The Forest Grove express. (Forest Grove, Or.) 1916-1918, February 23, 1916, Image 4

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    Ütyp línrcat (èrmi? Expresa
Published every Wednesday at Fureat Grove, Oregon
W. C. Benfer, EJ'tor and Publisher.
finterei! as second-class matter Jan. 12, 1916, at the ostofllcc at Forest Grove
Oregon, under the Act of March 1879
Record sales of the new series
117 models are reported by the
I Studebaker Corporation following
the announcement of these cars
two weeks ago. In fact, figures
show that more actual orders were
received during the p ast two
cates that these four Northwest weeks than in any similar pre­
Have you registered?
form a natural rate group; vious period.
How’s your garden coming on? ports
but whether individual action by In anticipation of the big de­
Did you ever notice that a Portland will succeed in procuring mand for the new series 17 Studej
woman who will scream and run from the railroads the consider­ baker Sixes and Fours, the fac­
from a mouse will cuddle a rat ation due it from its natural loca­ tory has been running full capac
in her hair without batting an tion on a down-river haul, one ity, and more than 5,000 of the
hundred miles above the sea, is latest models have been shipped
It is this vital phase since the announcement was made
It’s good to be alive in this of left the open.
which is of present January 1. Three thousand deal­
glorious climate, knowing that concern question
Portland. Upon its ers are now showing the series 17
over the water life is a very un­ favorable to determination
depends 1 cars and selling them as fast as
certain thing and, in many cases, in a great measure the future
of they come from the factory.
scarcely worth the living.
the city as a railroad terminal and The production schedule for
calls for 100,000 of the new­
The editor of the Express had a as an ocean port. It is clear that ly 1916
It was or­
typewriter for sale, so he adver­ the first duty of the city is to de­ iginally planned models.
tised it in the Express—and sold mand and, if possible, procure for cars, and the schedule was 60,000
it Go thou and do likewise, if Portland lower proportionate rates increased to 75,000. The demand
than to Puget Sound, or any other
thou wouldst make a dicker.
port —The Oregonian. j from dealers on the firing line
Editor Scott of the News-Times
forced the factory to still further
announces himself willing to re­
I increase its contemplated output
ceive the republican nomination
to 100,000 machines.
for the state legislature. Well, if
Buried Beside Beloved Wife
legislation favorable to the news­ The Rebekah lodges of Wash-
papers is wanted, we’d better 1 ington countv held their annual A. Baldwin of this city is in re­
send a few editors. The other in­ convention in Odd Fellows hall, ceipt of a letter from George R.
terests have been pretty well
Schoch of Corvallis, giving further
looked after, hut the editors have i Hillsboro,
of the accident which
meeting was presided over caused the
been so busy electing other people by The
of the writer’s
Maud Buxton of Forest father, Rev. death
that they have overlooked their lodge Mrs.
L. Schoch.
with Mrs Edna Kenton of a former well-known and
own interests.
Pocahontas lodge as vice chairj resident of Washington beloved
A working man took the editor man, and Mrs. Alina Payton as and Forest Grove.
to task the other day for devot­ ¡secretary pro tern.
Rev. Schoch, who had for some
ing so much space to telling peo­ The hxlges represented besides years been making his home with
ple to patronize the home mer­ I he home lodge were Forest of a daughter at St. Louis, Mo., was
home from an errand in
chants, saying the home merchants Forest of Forest Grove, Pocahon­ returning
20th when he
were not loyal to the community; tas of Banks, Zenith of Gaston, was struck by Dec.
that ome of them sent away from Ruby of Scholls, Tigard of Tigard- eling at the rate of 12 miles trav­
home for goods they didn’t have, ville. besides a number of visitors hour. He was so seriously injured
in their own stores; some sent out from other lodges and a few from that he lived but five hours and
his son, George, who left Corvallis
of town for mechanics when they other states.
evening of the day on which
had work to be done, etc. That Mrs. Burlt made the address of his father
was injured, did not ar­
may be true, brother, in some welcome, which was responded to rive in time
to see his parent
cases. Just because certain mer­ by Mrs. Archie Bryant of Zenith aliv
chants stab the town is no reason lodge.
