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cam e down to kind of w arn you, Mias
B lanche!"
“A gainst h im ’” she said, as if th e re
was only one man left In the world.
••Yes—I guess I’d already w arned
Cazalet th a t I w as startin g on his
trac k s.”
And th en B lanche ju st said, “Poor
old—S w eep !” as one talking to h er­
self. And Toye seized upon th e words
as she had seized on nothing from
“Have you only pity for th e fellow?”
he cried; fo r she w as gazing at th e
bearded photograph w ithout revul­
“Of course,” she answ ered, hardly
[ U U S [ R A T I O N S nT b y , Q v l g * g t W
E R ? .
In te rru p t; she Just grasped the arm s
“Even though he killed th is m an—
CHAPTER XII—Continued.
of h e r chair, as though about to bear even though he cam e acro ss Europe to
11 -
Toy e accepted his fate w ith a ready physical pnln. “T h e K aiser Fritz — kill him ?1
“You don’t th in k it w as d eliberate
resignation, little sh o rt of alacrity. Toye was Bpeaking from his book
T here was a gleam in his som ber eyes "got to N aples la ts Monday afternoon, yourself, even If he did do it.”
and his blue chin cam e up with a Jerk S eptem ber eighth. Seems she was
“But can you doubt th a t he did?”
“T h at’s talk in g !" said he. "Now will overdue, and I was mad about It, and cried Toye, quick to Ignore th e point
you promise me never to m arry Caza­ n ever got aw ay again till the—”
she had m ade, yet none th e less sin­
“Do tell me about W alter C azalet!" cerely convinced upon th e other. “I
cried Blanche. It was like small talk guess you w ouldn't If you’d heard
“Mr. T o y e!”
"T h a t’s talking, too, and I guess I from a d en tist a t the last moment.
some of th e th in g s he said to me on
"I w ant you to understand about the th e steam er; and h e’s m ade good on
m ean It to be. I t’s not all dog-ln-the-
m anger, either. I w ant th a t prom ise a
every syllable since he landed. Why,
lot more th an I w ant the other. You ed Monday night in the Bay of Naples, it explains every single thing h e’s
need n ’t m arry me, Miss Blanche, but only sailed T uesday morning, only done and left undone. H e’ll strain
reached Genoa W ednesday morning,
you m ustn ’t m arry Cazalet."
every nerve to have S cruton ably de­
Blanche was blazing. “But th is is and lay th ere all of forty-eight hours, fended, but he w on't see th e man h e’s
as th ese G erm an boats do, anyhow.
simply outrageous—"
defending; says him self th a t he can ’t
“1 claim th e re ’s an outrageous cause T h at brings us to F riday m orning be­ face h im !"
for I t A re you prepared to sw ear fore the K aiser F ritz gets quit of Italy,
“Yes. He said so to me,” said
w hat I ask, and tru s t me as I'll tru st doesn’t It?”
Blanche, nodding In confirmation.
you, or am I to tell you the whole
“To you?”
about W a lte r!”
thing rig h t now?"
“I didn’t understand him .”
“You won’t force me to listen to an ­
“B ut you’ve been seeing him all th is
other word from you. If you're a gen­
w hile?’
tlem an, Mr. T oye!"
“E very day,’’ said Blanche, her soft
“It’s not w hat I am th at counts. gentlem an had been left behind at eyes filling suddenly. “W e've had—
Sw ear th a t to me, and I sw ear, on my
w e've had th e tim e of our lives!
side, th a t I w on't give him aw ay to scram bled aboard again Friday, about
“My God!” said Toye. “The tim e of
you or anyone else. But It m ust be
your life w ith a man who’s got ano th er
th e m ost solemn co n tract man and hour."
“At G enoa?”
woman ever made."
T he silver teapot arrived at this
"And you pretend to know w here
Juncture, and not Inopportunely. She
’d been?"
had to give him his tea, w ith her
"I guess I do know "—and Toye
young m aid's help, and to play a tiny
p a rt In which he supported her really sighed as he raised Ills little book.
beautifully. She had tim e to think, al­ "C azalet stepped on the train th a t left
m ost coolly; and one thought brought N aples six-fifty Monday evening, and
a thrill. If It was a question of her off th e one tim ed to reach Charing
m arrying or not m arrying W alter C ross three-twenty-flve W ednesday."
