The Forest Grove express. (Forest Grove, Or.) 1916-1918, May 04, 1916, Image 4

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    cTltp Jflnrrst (Brmtr Express
Published every Wednesday at Forest Grove, Oregon.
W . C. Benfer, Editor and Publisher.
Mrs. K. B. IVnficld, Editor
Entered as second-class matter Jan. 12, 1916. at the postoffice at Forest Grove,
•Oregon, under the Act of March 3, 1879
T H U R S D A Y . M A Y 4, 1916
W. C. T. 11. COLUMN
The regular meeting of the W\
j C. T . U. will be held on Friday,
May 5th, with Mrs. S. G. M or­
gan, at 2:30 p. m
Events” i», the topical program.
W e’ll Save You Money
on anything in the line of
Groceries, Dry Goods and Notions
White River Flour - $1.50 Bananas, doz
Pure White Flour
1.50 Big Orange«, dost
* * 30c
Brown Beans, 3 ' » lbs - .25 Other lines at reasonable price*
Corner Third St. mid Padflr Ave
On a recent Sabbath the pastor
this fall, they have made repub­ of one of Portland’s churches gave
I’ hune 411
lican victory sure. The Nebas- voice to his sentiments in strong •XI
kan has a strong following in the language, when he referred to an
excursion given on that day up
the Columbia highway by some o f ,
the kindly hearts of that city to
the saleswomen. Just on»* week
It has come to the writer’s ears
later another excursion of a dif­
that s o m e people believe the
spend it in Forest Grove, and you have a very good chance
Winter has gone, like the hoop-
ferent character took the same
Washington C o u n t y Editorial
f seeing it again ; you may even handle it again. Even if
skirts and bustles Spring has
route. This time it was visiting
association was organized to help
you never see it again, some o f your neighbors will get it
come like a mother-in-law, to re­
sutTragists from the East
We j
and use it to build up Forest Grove and Washington county.
some of its members into political
main many weeks T h e birds
wonder if any pastor will be found
No matter whether you need groceries, clothing, shoes,
offices. Other people believe it
and bill collectors are singing their
voicing his thought on this oc­
automobiles or
w a s organized to raise prices.
same old songs. There’s a new-
casion? We are not critiizing
While both claims are wrong, the
kind of feel in the air. For the
either party, only drawing com­
last-named i s nearer true than
poet, k ’ s music; for the business
the former.
The principal aim
man it’s energy; for the child,
of the association is to assist its
The three Canadian Provinces
play; for the maiden, love; for the
this advice is worth considering, for many a town has lieen
members to do better work at less that have given women the bal-
promoted to the city class by the patriotism o f its citizens in
grouch, mud; for the pessimist,
cost and the writer understands, lot in the last three months have
refusing to send away for things they could get at home.
from conversation with the mem- a combined area equal to all of the
Judging f-om remarks the ed- bers, that they all expect it to en- states east of the Mississippi with
itor of the Express hears from day able them to arrive at a basis of the exception of Georgia and
to day, the people of Forest Grove ehaiges that will be more uniform, Florida and almost twice the
plant is fully equipped for all classes o f job printing, printers
are becoming quite loyal to their so that Peter will not be robbed combined area of California, Ore-
o f taste and judgement are employed and you can get almost
any kind o f stationery the most exacting fancy might crave.
town. N ot only are they learn- to pay Paul. Too often a printer gon, Washington and Nevada
Come and see.
ing to patronize local business guesses on what he should charge
Or. if you think you have some reason for not patron­
houses, but the big majority of a customer. If he guesses too
izing the Express, take your work to the other local office.
them will favorably consider local low for Paul and later discovers S a i k: trhe wan
Either will do more for Forest Grove than some printing
men when voting at the primaries it, he is apt to guess high when Manitoba
concern outside the city or county.
