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Vol. 1, No. 2
I.Increase eÇ B t t i l d i n j t a n d E^u,i
The^ semi-annual meeting ol
lAlufc in. 1906.-- H D B M H M B I f 100,000.22
he WiRgmette Valley Editorial
ssociatioH# held in this city last
looX Im reate
iturday, was quite well attended,
onsidering the inclemency of the
¿.Increase of S t u d e n t s
veather, there being just two
dozen newspaper people in at­
Zi > er»tsi
College Students W - m b b s 35
The meeting was held in one of
■ l O 1^ — 2 o o %
the class rooms of Pacific Univer­
sity and was called to order at 2
o’clock by President Hurley, who
’H ! * ® / 6
D e c r e a s e -Academy being discontinued
introduced Senator Hollis as one
‘oï-mmmmmmamm S3
of the gentlemen who had been
103 - /& £ Tncroa«#
selected by Mayor Paterson to
Freshmen ,, ' U - M
welcome the scribes. The senator
SH- - 7S%Zncr in < n « 5 « « r
did the honors in his usual polished
manner, expressing the opinion
that no other factor had the
¿Increase of College Courses
power to do so much for a com­
Number Departs ! ? % : - ■ ■ ■ ■ 10
munity as its newspapers.
•< is
3>0 * IOO %
On behalf of Pacific University,
Number Credits ’o A : - B B M M H B
I 290
President Bushnell welcomed the
I 502
visitors, stating that he envied
7 3 % Tnerea.»e
the editors their power, which was of T e a c h i n g Force
almost immeasurable.
Total Teachers
Secretary Elbert Bede replied
for the editors in a neat speech.
/ 9H: ' ■ ■ ■ h ü
2 .9 - 50% Increase
Phil S. Bates of Portland, sec­
College ••
retary of the State Editorial as­
2.0 — /o o %
sociation, brought greetings from
that body and delivered an edify­
¿ .I n c r e a s e o f E n d o w m e n t
ing address in which he gave some
Zalu-e in I0y8 ~l
$ 1 0 0,0 00V
good advice to the valley editors.
On Mr. Bates’ motion, a resolu­
«> .. /9 /9 .- I
tion was passed, thanking W. A.
OT~ “ / So% I n c r e a s e in l¥9ff
Jones and Mrs. Edyth Tozier
The above diagram shows the growth of Pacific University, one of the foremost educational
Wetherred for favors done the
of the northwest, during the past sixteen years and the editor of the Express is pleased to
newspaper boys.
A. H. Deute of Portland told learn that plans are being worked out to secure for the University an additional endowment of
the editors how they could secure $200,000, Mr. James J Hill, the railway magnate, having offered to provide $40,000 of the amount.
more “ foreign” advertising by co- This additional endowment would make possible a remarkable expansion in the size and scope of the
operating with the local merchants University and the Express joins all the other friends of this excellent institution in the hope that
and the manufacturers of adver- nothing short of the fondest hopes of the trustees will be realized,
tised articles and the editors and
game will be called promptly at
publishers decided by vote that Typefounders Company; Albert
K g I s GV
, 8 p.m . in the Pacific University
five cents per line was the lowest Tozier and Edyth Tozier Weth-
Kymnaseum. and a lame crowd
price at which advertising could ered; H. V. Meade, the Walnut,
be on hand to cheer the
be done at a profit.
Orenco; G. E. Brookins, the Her-
Several other business proposi- aid, Canby; C. C. Chapman, Ore-
day afternoon Clarence Kelsey,
tions of interest to publishers only gon Voter, Portland ; John G. Eck- manager of the Forest Grove
“ Those Dreadful Drews”
were discussed until 6 o’clock man, McMinnville Telephone- Planing Mill, had the misfortune
The Woman’s Club of Forest
when the newspaper boys and Register; G. T. Taylor and Mrs. to get his right hand caught in a Grove is preparing an excellent
girls adjourned to the basement of Taylor, Molalla Pioneer; C. J. “ joiner” and before he could program for next Wednesday
the Christian church, where the McIntosh, O. A. C. Press Bulle­ either extricate his hand or stop night, Jan. 26, for the benefit of
Commercial club members were tin; G. L. Hurd, Stanfield Stand­ the machinery, lost the greater the Student Loan Fund, or “ Red
hosts at a fine dinner. Here Pres­ ard; A. E. Scott and J. P. Hurley, part o f his right hand. All that
Letter Day,” as it is known in
ident Hurley, as presiding officer, Forest Grove News-Times; W. C. remains is a part of the thumb clubdom. A p la y,' Those Dread-
called upon H. E. Ferrin. secre­ Benfer, Forest Grove Express; A. and o f the first and last fingers, fu] Drews,” under the manage
tary of the Commercial club, for H. Deute, Portland; Phil Bates, the two middle fingers being ment of Mrs. A. U. Marsh,
Northwest, Portland; Col-
n address of welcome. The gen­ Pacific
. ,T _
, TT .
amputated close to t h e l a s t coached by Mrs. Ealinor Sanford
Umversity of Ore- knock|e jo ln t
tleman did the honors in a neat
Large, will prove equal to the one
speech and story and then visitors g0” ',
Mr. Kelsey was taken to the given last year. A splendid musi­
The f present
where he
he is
ig resting
restinfr as
local people "«--‘
called upun
“ uu,uia*
e .jdueu
. ° hospital>
hospital, where
cal program, directed by Mrs.
for remarks. Among these were proven their worth to the associa- easj,y ^ could be expected. He
E. E. Williams, introducing the
Elbert Bede of Cottage Grove, G. tion, they were re-elected by is a popular and industrious citi- “ Melody
of ladies’
T. Taylor of Molalla, Phil Bates unanimous vote, as follows:
zen and his many friends will be voices and the “ Harmony Chorus”
J. P. Hurley, President.
and A. H. Deute of Portland,
pained to learn o f his misfortune, of mixed voices. Last year many
Elbert Bede, Secretary-Treas­
George P. Putnam of Bend, Al­
were unable to secure standing
Fast Game Is Promised
bert Tozier and Mrs. Wetherred urer.
room, but this year there will be
of Portland, and Dr. Bishop, Rev.