The funeral was held Dec 26th.
why the rest of us should follow Reports from the various lodg- j with a clergyman chosen by df-
suit The writer will admit, es showed them in a prosperous 1 ceased officiating, and the body
was interred baside that of Mrs.
however, that the working man is condition, but with small gain in i Schoch
in the neighborhood where
not under obligations to patron'ze membership for the year.
had long lived, eight
the merchant who sends away foi Election of officers for the ensu­ miles northeast
of Decatur, 111.
what he could buy in Forest Grove. ing year resulted: Mrs Kenton Up to the time of the accident,
But there are pleniy of merchants of Pocahontas, chairman; Mrs. *Rev. Schoch was hale and hearty
here who ARE loyal to the town. Marian Moore of Pocahontas, and his son says he gave promise
living to be a centenarian.
Patronize these.
vice chairman; Mrs. Ortman of of
Schoch was well known in
Forest lodge, secretary. The ap- this county
and many of his old
shocked to learn of
You’ve all heard about the lit­
his tragic death.
tle girl that wanted to sex* tomor­
David Keen, of Forest Grove,
row. She’d wake her mother up
this week visiting his bro­
in the middle of night and whisp-
W. Keen and their visit
er,“Mommie, is this tomorrow?”
mutually enjoyable.
Each time h e r mother would
member of the J.
answer “No child, this is today.”
B. Matthews P o st at Forest
Lots of us arc not much differ­
Grove, having served in the Union
ent from the little girl. We’re
army during the Civil war. Mr
going lo start a bank account to­
Keen a few years ago was one of
morrow. Or take out some in­
neighlx)rmg city’s most skilled
surance tomorrow. Or perfect
ourselves for our jobs tomorrow.
And like as not, when we wake
the Iatst Chance out of a sound
dumber and whi«[>cr, “ I'm ready
is this tomorrow?’' the door of
ho|H* will shut behind the answer,
"No, l>oob. this is today.” Port­
land Daily News.
The immense importance of the
decision rendered by the Inter­
state Commerce Commission in
the Astoria rate case is obvious.
The immediate result is grant of
rate parity to and from interior
points for the Lower Columbia
|x>rt with I*uget Sound; and in­
cidentally with Portland. The
entire rate structure for the Pa­
cific Northwest is therefore af­
fected. and a readjustment of the
transportation relations of Seattle.
Tacomâ, Portland and Astoria is
inevitable The Commission indi-*
and return
from Portland
Six Months Return Limit.
Stopovers at Pleasure.
All rail route. Valley or Coast line Iretw een S a n Francisco and
Los Angeles ; Four Daily trains Portland to San Francisco.
Through standard and tourist sleeping cars, diners. Observa­
tion cars on limited trains.
Mt. Shasta—Lassen Peak—Mt. Tamalpais
Cow Creek, Rogue River and Sacramento Canyons
Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles Co. Beaches
Yosemite Valley, Bakersfield Oil Field and Orange Empire
Ask the local Agent or write
John M. Scott, Gen. Pass. Agt., Portland, Oregon
S outhern P acific
market and grocery
“Home” of Government Inspected
Meats and “All Good Things to Eat”
Quality First is Safety First
Originator of Penny Change System in Forest Grove
Order will convince you. P hone 69 ? P fiP P S T c d a ™
Keep Your Money
h o m e
Job Printing
plant is fully equipped for all
of taste and judgement are ei
any kind of stationery the mo
Lome and see.
K you think you have
mng the Express, take your v
Either will do more for Fore«
concern outside the city or coi
of lhe
I. o. o. F. Block
Forest Grove, Oregon
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