May 19th. The tw-o Hs— Hollis Peter wants a job. The associa-
and Hancock— are going to sur­ tion should teach the members
Total square miles •
prise even their friends by their what it costs to do work and this Total population
is what a m a j o r i t y o f the
W e il of the N ew I. O. O. F. Illork
Good Money in Mohair
members expect of it. If this
If there is a society in Washing­
Phone 821
F o ri’Nl (¿ ro v e , O re g o n
The mohair pool of Lebanon,
principle is followed out, it will re­
ton county for the prevention of
sult in raising the price of some under charge of t h e Farmers’
cruelty to candidates, it ought to
articles and lowering them on U n i o n , consisting o f 17.000 pair of prefM.nt bridge |)ro|K>«ed, rout was planted at* Roseburg as an
get after Editor Killen of Hills­
pounds, was sold Saturday afttr- $ 10 , 000 .
experiment and has proven suc­
boro. Just about the time the
at 4 8 3 s cents a pound to Roseburg— Furniture factory consid- cessful.
So far as politics is concerned,
voters are considering whether or
K ,ocatinK here-
the members of the association William Brown & Co. of Salem. ; eri"
Grant* Pan* ha* it legislative club—
Washington County Transfers
not to send Editor A. E. Scott of
are free to do as they see fit.
that will use the club.
following real estate trans­
this city to the legislature Killen
Roseburg gets a loganberry juice
The writer has attended all meet­ ped the Oregon market this season
fers were recorded with the regis­
comes out and claims Scott wants
ings of the association since its by 2 H cents. The price was also bottling plant.
ter of deeds at Hillsboro during
to go to Salem to pass a law giv­
organization and he has heard nearly 10 cents a pound better
ploy 500 men being promoted.
the past week:
ing the newspaper boys some fat
some members advocate sending than Oregon growers have rea­
J. D. Rode et ux to E. A. Vaughan,
plums. As most of the editors of
Editors Fernswcrth and Scott to lized in former years. Previous building boom.
54.71 acres in It. Thatcher and Patrick
the county are unaccu tomed to
Portland-—Southern Pacific Company K tlly’l D I.
M M U and 1 1, 1 N l.
the legislature to work for a uni­ to this season the high point was
plums, Killen apparently believes
work on Holgatc street viaduct 9N00.
form scale of prices for legal print­
a diet of that fruit might r b the
to coat $60,000.
Prudential Lamn Co. to II. I.. Eicher,
ing. Neither Fernswor'h nor Scott mohair brought almost 38%cents.
Portland—-Dorr estate will cut 100,- tract 61, Chehulem Mountain Orchards,
Washington County Editorial A s­
have ever intimated that th e In that year the Lebanon-Scio 000,000 feet of logs on Deep creek east $10
sociation of one of its most active
association SH O U LD s u p p o r t poo! sold for 361 j cents, in 1913 of here.
Carl J. Skow et ux to J. C. Apple-
Umatilla taxpayers op|H>se county gate, E half o f lot 2, blk 3, Tucker &
them, but the writer has stated it brought 33 cents, in 1914, 28
The most independent creature that publishers should be sent, in cents and last year 33% cents. bond issues.
I Stew art’s Add to Hillsboro. $360.
on earth is the Oregon farmer, a the interest of uniformity of prices — McMinnville New>-R< porter.
Marshfield— Coos
county votes on
Have a good second-hand cam­
$320,000 road bond issue May 19.
man who has 80 acres of land, out all over the state. A t present
era that will take 8x10 or 6x7
Medford people vote May 23 on $300,-
of debt, with a little good stock, some counties pay twice as much
pictures. What have you to offer
000 bonds to build a railroad to Blue
as a trade ? Value of complete
good health and a good wife, and for publicity as other counties
Cottage Grove— Diston sawmill re­ Ledge mines.
outfit is $25. Reply to B. W .
tense enough to keep out of debt. Those counties which pay the
sumes operation with 60 men, orders
box 643, City.
