair
Deceased was a member of
and show what they have. It i.s Holbrook lodge No. 30, A. F. &
Extra Creme Virgin
the cheapest and best advertising A. M., and that organization will
they can get, he said.
have charge of the funeral The
Dr. Brooke of Portland asked if body i.s expected to arrive Satur-
anybody could tell him what to ¡day.
Guaranteed absolutely pure
feed to increase the richness of
and imported from Italy. You
milk and President Schulmerieh 1
Aged ( itizen (ailed
replied that the only way to im-
Dietrich Koeneman, aged 78,, can afford to use more now.
prove the quality was to breed passed away at the home of his
f o r quality. C. A. Broderson daughter, Mrs. Louisa Reinemer, | 50c pints now . . . .
suggested tha' feeding hops might in this city last Tuesday, general j $1.00 quarts now - - - 84c
improve the flavor of the milk.
debility, due to age, being the $2.00 half gal. now - -$1.(54
A. T. Buxton was very glad so cause of death,
many had come to his place and
Deceased was born in Germany
Put up in sanitary sealed
invited ihem to come again; he in 1838 and came to America d u r-;
at the plantation.
hoped in a few years to have ing the civil war. For y-seven,
much better stock to show them, years ago, at St. Louis. Mo., he
Special inducements on sug­
He believed that when more and was united in marriage with Louisa1
and fruit jars for canning
bet ter Jerseys were on the farms Beister, who preceded him to the
of Washington county the dairy- beyond 22 years ago. Deceased season. Come and s e e u s
men would be more prosperous, came to Oregon in 1902, settling about your needs.
He doesn’t believe there i.s such a at Cornelius, and has lived in this
Leave orders for apricots
thing as a dual purpose cow—If city and Cornelius ever since that
you want milk and cream at th e ; time. . He was a member of th e 1 n o w f o r canning Lowest
minimum < t, you must have German Lutheran church and was price guaranteed.
Jerseys, which do not make much counted a kind father and good
| neighbor.
Mrs. Buxton suggested to the
Mr. Koeneman is survived by
Phone 061
dairymen’s wives that they get two daughters, Mrs. Reinemer of
together and organize an associa- this city and Mrs. Etta Petersen 1
lion and this matter will be taken of Portland,
up later.
Funeral services were held at J.
President Hurley and Secretary the Buxton chapel at 10 o’clock
Attorney At Law
Reder o f t h e fair association this morning, R ev. Struebe of Patent Office Business Solicited
asked the Jersey club members, Blooming officiating. The remains
as well as all other owners of cows, were interred at Cornelius.
bride’s parents Tuesday evening
and t ok the Columbia highway
in the Evening1
trip yesterday as a wedding tour.
reside on the old Robb
Special Train Service
REDUCED RATES place, will
near Centerville.
Good Pyrotechnic Display
Here i.s a chance to Repleniuh your
Kitchen Utensils at Small Cost . . .
Jersey Breeders
Had a Good Time