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    T h e Red M i r a g e
A Story of the French Legion in Algiers
B y I. A . R . W Y L I E
lAU rights reserved. The Uobbe-Merrill Co»J
I came straight aerosa to thv man wha
had worn the roses.
“ Captain Am am i!“ lie «aid quietly.
“ I f you »ay my usine again here I
will shoot you down." was the quieter
answer. “ What are you doing tu that
masquerade? Spying?”
“ Perhaps
The meeting I promised
you has taken place. You can't turn
me out of this company, can you. Cap
talli Arnaud ?”
” 1 have told you to leava my tu m i
alone. What do you want?”
“ I wan* to know something— what
are you doing b e «»- « l i l i thal worn-
“ A Better Barrel
o f Flour Cheaper”
"That Is my niTalr.”
“ And your w ife? Ttil# I» the way to
the devil.”
’T h e way she has driven n-a.”
“ You ai-e a liar and a coward. I
warned you once, and I wnrn you
again. It would be far better for you
to he dead than that you should drag
tier Into misery and disgrace. She be
lleved In you—"
“ Relieved?" The hesitancy passed
from Aru-iud'a face, lie leaned for­
ward: h¡« «tes slight and deadly with
some anddeu flash of (mention. "You
have »«a-n tier?”
"You have spoken with tier?”
“ Yc-
Arnaud hurst out laughing
turned and. entchlng the Jewess tn hla
arms, kissed her savagely.
“ Good
night g • «I night! This gentleman la
sending me home, petite, lie doesii’ t
approve o f either of us." He luughed
ami flung her from him so that she
stumbled against the futile. “ Tliat’a
my answer. Farquhar," he said coolly.
“ Good n ig h t"
Someone touched Farquhar on the
shoulder. He turned.
“ Ah, you. Uoetx!”
’’ Yea.
Who wns that you were
speaking to Just now?”
"Captain Arnaud.”
"That's to he regretted, Come, we
must tie getting off.
It's uen r m Id
n ight”
He slipped his arm through hla com­
At that moment an Arati, who had
been loitering In the background. Ida
dirty bunions* drown over hla fnce,
slipped past them and disappeared luto
the shndowa.
*‘ Iu other words, you won’t attempt
Then the girl on the table sprang np.
to bridge the gulf that has como be­ glass In hand. Her face, lifted to the
Money Making " M I D G E T M A R V E L ”
Sylvia Omney, her lover. Richard F s r- tween us— at your wish, as I verily red light, was diabolically beautiful In
quhar, finds, has (alien In love with C ap­ believe. Very well, whatever happeus— Its mocking laughter.
tain Arnaud of the Foreign Legion. In
Captain Sower's room Farquhar forces on your bend be I t ”
“ You drunken fools!" she said shrilly.
A VHhole Heating Mill fur $ 3 ) 00 .
Bower to have Preston's I. O. U's re­
He turned away, and for a moment “ Heboid, 1 will give you a toast which
turned to him. Farquhar Is helped to his
rooms by Gabrlelle Smith. Sower demands she hesitated, looking back at him like you can all drink with a ginnl heart
On« m«n c«n ran It. I*’»wry town «huultl haw
an apology. Refused, he forces Farquhar a child endeavoring to penetrate the To the devil who brought us here—
to resign his commission In return for
on«. Writ«.
possession of Farquhar's father's w rit­
ten confession that he had murdered Sow­ future.
Then the curtains fell softly
She tossed down the fiery liquid at
er's father.
Gabrlelle saves Farquhar
one draft, and her audience answered
from suicido. To shield Arnaud. Sylvia * behind her.
fiance, Farquhar professes to have stolen
5041 Lumber Lathsnge, Portland, Or.
Sldl-bel-Abhes has two great streets with a wild cheer o f gratitude. Forget
w ar plans and tells the real culprit why
he did so. As Richard Nameless he Joins running north to south aud east to fulness at all coats! Due young chas
the Foreign Legion and sees Sylvia, now west.
In between are the little for­ »eur started the latest chanson from
meet Colonel Destlnn. gotten byways, unknown to the great the Parisian boulevards, aud the uext
Farquhar meets Sylvia and Gabrlelle. and
learns from Corporal Goets of the col­ ones who saunter about the Place Car­ Instant the mad orgy had la-gun again
onel's cruelty.
not listening to the band, or take tbelr The girl looked down triumphantly at
n absinthe on the gaudily decorated cafes the man beside her.
$ | o f the Algerian boulevards. None the
"They are like sheep," she aald.
Do you believe in divorce?
less these unsuspected byways exist. laughing. One cun make them follow
What If you camo home gome
They are very narrow and very dirty. any way one wants.”
