The Forest Grove express. (Forest Grove, Or.) 1916-1918, April 06, 1916, Image 8

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    P ^ fT O M D T lil
RAFFLE 5 . Etc.
fev O . IRW UN A
tV E R S
coo~wi JI h t 4 > ni> ».«»Pj
made me leave before the shearing."
“T e meet me when 1 came ou t!"
Scruton explained In a hoaraa whlaper,
“ To— to keep me from going straight
t# that man. as I'd told hlta I should
In my flret letter! But you can't hit
the«# things off to tha day or the
week; he'd told me where to write
to him on hie voyage, and I wrote to
Naplea. but that letter did not get
smuggled out. My warder friend had
got the aaok. I bad to put What I'd
got to aay so that you could read it
two waya So I told you. Caialet, 1 waa
going straight up the river for a row
—and you cau pronounce that two
waye. And I said 1 hoped 1 shouldn't
break a eouil but there's another way
of spelling that, and It waa the other
way I m eant!” He chuckled grimly
“ I wanted you to lta low and let ine
lie low If ths* happened. I wanted
juat one man tn the world to know I'd
done I t But that's how we came to
miss each other, for you timed It to a
tick, if you hailu't misread me about
tha river."
11a drank again, stood stralghter and
found a fuller voice
“ Tet 1 never meant to do It unlees
he mad# me. and at the back of my
brain I never thought he would. I
thought he'd do something for me,
after all he'd dona before!
Shall 1
tell you what he did?"
"Got out hla revolver!” cried Caza­
let In a voice that was his own juatlfl
cation as well
"Pretending It waa going to be hla
check b o o k "' auld Scruton. through hla
"But 1 heard him trying to
cock It lnalde bla drawer. There waa
hla apeclal
hanging on the wall—stiver mounted,
for all the world to know how he'd
etood up for law and order In the sight
of men! I tell you It was a Joy to
feel the weight of that truucheon, and
ends, and gimlets, too. by Jove! The
— 13—
worst part was getting out at the
Toy* cocked hie head at both quee- other end. Into the cellars; there were
tion and answer, but Inclined It quick­ heaps of empty bottles to move, one
ly as Cazalet turned to him before by one, before there was room to open
the manhole door and to squirm out
"I went In and found Henry Craven over the slab; and I thought they rang
lying In hla blood. That's gospel— It like a peal of bells, but I put them
was so I found him—lying just where all bock again, and apparently . .
he had fallen in a heap out of the nobody overheard In the scullery.
leather chair at his desk. The top
"The big dog barked at ms like
right-hand drawer of his deek was biaaea he did again the other day—
open, the key In It and the r-'st of the but nobody seemed to hear httn either.
bunch still swinging! A revolver lay I got to my boat, tipped a fellow ou
as It had dropped upon the desk— it the towtng path to take It back and
had upset the Ink— and there were pay for It— why haven’t the police got
cartridges lying loose In the open hold of him?—and ran down to the
drawer, and the revolver was loaded bridge over the weir. I stopped a big
I swept It back Into the drawer. turned car with a smart shaver smoking his
the key and removed It with the bunch pipe at the wheel.
I should have
But there was something else on the thought he'd have come forward for
desk— that silver-mounted truncheon the reward that was put up; but I pre­
—and a man's cap was lying on the tended I w&s late for dinner I had In
floor. I picked them both up. My tewn. and I let him drop me at the
first Instinct, I confess It. was to re­ Grand Hotel. He cost me a liver, but
move every sign of manslaughter and 1 had on a waistcoat lined with notes,
to leave the scene to be reconstructed and I'd more than five minutes In hand
Into one of accident—seizure— any­ at Charing Crosa
If you want to
thin* h-.t what It w as!"
know. It was the time In hand that
He paused as If waiting for a ques­ gave me the whole Idea of doubling
tion. None was asked. Toye's mouth back to Genoa; I must have been half­
might have been sewn up. his eves way up to town before I thought of 1
were like hatpins driven Into his head i t !"
The other two simply stared.
He had told the whole thing as he
"It was a mad Idea, but 1 had gone always could tell an actual expert- j
mad,” continued Cazalet. "I had hat­ ence; that was one reason why It rang
ed the victim alive, and It couldn’t so true to one listener at every point
change me that he was dead or dytng; But the sick man's sunken eyes had
that didn't make him a white man. advanced from their sockets In cumu­
and neither did It necessarily blacken lative amazement And Hilton Toys
the poor devil who had probably suf­ laughed shortly when the end was
fered from him like the rest of ns reached.
“ Tou figure some on our credulity!"
and only struck him down In self-
defense. The revolver on the desk was hla first comment
made that pretty plain. It was out
"I don't figure on anything from
o f the way. but now I saw blood all you. Toye. except a pair of handcuffs
over the desk as well; it was soaking as a first Installment!"