"T h e d ry of th e m—”
Cazalet, then he m ust be free, and only
"Yea. I never called It by th e h ard ­
the doer of some dreadful deed!
“W hat has ne done?’’ she bogged, est nam e, m yself; but It was seven-
"T una I
H I I M**V
with a pathetic abandonm ent of h er th irty W ednesday evening th a t H enry
previous attitu d e, the m om ent they C raven got his death-blow somehow.
Well, W alter C azalet left Charing
were by them selves.
“Must I tell you?" Ills relu ctan ce Cross again by the nine o’clock th a t
night, and was back aboard the K aiser
rang genuine.
“1 lnslBt upon I t! ” she Mashed again. F ritz on F riday m orning—full of his
friends In Rome who didn't e x is t!”
“Well, it's a long story."
T he note-book was put away with
"N ever mind. 1 can listen .”
“You know, I bad to go back to every sym ptom of relief.
"I suppose you can prove w hat you
"Had you?"
say?" said Blanche in a voice as dull
"Well, I did go ” He had slurred as h er unseeing eyes.
the first sta te m en t; th is one was ch ar­
‘"I have men to sw ear to him—tic k ­ “ I Know W hat You Did,” Said Blanche.
acteristically d elib erate
"I did go, et-collectors. conductors, w aiters on
“ You Took T h at Photograph With
and before I w ent I asked C azalet for th e resta u ran t-ca r—all up und down
an Introduction to som e friends of his th e line.
I w ent over the sam e
down in Romo.”
ground on the sam e train s, so th a t m an 's blood on his hands—and th a t
"I didn’t know he bud ar.y," said was sim ple, I can also produce th e m akes no difference to you!
b arb e r who claim s to have tak en off tim e of your life w ith th e man who
“Why, he doesn’t havo any,” said his beard In Paris, w here he put In 1 knew w here to lay hands on the
weapon h e’d done it with, who went as
Toye, "but he clnlmed to have some. hours T hursday m orning.”
H e left tho K aiser F ritz th e o th er day
Blanche looked up suddenly, not a t far as th a t to save th e innocent, but
a t Naples. I guess he told you?"
Toye. but past him tow ard an over­ no fa rth e r!”
“No, 1 understod he cam e round to laden side-table against th e wall. It
“He would; he will still, if it’s still
Southam pton. Surely you shared a was th ere th a t C azalet's photograph necessary. You don’t know him, Mr.
hud stood am ong many o th ers; until | Toye; you h av en ’t known him all your
“Only from G enoa; th a t’s w here 1 this m orning she had never m issed it, life.”
took tho steum er and C azalet regained for she seem ed hardly to have been I “And all th is m akes no difference to
in h er room all the w eek; b ut she had a good and g entle woman—one of the
"W ell?"
been wondering who had rem oved It. g en tlest and th e best God ever m ade?”
“H e claim ed to have spent th e In­ w hether C azalet him self (who had
“If you m ean me, I won’t go as far
terval mostly with friends a t Rome. spoken of doing so, she now knew as th a t.” said Blanche. “I m ust see
friends don’t exist. Miss why), or M artha (whom she would not him first.”
Blanche," said Toye.
question about It) in a fit of ungov­
“See C azalet?"
“Is th a t any business of m ine?” she ernable disapproval. And now th e re
Toye had com e to his feet, not sim­
asked him squarely.
was th e photograph hack In Its place, ply In th e h o rro r and indignation
“ Why, yes. I ’m sfra ld It's going to leath er fram e and all!
which had gradually tak en possession
be. T hat Is, unless you’ll Btlll tru st
“I know w hat you did," said of him, but under th e stre ss of some
m e— ”
Blanche. 'You took th a t photograph new and sudden resolve,
“Go on, please.”
with you—th e one on th a t table—and
“Of course." said B lanche; “of
“Why, he never stayed at Rome at had him Identified by I t! ”
course I m ust see him as soon as
all, nor yet In Italy any longer th an It
"It w^s th e night I cam e down to possible.”
takes to come through on the train. bid you good by,” he confessed, "and
“ You shall never speak to th a t man
Your atten tio n tor one m o m en t!” He d idn’t have tim e to w a it I didn't again, as long as ev er you live,” said
took out a neat pocket book Blancho com e down for th e photo. I never Toye. w ith the utm ost em phasis and
had opeued her lips, but she did not th ought of It till 1 saw it th ere. I deliberation.
w tr o w a
A'itKor of "GheAMATEUR QîAflvSMAN,
RAVTLE5. E t c .
w w w i n m e » ,.
u LI J
W O R L D Bach and B rahm s have had th e ir cele­
bration upon E nglish strin g s and wind.