Oo Your Own Plumbing}
day and learred that your wife
O b the bonier of Lhls region lies the
was madly In love wl*h another
My i>uyln«r d l r t f t fr**m u » At w I m »U*" a U* p r ir r «
■ Cafe do Tonkin. It Is comparatively herdess.” he returned, lifting hla hat
» ' " ! « » v r H i* p lu m b er*«
W iilo u w t o ­
man— your employer?
I respectable, and occasionally a tourist
day your
Wn w»U « t v « y.iu u«ir rt*?k-
you leave her. or would you
Iw tfuiu " illr o r t lo -y m i" iir ic r «, f n. b rail ur
or newly arrived official under escort
force her to go with ycu to an­
U «t.
W r A riu a lly » * w ftm 'frtsfii 10 t/* 36
makes his appearance In the bar In
t. A ll «• ■ «U l u f t r i t t lm l
other town and begin all over
order to acquaint himself with what
N u r th w ra t h fa d iju a r tr r « fo r 1+m \«r W «U »r
S y «trm i «m l Kull«r A Juhn«on Kn«irwNi.
he conceives to he the “ real thing."
'' ysey
Therefore when Capt Desire Arnaud
sauntered along the narrow, evll-
21 2 Third S i r « * i
P o rtla n d . O r t f o n
CHAPTER -VII—Continued.
smelllng street he attracted little no­
tice, the more so as dusk had already
Lie lifted her hand to his lips, bis
set In and deepened the eternal shad­
eyes still on her face. tmd. returning j ows to a concealing darkness. Captain
Arnaud's salute, strode across the Arnaud entered the unguarded door­
h a v e 16767961
Runllt courtyard and disappeared Into way. He was evidently on a serious
the shadows.
Husband and wife errand, for he did not appear nga'.ti
D m Modern Menry-nakiai Milk PaiL
watched him In silence. Then Arnaud Instead, some ten minutes Inter a man
If you an« rw»t « 11 «««I wand l ‘r«am «hit i**r.
• «m l um you r h u ll c « n of cianiti «fu i U*ttrr
save a short, half-angry laugh.
In ragged. Ill-fitting clothes lurched out !
« ■ k in « u* to ts*ll you how to « « t II I r**»
"When the devil goes abroad It Is on to the pavement and slunk on
THE HAZELWOOD C O , Portland, Otryon
usually to some purpose.” he said. deeper Into the labyrinth of alleys and
"H ow did he come here?”'
llghtless passages. He wore a broad-
"1 invited him.”
brimmed hat pulled well over his eyes
and a bunch o f roses stuck In his balf-
"H e had not called on you."
She shrugged her shoulders prettily. opeD coat He chose a narrow passage
Wo w«nt «11 you h»v«*.
Writ« f«*r |»ri«*ra «ml
At the Villa Bernotto’S.
ih ip p m « tJUC*
IMf M r. N O M IO N CO.
“That was just what made me do It. running between two empty bouses,
“ Look well, though, don’ t I, Mtae
V J North front St., Portland. O r « .
I was bored and lonely, aud bored and felt hLs way over the uneven flags,
Smith? White la, after alb the most
and lonely people are bound to do
becoming. I’.ut one must have a good
him from stumbling. The music sound­
Did the Trick.
something mad.”
skin. Mine Is still quite smooth. No
Abruptly the passage
“ You are very often bored. Sylvia.” ed Dearer.
Patriotism la a strong Instinct In tho
one would think I hud been a year In
twisted Into an open square, dimly
breast of a certain elderly lady, who
“ Yes," she agreed. “ Hut does that
this dreadful place, would they?”
lighted, aud the music became a deaf­
was recently much troubled at tho
mean 1 am very often mad?”
“ No," was the calm answer.
ening discord o f voices. The contrast
Sylvia Arnaud considered herself for failure o f her three nephews to cnllsL
He looked up at her. his pale eyes after the dark eastern reticence of the
a moment longer In the glass. Then her They were such stalwart, sturdy fe l­
full o f moody wistfulness. “ How much region behind him was bizarre and
lows that she was ashamed of them.
wandered past her owu reflection
can happen in a year where a woman brutal. lied lanterns bad been strung
When strong hints tiad been reeelv
to that o f her companion behind tier, j ed In alienee, her patience became ex­
Is concerned. A year ago you would across from one low-roofed bouse to
Miss Smith, In a pearl gray dress of hausted. One day Mhu sent a telegram
not have been bored. Sylvia. You another, and their soft light fell on a
severe cut. wna more than usually un­ to each of the three. These all boro
thought then that there was no more scene which might have been painted
The aoft brown hair the same message:
lovely place on earth than Sidi-bel- from a wild dream of Montmartre. The
“ Your country la calling. W ire re­
had been drugged hack and smoothed
Abbes, and that there was no other place was full. Long tables built a
Into order with n merciless hand, leav­ ply If you wish to borrow my ear-
man for you than myself. Now you rough semicircle round a central table,
Î>#AI. tôa /
ing the small, ovnl face without a trumpet.”
are restless and discontented.