Local basketball fans will have a seat for every ticket sold.
Pacific Basketballers Win Two
Holmes and several other local
a chance to see a speedy game on
The play will be given at the
The basketball squad of Pacific
people. The dinner was attended
next Friday evening, when the Star Theater.
University went to Philomath
by almost two hundred Forest
McMinnville High quintet will at­
Friday and defeated the home
Chester K. Fletcher, son of Mr.
Grove people.
tempt to lower the colors of the
college team by a score of 29 to
Mrs. J. T. Fletcher of this
Mesdames Hurley and Scott en­
Forest Grove High basket tossers.
16 and the following evening the This will be the last appearance city, and a graduate of Pacific
tertained a number of the visitors
P. U. boys administered a worse of the local players, at home, for University, was married at Mon-
at lunch at the Hurley home Sat­
to the Albany team, winning over a month, as the team will mouth, III., Dec. 28th, to Miss
urday noon.
to 5.
be playing in foreign territory Edith Miller, a teacher of Mon-
The newspaper people present
Next Saturday the P. U. team that time.
mouth. Chester is principal of
were George Palmer Putnam, sec­
goes to Newberg for a game with
Centennial school at P".eblo,
retary to Governor Withycombe,
the Pacific College boys. With that this will be one of the feat- Colo., where he and his bride will
and owner of the Bend Bulletin;
E. R. Brown, Oregon City Cour­ two fresh scalps in their belts, the ure games of the year, as intense reside. _________
locals will endeavor to make it
ier; E. E. Brodie, Oregon City
rivalry exists between those two
The third installment of the
Enterprise; L. C. McShane, Hub­
schools. McMinnville always has continued story, “ The Thousandth
bard Enterprise; Eric W. Allen,
Ralph Oglesby, o f Banks, drove in a ¿eam that ranks high in basket- Woman,” will be taken up next
head of tne department of journal­
circles- whi,e the Por? t
when>* ,eft off ,last
ism, University of Oregon; G. E. on to Portland where *he will viait for Grove quintet is an unusually It is a mighty interesting story,
Carr and J. F. W’oods, American a while.
fast, scrappy aggregation. The well worth reading. Watch for it.
Is Bad V Maimed
$1.50 per Year
William M. Stephens, one of
the best-known and most highly-
respected citizens of Forest Grove,
passed away at his home in this
city at 2:30 Tuesday afternoon,
January 19, after a short illness
with lagrippe.
Deceased, who was one of five
children born to Thomas and
Elizabeth Stephens, was born at
Madison, Jefferson county, In­
diana, July 8th, 1831. In 1845,
with four wagons and thirteen
yoke of oxen, he crossed the plains
by the old Grant trail, locating
where Portland now stands and
four years later joined the gold-
seekers in the rush to California.
After prospecting for some time
with indifferent success, Mr.
Stephens engaged in freighting be­
tween Sacramento and George­
town. He served in the Rogue
River Indian war of 1853 and, in
1855, went to Red Bluffs, Calif.,
where he remained for a year,
leaving that place for Yuma, Ari­
zona, where he prospected for a
year. In 1858 he returned to Tort-
land for a few months, but soon
moved to Yamhill county, and a
little later went by water aud pack
mule to the Frazer river country.
The next year again found him
in Yamhill county, where he
farmed for about a year before he
moved to Polk county and bought
a farm. While here, (Aug. 22,
he was un' te<* 'n marriage
Ue Lash mutt, a na-
l ' ve
Columbus, Ohio, who
crossed the plains the year before
her marriage. Three years later
Mr. and Mrs. Stephens moved to
• f t * “ “ the P ^ e n t town of
Banks an,‘ two yearn later they
18 " uw the town °< Bl“ ,on - He">
the couple lived and reared a fam­
ily until twelve years ago, when
they moved to Forest Grove.
Deceased is survived by his
widow, two daughters and four
sons, as follows: Mrs. John Allen,
of Vernonia; Mrs. Nettie Car-
stens, of Banks; Edward L., of
Timber; Alfred L.. of near Bux­
ton; Chas. R .,of Banks, and Fred­
erick C., who lived with his father
and mother in this city. Another
daughter, Clara, passed away
some time ago. •
Funeral services will be held at
the Forest Grove Undertaking
company chapel at 11 o ’clock to-
morrow (Thursday) forenoon, Rev.
Father Buck officiating.
In the death of “ Uncle Billy”
Stephens, Forest Grove loses one
of its most beloved citizens, the
widow a devoted husband and the
children a kind father. Peace to
his soul.
“ t,(l1"8
» hat
William Thompson Called
William N. Thompson, aged 57
years and nine months, suc­
cumbed to pneumonia at his home
at Hillside last Saturday and
funeral services were held at the
Hillside church Monday, Rev.
S t a v e r officiating. Deceased,
who leaves a widow and several
grown children, was a member
o f Jerico lodge No. 183,1.0. O. F.
o f Banks, and the burial service
o f that order was carried out at
the grave. J. S. Buxton o f this
city prepared the remains for