The Forest Grove express. (Forest Grove, Or.) 1916-1918, June 22, 1916, Image 2

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PRFSiDFNI FAILS d e m o c r a t s n o m in a t e w il s o n a n d m a r s h a l l WORLD’S DOINGS
con miru
m iiit u
Troops To Be Sent to Mexican Border
Tor Immediate Service.
Brief Resume of General News
from All Around (he Earth.
Carranza’s Demand for Withdrawal
Live News Items of All Nations and
of Pershing’s Expedition Brings
Pacific Northwest Condensed
Crisis in Border Trouble.
for Our Busy Readers.
Washington, D. C. — Virtually the
entire mobile strength o f the National I
guard of all states and the District of
Columbia was ordered mustered into the
Federal service Sunday night by Presi­
dent Wilson. About 100,000 men are
expected to respond to the call.
They w ill be mobilized immediately
fo r such service on the Mexican border
as may be assigned to them. General
Frederick Funston. commanding the
border forces, w ill designate the time
and place for movement o f guardsmen
to the international line as the occa­
sion shall require.
In announcing the orders Secretary
Baker said the state forces would be
employed only to guard the border,
and that no additional troop movements
into Mexico were contemplated except
in pursuit o f raiders.
Simultaneously w ith the National
guard call, Secreary Daniels, o f the
N avy deparment, ordered additional
war vessels to Mexican waters on both
coasts to safeguard American lives.
W ithin the last two weeks, however,
tension has been increasing steadily.
The crisis presented by General Car­
ranza’ s note demanding the recall o f
General Pershing’ s expeditionary force
has been followed by a virtual ultima­
tum served on the American officer by
General Trevino, the Mexican com- ]
mander in Chihuahua.
To this was
added Sunday the possibility that
American and Mexican troops had
clashed across the border from San
Benito, Texas.
Eighty thousand Austrians were cor­
nered when Czernowit* was captured
and are threatened with capture.
French newspa|>cre commenting on
the Mexican situation, declare that
France and England must sup|>ort the
United States.
The call to arms issued throughout
! the country swept Y a le’s baseball and
1 crew ranks and threatened to destroy
i the Kll atheletlc hopes beyond repairs.
The French losses around Verdun in
killed and wounded amount to approxi-
j inately 105,000 to date. These losses
have occurred on a front which is not
I more than 13 miles in length.
General Pershing defied Carranza’s
' demand not to move troo|st in any di­
rection except northward, when he or­
dered two detachments o f cavalry to
pursue Villa bandits south and west
According to reports there is rejoic­
ing in Matamoroa in the belief that a
small hand of Mexicans com|>elIed a
force of about 300 American soldiers
to recross from Mexico territory into
the United States Monday.
The Italian government has decided
to permit wives o f Italians wl*o have
become naturalized Americans and
have not returned to Italy for military
service to rejoin their husbands in
America. Heretofore this has been
Mexican refugees
Militia of [very State in Union
Called for Guard Duty on Border
Washington, D. C.— President W il­
son has called out the m ilitia o f every
state for service on the Mexican bor­
In announcing the President’ s decis­
ion late Sunday, Secretary Baker said
the m ilitia would be sent to the border
whenever and as fully as General Fun­
ston determines them to be needed.
Brigadier General A lfred Mills,
ch ief o f the division of m ilitia affairs,
estimated the minimum m ilitia force
which would respond to the call as
100,000 men.
enrolling at
to fight in
the event of war with the United
i States. Minister Gonzales has in­
formed the Cuban government that
United States warships w ill shortly
visit Havana. President Menocal has
signed a decree revoking all |iermita
i for private wireless stations.
j their consulate in Havana
St. Louis— The Democratic National
: Convention finished its work Friday by
adopting the party platform exactly as
approved by President Wilson and sub­
mitted by the resolutions committee,
including the planks on Americanism
and favornig woman suffrage, but not
until the harmony o f its three days’
session had been rippled with a row
over the suffrage plank.
N o voice was raised against the
Oregon Guard Mobilizing.