Into the blotter, and it knocked the
Toye rose in prompt acceptance of
bottom out of my Idea. What w as to the challenge.
“ Seriously. Cazalet
be done? I had meddled already; how you ask us to believe that you did all
could I give the alarm without giving this to screen a man you didn't have
myself away to that extent, and God time to recognize?*'
knows how much further? The most
“ I ’ve told you the facte.”
awful moment of the lot came as f
“ Well, I guess you'd better tell
hesitated— the dinner-gong went off in them to the police." Toye took his
the hall outside the door! I remem- 1 hat and stick. Scruton was struggling |
her watching the thing on the floor from his obalr. Blanche stood petri­
to see if it would move.
fied, a dove under a serpent’s spell, as “ You Broke Your Side of the Con­
tra ct Mias Blanche "
“ Then I lost my head—absolutely. I Toye made her a sardonic bow from
yarned the key in the door, to give the landing door. “ Ton broke your
myself a few seconds’ grace or start; side of the contract Miss Blanche! I to see the hero of Trafalgar Square
fumbling with a thing he didn't un­
H reminded me of the keys In my guess It's up to me to complete."
derstand! 1 hit him as hard as God
hands One of them was one of thoee
“ W a lt!"
would let me— and the rest you know
little round bramah keys. It seemed
It was Scruton'e raven croak; he —except that 1 nearly did trip over
familiar to me even after so many had tottered to his feet.
the man who swore It waa broad day­
years. 1 looked up. and there was my
“ Sure," said Toye, “ if you’ve any­
father’s Michael Angelo closet, with ! thing you want to say as an Interested light at tbe tim e!"
He tottered to the folding-doors, and
its little, round bramah keyhole,
there a moment, pointing to
opened It as the outer door was
“ Only this— he's told the truth!"
Cazalet with a hand that twitched as
knocked at and then tried. But my
“ Well, can he prove It?"
terribly aa his dreadful fao*.
mad instinct of altering every pos­
" I don't know," aid Scruton. “ But
"N o— the rest you did— the reet you
sible appearance, to mislead the po­
did to save what wasn't worth sav­
lice, stuck to me to the last And I I can !"
"You ?" Blanche chimed In there.
ing! But— I think— I ’ll hold out long
took the man's watch and chain Into
“ Yee. I'd like that drink first. If you enough to thank you— Juat a little !”
the closet with me, as well as the
cap and truncheon that I had picked don't mind, C azalet" It was Blanche He was gone with a gibbering smile.
Cazalet turned straight to Toye at
who got It for him, in an Instant
up before.
"I don't know how long I was above "Thank you! I ’d say more If my bless­ the other door. "W ell? Aren't you
ground, so to speak, but one of mv ing was worth having— but here's going too? You were near enough,
father's objects had been to make his something that Is Listen to this, you you see! I'm an accessory all right”—
retreat sound tight, and 1 could scarce­ American gentleman: 1 was the man he dropped hla voice—"but I’d be prln
ly hear what was going on la the room. who wrote to him In Naples. Leave elpal If I could Instead of him !"
But Toye had corne back Into the
That encouraged me; and two of you It at that a minute; It was my second
don’t need telling how I got out letter to him; the first was to Austra­ room, twinkling with triumph, even
through the foundations, because you lia, In answer to one from him. It rubbing hla hands. “ You didn’t see?
know all about the hole I made my­ was the full history of my downfall. I You didn’t see? 1 never meant to go
self as a boy In the floor under the got a warder to smuggle it out That at all; it was a bit of bluff to make
him own up. and It did, too, bully!"
oilcloth. It took some finding with letter was my one chance."
single matches; but the fear of your
“ I know It by heart,” said Cazalet
Tbe couple gasped.
neck gives you eyes In your finger- “ It was that and nothing else that
“ You mean to tell me,” cried Caza-
strange peoples and conditions hark­
ing back to far centuries, hard by a
Phrasv “ South of Panama" Means new civilization, modern skyscrapers
and boulevards In growing commercial
Much More Than Merely s Geo­
entrepots and ambitious capitals with
graphical Location.
progressive peoples and conditions
“ South of Panama” la a phrase which rival the best that the old Rant
which has a mighty significance. It and the new West of North America
means not merely geographical loca­ can show.
tion. It signifies vast virgin areas of
Trapping Partridges.
lowland and upland contrasted with
fallow valleys and lofty plateaus pop­
How partridges are trapped In Vir­
ulated and cultivated through centu­ ginia and North Carolina, In the win­
ter, Is described as follows;
A net
It means barren and burned moun­ measuring from 15 to 30 feet, and
tains and dreary deserts mingled with j about eight inches high, Is put down
forested and watered slopes, grassy i with stanchions; horizontally in the
llanos and pampas and Cowering sa­ ceuter Is an opening similar to the
hoop nets to . fishing; tbe opening
It means the mixing of almost for In the net is cone-shaped, diminishing
gotten aboriginal races and surviving In size. The netter mounts
Indian types with the Intellectual and and starts at the distant aids of the
refined descendants of early Spaniards field, riding In a walk backward and
and Portuguese and the later sprin­ forward, his objective point being the
kling of adventuresome Germans. net.