W ar H as Failed to Produce the Dis­ And rig h tly !—London Chronicle.
cord T hat at Ono Time Seemed
"Rag-Tim e.”
Sure to Come.
R a g tim e music, being in no wise
Summing up of tho m usical year serious,” Is th e reverse of depressing.
has b eg u n —though the drum s, dies, “T he A frican Jingles of th e present
trum pets and bands In ce rtain of our day c re ate an em otional atm osphere
parks are stim u latin g th e public sp ir­ of ree tlessu ess and excitem ent which
its and keeping up th e popular en is typically American, and which is
orgy. On the whole we have been opposed to health only so far as our
geuerous Mr. Tercy Scbolea’ list of national restlessn e ss and lack of poise
Interned musicians co n tain s no alien tend to m ake us s people w hoss n a­
com posers and perform ers In English tional d lseass Is nervous exhaustion.”
But harmony was split.
Roughly speaking, lively music,
Brodsky (of M anchester and R ussia) , such as rag tim e. Is likely to rouse d e­
was caught In Germany, R ichter re­ pressed p ersons from th eir m elan­
nounced hts Kngllth honors. Kretaler choly; sad and pathetic m usic wtli
w ent to light for Austria, and Lamond soothe th s excitable and hypsreerv-
was shut up at RuhUben. Harmony o u a
was disturbed
in England the war
th rea ten e d for a moment to banish j
T elsphons Record.
th e m usic m ade In Germany. But 1 T hs F rench language has bee*
sanity prevailed W agner coul.l not be found much b e tte r adapted to long­
banished. T he Royal Philharm onic re­ d istance telephoning th an th e English,
fused to abolish th e bust of Beetho­ and expert o p erato rs tn P arts have
ven from Its place before the o rrh e e succeeded in tran sm ittin g m essages to
tr * — possibly because Beethoven • an London at the rate of 1»0 w ords a min
ce stry was proved to he Flemish. u ta
She Cured Him.
Mrs. Belle A rm strong W hitney, who
is to d ress m anlklus in all th s latest
creatio u s and have e reg u lar daily
fashion show a t th e H udson th eater,
in speaking o. economy tn d ress the
o th er day said: "1 know a man who
w as so stingy he grum bled every tim e
bis wife bought a new gown. D eter­
m ined to cu re him of th is habit, his
wife for one m onth clayed away from
th e shopping d istric t and th e stores,
and succeeded in not buying a single
cent s w vrth of clothes.
When the
next m onth s bills arrived the husband
noted th e re was s m em orandum for
about th irty T u rk ish baths. He in-
qulred if th e re was real necessity for
such s large num ber of Turkish baths
tn ons month. V ertaln ly ,’ replied the
wife. ’You told J e not to spend any
m ore m oney on clothes, and a Turkish
b rth Is about th e only place 1 can go
and not w ear clothes
All of which
proves th a t when a woman makes up
her mind sh e w ants th a t S 30 suit,
m arked down to »:*» »*, she la gelng
to schem e until she ow ns It, contrary
n o tw ithstanding. — New torfc Tale-
gram .
“W ho’s going to prevent rue
“I am by laying an inform ation
a g -in st him th is minute, unless you
prom ise n ever to see or to speak t
Cazalet again.”
Blanche felt cold and sick, but th e
b it of dow nright bullying did h e r goo .
“I didn’t know you were a black-
m ailer, Mr. T oye!”
“You know I’m not; hut I mean to
save you from Cazalet, blackmail or
w hite.”
“To save me from a m ere old friend
— nothing more — nothing — all our
liv es!”
“I believe th a t,” he said, searching
h er with his sm oldering eyes. "You
couldn’t tell a lie, I guess, not if you
tried ! But you would do som ething;
it’s Just a man being next door to boll
th a t would bring a God’s angel
H is voice shook.