You laden with empty bottles and chipped,
Hhe Is now very proud of her threo
Rue. Sylvia luughed gayly.
hate the place and— perhaps your hus­ wine-stained glasses. On a free cor­
lu khaki.— London Answers.
The contrast with her own radiant ■
band.” The last words broke from him ner a woman sat with folded arms
with a petulant violence. It was the and sang. Her voice was rough and “ What Are You Doing Hero With
"Sometime» I really think yon are
Irritable accusation of a man who does feelingless, but It harmonized with
That Woman?”
was obliged to stop
not a woman at nil, Mlaa Smith," she
not believe what he Is saying and ex­ what surrounded her— It was like a
overnight at a small country hotel. Ho
pects contradiction. None came. Syl­ shriller Dote o f the red-tinted atmos­ with a half mocking, halfadm lrlng d ef­
wns shown to his «join by the one boy
readv "
via Arnaud's fair head was still bent phere, or the articulate spirit of the erence.
the place afforded, a colored lad.
"1 um glad there'a a rope here in
over her flowers. He sprang upright, madness which caught up the refrain
And It was then that his eye»
case of fire," commented Mr. Tom p­
his face ashy with passion. “ Do you aud yelled It back to ber In drunken chanced to meet the eyes o f the legion­
Look out for that Arab! He’s
kins as he surveyed the room, “ hut
hate me, Sylvia?” be stammered. She triumph. She sang the “ Marseillaise,” ary standing by the piano beneath the
spying either for the Jewess, for
what's the Idea of putting a Hihle In
lifted her eyes for a moment, but not her splendid eyes fixed on the red. cluster of red lanterns. No sign of
Sylvia or for Colonel Destlnn—
the room In such a prominent place.”
to him. In their brown, velvety depths white and blue strip of bunting nailed recognition passed between them. Yet
what la your guosa abcut him,
“ Rat am Intended fob use. Bah,” re­
there were pathos and melancholy In­ on the wall opposite, her mouth, even from tlint moment onward the noisy
and how do you think he will
plied the boy, “ In case de fire am too
finitely touching.
The shouts and
as she sang, curved In a subtle line of crowd vanished.
far advanced foh yo’ to tnuke yo' es­
“ Oh, no. I don’t hate you. Desire.” mockery. A little to her right a Chas­ laughter dissolved Itself Into a swift,
cape, aah.’’— Philadelphia Public Led­
she said in her soft voice. “ I have seur d’Afrique crashed out an accom­ deadly duologue.
Richard Nameless
<T<> UK C O N T 1 N IÍK ÍJ.)
never hated anyone. But you don’t un­ paniment on a tinkling piano, which
Coals to Newcastle.
derstand. How should you? You are quivered under his merciless hands. A
a man, and not even a man of my own zouave, scarce able to keep his feet,
Mother was measuring a doso o f
race. Women are so different They reeled backward and forward, banging
tonic for her little son, who looked up
and said:
live I d such a narrow circle. Desire, out the rhythm of a pair of cymbals—
“ What am I taking thin for?”
"Allons, enfants de la Patrle— ”
and their dreams are everything to
This Newark Domestic Made a Clean­ of the bathroom came the Joyous
An appetite,” she replied.
them. They hold up ideals for them­ They rose like one rnan, chasseurs,
ly Exit, Aided by the Services
sound of one luxuriating In a porco-
"An appetite," he scornfully repeat­
selves. and the whole world Is glorified zouaves, a few French legionaries, and
of Her Employer.
laln tub filled with glorious hot war ed. "I can’t begin to hold now one-
in their eyes. How natural when a shouted with their empty glasses held
ter. Marlar was taking a bath.—N ew ­ half I want to eat."— Philadelphia Led­
man comes to them they should hail high above their heads. While they
Marlar was going. For a week tho ark News.
him as the consummation o f all they sang the woman was silent, her sleek housework had stood still, "because"
hoped and fancied— how natural that head with Its massive colls of smooth, as Mrs. Woodslde said, "you can't aak
One Process.
Use for the New Oaby.
they should wake up one day and find black hair bent so that ber face was a maid to do anything when she's leav­
A New Englander who is a great
“ Since I've been living next door to
the glorious world a desert and their hidden In shadow. The man with the ing."
angler and whoso fish stories are li*. a dealer In antique rugs I've learned a
idols shattered forever.”
roses crossed the Intervening space and
For a week the kitchen range had tenod to most attentively by hla eight, thing or two about the rug business.