The most dependent human in double price are, probably, paying b<x>ked for year in advance
Roseburg growers have received
the world is the Oregon farmer too much, while those paying the
W. J. Good returned Friday
Silica reported discovered in Coos orders from a Chicago company
wrho is mortgaged, whose stock is smaller prices are robbing the county.
for 150 carloads of broccoli, a plant from an extended visit with old
Grants Pass— N u g g e t worth $205 of the cabbage family which is be- beyhood friends in various parts
of the scrub order, who is too lazy printers, with the meek consent
in Monger creek.
to work and who sits on a dry of the latter
ing introduced into the state. It of the state of Washington.
Astoria plans to improve 2,000 feet of
goods box talking European war,
Because publishers know more street.
Mexican invasion ',n d politics, about this question than a n y
Newherg co-operative cannery sold
when he ought to be at home at­ other class, the writer has favored for enough to pay debts.
Dredging on Coos bay bar begins
tending to business on his farm. sending one or more to Salem
Wa-hington county is fortunate in this f a l l . ____
Leban on -F oster school district will
having many of the first-named
$ 2 , 500 school.
Why She Blushes
and few of the other kind. But
All Silverton country isrejoiciug over
They tell us of the blushing bride
a few is too many.
building of large mill there.
If the city administration is
willing to haul away your rubbish
at no cost to you, you should be
willing to sack the rubbish and
place it in a place easy of access
Next Monday is the day for haul­
ing this rubbish away. Do your
Keep Your Money
Job Printing
Who to the altar goes,
In trying to figure out why Adown the aisles of the church
Between the well-filled rows.
William Jennings Bryan was de­
There’s Billy whom she motored with
feated in his aspirations to go as a
And Bob with whom she swam,
delegate to the democratic nat­ There’s Jack she used to golf with,
ional convention, a South Dakota
And Steve, who called her "la m b ,”
paper cites the fact that Bryan There’s Ted, the football man sh e
was not defeated in his own state
And Dan, of tennis days.
because of his peace advocacy,
There’s Hubert, yes, and blonde Eu­
for Nebraska strongly supported
Henry Ford, who is even more in-
They took her oft to plays.
dined to "peace at any price” And there is Harry, high Hchool beau,
than t h e Nebraska commoner.
With whom she used to mush.
The paper quoted then decides No wonder she’s a blushing bride---
that Bryan was knifed by the
"w e t” democrats of Nebraska on
account of his activity against
booze. Very likely. B u t t h e
democrats who are unwilling to
have Bryan a delegate to the
convention will find that if they
Y e Gods! she ought to blush.
— Floater.
The Dalles— School building to be
Falls City— The so u n d of sawmill
whistles which will soon blow again,
will he welcomed by the inhabitant«
Portland— Menefee Lumber Company
receives 11,000,000 feet order from
Great Northern for freight car con­
Bar View— Tillamook beach resort to
have new Southern Pacific station.
St. Johns— Peninsula mill will start
sawing in May with 250 hands.
Roseburg— Direct Primary elections
cost Douglas county $5,000 in past two
Portland health officer wants ten
physicians appointed on salary to in-
^ rs*
^ an Nortwick of
. . .
Stafford, Oregon, arrived Sunday "
« hoo, Wnd,
t0 spend
•sP<-n<l a
a few
few weeks
weeks with
with her
her for new hi(?h 8chooi building,
n d
d M
grandparents, M
M r.
r. a
M r r s s Silverton— Work on big sawmill plant
George Van Nortwick of this city, here being rushed,
have so offended him that he will
The Express prints butter wrap- ^ V hx T im ^ ! Teh 00 ^*'* d'8triCt t0 have j
not take the stump for the ticket pers with non-poisonous ink.
Oregon City— Reconstruction and re-
We’ll Make Good
on any promise we make to deliver work on
a given date. The Express has one of the
best equipped little printing plants in the
Willamette valley, having added several
hundred dollars’ worth of material to the
Williams plant for
. . . JOB P R IN T IN G . . .
purposes and more good material is on the
way. The management would very much
appreciate it if those in need of stationery,
office blanks, or any other kind of printing
would call at the office for samples and
prices. If you’re too busy to come to the
office use the phone and a representative
will call on you.