She was as quick to soften on her
“Don’t talk nonsense, please,” she
begged, forcing a smile through her
distress. "W ill you promise to do
nothing if—if 1 prom ise?”
“Not to go near him ?”
“Nor to see him here?"
"Nor anyw here else?”
"No. 1 give you my word.”
“If you break It. I break mine th a t
m inute? Is it a deal th a t way?”
“Yes! Yes! 1 prom ise!"
‘T h e n so do I, by G od!” said Hil­
ton Toye.
Faith U nfaithful.
“It’s all perfectly tru e ,” said Caza­
let calmly. "T hose w ere my move­
m ents while 1 was off th e ship, except
for the five hours and a b it th a t 1 was
away from Charing Cross. I can’t
dispute a detail of all th e rest. But
they’ll have to fill in th o se five hours
unless they w ant an o th er case to col­
lapse like the one ag ain st S cru to n !”
Old Savage had w riggled like a ven­
erable worm, in the experienced ta l­
ons of the Bobby’s B ugbear; b u t th en
Mr. D rinkw ater and his discoveries
had come still worse out of a h o tter
encounter with the tru cu len t atto rn ey ;
and Cazalet had described th e whole
thing as only he could describe a
given episode, down to th e ultim ate
dism issal of the charge ag ain st Scru­
ton, with a gusto th e m ore cynical for
the deliberately low pitch of his voice.
It was in the little lodging-house sit­
ting room at Nell G w ynne's C ottages;
he stood with his back to th e crack­
ling fire th at he had Just lighted him­
self, as It were, already a t bay; for
the folding doors w ere in front of his
nose, and his eyes roved Incessantly
from the landing door on one side to
the curtained casem ent on the other.
Yet sometimes he paused to gaze at
the friend who had come to w arn him
of his danger; and th ere was nothing
cynical or grim about him then.
Blanche had broken h er word for
perhaps the first tim e in h er life; but
it had never before been ex to rted from
her by duress, and it would be affec­
tation to credit h er w ith m uch com ­
punction on th e point. H er one g reat
qualm lay in th e possibility of Toye's
turning up at any m om ent; b ut this
she had obviated to some ex ten t by
coming straig h t to th e co ttag es when
he left her—presum ably to look for
Cazalet in London, since she had been
careful not to m ention h is change
of address. Cazalet, to her relief, hut
also a little to h er h u rt, she had found
at his lodgings in th e neighborhood,
full of th e new s he had n ot m anaged
to com m unicate to her. But It was no
tim e tor taking anything but his peril
to h eart. And th a t they had been dis­
cussing, alm ost as m an to m an, if
ra th e r as innocent man to Innocent
m an; for even now, o r perh ap s now
in his presence least of all, B lanche
could not bring herself to believe h er
old friend guilty of a violent crim e,
however unprem editated, for w hich
another had been a'low ed to suffer, for
'how ever short a time.
(TO B E C O N T IN U E D .)
One Way to Make a Friend.
There are several kinds of hypocrisy,
but the one th a t m asculinity m ost fa­
vors is spurious devilishness. N othing
brings the beam of co n ten tm en t so
fervently ;o the m ediocre eye as a Don
Ju an accusation. Dig him in th e rib .
and wink as you call him a sly dog—
and he loves you. He may be the
quintessence of dom estic respectabil­
ity. but if you will but Insist th at yon
believe him capable of m aintaining a
seraglio w ith consum m ate deceit, you
are hla friend.
may bring sickness, doctors taJ
loss of work; you know that, "
sickness usually starts with a c
a cold only exists where
exists. Remember that.
Overcome the weakness anJnj
cures the cold--that is the
reason. Carefully avoid drugged P
syrups or stimulants; they an
props and braces and whips.
It is the pure medicinal nourissi
in Scott’s Emulsion that qui^j
riches the blood, strengthens theL
and helps heal the air passages.
And mark this well—Scott's;
sion generates body-heat as pr«
against winter sickness. Get bts
at your drug store to-day. It J
strengthens and builds up.
W e w a n t all you have. W rite for nsiZl
sh ip p in g ta g s.