“ Yes."
“ Have I done that?” She made no stood opposite her. She turned slightly been cold, likewise the water tank bo- year-old son, recently became a father
"A rug can ho aged very rapidly by
answer, and he sprang at her and and looked at hlin.
slJe It; and, there being no gas heater for -the fifth time, another boy being
"Good evening. Mademoiselle Ra­ In the Woodslde home, the grownups brought by the stork.
allowing u few youngsters to use It ns
seized her by the wrist in a paroxysm
a playground.”— Philadelphia Public
of excitement “ Have I done that? chael.”
had contented themselves with cold
The eight-year-old wus told of the Ledger.
“ Good evening, monsieur.”
Am I the broken Idol?”
baths and tho children with such puri­ arrival of this now brother, and he
“ You see, 1 have come again.”
She released herself with gentle de­
fication as could be accomplished with was very curious to see him.
Works of Art.
cision from hla desperate grasp.
occasional bedtime teakettles of hot father took the flrot o pp o rtu n ity to
"W here did you find this wonderful
He nodded.
The kid­ follow-up system? It would get money
water. ” 1 ought to have Marlar start gratify tho lads curiosity.
“ It’s too late. Desire,” she said sadly.
’’ Monsieur Is married?”
humut>- out of anybody.”
“ When a mau breaks a woman’s faith
“ So they say.”
it 1 j always beyond repair.”
means bringing up coal from the cel Ity for quite a while, and then, with
"I simply compiled and adapted tho
She laughed, throwing back her head
great gravity, he looked Into hla fa.
She moved nwi;y from him to the so
tters my son sent me from college.”
that the light fell on her bold
curtained door leading Into the house
The hour of Marlar's departure had ther’s face and said:
Semitic features. He laughed, too. and
“ Dad, he'd make a first-rate halt,
hut he sprang after her. barring her
held the flowers outstretched. For a arrlvod. She lazled through tho break­
wouldn't he?” — Harper s Mngaslne.
path, hla eyes pleading and full of a
moment she glanced at him with a
worship that might have touched her. shnrp, suspicious questioning.
stairs to pack. Mrs. Woodslde went
Your next lot o f Veal, Hot*. Poultry, Mohair.
Weak Humanity.
Wool, H id e., Poll., Etc., tn SCHMALZ, if you
“ Sylvia, 1 will do anything. I have
“ What does that mean, monsieur?” luto tho deserted kitchen and said,
want b etter price* Check mailed you dsy a fte r
Maddern—Some people, I under­ srrivsl. M arket information, ton», etc., promptly
been thinking—the Second regiment Is
“ Now I’ll have a fire and boilerful of
“ What It has alwnys m eant”
»applied. P ee f hide*, M'fcc lb.; c s lf »kina. 23c lb.
ordered to Tonkin. Shall I exchange?
hot water at last.”
8ho brought stand, still believe the world Is fiat
“ Things are to be as they were?”
Aak your neighbor to try ua. Wanted, ‘duo V.-«l
Hllxcn -At any rate, some people and
It will give you fresh surrounding*—
kindling and coal from the lower re­
“ Yes.”
H og»; 11««) llm ilera and Rena
W rite today
fresh society. The climate isn’t bad
tag», mentioning thia paper.
F. II. Schmalz
She bent and kissed him on either gions, she built tho fire and stoked
O r«.
now. Or shall I get leave— I shall cheek.
it for an hour, until the water tank edge as possible.— Youngstown Tele­
take you to England for a month— two
They had sung the refrain for the gave out a grateful heat. Then she
months— or we shall travel— ”
third time. The zouave had collapsed went to look for Marlar.
She flushed suddenly.
Too Late.
The outgoing maid was not In her
In a corner, and the self-appointed ac­
Made from your old one». I,sat long
“ It is not necessary. I do not want companist remembered apparently that room. Mrs. Woodslde came down from
"A s the poet says that ladles' looks
aa Itran N ew Tire*. WK AI-HO IH IY
to take you from your duty.”
OLD T I R l » . We pay a* high as inn
be was thirsty. He got up, and with the third floor perplexed. Could Ma- should he our books, will you not let
par ib. for auch aa we ran use In Double
His hand dropped from the curtain. the last tinkle o f the piano the singing rlar have gone without saying good me learn from your eyes?”
Trend work, snd tho highert market
Beneath the half-closed eyelids there died into a mingled blccuplng and by?
"Thank you, Bir, hut they both ha> for junk. Ship your T ire « at once or w rite ua.
flickered two dangerous points of light. laughter.
Then from behind (he closed door pen to ho supplied with pupils.”
;_ ::r
Farmers, Ship
Double Tread, Puncture Proof Tires