If be encounters a bunch of
Italians, English and Americans.
birds they will run before the horse.
It means an ancient civilization, fas He then begins to no direct his horse
clnating Incan ruins, old fashioned as to drive them to the net. being
Moorish and Spanish architecture In always careful not o flush them.
the sleeping cities and towns with When he reaches the net the birds die
<et "that you beltaved my story all the
"Why. I didn't have a moment's
douht about It!"
Casalet drew away frotn tha chuck-
ling creatura and hla crafty glea
Hut Blanche came forwatd and held
eut her hand
"W ill you forgive me. Mr. Toys?”
"Bure, If I had anything to forgive
It's the other way around, I guess,
and about lime I did nowethlug to
h elp "
Ha edged up to the foldlug
door, "This Is a two man Job, Caaalet,
the way 1 make It out. Uuesa lt a my
watek ou deck I"
"Tha other'a the way to the polios
station,” said Cazalet densely.
Toye ttimed solemn on the word.
"It's tha way to hell. If Mias Blanche
will forgive mol Thin la more like
the other place, thutika to you folks.
Guess I'll leave the angels tn ch arge!"
Angelic or not, the pair were alone
at last; and through the doors they
heard a quavering croak of welcome
to the rather human god from the
American machine.
"I'm afraid he'll never go back with
you to the bustl,” whispered Blanche.
“ Yea."
“ I'm afraid, too. Hut I wanted to
take somebody else out, too
I waa
trying to aay so over a week ago
we were talking about old /onus
Potts. Hlanchle, will you co m *? ’
(T H E END.)
Presumably He Knew Duties of Hie
Position, But He Was Not Pro­
ficient In Spelling.
The worst thing about the following
Is that It la true, and what’s morsE
that It happened In one of Pittsburgh's
The girl, stylishly attired, stepped
up to the still mare stylishly attired
floorwalker aod Inquired where she
would fl*id the chiffon. The floorwelh
er consulted a notebook. Her surprise
came when be gravely told* her that
they did not keep chiffon
" W h y !" she gasped, “ you cannot
posalbly mean th at"
In her eagerness aha stepped closer
to the stylishly attired man than Blew-
uvr Gale says a stylishly attired wom­
an should, and looked over hla shoul­
der at the notebook
"Oh! 1 see." she said, flatly, as she
moved off to ask the girl at tha gleva
counter about the chlffoas
The man
had becu looking under tha e'a.—Bwk
tlmora Star.
Food by Prosy,
Most of us know some particular
food or drink, the desire for which Is
stimulated in us by reading about It
nut the writing must be skillful, or if
not skillful, artlessly good Tbe cruder
method of the stage produces the same
effect; all smokers have experienced
the almost overwhelming desire le
smoke which comes upon them when
someone lights a cigarette on the
stage; these strange and rapid restao-
raut meals of the fashionable theater,
when a party sits down at a table and
Is whirled through sis courses In
about five minutes, surrounded by
champagne bottles In Ice buckets and
trays of liquors, have an absurdly ex­
citing effect.
Not a Nation of Singers.
In this country, though we have pro­
duced many fine voices, we have never
become a nation of singers. There are.
It la true. In most of the leading cities
choral societies, hut ths singlug of
Isrge groups of peopls Is comparative­
ly uncommon among us
Here Is a
matter for regret, for among all large
bodies of singers where there has bee*
tnors or less training the effect Is beats
tlful and Inspiring In fa ct there are
few things In music more Impressive
than tbe slngtug of hundreds of
C s n i e J Safely T h r o u g h C h a n g «
o f L i l a b y L y d ia L . F in k lu u ^ 'n
V e g e ta b le C o m p o u n d .
Nashville,Tenn.— "W hen 1 win tv>ln¡{
through the Change o f L ife I hud » tu­
mor as largu ea a
child’s head
doctor said It was
three years corning
and gave run medi­
cine for it until i
was celled a w a y
from tho city for
some time.
course 1 could not
V to him then, so
y sister In law told
e that she thought
I.ydia F. f'iakham s Vegetable t'<nn-
pound would cure i t
It helped both
the Change o f U fe and tha tumor and
when I got home I <f(d not nrr.t Ihfilortirr.