___ 5 3 N orth front St., PortU^J
W e will m voe to o u r new quarters on 1 »
M ARCH 15th to 2uth, from First street wU
have been lo c a ted m any years. All old’ cuS
and new ones a re invited to inspect our iWH
a t 2G6 M orrison s t., Cortland, Ore rtai
TH E J E W E L E R .
Autom obile They Clj
W ith W as Wrecked.
An au to d riv en by J. L. Lotgl
a sp an of m u les met in a head-on!
iision at n ig h t on the state higlj
a t Live O ak, California.
T he m ules w e r kVcked down,l
before th ey could be released fronl
e n tan g le m e n t Long was kicked ia|
left side an d s e n t into the ditch. |
T he a u to 's ste erin g apparatus \
sm ashed, th e windshield shatter«
hole punched in the tonneau,
slice cut o ut of a tire.
T he m ules escaped without |
th e
Insured A gainst Lost.
No one e v e r doubts the cun
powers of H an fo rd 's Balsam
once using it fo r external ailments!
man or b east. Countless unsolidf
testim o n ials from users of this i
able rem edy show what it has of
for them , an d th e manufacturers’ j
an tee in su res y o u r satisfaction orf
re tu rn of y o u r money. Adv.
Care of H atching Eggs.
E ggs to be u sed for hatching s
6e g athered a t le a s t once a day. Td
daily or o fte n e r is better it then|
d an g er of fre ez in g or severe chil
or if they a re liab le to become i
from feet of h en s or set on by I
hens d u rin g th e day. The eggislj
for one p u rp o se on ly : the hatching
a chick. H elp th is purpose alongf
ta k in g p ro p er c a re of the egg I
settin g . T h e fre sh e r the eggs anl
tim e of se ttin g th e better. Howef
eggs can be k e p t te n to twelve i
before se ttin g .
W hen this is '
they should be k e p t in a cool, l
ably dry p lace aw ay from the I
ray s and tu rn ed once daily. A t
a tu re of 50 d e g re es to 60 d°gvee'y
rigtit for k eep in g th e eggs. Ad
keeping them m any days, as tel
tality of the liv in g germ is lowerdj
holding. Do n o t keep the eggs i
tem p eratu re above 80 degrees F I
lect for h atch in g th e kind of eggsi
wish to produce. T h e size, shape J
color of the eggs a re inherited (
icteristics. S elect w ell yiUpOTii
eggs. You can n o t te ll the set oil
chicken an egg w ill produce blj
W e know of no lin im en t that*
H an fo rd 's Balsam in its healing 1
e rtie s. Adv.
O ver The Line.
“ Oh, dear! Oh, d e a r ! ”
“ W h at’s the m a te r? ”
“Jo h n lo st his voice on the'
telephone and we d o n ’t kno*
to look for it.”—P enn S ta te Froth. I
Few Stops.
Soulful youth (a t th e piano) "I
you sing F o rev er and F o r e v e r ! ‘
M atter-of-fact m aid en —No, I <
for m eals.— P h ilad elp h ia Recort
To cool b u rn s use H anford s I
A Gaping Wound, So to Say j
A tk in s No. 1—Hi say, w ’en fil J
nolil get the low er a rf of is !«*»
A tkins No. 2— H it a in ’t shotl
bloody fuie.
’E ’s a-yawnia’.'
m outh Ja ck o’ L an tern .
In tro sp ectio n .
“Some of your arguments
sound.’’ rem ark ed th e precise !"
“ Yes,” replied S en ato r f
and some of th em are n 't
el*e-”— W ashington S tar.
Brown Spots on Old China.
The beauty of old china is often de-
•troyed by brown spots which appear
Sound V ersu s Sense.
on the surface, says th e Toledo Blade.
"N ero. My God to Thee."
An effective way to rem ove these is £irl w as h ea rd sin g in g in
o bury th e dish in th e earth, cove,! school.— B oston T ran scrip t-
In* it com plately.
T he d ark er spota
require more tim e to remove them
than th e lig h ter one*. Thla metheid
w. 1 not harm th a most delicate Monamobile Oils and fo
A esculapius la reported to b a y .
w ritten comic son*, u> prom ote ^
lion In his patienta.
F r w Tire Service
“ T H E H O l 'S E O F S E F i t C t ’
S c o tt & Bownc, BloomSdd. N.J.
Broadway N o .