' declarations o f the Amricanism plank.
Salem— Immediate mobilization o f A t one time it looked as if the suffrage
all the units o f the Oregon National plank had been lost, but after Senator
guard was ordered Sunday night by Walsh, of Montana, had told the con­
Governor Withycombe, who notified vention that President Wilson himself
Adjutant General White to proceed considered it vital to party success it
with mobilization upon receipt o f an was voted into the platform, 888i to
urgent message from Secretary o f War 181i. The whole platform then was
Baker, requesting such action.
adopted without roll call.
In his message to the governor, the
As it went into the platform the
Secretary declared that he was in­ suffrage plank stands:
structed by the President to request
“ W e favor the extension of the
the mobilization o f all the National franchise to the women o f this coun­
guards o f the different states.
try, state by state, on the same terms
] as to the men.”
Washington Militia Gathering.
The women suffrage leaders consid­
Seattle— Adjutant General Maurice ered it a much more favorable declara­
Thompson, o f the Washington National tion than they got from the Republi­
guard, received orders early Sunday can convention at Chicago; they threw
night for the mobilization o f the all their force behind it and won the
Washington militia. The Washington support of the administration leaders,
m ilitia will mobilize at
American , who were found fighting for them
Lake, south o f Tacoma.
when danger threatened.
Adjutant General Thompson imme­
Haggared and worn from an all-
diately issued orders to the various night session, the platform makers
company commanders to assemble their were not ready with their report until
companies at their home stations and afternoon, when Senator Stone, sleep­
to recruit to full war strength o f 142 less for more than 30 hours, took the
men for each company.
speaker’s stand to read the document
gave over this task to Senator Walsh,
Idaho T o Be Ready in Three Days.
o f Montana, and Senator Hollis, of
Boise, Idaho— Adjutant General P. N ew Hampshire.
They “ spelled”
H. Crow said Idaho will mobilize 1000 each other reading the long declara­
guardsmen within three days. The men tion.
are to be brought together at Boise.
The fight on the suffrage plank was
Lieutenant Governor Taylor issued the in the air. Every body was keyed up
call for mobilization shortly before to it when at the conclusion of the
midnight Sunday.
reading o f the platform Martin Lomas­
ney, o f Boston, a delegate, claimed the
W ar Declared in Redding.
attention o f the chair, it was thought
Redding, Cal.— About 50 Mexicans that he was opening the fight. It was
who are employed on an irrigation several minutes before the shouts of
ditch construction gang near here en­ approval and cries o f disapproval could
gaged in a street fight with several be stilled sufficiently to hear that he
Americans here Sunday night in the wanted to put the convention on record
restricted district. A fte r the disturb­ as sympathizing with “ the people of
ance was quelled by the police, aided Ireland.”
by deputy sheriffs, 15 Mexicans were
“ Raus mit him ,’ ’ roared a Baltimore
placed in jail, many o f them severely delegate and
the convention hall
Knives, stones, clubs and rocked with laughter.
fists were the weapons used by the
The real fight broke immediately
fighters. Six men were stabbed.
after, however, when Governor Fer­
I.O S 8
o f jobs and salaries o f 1000
Coliseum, St. Ix u is— President W il­ government clerks who are members o f
son and V ice President Marshall were the District of Columbia
nominated by acclamation late Thurs­ guard may result from the president's
day night by the Democratic National call to the militia. Compelled to re-
convention, the ticket being completed s|>ond for duty or face courtinartial,
four minutes before Friday.
! the government’s clerks are between
Contrary to expectation, however, two fires. S|>ecial legislation by con­
the convention did not finish its work, gress or the issuance of an executive
because the platform waa not ready, order by the President is necessary to
and it met again at 11 o ’ clock Friday protect them and their jobs.