I took the I’ inkham remedies until the
tumor was gone, the doctor said, and I
have not felt it since. I tell every one
how I was cured. I f this letter will
help others you arn welcome to use it,”
— Mrs. K. II. H i -. a n ,
Joseph Avenue,
Nashville, Tenn.
Lydia K. 1‘inkham'a Vegetable Com-
pound, a pure remedy containing tha
extractive properties o f good old fash­
ioned roots and herbs, msets the needs
of woman s system at this critical period
Of her life. Try it
I f th e r e U n ity s y m p to m iu y o u r
c in e w h i c h p u r r le a y o u , w r it e tn
th o I - j «I lit 1C. I ' l o t h a m M o d l d u s
C o., L y n n , M ass.
A guaranteed remedy for Colds nod
La Gripi*«. Price 25c o f your druggist
I t ’s good. Take nothing else. Adv.
Acute Hearing.
A number of candidate* for the po­
lice force were being questioned by a
doctor the other day, nnd a pretty stiff
examination it waa. too. At length it
came to testing tho men's sense of
hearing, and said the examiner:
"I>o you see this watch?”
“ Yea.”
"D o you hear It tlsk?”
‘'C ertainly; quite plainly."
"Stand further back."
Candidate retires three paces.
"I>o you hear It now?”
"Y e s.”
“ W ell, you must bo smart, for the
watch has not been going for a week.”
—Chicago Herald.
If you have eczema, ringworm or
other Itching, burning, sleep destroy­
ing ikJn-cniptlon. try R w ls o l O int­
ment and Kealnol Soap ami see how
quickly the Itching stops and the trou­
ble disappears. Reslnol Ointment Is
also an excellent household remedy
for dandruff, sores, burns, wounds,
rhnflngn nnd for a score of other uses
where n soothing, healing application
Is needed.
Hesluol contains nothing of a harsh
or Injurious nature and - an he <icd
freely oven on the most Irritated »ur-
Kvery druggist sells Reslnol
Ointment and Reslnol Soap.— Adv.
For chronic pain In the hark apply
Hanford's Halstim. Rub It on and rub
it in thoroughly. Adv.
The Higher Education.
H I— What course Is Sarah studying
In that boarding school?
SI— I can’t remember, but I think
it’s cosmetics -Stanford Chaparral.
“ Have you any references?”
“ Yes, mum, but I left them at home.
Like me photygraphH they don’t do me
Justice.”— Boston Transcript.
The dollar sign was derived front
the letters "U S" In monogrsm.
covor the opening and enter, the
English Female Magistrates.
whole process being similar to driving
The female magistrates Just appoint­
sheep Into a pen.
When the birds ed In South Australia ere being de­
are safe the netter dismounts and se­ scribed ss the first in tue British em
cures his game.
plre. Womun Justices, however, wer#
not unknown In England centuries
ago. The countess of Richmond, moth­
Brass Buttons No More.
The Grenadiers and some of tho er of Henry VII, was a magistrate,
other British guard battalions are now and tried many important case*,
giving up the brass letters ou their whilst In Queen Mary s reign a l-ady
shoulder straps and wearing Instead Martlet sat on tbe bench In Glour*#-
the name of their regiment worked In terahire. Perhaps ths most remark­
cotton on cloth, as the men of the able case of the kind was that ef
Royal Flying corps have always done. l .adv Herkslsy, who was given a spe­
Tho guards ars also to have the brass cial commission by Henry VIII to act
buttons ou their tunics replaced with as Judge In her own cans« In the trial
bona buttons and the practice may be of certain poachers on her estates.
extended throughout the army.
Lesson to Parants.
The soldiers will not be at all sorry,
as they have to spend a good deal of
Because two parents In Rome, Ga.,
' olbow grease In keeping the brass could not agree on any one of ten
j shiny. The change Is being made not names suggested for their boy baby
because England Is running short of all the names together were given to
brass, but because experience has the boy, and now at the age of twen­
shown that tbe metal shines in ths ty-four If he signs his full name he
sunlight and catches the eye of the has to write ".Word Talraadge Zacba-
rtah Taylor Benjamin Franklin Elea­
enemy's snipers.
nor Poole Stewart Breokenrldge Carv­
j Rugby school was lounded and on er." This should be a lesion to par-
-nte.— Boston Glebe.
(lowed In 1567.
Keep Y o u r
Stomach Well
It’s the Secret
o f Good Health
S to m a c h
th e
con ­
t r o l l i n g p o w e r in a l l m a t ­
te rs
p e r t a in in g
t o h e a lt h
an d it m u st b e k e p t s tro n g
a n d a c tiv e .
s ig n
A t
th e fir s t
w eakn ess,
Stomach Bitters