The War department has received
It was announced in the convention
that the Hub-committee drafting the many inquiries as to what immunities
platform had finished its work, but would be granted married men who are
National Guard.
that the entire resultions committee members of
was not assembled to pass upon it, and While most officials were inclined to
it was not known when that could be believe that leaves should he granted
1 those who can show that their absence
President Wilson’s
plank, from business would he a privation to
charging conspiracy among some for­ I dependent families, it was pointed out
eign-born citizens for the benefit of j that each case must be presented sep­
the foreign powers and denouncing any arately and would be decided on its
political party which benefits and not | merits.
repudiating such a situation, was in­
The news from Mexico is creating an
corporated in the platform just as the
President himself had sent it from enormous stir in Madrid, owing to the
Washington. It was understood that financial and sentimental interests en­
the President insisted that the plank gaged. K ing Alfonso has received a
should be put in the platform in the i cable from the large Spanish colony in
Mexico begging his mediation to pre­
way he had drawn it.
There never was any doubt o f Presi­ vent war between the United States
dent Wilson’ s nomination, but there and Mexico, the consequences o f which
was a possibility that some vice-presi­ would be serious to both parties. The
dential booms might be brought out n whole Spanish press sup[x>rts the |>etl-
opposition to Vice President Marshall tion that the king do the best he possi­
They melted away, however, when bly can under the circumstances.
guson, of Texas, who headed the mi­
nority report against the administra­
tion plank, was given 30 minutes in
which to discuss it.
The plank offered by the minority
was this:
“ The Democratic party has always
stood for the sovereignty o f the sev­
eral states in the control and regula­
tion o f elections. W e reaffirm the
historic position of our party in this
regard and favor the continuance of
that wise provision o f the federal con­
stitution which vests in the several
states o f the union the power to pre­
scribe the qualifications o f their elec­
the convention got in session, and as
soon as President Wilson’s nomination
had been made a roaring chorus o f ac-
| claination, Senator Kern, who re-nomi­
nated Mr. Marshall, cast aside a long
prepared speech and simply declared:
Washington, D. C.— W hile Great
“ I nominate Thomas Riley Marshall,
Britain has indicated to the State de­ o f Indiana, for vice president.”
partment that examination o f detained
To President W ilson’s nomination
neutral mails would be expedited as there was only one dissenting vote,
much as possible, department officials Robert Emmett Burke, o f Illinois, who
said Monday that the concession could came to the convention declaring that
be considered by this government as he was opposed to the President. His
only a minor one, not affecting the vote technically made the President’s
question o f right o f seizure, over nomination 1091 to 1.
which the two governments have dis­
A striking incident o f the session
was the action o f the convention in
Intimations have reached the depart­ calling on William J. Bryan to apeak.
ment that the British reply, now being This was done on the motion o f Sena­
prepared, would formally call attention tor Thompson, o f Kansas, that the
to the steps taken to obviate delay in rules be suspended and the ex-secre­
mail examination, thus disposing of tary be permitted to take the plat­
many specific complaints that the allies form. The motion was carried and
had exceeded their rights in extending Mr. Bryan was escorted to the plat­
their censorship outside territorial wa­ form immediately.
ters and had employed “ vexatious in­
He spoke 45 minutes, pledging his
quisitorial” methods in enforcing it.
support to the President.
Great Britain’s Answer on Mail
Seizures to Evade Issue Again
Vice Admiral Henry T. Mayo is in
command o f the Atlantic fleet, suc­
ceeding Admiral Frank F. Fletcher,
who goes to Washington to become a
member o f the naval board. The cere­
mony was held at the navy yard at
New York.
The usual salutes and
ceremonies marked the change, which
took place on the deck of the W yo­
ming, flagship o f the fleet. Rear Ad­
miral Dewitt Coffman succeeds Admi­
ral Mayo as vice admiral, commanding
the first division.
Fire destroyed 200 feet o f the Bel­
lingham & Northern Railway tunnel
half a mile east of Deming, Wash., on
the branch line the company is con­
structing between Goshen and W el­
come. The damage is estimated at
$40,000 and w ill delay opening the
new line at least 60 days.
The timber
lining o f the tunnel caught fire from
the sparks from a steam shovel which
was working inside removing a small
slide. Firemen were sent from Bel­
lingham to assist in fighting the fire.